Waring MG100 Meat Grinder : Very good buy

My husband wanted to make sausages at home. This meat grinder is great as we can put it away easily in our kitchen because of the size. I recomended this machine to my friends.

As good as my old one that lasted 18 years hope this one last as long very pleased.

Been in use over 4 years still looks like new and works the same. Thank waring for a great product.

I have had my mg100 for about 10 yrs, and have used it every year for grinding venison. Lately i tried to use it to make sausage, but it would not feed the pre-ground, seasoned meat mixture through the casing stuffer. Does anyone have advice or tips on using this machine to stuff pre-ground meat into sausage casings?.

  • Great product
  • Best home made sausages!!!!

Waring MG100 Meat Grinder, 300-watt, Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brushed stainless steel housing; Die-cast hopper
  • On/Off switch with reverse function; Heavy duty 150 watt motor
  • Included: fine, medium, coarse cutting plates and 2 sausage attachments
  • UL/CUL approved; Limited 5 year motor warranty; Limited 1 year appliance warranty
  • 16-3/8 by 9-3/8 by 8-1/2 8.0 lbs

I have not found any problems which others have noted. One inch chunks of meat and larger have worked well. I have made sausage using beef, pork, chicken and turkey. What i have found is that when using the ginder for stuffing casings i need to remove the cutting plate, particularly with poultry, as the fat and skin tend to plug the holes in the plate. Once i did this the stuffing session went very quickly. All meat should be chilled thoroughly before grinding to help prevent the fats from plugging the plate holes. It would be nice if the instructions with the machine were more explicit. That is the only issue making it a four rather than a five star purchase for me. If this machine were stolen, i would buy another immediately.

I got this grinder to turn some deer into ground deer, and it work very nicely. I cut the meat into one inch squares and even added some fresh lumps of pork lard to the mix with no problems whatsoever. I saw the grinder at bed, bath, and beyond for $99, so if you get for less you are getting a great deal. The only reason for four stars is that is is still not the best grinder out there, but for under a $100 it will serve you for quite some time.

This grinder is about as good as you are going to get from a home unit.

We found this grinder to be exactly what we had hoped it would be. We have only ground a roasted leg of lamb and it worked beautifully.

I noticed some negative customer reviews for this item; its due to lack of food experience. This machine works very well, however, you do have to compensate for the fact that it’s a home machine and it has a small feeding tube. You cannot put your average sized 1 inch/1 inch cube into the feeding tube. Yes, it will fit, but no it wont do a good job. Think about it, the big industrial machines take cubes that size. You also cannot run the machine without a steady flow of meat or have it running on empty. One of the reviews said that the machine burned out on the first try. Probably an overexageration but these machines will burn out if you run it on empty of do not keep a steady flow going through the feeding tube. I have been using a hand grinder for several months and although it made my arms look good, the job was really really tough and a lot of waste. This machine was a blessing; just be reasonable, and calm about using it, and the job will come out perfectly. Happy grinding and cheers to any and all who are out there honing and preseving the craft.

This is a great grinder, i see a lot of negatives posted about it, and i must tell you that i hated it at first. It wouldn’t grind without shoving the meat through. The issue is not with the grinder, but with the instructions. Mine came with the blade and a plate in it from the factory, i read the instructions, changed plates and went to grind. Pork with fat on it wouldn’t grind at all. The blade as assembled from the factory, and according to the instructions, was placed in the grinder correctly, but the blade was actually backward. Make sure you put the blade with the flat (ugly) side toward the plate. I then ground 15lbs of pork, with fat on, in about 5 minutes. My issue with the grinder is that i cannot find plates. I want a stuffing plate (no holes, just an open plate). Due to the design (tits on the plates, rather than on the grinder) i cannot seem to locate plates other than what came with it as replacements. In all, an ok product for the money.

I saw the iffy reviews but decided to try one anyway after spotting it at lowes. I wanted something to grind the ribeyes and chuck roasts i get at costco and this thing kicks you know what. You slice the meat in 1″ to 11/2″ thick strips up to 1 foot of so long and its grinds with no problems,i use the medium grate as the small makes burgers too dense and heavy like a meat loaf. As for the lack of stainless blade, just a quick spray of olive oil or canola before storage and the blade is stainless enough. Very pleased with machine and i see no cheap plastic parts people have talked about in earlier reviews.

I reviewed this product three years ago, and thought it was good for the money. My friend bought an lem 3/4 hp grinder and it is an incredible improvement, but last night with 44 lbs of elk left to grind i lost the lem’s blade. So i broke this guy out again. The meat had been cut into huge strips for the lem, but this little guy took it all. It took 3 1/2 hours to grind the meat and fat twice and turn it into burger. So it may not be an lem, but it proved itself once again.

This meat grinder was great. It was for a friend she loves it uses it at least (1) once a week.

Have had this grinder for 10+ years and each time that i use it i marvel at what an exceptional tool it is. I use it for grinding meat, making sausages & making pates/mousses. It is very easy to set up/take down, clean & can run for hours without complaining. It takes very little room to store.

As several other reviewers have said, this grinder is a very good deal for its price point. I’ve used it to grind chicken, pork and beef and all have come out fantastic. As some have complained about jamming it really isn’t a case of the grinders fault but rather of the meat. When grinding any kind of meat you must have it as cold as possible. It essentially should be almost frozen. If the meat begins to warm up, it will start to clog no matter what you do. This is pretty much the case with everything save for the huge industrial grinders so care must be taken before you grind meat in the first place. Anyhow, as i mentioned before, grinding was smooth if a bit slow. I had no feeding or jamming problems whatsoever. My only issue with this device is using it to stuff sausages.

Major improvement over the stand mixer attachment i had been using for years. . The plastic gear that attaches to the feed screw cracked in half. I’m willing to admit this may be user error. I haven’t reached out to cuisinart yet, but locating a replacement online has been impossible so far. I will update after my attempt to remedy the issue. 18: on my initial attempt to remedy this issue, cuisinart was very responsive.

The one i bought was the same model number but had a 300 watt motor on it. I ground 100lbs of beef the night i brought it home. While it was not as fast as my larger one, it did do the job and went through everything i gave it without binding. I did not expect it to be fast, nor did i expect it to be as strong as it was. This grinder will do a good job and i highly recommend it for home use. It would be perfect for a hunter that only has a few deer to grind each year.

Works great, you just can’t stuff too much meat in at once.

This grinder performs very well for the prices it’s been selling for. When i saw this one, it was clear i had been looking at other units that were to high in price for a home unit and for my needs. I’m getting the same grind quality seen from a professional unit at the market. Granted it is not fast, but it’s fine for me. You almost never see a grinder at any price with 3 coarsness disks. Unfortunately the disks are not stainless steel, but units costing $499. 00 often don’t have stainless either. Also, this grinder has a reverse feature which you rarely see at any price. Other posters put down this unit, but if you use it as intended, it will make you happy.

This is perfect for people like me who deer hunt and do their own butchering. Excellant well made product, easy to clean, easy to use. Put mine to good use for 2 years now. Caution, venision is very lean and should be mixed with some pork fat or bacon,sorry, that is not included,lol. And do not let your friends know you have one or you will be grinding for day’s. Compare the amazon price to lowes harware who also sells this smae one. For home use its perfect, even has sausage making attachments. Picture on the box shows hamburgers and things cooked. We even joked the ground meat comes out cooked and ready to eat according to the picture.

I read a lot of reviews of this grinder beforehand, so when i brought it home, i expected to have to be very careful with how big i cut the meat and on how much cartledge and ‘silver stuff’ i left on my venison. Well in the process of skinning the deer, i stabbed my hand and was having a hard time gripping the meat and cleaning it up really well. But i gave it a shot anyway. It just ground everything i threw at it. I made 17 pounds of ground venison, and i never had to stop and clean the grinder once. I cut the meat up into cubes just small enough to fit down the feeding chute, and i left a lot of the tough silver stuff on there. I did apply some downward pressure on the plunger, but i suspect if i had been more patient, that it would have done the job without that. This is my first electric grinder, and i’m used to doing this with an old hand grinder, which will wear you out and make you shell out that money for the local deer processor to do it for you. 00 for this grinder at my local hardware store after taxes and everything, and the processor wanted $75 just to ground; more than that for sausage and steaks and stuff. After my second deer this will have more than paid for itself, and i couldn’t be more pleased with the performance.

I purchased this grinder ‘newly’ refurbished for a great deal. I ground the meat not suitable for steaks from two deer in about an hour. It was enough to fill eight gallon size freezer bags before i split it up for the freezer. I never had a problem with anything i saw in the bad reviews. It is a home model and some extra prep is needed in cutting the meat into cubes or strips, and it is basically meant for meat. The grind is pretty fine, even with the course blade and it must be hand washed and dried to prevent rusting. The parts arent crude, they are cast. Everything fit together fine and stayed in place perfectly. The machine will start to bang a bit if you load huge chunks of meat into it but it never clogged or got too run down to grind for me. If you want a precision engineered machine for frequent use, with the capabilities to grind very course or very fine, you should spend an extra hundred bucks or so on a professional model.

Cuisinart 1-Cup Stainless Steel Brewer, Better suited for Tea $ than Coffee $

One of the best i can stop using it.

I bought two, one for me and one for my daughter. I prefer the pods over the cups.

It’s amazing , super easy to use, love it.

Key specs for Cuisinart 1-Cup Stainless Steel Brewer:

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  • Color:Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Product Type:Brewer

Comments from buyers

“Better suited for Tea $ than Coffee $
, Doesn’t get the water hot enough
, pods vs cups

Love it but the only thing you can’t find the pods in stores.

It makes coffee very quickly, but that is just ok coffee.

I start with cold water and the coffee comes out flavorful and hot. I use senseo medium roast pods and it produces a nice medium strength cup of coffee. I’ve had this for over a year and have used it frequently with no problems.

The pods are expensive and i’m looking for a plastic filter that one can fill and insert into the machine, but so far no luck. So i don’t use it very often.

If you want a brewer for only one cup, this item is perfect. Pulled it out of the box, inserted two teabags (i like my tea strong), poured a cup of water in, hit the on button, and voila. Operates silently, no splashing, etc. , and the end result is really hot. Bought this for an upcoming christmas brunch, and am sure it will work out fine. Takes about 1 minute per cup. For my tea, after the brewing process, i took the bags out of the brewer and put them in my cup to continue the steeping process.

I used the 2 cup version in a hotel while on vacation and bought this one for home. It’s very convenient for making one cup, but it doesn’t get the water hot enough when brewed. I like that it slowly trickles the water through for an optimum brew (instead of the keurig which quickly pass the water through the pod), but the hottest the coffee gets is around 160 degrees (instead of the ideal range of 200 degrees) making the coffee lukewarm when the cup is finished.

Perfect for that one cup in the morning.

Looks good, efficient coffee maker, decent price.

This coffee maker is great for one cup at a time. It takes the pods but that is ok-.

I think the problem with this coffeemaker is that it can’t heat the coffee pods hot enough & long enough to bring the coffee flavor alive. I surely do miss my old senseo.

Quick shipper product as expected.

This is so great for coffee, tea and hot chocholate. Takes up no room on counter.

This one cup machine is right for me because i make coffee and do not use but one cup and the rest be throw away i love it.

Excellent product, yet better for intended commercial services. The 6, 18 count bags of coffee pods was moreexpensive than this unit to brew with. Unless you can devise your own kind of ‘pod’, and or drink only a few cups of coffee should you buy this. If you drink tea, this is the perfect alternative to the kettle.

Love the convenience of this little coffee maker, small size and footprint. My husband likes a weaker blend of brewed coffee and we’ve found the pod can be used a second time for his cup and that’s even more of a plus.

I got this for my wife she absolutely loves this brewer , she used one that was in the hotel and had me order this and now she is a happy camper we have had this um guess 4 months nowits very convenient when your on the go.

I was very satisfied with the stainless steel brewer that a friend of mine has ordered one to.

Saw this at a hotel i was staying at, so simple to use that i knew i had to have one. Just put in the pod, add water and push the on button. Very little noise unlike the other systems on the market, i use this at my desk at work. Only negative about this unit is that it uses a special kind of pod that’s not quite as easy to find as the k-cups. But the pods are less expensive on this unit. Highly recommended for a simple one-cup system.

However, i’m used to having a large mug of coffee. And the pods i used with this coffee maker lefte with a weak tasting brew. I would like to know if there aare anythinf i could use to make my own pods with this stainless steel brewer. Otherwise it gets too expensive to get just 6 oz.

To me, this is my favorite way to enjoy a single cup of coffee. Way better than keurig in my opinion. Both the folders gourmet select ($10 for 18 packets and free shipping as a amazon prime member) and also the pod brand are both delicious. It is imperative that you is cold water.This is how you enjoy the coffee at its optimum strength. Those who complain about weak coffee from this machine i suspect are using room temperature water. It has something to do with how long the cold water takes to run through the filter cup.

Black & Decker GC200 Gizmo Can Opener – Super little can opener

We have not changed the batteries yet & it does get quite a bit of usage. It’s easy to use & not an eye-sore in my kitchen.

I bought my first gizmo about 20 years ago never had a problem had to search and search for a new one a little expensive outlay but if it last another 20 what a deal.

This opener is easier for older individuals to use who have common age-related hand conditions. However, the charger set up is somewhat difficult to use. The charges do not last for a busy week’s work of use as we recycle all cans.

I agree that this product takes some getting used to. Initially, it can be difficult to mount it on a can. It takes some practice to snap it into its charger. And it takes some patience to learn how not to have the handle/blade separate from the rest of it. But it took me no time at all to figure out how best to use it. No charging issues, no problems with various can sizes. How many other functional novelties can you find in a kitchen?.I recommend this product without reservation.

Works well but recommendation to run it dead before charging makes the last opening of tuna fish cans very slow.

Mine recently died after about 12 years of use. My toddler knocked it of the counter; in fairness it wasn’t the first time it had taken a tumble of a counter, but it was apparently the last. It opened every can with minimal problems (one handed catching the edge is difficult). Even with a broken arm i could still open cans. It was easy clean and held a charge for a few days.

  • Better than expected!!!!
  • Worth 10 the money!!!!
  • It’s Black and Decker, long lasting products

But haven’t used it in over a year because it was misplaced. Don’t think i can recommend it highly.

I had one for over 10 + yrs, till my step daughter through it away because it turned kinda yellow. Wanted to through her out next. So i am hoping this one will be as good. Needless to say i love this product to anyone out there. It is worth 10 times the price. I am a 66 yr old vet and my hands don’t work as well as they did, so this is a gods send for me to have in my can opening tools.

This is the best can opener that i have even owned. I have had one for many years now, the original recently was dropped. Otherwise it would probably still work fine. I hope they continue producing this product for decades to come.

I couldn’t be happier with my gizmo. It works perfectly, every time. I tried another similar model which was extremely difficult to work. It was a frustrating experience. However, i’m very pleased with the gizmo.

So i got this can opener as gift, i was very excited after seeing it on tv. I like the gizmo because it was so small and wouldn’t be a problem storing it, or having it sitting around on the counter. However getting to open a can is another story. I have expierence many ocassion where i cannot get it grip onto the can, after several tries it finally does.Also the battery life of the gizmo seems very short – even after the first charge. So there are a few things that make this great:1. The magnet the keeps the lid from going in your food3. It has rubber grip for better holding5.

Features of Black & Decker GC200 Gizmo Can Opener, White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cordless, hands-free electric can opener with auto shut-off
  • At full charge, opens up to a month’s worth of cans
  • Lid release provides easy, safe disposal into a waste basket
  • Dishwasher-safe removable power-pierce blade for easy cleanup
  • Compact, 6-3/4- by 5-1/2-inch plastic charging base; wall-mounting hardware included

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Works great, my granddaughter can use it it’s so easy.

This is the best can opener i have ever used. Had to order another tonight, mine finally died on me- a little disappointed white was not available so i had to get black. I had my original for 16 or more years. Stays charged in the under cabinet wall mount and take it off and go anywhere with it. Love these – lets hope this one lasts as long as the last one.

I have had this product for 2 years now. My sister had hers for 4 years. When my last can opener went, she recommended this to me. I would now recommend it to anyone. I even went out and got one for my aunt. I have read reviews about this product that say it is very hard to get onto the can. Once you use it a few times and realize how you should put the opener on the can, you no longer feel like there was ever a problem. I love it and recommend it to anyone.

Purchased two black & decker em200 can openers-understood price would be $39. 76 total,due to free super saver shipping-please correct my account–order 103-7592092-1573444.

Tried a few of these battery operated can openers. None of them worked out for me. First try and it opened the can with ease. Have had it a month now, and have opened every size can you can think of. Even with a small tomato paste can. After a month, it is still operating on its first charge. Very happy with this purchase.

Absolutely wonderful , works better than other cordless openers easy to use.

Cordless, hands-free electric can opener with auto shut-off

I have an older model that has the under-cabinet mount/charger and it holds cans well when they hang. The egg travels around cans very well. It’s not the strongest motor, so it runs on the slow side, but it gets the job done. I wish the raised writing was not on the face of the egg- ugly, but it’s still nice looking overall. I wish it ran on ac current directly when mounted in the under-cabinet mount. I’ve had mine for at least 6 years, perhaps more. I always keep it in the under-cabinet mount, therefore the battery has never been run down and is always on the charger. The battery lasted all these years anyway and just recently lost its mojo.

The name says it all ‘gizmo’. Can be mounted at a permanent location and yet be portable and mobil in an instant.

We have the em200, looks the same as this one. It came with an under the cabinet mount. This opener has been faithful for many years. If yours has quit or sounds like it is dying it is worth a peek inside to see what is wrong before tossing it in the trash. Perhaps a year ago or so ours has slowed down to where i have been thinking to replace the batteries. I took it apart months ago to see what it looked like inside and spotted the aa ni-cad batteries which i thought i would eventually replace, they had tabs on them but no big deal to over come. Two #1 phillips head screws to remove gets it apart. After the opener barely opened more then one can anymore i was determined to fix the can opener today. Armed with new batteries i took it apart. Take pictures of the disassembly.

I bought my first gizmo in 1987. This one just replaced that one.And that one was still working, albeit very slow. Just can’t hold the charge any more. They better not stop making these because i’ll need another in about 30 years.

Its too bad they discontinued these.

Very easy to use and maintain. I charged it up when i first got it and have been running on the same charge for about 6 months with no problems at all no matter what size can i open.

At full charge, opens up to a month’s worth of cans

The gizmo can opener is a great buy, as soon as i received it i put it to use and i’m able to open any type of can easily. I will definately recommend this product to friends and family.

It was bought for an elderly lady who has problems with holding items. It opens the cans for her and it is so light weight, she is able to hold it for that short amount of time needed to get it on the can. A breeze to put back on it’s base, it is non obtrusive also in the kitchen.

Relaced one that i previously own.

Had for a long time and it did well for years. Though after a while the blade loses its sharpness. Need to look for a new one now.

I’ve had one for almost 10 years and still works. I didn’t pay near the price they are selling for now. The main problem is the battery. After opening several cans it needs recharging. So don’t expect to open many cans at once.

It was just what i wanted and in great shape for being used.

Had it about a month now and it works just as it says. Like i said so far it’s great little opener.

Lid release provides easy, safe disposal into a waste basket

I only have one fully functional hand and am always looking for products to help me out. This one didn’t let me down at all.

Worked great when we first got it. I was especially impressed by the fact that the unit could be completely sterilized by removing the handle and allowing it to rest face down in a pot of hot shallow water. Maybe it was my obsession with having a clean can opener that killed it; however, over the course of a few years, it became increasingly tricky to get it to open a can. Finally, only angling it a certain way and holding the handle down tightly would do it, and even then, i had to restart the process several times. At last, after spending several minutes trying to open a can and not succeeding, we threw it out.

Dishwasher-safe removable power-pierce blade for easy cleanup

Santa Fe QM2R 900-Watt Quesadilla Maker : Five Stars

Great for throwing in left over meats and veggies for a quick meal.

I bought this for my husband last christmas and have used a couple times. It’s a nice quesadilla maker and we plan on using it more often.

I had owned this same quesadilla maker prior to my move to another state. Unfortunetly, the movers lost the container that had many of my small appliances. This was the kids favorite item so i had to replace it. If you love quesadillas this is the best one out there.

I couldn’t buy it anywhere else.

  • This is a winner
  • Much better than the other model available.

Santa Fe QM2R 900-Watt Quesadilla Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easy-to-operate 900-watt unit bakes quesadillas in 4 to 5 minutes
  • Accommodates 10-inch flour tortillas and soft filling ingredients
  • Power and ready indicator lights; nonstick plates for effortless food release
  • Drip tray; compact on-end storage; owner’s manual with recipes included
  • Measures approximately 12 by 12 by 6 inches; 1-year limited warranty

As far as quesidilla makers go in the limited market this is the best one available. Could stand to be a color that actually matches something else but it’s not like you’d keep it out on the counter anyway.

My kids like quesadillas and i thought i would give this a try. It makes great quesadillas and i use it a couple of times a week for dinner or just a snack for the kids. The unit takes only minutes to heat up. I have used the small and large tortillas. With the small tortillas, sometimes a little cheese oozes out, but the excess cheese wipes up easily. I prefer the small size tortilla because the large size is a very large protion. I have even made chicken quesadillas, and it works great will filling in it besides cheese (though i do after a minute or two rotate the shell for more even heating when i stuff the quesadilla with more than just cheese) definitely worth the money and would buy again.

This took our mexican dinner night to a whole new level. An update to this review is for the longevity of this appliance. I have now had it for well over a year and it still works perfectly.

I really like the larger size. Easy to operate & beats making them in the oven. Description by seller was totally accurate.

Wife said she liked this item for snow birding to az.

There is a weak spot under the oval heat pad. When snapping the lid shut, my finger went through it & cracked the thin plastic material under the pad. Also the red latch comes off its hinges frequently when snapping shut. It can be reattached, but it is a real inconvenience while cooking.

We tried to replace our very old santa fe with a different brand from target, but quickly gave it away and sent sent for another santa fe.

Have owned this product close to a year now. I purposely purchased this quesadilla maker for its large cooking surface. It takes approximately a 12 inch tortilla. This will make a excellent quesadillla, that is sealed around the edges, very little clean up. I recommend this unit for large quesadiilas. Excellent price and shipping.

Our santa fe quesadilla maker arrived just a couple of days after ordering. We had checked out several similar quesadilla makers but after reading the descriptions and many, many reviews, we decided to purchase santa fe qm2r 900 watt model and so very glad we did. We have used it many times and have never had a problem. We are having fun using different ingriedients to create delicious meals and desserts. The santa fe heats up quickly and evenly. Spray both surfaces with a little cooking spray before cooking and wipe clean with a damp cloth. Amazon prime is the best and well worth the money.

My son loves chicken and cheese quesidillas. Making him multiple ones plus one each for my mother and me was at least as time-consuming as making homemade waffles. By the time the cook got to sit down, everyone else was full or just amount. Now, instead of carefully cooking so ingredients warmed and/or melted before outside got too dark, i just put a tortilla in, sprinkle with cheese and any other desired toppings and top with another tortilla, close and cook. All i havae to do is wait for the light to go off (as i did when pre-heating).

This is a really good machine, sturdy construction and works perfectly. I have made a bunch of quesadillas already, the drip tray in the machine works great as i make ultra-cheesy quesadillas.

I read dozens of reviews, looked at a variety of machines and finally settled on this one. It arrived in two days by regular shipping. It is a great way for a quick and easy lunch. I have tinkered with the sauce recipe and finally come to a mix i am happy with and now can make great tasting quesadillas anytime i want. This one has a well deep enough to actually get some meat in there as well as the cheese unlike others i looked at. I like the locking lid during cooking that keep the sides compressed allowing the cheese to seal everything together as it melts. You do have to use the large size flour tortillas for a “to the edge” seal. Just follow directions, don’t put too much cheese and don’t overcook and you will be happy. I make a batch of my chicken and divide it into containers large enough to do 2 quesadillas at a time and freeze them.

This thing works beautifully and comes with a helpful set of recipies. Soundly constructed, not flimsy at all.

My fiance and i make quesadillas all the time, and this works great. It is easy to clean and easy to use.

This is a great quesadilla maker. We have made them a few times now. You need to buy the large burrito size tortillas to make quesadillas. It makes them into nice pockets and presses them into 6 pieces which you can easily cut. This make a quick great meal.

This is the second of these we have bought. Wife dropped the first one and broke the latch – a very important piece. Only two drawbacks we have found is that once the bottom sheet is placed on the cooker, it is very hard to figure out exactly where to put the stuffing. Edges are not a good place and it is hard to find the dips in the 6 triangles. Also takes a while to heat up the first time, but after that it is a rapid turn around. Remember to keep the drip pan under the spout. Cleans up easy and stores vertical so very little cupboard space. This new one has a slightly looser latch, so even with a bit of extra stuffing, the system closes to seal the quesadillas. I recommend this unit highly. Was quite a bit cheaper on amazon than at 3 local stores (and no i don’t work for them ((:-)>) and i got it during a free shipping gig.

Great service, great product.

I was looking for a gift for a friend who loves all kinds of kitchen gadgets, appliances, etc. , plus she loves mexican food. When i came across this i thought it would be a fun gift for her. I decided it would be fun to have to let the grandkids make quesadillas, and they love it. They get to add their own ingredients, whether it just be cheese, or a combination of others. We’ve made peanut butter and jelly quesadillas. We’ve made apple pie filling quesadillas with cinnamon on top. It’s a hit with the grandkids. My friend loved it so much that she bought a second one – so she could have one at home and one at her cabin.