Cuisinart Automatic Coffeemaker Burr Grind and Brew 12 Cup Charcoal Water Filter 5 Oz, Best for “coffee snobs”

Worked great, but now only one person drinks coffee in our house now, so it’s a bit too much. Plus it quite loud when grinding. Now even i can get my hot~water for my tea too and my hubby has his coffee quick & quietly.

We received this as a wedding gift 6 years ago this week. It died on us in january, but after using pretty much every day for almost 6 years – i think it did it’s job. It’s a good little coffee maker for the price; considering there are not too many grind & brew options. Coffee makes grind & brew that’s cheaper and breville makes one that costs twice as much. The grinder does need to be maintained at least once a week (w/ daily use) but think about it, freshly grinded/brewed coffee every morning. Plus, you can ditch your wake up alarm and just set the timer on this puppy to wake you up with the grind and smell of morning brew. Agree with some of the other posts claiming the carafe design sucks. It does, but i learned to live with it and all in all, i think it’s a great buy. Will be buying again, now that it’s met it’s bitter end.

It took a long time to figure out how to work this machine.

Key specs for Cuisinart Automatic Coffeemaker Burr Grind and Brew 12 Cup Charcoal Water Filter 5 Oz, Brushed Stainless Steel:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Elegant Brushed stainless steel styling
  • 8 oz. Bean hopper with a sealed lid to prevent moisture
  • Burr Grinder automatically grinds beans before brewing
  • Strength selector – Choose coffee strength when brewing with the grinding of beans: Strong, Medium or Mild
  • Portion Control – Program the amount of coffee you want to grind: choose from 2 – 12 cups

Comments from buyers

“The best!!!!
, Really happy with this coffee maker!
, Great machine.

(was a gift)-so far i heard, they like it .

If i had reviewed this coffeemaker a year ago, i would have raved about it. Lining up the handle, the brew basket arrows, grind on/off, strength, # of cups, water level. Whew and that’s the easy stuff.What i later learned is that you have to dry each piece completely before making a second pot, you must clean the shoot from the grinder to the brew basket every 3 – 4 uses, you have to run a vinegar and water solution through it once a week, you have to soak the lid to the pot and the cover to the brew basket to remove sediment that settles in it. When i say, ‘have to’, i mean, ‘have to’ or else your coffee will run over the top of the pot rather than into it. Also, water will get trapped and steam will escape above. This is my one hour sunday ritual and i’m getting really sick of it. I also run it through the dishwasher but i use my coffeemaker every morning and only run my dishwasher once or twice a week. However, if you are willing to put this kind of effort in.

I had a cuisinart grind and brew, but this is the first with the burr grinder. Better coffee and much easier to clean.

This makes great coffee when it works. As posted, you must clean the chute every 7-10 uses. Serious problems arise if you put frozen or cold beans in the chute because they condense moisture which will immediately clog the chute. Also take great care when pouring water in the reservoir because if it make its way into the chute, it will also clog the chute. I found that certain beans such as starbucks which has a high oil content cause early clogging. I recommend using the spray arm on the sink to fill. I made a tool from 12 gauge copper wire to clean the deeper parts of the chute that the brush doesn’t reach. Finally the pitcher can be very hard to open at times so i put a little veg oil to help that. A lid redesign is needed or a tool to help open the pot. Finally it is difficult to get the last cup out unless you are very flexible.

I have had this coffee maker for a few months and have had 0 issues with it. I use the time in the morning and just bring the carafe to work with me, stays hot all day. You simply can’t beat the taste of the coffee, freshly ground and don’t sit on a burner to bitter the taste. Parts are very easy to take off and clean. I was able to replace my kuerig (tired of paying for k-cups) , grinder, and former coffee pot with this.

We bought this coffee maker 20 months ago and still love it. We make one pot (10 cups – not the full 12) every day. I only need to clean out the grinding chute when i add beans which is about every 6 uses. It’s super easy to clean and even comes with a combo measuring spoon/cleaning brush which is what i use. We primarily use javana flavored beans but have used the non-grind feature occasionally. All in all, this is by far the best coffee maker we’ve ever owned and highly recommend it to anyone who likes to grind fresh beans for each pot of coffee. Much less clean up than our previous model and way easier than using a separate grinder.

My husband and i have been using this coffee maker for over a year and a half and we love it. We mostly use fresh coffee beans, so we use the coffee grinder feature a lot. When we cleaned it for the first time, it was easy to do and watch along with the ‘how-to’ dvd. If we had to list one complaint it would be that when you get to the bottom of the carafe and need to pour the coffee out, you literally have to turn the carafe upside down (twisting your arm a little). We don’t think that this is a major drawback because on the flip side, this carafe keeps your coffee piping hot for hours. We highly recommend this coffee maker to those that love freshly ground/brewed coffee.

We bought this coffee maker to replace an older generation cuisinart. Any of the nuisances that we had with the older version coffee maker have been fixed in this one. I am surprised how much better the coffee tastes with this coffee maker. Cleaning the grinder area is only a minor inconvenience after each hopper full of beans. Could not be happier with this coffee maker.

The cuisinart fully automatic burr grind and brew thermaltm 12 cup coffeemaker dgb900bcc is an heroic machine. It does its task of making fine coffee without complaint. Fill the machine with water and coffee, set the timer, and forget your coffee cares and worries. Your coffee will be ready, expertly brewed and hot, ready for you to enjoy, at the time you designated. This is a manifest blessing and boon to the coffee lover. This machine is very easy to clean and maintain as well; much easier than previous models.

Appreciate the convenience of having grinder on the machine but if you use dark, oily beans it requires daily cleaning of the grinder shoot. Sometimes the beans dropping from the hopper get into a bind and it will not grind without removing the beans. Area where black plastic top part of the carafe meets metal part has a leak and drops coffee onto the counter when pouring a cup. Had an issue with the button on the bottom of the brew basket holder broke off. Sent several email messages to their customer service dept without any reply for over 3 months. Found a customer service phone number – was on hold 17 minutes before a live person came online and helped me with getting a warranty replacement part.

I don’t often review products, but i am so pleased with this purchase i felt compelled to express my thoughts. Prior to buying this machine, we had the earlier version of the cuisinart grind and brew. The motor on that machine had died after 8 or 9 years. In researching replacement options, this machine had enough negative reviews to make it less than a slam-dunk decision, but the alternatives also had up and down reviews. Since our experience with the previous generation grind and brew was overall positive, we decided to give it a shot. After a month, we find this machine not only delivers superior coffee than its predecessor, but is much simpler to use in the following ways:loading beans in the machine every three or four days instead of every day;easy brushing of the chute once a week, instead of washing parts every day;settings for strength and # of cups is simplersome of the reviews said clogging was an issue with starbucks beans, but that has not been our experience. I will check back if problems develop.

This purchase replaced the same model that i had for years. I like the improved pouring spout. This machine makes the best coffee.

These product is a good coffee maker. Not thrilled about having to clean so much when doing the grinding but what the hey. It is nice to have it all in a reasonalbe sized package.

I love this coffee maker; i use eight o’ clock coffee beans and they turn out perfect. Love the feature of making your coffee strong, med, mild; i set mine to med. I haven’t had the experience of the shoot clogging up with the exception when i was a little careless pouring the water in the reservoir and the beans got a little wet. If you use oily beans then perhaps this might pose a problem.

I had one of these for 2 years and it finally died. I hesitated before replacing it because of the reviews. Whne i reviewed other other brands, i found they did not fare any better. I am glad that i did purchase this a second time. It is quieter, a little faster on the brewing time, the chute does not need cleaning very often, and the brush fits in the chute. I will give this a 5 when the grounds can be finer. They are coarse and use a lot of beans.

I purchased this before reading some of the negative reviews. While i agree that it is a bit messy to clean the filter basket, i have not run into any of the other problems noted. And, it is the only coffeemaker that i have ever owned that actually pours coffee into the cup without dribbles all over the counter. So far, this is by far the best grind/brew option i have ever owned and i much prefer it over grinding separately.

This is the best machine on the planet. It makes better coffee than starbucks. You must take care of it though. Clean the chute every pot and rinse the top with hot water. We had problems until we started doing all of the above. We have had the machine right now for 5 years with no problems now. Use illy coffee for a killer drink.

The cuisinart coffee maker & grinder is an excellent machine. I have owned it for about three weeks. It clearly makes the best coffee i have had at home. I set up the coffee pot the night before to automatically grind and brew at 5:15 in the morning. I usually, drink my coffee 30 minutes to an hour later after brewing. It pours out of the carafe just right. I read where reviewers were complaining about it leaking.

Best coffee maker i’ve ever owned.

I bought this coffee maker waaaay back and loved the coffee but hated the way the thermal carafe poured (poorly. ) well i bought a new one for a second home and wowowow they now have a new spout on the carafe and it works very well. The coffee is excellent and stays warm. Don’t worry about the strength because within a few tries you will have the settings figured out. I highly recommend this unit. Btw their is a competitor out there but beware because they do not have a water gauge on the outside of the unit. You have to tip-toe to peer inside and even then it is difficult at best to see the marks. My sister has it and it is a pain in the neck. The cuisinart unit cleans very easily too.

I have owned this coffeemaker for almost two years. Yes, it is a little high maintenance and my daughter still can’t make coffee with it; however, if you are an avowed coffee snob like me, you will never be happy with another after this model. Consistently makes the best coffee i’ve had and if you use fresh roasted beans, you won’t even want to go to starbucks anymore. We rarely go out for coffee now.If you are of average mechanical intelligence, then watching the video will give you all the relevant info you need to operate this machine. We’ve never had any issues with the grinder and we use it twice a day. I don’t use espresso beans, but i do buy fresh beans every few days so they are relatively oily and i clean the chute about once every two weeks. That part is tedious, but it is well worth it for truly exceptional coffee. If you enjoy dried out folger’s preground coffee down to the bottom of the big plastic bucket, then the fabulosity of this coffeemaker will be lost on your tastebuds. Go for something simpler to operate.

DeLonghi RO2058 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven, Love it!

My ovens have been out of commission for the past 6 weeks. I never realized how often i used my ovens until i had to wait for a ‘back ordered’ part. Bought this model as it had everything i wanted and the price was right. I think it’s a great toaster oven/ convection oven broiler.

I used b&d toaster ovens for years. Now products so cheaply made i looked for alternative. Was leery at first because of price, but turned out this product to be well worth the higher price point. Busy life means cooking on weekend and reheating during the week. Use daily and get results not available nuking leftovers. Never use house oven anymore.

This product had been a workhorse.

Key specs for DeLonghi RO2058 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven with Rotisserie:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Multi-function 6-slice toaster oven with rotisserie spit
  • Choose from bake, bake with convection, broil, toast, slow bake, and keep warm
  • 20-liter cavity fits a 12-inch pizza; removable crumb tray; nonstick interior
  • Nonstick bake pan, nonstick broil tray, and flat rack included
  • Measures 19-3/8 by 14 by 10-3/7 inches

Comments from buyers

“It got to me super fast and completely undamaged
, love our DeLonghi
, Best toaster oven on the market – durable and cooks to perfection

Prefect for every day dinners – the convection is great for roasts, turkeys, etc. I’ve used delonghi products for years – they are high quality and priced right.

Works very well as a toaster oven/boiler and the regular oven, convection feature doesn’t really seem to make that much of a difference.

My third delonghi convection toaster over. Bigger than the older models.

We are really enjoying this toaster oven with rotisserie. The only feature i really don’t like is that the racks do not pull out when i open the door and then they don’t have a stop on them so that they fall out if pulled out just a little too far. The rotisseie has worked beautifully for a whole chicken, a pork loin roast and a turkey breast. Toasting is not as even as a standard toaster, but if you place your bread, english muffin, etc in the positions recommended in the booklet it does a passable job.

We purchased this from amazon after our previous one (exactly like this one) died. We actually purchased another toaster oven (from a different retailer) that was supposed to have similar features, but we hated it. So, we returned that one, and purchased this one since we knew we liked it.

I have used it to cook finger foods for my son such as french toast, fish sticks, hash browns, and tator tots. It has also worked wonderful for chicken and scalloped potatoes. So nice no having to turn on the oven to cook quick meals for my toddler. Fits beautiful on my counter without taking up a lot of space, and with the tabs on the back you don’t have to pull the unit out from your wall because of the heat it’s already built in. This is my first toaster over and i have been wondering how i lived without one. I have yet to use the rotisserie but expect to soon.

This is a good looking, solid unit. Far better than the black and decker convection i paid more for. Haven’t used the rotisserie yet, and like other reviewers it is strange the temperature doesn’t go higher. Overall, i think it will have a decent lifespan.

Bought for my elderly mother for christmas due to good looks and ergonomic knobs; writing still a little to faint for her vision, but better than most. A couple points that could be better: do not like the fact that cannot stop or adjust toast cycle once starts; must wait for timer to go through cycle. Do not like the fact that multiple knobs have to be in certain positions in order to perform each function, e. However, with simple instructions i think she will be able to get this right.

This toaster oven is like a mini convection oven. It’s great because i don’t have to heat the house up to bake. It does cakes better than my big oven, too. Not the greatest for toast, and only small items fit in the rotisserie over the bake pan. But, both functions perform adequately.

I got this oven a few weeks ago, and wow, am i impressed. On top of getting it for a great price, this large size oven comes with a rotisserie, broil pan, a cookie sheet and 2 racks. So far i’ve used it to bake chicken, a whole large frozen pizza, croissants, and a few other dishes. It’s a bit larger than your average toaster oven, but with all it does, i don’t mind the extra size since i don’t have an actual oven. Only downsides are that like most toaster/countertop ovens the exterior gets hot; and the food near the door doesn’t bake/brown at the same rate (i just turned the food midway), but it’s not a huge difference anyway. Excellent substitute oven for a door room or small apt.

Had same model before for many years and loved it. That’s why, when it longer worked right, i ordered another one.

My 88 y/o mom had this model and after 5 years of daily use it needed to be replaced. She was thrilled to get the exact same model because she already knew how to use it.

I have been very disappointed in this oven. I had a delonghi oven that i bought several years ago and it was a great oven, but the knob wore out and i had to use pliers to turn it off and on. The old oven was so much better and toasted the bread much faster. This one takes a long time to toast bread and is far more flemzy and the rotisserie doesn’t have enough power to keep even light weight meat turning. I also had bought a delonghi coffee pot and i don’t think it is very good quality either. I will never buy another delonghi product again.

I purchased this same item in the ‘last century’. After reading about and shopping for newer models of convection/toaster ovens i decided to go with delonghi again. It works very well and i am pleased.

For the price, you get what you pay for. Ithe biggest down fall is that the racks do not have a safety catch at the back, so when you pull the rack out to flip what you’re cooking. The rack will fall out and you potentially will lose your meal.

The purpose of our purchase of this oven was to use the microwave less. Also to keep the kitchen cooler in the summer, we live near phoenix and it is the perfect way to bake without all the heat. Finding baking pans has been a problem. The rotisserie is a big disappointment, as it is to close to the top of the oven, so have never used it. I tried to put a roast on it, but the roast was to big for this purpose, it was not a very big roast, guess it is only for bite size pieces. I will try it again someday, to be able to find a way to make it work. I love the way it reheats pizza, crisp crust. It reheats fast without making leftovers soggy. Bakes fast and well, only remember it is a small oven, you have to change the way you use this oven compared to the old standby oven, keep them both.

I also have a delonghi space heater that i love.

This is one great little oven for all sorts of heating and cooking. The convection feature is especially good because it ‘crisps’ the outside of the food while slowly cooking the ‘inside. ‘i am so glad i bought it and many thanks, amazon, for being such a marvelous way to shop without running all over the place.

Bought it for mom, she loves it for the smaller cooking tasks, much better than heating up the big oven.

My wife and i have had a delonghi toaster oven in our house since before we were married. It has been the most-used and depended on piece of kitchen equipment that we have (except for the coffee maker). I use this 5-10x more than the microwave and it never disappoints. The convection feature is a necessity for making oven-baked chicken, baked potatoes, or anything that you’d like to have cooked with a consistent and even temperature. I actually bought two of these and have a brand new one sitting in its unopened box because we wouldn’t want to go even a day without one of these readily available.

I use it every day, it is my 2nd one in about 15 years. I would not use anything else.

Proctor Silex K4087Y Cordless Electric Kettle : Great

The water gets hot in less than a minute and stays hot for a good length of time. It’s just what i need to have a hot cup of tea or two throughout the work day. My only criticism is that the cord is so short.

I need a good cuppa at least 3 times a day. This kettle is fast, quiet, and consistent. I love that you can remove it from the base.

Proctor Silex K4087Y Cordless Electric Kettle, 1.7-Liter

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Faster than a microwave
  • Safer than a stove top kettle
  • Automatic shut off with boil-dry protection
  • Drip free pouring
  • Concealed heating element

Does what it says — boils water quickly and is easily refillable. I run the water from the faucet directly into the spout, so no problems with forgetting to snap the lid shut. Careful when pouring, though. If you pour too fast the stream sort of bifurcates and splashes out.

So far this kettle works perfectly. Heats water quickly and turns off by itself once the water is heated. I really wanted this latter feature. I boil all of my drinking water so the kettle gets used several times every day. I had another kettle i used for years but left behind when i moved. I then ordered one of the only kettles in stock at target and it lasted less than 3 months (ugh). This kettle seems very sturdy. For those who don’t read directions: it is important if you want your kettle to last to empty out excess water after each use. Leaving water in the kettle will affect the life of the kettle.

It seems like most of the other reviewers were annoyed that they had a smell or a taste from their kettle. Before my first use i rinsed out the inside, then boiled a full kettle and i was good to go. I use this at least twice a day. Every night i brew some kava tea and almost all mornings i’ll make some oatmeal. The water is boiled and ready for my oatmeal long before my scrambled eggs are done. It is a decent stream so i’m not getting a lot of splashing back or overflow.

Proctor Silex K4087Y Cordless Electric Kettle, 1.7-Liter : I use my electric kettler constantly. At least 4 – 5 times a day, brewing water for tea, and it never fails me. The tines and inside are easy to clean and the whole thing is easy to care for. I don’t feel like it’s cheap and cheesy like a previous kettle i had.

I got hooked on electric kettles after a trip to europe, where hotels stock them in rooms. I did find after first uses that the pot acquired a bit of a moldy smell. I now keep the top open until the pot dries out and this fix seems to solve the problem. Gauge on front makes amount of water easy to estimate.

Unlike previous reviewers, i haven’t had any problems pouring from this thing. Sure if you turn the kettle to be completely perpendicular to the ground when it is full, you’ll get some spillage, but if you’re not trying to fill a cup in half a second it’s really not an issue. I’ve had this kettle for a few weeks, and haven’t seen any rust on the heating coil as has been reported on other similarly priced units. I like the reasonable volume, quick boil time, and rugged construction of the main functional components. I should note that while it works well, the materials and design of this unit clearly distinguish it as the lower-end of hamilton beach (parent company of proctor silex) kettles. The plastic feels cheap, and you have to wonder why they made the unit so visually top heavy. However, if you’re looking for a functional, inexpensive kettle like i was, you probably don’t care about all that. It’s a great bet for the price point.

It boils quickly, looks good, the docking station works well, and despite what i’ve seen in some reviews the pour spout is fine. My gripe with this product (which really makes it a 3. 5 star and not a 4) is that the volume measurements are large and useless. I don’t mind that it’s in the metric system, but it doesn’t even translate well to imperial measurements. A standard coffee mug is between 8 and 12 ounces, and there’s effectively no gradient on this thing that translates in any way. Still, in the main this is a good product.

Does exactly what it is suppose to do, hot water in what seems like seconds. Is fast, water is boiling, so if you are really into tea making you will know water temp is important for certain teas so will have to stop the process if you need not quite so hot. Light weight and nice looking, would buy again.

I purchased this to replace an old electric kettle which broke. I paid much more for the old kettle and it did nothing more than this one. At the price, you just can;t go wrong and when it eventually breaks, i will replace it with the same thing.

But usually such things lasts 1-2 years. It is rather big and boils enough water.

This thing does what it needs to do: it boils water fast. However, it’s a little awkward to use. The cord is really short, so unless you are planning on plugging it into an outlet right above the counter-top while the kettle sits right next to it, don’t buy it. Pouring is also a little uncomfortable. Water tends to spill from under the lid at the top that is supposed to remain shut.

I must admit i was a bit wary about purchasing this after reading the negative reviews. However, there was no offensive smell in the kettle i received. It is a big large for my personal use, but nevertheless heats water fairly quickly. Water will spill out of the spout if not held at a certain angle – please don’t ask me what that angle is, i barely passed geometry. Even so, i have no problem with this kettle and i’m very glad i purchased it.

Works as expected, providing hot water when needed/wanted. Great little additionlike the look and ease of useif you want hot (and i do mean hot) water quick, this little kettle does the job.

I used to drink tea all the time in germany but haven’t done so in a while since i moved back to texas. Well now that i have my own water heater i plan to be making a whole lot more tea.

It boils the water quickly and it doesn’t drip. I use it at work, so that is important to me. I wish it had different temperature settings, but then it would have been more expensive.

This product works but is is very cheaply made. You have to prize up the lid to put water in, and it does not open all the way but be careful as it may break. You also need to take care when pouring as if you tip it a bit too much water pours out of the top. It brings water to a boil pretty fast but there is no way to control the temperature as on a cuisinart. It works but i would have opted for higher end as i think this is a cheaply made model and i question its durability.

I prefer this type of kettle because there is no cord directly attached to it. It is more convenient to move it from the stand to the table when you have guest. Also it is priced very reasonable.

I’ve had this for only a month, and have had zero problems with it, so far. It holds a lot more than my older proctor silex kettle, which is great, because i’m a big tea drinker. People have said to empty the kettle of any extra water to prevent rust. I never emptied out my old kettle after each use, and never had any rust, so i’m hoping this one is the same. It boils fast, and stays hot for long periods of time. It’s faster to boil, using this kettle, then pouring it into a pot on the stove so it can cook faster. People have also said that it sprays hot water when you pour it. I had this problem once but only before i realised that if i pour just a tad bit slowly, it will not spray. It also has an automatic off switch once the water boils, which is great, so then it won’t boil dry. It will click off, but just note that the lid needs to be tightly shut otherwise it will continue to boil until you turn it off.

I don’t have to worry about boil out the water. I have done that at least two with various tea pots. Now i just turn it on and have hot water when i want it.

The kettle brings your water to a rolling boil in minutes, as in its boiling before i finish brushing my teeth fast. And the screen at the spout allows you to brew large batches of teas if your brewing for a group or to fill a hot travel canister. It’s cheap, it works, and doesn’t foul up after a few uses. I use mine multiple times daily and it still works like brand new. Had it for about 4 months now.