PHILIPS Saeco HD8954/47 Xelsis EVO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine – Wonderful All-in-one

We think this machine is great. We use the milk carafe for almost every cup we make (all lattes of sorts) and the design is simply ingenious. Yes the water reservoir is too small – but it has 2 boilersyes you have to empty not one, but two drip-trays, frequently, and not at the same timeyes the coffee grounds drawer also needs to be emptied (at a third time), even though it’s not fullbut wow does it do a good job, and it’s very well built with lots of steel and high quality finish plastic – looks wonderfulours sits very close to the sink and in-counter composted, so all the emptying is a little easier. We will see how reliable it is, but thus far, i’m very impressed.

Nice machine but needs lots of attention. Constantly having to clean out water tray inside and coffee grounds. Coffee ground catcher not even 1/4 full and it is saying to clean out. Having to add water all the time. Larger tank or water connection would be best. Other than that, nice machine and great coffee.

Easy to use , highly automatic. Makes delicious coffee, espresso and cappuccinos. Only thing to note , while it fits nicely under the cabinet you have to pull it out in order to fill water and coffee. I spent a month researching many options and couldn’t recommend this enough. Also it does take a little longer than my kruig to make american coffee.

I prefer my drinks a little hotter though. I changed the setting to the hottest setting and warm my cups with really hot (boiling) water before dispensing drinks from this machine, but still warm to me.

This machine is truly awesome. Very easy to use and to customize for each user. I have read some criticisms that it does not make lattes hot enough. Our lattes have always been hot without preheating the mugs. My wife has noticed that its espresso is a bit darker than that of our previous machine. We are still playing with the settings (grind coarseness, temperature, amount of coffee. There are many ways to adjust your cup) i will say that the crema is excellent. The saeco has been wonderful and worth every penny.

It’s so easy to use and to customize for every user. It makes the best lattes, as good as starbucks after a little fine tuning of the settings and some lavazza espresso beans. I commend the 3rd party reseller (dream kitty) for excellent packaging and quality control. What a wonderful gift that i’m enjoying every day. Note: this machine was purchased with a 4 year smart guard protection plan that is a good idea considering this is a very complicated appliance.

  • Good & Sturdy Espresso Machine
  • As stated above I like an American Coffee first thing in the morning which
  • Review of SAECO HD8954/47 Philips Xelsis EVO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Works reliably, easy to operate and makes great coffee. I have two units of this model, and i haven’t encountered any issues with them.

Definitely not your ‘run of the mill’ kind of coffee maker. What struck me right off the bat was the quality of the product. Not plastic but steel and chrome. Interior has some plastic parts but they are solid. It is heavy and you won’t want to move it around a lot, tho it is manageable to do so. It comes with a manual (actually three. You will want to read the manual. It’s my first time with and espresso type machine.

This is a wonderful machine, but it is an expensive niche product for the right household – one that prepares a lot of milk and espresso drinks at home. Perhaps it could be used in a very small office, although see my comments on maintenance below. This is my second saeco superauto – my syntia (apartment sized superauto with one boiler) still had some life in it, but i tried this one out at my son’s house and was hooked by the ease of use and the favorable pricing available on amazon. It also makes a version of american coffee – one of us drinks one cup a day of that and we are hoping to use this in place of the single serve machine that takes up its own counter space. It can be easily used for cocoa or hot water. The two separate boilers and the new evo milk carafe system do an excellent job. I used the menus to adjust the coffee temperature as hot as possible and reduced the amount of milk and foam from the default settings. For some, even the redesigned milk carafe may not get the drink hot enough for their taste – there is a steam wand on this model for heating it up further. We are still in the process of figuring out exactly how we want to take advantage of the user menus, but i think the best idea will be to set the default menu for the beans in the hopper (caffeinated) and the moon icon menu for decaf – you can require it to prompt you to put in the ground coffee before brewing, so you never get it mixed up. A warning to all prospective purchasers – any fancy superauto will require regular maintenance.

I got the saeco exelsis evo from the local seattle coffee gear store in bellevue, back in april 2016; now, 5000 as shown in the photo, coffees later, i might say, i know what i’m talking about. This machine replaced a very similar one which served us amazingly well for over six years and saved us tons of money; it never broke, we still have it stored after a full clean-up. It looks that longevivity is not an issue with these. Honestly, there was not a single time it would go on strike. 2k for the unit and $800 for italian coffe beans, bring us to $0. 60/cup if we count in the unit and to $0. 16 if we count the price of the coffee alone. Compared to $4/cup, regardless of the coffee joint, i’d say we saved about $17k; not bad. The quality exceeds wat you get served by the ‘leading brand’ and only compares to high-end hotel bars, which have the right gear and use genuine beans (italian beans that would be). The milk and all lattees are wonderful and the temperature is where it needs to be. I really don’t get those who complain about milk temperathure, because it’s absolutely no issue. We love it, our friends ask to come over more often (lol) and it’s just a work horse.

Great machine, have it for about a month. Make cappuccino in the morning, espresso macchiato midday, and espresso macchiato decaf in the evening. Should have storage reservoir for ground coffee – currently need to do 1 spoonful at a time – tedious. Should have bigger water runoff reservoir. Need to empty about 2x per day. Some displayed screen messages are not described in the owner’s manual. Overall, glad that we bought machine. From the first time that we saw it on display knew that needed to have it.

Features of Saeco HD8954/47 Philips Xelsis EVO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

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  • Perfect froth thanks to the dual chamber milk carafe
  • Double boiler for fast and professional results
  • Personalize your coffee with the 6 profiles on our display
  • Automatic cleaning and de-scaling
  • One click removable brewing group

Make sure this fits
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I’ve owned this machine about a month. I am pleased with the machine since it makes a very consistent & delicious coffee. I choose saeco xelsis evo over jura machines because of the convenient milk carafe and good looking & sturdy stainless steel housing. Cons: water container is required to fill water so often; however, i don’t find this is a disadvantage of this machine. I own a pool and it takes a lot of maintenance. If the water is not circulated by a pump, the water will be contaminated with green and even black algae. Just like water in the coffee machine, it is not good to have a big container since the water will become stale and even contaminated. The machine does not indicate no more coffee in the coffee hopper until coffee selection is made. Just lift the hopper lid up and the machine will stop. Fill the hopper with coffee bean and enjoy fresh and delicious coffee.

Yes, it produces the best coffee this side of starbucks.

We had a jura impressa z5 for 10 years and decided to upgrade. After hours of research i decided to purchase the saeco xelsis evo. The most attractive feature is the milk dispenser. It is very convenient and easy to use. The stainless steel case is very attractive and easy to keep clean. The container capacities may be smaller than the z5 but are extremely easy to access. The froth temperature could be improved but other than that i am completely satisfied. I am hopeful it will hold up to the test of time.

Only have the machine for a few days. So far it makes great espresso. Just tweeked the setting to my taste and now it remembers how i like my coffee and comes out to my liking every time.

This product is designed for kitchen use only. It requires a 6 inch clearance (front, sides, and top) but does not get/feel hot to the touch. It looks great, works great, and is easy to clean. (instructions are included to test for hard water. )everything is easily accessed from the top or front. Every drink is fully customizable so experimenting was fun. You can make a drink from a bean or from instant coffee. The drinks are really, really, really good.

We have had this machine for about a year and a half and use it daily. We recently purchased a second machine for our daughter as a graduation/wedding gift. In the morning i fix myself an america coffee and my husband will have an espresso longo. Late morning we will both have a cappuccino. Early afternoon i’ll have a weaker cappuccino and my husband will have a latte macchiato. We will also have an occasional espresso and during the winter i’ll fix cinnamon-hazelnut lattes and/or peppermint mochas. We obviously get a lot of pleasure and use out of this machine. My one big gripe about this machine is the coffee grinder adjustment knob. As stated above i like an american coffee first thing in the morning which means i like a finer grind. For some bizarre reason, the adjustment knob can only be turned while the grinder is working.

Perfect froth thanks to the dual chamber milk carafe

If a coffee machine can be gorgeous, the saeco xelsis evo fully automatic espresso machine would take top honors. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it is wonderful to use. What make this machine so great is that is one-touch, and completely programmable. You can program up to six different users, and five different drinks. Start by putting a high quality bean in the ceramic grinder. The grinder holds up to 12 ounces of beans and has a lid with a rubber gasket to keep the beans fresh. Add your water to the water reserve tank, which holds approximately 54 ounces of water, and milk in the steamer, and push a button. What come out is a rich and delicious concoction of coffee and steamed milk, made just the way you like it. The seaco also has a traditional single-hole steam arm to make your own foam, if you would like.

I’ve had this for a couple years now (bought at costco for half the price on sale so be sure to shop around), and we make a few cups of coffee out of it every day. It does a great job, and we make use of the profiles so that my wife and i can have the exact style we want for our drinks. The only real negative for me is that there isn’t an option to hook it to the water supply. For a machine of this expense, it seems like it should be at least an add-on that is available.

It is quieter than my previous delonghi, but the inside water tray fills up before the spent coffee tray is full. The frother works great, i was surprised. It would be nice if it was a bit farther away from the coffee spout, but it still works fine, even for large cups. I like the adjustability of the quantities that can be specified for each user, and that it has a separate steam spout, which my wife uses for her almond milk. I don’t miss having to clean up the frother after each use like my old machine, but i do like the front access for the water container of the delonghi. This one is top mounted so i have to slide it out from under my cabinet to fill it. I would buy the seaco again, but i wish they would tell me why the inside water fills up so fast, maybe i could change a setting or something.

00 daily at starbucks have ended. If i could change one thing about the machine the carafe would make the milk hotter. This machine makes me very happy and that’s all that matters.

I’ve own one of these for about 3 years. I need 2 cups of coffee or i don’t even walk out the door in the morning. Not a single issue, simple operation. Has a setting for my wife and a setting (max beans) for me.

Very nice machine but doesn’t hold lots of water.

Double boiler for fast and professional results

The machine is well built and configurable. It’s well suited to a multi-user home / small-office. After using it for a few weeks, i’ve developed some processes which may help others. The machine always starts as the ‘default user’. If you are a single user household, all of the regular users have the same preferences, or the users enjoy different beverages, you may wish to configure the beverages under the ‘default user’ rather than program one of the selectable users. This way, they machine is always ready to go. If you like milk beverages with more than a little milk, you will want to understand the milk heating is approximately +55f. This means, if the milk carafe came right from a 45f refrigerator, the hot milk for a cafe latte will only be about 100f. If the milk is already at 60f then the hot milk for your cafe latte will be closer to 115f. This helps avoid cooling the espresso too much.

First the negatives–will add my voice to the chorus regarding the temperature. It just does not deliver a hot beverage to any reasonable degree. My wife likes her latte piping hot and i have to preheat the cup with hot water and then zap the finished produce for 20 seconds. Also instead of delivering the excess liquid to the front dip tray as my other saeco royal does, it goes to a small receptacle inside the machine which fills up after 3 or 4 beverages at most. These two items led me to take away one star, but the positives far out way the negatives. It is such a pleasure to be able to control every aspect of the process and to deliver exactly the same product time after time with the push of a button. Also it is an absolutely gorgeous machine which would grace any kitchen. Would buy it again in a second even with the high price tag.

We love coffee and we love this machine. Ps buy your beans at jbc coffee roasters.

I bought this a month ago and waited to see how i’d like it before i wrote a review. Now that i’ve used it several times a day throughout this time, i believe i know enough about it to add my. I’m thrilled about this machine and have no buyers remorse. In our household there is only my wife and myself so i was unsure about spending money on a feature like six user profiles. But because of the other features i didn’t mind. I’ve found that having these profiles is actually very convenient, though i still don’t use all six. My wife and i use four profiles between us. We each use one profile for home use and one profile for travel use because of the bigger mugs. Because we are both able to make coffee drinks the way we like them before our commutes, i’ve estimated we’ve already saved (i just did the math and am a bit depressed) about $140 this last month.

Good bye starbucksi have been using espresso machines for over 10 years now and this is by far the most expensive one i’ve purchased, but hands down the best. The last one i had was also a saeco which i liked so i stuck with the brand. This coffee machine is not only sweet to run but the most awesome tasting coffee i’ve had. I absolutely love that i can specifically program each member of my family for each drink on the menu. So with a few clicks of a button my cappuccino the exact strength in beans, crema, aroma, milk, froth, temp that i desire then 2 more clicks and an entire different cup specific to my husband’s tastes is produced.

Love this xelsis evo awesome coffee, the craft for the cream is great really froths the milk nicely. This product is really nice. The only thing i don’t like is that it is a very needy machine. But if you like your coffee as muchj as we do you will love this machine.

Personalize your coffee with the 6 profiles on our display

Makes great lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, espressos and americanos.

I hardly ever right a review, but because of the cost a person would spend on this machine i thought i had an obligation to share my experience with the saeco xelsis evo. I bought one august of 2014, about 8 months ago, and was in the process of descaling and changing the filter when the machine froze in mid cycle. Called customer service at saeco and they were friendly, walked me through a few steps and when that didn’t fix the problem they gave me a file number and email address to send a copy of the receipt. I am now at the point where i will have to pack the machine up and send it to them to fix. I loved the machine up to this point, but for 3 grand, you expect it to last several years before it breaks. I just hope this helps others in their decision on a superautomatic.

After a long period of research of automatic espresso machines, i made the plunge and purchased the saeco xelsis evo through amazon warehouse deals. The price was discounted and this was the only way i could justify the expense for yet another way to make coffee. It is a large machine, but looks attractive on my counter. Since it’s arrival it has been in heavy use daily to satisfy our coffee cravings. My husband, a black coffee drinker, has even taken to making a few cappuccinos in the morning. The operation of the machine is easy to learn thanks to all the visual and written cues that walk you through most of the process. Yes, there are a number of tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis (empty the grounds and water tray,etc), but what process of making coffee doesn’t have some associated chores?. I placed my machine next to a sink which allows me to perform these tasks with ease. The used grounds form pucks and are likewise easy to pour out into my compost container.

Automatic cleaning and de-scaling

Nostalgia HKP200 2 : Great item

I bought this unit even after reading the few negative reviews – i should have listened to them. It looks great, but doesn’t pop corn. I have tried it twice now thinking maybe i needed a different type of popcorn or oil. I warmed the unit(first time 5 min, second time longer)put in the oil and then the corn. The first go round i got no popped corn at all and the second try i got about 10 – 15 popped kernels after 25 min. The unit didn’t seem to get hot enough. I have now had to clean it twice with no popcorn to show for the trouble. I agree with a previous review, only good for a paperweight. 5-2-13 amendment: i contacted nostalgia electrics and explained the problems i was having with the popper.

Ok, this product is what i expected it to be. It’s a cheap version of commercial popcorn maker. It could be worse by being an hot air popper so it has that going for it. The popcorn comes out perfectly cooked. My only gripe is that quite a few uncooked kernels pop out with the cooked ones. I’m guessing the lid is a little too light.

I bought one and the kids loved it and my parents loved too. We use it weekly for family movie night and still works great over a year later.

This popcorn machine is great. The look is unique, and better yet, it make wonderful popcorn. I pop my corn with coconut oil, and flavocol, the seasoning used in the theaters. The machine works quickly, and the whole house has that wonderful theatre popcorn smell. I deffinately recommend this machine. Makes just enough popcorn for two to three people at a time perfectly every time.

  • We have had this machine for 2 years. I
  • Very nice old fashion style
  • It pops almost every kernel and easy set up

Nostalgia HKP200 2.5-Ounce Popcorn Popper with Lighted Marquee

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Pops up to 10-cups of popcorn per batch
  • Perfect for use with all Nostalgia Popcorn Kits! (Theater Hot Air & Kettle Kit-KPK400, PCJ30-Shoft shelled Popping Kernels, PPB600-Reuseable Popcorn Bowls)
  • Large, 2.5-ounce stainless steel kettle with built-in stirring system
  • Vented windows
  • Vented windows
  • Pull out drawer for easy serving access
  • Includes 150 reusable vinyl letters to customize the lighted marquee!

The pan could be a little bit bigger, but is easy to use and make fast popcorns .

I read many of the reviews on different sites and i would have to say buy it if you don’t like it send it back. For me this thing is awesome. I wanted a popcorn maker that could make popcorn like the theater and thats what this thing does.

It’s not as easy to disassemble for cleaning as our other machine. It looks really cool though.

We have a new game room and we received this as a present to entertain the grand kids. I was skeptical after i read the reviews here, but was pleasantly surprised. The kids loved listening and watching the popcorn shoot out. You do have to listen and when it is almost done popping, turn the handle to empty the pot so the popcorn left inside doesn’t burn. I used good old orvil and the popcorn tasted great. We added salt and butter, but toppings are optional for those dieting. Cleaning is a little time consuming, but not impossible. We wiped the inside down and soaked the popper and bottom bowl with soap and it was ready to go for the next party. It is harder to store than smaller units, but not an issue for us.

I really like the popcorn machine. Its real easy to used n looks good in any room.

I’ve owned the ‘nostalgia hollywood popcorn maker’ for over a year now. Used it on many occasions and quite happy with this popper. I’ve also used many different brands of kernels (tho i favor some brands over others), and on each occasion received a successful pop. There are some instructions one must follow (included), but in doing so, i’ve never experienced burnt popcorn, or an extreme of undercooked kernels. Once the kettle cools, clean it out after each use (yes, hand washing required). Note: i’ve popped an array of plain, buttered, and caramelized popcorn in this machine, and i get a yummy bunch each timeeach batch can feed 2-4 people (depending on how hungry they are). A kettle wash-&-clean is not required if a second batch needs to be made soon after the first batch. I’ve learned batch #2 is easier to make when the kettle is still hot from batch #1. Simply remove all popped corn from the kettle’s first batch, turn the power back on for a minute or two at most, fill with oil, fill with kernels and batch #2 is underwaycleaning the popcorn maker is not much of a hassle. Before replacing the clean kettle back into the machine, i wipe down the popper’s insides with damp paper towel.

It pops almost every kernel and easy set up. My only complaint is that the kettle does not have a magnet for the lid so it falls easily and since you have to preheat the kettle it can burn.

I bought 6 of them for gifts at the christmas party. 3 out of 5 had a problem out of the gate. 2 of them a kernel got stuck on the rotating arm inside of kettle. After freeing them up they have been working. The dump arm on one was stuck and would not dump the popcorn. After forcing it started working.

It was a gift for my granddaughter and her family.

The hollywood kettle poporn maker was at the top of my granddaughters christmas list (she found it in a catalog). It came with measuring cups for the oil and popcorn so it was easy for her to use correctly. It worked great from the first time, even over flowing the kettle just like at the theater. The day after christmas she had fun popping popcorn for most of the neighborhood.

The price of movies and those $10. 00 bags of popcorn are sometimes out of my budget, so i rent a movie and make popcorn in my nastalgic popcorn popper with my own name on the marquee.

I have this popcorn maker for about a year now, and we love it. The kettle could be a bit easier to clean, but over all, the popcorn comes out really good. No more microwaveable popcorn for us.

We got this machine a few days ago, we loved the look of it when we took it out of the box. But the real test came when we put it to the test because we are true popcorn lovers in my household. This machine was great and the popcorn taste was just of that of the movie theater. I do think the plastic sides, back and front could be a little thicker but still over all still give it high stars.

Last christmas, this was one of only three things my 8-year-old daughter wanted for christmas. She got it and we are very happy with it. It may not make a whole lot of popcorn all at once but once it’s warmed up, it is so fast and fun to watch, who cares. It makes plenty of popcorn for our family-of-four movie nights and it was a hit at our daughter’s 2nd grade, last-day-of-school party. We even put ‘good bye second grade’. 5 stars for the novelty of it and 5 stars for popcorn it makes.

We have had this machine for 2 years. I wouldn’t say we use it ‘regularly’. Once or twice a month when the kids have their friends stay the night, or if we are entertaining guests. We have yet to have any problems out of this thing. I would have given it 5 stars, but this thing is insanely loud.

Awesome to have a movie theater style popcorn maker at home.

I used this almost every week in my classroom. It is easy to clean and store. The price was much better on amazon than in my local stores. My purchase was refurbished i believe so i paid a great price for it.

Have not had much of a chance to use it yet. Although the few times i have used it my wife loved it.

DeLonghi Kmix 15 Bars Pump Espresso Maker – Mean green bean machine

Awesome machine and easy to use. I really like that you can steam milk too for cappuccinos. I recommend this to anone that wants a decent espresso machine.

This is my first espresso machine. After a month of casual use, so far so good. Obviously, time will tell, but i’m initially happy with my investment. Not so happy about my slow turn to the dark side of caffeine.

If you are reading this it is because you are considering purchasing this product, because it’s in your price range. Sure there are, i worked behind one for years when i worked at ‘fourbucks’ are there worse ones?. All i can say is, if you are looking for a great machine that produces a great product for under 1000 dollars, you can stop looking and add it to your cart. I also must admit that the design is amazing to. I bought one in that bright glossy orange. Here are the specifications for the DeLonghi Kmix 15 Bars Pump Espresso Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Long lasting and durable die-cast aluminum exterior
  • Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the swivel jet frother, for perfect drinks every time
  • Use convenient pods or ground coffee with the patented dual function filter holder
  • 15 Bar pressure
  • Swivel jet frother with adjustable steam emission

Smaller than expected – it’s clearly a single person item.

I am an espresso novice but i’ve been studying my ass off on everything from grind feel, how to pull & time the perfect espresso shot to watching machine & burr grinder reviews. Being unable & probably too inexperienced to afford a rancilio i had decided to try to pick up a deal on a slightly used or refurbished gaggia or francis francis non iper x5, x3 or x1. Dilema, just couldn’t find one than wasn’t older than dirt for under 150. Then miracle of miracles i see the kmix on amazon prime (open box, used like new) for 149. Here’s how my first pull went. I used single origin uganda bugiso (not the freshest beans either) & i was also hindered in that i’m still using a blade grinder. I grind, stop, shake, grind while trying to get the consistency & not heat the grind. First pull was a little fast but triple layers, decent crema and neither sour nor bitter.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Espresso Every Time
  • Great little unit
  • LOVE the Yellow!

I bought this machine to replace my beloved francis francis x5 which lasted for five or six years. I love that this machine has similar features as the francis francis x5:1. You can choose between ese espresso pods or ground espresso2. The steam wand has an optional sleeve to simplify foaming – remember to clean underneath it. The steam function has a dial to open and close the steam vent4. It comes in a bright yellow color – a selection of colors are offered, but i love the yellowit makes espresso just fine and the crema is pretty good. Note: when using ground espresso, you need to remove the holder slowly or the steam/pressure will blow out the used grounds. I place a sponge on the collection tray when removing the holder. I don’t like that the steam wand without the sleeve is really tiny.

Very easy to use, fast compared to the la pavoni, excellent extraction and great crema. Previous revues mentioning brief life spans are worrying, but so far so good.

Bonus,it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Only thing i don’t like is you have to heat up the machine before making your coffee. It does make a very good cup of coffee.

I’ve now had this machine for just over four years. I was initially apprehensive due to reviews saying that the boiler and pump would die quickly, but so far it has performed very reliably with no issues. I do not regularly use the steam wand, mainly just using the espresso function, so maybe if i were to steam more things it would have issues. I have noticed now that it’s getting older it makes some more hissing noises, i assume from gaskets in the initial stages of failure, but otherwise it’s still going strong. If the research pans out that the quality is still good, i anticipate replacing this machine with another kmix when the time comes.

I must have spent five days reading reviews and comparing units before purchasing this for my wife. I wanted to get her something she would love but would also be something of quality. We have had our unit for 6 months now, use it ever day, sometimes twice a day, and its been flawless. Read all of the reviews and i can only assume some people got bad units or they have bad water. We have been very diligent in using only filtered water with ours. My two complaints are that the amount of space between the catch plate and the bottom of the grind housing is quite small. We had to go buy a special cup to make it fit. Also, the steam pipe is a little low. You wont be able to get anything tall in it unless you put the unit at the end of the counter like we did. I only gave it four starts because i would think for the money the spacing issues would have been thought out a little better.

I’ve had this little cutie pie of an espresso maker for a while now, and i love it. It’s cute, compact, and makes the perfect cup of java every time. This is my first machine, and i am happy to say that i now know what ‘crema’ is; and while an investment, this machine has paid for itself with the money i’ve saved from not paying for a $2-$3 a day for coffee. I bought it in bright green for a nice pop o’ color in the kitchen.

I purchased this espresso machine in january of 2012. The metal of the filter has bent. The machine now leaks when turned on and does not produce as much foam.

Awesome machine, we have one in our office and have used it about 20x a day for the last year without any issues (teal blue). I love it so much, i bought one for my home. Aesthetically, i decided to go with the stainless steel model. Unfortuantely, the stainless steel gets so hot i scorched my arm resting it against the machine. The colored models use a composite/plastic material on the side, which protect you from the heating elements inside the machine. Read the instructions, takes a sec to understand the blinky lights. If you really have that much of a problem, maybe you should stick to folgers coffee, classic roast, 48 ounce. You probably don’t deserve to enjoy a delectable shot or two of espresso, and good luck steaming any milk for that latte :).

This espresso machine is very pretty and works fine, but it came dented.

This darling little thing is just what i needed. I received this as a gift from my mother, and after about 6 weeks, i’m thoroughly sold on this. I did have experience on several different commercial-grade machines, so getting the hang of using this wasn’t too hard. I get great steam pressure, which creates awesome foam. I neglected to buy a steam pitcher, but the small pyrex measuring cup that i have does a good enough job of both fitting under the steam wand and leaving room for the liquid to expand. And the machine delivers beautiful crema. I haven’t pulled a bad shot of espresso, yet. A few other reviewers mentioned that the machine was noisy. It’s a little loud, but i moved it to a different space on the counter (away from the flatware drawer) and i barely hear the noise anymore.

After my $500 dollar breville broke after two years, i started shopping around for something good and not insanely expensive. I tried a cheaper version from my local store, and it did not deliver any foam/power. Then, saw this gorgeous little yellow number at crate and barrel and fell in love. Now, i got one for my mom as a gift. Every visitor that uses this machine in my house loves it and can’t believe what great espresso and what powerful foam it yields. A perfect machine that does not cost $1000. The instructions are well designed and simple and the machine is likewise straightforward and excellent. It also looks cuter and takes up half the counter space than most other machines.

I used to own a coffee shop. I wanted to still have the ability to make special coffee drinks. This machine is easy to use and is very versatile.

1 month operation: product was easy to setup. The instcructions are clear. I may need a better coffee grinder to get the fineness needed for the best espresso.

Beautiful machine, easy to use after getting used to it after a few times. I bought it ‘used’ but it was a new display model like brand new. I am not completely satisfied with the coffee it makes especially not having good results with foaming the milk for lattes.

The steamer metal tube is way too short. Otherwise, is a great machine.

I honestly love this machine (works great, it’s fast & easy to use & it’s pink) and i would have given a 5 star review if the water tank was larger & if the filter holders were different, which is my main complaint). The ‘patented dual function filter holder’ provided with the machine comes out of the filter holder too easily and i’m constantly having to dig it out of the trash when i empty it. In fact, one of the 1st times i emptied the filter/filter holder, i didn’t realize that the filter had fallen out until the next day. And now i just have 1 filter instead of 2. Now, i just expect the filter to fall out so i can dig it out so i can do it all over again tomorrow morning.

Hamilton Beach 70950 SaladXpress Food Processor – but very good for daily use

It’s okay for lazy cooks, but very good for daily use.

While the primary use for this item is making salads i purchased it for another reason, grating cheese. I like to buy wedges of cheese but i don’t like hand grating them,which is now a thing of the past thanks to this handy little device. Does it make salads, yes it does just don’t try slicing tomatoes with it,total disaster. Worked nice for slicing or shredding zucchini along with slicing taters as well but for me it’s the cheeses grating i love. Just make sure the wedge of cheese is hard enough, i mean it’s not going to grate soft cheese obviously. What i found is best is to cut the wedge into pieces on an angle. In other words give the grater a thin edge to start with and you should have success. As far as cleanup goes no problem at all, fast and easy. So it does do what it is designed to you just have to experiment till you get the hang of it. One more thing each of the separate cones install and remove so easily, no problem at all.

This came on time and was exactly as advertised and what i wanted. It is easy to use and quickly shreds vegetables chops turkey for turkey salad.

One of the small counter top appliances that will get a workout. Along with a mini-chop and a stick blender, this is a staple for food preparation. Easily and quickly grates medium to hard cheese, carrots, cabbage, potatoes and cukes for spreads. Other attachments slice, chop and fine grate (pulverize). For jobs that require under a quart (if it is quart or more, pull out the food processor) of grated or sliced items, this is perfect, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. The only ‘watch out’, since it is quick, is that it literally shoots the food out of the processing mouth, so be sure to have a container large enough in diameter to catch all the processed food – i think we can all agree that quick is good. There are no nooks and crannys to accumulate food particles, no huge heavy parts to manipulate, all the parts that come into contact with food are sturdy enough to withstand the dishwasher (top rack please) and come out sparkling every time. There are 4 and 5 blade models and to be honest, little difference in the uses. 4 blades is enough for any job you would use this for.

The saladxpress is very similar, though larger in footprint and with more varied blades, than our old saladshooterprospacks up nicely and relatively tightlycleans up easilyslices quite nicely in all its various forms. Used so far on potatoes, carrots, celery, cheese (frozen), peppers. Did its work quickly, cleanly, and not too noisily. It’s certainly faster than chopping by hand. For a small salad probably not a big deal, but for large family salads like we make, or party salads, it will clearly save a lot of time (the uniformity of cuts is also pleasing in its presentation)build of the machine and the blades seem seems sturdy enoughno cons so farso far so good.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • HB SaladXpress review
  • they chop and slice just fine
  • Keep it handy! There are a million and one things it can help with! An excellent time (and money) saver!

I was skeptical about this product because i love my salad shooter. I didn’t think there could be one thing that would make this product better. I love the color-coded blades. Very helpful when you are trying to multi-task in the kitchen. One of the features/benefits of the salad shooter is that it can be directed straight into the bowl/pan you are using, however, after using this product, i find that i actually prefer having a stationary appliance for this purpose. I don’t often need to shred directly into a specific bowl/pan/skillet, and it can be rather unwieldy trying to hold the salad shooter over your vessel of choice. The saladxpress just works better for me. The height is good on this, making it easy to use just about any bowl with it.

I wasn’t sure how much use i’d get out of this – i’m not really a salad person. Fortunately, this offers utility even for us troglodytes. It made short work of whatever i put into it, assuming i used the correct cone. The orange (shred), green (slice), and red (crinkle cut) cones offer the most utility. The yellow cone (grate) seemed very limited – the instructions say to use it for chocolate, vanilla wafers, or graham crackers, and indeed this would work to make very fine crumbs for, say, a cheesecake crust. What i think is absolutely fantastic about this product is the way you can store your processing cones on the unit when not in use. They all nest inside each other and is secured by a storage cap. This means you don’t have to take up drawer space, have unused cones floating around the house, and inevitably lose one or two. Everything stays with the unit and it’s all nice and neat. The motor seems strong enough to handle whatever i threw in there – cucumbers, cheese, carrots, whatever.

Works great to prep items for a weeks worth of salads or for entertaining. All items store in the front and make it very compact. The front shoot is angled so everything goes right into the bowl. Motor is strong and works great.

Great for slicing up the smaller veggies.

Wow, do we love this saladxpress. Makes all the chopping and cutting easier than ever. Have recommended this machine to others and would buy it again.

Saves so much time slicing veggies like cucumbers and zucchini for grilling. Probably going to be buying one for my mom and others for gift.

This is a good product but could be better with a little more attention to detail and safety. Makes quick work slicing thin slices, crinkle-cut carrots and radishes, but you must be very, very careful when assembling, disassembling, and washing disks. There are no guide markings on the body of the unit to assist in alignment of the pieces, thickness cannot be controlled, and the cones fit the body of the unit very loosely and there is no way to tell whether the cone insert is attached properly. Is not an industrial product, but for home use it cuts veggie prep time significantly and takes the chore out of cutting salad ingredients. Even used it to slice brussels sprouts to make brussels sprouts hash.

A must in the kitchen time saver.

 this is more like a stationary presto salad shooter than a traditional food processor–but it does slice and shred welli haven’t tried the grate and crinkle cut features yet. I’ve included a short video of it shredding cabbage for coleslaw. It doesn’t look that impressive in the video–but it does work well. Shredding carrots was a breeze. I also tested it against my profession presto salad shooter and this works better–and it’s a lot easier to clean. The different cones are color-coded and there is a small decal on the back of the food processor that indicates which color is for which. The orange is for shredding and that is the one i have on in the video. Another feature that i like is that the cones all nestle together and fit onto the machine for storage. The chute is a bit small so you do have to cut items into small pieces. Since this is so similar to my salad shooter there really isn’t any need to keep both.

It seems to be able to do what it says that it would do. Only time will testify to its durability.

Chute is too small for most uses. The blades provided are not what optimal. They chop and slice just fine. But the blade openings are way too small. Regardless of the blade used, you get ‘fine’, or ‘fine’. Suggest make bigger blade openings and provide with the machine.

This gift was really appreciated and exactly what was expected.

I popped this out of the box today and so far i like it. Not too large or bulky, easy to clean and assemble. I made raw veggie ‘rice’ — basically grated cauliflower and broccoli (using the orange cone). With precut cauliflower and broccoli in a bag, everything fit in the feeding chute with no need to cut them into smaller pieces. And i didn’t need to worry about getting them dry enough after a quick rinse, which sometimes i do with a food processor to avoid mush. The grating was quick, right into the bowl, and cleanup was easy. I’ll try using it for other things (salads and the like), but it’s already a very good purchase for my purposes.

So used to the convenience, that i keep it on the counter all the time.

I’ve really been on the fence about how to rate this, which doesn’t happen often. Usually i either love a product or i hate it. The thing is, for what it is, this is a great machine. It is well-designed, cleans up easily, they’ve thought of storage of the individual cones and it works as it should. So for all those reasons it deserves a high rating. The reason i’ve been torn is that i have limited kitchen counter and storage space so i like to keep only appliances that i will either use every day or that have multiple uses. I love hamilton beach food processors. I had one that i paid around $30 for that last lasted me 14 years and even now is going strong except that i dropped the bowl and it cracked. So i paid $35 to get another hamilton beach food processor that arrived a few weeks ago. I use it daily and wouldn’t want to be without it.

It makes having a salad so much easier. It cuts my carrots and cucumbers great and even cuts my celery up ok too.