Sunbeam 3819 2-Slice Wide Slot Toaster – Not seeing red

I was doing some brick-and-mortar shopping looking for a red toaster. Most were too big, others not the right color. When i indexed red toasters online, sunbeam came up. Sunbeam is a name i will always remember, and my red toaster is excellent. Since i have a small counter space, it fits perfectly on it. It fits bagels, toast, and english muffins. And it has a small grill where the crumbs fall out of it.

Its easy to empty the crumbs. The toast does not pop up very high but the lever does allow you raise the toast for easy retrievel. My only complaint is the cord is too short and seems to be mounted on the wrong side of the toaster.

I’ve have this toaster for almost 2 years now and it still works like brand new. I use it at least twice a week and have had no problems at all. I love it, and of course, i bought it because it was red. All in all, works great, toasting settings are right on. Here are the specifications for the Sunbeam 3819 2-Slice Wide Slot Toaster:

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  • Anti-jam mechanism for safety, 2 slice capacity
  • From sliced bread to hamburger buns, extra wide slots allow for a wide range of bread types and sizes
  • Remove toast easily with our high-rise toast lift
  • Never burn yourself with our Cool Touch exterior
  • Toast outside the loaf with bagel, and cancel options

Bought this for a gift and they loved it. It was just perfect for them.

My old toaster is literally 36 years old. I received it at my wedding shower. I figured it was time to get a new one, but while this one is ok, the old one still works better. But i guess they just don’t make things like they used to.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • red toaster
  • The Toaster That Fits!
  • Sunbeam toaster

This was exactly what my mother was looking for. She uses this just about everday, and says it’s perfect for small spaces.

I am less then impressed with this product. It burns toast quite easily. I put the setting on 2 1/2 for the first two slices of bread and get nice pieces of toast but if i put two more pieces of bread in right away. It has to be watched very closely. Also, the dial moves very easliy so you have to check it before every use.

It has nice wide slots for my morning bagel which i really appreciate. The only small thing i noticed is that one side sometimes toasts a bit more than the other so it is not always completely even.

This toaster works just fine, but i was disappointed and surprised at the plastic casing. Just didn’t live up to my expectations from sunbeam.

Excellent toaster – the kids love it.

I love my little red toaster. It’s shiny, has nice wide slots for bagels/english muffins, and toasts perfectly every time. It has a couple of features that i wasn’t expecting that i also like: the side lever that’s used to engage the toaster, can be used to lift the bread item a little high than normal to make getting them out easier. There’s also the area you can push to disengage the toaster early. I rarely use this feature because it usually comes out perfect at the setting i have chosen.

This works perfectly with all kinds of breads, we esp like it for our bagels.

This toaster is a must have,wide slots ,for your bangels, toast, muffins, etc. Excellent price, tray pulls out, so easy to clean. You can make it light, med dark and more. I would recommend this to everyone.

Like the color but didn’t last long enough.

The new design and cool exterior make it safe. One thing i especially like is the pull out crumb tray.

This red toaster was purchased for my daughter’s first apartment. She loved the color and the toast.

This item was a gift and the owner of the toaster loves it. It took some getting used to as the settings are a bit tricky, they don’t toast the bread the way the settings say they will, but we figured it out in our home. She loves the color red and is decorating her kitchen in red. This was the perfect item for her. It was packaged well and arrived in a decent amount of time.

Perhaps the toaster has been redesigned since some of the reviews. The color reminds me of a ruby red, rich and bright. Bread toasts and browns on the first setting however, the toaster has 7 levels. There is a stop button so if you just want to warm and not toast, there you go. Or just stop the toaster for any reason. The cord is stationary and reasonable length for my needs. The size is perfect for my counter and does not take up to much space. Price was right and delivery was speedy.

I love the toaster, nice bright color. It arrived really fast and in excellent conditions. I use it for sliced bread and bagels.

After reading other reviews i just wanted to confirm; the product is advertised incorrectly. It is great for bagels only. Yes, the electric cord is very very short but you may not mind that. The color is bright; may not match other shades of red in your kitchen but honestly if your thing is using it for bagels then this is totally the right product for you.

George Foreman GR12B Super Champ Indoor Grill – It’s just what I needed

This is a great size for two burgers. It takes very little time to grill. The clean up takes a while but all in all, this is a great grill.

We considered this grill vs the removable plate ones available and ultimately we chose this option due to the higher cooking temperature. The cleaning is simple if you just be smart about what you’re cooking and prep for that aswell. My girlfriend loves this and chooses to use it daily over our other traditional options, no arguments here. Here are the specifications for the George Foreman GR12B Super Champ Indoor Grill:

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  • George Foreman GR12B Super Champ Indoor Grill
  • Black

Pay attention to dimensions i should have myself. Only 4 stars because at this size its no bigger than a panini (sand wedge?) not even useful.

Upgraded my old foreman grill with this larger one and the size is perfect for me. I wish it had a timer and a longer cord and a power switch.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • works well, but small and time consuming to clean
  • Perfect for singles!
  • Foreman grill is a winner

I drop it and broke it, and my boyfriend loved it so much he made me buy another one.

Wasnt sure if i would like this or that it would really work, but it is great. It takes up no space and cleans up very quickly. Its so good that my mom bought one too.

Love this grill, fish & pork chops cook the best on this grill. Bought my sister one for christmas, she stated she was happy with it.

Burgers, chicken, salmon, and grilled cheese sandwiches are perfect on this grill.

It’s grills meat and makes great grilled cheese sandwiches.

Perfect for prepping my meals for the week.

Can cook and clean very easily. Love grilling my homemade hamburgers on it.

The previous reviews are correct; the non-stick coating does start to come off fairly quickly, though i’ve been careful about washing it. Still, it wasn’t expensive and it does get very hot.

My original gf grill died after 10 yr + of use. This was a big improvement and i adored the old one.

This grill is the perfect size. Lightweight and relatively easy to clean.

We have used this grill 3 times a day since we got it. I think we need the bigger one now.

Wish i had noticed that it doesn’t have removable grill plates; my bad :(.

Better than my old square gf that i had to force the patties onto. Cord is short, which i don’t mind because it’s right under an outlet. Better than too much cord i guess.

This is a great indoor grill. I already used it to grill chicken, i was impressed cooks first and the chicken was juicy and tender. I am looking forward to grilling some burgers this superbowl weekend. It cleans easy too because of the non-stick surface and removable tray.

This is my fifth george foreman grill and the right size for two people. The price on amazon was extraordinary, considering what i paid for the others. I give them as gifts and for my own personal use. It is a must in the kitchen. Thanks amazon for pricing it right.

It is easy to use, cooks perfectly, cleanup is simple and can effortlessly take along.

Black & Decker CJ525 CitrusMate Plus Citrus Juicer : Using it for over a year, and still great

At first glance the juicer seems very light and flimsy (which is what i would expect from b&d). Although it’s small size is a plus for kitchen counters which are filled with so many appliances these days. It got every bit of the juice and pulp (i like a lot of pulp so i haven’t tested it with little or no pulp) and strained it automatically and effortlessly. I used to use a one of those chintzy plastic hand strainers that would clog half way through an orange, requiring further straining by hand. But this one kept pushing everything through to the pitcher. If you squeeze one or two glasses of juice a day at the price i highly recommend this. If you need to juice large amounts daily as others have mentioned this would probably give you hand fatigue and you would need a professional model costing much more. I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 because of it’s light construction and so not being sure how long it will last. But for under $20 it does the job well.

For the price, the citrus juicer can’t be beat. I’ve had it for about a month and fresh oj every day. It’s simple to use & easy to clean. March 2012 update: i bought this in 2008 and it still works great.

I am on the master cleanser and it requires alot of fresh lemon and lime juice. I was doing this by hand but that became a pain in more ways than one. I ordered this inexpensive little juicer and it is so wonderful. I love the way it completely hollows out the fruit. You can adjust the amount of pulp as well. Its easy to use right out of the box and very easy to clean. It only takes me 10 mins to cut the fruit, juice it and wash the juicer.

Black & decker cj525 citrusmate plus citrus juicer: i was given my original one as a gift, used it very happily for a year and a half, and then it unfortunately fell out of the cupboard and cracked the bowl. Replacement parts do not seem to be available. But that is no matter as replacing the whole unit is probably cheapest, especially with amazon prime shipping in place. “everyone knows” that fresh squeezed is so good, and this inexpensive juicer does the job. Just don’t push it too hard—it is all plastic.

  • So far, so good AFTER SEVER YEARS! 🙂
  • Juiced
  • I love this juicer and will never go back to drinking pasteurized juice

Black & Decker CJ525 CitrusMate Plus Citrus Juicer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Large 1 liter (34 ounce) pitcher
  • Adjustable pulp control
  • Automatic self-reversing reamer with stirrer
  • Easy-pour spout
  • Small and large cones for lemons / limes and oranges / grapefruits

This is a wonderful juicer–i thought it might be too slight since it is very inexpensive, but i bought it because the brand is good so we thought we would try it. It is plenty powerful enough but the wonderful part is that it is so quiet. That is very hard to find in a juicer. We are so pleased we are buying a second one to have in reserve in case this one goes out of production by the time we wear it out–we live in florida and use it daily for about 6 months of the year when oranges are in season.

I used one of these on vacation, found out how easy they are to use and clean, and bought one. Now i have fresh-squeezed orange juice almost every day. Takes just a few seconds to rinse the parts off, and the oranges cost about the same as an equivalent amount of bottled (and inferior) juice.

Your product is the best juicer i ever owned. Price was right and it puts the expensive juicers to shame. My cuisinart never worked right from the beginning, and i paid about 3x’s the money. Your product is highly recommended by me. ********************************.

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Found that the juicer works quite well. Has strong enougn motor, and both the reversable action, and the modifiable pulp control were great. Flimsier than my older work horse, it remains to be seen how it holds up. 95, it doesn’t have to last forever.

Bought this over a year ago, and been using it regularly – definitely daily in summer. It has been performing very well, and thanks to this, we stopped buying orange juice from stores – we buy oranges and make our own juice. It is so easy that even my kids make juice themselves. The bi-directional rotation causes the juice to extracted without leaving much behind. I would recommend this to anyone that likes fresh squeezed juice. I bought one for us, and one for parents, and no problems on either one.

It’s a little clunky to use, but sure saves your wrist, especially if you have an entire bag of oranges or limes to squeeze. Pulp strainer is kind of useless,and tends to get clogged with seeds and pulp. I just removed it entirely, then i use a wire strainer when i’m done. I’ve had mine for 4 years and it still gets a pretty good workout.

After much juicer research, i purchased the cj525 with cook’s illustrated’s high marks being the deciding factor. Unlike some reviews seen here, i’ve found this juicer to have all the torque i need; whether it be grapefruit, various oranges, typical meyer lemons or persian limes- i’ve not had any issues. My main concern was the ability to juice tiny key limes; would the reamers be too large to facilitate?.Yes, they are too large but using two hands to hold the key limes steady proved to work just fine. Not as comfortable as one-handed orange work but much faster than a hand reamer which had become tiresome long ago. I wonder why i didn’t buy this sooner, especially with all the time i’ve saved (zesting the key limes notwithstanding). Regarding the pulp filter– i typically do not rely on it and simply keep the filter wide open, which still filters the seeds. Afterward, depending on the context like key lime pies or champagne mimosas, i just pour the juice through a fine strainer and i’m good-to-go. To sum up: this has provided much more torque than i expected, and i’ve pushed fairly hard.

To whoever said this was a “toy”. Sure, the motor on this sounds weak, but it does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and easily. I made 32 ounces of orange juice in 15 minutes. Anyone who’s made orange juice before knows that it takes a lot of oranges to make 32 ounces of orange juice. It took me 4 pounds of oranges- so exactly twice the weight of oranges, to make 32 ounces. The orange juice tasted great. It also juices lemons, limes, and grapefruits.

I have 2 black and decker citrusmate plus juicers; one for each of my homes. One house is in florida, so the juicer gets lots of use since we have orange trees. It is not an expensive item, but works great. I have given 2 as gifts and recommended them to florida neighbors. Everyone loves this juicer, and they are easy to use and clean. I also use them for making lemon and lime pies.

We have a lemon tree, so use it so often to make lemonade. Would buy it again and highly recommend it, especially because of the ability to set the pulp indicator for the desired amount of pulp.

I got this because i wanted to make freshly squeezed oj at home. This works wonderfully and i am now able to enjoy fresh oj anytime i want and not having to pay premium price at breakfast joints. I got this product awhile ago and it is still working beautifully.

I have a lemon tree so have more lemons than i know what to do with. I did not have a juicer so purchased this from amazon so as to juice the lemons. I did make a couple of lemon pies. I like this juicer very much. It is easy to set up, easy to clean plus you have a choice of lots of pulp to no pulp. The pitcher has measurments on the side so it is very easy to just squeeze the amount of juice needed. I highly recommend this juicer.

This is actually the first product review i have written, but i was so pleased with this product that i just couldn’t resist writing about it; best $25 i have spent in a while. If you are someone who enjoys a cocktail now and then, this is a must-have for your bar. I make mojitos with some frequency in the summer, and i swear i was getting carpal tunnel syndrome from squeezing so many limes with a manual juicer. This juicer makes quick, easy work of juicing citrus fruits, and i have also been really impressed with the quantity of juice that is extracted. I love that it has two different sized reamers for different sized fruits. It also has plenty of power – something that took me by surprise (despite the great reviews, i was expecting the motor to be pretty anemic; not so). The other great feature is that it senses the pressure when you put a fruit on the reamer and starts and stops automatically. Not difficult to clean either. Can’t recommend highly enough.

I’ve had this for a few weeks now. I juice 2 lemons every morning with it. On occasion, i’ve also juiced some oranges. It works very well, but is sometimes a little tempermental on the reverse action. But, it sure is saving my arthritic wrists.

Juices citrus goods very well. Far superior for doing that versus most every other device and i’ve tried a vitamix and a jack lalane style version. Lemons, limes oranges = this is the way to go.

This little citrus juicer works like a charm. It isn’t incredibly fast, but when you consider the price, it is a purchase i don’t think you’ll regret. I made lemonade with a dozen lemons in 15 minutes. If it takes you longer than that to make lemonade, then you’re most likely missing digits from your hand or limbs from your torso.

I purchased this juicer 5 years ago thinking it was so cheap that even if it only lasted a few months it would be a better value than my previous two juicers. It still works as well as new. My only complaint is that the container warped when i washed it on the bottom shelf of my dishwasher with the sanitize cycle. I just bought another one and never did that again. I’m sad to see this model is no longer available and hope that the newer b&d models are as good as this one.

Big Boss 1300-Watt Stainless Steel Oval Pressure Cooker – Five Stars

I have had the big boss 8qt pressure cooker for over a month. I agree with previous positive & negative reviews. Here is what i found:pro: i love the fact the machine will utilize 15psi, most electric machines will not. That means that recipes i used to create with my stove top machine cook in the same amount of time. 1300 watts is a great deal of powerthe machine’s warm feature is a great bonus that i use readily. Once my food has finished cooking it automatically goes into warm mode for up to 8 hours. That means if i cook dinner around 2pm as that maybe when i have a moment before the kids get home, the food will be hot at 6pm when we are ready to eat. We eat a lot of beans and i am able to adjust the cooking times appropriately, wait the pressure reduction, and open the unit add ingredients and bring it once again to pressure. Beans are done in a little over an hour from a dry state. The slow cooker works beautifully and i figure works as a ‘high’ cook slow cooker.

Below is my original review and i stand by it up until now. It worked great, then died after 10 months. I have been trying to get in contact with customer service but get this message, ‘we are unable to answer your call at this time. Please leave your name and number. ‘ so, basically there is no customer service for this product. Do not buy this unless you want the hassle of trying to get it replaced after a few months. I apologize to everyone that purchased this based on my original review. I managed to get the web address to email them and they said they will send me a new one, we will see. Here is the address if anyone else needs to contact them. Com/contacti just received my replacement just as was promised. They did not charge me shipping or ask me to return the broken one. I absolutely love this machine. It is bigger and takes up more room than my 6 qt one but does a lot more.

It take me less time to cook and it very healthy so far i do not have any problem thank you.

The big boss worked once; next time i tried it, it started and then it just shut off at some point and would not turn back on. I called the support number and could not get anyone, so i went to the mfg. Site and left an email requesting a replacement. Seemed like they weren’t going to respond, so i found another one for 100 and ordered it. Then i got a reply to the consumber service inquiry to give them my name, address and phone number so they could send a replacement. I did and one day after the one i ordered got here, i received the replacement with no request to ship the bad one back. I plugged it in and started it up and am crossing my fingers because i really like this oval pressure cooker and would hate to have to look for another one. The bad unit was 3 months old********************************** original review ****************************************i have the older deni 8. 5 – two pork loins in with the suggested amount of liquid for one hour on 15 psi and then it goes into warmer mode for up to 12 hours. I can’t afford to make enough to get them satisfied. What a pleasure to not have to worry about blowing my face off or having to scrape food off the ceiling or to worry myself sick as a jiggler held pressure on the stove top modelsi use it as much as i can afford, but i didn’t get it for this price. Have had it for a few years now with no problems at all and makes me happy to know a daughter will get it cheaper than i did. Will add that i bought mine november 2010 and i should have kept my mouth shut since yesterday, mine up and died.

The only reason i gave this cooker a four was because i bought it for my daughter in law. She just got it yesterday, so when she lets me know about it, i will add to this review. I personally have the five quart big boss, and cannot believe how easy it is to use. Just would love to find a electric cooker cookbook somewhere.

It is alot smaller than it appears.

  • Changed my opinion !!!
  • Very fast pressure cooker annoying seal top
  • THIS is NOT a Deni . . . but looks the same . . .

I made 5 pounds of frozen solid pork into pulled pork in 1 1/2 hours.

We have used this device once, but are really happy with its convince and easy to clean after. Soups, stews and roasts etc.

Purchased as a christmas gift for my daughter and she loves it. She will wait to see how it does for canning this summer but loves it as a slow cooker now.

I checked all the paperwork and box, the pamphlets are printed in china and they are written in french and english. It doesn’t say where it was made, just a distributed by emson ny.

What i love about this, is the ease of use and the size. I can fit a good size whole chicken in it.

Features of Big Boss 1300-Watt Stainless Steel Oval Pressure Cooker, 8.5-Quart

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Preserves nutrients and flavors in food
  • 7 Saftey features ensure safe cooking
  • Perfect for canning
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Cool to the touch stainless steel outer shell

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

How did i ever live without this?. It browns, warms, slow cooks, and fast pressure cooks. It seems to be solidly built and safe. You can get a delicious roast and vegetables done in no time. My only complaint it that it doesn’t come with the wire basket that it talks about in the recipe book, and i can’t seem to find one that matches anywhere online. For this reason, i drop the rating from a 5 to a 4. Sell it with the basket, for goodness’ sake.

Got one for a friend and one for myself. You should taste my beans from this machine.

It worked great for the first 4 months, now every time i try to use it is explodes.

Pressure cooker works perfectly.

Was looking for a larger version of the exact type 6qt. Pressure cooker i already owned for those items that don’t quite fit the 6qt. This pressure cooker fit the bill to a tee. Plus i can save space in my kitchen cabinets by using the same lid for both units and storing the second lid elsewhere till needed. Oval pressure cookers are the best.

Now that i’ve used the cosori, which i’m about to return, i have a new appreciation for this cooker. It is tremendously powerful and fast, compared to the 1000 watt cosori. I wish it had a stainless steel insert, because i would rather have this one. My cosori seems flimsy compared to this, but it is the leaky pressure valve and wobbly switch that i’m returning it for. I’m trying the instant pot next. My previous review: i was given this pressure cooker and had never used one before. Since it was used, i admit i was apprehensive. Well, i’m hooked on pressure cooking now. I found this very easy to use. I have cooked up some batches of dog food, made my own soup stock and some spit pea soup.

Preserves nutrients and flavors in food

This was a gift for my daughter and her husband for christmas. She said they have used it several times. They are looking forward to using the canning aspect of it this coming summer when they harvest their garden. I may even get them a 2nd one. They are very happy with it.

Goo deal and it works great.

I do really like this item even though i had to kind of work in the dark with it. It does can but not the full four quarts that some of the smaller electric canners and steamers do. With 4 jars it changes shapes and the lid is hard to lock. I will use it faithfully but when it comes time to re-up i will get the smaller one that does the same things. I was so disappointed that i could not get in touch with corp. . That was strange to find out they had no phone. Now that really makes you wonder. But it will do ok until something else better comes along.

Makes cooking time so much easier.

7 Saftey features ensure safe cooking

Perfect for canning

Auto Shut-Off

Oster 6-Slice Convection Countertop Oven : Love It!

I just bought this at costco, 47. 00, so i haven’t put it to good use yet. I looked over reviews and figured for the price i would try it out. I like the size for my available counter space. The knobs are not just painted, so no worry of marks rubbing off. I read the manual as well as a review on toaster ovens that said preheat for a bit before use to get the new appliance smell out. It does get hot on the body, i can hold my hand over about two inches comfortably, didn’t actually place my hand on the surface, the top specifically, but the things i have near it and the wall behind it were cool still so i am happy about that. I like the appearance and may buy another rack for it. I have plenty of bake ware that fits inside, so i won’t have to shop for that.

Oster 6-Slice Convection Countertop Oven, Brushed Stainless Steel |TSSTTVCG03

  • 150 to 450-degree temperature range
  • Bake, broil, toast, and warm
  • 2 rack positions
  • Fast, more even convection cooking
  • Turbo convection heat technology

Bought it as open box item from amazon market place so price was better than costco. I like the oven and enjoying it.

I too bought the costco version, $49 to replace a 15 year old black and decker toaster oven. Once i got over how much counter space this takes up, i like it. It makes very good toast in about 4 minutes. The top crust of the bread tends to get very toasty, but it’s less of a problem if i put the top of the slice to the front of the oven. It makes great baked potatoes. Get yourself some bamboo toaster tongs to get the toast out without burning your fingers. The thing that prevented me giving it 5 stars is that it would be better if it had an off switch for when the door is opened.

All i can say about this machine is great little oven.

Oster 6-Slice Convection Countertop Oven, Brushed Stainless Steel |TSSTTVCG03 : I looked at several toaster ovens here on amazon. The one i liked was this on but it was much more than my budget. So, went to my local costco and bought one for a very good price. Having read some of the reviews that were negative, i checked on the crumb tray and the removable rack. I do not see a problem with either. I had an oster toaster oven of a previous model that had the same rack and crumb tray arrangement, it was never a problem. I feel that anyone who cannot follow directions (in the owner manual) for carefully handling the cooking rack and removing the crumb tray should get a microwave or some other less demanding cooking device. I have had my new oster for a month now, it does everything very well. Bakes potatoes perfectly i use the turbo setting of the convection oven feature. You do have to set the temperature for toasting carefully because the toaster mode is very quick and you will burn your toast if you set it too dark. I am very happy with this toaster oven, i have had 4 now over the past 15 years. This is by far the best one. The only thing i would change is this one does not have an internal light to illuminate the cooking area. I first ordered a black and decker here and returned it because it arrived not working. Also it was very flimsy construction. I found the oster to be better made and a good performer. I would recommend this oster.

As advertised and great price.

I bought this oven from costco. While it’s very good, i have 3 issues with it:1) i did not realize this doesn’t come with a preheat timer/alert. You basically have to manually preheat it by turning the timer to 5-7 mins before putting your food in or cooking it. 2) the light at the top right is never explained in the manual. It’s trivial and minor but seeing how manuals are written for dummies, it seems this would be mentioned. As far as i can tell, it lights up when the oven is in actual use/on. It doesn’t light up when you set any of the other knobs except for the timer. Which brings me the final issue:3) it’s never explained or clear, but apparently the timer is the ‘on’ switch. I guess the temperature gauge should be set to the lowest setting to be ‘off’, but setting it at a temperature without the timer knob started, doesn’t seem to turn the oven on. So it heats up fast and i haven’t used it other than to heat some frozen fish so far.

Had an older model oster toaster oven and loved it too.

I purchase this to replace a 5 year old cuisinart toaster oven. I like the size because you can fit a decently number of bread slices and holds a good sized pizza. They’re clearly marked and rotate smoothly. I don’t like digital ones because i feel they can potentially have more unnecessary issues like with the display. You lose the display, then you really can’t use it. That’s just too much to deal with. It weighs half of what my old one weighed, which was the same size. Made it really easy to put on my counter. One thing i’m cautious about is when it heats up.

Got this for a gift for someone because i use mine every day.

I have to laugh at the bad comments about this little oven. Yes, the crumb tray tilts slightly, but how technologically challenged do you have to be to lift it out without spilling the crumbs?. And the individual that complained about the loudness of the timer and compared it to an mri has never had an mri. I found it very quiet, but i still like to use a portable timer instead for a louder buzzer. It cooked well, although i did not check the temperature for accuracy. Overall, a good little toaster oven for the money.

Excellent little convection oven. The crumb tray is very effective and does not tip too much at all. The functions all work excellently. The shelf slides out plenty far enough for me to see and stir the food without falling at all. Unless i am right near the oven i cannot hear it at all. I read the negative reports and cannot imagine what they are talking about. I highly recommend this little oven.

I bought this for my son as a gift and he loves it. I chose this one because i have the same one for 3 three years and love everything about it.

Perfect, you don’t need more that this anything bigger goes into the regular oven. This one heats up to the point of burn your hand on the exterior but because is small and has goo insulation it will cold down really quick. Also no easy clean surface inside meaning much healthier than others.

Good size for heating almost everything.

I love it and especially the roomy interior. The fact that it has a convection feature is an added bonus.