Oster Versa 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender – Versa is a powerhouse!

First let me say i’ve never owned a vitamix or any other top rated high dollar blender so i can’t really compare performance based on personal experience. What i can say however is that i’m absolutely loving this blender and i’m very satisfied with my purchase. Is it as good as another blender that costs hundreds of dollars more. I just couldn’t see spending that much money on a blender for fear of having a few strawberry seeds in my smoothie. I’m not quiet that refined at this point in my life. The blender itself seems like a sturdy made piece of machinery put together with metal. No plastics which was one of the things i liked when i was searching for a good one. It seems very durable and strong.

We ordered this blender and were fairly well satisfied. We used it daily for smoothies and had constant issues with it taking in air pockets. So in order to make it work we needed to add more liquids than we would like to. The drive gears broke on the jar and oyster promptly sent us a free replacement (thanks for good customer service). The new blender had the same size jar but much shorter (and has red handle). The power is the same but design to the jar is wayy better. So i would give that model 5 starts. Little hack we noticed: you can fit vitamix jars on this blender perfectly.

This blender is excellent for the jjsmith smoothies. Does require you to use the tamper but overall it gets a smooth texture. Here are the specifications for the Oster Versa 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender:

  • Make sure this fits
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  • The power to blend everything, wth a professional 1,400-watt motor and 28,000 rpms
  • Stainless steel blade spins at over 250 mph, thoroughly blending ingredients so recipes turn out perfect every time
  • 64-ounce bpa-free tritan jar with no-mess spout and easy to read measurements
  • Three programmed settings (Smoothies, Dips/Spreads, and Soup), pulse, and variable speed dial to instantly adjust speed as needed
  • Includes a beautiful color cookbook with recipes to inspire you; 7 year warranty

Just a wonderful and awesome as the vitamix. . Seriously everything that i have used this blender for is the same as what can be done in the versea oster. I love my blender and a few of my neighbors now want to purchase this product as well. I have made soups, dips, chocolate mousse, mixed drinks, and etc, it can be loud but not as loud as the vita mix.

I don’t have other big blenders to compare this to. Just my other oster blender with about half the watts. Wife and i have been doing this smoothie diet, so it’s blending greens, flax seeds, and frozen fruit 2 to 3 times a day and never an issue. I have notices the pitcher has turned a bit cloudy, but it hasn’t affected the performance.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Creamiest soups ever
  • Great Bang for the Buck in a high speed Blender
  • This product works wonders for me, at $179.99 this item IS a steal!

My oster versa is over two years old and is used daily. It works as well as its counterpart which is over twice the versa’s price. One small design flaw is in the pouring spout. No mater how carefully you pour, there is always one drop that is left on the end of the spout and drips when you set down the container.

I use this about 3-4 times per week to make our favorite chocolate banana smoothies (no ice). It blends them to a creamy consistency, and is much quieter than my previous bar style oster (beehive style) blender. Cleanup is easy and it will never leak unlike the the other designs where you have interchangeable blades (which are bound to leak because the seals either wear out or the collar cracks). The variable speed knob (dial it up or down) is wonderful. I also like the one touch smoothie button. I can toss everything into the blender, cover it, press smoothie and walk away. It automatically changes speeds (slow to high) and then stops when finished on its own. Note, you can not wash any part of this in the dishwasher. I find that to be quick since i have a dish soap dispenser built in to my sink. I find that if i rinse it off with hot water as soon as i am done with it, to get all the bits out, i can do a quick swirl-swish wash of it with soap later with hot water (rinse very well). I turn it upside down to let it dry on my counter – half on and half off a glass board i keep on my counter. I think it’s actually easier to care for than my old glass interchangeable blade system.

Excellent motor and blending capabilities. Foster helped me out and i now have both 64 oz jars. I agree with some other posters, though, that the jar lids and seals need improvement.

Greatly resembles a vitamix to an extent. At a much better cost to the consumer. More importantly, pulverizes greens like spinach and kale, even raw carrots and apples, ten times better than the 2 other cuisinarts i had used before deciding to spend a bit more money on a blender.

If your anything like me you can relate to wanting the best, but not paying ridiculous prices. I do not make a lot of money, so what i spend is an investment and i put time and research into my decisions because *sings* ‘i work hard for my money’. Please know i spent a good week reading reviews and researching on blenders, slowly losing hope that i was going to find one that could give me vitamix quality blending without the price tag. I stumbled across this blender, read the specs, read the reviews, watched the youtube videos, and i was sold. Same power, same metal inner working parts, and same warranty as the vitamix. The comparison on you tube sealed the deal and i bought the blender. So fitting under upper cabinets may be a challenge. Nor does the loudness of the blender, it’s loud, again, a beast. I can not say that it beats out the vitamix because i don’t think it does in regards to water like viscosity that blender achieves, but unless your super picky then that small 1% difference won’t bother you a bit. I love this blender and i would buy it again if i had to but i don’t and i have owned it for several months now with no problems. Don’t get me wrong i don’t get grainy from any of the blends i have made. Everything has been smooooooooth.

It sounds like the hellspawn of a vacuum cleaner demon and a chipper shredder and could probably mince concrete if you tried. It makes for super creamy soups, though. Is is more than a kilowatt of power spinning whirring blades of decimation +2 at 28,000 rpms. When you put soups in there it even breathes smoke. (well, steam, but it is still impressive). And it always has to take it just past your comfort zone. You hit the soup button and it starts chip and chopping away. Then it kicks it up a notch and you are all ‘whoa, that is insane. I hope that soup doesn’t come flying out of there because it is hot and it would cover everything like 16 bean napalm’.

I read a lot of reviews for this blender and i was really torn between three top contenders. Vita-mix (of course) a professional waring blender and this oster. The other big name because there were things i didn’t like about them, though for just plain power i’m sure they are in the same ball park. The waring one would have been a top choice because of it’s speed and power. It spins at about 2x the speed of the others at top speed and the reports are pretty solid about nothing surviving that beating. So if fast smooth is our goal it’s probably the one. But it carries a much shorted warrantee time than any of the others and that sent up a red flag. Between the vita-mix and the oster, vita-mix (at least the 7500 series) has some definite advantages, but that came at over 4x the price. Why might one spring for the $$$ one?. Well the oster has a soft start. That is fine 99% of the time but ‘pulse’ doesn’t really do what you expect it to do because it ramps up and doesn’t just hit speed. So for instance things like making a chunky salsa would be a lot better in the vita-mix. It’s not a big deal most of the time but it’s kind of a ramp rather than a pulse.

I’ve used the versa daily for about the last year to make smoothies, and occasionally homemade dressings, and to grind flaxseed. Best blender i’ve used, almost a different appliance compared to even a kitchen aid blender. Daughter says it makes smoother smoothies than her ninja.

Great machine, the warranty it’s outstanding. The motor it’s very strong. We had the device replace twice for issues on the blade bearing.

Pros: powerful engine that quickly and thoroughly blends frozen items. The engine makes a lower pitch when blending. (higher tin pitches make me crazy). Con: i would say it is big compared to my previous blenders.

I don’t write product reviews but felt compelled to write one for the oster versa. I absolutely love this product. Mine arrived a few days ago and has truly changed the way i cook. I had been considering getting a vitamix 750 series but just couldn’t bring myself to give up almost $700 for a blender.Then i got an email from amazon about the oster versa. I searched the internet for reviews and saw nothing but good feedback, not to mention the blender i’ve been using for the past several years is an oster that has performed faithfully. I can’t imagine the vitamix doing anytthing more than what the oster does at literally a fraction of the cost. If i had a complaint it would be that the cookbook isn’t extensive enough. The recipes in it are delicious, especially the thai barbecued chicken.

I read every review out there about the various emulsifiers available and was dismayed to realize that what i needed could cost upwards of $500. 00 for an appliance with these specifications. I looked up oster because i still have a working blender that was given to me as a gift in around 1970. I made baby food and all kinds of things over the years with it. So i looked to see if oster had an emulsifier and all reservations fell away when i was given a 7 year warranty on this product, just like the competing expensive company. 00, amazon was offering an instant coupon and i had a few amazon points, which brought the price down to 237. 00 and i think it was shipped free on amazon prime. This was not a casual purchase. For health reasons, i had been using a juice extractor to make juice combinations with healing qualities and the combinations were working for me.

The difference that using a *real* blender makes is significant. I’d been making smoothies on a very underpowered, cheap blender. I was often chewing bits that didn’t blend all the way. This has dramatically resolved that issue– blends are very smooth and consistent. The oster versa with the tall jar is much taller than i expected, mostly because the base is much taller than i expected, being used to much cheaper, older blenders. I saw comments from other reviewers saying that it doesn’t fit under cabinets, and i disregarded them, to my own chagrin. It doesn’t fit under my cabinets, but it’s really not that big of a deal to me.

Now, i tried to look for the best blender within my budget without sacrificing quality and taste, and the oster versa did not disappoint. I am mostly using this product to create supplemental dietary green smoothies, so for me it’s very important that this machine should break down things like; kale, cilantro, bok choy, celery, parsley, apple, pear, berries, etc. All the while maintaining the most liquid and uniform consistency possible. I’ll say that this machine did not let me down, it took moments to shred all sorts of veggies and fruits (including water/fruit juices) with the greatest of ease, and the taste to me was phenomenal. Pros:-it’s high performance motor cuts down greens incredibly well. -very easy to clean and maintain-the noise was a lot lower than i had expected, it’s loudest is comparable to that of the bullet, to me it sounded less. -close to perfect uniform consistencycons:-if you choose not to add ice or frozen fruits/vegetables, your green smoothies may come out warmer if you prolong high speed setting usage-is larger than where my counter meets my cupboard, this machine is pretty tall for a blender. So far weighing out the pros and cons, i would say i can sleep easy knowing that i had purchased this product for the long-haul. If i do need to report any long-term uses with the oster versa, i’ll be more than inclined to update this review.

I really like my new versa blender. Especially i love the knob that allows me to adjust the speed instantly. It has a lot of power and so blends well. The downside is that it’s base is large requiring more space and it is tricky to set the pitcher onto it at times.

Works well and no issues to date. Note that it is really loud however.

Toastess DLFP458 Stainless-Steel 12-Inch Electric Skillet : Have enjoyed my new stainless steel electric skillet

Ever two year we would purchase a non-stick pan because he coating was coming off. In fact this is our second purchase of the item, one for home and one for the cabin. Clean up is a snap equal to the non-stick. If something is stuck you can use a little more abrasive product. The first pan, now almost 3 years old looks like it did when new.

My only regret about this fry pan is that i didn’t see it sooner. My farberware pan gave way a couple of years ago, and i could not find one like it for replacement. I ordered a beautiful rectangular electric fry pan from amazon at a much higher price. Although it is still beautiful, it did not heat evenly and caused me to be frustrated when making potato pancakes, french toast, etc. When i read the reviews for this fry pan, i noticed others had purchased it as a replacement for their farberware pan and that this one compared favorably. (i wish i could get my money back for the other fry pan, but too much time has elapsed to return it. ) i concur with their opinions and like this fry pan as well as the farberware.

The toasteess stainless pan is everything that i expected. Faberware, your loss and my gain by purchasing this electric skillet.

Very satisfied with the skillet, seller did great.

  • Better Late Than Never
  • Worth buying
  • This the best replacement for the wonderful old Farberware fry pan now

Toastess DLFP458 Stainless-Steel 12-Inch Electric Skillet

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1250-watt electric skillet provides 3-1/2-quart capacity and adjustable temperature control
  • Stainless-steel construction with aluminum core for fast, even heating and no hot-spots
  • Long handle and opposite helper handle; tempered-glass lid with steam vent and knob handle
  • UL listed; “on” indicator light; dishwasher-safe parts (pan and lid) for quick cleanup
  • Measures 12 by 20 by 4-1/2 inches

Bought this for my wife who loved her faberware electric frying panbut finally went down for the count. She refused to cook for me until i bought something similar. This electric frying pan does the trick.

This the best replacement for the wonderful old farberware fry pan now no longer available. I have tried three other brands of similar design some more expensive. This pan works well as described and is a good value.

Replacement for my old farberware frying pan purchased 17 years ago; every bit as good.

Bought to replace farberware electric skillet not made any more. Performance as good or even better than that one. Heat steady, heavy glass lid has vent, glass enables viewing food cooking.

Have enjoyed my new stainless steel electric skillet. It heats evenly which is an improvement over my previous electric skillet.

Bought this to replace our faberware skillet. We have used it only once so far, to fry chicken. It performed well the first time we used it. Month later we used it again on french fries and this skillet wouldn’t come up to temperature. It took an additional ten minutes to fry.

Handle broken at threee very cheap welds. Unable to reach manufacturer on the phone. Long distance of course and have to listen to greeting and instructions in french before english started, my dime of course. Bought a new handle for two bucks at ace hardware.

My mother’s electric skillet that she had used for over 20 years finally gave out. I found this one on amazon for about half the price of other sites. My mother is picky, and she is happy with it.

I am very happy with this skillet. I highly recommend this product.

Just what we were looking for.

Love this electric frying pan.

I purchased this electric skillet for my son. I have a farberware skillet that i have used several times a week for over 15 years. I was looking for a farberware skillet to purchase for him as well. Farberware no longer makes an electric skillet like my old one. The quality of this skillet is as good if not better than my farberware skillet. I am very pleased to have found this skillet and plan on purchasing one for myself. Great weight, quality and accuracy on the temperature.

DELLA 8-in-1 Multi-Functional Programmable Pressure Cooker ETL UL CSA, Great Food

I wanted a pressure cooker but didn’t have a brand in mind. It was my birthday so i put a bug in my husband’s ear and he got me a della. It was cheaper than some others and i’m positive that was his driving force behind this particular brand purchase. First thing i noticed there was absolutely zero instructions with the cooker. A list of dos and don’ts, parts list and troubleshooting suggestions was the full extent of the ‘user manual’. Had to buy a cookbook to even know where the hell to start with this thing. It’s been a few weeks and i still am learning little tricky things about it. Oh it works just fine now that i know a few things, but it would have been so much better to have a user manual that didn’t suck.

After 2 month it just stop working, use it mostly for soup 4-5 times per week, and it just stop working last week…bad than the brand i bought in china.

Not very good instructions on how to use the pressure cooker.

Key specs for Della 8-in-1 Multi-Functional Programmable Pressure Cooker ETL UL CSA, 6 QT, 1000 WATT:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • DELLA Latest Generation new model of programmable pressure cooker has 8-in-1 multifunction cooker: pressure cooker, rice cooker, mulitgrain porridge, bean legumes, sauté, soup, poultry, beef and seafood
  • Dual pressure settings for fast and flexible cooking. Cooking with the high pressure reduces cooking time by up to 70% and the low pressure avoids overcooking delicate food
  • If you live a fast-paced, health-oriented and green-conscious life style, DELLA pressure cooker is designed specifically for you
  • 6-quart multifunction electric cooker replaces your pressure cooker, slow cooker, food steamer, rice cooker, sauté pan, soup maker. Automatic keep warm
  • ETL, CSA and UL certified; Overall Dimension 13-1/4″(W) x 12-1/4″(H) x 13-1/2″(H)

Comments from buyers

“User manual is terrible
, after 2 month it just stop working,
, Don’t buy this yet!

I like to use a stove top pressure to cook with and have always wanted an electrical one. This has been a blessing to me. I have cooked a few roasts in this and each time the roast turns out fantastic, a huge roast cooks in 30 min. This saves so much time for the single parent who still wants the kids to have a nice meal with as little time as possible. Great item i am in love with it. Materials seem to be of great quality and the cooker is very easy to use. It did come with a book to walk you thru different features but it seems to be easy to figure out on your own. Overall i am very pleased with this pressure cooker it has met my expectations and then some. I received a discount for testing and reviewing purposes. This is my honest unbiased opinion and have come to this conclusion by using this cooker myself.

I am using it for the first time so i cannot speak to how long it will function. I hate the sticker on the side that is mostly pointless and does not easily remove. I double hate that the instruction book is absolutely pointless. I basically used what i read in reviews and then guessed the rest. Right now, it is displaying bb or 66. I have absolutely no idea what that means. It probably won’t last long because i will trash it due to frustration. 5/11/2017 update – i have been using this cooker since i originally wrote the review and my opinion has changed from 2 stars to 4. I still believe the instructions could have been better but with time, i have figured out everything that i need to know. The pressure cooker is still working great and has not given me any trouble, even when i spaced out and dumped water in the bottom of the machine instead of in the non-stick pan.

. After just a few uses my cooker seems to be dead. No lights on the control panel at all. I have checked and the outlet is working. I am letting it rest unplugged and hoping for a miracle. If it comes back to life i will update my review. So wishing i hadn’t bought this a week before the prime day event. I could have been one of 215,000 happy owners of the other brandedited to add: i was able to get a refund on my defective cooker and did not have to pay the $47 wanted by the post office to return it. Like the company but cannot recommend the cooker.

I like this pressure cooker honest the instructions suck. There are no clear directions with it. I had to read amazon reviews to figure out how to use the thing. Once you figure it out though it works great.

My daughter in law loved this cooker and she received it in time for christmas.

I ordered this della© 8-in-1 multi-functional programmable pressure cooker etl ul csa, 6 qt, 1000-watt because i have been watching all those infomercials on tv and i wanted to try one out. To date i’ve cooked 3 meals in it a frozen 3 1/2 lb boneless beef roast and i mean rock hard out of the deep freezer. I put it in for 1 hour at that point i added the potatoes carrots and let it cook for 15 more minutes. When it came it was like it was in a slow cooker all day the roast just flaked apart moist not dried out like cooking in the oven. My second meal was a 5 lb chicken i put the chicken i put my spices on the chicken and it will only let you cook chicken for 30 min which i did and the chicken was not done i put it in for 20 min more and and it was done’ my 3rd meal was ribs i first loaded the ribs in the pressure cooker cooked them for 15 min then i put a large bottle of my homemade barbeque sauce on them and cooked them for 20min more on keep pressure and they turned out perfect. This pressure cooker is all and more than i expected the only thing i wish it had was a small cook book that came along with it. But you can get most times on the internet the food turns out great in 1/4 the time with 1/4 the energy. And the clean up is super easy how can you go wrong.

It’s a wonderful pressure cooker, the downfall that no instructions come with the product.

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker Bundle – This aint nothing like that last old sad breadmaker that we had

My wife absolutely love it and i enjoy fresh baked bread :).

I mainly purchased this machine for gluten free bread baking and it has performed superbly. Very easy to learn how to use, very easy to use, clean and remove the loaf. The accessories are a welcome addition especially annalise roberts’ book. The knife set islow quality and my wife already put it back in the box (i just hope she doesn’t ‘re-gift’ it (: )the seller delivered my order very fast, and packaged the items safely. I would recommend the seller and the product.

The top heating element really makes a difference. Here are the specifications for the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker Bundle:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • FEATURES: This bread maker can make a 2lb loaf in less than two hours. Gluten Free and Custom settings will accommodate gluten free and organic baking ingredients.
  • DUAL KNEEDING: Dual kneading blades to knead the dough thoroughly.
  • CONTROLS: Menu functions include three memory settings along with an additional heater on lid function. It also includes a user friendly easy to read LCD monitor with a 13 hour delay timer.
  • COMES WITH: It includes an easy-to-follow instructional DVD, manual and a recipe booklet.
  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker, Gluten-Free Baking Classics for The Bread Machine Book, Stainless Measuring Cup Set and Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set – Heavy Gauge

This is my third bread machine and i will stick with this brand. The pan is much heavier than the others.

It is quieter than my last one. This is a very good product. I would recommend it to everyone.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • They thought of everything in making this machine
  • better than expected from a novice
  • Excellent Value

Use this breadmaker for making gluten free breads. All the breads i have made have come out tasty and moist. Very happy with this purchase.

This is my second bread machine, the first being a westbend full size loaf machine my ex-wife got when we parted ways. I tried to find another westbend unit but apparently they are no longer being made. The pan on the zojirushi is the double paddle kind that i had before and is packed with more features than my old machine. In particular the ability to bake gluten free is one thing that stood out to me. The zojirushi appears to be very well made, not flimsy at all. The bread pan has a very good non-stick surface, along with the paddles that let the loaves easily slip out. I like the fact that i do not have to measure the temperature of the water. If the water is too cool the machine will gradually warm it up to proper temperature prior to beginning the kneading cycle. The bread i have made so far has come out very well and i am enjoying this machine very much.

Love this machine, i have had mine for over 2 years and i am still using it, bake bread every week, a little bit of an investment, but well worth it. The cheaper ones would never hold up like this one does, makes great bread, pizza dough, very easy and cakes. Highly recommend if you are serious about make your own bread, recipe book is great too.

I love this bread maker because it is easy and simple to use and has a gluten free setting.

At first i wasn’t too sure if it was user error or the machine but i soon found out when my husband made bread. . It was user error on my part. My hubbys bread was wonderful and perfect in everyday. . Will update more as we use it more.

We have baked whole wheat bread for many years grinding our own wheat and then using a machine to kneed the dough. It was a lot of work with a lot of clean up afterwards. We weren’t making bread as often as i liked so i started looking at bread machines. This one was more that i expected to pay but after reading the reviews i was convinced that it was the one we needed. We are delighted with this machine. We still grind our own grain, but after that this bread machine does the rest. It takes us about 5 minutes to put the ingredients in and set it to bake. That’s itwe first tried the whole grain recipe in the book but didn’t care for that one. It wasn’t long before we had our own recipe that works great for us. We often set it for when i’m up in the morning so i have fresh bread before i go to work.

While expensive this machine does not disappoint. Texture is great and capacity is a plus. Recipies for jam are very good and not as sweet as store bought.

My goal was for fresh healthy bread where i could avoid using any preservatives, etc. The only thing i have been able to make & have come out well is the white bread recipe. After contacting customer service, they were very nice, was told to try white bread & if it came out well, then there wasn’t anything wrong with the machine. Well, we don’t really eat white bread so the fact that white bread comes out well is not impressive for me. I have followed the directions exactly for the recipes i have tried from their book, but wheat bread failed, gluten free bread failed miserably & plain pound cake came out awful. I will admit that i have very little experience with bread machines. I think i will look for some bread machine recipes somewhere other than their books & give those a try. If i find that experience &/or recipes found elsewhere work well with this machine i will write a follow up review. Btw, i can & have baked many types of breads & pastries the old fashion way (mixing the dough in a bowl with a spoon, kneading by hand, letting it rise, punching it down, letting it rise again & baking in the oven) & had wonderful results, never had a failure. I was just hoping to cut down the amount of time required to bake bread the fashion way.

Great quality product and clear display that is easy to read.

Excellent, for gluten free as well.

The machine very good ,but i have a problem which is the machine exposed to an strong electric currentwhat i do ?.

I have had it for over two years now and have used it once or twice a week without fail. It has made a perfect loaf every single time except maybe a couple times, both my error. The more traditionally shaped loaf is very nice. If you are new to breadmakers just get a cheap one instead of this because probably 99% of people who get breadmakers use them once or twice and then never again. In fact maybe even get a used one because almost all the ones being sold have only been used once and they can be bought for ten bucks. But if you’re buying your second (or third) and you’ve been regularly making bread for a while, forget about trying to save money and just get this one now. It is well worth the extra cost.

I purchased this machine over others offered at amazon because of the gluten free function off this particular model. I have been gluten free for awhile and store bought breads tend to spoil faster than i can eat them. This machine allows me to produce lovely small loaves and it is so easy. I have baked great banana bread for my husband and granddaughter as well. I like the measuring spoons that came with my purchase as well as the cook book. The knife set is cheaply made and the block falls over at least three times a day. Must be made out of the lightest wood known to man.

I have had this beautiful machine just over a month now. Can’t tell you how wonderful it is. I have made several loaf breads, dinner rolls, hamburger, hotdog, and doughnuts with the rolls recipe. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed with this machine. Although i was a little intimated at first. The only thing i will say is that the gluten-free book included with it in my opinion is a disaster. I bought the flour recommended for the recipes and did exactly what instructions called for and the breads were not good at all.I am not gluten-free but my sis-in-law is and i made it for her. I did not try the recipes in the zojirushi cookbook included so i cannot speak to as how they turn out. For myself i use a whole wheat four from great river organic milling on amazon and my loafs rise beautifully.

I’ve tried all the varieties now and it’s super consistent, perfectly shaped bread with perfect crusts all the way around.

To be honest, i don’t use this thing nearly as much as i’d like to. I mostly use it for pizza dough, and i use one of the recipes provided in the book. I get two large and one medium-sized crusts out of a batch, but i like them thin. I’ve made only one loaf of bread, and that came out far superior to any bread i’ve made in any other bread machine. Yes, it’s big – about twice the size of the breadmaker it replaced. But you can’t beat it’s simplicity, ease of use, and quick clean-up. I definitely recommend it – you won’t be disappointed.

BELLA 13962 Rocket Blender Sport : Very handy tool and easy to clean

I like that you get the pulp of the fruit with this blender, and that, consequently, the cleanup is very easy. Be sure to add liquid before blending (water, juice, milk. Otherwise the blender won’t work, and the motor will get over-heated.

It blends my almased shakes perfectly. I toss on a few berries sweetener and cocoa. Just make sure you put liquid in before power so it doesn’t get stuck on the bottom if the cup. Shake it before blending and don’t use frozen items such as berries or ice. I add an ice cube to the shake after i’ve blended so that i can shake it up from time to time. Great price and good quality.

Gave one to both of my college aged daughters – they are both loving them.

It’s perfact for on person and so cute.

  • this one mixes and crushes the best. The only complaint is that you put the
  • This works ok but it’s hard to get it all
  • LOUD

BELLA 13962 Rocket Blender Sport, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Durable stainless steel blade to tackle all jobs
  • 20 oz. clear BPA-free tumbler
  • Travel lid with easy carrying hook is perfect for on the go
  • Delicious BELLA recipes included
  • 2 year limited warranty

I did not purchase this on amazon, however, having owned this lovely little miracle for just about a month, i wanted to tell my fellow members and the world how much i love it. The first day i got it, i sped to the grocery and purchased a fruit tray of pre cut goodies and then sped home to try it. I could not believe for the first time in my life, i whipped up a fresh fruit smoothie with no added sweetener that tasted like heaven in literally seconds. I put cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew and pineapple chunks with a few slices of banana and as instructed(important people) added a little bit of water. Imagine my shock when i simultaneously realized in seconds that i not only saved myself from purchasing a $3-400 vitamix, versa, etc, etc. , but i actually made a healthy, tasty, low cal, made to order shake that reminded me of a fruit drink i had 20+ yrs ago on a family reunion in the fresh fruit in your yard caribbean- complete and pure nirvana – and the best part was, i knew exactly what was in there cause i made it myself. Still in disbelief and wanting now to push my luck even further, cause surely this must of been a fluke, i rinsed the jar out and threw in some walnut pieces to see if this thing could chop nuts too cause i use them frequently in baking snack breads, etc. Shazam, the walnut pieces became smaller walnut pieces and even stared to become minced in seconds. I was like thinking “how did i get so lucky” as i prepared to get dressed and get to where i had to be, instead of standing there blending things with my mouth hanging open from shock. The next day still high from what i witnessed in my kitchen the day before, i set out to try adding vegetables to the mix to see what happens when i add stuff that’s a little more fibrous than melons and bananas- well a green smoothie is what happened, thank you very much.

This works ok but it’s hard to get it all mixed and there’s nothing big enough to reach the stuff on the bottom so you get chunks 🙁 plus the seal keeps coming lose so it’s leaking.

Works well, but the lid leaks if the cup falls over. I will be ordering more parts such as an additional cup.

Weird smell, kind of hard to lock it, but overall not horrible.

This product cannot be used for any smoothie recipe that calls for ice cubes, this product does not grind ice cubes, this product is great for making milk shakes.

It’s an okay blender for the price, but i wouldn’t have wanted to pay a dollar more. If i was in the market for a new smoothie blender again, i’d probably hold out for something better. Pros:–it blends surprisingly well. I throw whatever i want in there: large ice cubes, huge chunks of fruit, etc—it all comes out evenly blended, even the very bottom of the tumbler (which is the “top” of the blender. )–it’s cute; the purple color is unusual. You can leave it out on the counter without it being an eyesore. Literally, there are no buttons, and no speeds to choose from. Cons:–the worst problem is that when you twist the tumbler firmly in the purple base to turn the blender on, and then reverse-twist to turn it off again, sometimes that just unscrews the tumbler from the base, instead of halting the blending.

This thing works great for the price. I wish they’d sell separate bottles.

It works great, going on a couple weeks strong with daily use blending both fresh and frozen fruit with yogurt. The price is wonderful, the container is plenty big for a single serving, and if you rinse the blades off right away after you use it, it’s pretty easy to clean as well. My only caution: be sure to screw the blades on tight to the bottle. I tried to unscrew it to remove it from the base today, and the jar started unscrewing from the blades, upside down, while it was still running, which would have left me with a huge liquid mess and uncovered whirling blades of doom. Fortunately screwing it back on tightly and trying again solved the problem with no mess.

Very handy tool and easy to clean. I use this when am not in the mood to juice or in a hurry or want the actual fruit n veg in my smoothie.

Man, i’m so disappointed – i’m smelling that oh-so-familiar burnt wire smell when i use this little guy to make my custom shakes. This in no way means this product is inferior or not for you. It simply means it has an issue with my raw oats, frozen berries, pb, egg, nuts and almond milk. That’s a tough haul for even the big blenders i guess.

I love this blender and it’s use for a single person. I am, however, wondering if there are extra bottles available for purchase.

Careful how you place your fruits and veggies. Sometimes it take a while for everything to blend.

Mixes my protein shakes just fine. Loud enough to wake my son on the other end of the house when i turn it on in the morning.

I bought 2 different blenders for myself and one for my husband. This one mixes and crushes the best. The only complaint is that you put the blades/top on it and then invert to blend. The top gets stuck sometimes and you have to turn the whole blender upside-down to get it off.

Purchased this blender at boscov’s for $10. It’s cheap, pretty, love the purple color and it does work. I’ve had it for about a year, but have not used it much, because i don’t know what happened to the rubber gasket, that came with the blending cover. You get two covers – one to seal the to-go cup and one for the cover with the blade. Each one should have its own rubber ‘o’ ring. But somehow i only had one, maybe i lost it when i was hand-washing it or when i was taking the blender out of the box and if i did, then there lies the problem; it gets lost easily. It’s clear color and super thin, so even if i did not lose it, it will probably break in no time. You have to go easy when you load the cup on the base for blending or else you will break this fragile rubber piece and without it, the blender will leak horribly. This is how i found out that something was wrong and when i compared it to the other cover, i noticed the rubber part. This blender does blend ice, but like any blender, it needs adequate liquids.

The mouth opening on the lid is terrible. It is really hard to drink out of. However, i love the blender and the cup is great. I use the lid for transport and remove it to drink.