Amazon Renewed Cuisinart DCC-1200FR Brew Central 12-Cup Coffeemaker – perfect coffee makeer

I have been using this model since around 2001, i think. It has never failed me and works as advertised. I hear there is a newer model. It just plain works great and does not disappoint.

This coffee maker is exactly what i was looking for. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, is quiet, looks nice on the counter and most importantly makes great coffee.

This coffee maker is supposed to be reconditioned but i can’t tell it from a new unit. Here are the specifications for the Amazon Renewed Cuisinart DCC-1200FR Brew Central 12-Cup Coffeemaker:

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  • Retro-style, brushed stainless-steel coffeemaker brews 12 5-ounce cups
  • 24-hour clock/timer for wake-up coffee; brew-pause; programmable shut-off
  • 1-to-4- or 5-to-12-cup brewing options provide maximum flavor
  • Charcoal water filter; decalcification indicator; heat-adjustable warming plate
  • Measures 14-1/4 by 8 by 10-3/4 inches

When i finally ditched the old plain coffee maker and tried this one, i could not believe how much better my coffee tasted. I liked it so much, i bought another one for our vacation house.

Great price, but it didn’t include the filter basket which is an extra charge. My previous coffee maker of the same model came with the filter.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • After Several Years of Dependable Service, it’s Still Going Strong.
  • makes really good tasting coffee

We bought this item after reading it’s the best overall coffeemaker in consumer reports. The only complaints we have is the control setting buttons are somewhat small and hard to read, the digital clock is not illuminated and the water-fill line is not visable from exterior of machine. Otherwise, it lives up to its reputation, makes terrific coffee (much better than our old black & decker), keeps coffee warm for up to 3 hrs and carafe is comfortable to use, easy to clean.

The coffee maker is in new condition and works excellent. Easy to use and great coffee.

Amazon replaced it very quickly and the replacement is very good, no problems at all. . This is our third cuisinart coffee maker and the best one yet. We will probably buy another one. I like the stainless better than the black. Pouring water in, not a problem – use a funnel. I am less than 5′ tall and this works perfect for me. The coffee is very good and we are particular. Our briel espresso machine is in use often. For any drips, put a tray under the machine, works perfect. A great coffeemaker and i like all the little options, especially the 4 cup and under button. We have bought many cuisinart factory reconditioned and never a problem.

I own a couple of the coffee makers and would never consider buying a different one. They are reliable, attractive and brew a smooth, consistant pot of coffee time and time again.

Gifted this to my brother for a housewarming–he specifically asked for this model and since they are no longer made new, i found this refurbished one and went with it.

I have used this coffee pot at others homes and finally got one for myself, love the size the design and it makes great coffee.

Cuisinart real broke the mold with this coffee maker. My wife and i have been using it daily for over five years now and it still performs as well as the first day we used it. One caveat however, was that we removed the charcoal filter and plastic housing. It will grow bacteria on it fairly quickly (being that it’s always damp and in a dark spot). Instead, we just use cold filtered water from the start. If you do that, you don’t need to waste your time with the gross and costly charcoal filters anyway.

Just make sure your item comes with everything it’s supposed to as mine did not have the cuisinart gtf gold tone filter which came with the original brand new one i had bought years ago.

This reconditioned coffeemaker is an excellent value. As i unpacked mine five years ago, i found no signs that it had ever been used before. My guess is that most of these factory-reconditioned units are returned, out-of-the-box, defective items that have never been used.

The coffeemaker is in very good condition, i expected somenthing that i was not going to be able to use. To my surprise the coffemaker was a smart buy. This is the firts time i buy reconditioned items. Com they give the option to return if you are not satisfied.

This works great and is a super value. Heavy duty (at least for the first month of ownership thus far). Hot coffee and good flavor extraction from the bean. It even beeps five times upon completion of the brewing cycle.

I bought this to replace the exact same model that sprung a leak. I didn’t even consider buying a different make or model.

This was my second cuisinart of a similar type. I honestly can’t remember if i purchased this on amazon or elsewhere. The first one had a short good life for 3+ years but eventually the heating element failed. This current one only after 8 months started to now have a power issue where by if you start brewing coffee, it will power off without warning. I realized the power cord coming out the back of the unit was loose going into the maker and if you moved it a little, you can then restart the maker. Oddly, once the coffee has completely brewed, it never has the issue. But this is becoming more and more painful to have to watch your coffee brew so it’s time to change manufacture.

I bought this coffee maker off amazon. Com for my husband and it has seen quite a bit of use since arriving on our door step almost 4 months ago. My only complaint with it (as other people have mentioned) is that the water reservoir is a bit awkward. But please do not let that deter you from purchasing one.I pour the water into the reservoir using the coffee pot and all but about 1 tablespoon of water pours in easily. I just let that 1 tablespoon stay in the pot and mix in with the dripping coffee. If you can live with that you will be very happy with your purchase.

I like all the cuisinart products, especially cuisinart dcc-1200fr brew central 12-cup. Easy to set up, clean and the quality of coffee is good.

BUNN Oster OGG61403 1-2/5-Cubic-Feet Microwave Oven, Moving tray inside extremely noisy and plastic ring of poor quality.

For the price this is an awesome microwave. It is high powered and gets things cooked quick. I would buy it again if i needed another one.

Like this microwave , solid and sturdy. Works well has a lot of features. It is a very large unit had to rearrange kitchen to find a good spot for placement.

I love this microwavepros: very powerful, tons of settings, easy to operate, looks great, & large. Cons: absalutly noneupdate 8 years in and just as powerful as the day i got it, although the light just burned out.

Key specs for Oster OGG61403 1-2/5-Cubic-Feet Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel:

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    by entering your model number.
  • 1200-Watt of total cooking power

Comments from buyers

“Excellent product with equally good prospects
, Very happy with the microwave
, Noisy.

Purchased july of 2013, died march of 2016pros:- pretty cheap- worked well enoughcons:- died too quickly- really annoying beeps that don’t stop when you open door. Would not buy again, but it was fine for what it was.

I purchased the oster microwave after my ge numbers pad quit working after one year. I have had the oster for one month and so far have nothing but praise for this unit. I would recommend this to friends.

Found the perfect microwave.

So far it is working and seems to cook evenly. It got top ratings and i took a chance since i never had this brand in a microwave. The light in the microwave is low but in a normal kitchen it is not a problem, i just use it sometimes in the dark.

Use it on my counter top in the kitchen.

We bought a top-of-the-line panasonic a little over a year ago to replace the same model that had given us many years of faithful service. The new one was different in one important regard: they’d replaced the steel door latches with plastic. They lasted just beyond the warrantee, a fate several other web reviewers are now reporting as well. When i went through a couple of large appliance retailers, i discovered that everyone has switched to plastic. So why did we buy this oster?. Simple: it takes less than 10% the pressure to latch/unlatch the oster vs. The panasonic, and about 20% of the pressure of the next best brand. Oster’s door latches should easily last beyond the lifetime of the oven. They are also rated very highly in the consumer rating magazine that doesn’t like people reporting on their ratings.

This microwave is perfect size for our office. It is very efficient and has a nic appearance. We purchased a different brand from somewhere else and it quit working on day 2. I have been very pleased with this product.

After a few months,, the turntable made a grinding noise when the microwave oven was in operation. We tried making adjustments by turning the ring that supports the glass tray around to see if it was meant to be placed just one way, but it made no difference.

This is a nice microwave , my only complaint is and its not that big of a deal when the timer goes off even if you open the door it continues to beep for 4 beeps.

I thought i was buying a much smaller microwave, and was very surprised at how large this one was. I paid attention to all the reviews and price point, finally deciding that this was a good buy. It is a bit noisy (you know it’s working), but it cooks my food much more evenly and much more quickly thank my old microwave.

I’ve only had it for about a week, though. Since so many microwave oven reviews complain about the short life, i bought the amazon 4-year protection plan, especially since the whirlpool i bought 3 years ago just failed. The amana radar range i had before that lasted over 30 years.

I had been looking for a microwave, came across this one (excellent price on amazon, also had good reviews) with free s & h. Ordered it a week or so before christmas, i did not think it would arrive in time but it did (very pleased with the fast shipping). Microwave buttons are self explanatory, easy to operate. I essentially only use it to warm/heat food (it’s great for those steam/cook in the bag vegetables and microwave popcorn). Have had it a little over a month and absolutely love it.

I works fine; however, its larger than my old one and it uses more power. It shorted the circuit until i moved it to another (less convenient) part of the kitchen. It was too much hassle to return it. It’s working fine in the new location. I caution you to consider energy capacity if your current microwave is smaller than this one.

Moving tray inside extremely noisy and plastic ring of poor quality.

I got this microwave because my previous oster microwave was looking kind of shabby (there was nothing wrong with it). I like my new one, but it’s buttons are different than my previous one, so i had to refer to the instruction manual to figure out how to use the power button, potato button etc. So far it meets my expectations, and i use it every day.

Came on time, right product. Makes food magically delicious.

It cooks really fast and you can barely hear it. It’s very sleek looking as well.

Overall the microwave looks great and has worked perfectly so far. I think that some of the buttons are arranged a bit counter-intuitively, but maybe i was just really used to my old microwave.

I like that it is 1200 watts of power and a lot of features on it.

Delivered promptly in good shape. Good size for everything i want to do.

Panasonic NN-SD772S Stainless 1250W 1 : The delivery was very fast. I receive undamaged.

The button to open the door does not open door crisply, it is labored and only really unlatches, the door must be manually pulled open.

The operation of this microwave took some getting used to, but now that we are in tune to it i cannot believe how well it cooks. My only complaint is that the door seems to sag a teeny bit at the upper right corner. Need to to call tech about this issue.

Really nice looking, powerful microwave. The dial is cool, but to put in a specific time is not as easy as pressing 2 numbers on a keypad. When turning slow it does advance 1 second at a time, and then at :10 it increases in :5 increments. Spin it quick and it increases a couple of minutes in a flash. It takes some getting used to. There is a “quick minute” button which advances a minute each time you press it. Unfortunately you cannot hit it a couple of times and then add say :30 with the dial. It does have a ton of cool features including a keep warm function, multiple defrost functions and sensor cooking. This microwave is probably a lot more than i need as i don’t really use it to cook, but it’s definitely the best i’ve owned. One thing of note, it’s a deep unit at 18″, but then the knob sticks out 1/2″ and the plug is 1 1/2″.

Yes, there are microwaves out there that are cheaper, but if you want a excellent quality microwave, then this is the one you need to purchase. This machine doesn’t cycle on and off when cooking at a lower power, it actually cooks the power level you have chosen (i. , 70 %), therefore you get even cooking. Previously i had a sharp for just less than a year, when the turntable stopped rotating and of course that is not covered by warranty. The only thing that they should improve is brightness of the digital display.

  • Classy, intelligent and it works!
  • So far, so good!
  • Don’t worry about the dial – very easy to get used to.

Panasonic NN-SD772S Stainless 1250W 1.6 Cu. Ft. Countertop/Built-in Microwave with Inverter Technology

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Full-size, 1.6 cu. ft. and 4-digit green display
  • Genius microprocessor microwave automatically sets power levels and adjusts cooking time by measuring amount of steam produced during cooking
  • Inverter Technology delivers consistent energy allowing delicate foods to simmer without edges and surfaces overcooking
  • 1-touch sensor cook and sensor reheat features
  • Keep Warm’ button pulses low power temperature at a constant level without overcooking

It was the type we was looking for. It work right out of the box.

I picked this one because cr rated it highly. My husband is thrilled to death with the flawless “popcorn” setting. It’s a little squat, so it won’t hold a really deep dish. And the door arrived loose at the top hinge and slightly out of true, but by the time i saw it, my husband had already thrown away all the packing material. The heck with it, it works fine.

Great product excellent service .

I thought the dial for setting the time would be annoying, but its very easy. I’ve almost gotten to the point where i can turn it without looking to set the right time. Works just like a microwave should. And it is very sleek and modern looking.

Only complaint so far os how dim the display is. Net of that it is a very powerful and capacious (large) microwave. Very deep – make sure you have the space.I had to redo the shelf my previous microwave sat on.

Received the microwave with a sticker that says, “made with a product that destroys the ozone layer.

Great for limited counter space.

Does everything a microwave should, and fairly quickly.

Replaced one exactly like this 10 years old. Works as well with a few more features.

Had to replace an old westinghouse microwave that broke down and would no longer microwave. This microwave is a huge difference. It is a bit larger than my old westinghouse but much more powerful. Though more powerful, it is also a lot more quiet than any other microwave that i’ve heard. The stainless steel looks great and is easy to wipe off as well. It took a little while to get used to using the knob to put in the time for microwaving instead of typing in digits, but you’ll get used to it pretty quick. Pros:powerfulquietsleek, nice lookingcons:knob takes a bit of time to get used tocommon door latch problem (i haven’t experienced it yet but i’ve only been using it for about 3 months).

. Something happened with the springs in the door. Having the door open with just a spring load latch means that eventually it wears out. Now, it doesn’t think it’s shut unless you slam it several times. Probably not a good thing for the microwave to be doing.

Installed this inside the cabinet in the kitchen island. It’s a lot deeper than i expected, but not as wide and not as tall. Good size for us, its 2 adults in the house. I am sort of regretting getting the micro with the turn knob instead of buttons for setting the cook time, etc. Just because of where we have it installed. . But i am sure i will get used to it. We have it set low in a cabinet (we have to bend down to use the micro) so the screen in hard to see from that angle, but if it was installed at eye level, or set on top of your counter top that wouldn’t be an issue. We had it on the counter for a day or two prior to the install and it was just fine.Ii have to keep the manual out so i can reference it to see how to use some of the features, but as with any new kitchen appliance, i am sure i will remember how to operate it in time.

Cooks good, but takes a little while to figure out how to cook food.

Great microwave, but the led is not very bright. It is hard to read the numbers if you have the sun coming on the window next to it.

Best looking best working microwave i’ve ever owned.

I really like it, but i wish i had one with a handle – fingerprints really show, constantly cleaning outside.

Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine : Starbucks No More

I keep expecting the machine to die and it just keeps going. We do almost no maintenance on it, one of our employees broke the door so we gerry-rigged a hinge. Other than that, we have done nothing. We are now on 11,000 cups ($0. Even with high-quality coffee (we use lavazza super crema) it is less than half the cost of the single-serve coffee, avoids the k-cup environmental disaster, and the coffee quality is excellent. It is sensitive to the bean you use. High oil beans like starbucks will clog the grinder trap door after ~200-400 cups. This is not a problem to fix, you just need to go onto you tube and watch the very good step-by-step instructions for cleaning the grinder. This takes a bit of mechanical aptitude and about 30 minutes. So if you just have to drink high oil beans just be ready to do this cleaning every few months. If you use low oil beans it will go a year between major cleanings. Of course, ymmv but we are extremely happy with how this has performed.

I have had this machine for seven months now, and i know i can’t have a kitchen without it. I have experience using four different espresso models before this one. This is my first fully automatic, and because it is so easy to use, it has become the main coffee machine in the house. I keep lavazza pienaroma in the coffee bean reservoir and use two different lavazza pre-ground decaf coffees in the bypass doser, depending on what i can order in from my location in the sticks. The machine has three programmed buttons for making coffee. I use two of them for espresso and the third for my husband’s more american style coffee. It is very simple to reprogram the buttons. There is a digital screen that gives written messages to let you know when:it is ready to brew,to empty the dreg drawer,to refill the water reservoir,to initiate the cleaning cycle,energy saving mode is enteredbeans need to be refilled,and when steam or hot water is ready for use. Personally i do not care for the fancy optional contraption (cappuchinatore) that helps you make better foam. I finally tried it after a few months of using the machine, and frankly, i prefer making my own.

The package had the inside packing damaged and a slight dent in the front of the machine. There seemed to be no mechanical damage so i kept it. Gaggia 90500 titanium super automatic espresso machine, silver.

I read the reviews and the only concern i had (other than the price tag) was that i would get the dreaded “ventilate” message. Setting up the machine was relatively easy. The only pesky issue (and this still remains) is getting the front panel on. For some reason, it’s a struggle to get it back on. (the only i reason i take it off is to empty the grinded coffee box. )my first latte was so good. It is a loud machine when it makes coffee so i can’t use early in the morning because it would wake the wife and kids. I purchsed the lavazza coffee beans with it, and that is one smooth creamy cup of joe.

  • Starbucks No More
  • 11,000 Cups and Still Going Strong
  • Makes Satisfactory Espresso – Like all in price range, Proven Durable

Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Automatic espresso machine
  • A stainless steel lined brewing boiler and additional steaming boiler; 15 bar pump
  • 60-ounce water reservoir; built-in conical burr grinder; 18 adjustable grind settings
  • Frothing wand; rapid steam for froth with no wait time; 8-1/2-ounce bean hopper; cup warmer
  • Measures 11 by 15-3/8 by 15-1/6 inches

The machine pictured everywhere is not what it looks like complete. The dredge pan and the water overflow is never pictured. That means it adds another 6″ to the total hight. Consequently it would not fit on any counter top that had cupboards above. Still is a great machine and makes excellent coffee.

Have had the gaggia 90500 now for almost 2 years. Over 1,200 coffees brewed with no issues. (it keeps track of the number of coffees brewed) i used to go to starbucks for espressos and lattes at $4 each. This machine has already more than paid for itself. I do not use the steamer, it works ok, but for me it is simpler to microwave the milk and use an electric (batter powered) frothier. (less mess)i would purchase another one today if needed.

The machine works real well. We enjoy the flavor of the coffee and lattes in the evening. Our grown kids compare them to starbucks, real good.

Absolutely love this espresso machine. While i didn’t purchase it from amazon (bought mine from costco – limited time offer) i wanted to give a quick review of a long time happy user. No – this is not an inexpensive machine, but it is an investment that will pay back. You might even find friends coming over more often to enjoy it too. I make about 10 shots a day for the household and steam a good sized pitcher of milk. While the steam can be a little sluggish right after making a shot, it only take a few moments for full power. Be sure to clean the steam wand after each milk use to help. I regularly use starbucks espresso beans from costco which are quite oily and sometimes they get stuck and won’t go down the grinder shoot – but a quick tousle of the beans and that’s that. Good beans will be oily and sticky.

We went into the search for an espresso machine because we determined we were spending way too much money at starbucks. Also, being the fairly lazy people we are, we wanted to minimize the amount of skill and effort we put into making espressos. Therefore, the super automatic was the logical choice. After a fair amount of research, we settled on the gaggia 90500. We have not been disappointed. We have now had this machine for over 60 days with extensive use and are fully satisfied. It creates wonderful coffee, great espresso, and enables us to indulge in truly excellent latte’s. Given our usage and the amount of money we were spending on starbucks, the machine has now paid for itself and we are in “bonus land”. Time will tell if it holds up for months and years, but we have really used it heavily (12 – 15 cups per day) and it has worked great. Update 12/26/2012 – it has now been 9 months that we’ve been using the gaggia 90500 and it is still going great.

Don’t have to stop off in the mornings and buy coffee at the shop any longer. Had to get a second one for my family.

I;ve had this model for about 5 years. My brother stayed with us while house hunting. He wanted one too for his new house, so that speaks volumes.

Will buy another for my home up north.

Makes a great cup of coffee. . We have one for our home in canada and just had to have one for florida.

After i sold my coffeehouse i really wanted to get a serious but not crazy expensive espresso machine for home use. Home machines cannot compare to professional machines, so don’t get your hopes up. We were a busy, award-winning shop and took espresso seriously, just so you know where i’m coming from. I’ve had this machine for 4 years now and still love it. If it weren’t temperamental, i’d give it 5 stars. So as long as you take care of it, it will take care of you. I see some people complain that it leaks. It leaked for me, but i took the front end out and cleaned it up and played around with all the parts to make sure it was operating smoothly. For whatever reason, it stopped leaking. I do, however, set the pre-rinse for every cup so maybe that helps. Sometimes it just needs a little jiggling. I can get decent foam with the steam wand without using the cappuccino attachment – i have never run out of steam for my milk. Oh, and that’s the one thing i really dislike about this machine – the steam knob – it’s too smooth for good traction on that knob.

Have not had a problem since i got it. Replaced gaggia synchrony logic rs.

I bought my first expensive espresso machine to restore fiscal sanity to our household. Although the delonghi was expensive, it paid for itself in a matter of months because my wife was a $tarbucks $neaker. I’ve bought two delonghi espresso makers since then. I liked the coffee, but they were made cheaply and needed frequent repairs. So i bought the gaggia 90500 this time. Although it takes a little time to familiarize oneself with the unit controls, it is much quieter and quicker than the delonghi. The gaggia titanium is easier to use than the delonghi, and appears to be at least as well made, but only time will tell. Most of the brew unit is hard plastic, just like the delonghi, so i doubt it will last forever. But it’s easy enough to use that my wife has started making her own espresso.– which is a big victory for me.

Amazing and easy, should have bought it a long time ago2 things that aren’t great. Grinder get’s stuck and its a bit loud but since the coffee is amazing i can deal with it.

Update: worried about durability when i bought it. It’s been a year of fairly heavy use (about 6 double shots/day) and it has never missed a beat. Best of several such machines i have owned. Really like being able to get two true double shots with by tapping a button twicemy espresso-brewing journey has taken me from the mostly manual capresso 121 to the fully automatic solis palazzo then to the largely comparable delonghi magnifica. Now, it is the gaggia titanium. Still looking for a fully automatic that lasts more than 18 months. (what should one expect for close to $1,000?. – the inexpensive capresso still goes strong while the leaking delonghi and solis clutter a back shelf in my garage. )will it be the gaggia that lasts more than a year and a half?.

Only thing i do not like is the milk froather, to low and so difficult to use. It does not extend much outside so not very functional.

BELLA (13506) 8-inch Quesadilla Maker, Red – Love it! Arrived on time and worth the price

Good device for a quick lunch making, no power button, just plug and go. Came with no manual inside as for cleaning or operation. Just make sure you don’t plug it in and walk away. Heats up pretty good for what i need it for.

This will make quesadillas so good it will make you wanna smack yo momma.

We were guests at our son and daughter-in-law’s house and they made quesadillas for us on their maker. There were so good we came home and ordered our own and have used it every week. Very easy to clean, especially if you wipe it off with a dry paper towel when it’s hot and the cheese is still liquid.

Inside chipped off when cleaning the first time.

This was a gift, so all i know is the recipient was pleased to receive it and it works as well as their previous one.

I love my quesadilla baker so much, it’s in constant use. Easy to use, easy to clean, and perfect to make a quick lunch.

  • Just “ok”
  • Great little machine that makes excellent quesadillas but the lid
  • Love it! Arrived on time and worth the price

Works great,non stick latch could improve not sure how robust it is.

Arrived on time and worth the price.

I am always a little sceptical of kitchen gadgets. Most things can be done with normal appliances for no extra cost. I received this as a christmas gift. I took it out along with a pan. I wanted to compare this gadget with cooking on the stove top. The description says 4-5 minutes for a quesadilla. I can do that on the stove top with the same results. It only takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute to cook a quesadilla that is perfect. It cooks to a nice crispy tortilla without burning it.

Bought for a wedding gift but looks awesome.

This is the perfect size for my quesadillas.

Features of BELLA (13506) 8-inch Quesadilla Maker, Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Non stick plates
  • Built-in drip reservoir
  • Power light on/off and ready light
  • Includes El Paso Chile recipes

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I bought one of these years ago and used it up until the day it finally gave out–and then promptly bought a new one. It’s not fancy, but it works great for the casual home cook.

We really like this quesadilla maker. I broke my fiancé’s and had to replace it and the reviews for this one were good. It melts the cheese perfectly and can take a good amount of ingredients and still close. It seems kind of flimsy, especially the latch, but it works really well.

I love the quesadilla maker. Another one i had didn’t have a rim around it to catch the drippings. I would have to clean the crevices with a straw. I highly recommend this one.

Bakes well, but plastic clip that secures the lid to bottom snapped off the first time it was used.

The kids really enjoy making quesadillas with all their favorite ingredients, and it is a super-easy and fast dinner idea for the days when i am working late and can’t be home in time to make something. We are going to have to keep more tortillas, black olives and sour cream on hand, so the young ones don’t run out.

It’s quick to warm up, easy to clean up. This machine is a great addition to the many cooking gadget/machines we have.

Non stick plates

This thing is great and so easy to use and clean. After very frequent use for almost a year the nonstick surface is still holding up. Just be sure that you do not use metal forks or spatulas and it should last a long time. Perfect for a meal in a hurry when you don’t want a boring sandwich.

Great addition to the kitchen.

Easy for my kids to use and easy to clean. I would recommend to anyone that loves quesadillas.

The latch on this product is not well designed imo. I’ve had it inadvertently pop open and it also disconnected from its hinge. I fixed that problem but i’m still not happy with that. The unit has no on/off switch so it must be unplugged when not in use or it remains hot. It is a deep pocketed cooker but there’s not a lot of room to stuff ingredients. Just an ‘ok’ unit and quite frankly i expected more from the brand name. Thatvsaid, it will cook and seal a skinny quesadea in a few minutes.

This is a great little electronic device. Makes great quesadillas and i also use it to make individual servings of fruit pies.

Built-in drip reservoir

This quesadilla maker is quick set up, quick cook, and quick clean. There’s no science to it for those of us who are challenged in the kitchen and there’s minimal time for those who don’t want to be in the kitchen. Comes ready to use, minimal learning curve.

This is literally my most used product in my kitchen (sad i know). But seriously, i used to make a lot of quesadillas for lunch in college on a pan on the stove and you know i used a butt load of butter, but after i bought this there was no dish washing, no long oil/butter heat up, just delicious cheese pockets. And last but not least, this thing has been working for me for over 6 years.

I never knew how to make a quesadilla before i bought this. I literally couldn’t make a quesadilla (i was 18 at the time it was given to me). However i think i broke it after running some water over it and i was too scared to see if it worked again. But overall it’s a great q-maker. It makes the most perrrrfect quesadillas. I haven’t been able to make a quesadilla as perfectly since. I plan on ordering another one since it was so easy to use.

You may not need a quesadilla maker to make quesadillas at home but it is so fun and easy that we use it all the time. My teenagers and their friends make quesadillas as snacks where they never would ‘break out a pan’ and make them. It toasts both sides and perforates for easy cutting. It heats up quickly and is easy to clean. If you think you might like this, then you will probably use and love it.

What a neat idea for drop in company for making snacks. Very useful for just us too. I love mexican type food and this perfect better than trying to put something together and serve fast tooenjoy this item a lot.

The unit heats up quickly and makes great quesadillas – it just does what you bought it for. I bought mine in a brick and mortar store (not here) but am completely happy with what i got.

Great little machine that makes excellent quesadillas but the lid latch is puny. When i do a thick, well filled quesadilla, i hold the lid down with a pot holder. Even with that inconvenience, this is still a useful product.

Power light on/off and ready light

At first we used this q-maker every day. Perhaps that’s why it fell apart. It still works but the handle is extremely temperamental when my young adult sons overfill the shells. The plastic around the hinge has cracked off but it still works. The drip drawer handle cracked off as well. It’s better with a plate under it now. We received this as a gift in april 2011. I’m in the market for a better one.

Includes El Paso Chile recipes