Good Cooking Digital Food Dehydrator- Electric Dehydrater Machine w 4 Trays and Digital Temperature Controls – Affordable and easy to use.

I bought this dehydrator because i wanted a cheaper way to have beef jerky. Spending $20 per pack is just too expensive. I was able to purchase this and make beef jerky better than store bought for a fraction of the price. This item is about 20′ tall fully stacked, very compact and fits nicely in my cabinet. When making this review the price of the item was $39. I am not an amazon company affiliate. I am an amazon prime customer that enjoys writing reviews as a hobby. I received this product at a promotional price or free. I rely on reviews before making purchases online, and hope that my review was able to help you in making your own decisions.

I received the dehydrator on time and used it the same day. Right now, i have fresh raspberries from our garden and i am trying bananas, too. The book is a little sketchy on time and there is nothing on temperature, so i’ve had to guess on what i am doing. But, so far, i really like it. It’s easy to clean and it’s quiet when it’s running. It’s just the right size for my husband and i. I would buy this item again.

Often, when adjusting either the temperature or time(up or down) it will shut itself off. I then have to re-set all the settings and try again and hope it doesn’t shut off on its own.

This is a fantastic dehydrator.

My first experience with a dehydrator but so far it has been a pleasant one. It seems to be quicker than those of my friends who have a nesco–i hope that is spelled right. Time will tell how durable it is.

  • shuts off on its own when adjusting time or temp
  • Easy to use.
  • Makes great beef jerky

Works well and we use it often.

This dehydrator really is a must nowadays. I love dried fruit but it seems like any kind of dried fruit has sugar added to it these days. So, i decided that i’m going to make my own. This dehydrator comes with 4 trays so there is plenty of room to dry all sorts of fruits and vegetables at the same time. Each of the trays are quite large and they stack over each other. You fill them all or as many as you want, stack them and turn the machine on. This machine comes with instructions on how long to run it for each different kind of fruit, vegetable, herb, etc. You simply set it to the recommended time and you wait (obviously, if you’re making different kinds of dried products at the same time, you need to use ones that have similar drying time to allow the machine to work properly). As it’s running, it does make a constant humming noise that i noticed at first. However, since the machine needs to be on around 13-20 hours for most things, you get used to it after a while–at least i did.

Takes twice as long as the suggested time in the manual, but the produce i have used has all turned out delicious.

I love this, i was kind of debating rather i should get this or not judging off of some of the reviews i did read about this product. But i figured i have always wanted one so why not give this a shot. Mind you it is not the worlds most wonderful dehydrator, but it does what you need it to do the same as any other. I decided to try some apples first, just because that was the shortest timed thing and wanted to see if i would have any issues because this was my first time drying fruit. It was pretty easy, the manual give you all shorts of times for everything you could think of (not the temp though). I put a little bit of cinnamon on them and went about my day. Because i sliced them pretty thin they got crisp (just the way i like them) and they tasted wonderful. I even got the kids to eat somereading the reviews about how loud ect it is. I was expecting so horrible sound but to my surprise it wasn’t nearly as bad as i thought it would be.

I expected better performance based on previous reviews. Dehydration is very slow even at 154 degrees. Good thing that i bought it for $50 during cyber monday. Overpriced, not worth even $35.

Features of Good Cooking Digital Food Dehydrator- Electric Dehydrater Machine w 4 Trays and Digital Temperature Controls

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Curved base allows for better air flow- dries up to 3X faster
  • Includes four large drying trays that nest for easy storage
  • Adjustable temperature and time control
  • Make your favorite dried foods for a fraction of the cost
  • Create healthy nutritious snacks from 100% natural ingredients

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I’ve had this dryer for over 25 years; and it’s still going strong. Every christmas, i take it out and dry fruits non-stop for a week and give them away as christmas gifts. In the summer, i make beef jerkey, same routine. If you take the time to flip over the fruits and rotate the trays, the fruits will dry in 5-6 hours. If you don’t rotate or flip over the fruits, fruits will take 9-12 hours to dry. Either way, it’s a great dehydrator that won’t quit. Needless to say, home-dehydrated fruits taste way better than store-bought, something about picking, caring and lovingly preparing your own fruits.

We have had one before and this one is just like the one before.

Very easy to use just tap button twice to set time and temperature and it does the rest. Only down fall are the trays, cannot find them.

I bought it for my husband and he loves it.

This is a good machine for home use. I wish it came with tray liners for more liquid type foods. Otherwise i have no complaints.

Excellent product, much faster than most dehydraters.

Curved base allows for better air flow-

Very useful thing on my kitchen. I make jerky, dried fruits and treats for my dog.

This was a gift and was happily received.

I have used it several times now and it works great. I prefer my jerky from this dehydrator more than it being dried in the oven. Can’t comment on longevity of product now, but will update at another time.

For my needs it works great and is a nice way to preserve your produce. I especially enjoy the apples i dehydrated. I added cinnamon to them and that was a lovely combination.

As dehydrators go it’s okay for occasional use.

Have used it five or six times already.

Includes four large drying trays that nest for easy storage

I need to leave some of the fruit in there longer.

We’ve mostly been using to make sweet potato treats for our dogs. Works as advertised and the price is great.

I received this as a gift and only kept it for one day. I am returning it because you i haven’t been able to find a company website to see if i can purchase more trays. What is the point in purchasing a dehydrator you can add/ replace trays when you need too?the product works awesome other than that. The adjustable temp description isn’t exactly what they describe it as. I thought you could increase/decrease the temp in increments of 1 degree, but you can only adjust it with the preset temps. The timer is such a great feature. Also a side note in the little instruction booklet that came with this there is no company phone number to contact and looking online for their website. I figured if it was really such a great product (not that i doubted it) they would have some way to contact them.

I’m only on my second time using this but it seems to be working well. I am dehydrating sweet potatoes for dog treats. I boiled 6 sweet potatoes for 8 min, let them cool then sliced and started the process. Was unsure of length of time but it ended up taking 25hrs. They were great when complete. This time i sliced a little thinner and i’m hoping for 20hrs. I did notice i can only set 12hrs as the maximum. So i’ll need to reset in themorning for the rest of the time. This wasn’t listed in the manual. I like that you can set the temp and the time and that it has an auto shut off or can be manually turned off/on.

So glad i bought this dehydrator. I’ve dried lots of herbs in it and it does a great job. Just follow the simple directions.

Noisy, otherwise works fine.

Adjustable temperature and time control

Make your favorite dried foods for a fraction of the cost

Amazon Renewed KitchenAid K45SBWH 4 : Refurbished mixer bowl is great!

Convenience of 2 bowls when making different cookies so it saves time.

Met expectations at a reasonable price.

But looks like new and works fine.

I really like the mixer bowl with the handle. It makes mixing so much easier when transferring from the bowl to the baking pan.

  • Handle makes a huge difference
  • Seems great
  • So far, so good.

KitchenAid K45SBWH 4.5 Qt SS Mixer Bowl with Handle (Renewed)

I don’t have to worry about this bowl shattering like the tempered glass i had.

Doesn’t look refurbished, looked perfect, works well. Arrived in good condition and well packed.

This bowl is so nice and shiny, the handle is a little sharp for my liking but hopefully will be fine.

This was an absolutely necessary attachment for my kitchen aid. I could have used this when making aioli because you have to transfer ingredients and put it over intermittent heat. I did use it when making my family’s famous eggnog recipe and it worked like a champ. It was a breeze to pour the eggnog out of it when ready to drink. Many recipes require transferring ingredients and i don’t see how one could live without this product. Now, i overwhelming only use this bowl and not the one that came with my kitchenaid.

I needed the handle for easy pouring.

The handle makes it a lot easier to pour my cake batter into the baking dishes.

Doesnt twist in as snug as the bowl i have but still a good spare.

I’ve had a kitchenaid mixer for over 30 years. Why didn’t i get an extra bowl before?. Why didn’t i get one with a handle?.And if there is a blemish on this, i sure can’t find it.

Replaced original that didn’t have a handle.

This should be the standard bowl that comes with the mix, for having the handle on it.

I got the mixer for christmas and have been baking ever since. It’s so convenient having two bowls, one for mixing and one for making merangue, for instance.

Would never know it’s a refurbished bowl. Fits perfectly into my orginial kitchenaide mixer.

I can’t see where there was anything wrong with this. Why didn’t i think of getting a bowl with a handle before.

The only way to use my mixer is to have a handle on he bowl to remove. I got one for christmas but it came with a bowl i couldn’t remove without help. The handle is awesome, a must have for anyone with weak hands.

Looks brand new, would never know it was refurbished. Goes in dishwasher so cleaning is a breeze. Fits my kitchenaid tilt head mixer.

Could not tell it was refurbished .

Perfect condition, handle makes removing and holding bowl much easier for older folks, provides more leverage and better place to grasp that standard bowl, and not heavy like glass bowl.

Bought as a replacement for the glass bowl that came with my artisan model. Much lighter and i can handle it easier.

Disney DMG-31 Minnie Mouse Waffle Maker – Perfect Waffles Easy to Use

Best feature: the no stick is really no stick without any spray. Made sweet potato pancakes with this. My boy was eager to eat these, as was i. Good for a novelty pancake or waffle on top of the rest of the stack.

I own 4 different waffle irons and this is definitely the crappiest. The parts are very cheap and flimsy. It doesn’t tel you when the iron is hot enough and doesn’t tell you when the waffle is ready. That’s such a basic feature. It does make a really cute mucky shape that my son loves and is easy to make, so that’s worth 3 stars in my opinion. I was spending $4 a box for mickey waffles at the super market, but with this i can just make a bunch, freeze them and then pop them in the toaster before school for my son. Just wish this was built to last. Who knows how long until a screw pops out.

This arrived in the mail today, and so naturally we had pancakes at 2 pm. It appears to be somewhat low end, with little in the way of features, but i don’t mind there not being a ‘ready’ light or doneness dial. As far as how it cooks, it is awesome. I made three perfect adorable mickey faces in about 7 minutes, it takes about two minutes per pancake. They tasted awesome, like really great. I was prepared to be feeling so so about this but it has exceeded my expectations. As another reviewer said, the entire iron becomes crazy hot, so i wont be letting my kids help but overall, this is a great product for how well it cooks the pancakes. Here are the specifications for the Disney DMG-31 Minnie Mouse Waffle Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Makes Approximately 7″ Waffle with Minnie Mouse Design in Plate
  • Non-Stick Baking Plate
  • Power Light in Shape of Minnie
  • Convenient Cord Wrap
  • Non-Skid Rubber Feet

I had this waffle maker(dcm-1) previously and loved it, but wore it out after several years so bought a new one. According to the listing it’s the same model number. The box was different but the maker looked the same. Upon using it, i noticed the light never switched from red to blue. Then i looked at the box and realized there was no model number on it. So i didn’t get the exact model i ordered previously and this one doesn’t let you know when the waffle is ready like my previous one did. I purposely bought this model again for that feature. There was another version that was cheaper i could have gotten. I’m debating about whether it’s worth it to go through the trouble of returning it.

This heats up fast and cooks the same. The plates distribute the batter pretty evenly from the face into the ears making this a no mess waffle maker. The little mouse at the bottom is lit up red the entire time it does not tell you it’s ready by changing color but i just lift the lid and check. It honestly cooks so fast waiting isn’t an issue. I used a basic mix with water, egg and oil. There was zero batter stuck and no mess to clean. This is so much easier than trying to make mouse pancakes and the features of the eyes and mouth add so much more.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Functional junk
  • Perfect Waffles Easy to Use
  • We love it!

I ordered this for my mom’s birthday and she absolutely loved it. Chose ‘free shipping’ and she didn’t even have to wait a whole week, to receive it in the mail. The waffle maker is in excellent condition and cooks yummy delicious waffles 🙂 would highly recommend as a gift idea for someone who loves disney.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the mickey waffle maker does. It have a temperature function that tells you when they are done, this would be a 5 star product. I suuuuuuuuuper love making waffles for my family and friends and this waffle maker is really easy to use and clean while also making the waffles pretty quick. I returned the first one i had because i thought it was a product malfunction that the little mickey didn’t turn from blue to red to indicate completion, which was what i saw in a friends mickey waffle maker which i swear was exactly like mine, but then i reciceived the 2nd one and it did the same thing. I kept it because the details that come out are really great and my friends and family loves it, but i just wish it had a temperature gage.

GE PCR06WATSS Wine Center : Quiet and low vibration, but not good for burgundy-shaped bottles

I have had good bottles of wine around for years and every once in awhile i get a bottle that had just been at room temperature too long and wasn’t that good. Since i have gotten this unit i am confident that i can keep my wines until they have matured properly. So far this has been great and i love to get those special wines that i can hold without fear of spoilage.

Use it for wine and soda beverages. Bottom two shelves are used for soda. It does a great job with wine temp.

GE PCR06WATSS Wine Center

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Electromechanical temperature controls
  • Full-extension wine racks with beechwood fronts Slides in and out with ease, making loading and unloading effortless
  • Delivers a high-end and modern appearance that blends with existing appliances

I did some extensive research before i bought this built-in wine fridge. Being quiet is very important to me, and indeed, this is one of the quietest wine fridges i checked out. As a corollary, there’s also not too much vibration. I still wouldn’t keep the best wines in there for many years – any compressor-based wine fridge will vibrate too much for that – but the slightly spongy coating on the racks help protect the bottles to a great extent. The one major negative is the space between shelves. Yes, the fridge can theoretically hold 57 bottles, but in practice those bottles are all either bordeaux-shaped or placed in there with precise care. If you like chardonnay, pinot noir, syrah, champagne, or anything in burgundy/rhone-shaped bottles, they tend to slide in such a way that they hit the shelf above them. This got so bad i ended up removing a few shelves, and now have to take care which size bottle goes where. I wish they had crammed 1 fewer shelf into the design, and given each shelf an extra 1/4′ clearance.

The ‘complaints’ about this cooler relate to wanting to fit different sized bottles — which isn’t an issue for me as mine is full of bordeaux in ‘standard’ bottles. I did an exhaustive review of reviews of wine coolers up to 166 bottles on every possible web site and found that compressor failure was an issue and warranty service farmed out to third parties was unreliable or non-existent. Even though the cost of this ge at about $25 per ‘bottle slot’ — the metric that was the easiest to use for comparative cost — is higher than the off-brands, it is much less than $50/bottle slot for a subzero or viking but those are two temperature zone coolers and i only wanted one zone figuring it made the cooler more complicated and more likely to fail. You get a 5 year warranty on the whole unit from ge who presumably knows how to make refrigerators that don’t break. Although i buy most things at amazon, home depot online had the same unit on sale at 10% less than amazon with free delivery so i bought it there.

I reviewed virtually all models and discovered many ‘off brands’ and that many people had mechanical complaints and especially service. I decided on ge because i thought if i needed service ge would be dependable. This attractive, quiet, efficient unit has not needed service. After a trial, i bought a second unit for the remainder of my wines.

GE PCR06WATSS Wine Center :

BLACK+DECKER & Decker CTO4500S Perfect Broil Convection Toaster Oven – I loved it and used it daily for about 4 years

I purchased this oven and within two uses it malfunctioned and nearly caught fire. Black & decker sent a new one as soon as i registered the product and filled out form explaining what happened. The whole process was easier than returning something at a storethe new one i received has been perfect. The crumb tray makes for easy cleaning and the toast feature is a quick way to make a nice toasted sandwich. I use it every day and it has held up well. If you are looking for a quality toaster oven built by a brand that will stand by their product and effortlessly replace bad unit, then buy this toaster oven.

I do not like the timer function on this toaster oven. It’s very hard to adjust for toast. I prefer when you can select how brown you want your toast and then push a button or pull a lever. Otherwise i like this oven especially the extra space in the rear (pizza bump) for when i’m heating up leftover pizza.

When i purchased the b & d oven i was replacing a similar b & d oven that had ‘bit the dust’. There were features that the old one had that this one doesn’t. You could set the toast to a specific level and just turn on ‘toast’ etc. Not turn a knob that needs to be reversed back. Also the other one was slightly larger. Other than that this new one bakes, toasts, and does everything i need it to do very well. I suppose that i just need to adjust to using the knobs instead of buttons. Also the paint was slightly chipped on the handle when we opened the box. But i got out my silver metallic sharpie and no one will know the difference. Not worth the hassle to have another one shipped.

I gave it 4 stars because it works well and looks good for the price. This second purchase is a gift. However, i deplore the quality ofthe separate aluminum tray – it is flimsy and impossible to clean;mine came slightly bent and would not sit flat on the grill. I wish,b&d would either include a spare tray, or produce one of betterquality.

It toasts and bakes just as one would expect. I thought the toast function was a bit slow, but perhaps i am impatient. The hooks on the doors (which are designed to pull the rack in and out if the rack is in the appropriate position) are a bit annoying. They seem to keep the door from closing completely. This can be fixed by moving the rack to the upper position, or i suppose i could bend or remove the hooks.

I’ve used this model almost daily for just over 5 years now. Some internal fuse or breaker is starting to act squirrelly, and shuts it off unpredictably now, and i’m going to replace it. 5 years is longer than any other has lasted for me since my original, made in md, usa, b&d toaster ovens. This oven has toasted, baked, and broiled (reasonable items. ) evenly, predictably, and reliably for me. It has two limitations, to my mind. One is the limited interior height,. 5′ from rack to the top element shield. The other is that the 12′ rack is made of light enough gauge steel that it deforms, and unseats, with heavier pans. Forget about using your cast iron.

  • I had this toaster oven it caught on fire! Spectrum replaced the unit at no charge.
  • I loved it and used it daily for about 4 years
  • Worth every penny

The only complaint is that a 9×13 pan will not fit. One of the reviews said it would. We bought some aluminum ones that are close to size and they do fit. The convection part is very good and does cook things quite a bit faster. . A great oven and is very attractive.

I got this to replace my old toaster oven which was the same model. I loved it and used it daily for about 4 years and just wore it out. There a few reasons i only gave 3 stars on the one i just purchased. The appearance – i don’t like the beige trim or the clear viewing window (my old oven had grey trim and a tinted window) 2. The rack does not automatically move forward/backward when you open/close the door. My previous oven did so it was very convenient. This oven does not cook evenly.

It cooks small meals for two or three without heating up my large oven, and my whole kitchenso easy to use. Cook anything in it for great results. Convection feature keeps food moist.

Good product at a good price.

Very good toaster oven (good features and usability). I’ve been using it daily for toasting and cooking small dishes and reheating food. However, within the first year, one of the 2 bottom heating elements is starting to fail, which reduces the cooking temperature. I had the same problem with the prior b&d toaster oven. The short life-span seem unreasonable.

Features of Black & Decker CTO4500S Perfect Broil Convection Toaster Oven

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Extra-Large Capacity holds up to a 12″ pizza
  • Reversible Chrome-Plated Broiling Rack
  • Dual-Position Rack Slots
  • Convection Bake, Broil, Toast and Keep Warm
  • 60-Minute Timer

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

This was a christmas gift for our son whose cooking skills are rudimentary at best. It fits his needs perfectly. Great for pizza, a sandwich, even small dinners he may prepare. It has been working well for over 9 months and we are please with the quality.

This is more than a basic toaster oven. Yes, it makes perfect toast. The plus is the convection oven which bakes like a standard oven. It’s perfect for that little thing, like a frozen pizza.

B&d is putting out some very poor quality toaster ovens. The first one we got was missing the crumb tray. I called amazon and they quickly sent out another oven. This one had the crumb tray but it didn’t fit very well, i. It looked crooked when inserted fully. So, i thought, why not put the crumb tray in the first oven that i received. Great idea, in theory, but no luck because the first oven wasn’t manufactured properly. The space for the tray was far too small to accommodate the tray. So, i called amazon for yet another oven and they got one to me in one day. Well, i wasn’t at all surprised when the third oven was also defective. The crumb tray had a noticeable dent on the front edge. I decided to keep the second oven since it was the best of the 3. My only complaints are that the knobs are difficult to turn and setting the toast time is almost impossible.

I have read the reviews about smells, fires, burns etc. I know that there are defective equipment every once in awhile, but most good companies do rigorus tests before selling to the public. The smells are just new metals and plastics getting hot, usually. If you see alot of smoke, and if a fire starts you may want to turn it off. I have seen reviews of burning toast until on fire. If you leave toast unatteneded with a new appliance and aren’t ‘use’ to it at the least, then you really shouldn’t be using any type of appliance like this. If you leave any appliance of this type unattended, you do run risks. Not hard to figure out, if an item is hundreds of watts of electricity trying to cook something, there may be safety issues. Even a regular toaster or oven may catch fire leaving it unattended, especially not knowing how the settings work. If you know how to toast bread at all, you would know that you probably have to put closer to an element then in the middle of the oven, like most regular toasters are. If you put it in the middle, your toast will definitly take longer to toast.

About five years ago we shelled out a hundred or more bucks for a ‘countertop convection oven,’ complete with rotisserie; it claimed to be able to roast a whole chicken. Well it was pure overkill, hogged the kitchen counter and used more power than we liked, since it had a lot of volume to heat – not much better than our condo unit’s built in oven. Then we found out that black & decker was adding fans to their original toaster ovens and turning them into truly ‘mini’ convection ovens. Plus they were a fraction of the price we paid for the big one (even though we got it from costco). We only made one mistake with our last black and deck convection toaster oven – we used it to broil chicken (thighs, legs, wings). Don’t get me wrong, it did a great job at that – the convection feature made sure the chicken got cooked all the way through and not just singed on the outside – but eventually all those spatters and neglected drip tray caught up with us, and there was no way we could clean it up anymore. So we replaced the old b&d with two new ones – the one i am reviewing here, plus this one for less than 30 bucks black & decker tro480bs toast-r-oven 4-slice toaster oven. The cheapie will get reserved for hazardous service, i. Broiling chicken, and this fancy pants edition will at last let our kids join the ranks of pizza loving kids everywhere – we already tried this convection oven edition with mini pizzas, and it is great.

I got this oven to replace an old oven which still worked but the glass over the temperature setting display had bubbled and was hard to read. I would have preferred to get a digital oven like the one i replaced, but the cost was quite a bit more. This oven has knobs that turn. They are approximate but fairly accurate. The metal in this oven seems quite thin. It is what i would call light duty. Still, after about three months of use, it has done everything the old oven did. If you want a really good quality, sturdy oven, get something else. Otherwise, if your purpose is to cook and save money on a perfectly adequate appliance, this is fine. The vendor, the country butler, seems to be a first rate family business anxious to please.

Extra-Large Capacity holds up to a 12″ pizza

I’ve been using this oven to cook small meals for one. Good, even heat, and no burning of food. I use it exclusively on the convection bake mode – i have not toasted bread with it, so i can’t comment on that. The timer function is nice but it does make a quiet tick-tick-tick sound while in use. I usually use the ‘stay on’ feature which makes no noise. The top of the unit does get very hot, while in use. However, the back of the unit stays cool enough to keep it 2 inches from my wall with no problems. I strongly recommend this oven.

We ‘love’ our toaster oven, we have had it for a week now and i have hardly used my regular oven. It is quiet and works wonderfully. The pizza bump is wonderful for space, it fits 12 inch pizzas and tortillas perfectly, the size is very roomy. We have cooked numerous dishes in it already; veggies are very yummy cooked with a terrific grilled/toasted flavor. The chrome/brushed chrome finish is really attractive sitting on our counters. I can’t say enough great things about it, toast, bagels, buns and english muffins are amazing tasting after baking in this unit. The timer knob is very easy to use just follow the directions. We just sent one to my sisters family for christmas today so that should tell you how great it is for the fact that we ordered another one.

My thoughts are that no one should be without a toaster oven. And if you are going to purchase one this is the one. It fits well on the counter even though it is ‘extra big’. Best of all it even fits my 11′ dinner plates. Nice to warm them before serving hot food. Think i will order another one. Got someone in mind that would love one. This would be my third purchase of the same oven.

Update: i got this jan 2012. It is now oct 2018 and it’s still going strong. Still love it, still have it out 24/7 in my tiny kitchen. Now i have two children, and i have to say – this thing is just my favorite thing in my kitchen. It’s fun doing things like baking small batches of muffins or cupcakes, or being able to quickly toast up some nuggets. Reheating pizza is always best in an oven, but who really wants to preheat a full oven for a slice or two?. I cannot recommend this enough. I seriously don’t have a single bad thing to say about this thing (maybe just that it takes up a lot of counter space?). I bake bread, muffins, full-sized pizza, chicken parmesan. Anything you need an oven for, this can handle. I got one of those ‘toaster oven baking sets’; which is nice. The ones i got are actually smaller than what this can handle. It is so nice to not have to turn on a full-sized oven and waste gas and energy and making my tiny house all stuffy just to bake something for two people.

I had this toaster oven for about a year then it caught on fire. Luckily we were able to unplug it throw it in the sink and use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. I do not recommend this product. Update: spectrum contacted me right away and said they would replace the unit. So black and decker’s customer service is surprisingly a++. Will update more once unit is received and i give it a try. Really hope i just got a defective unit and new one will be safer. This review is rising fast in customer satisfaction maybe it will end up a 4 or 5 star. I am completely wowed by their excellent and prompt customer service response to my bad toaster oven experience.

Having this unit is so much better than a microwave. My wife often toasts bread in it too. I highly recommend this unit.

Reversible Chrome-Plated Broiling Rack

We bought this toaster oven after deciding that our oven was never going to be fixed. We don’t do a lot with our oven, but there were many things that really required a reliable, functioning over. This one has worked well for us. The timer knob, as others have said, is rather annoying. But every other thing about the toaster oven is simple and straightforward, and we’ve used it for a variety of things: baking cake, toasting bread, finishing parmesan chicken, heating pizza and broiling several dishes. Of these, my only complaint is that toasting bread is really inconsistent. It’s very hard to get it evenly toasted or to get it toasted well without burning it. After some time, we’ve gotten the hang of it and just know when toast is ready enough to be taken out but not yet burnt, but it is still sometimes unpredictable. Overall, i’m very satisfied with this. It does everything we need it to, and even if our toast comes out a little blacker than usual, at least we can have a homemade birthday carrot cake.

I looked up over a lot of reviews,and came to the conclusion that i would go aheadwith this convection oven. Well it did not disappointme as of yet, i have had it for about 6 months. Its helps me bake biscuits, fries,cake n my great apple pies. I just need it for the basics. N its a perfect handy convection oven.

I have been using this oven for about a month now and i absolutely love it. I cook everything in there from casseroles to fish to leftovers. It saves a lot if time and money not having to heat up a huge oven all the time. I don’t understand why some people had problems with it catching on fire. As long as you read the instructions and use it properly as with anything it will be fine. This is a great deal i would highly recommend.

For college a few months back and was very limited in space and lacked any cooking hardware. Therefore, i knew a toaster oven would be a must-buy for me. After reading that this b&d toaster oven had a pizza bump, my inner-bachelor told me that this was the proverbial one. It arrived three days later, and boy has it been a lifesaver since. The unit is larger, but not terribly big (it sits on my mini-fridge). However, it fully utilizes the shell it’s housed in. When pull down the gate and peer inside, you’ll realize just how roomy this oven is. I’ve since used it to make many totino’s pizzas and hungry man meals and have not even come close to stretching the limits of the interiors.

I purchased this convection toaster oven because it was cheap and came from a recognizable brand name at a sizable discount. I’ll say first off that i’m very pleased with the purchase. These items look like glitzy toys, and in a way they are. They get hot, really hot because like a toy they aren’t expected to have the amenities of a ‘real’ oven, such as substantial insulated construction. I stick in the oven cavity of my gas stove as the oven there is non functional while the stovetop is just fine. This is for me a super combination. The heat is contained in the oven cavity. The black and decker runs intuitively, save for the quirk that requires you to set the cooking time at over 20 minutes then adjust to the time you wish. Aside from that quirk, it runs well.

Great for those little jobs, rolls, etc reheats pizza to near perfect condition. Worth the price in that alone. Has pullout tray from rear to clean out crumbs etc.

I got this toaster that does it all on cyber monday (free shipping). It heats really fast and i prefer to use it instead of my conventional oven since it’s cheaper to run. I’ve toasted, baked, broiled and reheated a variety of meals with it with no complaints. My microwave died recently and i don’t even miss it. The ‘keep warm’ setting has been quite handy and reheats anything in my refrigerator in about 10 minutes.

Dual-Position Rack Slots

Not the greatest for toasting. The toast timer dial broke after a few months. However, it works extremely well as a mini-oven.

I bought this to replace my old toaster oven and couldn’t be happier. I read many reviews on many toaster ovens and this one really caught my interest. As a mom i love this because it heats up much quicker than your regular oven, so less wait time for my kids. We also eat quite a bit of pizza and cooking pizzas in here is great. The only part that gets me is you have to turn the pizza half way thru cooking it in order to get it to cook perfectly even all around. The bump in the back of the oven made for the pizza does not have the warmers underneaath it. It’s easy to clean with the pull out tray at the bottom which i love. And the stainless look is so sharp and can match just about any theme/coloration in any kitchen. I would highly reccomend this toaster oven to anyone in the market for one.

I have had this for almost 1 year and i love it. Great alternative to using the big oven due to its size, especially in the summer months. My two observations are that items in the front need a little extra time to cook, so if you can push them away from the door a bit it is helpful. Also, the knobs can be difficult to turn if your hands don’t work quite right, like if someone has arthritis. Otherwise i am so glad i got this toaster oven.

This product does what it’s supposed to do. It does a great job of baking a small batch of rolls or cookies, a couple of potatoes, or a pie. What makes this do these jobs better than most toaster/ovens is that it is a true convection oven. While it takes longer to reheat pizza than a microwave, the few extra minutes is worth it as the pizza comes out with a crispy crust and melted cheese. Microwaving pizza is great if you like a soggy mess. I saw one poster complained about the noise of the convection fan. Yes, you can hear it but compared to my microwave or my vent hood it is the quietest of the three and the benefits of the convection make it worth it. Style wise it is attractive although the gray plastic is kind of tacky looking they should have either gone to black or white. Like all toaster/ovens it is not the quickest for toasting, a regular toaster is better for a couple of slices, but if you’re doing four slices and want them to come out at the same time the browning is uniform, actually better than my krups two slice toaster. It claims to be a six slice toaster, but only if they are smaller than average slices.

Black & decker cto4500s perfect broil.

I bought this in june 2011 and it still works great. I use it for making toast, broiling salmon and chicken, and baking small amounts of cookies. My favorite use for it is reheating pizza. When you do that in the microwave, it doesn’t heat evenly and the crust gets rubbery. I put a slice or two straight in my toaster oven and it comes out just as good as when it was delivered.

Convection Bake, Broil, Toast and Keep Warm

The bottom part in the photo looks light green but the entire appliance is stainless steel. I have toasted, broiled and baked in it and everything came out good. The top had some lines (not scratches but like a vague discoloration) on the stainless. I have not tried to get them off yet.

This is a review of the cto4500s’s appearance. This review does not take into account the performance of the oven. My old black and decker toaster oven worked great. I used it for a good 8 years before getting rid of it during a move. So i decided to stick to b&d when shopping for a new one that i would use in my newly remodeled kitchen. I was specifically looking for a 6 slice, stainless steel unit, and the cto4500s seemed to fit the bill. The photo that’s used on amazon (and other sites) depict this unit as being a very neutral stainless and gray color. However, the unit i received had goldish-champagne colors on the bottom section (legs/feet), the door handle, and the control panel (the panel behind the knobs). The gold-champagne color was not at all subtle — it was quite warm in tone, similar to what a champange-colored car looks like. I contacted amazon and they promplty sent another one out.

For years i’ve owned and used the black and decker 6 slices, convection, countertop oven in white. I could bake a cake (9 x 13 pan) in the pan that was furnished with the previous ovens. I received my new oven and i am unable to fit the old pans in this oven. I don’t mind the new controls and the fact that you no longer have the option to use the oven without the convection. This oven is so much smaller. 6 slices of bread will not fit in this toaster. This is no larger than the 4 slice of yester year. My biggest problem is the fact i bought 3 of these, 1 for myself, 1 for my daughter and 1 for a wedding present. I had bragged so about the ability to cook larger items and now i only get to eat my words. Very little fits in this oven. Please look at the measurements — 17 x 14 11 — not true. I have measured and this is not so. I cannot return due to already giving these as gifts.

This is a great looking toaster and amazon had a great price on it. It was also a best pick several times from consumer reports, if you didn’t want to get their #1 pick which was about $175. This little guy was so inexpensive on amazon and works great. Beacause of the location of outlets in our kitchen, the plug hits the pizza bump in back so the toaster protrudes on the counter a bit, but no big deal. I wish that i had done it sooner since our old toaster was clunky, out of date, and the wrong color for our kitchen. This made a big difference in the appearance of our kitchen for such a small cost.

Am happy with the toaster/convection oven is great. Smaller than my previous one but it fits my need.

Aroma ARC-988SB Rice Cooker : The best.

More choice and easy to use.

I got it at walmart for $45. I’m a 25 year old dad that works 55 hour weeks and this thing is awesome. My wife and i work opposite shifts so she doesn’t have time to cook so as soon as i get home i’m right on it. Rather than dirtying pans, pots and a dragging out the grill this thing makes it real easy. Throw your fish, rice, and fresh veggies in there and it all turns out perfect, i mean the absolute best rice and veggies. I also made a seafood steam in it. Shrimp, clams, chopped lobster tail, oysters and a few other things and it turned out super good. Also when i do grill i just throw my rice and veggies in there, let it cook and don’t have to run back and forth makin sure all is well in the kitchen while i’m outside grilling. When it’s done steaming it goes to auto keep warm so when the grilled food is done the rice and veggies are hot n ready when i come inside.

I got my rice cooker for the holidays to replace our old (also aroma brand) rice cooker of 7 years. We use our rice cooker at least 5 days per week and it works great. The only reason we had to stop using the old cooker was the removable inner pan got cracked and rusted with so much use. We probably could have found a replacement pan and kept using the old one, but this one has many more features than our original. Our rice cooker is the most used appliance in the kitchen aside from our coffee maker.

These are great but if you do not have one yet and have the room i recommend buying the larger sized aroma first and getting this as a secondary one so you can have more different things in each one. For example vegetarian hot dogs in one steam tray and steam the buns in another steam tray. Have vegetarian chili in the bottom of each aroma. Save any leftover chili for later. I got a larger one from costco and have been using it a few years. I kept maxing it out and finally got a second one, this, 16 cup one. I also bought one and sent it to someone who needed one, a small one like this since they would not want the huge one. My bigger one does not have a cake button or soup button like this one does. I have already used the cake button to cook garlic bread. Just butter some fresh bread, add garlic, spices and parmesan cheese and stack the bread in the aroma.

  • friend had this model for a year and he liked it so I got it too
  • Nice product but I couldn’t give it more than 3
  • Best Prodcut of 2015 in my Household

Aroma ARC-988SB Rice Cooker, 16 Cup, Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Produces 16 cups of cooked rice
  • Non stick aluminum inner pot
  • Stainless Steel housing with brushed finishing
  • 4 digit LED display
  • 8 cooking functions- white rice, brown rice, quick rice, slow cook, saute then simmer, steam, Soup, and cake
  • Digital controls
  • 16 cups cooked/8 cups Uncooked

The best purchase i love it saving u a lot of time and giving u healthy food love it love it.

I have used this product for three weeks straight. I purchased this so i could mainly steam veggies and it actually makes them taste better than any other method. Also it makes the natural flavors come out i found it all to be sweeter. It has made my husband and i fall in love with sweet potatoes as well. I have used the soup function and i find it works best for soups with a thinner consistency. It makes soup on 30 minutes. I have used the slow cooker and while i find it would be great for slow cooking i still prefer my original slow cooker, i think my crockpot slow cooker, cooks it better when needed to be creamy and rich. I should also say it could just be the operator (myself) when i do not get the consistency correct. You or your family will eat healthier with this prodcut.

We received the rice cooker today and already used it for dinner tonight. The best sticky rice since the last hibachi japanese grill we went to.

Makes brown and white rice to perfection.

Nice product but i couldn’t give it more than 3 stars because when i turn on delay timer it gives out a continuous beeeeeeep, which is so annoying that i would never actually be able to use the delay cook feature.

Aroma has the best rice cookers. We haven’t used the slow cooker function yet because we haven’t needed to. It did fall off the fridge and it made it through the fall and works like it did when new.

This’s an amazing tool in our kitchen because it has several cooking modes, sush cooking dif. Types of rice, as well as crock pot meals, stems foods like veg.

It has some real cool new features. Slow cook soups, sear then cook, even bake cake. Looks very sleek but i noticed the steam insert is a cheaper plastic, flimsy and the water drain as well. I guess it will not effect the performance but i am hoping nothing mechanical was done cheaply.

My friend had this model for a year and he liked it so i got it too, i only use it to cook rice, it does a really good job, so convenient, very good price. Also with the saute functionality you can make tahdig https://en. Org/wiki/tahdigvery delicious crunchy rice, put it saute mode for 15 to 20 minutes after the rice is cooked and the magic happens :)thank you aroma for this great product.

Torems Knife Sharpening Stone Kit #1000 & #6000 : Ideal Set for Both Beginner and Professional.

I use this stone all the time to sharpen my knives. It keeps my $20 cheap kitchen knives sharp. I don’t really use the bamboo base. The two stones (red and white) separated easily when i drop it. I’ll glue them back, but i hoped they would have stayed together.

I’ve never used a sharpening stone and had always relayed on one of those counter top knife sharpening contraptions. After reading the instructions, watching a youtube video and giving it a try with a junk knife i was able to sharpen all my good kitchen knives back to the point where the were when i first bought them.

This product arrived at my door very well packaged. There was clearly a lot of effort put into the care of this product as after i opened the box the stones and stand we securely wrapped in a number of layers of bubble wrap. After opening it up, i started to test it immediately. As a butcher, i am constantly wearing down my knives and thusly have to sharpen them from time to time. So far i have tested these stones on a boning knife, skinning knife and fillet knife. You certainly want to let the stones soak for a good 5 minutes and you may find yourself re-wetting the stones after a period of time, but what sells me on this product, particularly, is the the excellent bamboo stand it is on. There are non-slip feet on the under side of the stand that keep the whole setup still even on freshly cleaned and lubricated stainless steel table. There is also a set of grip strips inside the stand that hold the stones themselves still and a great rubber pad that doubles as a grip for the stones to set in or a cover to keep the stone edges from chipping. Lastly, i can’t stress high quality both of these stones are.

My husband got this today and has been sharpening all of our knives and scissors. There is a little bit of a learning curve but nothing youtube can’t help. Our knives went from crushing a tomato to slicing it paper thin. I am very excited about this product and will be getting my dad one of these for father’s day.

This is a great kitchen product. On the verge of buying more expensive replacement knives, i studied about sharpening stones, read consumer reviews, and decided on the totems knife sharpening stone kit. I am completely happy with my decision. After lengthy initial sharpening (the old knives were incredibly dull) my inexpensive kitchen knives are now efficiently sharp. I only need to touch them up now and then on the torem’s sharpening stone. My old handheld knife sharpener?. Be sure to read the instructions about sharpening stones or watch some online videos about how they work. Soak them first until they stop bubbling and release all the trapped air. Make smooth firm angled passes along the stone, back and forth on the rough brown side, then a few final sweeps back and forth on the smooth white side.

Having a sharp blade makes a giant difference while working with knives. This sharpening stone creates a razor edge, the bamboo base keeps everything secure in the process, and the product ‘looks sharp’ just resting in the kitchen.

We started investing in some good expensive knives like globe for our cooking, then realized we had no way to maintain them. We got the torems knife sharpening stone kit to do the job. It arrived quickly and came in perfect condition due to some robust packaging. After watching a few youtube videos on wet stone sharpening, we jumped in. After soaking this stone for a while, we placed it in the provided bamboo tray. It was very sturdy and did not move at all during the sharpening thanks to its no-skid base. One knife was in particularly bad shape with obvious burrs, so we utilized the 1000 grit side for a while, before flipping it over to the 6000 grit finer side for the final touches. We held at a 10-20 degree angle from corner to corner, sharpening each side of the blade alternately for even sharpening. The knife was as good as newi would recommend taking the time to familiarize yourself with using a wet stone like this, because there is opportunity for user error. The grit number is written on the side, which is very handy for novices.

Block is fine, but bamboo base arrived broken. Also, the rubber insert that it comes with does not fit into bamboo base as shown on the instructions.

Excellent product, which produces a superior edge.

Let me start off by saying my knives are much sharper. However, the stone halves have fallen apart. I can still use it , but it shouldn’t have fallen apart. Second, the instructions tell you to put the rubber pad on the stone, then mount it on the bamboo stand to sharpen. As others have mentioned, there is no way this makes sense as the rubber pad will not fit in the bamboo. I’m adding an addendum as the seller cares enough about his customers to monitor the customer reviews. He saw my comments above, contacted me and sent out a new sharpening stone. My knives are much sharper, and i appreciate a company that makes a problem right.

The white stone had a small chip, but it doesn’t negatively affect the use.

My knives are as sharp as ever.

My husband and i were just talking about when we could take our knives to get sharpened. It’s a huge pain because i use them every day but they keep them overnight (or longer) to sharpen them. I’ve tried doing it myself with lackluster results but i came across this stone which is similar to the one my grandpa used to sharpen my grandma’s knives when i was a kid so i gave it a shot. The day it came i brought it right to thethe kitchen to soak and start sharpening my knives. I was so excited try but in the back of my mind still planning to drop them off on the way out of town for vacation to have them sharpened. I sharpened all my knives that first evening and can even cut tomatoes with my chefs knife. I definitely recommend this. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

Excellent product, it came with clear instructions and it is easy to use. I would certainly buy from this seller again and recommend it to my friends and relatives.

Nesco ST-25BR BPA Free Food Steamer : BPA Free Food Steamer

I have a larger b&d which i really like but this one is great for her making smaller portions. These work relly good for making rice too. I like it much better than a rice cooker`, and sometimes i will do some vege’s at the same time.

Very important to use only bpa free plasticsit is light weight. My husband i would recommend this product. It is dishwasher safe but i hand wash it.

Nesco ST-25BR BPA Free Food Steamer, 5-Quart

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bpa free steamer
  • 5 qt capacity
  • 3 cup rice bowl and 2 trays
  • 60 Minute timer
  • 400 watts of power

Bought this for my parents for christmas. We used it right away to steam some tamales and it did a nice job. Its the perfect size for 3 tamales. It is the perfect size for 2 people which is something i was looking for. Most food steamers, that will also cook rice, are too large for a couple but this was the perfect size. The clear plastic does feel flimsy but so far it is holding up. Asked my folks what they thought and they were pleased with it so far. Only comment was that rice cooked per the directions came out a bit dry at first but with a little tweaking on water and time it has worked out.

I purchased this steamer not knowing what to expect because there were no reviews, it was relatively cheap, and i had read some less than positive reviews about other steamers from the same company. However, this was the only bpa-free steamer i could find so i figured it was worth a shot. I am very happy with its performance. I got it just a few days ago and have already steamed edamame, brussel sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, corn on the cob and rice.I thought the steamer bowls looked small, but they actually fit quite a bit of food. I steamed four ears of corn in just one bowl (cut the ears in half) and probably could have put one more ear in there. It produces steam quickly and does a great job at evenly steaming the veggies. It is also very easy to clean. I had read a complaint about hot water boiling out the heating component in another nesco steamer review, but i have not had that problem at all after several uses with this model. The only potentially negative aspect is the plastic is kinda flimsy.

The steamer works fine, we are a little concerned about the thin plastic of the bowls, which is the reason we switched from the black and decker, which was a good unit once upon a time with a thick plastic bowl. Clearly built in obselescence. Update 7/21/13 – as i suspected, the wall of one bowl has developed a slight crack. It still works, and i think it was cracked through normal wear and tear, but the bowls could be thicker to prevent this.

Nesco ST-25BR BPA Free Food Steamer, 5-Quart : This steamer works well enough, but dealing with all the parts and waiting for it to steam the food was kind of a time consuming process. I ended up getting a pasta boat/ steamer that i used to steam veggies in the microwave for a fraction of the time.

Works great, often use it for a healthy meal.

Purchased this unit due to it being bpa free. Unfortunately its cheap and flimsy. But i expect it to break any day now.

I am very happy with this product. It works wonderful, takes little space and easy to clean. I use t every day to steam my quinoa, rice or bans and veggies.

We were surpised by the fact that it was much smaller than we expected. Because it is bpa free the plastic is thin, but since we wash it by hand that has not been a problem. Have found out that we had to add addition water for steaming brown rice. We are pleased with the product.

The only cooked food i eat is quinoa and it is perfect for it. My husband loves steamed clams and he made 8 dozen for company only having to do two rounds. It is light compact and bpa free.

I have been using this steamer for a month now. I have not experienced any problems that other reviewers encountered. The containers are a flexible plastic, but mine have retained their shape and have not produced any unpleasant flavors. I routinely wash the parts in the dishwasher, on a heated drying cycle. As far as the ‘leaking’ issue – i use the recommended amount of measured water, and have never had an overflow problem. I tried this product because of my concerns about bpa in food steamers. I just ordered one for my son who is a health conscious college student. I would never set him up with a product that i felt was inferior in any way.

I wrote a nice review when i first received this steamer, giving it 5 stars but i have changed my mind because the plastic is weak and one side did crack. I can still use it but disappointed that it is so delicate. The containers are on the small side as well so it only works for small amounts of veggies. Let’s hope they improve this product as it is difficult to find bpa free steamers.

It’s hard to visualize the construction of this unit on line. It works okay but i don’t think it will last too long. The plastic is very thin and scratches easily.

Works great, the rice comes out perfect and i love that u can steam different foods at same time :-).

I bought this for my mother and sister for a mother’s day present, and they seem to like it as far as i can tell.

I searched for a steamer that is bpa free and this is the only one i find. There is another model from the same company that is not bpa free. So if that is important to you, make sure you order the correct model number. I would have preferred to have a digital timer for more accurate time, but the dial timer is close enough. It is a very convenient tool, as i can set the timer and then go about doing other things.

It is a life-changerit is sooo much quicker and easier than steaming on the stove and it does not heat up your whole house like using the stove so it’s a much better choice in warm weather. You just set the timer and walk away. It shuts off automatically when the time is up. As long as you rinse the plastic parts right after using them you almost don’t even need to use soap to clean them. I rinse them and set them on a drying rack or towel to dry. I let the base cool down for a little bit before dumping the water and cleaning it out. My partner works over-seas and this steamer is great for when i’m by myself and don’t want to mess up the whole kitchen to cook for just me. You can cook a whole meal at one time using the two levels. Some other reviewers have said that the plastic pieces feel cheap and crack easily. They are correct that they are not a rigid plastic. I believe that this is because they are bpa-free (i bought this steamer because it was the only bpa-free one that i could find). I think that they are plenty sturdy for what they need to do. Don’t man-handle them and i would not recommend putting them in your dishwasher but i do not see why you would ever need to since they rinse out so easily by hand.

Really liking this food steamer. Lightweight, easy to assemble and take apart, steams foods perfectly and best of all, bpa free. Great compact size is wonderful, too.

Only plastic one i could find that was bpa free. It really blew us away with performance. Steams potatoes, broccoli, asparagus and more perfectly. I cannot say enough good about this steamer. Really exceed my expectations in size and performance. Some reviewers wrote that it was flimsy but come on, we’re steaming veggies here, we’re not grilling a side of beef. Dishwasher, top rack is a-okay. Today is 12/4/13 and i see there are only a couple left. Dudes, i am seriously considering a 2nd one that is how good it is.

I am getting quite a bit of use out of this. Since i no longer use a microwave it helps me get my broccoli just right and does not tie up one of the burners on my stove.

This is ok as a steamer but go another route if rice cooking is one use you’re looking to frequent on your steamer. The basket is way too small to make a pilaf of something with – i like to add veggies/broth/meats to my rice for a full meal in one. This is far too small to do this. As a steamer, its just fine.

Cuisinart CCO-40BC Can Opener : CCO-40BC can opener, Brushed Chrome

The only reason i ordered it was because the arm broke on my old one and i was unable to get the part alone.

Fits my stainless steal kitchen.

It works well enough to be satisfied.

I have used it all the time. It functions well but it is more plastic in look than metal.

  • Great quality AND looks great!!
  • Bit of a Lightweight
  • Four Stars

Cuisinart CCO-40BC Can Opener, Brushed Chrome

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Easy-to-use electric can opener with one-touch operation
  • Handles any standard size can
  • Power Pierce blade; magnetic removable lid holder
  • Contemporary brushed chrome finish
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

I initially chose cuisinart 1 month ago, for the durability and showmanship. I love the easy tough and connection to the cans. Once it connects, i just let go and it will stop automatically when the can is open completely. I have raved about the product to all my friends. 00 can openers are not worth the change.

I have used this opener for four years. It has good stability because of the extended curved base. Never had any problem opening average size cans. Also, i haven’t had spattering problems. Almost any opener will spatter if a person is not careful.

My first can opener lasted 10 years till my kids broke it and i was glad to see i could still buy the same one again. It’s durable and inexpensive. A can opener does not need to be pricey to last.

This can opener has achieved high marks from me. My family loves the ease of the kitchen tool. I was so impressed with the quality of the product, i bought my oldest son his very own for his home.

The best electric can opener i’ve ever owned. It also opens tall spaghetti sauce cans and tall dog food cans with ease, and the first time you put it on. I like the way the magnet is attached, it’s more flexible and works better for odd shaped and large cans. It opens everything with ease. I’ve owned it for little over a year and it’s still going strong. I’d highly recommend it and will repurchase if i ever need one again.

I always have to fight with can openers. This one is so nice and it accomodates tall cans as well. I’m ordering one for my mother.

Can never go wrong with cuisinart.

Bought this same exact can opener over 15 yrs ago. Glad to see it can still be purchased.

Am enjoying my new cusinart can opener very much, the brushed chrome finish is very stylish in any kitchen, thin design that can be sat flat against the sink back splash is a welcomed space saver, tall enough to open most cans with ease and love the easy removal of the cutting blade for fast easy cleaning. Another winner from cusinart.

Work well i am very pleased. Amazon has never let me down. I love my new can opener it is wonderful.

Originally we were looking for an under the counter mount but found it hard to find one of great quality and appearance. I always wait about a year to post reviews to see if the item still works and functions. Seems things these days just don’t last. Well this opener still works phenomenally and looks great sitting out in the kitchen.

This model has been around for a while. It feels light-duty, but i’ve had my one can opener for nine years, and it has held up well. It’s persnickety until you get the feel for it, then it’s easy to use. I’m left-handed, so i use my left hand to move the can into position, and press the piercing lever with my right. That seems to be the natural way to use this opener.

I’ve had this can opener for a year. A plastic piece on the removable blade has broken and i can’t even find a replacement part. At times this can opener was difficult to operate. The can has to be placed in exactly the right placed under the blade for it to cut. I will not be purchasing this same can opener again.

This can opener works as you would want an opener to. It is also tall enough to accommodate the extra tall cans you sometimes encounter. However it did not last very long.

This opener works ok, but it is difficult to use and is a bit of a light weight, nearly upsetting itself when opening heavy cans. I will go for a ‘beefier’ can opener next time. Good item for the low price, i guess.

This small appliances it’s very nice for eyes, very functionaly and easy to use. Pros: – good size – good can support – good lokingcons: – the finished are little weak, and past the time loose your shine.

I choose this because of who it was made by and the reviews i read. Wish it would have been metal and not plastic though/but they don’t make things like that anymore. I haven’t had the product that long so i really can’t tell till i have used it allot more.I guess i meant not metal but a harder plastic. But it is a good can opener so far.

Looks awesome with my other stainless appliances.

Sunbeam CKSBWF2000-BF 8-Inch Belgian Waffle Maker – Make perfect Belgian waffles

I use the smallest batch size and i get 3 waffles. 1 to eat and 2 for the following days. It’s fast and easy and it’s great.

Great unit for quick waffles, one at a time.

This was a gift for my daughter.

Does what it’s supposed to but i’ve only used it once. Kind of cheaply made so i’m not sure how long it’ll last.

Takes five minutes to make each waffle however the result was a great waffle. Item can be easily used in small space.

Works as it should for a lower priced unit.

  • I 100% recommend this iron
  • Good Product
  • Great for retired grandma.!

Grat for the price,very happy with it.

Nice enough but not a very heavy appliance. When you open the lid, be careful that it doesn’t fall backward. Easy to clean and the waffles it makes aren’t bad.

Good machine, not so easy to clean.

I had one of these for several years until the hinge fatigued and i thought it was time to toss the thing. I had this stashed at a second home and wasn’t going to buy a fancy waffler that flips like i have at our regular residence. I liked the small size of this waffler that made it easy to stash so i bought another identical waffler. This is a fairly decent item despite that it is frill free and really minimalist. It heats up and you pour the batter in. There is no way to know when the waffle is fully cooked except for experience, sense of smell, and lack of steam emanating from the unit. The learning curve is fairly short and the hubby, one kid, and i got fairly good when it came to making waffles with this. There are no plates to remove. It is sort of a what you see is what you get item. I clean it after use with a spray bottle of water and paper towels since this is not submersible.

We ordered this earlier this year and have used it for several months. Works just fine with no problems far.

Smaller than expected, but still a good sized waffle. Heated up quickly and was easy to clean.

I used this only once, and it seems fine. I also like the compactness of it. It doesn’t take up too much space.

Waffler works great, and with the adjustable heat range i can get just the finished texture i want.

This is my first waffle iron and my waffles came out as good as the restaurant i frequent for breakfast. I used krusteaz brand belgian waffle mix for my batter, and the instructions for the iron were easy to follow. I would highly recommend this iron.

It is exactly what we were looking for in a waffle iron and we have been very happy with it.

Great job and terrific machine every thing i wanted and price was right.

First of all, the waffle maker does not make a waffle in 5 minutes as stated in other reviews; its more like 7 mins. I also had to change my normal waffle recipe by using less milk. That being said, i did make a thick, golden waffle on only my second batch using this waffle maker. It’s definitely worth the money.

Going to keep my 15 year old waffler. The indentations were not as deep as my original. . Made a very thin belgian waffle. Adjustable temperature dial was a plus, but the finished product didn’t look like the waffle in the picture.

My parents have a sunbeam waffle iron. They’ve had it since i was a child and it still works perfectly. When i started shopping around i knew i had to get the sunbeam waffle iron. Though not exactly the same as the one my parents have (because that model is now outdated), it has all the same features and then some. It has the indicator light that turns off when the iron is hot and ready, then it turns back on and off again when the waffle is done. It also has a temperature dial on top so you can adjust the temperature for your cooking preferences. I have it almost all the way on ‘dark’ and the waffles turn out perfectly golden brown. With crispy outsides and soft insides. I purchased mine used and it’s like it has been in my family forever. And with the track record that sunbeam has, it probably will be.

I’m very happy with this little waffle machine. It makes perfect waffles and doesn’t need much cleaning. The directions are very helpful. If you follow it right things come out very well. I used its overnight whole wheat recipe and made more than a dozen triangle shapedbelgian waffles. It’s enough for my daughter to eat breakfast for a week along with otherfood. It’s kind of hot on the outside when the waffles are done so watch out. Don’t touch ituntil breakfast is done eating. Other than that it’s perfect for a small to medium family’s usage.

The appliance seems to work very well. Time will tell if it holds up like some of my other sunbeam products we have had since 1973 that were manufactured in good old u. This one comes from china, i wonder if it will last for 42 years?.

I really love and enjoy this product. It was a gift for my husnand. Every since he got it, he eats waffles everyday.

It is just what i was looking for. Makes great waffles, and stands up for space saving storage.

I have nothing to compare it with but i get a waffle in about 5 min.