Munchkin Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer : She loved it.

Do come out with this product food particles, a bit rough, when the baby swallowing a little stuck, i only have to do the cooking juice machine, this product is currently not help, hope he age grew up a little bit can use this.

Good for chopping and cooking baby meals. Anything that makes this task easier is welcome. When you cook small amounts you need something like this that can do it all.

Great product to use for fast and easy baby food making. I like being able to have 1 product meant for the baby’s food only. Love that you can order the pieces you need to complete the set if you want. I have no problems with this item and would purchase it again if needed.

It’s pretty good, only wish it would cut veggies into smaller pieces.

  • Great steamer, not so great chopper
  • My go to product from 4 months – Toddler
  • Don’t burn yourself!

Munchkin Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Imported
  • 2-in-1 chops and steams quickly
  • Stainless steel cutting blade dices for easy steaming
  • Sliding lid converts from chopper to vented steamer for the microwave
  • Cleaning tool and dishwasher safe parts make cleaning easy
  • Lid also slides to airtight storage position so you food stays fresh if you take a break after chopping

Save your money, and chop them yourself. A knife is easier and way less annoying to use/clean than this thing (however, it is awesome as a steamer).

I bought theis particular steamer hoping the “chopper” portion would be more useful. You must chop the food small and in equal pieces for the chopper to actually, well, chop. Therefore i would have saved money by purchasing the other one i had in my hand and chopping the food myself. The steamer itself works well.I recommend this product for anyone who doesn’t plan on making baby food often. If you plan on making every meal, i suggest just buying a quality(and larger) steamer.

I wanted to like this product, but it was hard to chop veggies.

It works great but you need to very careful when you remove it from the microwave if you are steaming veggies. Take the tray out before removing the lid, otherwise it’s very easy to lose grip of the pieces which may result in burns from the scalding hot water. I made this mistake and now have second degree burns on my lip and face. Aside from the danger of burning with water, the chopper works great, it’s a convenient all-in-one tool, and i will use it again — only more carefully.

Does the job for what its made for. But the quality is not so good.

Item is nicely made and is as showntransaction was seamless and shipping was right on.

I just got it and so far so good. Great for chopping food and even steams food in microwave.

The steamer works well but it will not chop anything that is hard like carrots or sweet potato. Only chops soft vegetables which defeats the point.

This product is an excellent steamer, my problem is with the chopping. I steamed baby carrots and couldn’t really get them minced enough that my son could eat them without me having to go back and chop by hand. It is very cheap but i probably could have jsut bought a cheap steamer since the chopping aspect is worthless.

I chose this rating because it is very high quality and works just as it says it does. I got it for my daughter so she could make her own baby food and she uses it often.

It’s really small, for the same price or cheaper you can get a regular size chopper.

Didn’t work good with the carrots i tried.

I used this to chop apples, pears, spaghetti, and carrots. It was a bit difficult to get some of the larger hard pieces all the way through the blade grid but with some force, putting a flat edge facing down, and by cutting them a bit smaller they did get chopped. It would be useful for chopping veggies for salads or onions before cooking. The steamer is very easy to use once i get the fruit or veggies in there and it works well to get them soft so i can either mash them up into a puree or feed as finger foods. I would even use this to steam veggies for the whole family. The pieces come apart and it comes with a little comb i thought i would never use but it is actually very helpful in getting the food unstuck after chopping. I was worried about the plastic staining when i used it to chop up spaghetti but i rinsed it right after i used it and it came clean. I would recommend this product to someone who wants an easy way to prep food for their baby and probably for years after as well. The price is fair for the fact that it serves dual purposes.

I can’t live without this product. I use it almost daily, and actually have multiple in my rotation. I use the steamer basket for all kinds of things, not just baby food. When my kiddo was an infant and just starting solids, i used this product to steam the veggies before i puree’d them in the magic bullet. Now that she is older, the chopper makes the perfect size for toddler hands and we use it to chop veggies, apples, pears, etc and serve to her directly.

The concept of this product is really great and i was way excited to use it. The chopping part was kind of disappointing. As i chopped food, the blades got pushed and bent so eventually the plastic part that pushes in between the steel grate would get stuck and not go down all the way. Occasionally it would even shave off flecks of the plastic into the food. I don’t know about you, but i would rather not feed plastic to my babyeven though the chopping part disappointed me, it works really great as a steamer and i will continue to use it. Overall it was an okay product, i just wish the steel grate wouldn’t slide over when i chop.

I love that i can steam the veggies right in the contained i chopped them in.

I would have given it 5 starts but i wanted to wash it out first and the water got in-between the handle and little white teeth–there is no way to remove the ‘teeth’ so that it can dry completely. Other than that it has several of the features that i was looking for.

DELLA Ice Maker Electric Machine Countertop Cube Size Easy-Touch Buttons Yield Up To 26 Pounds of Ice Daily – Some things are not apparent when shopping for these units

The della countertop ice machine makes plenty of ice as advertised, but the cubes are wet and if put in a freezer the ice will freeze harder and stick together. My plans to make ice prior to company arrival and store in a freezer didn’t work out very well. Perhaps storing in a cooler may be a better option, but i haven’t tried that yet. The machine is somewhat noisy and beeps whenever ice is full or it wants more water. I have mine in a separate pantry from our kitchen and great room so the noise isn’t too bothersome. You wouldn’t want this machine operating near bedrooms. For the most part, it does the job and supplements the ice maker in our refrigerator which we often out run when we entertain or have family members staying with us for several days.

Works good for the two of us. Excellent for making drinks. Not enough for an ice chest. If you plan ahead and have a freezer the ice can be made in large quantities and stored for large use.

Some things are not apparent when shopping for these units. They make ice, they don’t ‘keep’ it. The ice is put into a hopper after it is made and the hopper is not refrigerated. If you want to keep the ice you have to put it into a separate freezer. If you have guests and are using the ice as it is made this is not necessary. If you do not remove the ice to a freezer or use it, it will melt. It would essentially keep making the same water into ice if you don’t remove it. The ice is a wet product and when you are going to put it into a freezer it helps to shake as much of the loose water off of it as possible. It is also helpful to keep breaking the ice up as you are adding more wet ice or you will end up with it stuck together. The machine makes ice at a decent pace, i just run it every few days and fill a container in the freezer. Here are the specifications for the DELLA Ice Maker Electric Machine Countertop Cube Size Easy-Touch Buttons Yield Up To 26 Pounds of Ice Daily:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Convenient, compact, and incredibly fast, the DELLA portable ice maker makes ice cubes in less time than it takes to run to the store
  • It’s perfect for small kitchens, dorms, RVs, and anywhere you want to entertain
  • Easy push touch buttons with Icons for digital control; Yield Up To 26 Pounds of Ice Daily
  • See through window allow for process monitoring & ice level checking
  • Alerts of peace of mind: Low water level & maximum ice capacity reached

About 3 to 4 dozen bullet cubes per hour.

I researched the ice makers and this one too. I bought this one because della makes machines for resturants. This machine has exceeded it self. Contary to other reviews it does keep ice cubes cool for me. I go to bed and wake up with ice cubes.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great little machine!
  • Some things are not apparent when shopping for these units
  • Loud, annoying beeps and blocks of ice.

We love this product, we ordered, how simple it came fast we had it in time for our event and it worked right out of the box and now we love our frig more too. Fresh water, fresh ice when we need it, and out of the way when we don’t. It even works in our rv for times when we have events at state parks. Just a nice thing to have when we need extra ice. We love the shape of the ice too.

The ice is a little wet when it first gets done but a little time in the freezer and it’s fine. I’m pleased with my purchase.

I live in a camper and space for ice is minimal and bags of ice are a hassle. This sit perfectly in a corner that is rather an odd spot and this ice maker has made that space make sense. I love the style of ice it makes and it cranks it out once you figure out how to use it. The instructions were not quite clear but its easy enough to figure out. Plug it in let it sit for 30 minutes, pour water in and press the button few minutes later ice baby. It flashes when it needs more water. We do unplug it when its made enough to fill our freeze container (that take up less space than ice trays). However when you unplug and replug don’t forget the warm up part.

The ice maker in my fridge is no longer of any consequence. This is a great ice maker- it makes it as fast as we can consume it, and that’s no small feat.

The refrigerator ice maker has been broken 3 times but this little della ice maker just keeping going and going and going. I love how much ice it produces, enough for a family of 4 heavy ice users. My only complaint is that i wish the ice cubes were a little larger. Ice cubes that are this small tend to melt quicker and when living in the hot, humid deep south, you want your ice to last as long as it possibly can when you are taking drinks outside. The della unit makes ice very quickly, about 8 cubes in 3 minutes, and then continues to build up from there. Glass of ice within 10 minutes.

I got one of these because the water where i live made funny tasting ice cubes. I made ice about once a week for four months. The machine worked just fine. Yesterday i went to make my weekly batch and the machine just beeps at me when filled. I went through all the troubleshooting steps in the manual and that i could find online. I sent a request for a refund and was told that the 90 day period has passed so i am out of luck. Amazon’s a-z guarantee doesn’t do anything either. I now have a hundred dollar paper weight. The machine has never left my counter nor seen any rough use, i really liked it until it gave up on life. So if you want to throw away some money to rent an ice maker for 75 cents a day i highly recommend this ice maker.

The ice maker in our fridge broke. We needed ice the della does a great job. We don’t use it as much now that we have a new fridge but it’s there if we need extra ice.

The counter top ice maker makes ice real fast. The only reason i didn’t give it five stars is i wish the basket for the finished ice was larger. We have to fill with water more often than our old one. But it is faster to freeze ice.

Great, awesome, what other wonderful things can i say. Yes it is noisy in quiet kitchen, and it puts out a little heat, but for our second home where the water is less than great and we used to buy bagged ice it is wonderful. Perfect amount of ice for two to four people, easy to clean and drain when we leave, have ice within 1 hour of set up.

When the ice maker quit in fridge freezer had to start buying bags of ice. . And boy that was adding up, so checked into table top ice makers. This ice maker is fantastic. . Keeps me in ice and makes up bags of ice for him for the day. About every 10 mins ice drops, music to my glass loli like my ice water, etc. Its been so hot in ga this year, i have been going thru the ice.

24 hours after receipt of item, we are happy with the amount of ice made. The noise from the machine is not significant. We will update this post over time.

Ice starts to melt and drip in the machine as soon as its dropped in the little tray, so when i dump it into the ice container in my freezer, it all freezes into one big chunk. Would not buy again or recommend.

We have been petitioning to get an industrial ice machine for the company with no luck, we found this one and keep it in our department. It is the perfect size, it’s almost silent and keeps our drinks cold. It makes the perfect amount of ice for us.

This is the second icemaker i have purchased. Since i liked the fella so much,i bought a second. Well the second didn’t have all the features as the first,even with amazon’s records saying was supposed to be exactly the very same. The second unit only produces 1 size of ice,while the first did 3.

When it gets full, it beeps 8 times. Some ice melts, the level drops, it beeps once and makes more ice, then beeps 8 times again. It says the beeps are to let you know it’s full, so you can empty it. We left our igloo ice maker turned on 24/7, leaving the ice in it. The first day we had it, it didn’t seem to know that it was full. The ice piled up in front of the tray until it couldn’t tip to empty itself. It kept pumping water into the tray and freezing it until it was a big solid block. We had to turn the machine off and wait for the block to melt.

This ice maker is perfect for the kitchen counter and works great. It keeps up with two peoples ice needs on a daily basis.

SharkNinja Nutri Ninja 2-in-1, This thing gets used on an almost daily basis —

Very easy to use and i love the food processor part of it. So much lighter than my old processor.

This thing gets used on an almost daily basis — from making smoothies for an 8 year old to quick veg processing to making homemade icing for a cake to making creamy soups, it is absolutely worth the purchase.

This is a fantastic product for making individual drinks that also does much more than make smoothies – it is also a medium – size, powerful food processor for making whatever you need to make.

Key specs for Nutri Ninja 2-in-1 (QB3005):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 40 oz All-in-One Processor Bowl – Crush Ice, Chop, Blend, Puree, Mix, Grate, Make Dough & Batter
  • Three 16 oz Nutri Ninja Cups, 3 Sip & Seal Lids
  • Powerful Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction – the power to unlock the natural benefits of fruits & veggies
  • 700 Watt Interchangeable power pod with one-touch Pulse Technology
  • Includes: 700 Watt Power Pod, Geared lid, 40 oz. processor bowl + blade assembly, (3) 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups + blade assembly, 2 Sip & Seal lids, Single Dough Hook, Double dough hook, (1) 40 oz. storage lid, 75-recipe cookbook

Comments from buyers

“Fantastic! Super sharp blades & I love it much more than my Vitamix!
, Powerful slim Ninja that gets the job done.
, it’s great. Love the thing

This works great for smoothies to go in the morning. Blends frozen fruit no problem. I like the bigger attachment as well.

Works great and easy to use. Got this for my dad and he is a smoothie making junkie.

I have some experience using ninja, works great. Fast shipment, and i highly recommend products and seller. Ice into snow, powerful machine.

This powerful blender is fantastic. Makes smoothies and comes with 3 drink cups, just snap lid on and drink on my way to work. You will not be disappointed.

My mother lost the fear for this machine. It works and her husband is glad that he can make his own juice choices separate from my mother’s. Hey have not used the other features yet like the processor. My mother did not bring the book to brazil because she said it was too heavy, it is a pity i wish they had an android version of the book.

I love this versatile, effective food processor. I use it to cook with and to make juices. Very easy to clean and i love the individual server size.

Works perfect and great for the price.

My only suggestion is when making shakes the container could be bigger – only holds about 8 oz.

I think i may have upset my neighbor below me because of how loud it is, but other than that it gets the job done.

We have used this ninja every day, a powerful slim blender that gets the job done. I had a nutribullet before that only lasted 3 months before it quit. This ninja unit is much better designed and powerful. I personally prefer ninja over nutribullet. Also, it takes little counter space unlike many newer designed gigantic blenders, and it looks good too. Please do not discontinue making this unit.

Recommend this for someone who does not have a lot of counter space.

Exactly what i needed and works great.

This is an excellent product — extremely versatile and easy-to-use. Cleans easily and is durable. The to-go container is absolutely perfect for making a quick morning smoothie or a post-workout shake. Absolutely no complaints — a great product.

This thing blends with utter ease and i use it all the time for protein shakes (which turn out nice and smooth), blending up oats & other odds and ends to make a flour-like powder, and to food process larger quantities (in the big container) of food such as pancake batter and the like. The only thing i haven’t used it for is to mix dough- really need to do that and i’ll update as soon as i test it out & adjust my review accordingly if needed. For the year that i’ve been using this, i give it 5 stars. Also something to mention, i have a vitamix, too, and i don’t enjoy it as much as this. Seems like things are always getting hung up/stuck on the bottom and it won’t blend without some coaxing & the right amount of liquid. It also doesn’t blend as smoothly as this ninja. Even though they are 2 different (not by much) products, the blades are so sharp on the nutri ninja that i don’t have any problems with blending, even if it’s not wet enough.If i didn’t pay so much for my vitamix, i’d replace it by trying another ninja product or just use the food processor (the nutri ninja i already have) in its place, but alas i’m kinda stuck with it. I think you’ll really love this product.

Extremely happy with this purchase. I use it every morning sometimes 3-4 times per day. It helps me consume greens as required and helps avoid snacking. Takes about 4-10 seconds to blend to a satisfactory consistency.

I was a little confused by the concept when i was deciding whether to buy but wow am i glad i did. Basically you get a food processor (with blade and dough attachments) and a smoothie maker w/ 3 cups and lids. The smoothies get made right in their cup so minimal cleanup (yay). And both things use the same motor so there’s hardly anything cluttering up my kitchen cabinets. You literally just move the motor between them it’s so easy. Big fan of this would definitely recommend.

And has a very powerful motor.

I have made a whole bunch of smoothies, falafel, nutella cookie bites, and other stuff in the blender/food processor. Make sure you use enough liquid when making smoothies.

Perfect, compact and works great. We use it all the time for protein shakes.

I had 2 other blender for sports which they constantly fail to crush all the ices.

Very powerful, easy to clean and very quick in chopping, pureeing, etc.

La Caja China Model #2″Aluminum – Tried it once so far and the results were great. Can’t get any easier to cook up a

I ordered the ‘la caja china’ directly from the manufacturer’s website a few days before we had an oktoberfest party at my house with 150+ guests. We couldn’t find a caterer that would supply us with a whole roasted pig so i decided to roast one myself using the ‘chinese box’. Exactly the way it was described and in little less than 4 hours of cooking time. The pig was the hit of the party and i had several requests from my friends to do another one. Make sure to ask your butcher to butterfly the pig for you; otherwise it won’t fit into the box. The result will make you look like a master chef.

It was everything i hoped it would be. The only advise i can give anyone is ‘follow all cooking directions’ and things will be perfect.

Assembly was okay – directions need to be followed specifically. Need a little extra cooking advice in the instructions for cold weather and a different design for the handles but all in all it was worth it.

It arrived in (2) days to hawaii; how is that possible???. Used it to cook a lot of bar-b-q ribs for 101 people; came out just wonderful, delicious, juicy, nice crust. Can’t wait to try a suckling pig. Just wished i could get the accessories shipped, i don’t understand why a grill and cover can’t be shipped to hawaii.

Roasted my first pig over labor day weekend. It was the hit of the party.

I am very glad i purchased it and look forward to future roasts now that i have my first pig roast under my belt. All my guests loved the meat and everyone really enjoyed seeing ‘how this box thing works. ‘one item that is confusing and that i wished i’d understood better beforehand is the description around the weight limits of the box. The documentation from la caja china talks in live weight but neither my butcher nor anyone else i spoke with was familiar with what that meant. I called la caja china (who were extremely helpful and nice) to ask what the 60-pound butchered pig i ordered would mean in terms of live weight and they suggested it would be about 90-95 pounds. What this meant to me is that my trial run of a ‘small’ 60-pound pig was actually almost maxing out what the box could do. Perhaps this is a regional thing but it threw me for a bit. Lastly, there are two minor annoyances i have about the box. The first is the handles on the grate and ash pans come off far too easily.

  • OMG!
  • Takes You Back to the Old Country
  • love it we did a 90 lbs dressed pig and

We received our caja china 2 days before our pig roast. Relatively easy to put together—then wow–this box made the roast the best ever we did the spit roast a few years ago and after 16 hours everyone was exhausted. With the caja china–after 4 hours we were eating the 100 lb. Pig we always wanted a caja china, and now we are going to cook everything in it.

Cooks a good pig but quality of construction is much less than i expected for the price. Many of the coal tray welds have come undone. Two pig roasts and i have had to do three maintenance repairs. Any bbq person knows what $450. 00 can buy you for a smoker. A product that would last years. I don’t get the feeling this product could last any where near as long.

My only suggestion would be for them to include better instructions for cooking chicken, ribs, and boston butts. Most of the instruction manual is regarding a whole pig. I watched some videos on youtube and i was able to figure out how to do those other pieces of me however some of the videos were conflicting.

Finally make the decision to purchase model #2 for my daughter’s graduation. All parts were shipped without any damage. I found the instructions on point. It took about 35 minutes to put my #2 model together. I will put it to good use in a few days and expecting to use this often.

Just put this together with the help of a friend who will participate in our first congregational pig roast in september. My friend is good at assembling things, and we didn’t have any major issues. All the parts and hardware were there. There was a little place where we had to hammer a small piece of the metal down flat against the wood because it had gotten a little bent, but that was easy. The holes lined up just fine. Assembly is pretty intuitive, and the directions, while pretty small to read, are okay. The illustrations are also small, but they do show how it goes. How everything fits together does make sense. We finished in one hour and 45 minutes, and that includes getting everything out of the two boxes that it all comes in. I am excited and would like to roast a pig right now but must wait until we in our church have time to plan and organize the roast.

Features of La Caja China Model #2″Aluminum

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Roast a 100 lbs Pig, any where in less than 4 hours.
  • Easy to use, perfect roasting every time.
  • Great for family reunions, tail partys, graduations, Luau, etc…
  • Eassy to clean just use water and soap

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Ordered it one week before a party for 30. Bought a 32-lb suckling pig at local butcher. Caja arrived 2 days before party, but i didn’t assemble until morning of party (of course). Thought we were missing the ends of the box. Turns out they are mounted together on a frame of sorts, so appeared to be a top or bottom piece. This factoid is nowhere on assembly instructions. Including panic spell, it took us way less than an hour to assemble the box. I cooked the pig exactly to the instructions nicely labeled on the ends of the box, but still used an internal temperature probe buried in one of the hams to verify.

I had a home made hog roaster stolen from me recently and needed something quick to cook for 2 parties i have coming up in the next month. I was hesitant to purchase the hotbox without actually witnessing one being used. A friend of mine told me he had been to 3 hog roasts where they used the hotbox and convinced me that it lives up to it’s reputation. Assembly was very easy, i did it without any help from anyone other that a few cold corona’s. I decided to test it with an 11 lb. I followed the cooking instructions but was a bit hesitant about the cooking time so removed it about 20 minutes sooner than directed. The turkey was very moist but the legs were a bit uncooked. So it’s best to follow the instructions without any doubt what so ever. It took approximately an hour and a half to cook the turkey and only ten minutes for all of it to be completely devoured by my friends.

Great product and received it promptly. We have a large family and needed to roast 4 20# turkey’s for thanksgiving. Turned out excellent, moist with crispy skin.

We made pork belly and it came out so good.

I am now 8 pigs and 10 pork shoulders into this #2. Here is the real deal after 6 years of useyes, the old construction is not great. They have made improvements on the new box i see. No, the smoker does not work well, in fact it sucks, but it is not neededyes, it is a b%^& to clean up, but make sure you do it right away. If you wait, well, you will regret it. Follow the written instructions and right down your times. The idea is to use it again and you can follow your notesyes it produces fabulously moist meat, approved by the local hawaiians, who went and bought a caja china after eating my pig roast. Trust the instructions, don’t keep lifting the lidi have now fed over 1000 people with this cooker, with 100% satisfaction from both me and those who ate. It is a fun, different type of cook that forces you to relax and just hang with friends.

Tried it once so far and the results were great. Can’t get any easier to cook up a great tasting pig. Instructions were very helpful and incredibly easy with the finished pig coming out perfect. I highly recommend this cooker for the regular cookout guy who wants to impress his friends. They’ll think you’re a genius.

Roast a 100 lbs Pig, any where in less than 4 hours.

I did two shoulder and a 60 pound hog and it was awesome.

La caja china es un producto excelente, para cocinar cerdo, cordero y pavo. Es muy fácil de usar, y las instrucciones facilitan el empezar a usarla.

I have not used it yet, and i’m sure it will work just fine, but for the price for what is essentially a kit, i expected the quality of the materials they used and the overall build quality to be better. There is definitely not much pride put into the product, but unfortunately that’s how most things are these days. A lot of the holes required cleaning up or additional drilling. The holes don’t align very well so it takes more effort than it should to get it together. Some of the metal that lines the inside on my unit had a few bumps on the edges butt up to the side panels. They did not seem like a big deal until i was nearly finished putting it together which required taking it partially apart again to hammer those spots down flat otherwise the box would not seal. The wood used on the corners and all over for that matter is very rough. The only thing that appears to have been done with great care was putting their logo on it. But it’s here, and i have a pig ordered for this weekend so not like i could send it back. If i were to do it over again knowing what i know now, i would look at alternate companies that are less expensive.

Love it we did a 90 lbs dressed pig and we have done 2 turkeys in it so far. They best meat ever, so moist. We are looking into getting a top grill table to put above the charcoal for additional cooking. And would love to find a way to turn it into a smoker to.

Ok, honestly i have been eyeballing one of these for the past two years. Well, finally after reading literally dozens of online articles, reviews, and watching i can’t recall how many youtube videos, i bit the bullet and ordered one. It arrived in 2 days with amazon prime, and aside for a couple slightly bent pieces of aluminum during shipping (which were easy enough to straighten with a pair of small pliers) assembly went off without incident. The ease of use was better than advertised. Honestly, this thing is idiot proof. I received it on a thursday, and cooked my first whole pig on saturday. Everyone was raving out how good it was. If you can follow simple directions, you can use this box.

Bought it to roast a pig and it was delicious. Also did some racks of ribs which came out even better. However, for the price i think they could use sturdier materials. The tray and screen are a thin gauge so after the first use they get warped. To store it i have to place something heavy on top to keep those two parts flat. Also, the handles to those two items aren’t clamped down completely so they fall all the time. Not good when you’re moving red hot coals around.

Easy to use, perfect roasting every time.

Works great for roasting a large pig.

I saw a comment on here about a 50 lb pig barely fitting in this box. You must’ve done something wrong like not butterfly the pig. I have a model number 1 which is supposed to hold a 70lb pig, and i’ve cooked two 76lb pigs in it without a problem. I see no reason you wouldn’t be able to cook a hundred pounder in this model. Keep in mind that the weight referred to is the live weight of the pig, not the dressed weight. I look forward to moving up to the #2 model. This is a pic of a 76 lb pig in the smaller model #1.

Then get the la caja china model #2. My wife bought me this as a birthday present and i immediately cooked a 52 lb. Construction was mostly solid, but there is definitely some room for improvement when it comes to the wingnuts. We had two leaks at the corners where the wheels are. My plan is to replace the wingnuts with lock-nuts and crank them down a lot tighter than my fingers can do the wingnuts. This really is an awesome cooker.

Great cooking box, the pig was ready in 3. I can’t wait till we cook another pig. I only wish the metal cover was more rigid.

These boxes are great i have always did pigs on the spit but this box keeps the pig clean and moist. If u like cooking on a spit try one of these boxes u will never use a spit again.

Love how fast meat cooks in our china box. The large capacity means we can cook for large crowds and we sometimes cook different meats at the same time.

Roast a pig in four hours, just as promised, a 100 pounder takes a bit longer.

Great for family reunions, tail partys, graduations, Luau, etc…

Growing up with lechon, i was accustomed to the cinderblock pit in the yard that my dad had built. Not the most convenient method of continuing the tradition. Fast forward, i came across la caja china at a friend’s bbq and decided to give it a shot myself. Aside from seasoning, roasting the pig is of the utmost importance. And with the instructions written on the box itself, its hard to screw it up. I have been using it for noche buenas and bbqs since and my family agrees, including my dad.

 la caja china cookbook author, perry p. Perkins, narrates and offers pro tips in this step-by-step video on prepping, injecting, roasting and chopping a southen-style smoked pig in la caja china.

Coming from a weekend hot dogs hamburgers to this. Researched on how to prepare and cook. First pig roast was amazing.

Worked excellent, wish the fire tray was built better do not know how long it will last.

My husband bought this as a christmas gift for his boss and he loved it. We saw it on the food network and thought he would be a great cooker for a guy who has a huge family that loves to fish & hunt.

This $400 piece of cooking equipment is basically plywood, aluminum and wing nuts. The holes for the screws don’t line up well and the pieces aren’t cut out squarely. The charcoal tray warps and rusts after the first use. Also, if you are not tediously careful when lifting the hog out, you’ll tip the tray that catches the juice and it will spill all in the bottom to be absorbed in to the plywood. I had to dismantle the entire thing to clean it properly. The aluminum does not wrap around the bottom of the side pieces so it leaves bare plywood vulnerable. I bought a 50 pound hog for use in the #2 box. I don’t see how a 100 pound hog would ever fit. It is now stored, disassembled.

Eassy to clean just use water and soap

Roasting a pig with the model 2 may be easier than cooking steaks or burgers on a grill. It is definitely easier than roasting a turkey in an oven. . A very easy way of roasting a pig. We did exactly what the easy instructions said to do and the result was fantastic. There really aren’t any ‘gotchas’, gimmicks, or missing elements. We used regular charcoal briquettes that we bought at sam’s club. The pig we got was bigger than we ordered, so we could only cook 1/2 at a time. We used dry rub on one half and injected marinade into the second half. Some folks preferred the dry rub, i preferred the marinade. The only thing we will do differently is we will make certain that we get a pig that is sized so that the whole thing fits. Using the model 2 for a pig roast will become at least an annual event in my family.

Ordering was easy, received it in two day’s, no damage. Assembly was not a problem, all holes lined up, instructions very clear. Was first user memorial day weekend, cooked a seventy pound pig in 3 hours, meat fell off the bone ,very good product, thanks.

Trust the instructions on the box even it goes against your instincts.

The best purchased i’ve ever made ,love it.

I used this bad boy the first time for my wedding reception pig roast, i raise pigs so i have been wanting to learn a foolproof way to roast a pig. This is itone of the guests was a seasoned ‘pig roastere’ and said this was the best pork he had ever tasted, nobody used any bbq sauce as the flavor of the marinade i used and the injecting the pig with pineapple and oj tenderized it. I cooked a 70-75 lb red wattle pig about 4 months old, in this cooker and it just fit, used about 70 lbs of charcoal, took 6 hours, the meat fell off the bone and was super delicious. The unit was delivered on time which was important for me because it was a last minute decision. Try having a pig roast catered or try renting a pig roaster, good luck, this will pay for itself in the first roast i do for hire. I might have paid a premium for this but i can say it was worth it based on the fact, it turned out really well and i know have mastered roasting my pigs, lamb is next. Made the wedding reception successful.

We raise heritage breed pigs and wanted a special way to prepare them for events. I’d seen these on food network and other cooking shows and we decided to try one and see if it works ‘as advertised’ = a perfectly cooked pig with crispy skin in about 4 hours. Our first run was for my wife’s birthday on new year’s eve and it was a balmy 25 degrees when we lit the charcoal. After 4 hours and 25 minutes from inserting the pig, we had it on the table and is was exactly as advertised. I made 3 dipping sauces and had done some injecting (an injector came with the box) and everyone loved it. Our pig was headless (for my wife) and hanging dry weighed 44#. This is a great product and practically idiot proof. The only minor challenges involved assembly. If you know something about tools and have a few large clamps you’ll be done in about an hour getting it all together. One happy surprise was the cleaning.

Great box food comes out very good. Have cooked a pig and 2 turkeys in it everything came out perfect.