Chef’sChoice Chef’sChoice 799 Professional Meat Grinder Attachment – Very easy to use

We grind our own hamburger so we know what in it. So this was the perfect product.

Just had a small issue when making sausage. Every time you push the meat down through the grinder it forms an air pocket in side the sausage casings. Drove me crazy but over all it’s a good product for the money.

Kitchen aid quality and heavy, well made unit. It works very well for its intended purpose. We are pleased with this purchase and believe you will be, too.

I was taught how to make sausage about 25 years ago, the meat grinders then where sturdy and were bolted to the table and you cranked them by hand. This one seems quite a bit less sturdy feeling.

I wish i had bought this a long time ago. I don’t see how anyone who does a lot of cooking can be without this grinder. I have did so much with this it’s been unbelievable. It makes grinding anything a breeze. I have always used an old fashion grinder that my grandmother had. You know, the old crank one that has to be mounted onto something. This is sooooo much easier and takes a lot less time and energy. I would highly recommend this grinder. No kitchen should be without one.

I received this as an anniversary gift as an attachment for my kitchenaid stand mixer. Unlike other meat grinder attachments i read about, this 1has never given us a problem. Never has gotten clogged at all.

  • Good tool
  • Superior in every way to the actual kitchen aid brand
  • Sturdy and durable

I did notice that the meat needs to be a bit smaller than the kitchenaid grinder would take. It stays nice and cold unlike the kitchenaid. The only drawback is that is it a bit of a surprise when it wiggles about a bit more than the kitchenaid grinder attachment when it is working. But having the carbon steel cutting blade made an excellent texture to the gorund meat. I will not use silicone spray to lubricate the internal parts. I have been using food grade linseed oil which my sausuage making books have as an alternate for my compression sasuage maker and related tools.

I am a professional chef and just received the grinder it fits the kitchen aid profesional 6 quart mixer perfectthe look and feel are awsome, i will agian review after some heavy use.

Exceeded expectations; a rarity these days.

Product quality is good, i am not giving 5 stars just because it is very difficult to wash and sometimes the meat cannot pass through it.

Performed flawlessly and appears well made.

Features of Chef’sChoice 799 Professional Meat Grinder Attachment (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Includes 3 stainless steel grinder plates: Medium, Coarse and a bonus Fine grinding plate has been added
  • Forged, stainless steel cutting blade
  • Generous metal food hopper with food pusher that stores extra grinding plates
  • Easy to attach, detach and clean
  • Two Year limited household warranty

From the manufacturer

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Chef’s Choice International Professional Food Grinder Attachment Model 799

Designed for KitchenAid Stand Mixers

  • High-quality all metal grinder attachment specifically designed to fit all KitchenAid stand mixers
  • Includes 3 grinder plates: fine, medium and coarse
  • Metal food hopper with food pusher
  • Easy to attach, detach and clean
  • Precision engineered in Germany, manufactured in Czech Republic.
  • KitchenAid is a registered trademark of KitchenAid, U.S.A. This attachment is not a product of KKitchenAid or Whirlpool Corp.

The high quality Chef’s Choice metal food grinder attachment is specifically designed to fit all KitchenAid stand mixers. The durable die cast metal attachment quickly does the work, grinding fresh beef, pork, turkey, chicken and hard bread and cheeses in minutes! It’s also ideal for grinding hard vegetables for purees and soups.

The Model 799 is easy to attach, detach and clean. It comes with three stainless steel grinding plates, fine (3mm hole size), medium (4.5mm hole size) and coarse (8mm hole size).

The metal food hopper (8″ diameter) and plastic food pusher are included. Precision engineered in Germany, manufactured in Czech Republic. Dimensions are 8″H x 8¼”W x 8¼”D fully assembled. One year limited warranty.

Note: KitchenAid is a registered trademark of KitchenAid USA. This grinder attachment is not a product of KitchenAid or Whirlpool Corporation.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I can’t wait to use this grinder to make my own burgers, sausage & ham salad. Brings back memories of my mom making her own ham salad etc.

I am a beginner to sausage making and i didn’t need a dedicated meat grinder. This is smaller for storage and fits on my kitchen aid blender perfectly. Prior to the purchase i examined the kitchen aid meat grinder and due to all the plastic felt it would not be durable enough. I have no qualms with this unit. It is all metal and very well made. Of hot and sweet italian sausage and it worked admirably. Disassembly and clean-up afterwards was very easy. I can’t wait to try breakfast sausage next.

Easy to uses, handles grinding well, does not clog up, easy to clean. Suggest you chill the meat so that it is almost ready to fereeze but not frozen, works better.

This works great on our kitchen aid mixer work better than the one that kitchen aid sell.

I love that it’s easy to completely take apart and clean.

I gave the chef’s choice as a gift to my daughter who loves to cook. She made a fresh lasagna bolognaise for our post christmas dinner and used this to grind the beef and the pork. It worked very well and cleaned up easily. She oiled it a bit before putting it away. She says the prepackaged ground meat we buy could come from hundreds of different animals. She loves the idea of using one piece of meat that she has selected from a store she trusts.

Includes 3 stainless steel grinder plates: Medium, Coarse and a bonus Fine grinding plate has been added

Wish i has invested in this long ago.

When we got it we tried it out worked great ground are our beef for the grill.

Vary good product and fast delivery.

Works perfectly, cleans up easily.

Better than any original plastic.

Freshly ground hamburger meat is the bombthis product is easy to assemble, easy to use and fun. I purchased chef’s choice sausage stuffing tubes and have used this product to make homemade sausages. The solid metal construction will ensure these product lasts a life time.

Forged, stainless steel cutting blade

Much better than the kitchen aid brand grinder. I wish they made more kitchen aid attachments, like a can opener that kitchen aid no longer makes. Oh yeah, and the kitchen aid brand sausage attachments work well on this. Also, you can place this in the freezer before using it, which is what you want when grinding meat.

This little power house is badass. A lot better than the one kitchenaid offers.

It works very well when you follow the instructions. Breaks down and cleans up easily after use. Use a bit of cooking spray to prevent rusting, store in original box with a cup of dry rice as a desiccant and its all good.

I originally bought the one from the manufacture and did not like the fact that it was plastic , some sausage use paprica or other spices and will discolor the plastic and if you are not careful cleaning it , you will scratch it and than it will always look dirty the one from chefs choice has more attachments is sturdier and i’m not afraid of it breaking it. I did not give it 5 because the plastic pusher seems a little loose thinking of using a wooden dowel machined to fit feeder tube.

This product does what i need it to do. I use it for grinding 5-40 pounds of deer a year, more if we get 2. Saved me lots of money, because my wife has a kitchen aid and i don’t have a meat grinder. Best suited for small amounts of grinding, not for large quantities.

Had the plastic meat grinder attachemt and was not at all happy, used it seveal times. Frustrated so forked up the $$$$$ for this one.

We like and use this device weekly.

Generous metal food hopper with food pusher that stores extra grinding plates

So much better than the plastic version that we had. Grinds much better and faster.

I purchased this unit and am using it to grind sprouted wheat berries, which i am making bread out of. I rate it highly and do not think i would be satisfied with the plastic meat grinder that is also available for the kitchenaid. Some notes:* thoroughly clean the unit after use. The feed chute is hard to clean at the bottom, where it intersects with the auger chamber. * lubricate the (aluminum-on-aluminum) threads to prevent galling. One caution when using your kitchenaid under heavy loads. The motor may overheat when operated at its lowest speeds, because the cooling fan is not very effective at these speeds. Instead, turn the speed up to the middle of the range where the fan runs faster. For those using this grinder to make sprouted wheat berries into dough, i recommend passing the berries through a second time, which results in a finer, more agreeable mouth feel in the dough. Coat your hands and the ‘stomper’ with water (a little goes a long way) to keep the dough from sticking too badly.

Did a wonderful job grinding all 35 lbs of sausage meat.

We had previously bought a kitchen aid plastic version of this and it broke during first use. This stainless steel product is very sturdy and should be around for a very long time.

Worked great, and easy to use.

Easy to attach, detach and clean

Hamilton Beach 31605 HealthSmart Indoor Grill, This is a nice grill!

Bought this little guy because it would be a healthier way to cook/eat our foods and grilling outdoors is not always a good option. I can use this on a kitchen counter top or outside on a picnic table and everything turns out perfectly with very little work on my part. . And no messy grills and charcoal to clean.

Have seen these used by others and they are a nice treat in the winter time for indoor grilling, easy to clean up and fast grilling giving as christmas gifts.

I got this as a shower gift a few weeks ago. The heat is even, cleaning is easy, and no smoke. The package said using sauces could cause smoke, but we never had a problem. My only advice is don’t cook meat on the bone on this grill. It took forever to cook a few chicken legs, and they were still raw in the center. If if had a lid to hold the heat in maybe it would have worked a little better. I’m going to stick to burgers, shrimp, veggies, and boneless chicken.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 31605 HealthSmart Indoor Grill:

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  • Exceptional for healthy cooking
  • Nonstick cooking surface
  • Easy temperature control
  • Fits four to five servings
  • Dishwasher-safe

Comments from buyers

“Fantastic Grill!!!
, Healthy and happy
, Awesome indoor grill

I wanted to replace my george foreman grill and happened upon the hamilton beach indoor grill at this site. After reading the ratings from other consumers, which i think is a fantastic idea for target. All of the things i disliked about the gf grills were mentioned by others, especially the task of cleaning them. Cleaning my hb grill is far less difficult because everything except the electric probe is immersible. I was a bit concerned about grease splattering because the hb grill isn’t covered but that turned out to be a non-issue. Not to mention, it costs less than 1/2 the price of the comparable gf grill. Thank you hamilton beach for making such an outstanding product and thank you target.

Have used the grill many times and it works great. The challenge is cleaning the unit without ruining the grill. Foods have a tendency to stick and even with a sponge and much elbow grease it is very difficult to keep perfectly clean. I just used a portable steamer to clean it and that did the trick.

Checked the reviews before i bought this grill. Although i got it cheaper at target. So pays to check the local stores before buying it online. Assuming you’ve lightly rinsed it out.

Why buy a george foreman grill, which is a headache to clean, when there is this grill on the market??. Three pieces including the electrical cord, and the other 2 pieces can go in the dish washer. Does not smoke, and steaks taste like they have been grilled outside. I would buy another, and am giving one for a christmas present this year. You can’t go wrong with this indoor grill.

I got this grill at the store when i saw it advertised on the weekly ad. My favorite thing is being able to grill boneless skinless chicken breasts with no hassle. The only thing i had problem grilling was chicken that has the bone in. Perfect if you are onthe atkins diet to add variety.

This grill comes in handy in the middle of michigan winter when we can’t fire up our outdoor bbq. It cooks quickly and cleans fairly easily. I have never dared to place it in the dishwasher, although it sounds like a lot of people have so i might try it. There are a few downfalls – you do get grease splatters on the countertop no matter how careful you are and if you like your meat medium-well be prepared to crack a window open because the ‘burnt’ smell will linger for days otherwise.

Numbers on settings difficult to read at first.

I live in a highrise, am not allowed charcoal, and didn’t want a gas grill or large electric grill on my balcony. This little grill is perfect. I’ve used it on the balcony almost every night since getting it a month ago. Obviously i don’t leave it out 24/7. Contrary to the experiences of some reviewers, i find it heats up in 10 minutes to sizzling hot (at which point i dial it down a notch), and cleanup is easy either in the sink or in the dishwasher. I use an oil and lemon or lime juice/white wine marinade for fish and (boneless) chicken and brush veggie burgers and portabella mushrooms with olive oil. No sticking or cleanup issues. Bacon — an occasional treat that i’ve done once so far — is great on the grill and i don’t have the smell lingering in my condo or bothering my neighbors the whole day. I don’t eat beef or ribs, so i can’t speak to cooking those foods, but if you use gloppy bottled barbecue sauce, you may find cleanup harder. The high sugar content in the sauce will caramelize and stick to the cooking surface.

I purchased the hamilton beah in-door grill and it’s awesome. The clean up is fast and quick. The best part is it’s immersible after you remove the electrical cord. I have had the grill for about 3 weeks and have grilled vegetables, burgers, hotdogs, chicken, steak. When grilling veggies place aluminum foil on top to keep veggies from falling through. Or, you can perhaps use a grill basket. But aluminum foil wold be easier. I prefer this over the george forman grill because cleanup is quick and easy. 00) cheaper than the web price. Please check your store price prior to buying online.

After reading the reviews,most good, i bought this grill. Out of the box i was impressed with the heavy weight of the grill plate. And the way the heating element was attached to it. I just hoped it would get hot enough. So the first thing i cooked on it was a 1lb rib eye steak. I pre heated it for 10 min,sprayed some pam on the grates and threw the steak on. Four minutes and flipped it over. Another 4 min,checked the temp. Cleaned the grill in the sink with a sponge,washed the base the same way, and. I will be cooking with this often. It has an adjustable heat setting, but i just left it on high. Also, i put some water in the base under the grill plate to catch the grease.

I purchased to replace same as i have had for 20 years. It is new and much improved. The thermostat performance makes this a five star grill.

Have used a hamilton beach indoor/outdoor grill for many years. Finally decided it was time for a new one. Continue to be delighted with product. Use at least twice per week. Everything is always cooked perfectly.

I received this for my 2014 christmas present ( i was told purchased from amazon) because my older one was getting me frustrated to keep clean and the non-stick stuff was wearing off. So i told my friends i wanted a new one. I love to grill and when freezing cold weather prevent me from grilling outside i do it inside. I have an exhaust fan over my glass top stove so i just put the grill on top and away i go. I grill mostly steaks and hamburgers (i am on a high protein diet) and use this grill just about every day for the past 3 weeks. I can grill two large steaks comfortably or 4 smaller ones. I can grill four large 1/3 lbs. Easy clean up, since it has a unplug type thermostat control, just unplug and just toss the two piece design right into my dishwasher…done. The base is plastic and is sturdy. I sometimes need to scrub the inside of the base a little in the sink with hot water because sometimes things do stick to it and the dishwasher can’t get the grease all out. I think because there is writing on the inside where the grease drips and when dried it gets stuck in the raised writing. It would have been nice to have the base inside to have non-stick surface.

I have wanted this grill for a long time – so happy to have it and is great to cook on and easy to clean – no complaints at all.

This grill is the best grill i ever had bar none. The taste of the food will blow your mind. I cooked steaks chops burgers fish you nane it. I cover the grating with foil and the bottom. When your done cooking throw the foil out and wipe down the grill. One day i would like to enter a barbeque contest and put this little baby up aganist those big 7 burner grills. I would win for the price this is the grill of the centry.

Received this incredible grill for christmas this year and have already used it repeatedly. I am a bbq fanatic being from south texas and instead of waiting for weekends to grill outdoors, weather permitting, i am now able to grill whenever the feeling moves me. Very often lately with this grill. Delicious chicken, juicy burgers, succulent fajitas and outstanding steaks.

Picked up on of these used at a yard sale for $5. We just tried it for the first time grilling chicken, and the pieces came out delicious. Nice and crispy on the outside, with an intense bbq flavor. And i love the fact that the whole thing can go in the dishwasher.

This is the top rated table top grill by cook’s illustrted. It’s a very reasonable price and i’ve been very pleased with it.

When my mother gave me my birthday present (a check) i wasn’t quite sure what i was going to do with it, so i went online to target. Com because they were offering free shipping for the holidays and i came across this grill which happen to be on sale for the holiday season and i got free shipping on it. The catch at the time was that it wasn’t going to be avaible until the end of jan which i didn’t care about because it was for me. To my surprise it came within one week which i was estatic about. (and i also got free shipping so i only paid sales tax) i took it out of the box and tried it out and it works fantastic. I love to grill and now i can do it all year long and eat healtier all year long. It really cooks great and the cleanup is alot easier than with an outdoor grill. I have people over and they are jealous and they wish i told them while it was on sale. I’m really glad i was surfing target. Com and now i am a regular customer of their store.

I received this as a christmas gift in ’04. It cooked juicy chicken breasts and hamburgers. I only used it it 6 – 8 times and it stopped working.The light turns on but it does not heat up anymore.

This is a low cost excellent way to grill indoors. Fast and flexible, with great tasting results, i would recommend this for the on the run family.