PowerGrind Pro PGP001-WHSL Longevity Electric Juicer – Jamming for the Win

Easy to clean, but starts to stain on the inside pretty quickly. Not a major issue, but looks worse than it is.

I gave this five stars cause its a great product. I use this product all the time and it extracts juice wonderfully. I would recommend this product.

I ordered 2 machines, one for my parents and one for me. Work well and easy to dissemble and to clean it. Unfortunatly one machine come without the user manual and the cd’s. Here are the specifications for the PowerGrind Pro PGP001-WHSL Longevity Electric Juicer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Revolutionary new hybrid technology
  • Delivers more juice and nutrients than other juicers – you can taste the difference
  • Super quiet induction motor never bogs down
  • Patented Double Chute for making nut, seed, grain milks easily
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

I am very happy with this juicer, works just great and easy to clean.

Decided that i didn’t want to live my life on prescribed meds and a friend recommened jay kordich juicer. I really like it except for juicing kale. Kale tends to get stuck unless i cut the leaves in small pieces and even then it gets stuck in the juicer, thats ok because i really don’t like kale. Otherwise i am really enjoying it, but of course this is the only juicer i have ever purchased.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • love the berry/nut chute!
  • J Kordich PGP001 is great!
  • but this is the only one I like to use

For the most part i am happy with this juicer. The added chute for nuts or berries is great. I love juicing berries but it is difficult with my other juicer. The berries hop and pop all over the place. This makes it so much easierit does a good job juicing, leaving a good amount of dry output. The cup that it comes with to hold the juice is a great size, i don’t have to change cups mid stream during my juicing. There are only 2 complaints that i have with this juicer. The motor is not very strong. It jams very easily (mostly when i juice carrots-which is often) you have to let it take its time to juice harder items and not expect to just push and juice quickly.

Along with my kuvings this is my food set up for the day. I love them both for different reasons. I’d recommend this one highly.

I reviewed several kinds of juicers before buying this one for home and a different centrifugal brand for office. I like the way the powergrind pro juices fruits and veg, but have tried 3 times to do nuts (always soaked at least 12 hours) and so far have just been grinding to a halt at 5 seconds into it, resulting in disasembling and throwing expensive grit out. Cleaning is labor intensive; i can juice in less than 2 minutes, but cleanup on the screen and grinder takes another 5-10. Can’t help resenting all the water wasted.

Easy cleaning, powerful hybrid juicer that doesn’t over-oxidize the juice all while taking all the pulp out leaving yummy, healthy juice.

Trial and error will reveal what fruits and veggies work best. Overall, it works extremely well. Just avoid the ones that clog it up.

The juices are great for me, son i’m happy i got a juicer. It takes longer than what i expect to make the juices. I think that this model may be a little old and does not have enough power.

One must feed their fruits and veggies in a bit slower but the high amount of juice this juicer yields makes up for the extra time. I use this juicer about 2 to 3 times a day.

I’ve spent obscene amounts of money trying to find the right juicer. But i can tell you this juicer is the one to get and i’ll tell you why. In fact, i’ll give you a couple of reasons. What good is a juicer if you don’t use it?.I don’t care if it’s cheap or expensive, if you don’t use the juicer you might as well save your money. This juicer is so easy to use it’s ridiculous. Veggies (or whatever) in the top, press down, juice comes out the bottom. But when you’re done – then what – here comes clean-up. If your juicer is difficult to clean, you’re not going to use it – so we’re right back to square one. This juicer has five (count ’em) five simple pieces to clean and they can be cleaned just by holding them under running water.

Very slow to grind all vegetable. Seem to be less durable with mostly all plastic parts. Juice pitcher spills when pouring in to a glass.

Machine worked like a champ the first month, 5 star good. Now it seems to make quite a bit if noise and jumps around on the counter.

Its all it says it itit is sturdy, doesnt vibrate all over the place, not too loud and easy to take apart and put back togethet. Absolutely no pulthighly recomende.

Its very nice love my juicer the best juicer he has made yet i can juice little amount and get a lot of juice.

I love the taste of the juice and how it makes nut milks and can juice even greens. It is easy to clean and isn’t too noisy.

As i am a novice juicer, i did quite a bit of research both here on amazon and also viewing several comparable products on youtube. I decided to go with the powergrind pro, as i wanted something that could handle greens as well as many fruit. While i have only used it twice thus far, i can say that the pulp is fluffy dry – another big point for me, as fresh, organic produce isn’t cheap. I was watching a video comparing the 2 upright auger machines: the omega, and the kuvings (my first leaning), however those seemed to leave a lot of food encircled around the auger that didn’t look juiced. So after deciding that the brevilles probably would not meet my needs, and the money and cleanup of a traditional auger were beyond my means and patience, i came back to the pgp. I was a little concerned about the aeration factor, with all the comments about high speed versus low speed in regards to oxidation. While it doesn’t come near the 80 rpm that i found on another juicer (auger, i believe), at 3500 rpm it is much lower than most centrifugal juicer speeds of 6000+rpm. The upshot of my experience so far is that it produces a bare minimum of foam, certainly nothing to get antsy about. Soundwise, i found it relatively quiet, certainly much less noise than my osterizer blender. I have had no difficulty passing kale, apple, ginger, carrots,cuke and lemon so far.

This is a great juicer, but can only do 1 qt of juice at a time. Has to be disassembled and cleaned for each ‘batch’.

I am very satisfied with this juicer. It is so easy to use and easy to clean. However, i have requested the electronic instructions, recepies, etc twice and have not received them. Please send them to [email protected]

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Stand Mixer, Wonderful Stand Mixer !

The mixer is my replacement for a 50-year-old wedding gift. I like the movement of the mixing blades around the bowl. However, there are always some ingredients that are not truly combined and a spatula is needed to scrape the sides of the bowl. Not a big thing, but it’s difficult to wedge a spatula in because of the closeness of the upper unit so it must me shut off. The top of the mixer is so close to the bowl, to add ingredients you must stop the mixer and lift the upper unit by pushing the button on the side. The good thing about the closeness of the upper unit is there are no ingredients flying out of the bowl while mixing. Perhaps designed by an engineer and not a baker.

Got it for my gf for xmas an she loves it.

Very happy with this product. It makes cookies +cakes easily. To get this one ,i gave up a rotating bowl. Like the idea of a steel bowl.

Comments from buyers

“Pros and cons
, Pleased with the mixer.
, I think it gets the job done. I just

Wife love it and cake is better.

Reasonably priced, doesn’t ‘slop’ the batter around, and does a fine job.

Does a great job for the price. Great if you have limited space and are looking for the same features as the kitchen aid.

Have made wheat bread , cakes, cookies. No this is not a kitchenaid. But this stand mixer got all my jobs done with out whining or sliding on the counter. No grinding when i put it under a strain. In other words i love this stand mixer . Would i recommend this product?. I already have to a number of people .

I use this mostly to make pizza dough. Plenty of power, although lighter, the suction cups compensate. It’s compact, not too loud & is much less expensive than a kitcenaid. If your not using this every day, it’s a wonderful tool & it takes up less space.

This is a rather cheap stand mixer for small household use. The moment it arrived, i tested it by making danish butter cookies and a 65% hydration formula dinner roll, so i got to know if it can do its job properly. It’s cheap and perhaps the best within this price range. It’s not too big and the mixing bowl is exactly 3. 5 qt->the 65% hydration dinner roll calls for 4 and 1/2 cups of flour, the dough fits about half of the mixing bowl. And the recipe amount will make for 12-14 medium dinner rolls, so i think the size of this mixer is good for small household. It’s not steady and the head shook when kneading the dough with the dough hook. (it’s impossible to use the 6th speed motion, because the machine moves when using 5th speed)2. I think the bottom of the bowl is too narrow, you have to scrape down the dough or batter sticks on the side very constantly which is kind of annoying. Although i can make bread with the machine, i wouldn’t think it’s good for heavy duty, if you make lots of bread almost everyday, you might want to buy some other brands (kitchenaid, cuisinart or kenwood, at least they are lot steady than this hamilton beach machine).

Does almost everything we need well. The little problem is of small consequence as we rarely make one particular receipt that has only a small amount of a few ingredients.

Great machine used it lots of times.

Heavy duty , light weight , i love it.

 i think it gets the job done. I just got it and it’s not a kitchen aid. It’s a simple stand mixer with three attachments. The price is way cheaper than a kitchen aid, that’s for sure. If you really want to wow yourself and others, get a kitchen aid.

I took the kitchen aid off my wish list. And for the price it is much better than i expected it would be. I’ve done cakes and meringue.

DeLonghi BCO264B Cafe Nero Combo Coffee and Espresso Maker – It’s great while it works

I was very pleased with purchase. First time ordering an item that was not new but i was very pleased. Might evenorder another but had forgotten what kind of warrantee comes with purchase ordered like this?.

Love this coffee/espresso maker so far.

Use it every day so far so good. Here are the specifications for the DeLonghi BCO264B Cafe Nero Combo Coffee and Espresso Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Make drip coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte with this three-in-one machine. Saves counter space instead of having a separate drip coffee maker and espresso machine.
  • Wake up to the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee with the 24-hour programmable digital timer.
  • Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the patented instant froth dispenser; lets you add frothed milk to the same cup as your coffee for a cappuccino
  • Durable and long lasting permanent gold-tone filter is specially designed to keep even the finest grounds out of coffee.
  • Choose the strength of coffee just the way you like it with the Accuflavor selector dial.

Suddenly just stopped working. The espresso maker is loud and vibrates terribly. I think i will try a moccamaster this time.

This combination coffee maker is the perfect addition to our kitchen. We have the ability to save precious counter space with the single device that brews excellent cappuccinos for my wife and coffee for me. A great addition to any kitchen where space is a premium.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Maybe too much on a product
  • I love my machine
  • worked for a while

No issues with the coffee maker, easy to use and it keeps the hot longer then the coffee makers i had in the past, nice unit.

Screw on coffee basket already rusting.

I love this machine it makes a cappuccino just as well as starbucks. My only complaint would be with the instruction manual isn’t very clear, i had to watch a video to understand it, but after that it was easy to use and clean.

We have never used a machine like this before so we read the directions carefully and followed them. Simple to use, coffee, espresso, lattes, cappucinos. All taste great and super easy to make.

Missing booklet and filterother than that it was a wonderful gift for my honeyi was impressed with how quickly i received.

I use it in an office environment. The first coffeemaker broke in under 12 months. But it’s relatively inexpensive, so if you don’t mind replacing the unit frequently, you won’t be disappointed. Consider this a disposable unit.

I have had this since feb 2010 (now aug 2010 ) and i use it every day for after diner espresso and cappuccino and ever morning for coffee i’ve had no problems with it. For this price point its worth the money there are better units out there but they cost more and are not coffee brewers and (pump style) espresso makers in one. It’s nice to have just one combo unit to save counter space.

The drip maker stopped working after a couple months.

I love the coffee side and my wife loves the expresso side.

I don’t overuse it, but for day to day coffee making, i couldn’t before pleased.

Overall, we’re satisfied with this product. The regular coffeemaker is easy to use. I particularly like the fact that the water reservoirs can be removed and filled right from the tap. Even if there’s residual water, it doesn’t leak out the bottom if you pull the tank out of the coffeemaker. And we like that the coffee grounds holder swings out away from the machine, making it easy to fill. The steamer works fine; i turn it on first thing in the am and it’s always ready to go no more than 10 minutes later. Our only challenge is the espresso maker. We still haven’t figured out the technique for making an espresso that’s not too strong or too weak. We’ll keep practicing; in the meantime, we’re just adding foamed milk to our regular coffee, which satisfies the need.

The instructions were a little tough, but i persevered and got everything up and running. It makes delicious coffee and the espresso had a nice crema. I used the frother to froth up almond milk and (again) once i figured it out, it worked perfectly. Overall, i’m very happy with my purchase. My only complaint, it was a demo model and the chlorine filter was not in the package.

Lasted two years and four weeks-the hot plate went out and i missed to warranty by four weeks. I won’t buy again it also went up in price. It really should last longer.

This is really worth to invest and enjoy. I have both worlds either coffee or espresso. And it’s just very convenient.

Our espresso maker quit working properly after about 4 months (very little water would come through the espresso maker). To the credit of delonghi this was under warranty and the process took only a couple weeks to receive the replacement. So, we do have the replacement. But we are also lacking the ‘peace of mind’ because of our uncertainty about how long this new unit will last. 4 months wasn’t very impressive. This obviously isn’t top of the line, but we anticipated it would last more than 4 months for the money spent.

Oster BPST02-B Professional Series Blender, Great Customer Service!

I do not normally write reviews, but i do use them for every amazon purchase i make. I was going to purchase the montel williams blender we all see advertised on tv because i wanted to start making fruit and vegetable shakes. I have never purchased such a high quality blender in my life.From the glass container, to the good quality metal build to the rubber feet that stop the blender from moving around the counter top, even the blade it comes with. This product is about a good a deal as you can get for the price. To the few people who have reviewed this product stating that it will not make vegetable shakes very well, i have made one every day for the last 2 months i have owned this blender. I put cucumber, carrots, spinach, red pepper and an apple in with a few cups of water and about 6 ice cubes and this thing works like a champ. I am expecting these people were too stupid to add water and ice cubes, put dry vegetables and fruit in and turned it on.This is the only explanation i can come up with.

My fiance and i received this as a wedding gift from our registry list. We use it every morning to make smoothies. This model has only two speeds/settings: on and off. I’m a simple person, and i believe that simplicity is the way to avoid most headaches. I’ve used many blenders in my lifetime, and the multiple speeds (puree, pulse, blend, crush, etc. ) all pretty much seem the same to me. There are distinguishable differences, but at the end of the cycle, they all pretty much chop whatever you throw in there. In my case, i almost always use it to chop/blend ice. While i have not put years of use into this motor, i have put a few months of quite rigorous use on it, and it works wonderfully. I just flip the switch on and blend for a longer/shorter period of time depending on the consistency i want, and it comes out perfectly. The only thing i would consider changing about this blender is to provide a retractable cord. The length is very manageable (about 3′), and it tucks away nicely, but being able to neatly store the cord when necessary would be a nice perk. This is a simple product with no bells and whistles, just an easy-as-pie on/off, and couldn’t be easier to clean.

The only thing that you need to watch is the lid when putting liquids in. I usually use the pulse when i blend liquids so the power is not constant, but the liquids push the lid up, even if there are only like 3 cups in it. I use a hotpad over it when blender hot liquids. I used to have kitchen aid blender and this is what i bought to replace it. I am very happy with my purchase overall and love what this unit looks like. It has a very industrial look about it. I would buy this product again in the future. It is also very easy to clean. Just be very careful around the blade unit.

Comments from buyers

“good blender
, Can a blender be too powerful???
, Oster Professional Series Blender

I’m very happy with my blender; got it mostly for frozen drinks but also wanted to be able to use my oster mini food processor attachment that i had from an oster that burned up. Was a little hesitant to get another oster but after looking into other options and some ridiculous prices i decided to get the professional series one since it had a longer warranty than others in the price range and a stronger motor than my previous one. Works great, very simple to use without unnecessary buttons; frozen drinks come out nice and smooth without the smell of burning insulation i had with my previous one. If you have a refrigerator that dispenses crushed ice it’s a good idea to use it as it makes for quicker and smoother margaritas. And as far as motor noise it is as you would expect for a blender, maybe a little less noise than my previous one- if you can’t handle a few seconds of it , go ahead and spend a couple of hundred dollars trying to get a quieter one; all in all an excellent value. Update 2018- still going strong ; wow what a good product.

I bought this to replace a black & decker blender that failed–see my review for details. I wish i had bought an oster the first time. It has the look and feel and performance of a quality product made to last. All the functional parts are metal. Some plastic trim is colored to look like metal but its appearance remains good.

This blender is quick and powerful. I mix protein shakes for myself using whole carrots and frozen fruits. It only takes about 10 secs to mix an entire blender full. It crushes ice quickly as well. Was wonderfully surprised at how much power it has. Would give it a 5 star rating. Would highly recommed it for anyone.

My wife bought a cheap plastic blender from target. I used it once and was so annoyed i made her take it back. I then started to read about this oster blender. I had good luck with buying small appliances from amazon in the past, so i ordered it. This blender is very well constructed: all metal motor, thick rubber feet, thick glass container. It has two settings: on/off and pulse. Just a warning: when you use this blender it sounds like a jet engine spooling up. Let’s say i’m impressed, and that’s not easy to do. I followed a recipe for potato pancakes provided in a little cookbook that came with the blender. The instructions said to put a bunch of cubed raw potatoes in the blender with a whole onion. I thought, this blender is just going to spin or bog down, but it turned that stuff into batter very quickly.

I got this blender to make smoothies. Juice and (often frozen) fruit mixed together. This blender destroys everything you put in it. The problem is it’s only got two speeds: (1) destroy and (2) super-destroy. Sometimes you have to turn the blender off to let the ingredients settle, so the edge of the blade will actually contact them, instead of them continuously bouncing off the top of the insano-blades. It’s not a big deal and you only have to turn it off for a split-second, but even the slowest speed is too intense for some pieces of frozen strawberries. A slower second speed, or a third speed would make this blender perfect. This blender is very attractive and is easy to clean. I don’t think this part of the review makes sense with the title, but you should know i’ve put more thought into this blender’s performance and my review than merely its murderous and explosive instincts.

I’ve owned it for two years and treated it with total kid gloves for the first year (dropping in ice when the blender was already on, washing after every use) and still do, but it managed to withstand the fumblings of an extremely sloppy roommate who filled the whole thing with ice before turning it on (notorious for breaking the motor). Still pristine, the blade is still sharp, motor still running smoothly. Great for smoothies (i still drop in the ice after the blender is on, just to be on the safe side) but don’t follow the recipes they include with the blender — there’s no need to add sugar or honey if you use fresh fruit. 1/2 cup milk + 1/2 cup apple juice + 1 banana + large handful strawberries = all you need for a perfect smoothie. And great for soups (potato leek, ginger squash). Plus it is a totally sweet lookin’ blender.

Absolutely fantastic blender. Yes, it is a little loud but it is not like it is on for hours at a time – more like 10 to 20 seconds. This blender helps you attain a good consistency very quickly. We have made frozen mixed drinks, smoothies, milk shakes, etc. We have only had the blender for one month, so i cannot yet comment on longevity. Anything you buy can break, so i guess it how it works while you have it. We narrowed our choice to this and waring, and since both blenders received great reviews we decided to save some money with this one. We think we made the right choice.

Seriously, this blender is amazing. I mainly use it for making protein shakes, and no amount of peanut butter can stop the blade from spinning. With the cheap blender i had before, peanut butter would stay globby and it would clog up the blender. This oster blends all hard foods in a couple of seconds and leaves everything nice and smooth. The blender comes apart easily in a few pieces and is simple to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. However, the blender is extremely loud. You can’t hear the tv or anyone talking when it’s on; the sound even scared my cat at first. Regardless, this blender is so efficient that you don’t need it on very long to do its job correctly, so the sound isn’t much of an issue.

This is the best blender out there. I purchased it in 2009 and it’s still alive and well. I wish i had purchased a back-up, since this higher quality is non-existent today.

5 stars, really but it’s better than a 3 so i had to put 4. This is certainly a powerful blender. Sometimes i wonder if it’s going to fly off the kitchen counter the second you turn it on. I thought i wouldn’t care that there’s only and on/off button but after using it a few times, it kind of bothers me. The second you flip the switch it’s like going from 0-60 immediately and sometimes i just want to gently mix things, not pulverize them. I was surprised when i made a smoothie with almond butter that the blender didn’t smooth out the almond chunks into the mix. That was kind of the point of buying this particular model in the first place. Instead i got a smoothie with a weird gritty feeling. Overall it’s a great blender and the styling is really nice. It’s very sturdy and not cheap looking/feeling at all.

I owned one years ago and it was a war horse that finally gave out after much use. I replaced it with a fancy osterizer that had a million settings, none of which i ever used. It was pretty useless at chopping ice. My kids love this one for making smoothies and noticed that there were only 2 settings, on and pulse. I told them that was all they would need. Very skeptically they made their first smoothie and were amazed at the power and short time it took to process their iced drinks. Amazon’s price was fantastic – $63. I checked elsewhere before buying and couldn’t find it under $89.

Boy does this thing ever whip things together. A bit loud, but it does exactly what you want it to do. No lumps, no left over fruit floating around, no chunks of ice. On and off, no frills, just doing its job. After wasting money on a cuisinart, this thing is a welcomed addition to my kitchen.

After reading others reviews was a bit reluctant to purchase this item. It blends almost anything (go easy on ice) very quickly and fast, like a bartenders blender. I didn’t give it five stars because the glass container is a bit smaller so doesn’t hold as much liquid as other blenders.

I bought this blender based on all the glowing reviews here. I am happy with the blender. It can handle the smoothies i make every morning without burning out and without requiring 2 minutes to blend like my old dead blender did. Here are the problems with it:(1) it leaks from the bottom of the base. I tried to fix the problem by tightening up the bottom plastic base but ended up putting a radial crack in it. I can still use it and surprisingly it doesn’t leak as much. I can’t put it into the fridge with its contents because i will end up with puddle after an hour or two. (2) i put the glass part (with the blade assembly) into the dishwasher every night. I would take it apart, but i found that i had difficulty getting it back together without leaking. (3) the base will un-tighten itself if you don’t ensure the glass catch is next to one of the two metal catches.

I bought this blender for my wife to replace our dying unit. She absolutely loves this thing. There are no fancy button options like you will find on most household blenders. The control is merely a 2-stage on-off switch. It’s spring loaded so you have to hold it to the on position and releasing pressure will let it shut off quick. At first we thought this would be a pain in usage until we saw how fast this blender will pulverize anything you can throw at it. It can reduce the most stubborn solid to liquid in mere seconds.

I got this to make smoothies. My wife uses a lot of ice in her recipes, so i needed something substantial to get the job done. This blender is quite powerful, and if you run it too long, the blending motion will actually start to warm up the ingredients. Overall, this is a good step up from the 29. I didn’t feel the need to go to 499. 00 for a vita-mix, but i wanted something more durable than the garden variety blenders i’ve had before. Excellent blender, no frills, good build, a bit noisy.

We’ve had this blender for about a year now. If you’re buying it to make smoothies, forget it. I agree with other reviews about smoothies. We load it with chucks of frozen strawberries, blueberries, peaches, plain ice, etc. Add a little juicy juice and/or yogurt. . Wow, the power is unbelievable. However, if it can’t grab the frozen items, it can’t blend. Since it only has 2 speeds (basically 1, since the pulse button is the almost the same speed), it just can’t do the job. The blades spin so fast, it whips the bottom items into whip cream while leaving the items above the blade stuck in place.

I bought this blender in 2009 and under 3-4x a week usage, it’s still going strong with not one problem in 2017. I think that speaks to the quality. I have used it many, many times to make smoothies and it easily crushes ice cubes and makes the most wonderfully smooth frozen drinks. I wanted to buy another one for a gift for someone, but alas, it is not available.

One thing i was really disappointed with is that i still have to stir my smoothies and daquiris atleast once to get it all blended. I was hoping at this price that i could just flip the switch and walk away. I almost went with 3 stars because of that. Once you get that first stir in, the blender blends with confidence. I am happy with the purchase.

I use a blender every morning for breakfast smoothies and nearly every afternoon to puree the vegetables that i am tossing in the dinner or soups. This blender is by several magnitudes the best blender within this price range on the market. If you are only making smoothies for 2 people, or you only need a blender a couple of times a week, this blender is not only efficient, and fast, it is also durable and reliable. The manufacturer has replacement parts, should you lose a piece – because is is very unlikely that anything on it is going to break. I have had other oster blenders that lasted for 20 years – using them on average a couple of times of week. I had tried another blender brand (villaware) it was pricey, it leaked, and there were no replacement parts (i didn’t lose them, they leaked early on). Because i use blenders so much, and for so many years, i did recently upgrade to one of those horribly expensive other models. But, that is only because i needed the capacity. If you don’t need the capacity, and you don’t need your blender to make soup and ice-cream and grind your wheat, go ahead and get this one, because it makes delicious, fast, very smooth fruit and vegetable drinks. I would like to offer this suggestion for those smoothies.

Some had lots of buttons with lots of selections that mostly didn’t work that well. This blender has only one button (switch) that either pulses or blends. It is so powerful that it crushes ice easily and makes perfect mixed drinks, which is what i use it for. I have two of these blenders, one for the kitchen and one for the wet bar.

Tiger Corporation JBA-A10U-WL 5 : BEST RICE COOKER EVER!

I’ve had one of these for about 5-6 years. Bought a second one for a friend as a christmas gift and just yesterday she told me it had “changed her life”. My son never liked brown rice. This makes fluffy brown rice with each grain separate and he now loves it. Mine may have finally malfunctioned today (after being used 2-5 times a week for 5+ years) so i came on to see what is currently available. Price has dropped since i bought mine. White rice consistently takes about 40 minutes. Brown rice approximately 60. Not sure what’s up with the 80 minutes for white rice for the other reviewer. If mine actually does prove to have an issue — i will buy another without hesitation.

Having taught a (non-credit) ebay class for years, i got in the habit of checking out thrift stores and the local (clean, well lit) franchise pawn shop when in town. I found this unit in an unopened box for $59. There are many who balk at that price, let alone the $100+ price. But to compare this to the typical $25 cheap rice cooker with the glass or aluminum lid is like comparing a mercedes to a yugo (remember those?). First, this has a microprocessor control for various kinds of rice. Second, it is a “closed system” that acts more like a pressure cooker. You may need to adjust the amount of water needed to cook your rice the way you like it. I cannot speak to the “slow cooker” feature, as i don’t slow cook. Based on other comments, it appears the japanese idea of slow cooking may not be the same all-day crock pot idea in the usa.

The only thing is that i bought this for someone i live with as christmas gift and it just arrived in the box of what its packaged in so they knew what it was.

  • There is a quick rice setting too if you need rice now and do not need it to be perfect but if you have the time it is worth
  • So far so good!! after about a day the rice starts

Tiger Corporation JBA-A10U-WL 5.5-Cup Micom Slow Rice Cooker and Food Steamer – White

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3 in 1: Multi-menu rice cooker, Steamer, Slow Cooker
  • Black & thick inner pan with far-infeared ray coating
  • 2 memories cooking timer setting
  • Flat heating element
  • Removable steam vent
  • NOTE: Please ensure to measure rice in the cup that comes along with the product ONLY

This one its a great product.

My favorite brand of rice cooker. My last one lasted many years so i had to get a new one.

I had a tiger cooker before for many years. Then it takes twice the time to cook a mixed white and brown rice. So i bought this one to replace it. The time used to cook a same mixed white and brown rice takes about 80 minutes. It is still taking too long for my liking, but i will keep this one after read the reviews of many other brands. I use this cooker mainly for cooking rice, have not tried the steamer, or cook rice porridge yet.

After about a day the rice starts to dry out. Even with an extra cup of water. We have been using it for months without any real issues.

This is our second rice cooker. Decent price and functional proper for almost a year.

My old rice cooker is not as good anymore so i got this one. I am able to make perfect soft sticky rice with this cooker. I tried my old rice cooker and either the sticky rice is too soft and wet or uncooked a the bottom. You can also use to timer to make rice when you want it done which i love because i usually have to make them over night and by midday the rice is already been warm for 12 or more hours which is kind of old. I have always purchase a tiger brand rice cooker. I tried the american brand at target once and didn’t like that it doesn’t keep the rice warm.

I bought the rice cooker for my mother. She loves the 3 in 1 functions so much, which makes the cooking very enjoyable.

Best rice cooker and steamer for veggies, ever. I’m serious you do not need any other rice cooker aside from this one. I can not stress how easy and great tasting food this lil product makes. Yes it is a bit on the expensive side, but it does it’s job, fast and very well.

It cooks rice and it comes out well every time. There is a quick rice setting too if you need rice now and do not need it to be perfect but if you have the time it is worth it to use the regular setting.

The only thing, that i find needs to improve on is the nonstick coating on the rice pot, which, it starts to chip after onlycouple of times used.