Nesco RG-1400 Reversible Grill/Griddle – Same old problem

I love my grill and griddle. It works great and it is a quick and easy way to cook and cleaning it is easy too.

I tried other (only one sided grill) for the same price. One side is for grilling meat and the other side for things like pancakes, eggs,bacon e. I always use a brush and coat the grill with oil. The grill heats up evenly and you can put a lot of meat on it. Never put the grill part in the dishwasher. Wash it by hand which is easy to do. I love this grill and hope i get many years out of it.

Does the job i purchased it for. Here are the specifications for the Nesco RG-1400 Reversible Grill/Griddle:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Reversible non-stick grill/griddle
  • Embedded heating element
  • Stay-cool handles
  • Power indicator
  • Heavy duty base/drip tray

It is good product, everything is good but it doesn’t have cover.

This reversible grill/griddle is cute and useful, but has its drawbacks. First of all, the surface area is pretty limited. We are a couple, so we’re not usually cooking all that much at once, but if you want to use this for anything more than a couple of people you’re going to be hard pressed to do so with this one. I also wish the controls were more precise. Those aren’t exactly terms that give me much information. Is ‘high’ too high for cooking a chicken breast?. Will ‘low’ enough to keep things warm at a dinner party?the smaller size does mean it takes up a bit less counter space and stores more easily, though. And the built-in drip pan removes excess fat and keeps things from steaming in released juices rather than browning or sauteeing. Just make sure that it looks like it will do what you’re asking it to do when you order it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My second Nesco product – totally satisfied.
  • It is so easy to clean
  • Five Stars

Holds heat fairly well, reheating somewhat quickly when food item put on either side. Non-stick coating worked fine for me. Cleans up easily in hot soapy water. Grease catcher has as much surface area as grill/griddle and is pretty deep. I didn’t have a problem with overflow.

Gift for my son who loves to cook.

It meet all expictaiins, i even forgot i have a stove. And great service from the buyer.

I use this griddle everyday to cook breakfast. If it were to wear out i would buy a new one as soon as possible. It is so easy to clean, doesn’t stick, and just the right size for two people. The grease catcher is big and easy to clean, no little pans that run over when cooking bacon.

The nesco rg-1400 reversible grill/griddle has three pieces – a plastic cradle that also doubles as a rather huge drip pan, the grill/griddle itself and the power cord. I’ve been cooking with it for a couple of weeks now. First, the grill is on the small side. It will hold 6 strips of bacon or 4 pancakes 4-5 inches in diameter, great for a couple but not so much if you’re feeding children. The heating control is on the power cord, as is usual with electric grills/griddles. Unlike most, this one does not give actual temperatures but only a range – warm, low, medium and high. I don’t know, but i had to cook bacon on it. (on other grills i cook bacon on about 300f.

The heating control is not always easy to control. Heat goes up and down to much.

Received this yesterday (22aug13). Used it last night for steaks. 1 big, thick usda prime ribeye (from costco) for me, and a much thinner one for my wife. First toasted the bread for garlic toast to put under the steaks. Ran the temp up to max, and the bread toasted perfectly. The heat is great (much better than my old grill) and the steak cooked fast on the outside and stayed raw in the center as i like it. About 4min, flip then 4min, flip then 4min, rotate then 4min. Added my wife’s for the last 4min, but it took a bit longer than i anticipated. Even though it was much thinner, the heat is enough to cook the outside and leave the inside alone.

Once again, another ‘healthy’ cooking alternative. On the plus side, a pretty good size cooking area, and nice to be able to flip over from smooth to grill. The unit heats up pretty quickly but do not rely on the accuracy of the thermostat temperature wheel, it goes from really hot to almost off when food is getting too hot and you turn it down. Also, despite what you read, you will need a pam spray or something, to use the smooth side especially. Now my favorite moan:-from the manual: – ‘wash with warm soapy water’you can’t submerge this thing ever, so good luck getting all those steak juice stains off, it also won’t go in the dishwasher. I had a nice unit over 5 years ago with removable and fully washable plates on a foreman style grill, and this is progress?more of a toy i suspect than getting used daily. Not very expensive, and easy to see why. Probably do well in a college dorm – 3 stars is generous.

Best decision and works good. Very happy with the grill/ griddle.

I read a lot of the marginal reviews before buying and was a little skeptical but jumped in anyway. I now use this almost exclusively when cooking. I haven’t my pots and pans for some time. In fact, it is parked on top of my glass top stove. I would say that it is probably ideal for a couple and not designed to be an indoor replacement grill to cook up a feast for a party. I have cooked ahead 6 large burgers with veggies all around the sides to the edges on the grill side. I flip the burgers and move everything around and i do not notice uneven cooking. I’ve cooked 4 eggs and 2 small pancakes and bacon at the same time on the flat side. I start with the bacon, as it shrinks i move it to the side and put the pancakes down and then the eggs.

It was just as it was described.

Koldfront 80 Can Built-In Beverage Cooler – – Great price, fast shipping and a great product.

We installed this as part of a kitchen remodel, replacing an ancient kenmore trash compactor. Based on a few of the review comments, i pro-actively drilled a few 1′ holes in the back of our cabinets before replacing the cabinets and installing the fridge – did this to allow better air circulation as suggested. I’m not sure it really did anything, as i can’t tell that there is any excessive heat coming from the back of the unit through the cabinet holes, but it was a reasonable safeguard. The fridge fits perfectly in the previous hole from the trash compactor – it is a little short – we have about a 2′ gap between the top of the fridge and the bottom of the cabinets. But our cabinets are about 30 years old and were custom built, so they may not be ‘standard’. After 6 months continuous operation, there are no problems, it is super quiet, keeps temperature and the led light is just right for the kids. Racks are adjustable, fits plenty of sodas and juice boxes.

This unit looks good and cools very quickly. We created an entertainment area in our house and wanted a small front vented beverage cooler. This one cools down to 41 degrees and seems like it will be solid. Price is competitive and delivery was fast and easy.

Great quality and holds a ton of beverages while not being overly bulky.

Fast deliverygreat little frig,keeps beverages really really coldset at 39 temp varies from 40 down to 38thats great.

Works great for a small space (it replaced a trash compacter).

We absolutely love our beverage cooler.

  • Works well and looks good
  • to go in our new house to replace a garbage compactor (yuk
  • It was very easily assembled. We are not using it for sodas

It was easy to install and maintains temp well. The motor is quiet and no complaints. If i knew it was fgoing to run for several more years i would have given it 5 stars.

Arrange the shelves as you want to accommodate your beverage of choice.

Keeps drinks cool and runs quiet. Slide out shelves are really hand and have a stop so they don’t pull out all the way and fall. Interior blue light is pretty and lights up the kitchen at night.

So far this is a nice beverage cooler that has maintained a temp of 38-40 degrees reliably and without too much noise. Here is why i gave it 3 stars:1. We bought it for bottled beer. Unfortunately, even if you remove all but 2 shelves, you can’t fit two levels of standard beer bottles unless you lay them down. Luckily there are some brands that come in ‘short’ bottles that my husband likes, so we have been putting those on the top level. This is marketed as a ‘built in’ or under counter cooler. I know the measurements are provided, but i was still surprised that it was almost 2 inches shorter than our countertop. It made for an unsightly gap that we needed to fill. If the manufacturers made the unit one inch taller, it would fit better under standard counters and hold two levels of beer.

It is quiet, cools nicely and can store cans, bottles and wine bottles. I was concerned the black would show too much against my built-in ivory cabinets but i like it better than if it was stainless. The bottom two racks can be used for wine bottles. Update: it now has been five months and i still have not experienced any problems with it. It is still quiet and i love having a separate place to store my beverages. I especially like the dark glass which hides the product better than what the picture in the ad shows. I did not want the look of a store front beverage center. I don’t think it would matter if one ordered the stainless or black unit because the dark glass front is the most noticeable feature. Don’t slam the door like my husband did because it can pop open, just close it like ‘normal’. I rarely give 5 star reviews for anything.

Features of Koldfront 80 Can Built-In Beverage Cooler – Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Auto defrost all refrigerator; Fan-forced ventilation; Compressor based cooling system
  • Blue LED interior light; Reversible tempered glass door
  • Front-vented for built-in or free standing installation; Digital display
  • Internal Dimensions: 25 1/2″ H x 12″ W x 18″ D
  • External Dimensions: 32″ H x 15″ W x 23 3/4″ D

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

The box and fridge arrived damaged. The seller’s customer service was fabulous. We love the replacement fridge. The unique size was exactly what we needed for our bar.

I’ve been using this under the counter item for a month with good results. Prior to this i bought a ‘standard’ refrigerator and it failed after less than a year.

Very happy with the size, quality, appearance, capacity and convenience of the product, and the fact that it operates so quietly.

Used under counter in a corner so i needed a true under counter unit. It has worked out nicely and has a huge can capacity.

Shelves can be removed and rearranged to fit anything.

Have had no problems with this cooler whatsoever. Runs quiet, accurate temperature and is everything we expected. The only question is how long it will last, dont know the life expectancy of these, never owned one before, but hopefully will continue on for years to come. But has been an excellent choice so far.

Auto defrost all refrigerator; Fan-forced ventilation; Compressor based cooling system

You do hear it running but only if you’re near it in kitchen. After all, it is a residential product and due to size has to work to stay cool.

This fits perfectly in our bar.

I’ve had it for a week, and noticed the fan runs for 10 seconds, then stops for 10. Not the compressor, just the fan. A little worried at this point about power consumption and longevity. I contacted the manufacturer by website form but have not heard back yet (it’s only been a few hours). Otherwise, very happy so far. Update: the manufacturer’s rep checked with the technical team, and stated that the cooler is behaving normally. I respectfully disagreed, since no electrical component would be designed to cycle so frequently and be so energy inefficient.

Just beginning to test the fridge – ended up leaving the fridge empty with baking soda and washing the racks due to the nasty ‘new fridge’ smell of freon at first. We only have a little 6-pack in there so far, so haven’t really put it to the test yet, but we will soon. Temperature fluctuates minutely (to be expected) – within a degree above or below at the moment. Will have to see if it stays that way when full. Pretty happy with it so far. One of the best priced narrow fridges we found.

We purchased this beverage center in december and so far we have been very happy with it. It holds quite a lot of stuff and over the holidays served as a back-up fridge for other items in addition to drinks.

Let’s put some time on it and see what happens then.

Blue LED interior light; Reversible tempered glass door

When we moved into our house, the garbage compactor was broken (not to mention ugly and outdated). We researched things to replace them and this was a great idea. The picture shows it with some shelves removed, but if you keep all of the shelves in there, you can store cans horizontally. They fit 3 cans deep horizontally (with the tops toward the front). Keeps the beverages nice and cold and it’s nice to have the room in our fridge freed up.

I remodeled my game room and wanted a matching set, a wine cooler and a berverage cooler, my wife likes wine and i like beer. They both are working perfectly.

Exactly what we were looking for. Stays cool, sometimes if i leave the door open too long i have to readjust temperature to a lower cooling level.

We just got our beverage fridge yesterday. After unpacking it, we noticed this damage. It will be hidden in the cabinet, but i wasn’t sure if this would effect the performance of the fridge so wanted to get this on record if we have problems. It’s not enough damage to send back but i want documentation. We’ll see about the performance.

Looks good and you ca see the drinks inside and they are cold.

Got rid of an old, smelly trash compactor. This model fits perfectly and we love it. Great price, fast shipping and a great product.

I keep it at the lowest 38 degrees and it cooled to that much quicker than expected.

Front-vented for built-in or free standing installation; Digital display

Koldfront 80 can built-in beverage cooler works goodthe refrigerator works great and is was pretty easy to install, good deal for the price.

It was very easily assembled. We are not using it for sodas but for cakes and pies. Perfect size for a couple of each.

I bought this to go in our new house to replace a garbage compactor (yuk). I was very limited based on the size constraint and this seemed to be the best one for the money. I like it except that the temp doesn’t go below 38 degrees. I know that it states this in the description but i guess i don’t really have a good concept of temperatures until i’m stuck drinking a less than ice cold beer. When i’m feeling really picky, i end up taking the beer out of this fridge and throwing it into my regular fridge or freezer. I’m certainly no expert but it seems to me that i should have the option to lower the temp below 38 degrees.

This product is working well for us and looks good. Very quiet operation which is quite important to us as we have it in a conference room. Only improvement would be a small knob on the front of the door for opening it as it is in a tight fitting spot and knuckles kept getting scrapped trying to open it. As a solution to this problem we glued a ceramic cabinet door knob to the front of the door and this has been working for us.

Internal Dimensions: 25 1/2″ H x 12″ W x 18″ D

KitchenAid 12-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker – Best Coffee Maker I ever had

I put alot of research into the purchase of this kitchen aid before i bought it. I wanted coffee to taste like you would get from a coffee shop and it wouldn’t burn after sitting or get cold quickly. My last coffee maker i owned had a carafe with a glass interior lining. I liked that the coffee stayed hot. After about 8 months of searching for just the right coffee maker i finally found this one. The filter in the water container insures that the coffee doesn’t have the chemical taste that some municipal waters have. I get so many compliments on the coffee and there is always a hot cup of coffee when someone unexpected drops in. Many people have said they were going to buy this coffee maker as well. I would highly recommend this coffee maker.

Well, a much needed update: this coffee maker overflowed a few too many times and frustrated, i threw it out and i bought a top end mr coffee with a removeable water tank. It also overflowed, but we modified it, removing the water filter and substituting the brew basket from the old coffee maker. In other words, don’t buy this. After my 10 year old coffee maker started leaking, i began a search for a replacement. Requirements were: removable water tank, thermal carafe, adjustable brew strength (bold was very important), automatic brew timer. I almost gave up after searching through the popular brands, talking with friends about their failures with coffee makers, and trying out several duds. But then i found this kitchenaid and all our problems were solvedit works exactly as promised. I can fill the water tank at the kitchen sink and slip it into the back without spilling the water everywhere, i can load the ground coffee into the flat brew basket, and i can pour out of my thermal carafe without the burned taste that comes from a glass heated carafe. As other reviews noted, there are initial confusions about the carafe lid not quite working intuitively.

It makes a nice cup of coffee once you wade through the directions. Heaven forbid i ever lose the manufacturer’s booklet. The first day we tried to use it, the top was really hard to turn. We tried it in a number of positions. The next way, coffee coming out of the hole in the center and the spout. The next way, the whole lid fell off and spilled coffee all over the counter. We finally figured out where the spout was located but we still hang on to the lid just in case. It is a good machine once you figure it out, but the first couple of days, i thought i had made a major/expensive mistake.

It worked good and lasted for 4 years.

My husband and i are huge coffee drinkers. We love starbucks bold coffee. This coffee maker was a last resort after we have had both the keurig and the tassimo. We love having the 12 cup option for company or to stick in the fridge for ice coffee. And, the 1-4 cup is great when it’s just the two of us wanting a hot cup of coffee. We have tried the timed brew which also worked great. Not sure what other reviews meant when they said it was hard to use the carafe because we use it no problem, with no spilling. We use starbucks coffee and use the bold brew option on the coffee maker and it’s delicious.My husband even said it was better than dd and starbucks.

I have had many coffee makers and this one is hands down the best. It is a well built and solid. Someone else said heavy, which it is for a coffee maker. This is good, not the cheap light weight plastic like others. They must have redesigned the front door because there is no way it will spring open while brewing. It snaps open and shut very positive with a couple of pounds of force. It brews great hot coffee every time. It looks good on the counter. It started to leak after a couple of months. As a reviewer pointed out, the little rubber gasket in the lid fills with grinds (especially if you use a fine grind) and plugs up.

  • 11-Cup Coffee Maker
  • Great coffee maker – with badly labeled lid
  • Best Coffee Maker

I read some negative reviews all relating the the arrow on the lid of the thermal pot being difficult to see and the electronics too complicated. With the lid, no matter how you place it on the carafe, if you just turn it to the right, it will lock in the proper position. You never have to search for it. The electronics is simple after reading the instructions. The water tank is easy to remove and fill at the sink and has a charcoal filter. The basket has a spring loaded door that snaps closed to lock and doesn’t require a lid, since it sits flush under the spray mechanism. The coffee has 2 brew settings, regular or bold. The coffee is delicious, far superior to my cuisinart grind & brew, which finally died. I am very happy with this unit.

Quality product, removable water tank.

Don’t like this new model as much as the one i have. I got this as a gift and was not pleased with the fact that when you fill it to 12 cups it runs over. Also the fact that you have to take out the pot to empty the basket is not good either. You should have left well enough alone my older model works great and i am still happy with it after 5 years. Back to the drawing board guys.

So after reading several reviews, i picked this due to style and the kitchenaid brand. I have had it for two weeks, and cannot say anything bad about it. Easy to program, this works great. Love the fact that it came with the reusable filter, cannot tell you how many times i would run out of filters with my old coffee maker.Just remember if you want to use paper filters, take out the reusable on first. Clock is easy to read and the thermal carafe is much easier to clean than my old cuisinart carafe. The opening is wide enough so i can fit most of my hand in to clean it with a sponge. The top of the carafe comes off easily without much effoert, the removable tank has a wide opening to fill it. I can only say that you do have to turn it completely upside down to empty the entire last bit of coffee or you can remove the top of the carafe. If that is the biggest flaw, i’ll deal with it.

Makes a great cup of coffee, and the thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for over four hours. One note: steam does release from the top. If you place the coffee maker under a cabinet i would recommend ordering a rolling pad to place underneath. Amazon has several good quality options for under $20.

Features of KitchenAid 12-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker, Onyx Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easy-to-fill & clean removable water tank
  • Refined brew process for optimal coffee flavor
  • 24-hour programmability
  • Digital display with variable brew strength selector
  • Thermal carafe with drip-less spout

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

We wanted a coffee maker with a thermal carafe that fits under a standard set of upper cabinets with a 12-cup capacity. After researching the available options we realized that we basically had only one choice – the kitchenaid. We were scared away by the poor reviews but eventually decided that we would give it a shot. Pros – it makes great coffee. Oh, and the carafe keeps it hot for hours. You would think that this would be easy. But after reading the reviews for other coffee makers it appears to be almost impossible.

Had bought a capresso 10 cup coffee make 6 month ago because it was easy to fill with water. It made too little coffee and it was bitter and got cold to soon. This coffe maker has an easy to fill removable water container, makes 12 cups of wonderful coffee and stays hot until the last cup. This is a good looking stainless steel coffee maker and we love it. Out performs the old cusinart that was too hard to fill, also.

Good features:*removable water container*reusable coffee filter*beeps when the brewing is finished*thermal carafe keeps the coffee warm for a long time. *once the carafe lid is positioned correctly, it pours without spilling. Minor flaws:*the lid of the carafe is a little sticky. It took some investigation to figure out how to position it for pouring. *the coffeemaker won’t run unless the water container and carafe are positioned exactly right and the grounds basket housing is snapped shut. *even with the aforementioned failsafe, coffee occasionally leaks out onto the saucer during brewing. *the basket doesn’t hold quite enough for a full pot of very strong coffee. Major annoyance:the carafe is designed with an inside lip all the way around. This helps to keep the coffee warm, but also makes it impossible to get the last few ounces of coffee into the cup. I have to shake the carafe over the sink to empty it.

I searched for a long time for a pot that was easy to fill, made 12 cups, had a thermal carafe and was affordable. It is so easy to use and fill and is very quiet and fast. The only thing i do not like is the carafe. The carafe is heavy and does not keep the coffee hot. After about 1/2 hr it goes to warm and then gets cooler fairly fast. We like to fix a pot of coffee, put it on the table between us and refill as needed. I cannot stand lukewarm coffee and it doesn’t take long before i have to get up and put my cup in the microwave to get it hot.

We’ve been using this coffee maker for over a week now and happy to report that we are very happy with it. Looks beautiful, love the water recepticle (no issue taking it out or putting it in. Slight click when it is put into place properly), coffee is piping hot. We did have to figure out (took about 1 minute) how to click the cover to ‘open’ before pouring but really such a minor matter. We are using standard, flat bottom paper filters with no issue at all. I’m guessing that anyone who had issues with overflowing is because they are using both the ‘gold’ filter provided and a paper filter. Directions clearly say one or the other (not both). A big thank you to all who rated this previously. Your comments were very helpful.

I really like the convenience of this coffee maker and the largesize carafe – 60 ounces (12 cups). It is simple to use and makesvery yummy coffee. The instruction manuel is not very clear,mainly in the realm of how to turn on the coffee maker. You simplypush the button with the correct pressure and all is easy and well. However, if you hold the button down too long, your coffee maker willnot start brewing. I emphasize i really like this coffee maker and the only negative isthe manual.

Easy-to-fill & clean removable water tank

I did not like the fact that the finish came off the part that the pot sits on. That part just rubbed off ???>?.It is hidden by the pot sitting on it but when company is here and they lift the pot off the finish is bad on the maker base.

I have always wanted a coffee maker with a thermal carafe and when i found out kitchenaide had one. I was deligted to see it was sold on amazon. I purchased this coffee maker and have had it for about a week. It is exactly what i thought it would be. It makes wonderful coffee (for a coffee lover). I am very well pleased with the looks of this product and the taste of the brew.

Love how easy it is to refill the water reservoir. The stainless steel carafe is wonderful, as my husband drinks coffee all day long and this keeps it hot, even on his deskwe have encountered a couple of overflow issues lately and can’t figure out quite why. I always ensure i leave just a little space below the 12 cup mark when filling the reservoir and it still overflowed on me (double-checked the carafe, as well, to ensure nothing was still in it). However, we’re still continuing use of this coffeemaker and just love it.

I am a coffee lover and picky about how my coffee tastes. This makes great coffee and the bold setting is nice as it makes it just right for me – i like it strong. The coffee is good and hot, hotter than my cuisi**** that i was replacing. This is very important to me as i like it with milk so it needs to still be hot after i add the milk. The water container is easy to fill as is the cup that holds the coffee grounds, it’s not the cone kind that are harder to fill. The only reason i didn’t give it 5 stars is that it is not attractive to me. It is larger than it seems in the picture and reminds me of r2d2. That bothered me at first but like i said, it makes great coffee so i overlook it.

Refined brew process for optimal coffee flavor

24-hour programmability

Digital display with variable brew strength selector