FoodSaver V3230 : Not worth the price

I’m extremely pleased with how this performs and would definitely purchase again.

I am disappointed in this item because of the price. I expected the product to at least do it’s job. Some of the bags have to be sealed twice because it doesn’t completely seal on the first attempt. This usually happens if using liquid items to seal. Wish i had bought a less expensive foodsaver.

Foodsaver V3230

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  • Vacuum Sealer, Food Storage

I’ve had several foodsavers over the years, but this model is the one i think is best for my usage. I bought this one for my daughter. The bag cutter on this model is very handy, but the vacuum power is why i like this model so much.

Seriously, it does an fantastic job. The biggest issue i have is the 20 second cooling time between bags to ensure best performance. I have done 2,000 lbs of meat and 500 lbs of veg and many other items and it does great every time.

Foodsaver V3230 : I owned this for just a few months now, and so far it has performed as expected. I bought it as a replacement for an older foodsaver model which was a lot smaller and easier to store. The advantage of this one is that it stores a roll inside, and it has the cutting blade. It beats using my guillotine paper-trimmer, or scissors. I took out two stars because i don’t expect it to last very long. The previous model failed due to the vacuum pump made of plastic, a classic case of planned obsolescence.

This has all but eliminated the thow-away leftovers. Quickly became the most used appliance in my kitchen.

Foodsaver v3230 and jar sealersthe main reason i purchased a foodsaver vacuum sealer was to be able to store my cats’ (my boys’) dry food to help maintain freshness, since i spend extra money to buy a high quality food that loses its freshness and spoils quickly when not stored properly – and yes, it is dry food. Plus, i wanted to be able to store this food in glass containers. I found the ball 1/2 gallon canning jars and am able to store the contents of an 18 pound bag of food in 8 of these jars using the foodsaver wide-mouth jar sealer. I wish i had known about all these contraptions before now – would have saved a lot of wasted food/money. I also store human food but started out buying it for my boys’ food. I am so thankful for the reviews; many of the comments were very helpful. One person wrote that she thought she would have to use one jar sealer for each jar she used. That’s exactly what i thought. That would have been quite expensive and didn’t seem worth it to me – given that the wide mouth jar sealers are approx $10 and for some reason the regular mouth jar sealers i’ve found have been more than that.

Should have gotten a foodsaver years ago. I like to leave it on my counter so its always ready to use. I now can take advantage of sales at our supermarket. I also am stocking my freezer with fresh peaches, strawberries and blueberries to have for the winter months.

It is the exact helper that i wanted.

Features very different from the last couple i owned. I hope it last longer as seems they don’t last nearly as long as the cost is expensive.

Great product if you use foodsaver bags only. If you use an off brand it won’t seal their bag.

Hello awesome machine ordered 3 weeks ago froze all my meats i have 5 kids. This machine has kept everything fresh no freezer burn at all this one was les expensive and does the job as the expensive model. Fast shipping and customer service was excellent highly reccomend.

Hamilton Beach 40911 2-Quart Electric Iced Tea Maker – Nice Product

This is my second hamilton beach 40911 2-quart iced tea maker. The first one still makes great tea, but the push button on the handle of the pitcher that locks the lid on broke. We used our first unit probably twice a week for 3-4 years. We have owned both the ’round’ pitcher type as well as this ‘oval’ type pitcher. We prefer this pitcher because it takes less of a footprint in the fridge. The compartment that holds the tea bags has a dial on the bottom that can be set to three different ‘strengths. ‘ this basically regulates how fast the hot water drips out of it and thus how strong the tea will be. When our pitcher broke, we were very happy to find that this style is still being made. After looking over reviews of the unit, it obviously is still well made and making great tea. We did not even look at what other types were now on the market, we just re-ordered a new one of these.

You put in ice, water, and tea bags, and it does the rest of the work for you. Always make a delicious and perfect glass of iced tea. After brewing, the pitcher can be put directly in the refrigerator. Very convenient, quiet, and a wonderful useful appliance to own.

Ice tea maker works fine with bags but seems not to like loose tea if it has been ground to fine. If tea is ground to fine or has to many small particles it has a tendency to fill the brewing chamber to full and you end up with a mess on your counter top. If this happens you can either live with it or try a diffrent brand. You can also try and set the brew strength for a milder brew strength. I use the one i bought to brew my wild spearmint tea wich usally has some fine flakes in it after i have dried it for future use. I would recommend this tea maker to any one who actually brews regular tea in it.

I originally bought this tea maker on july 15, 2008. It’s quick, easy and makes perfect tea. I like mine on the weak side. I leave the setting dial on medium, and just use one heaped teaspoon (not tablespoon) of bulk tea. The tea i use is taj mahal, which is available at many indian food stores. I’d buy another of these, but the one i have just won’t quitupdate: 07/28/2013 – i just ordered a replacement for the unit i purchased july 15, 2008. That original unit still works fine, but the bottom of the brewer is very rusty. Over five years of use, so i figured i had gotten my money out of it. I decided just to replace it now instead of waiting for it rust through and die. This maker is quick and easy — i can’t imagine anything easier.

This made excellent iced tea for several months, but eventually the tea started not tasting right. I have thoroughly washed it several times, but i can’t get the bad taste out. It tastes a little bit like gasoline. I suspect there is some mold inside the tea strength adjustment dial, but i can’t seem to figure out how to disassemble it to find out. Btw, if you like your tea weaker, i recommend using less tea bags. Don’t set the strength adjustment dial to anything but the strongest setting. You just waste tea bags that way.

I’ve made about 6 batches of tea so far – it takes awhile to get the brew right – i’ve discovered if you put half a cup of sugar on the ice and use three teabags (one lipton or tetley iced tea bag and two orange constant comment bags) at medium strength you get a pretty decent cup of iced tea. Definitely don’t put the sugar into the boiling area. And the sugar doesn’t dissolve or filter through if you put it in with the tea bags. I tried leaving the tea bags in the maker to use again, but even in the refrigerator they molded after a week. Still a great time saver – fairly easy to clean, and fits great in my fridge.

  • Can be made to taste just like it’s what a restaurant gives you
  • T 4 2 & 2 4 T is now tea 4 the family
  • Great tea maker!

I have bought this iced tea maker for home and for gifts. It has taken the uncertainty out of making iced tea. It’s so easy; fill with water to the water mark, fill with ice to the ice mark, add the measured tea, and voila great iced tea. Avoid lipton’s which is a very bitter tea. For everyday hot tea, use pg tips. You get a flavorful but never bitter tea. However, for iced tea, i have an even easier and delicious source for iced tea leaves in multiple flavors and even decaf. don’t confuse it with the shangri-la tea site. ]

I originally purchased the ‘other’ popular tea maker & returned it before opening it after i read reviews on how it leaks. I was skeptical to try this one because i did not find a review in which green or white teas were used. Making myself a guinea pig, i combined tips from other reviews on how to get perfect tea & rigged the instructions. I usually decaffeinate my tea by performing an initial 20-second brew in a tea cup & discarding the water before starting. The resulting tea is healthy, smooth, pure-tasting, medium-strength, & perfectly sweet:(1) clean before first use (& after each use). (2) ‘max fill’ the base with cool filtered water. (4) cover the mesh filter with two tea bags, & place another under the drip spout. I use whole-leaf pyramid tea bags, either h. Central market organics green tea or adagio silver needle white tea. (5) push button to auto-brew. (6) when done, add 6-10 tbs sugar (i use 8 tbs raw turbinado) & stir. (7) after 2 mins have passed, refill base & brew again, using the same tea bags.

I bought this iced tea maker about a month ago. It is the first one i’ve ever owned. A friend was telling me how great brewed iced tea was, to have it at home, with your own tea bags. I love iced tea, so thought i’d give this a try. I read lots of reviews before buying this one, and here’s why i chose this one. The reviewers said that the design worked well. Made good tea and didn’t drip all over, like some of the other tea makers. Both were good points, and true. Another thing that sold me on this was the sleek design. It looks nice on the counter-top.

There are plenty of iced tea makers out there. I’m sure that most do the job very well when it comes to brewing the tea. What sets the hamilton beach apart is that it’s so easy to store and clean. The pitcher and filter system are especially convenient. Everything is marked clearly and works exactly like it’s supposed to. The only thing that i wish i had known before buying was that it doesn’t actually brew two quarts: the most it can brew is one quart at a time. But if you fill the pitcher with ice up to the marked line, you will end up with nearly two quarts when the ice melts from the hot tea that gets brewed. This is not a problem if you set your brew nice and strong.

I recently puchased the hamilton beach 2-quart electric iced tea maker because my old tea maker died and i wanted to buy the same make and model, when i could not find it, i decided to try the electric tea maker by hamilton beach. I am glad i did, not only does it make great tea, it is great to look at sitting on my counter. My husband cannot drink alcohol so the tea maker is always in use. He loves the tea and i love the ease in making it. Great product and i am glad that amazon had it for me to buy. I really like ordering what i need because i can get it right away and do not have to leave my house.

Features of Hamilton Beach 40911 2-Quart Electric Iced Tea Maker, White

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  • Measures 17-1/2 by 11-1/2 by 4-1/2-inch; wash only by hand.
  • Slim, 2-quart pitcher fits in refrigerator door
  • Indicator light and automatic shutoff
  • Adjustable brew-strength selector
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Make sure this fits
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I have to say that this is an excellent easy to use machine. You really can’t go wrong as other reviewers have said. The machine itself is fairly simple, it is cheap, it’s easy to clean, etc. It has one on/off button, and an adjustment for steeping the tea. The rest is up to you to produce the iced tea in a way that meets your taste buds. My first machine did have a problem in the first 30 days. The on/off button would no longer operate. The replacement has worked fine, and this review comes after 6 months of use, and i probably make a pitcher every other day. My goal had always been to come up with iced tea that didn’t make me have envy of iced tea that i consumed at restaurants or fast food like chick-fil-a, panera bread, etc. Some of my early batches produced ‘burnt’ tea taste. There are lots of experts out there if you google it. I am not an expert, but i tried all their suggestions.

I had to replace an older mr coffee model that i’ve had for almost 10 years. I spent a lot of time researching and bought a couple others along the way and this one by far was the best replacement. It works well and brews a nice pot of ice tea and is very easy to clean. The only thing i don’t like about it is the storage space needed for the ‘brewer’. It is bigger than the older mr. Coffee models (that are no longer made) so it does require some thought as to where to store it. Other than that, it is a quality ice tea maker and a good price.

This is great ice tea maker. I recently fell in love with thai tea. I researched how to make it, but didn’t want to deal with large pots and filters. I figured i’d give this a try. My thai tea comes out perfectly. All you do is put the loose leaf tea into the filter (set how strong you want it), add water to the base, and hit the button. Wala, a few minutes later, tea. Throw it in the fridge and i have a batch of delicious thai tea for a quarter of the price. There are only two negatives i can think off. You can’t really turn it off once its started. A few times i have forgotten to add the tea (ha) and it just heats up the water. The only way to stop it was to to unplug it and wait a few minutes until it turned off. You have to refill it with water and let it run through a cycle to fill up the entire canister. It takes 2-3 brewings to fill up the entire canister, so it is a little annoying to have to go back and refill it a few times. Still much easier than the old way.

I ordered this tea maker for my mom for mother’s day. She had been using a 10 year old tea maker that leaked. I intially went to bed, bath, and beyond to buy a new tea maker for her. Bb&b only had a floor mondel of a ‘mr. Coffee’ teamaker and instructed me that they would no longer carry it, but i could go to wal-mart to purchase the mr. When i got to wal-mart, i noticed the mr. Coffee teamaker looked flimsy, inepensive, and possibly difficult to work with, so i thought i would go to amazon to check out its reviews. Soooooo glad i checked the amazon reviews for the mr. The reviews were mediorce at best, with many people not liking the product at all. So, i did some research and found this hamilton beach 40911 2 electric tea maker instead. The reveiws were excellent and the tea maker was only around $5. 00 more, so i ordered the hamilton beach for my mom instead. A few weeks after mother’s day, i went back over to my moms, after forgetting about even giving her the tea maker, and my mom said, ‘oh my gosh.

This was not my husbands favorite ice tea maker. He said it made weak tea even on strong setting. The part on top of the pitcher that holds the tea bags is a pain to clean. You have to take a butter knife to pop it off the strength dial and clean it inside, if you don’t the inside of that area gets really gunked up and makes the tea taste bad. The brewer itself started leaking about 6 months in. I was glad when my husband finally threw it in the trash and asked me to buy a new one.

I’ve owned a couple of these over the past several years because i use them so much. Works great but super important: you have to clean it very carefully and often. Make sure your drip hole is clean (always good advice) as well as the grill on the lid. Those can get clogged and gross and make your tea smell/taste funny. None of the cleaning is particularly difficult – though there are some nooks and crannies that can only be reached with a toothpick and some paper towels – but you do have to make sure that are no brown stains anywhere (again, always good advice).

Measures 17-1/2 by 11-1/2 by 4-1/2-inch; wash only by hand.

My mom got one of these about a year ago, but i was addicted to diet cola at the time and didn’t give it much thought. Trying to get off the diet cola now, and bought one myself. My mom uses loose tea which i think might be just a tad tastier than the tea bags that i use, but both are great. Uses a lot of ice, so if you have an automatic ice maker you will be glad. Well worth the purchase pricejust a tip – i got some food storage covers (looks like a shower cap – plastic with elastic like to cover a bowl) to put over the pitcher when it’s in the fridge. It keeps it from picking up tastes/odors of other things that are in there.

I have had this maker now for several months and i am very happy with it. I am using lipton loose leaf tea and what we do is use 3 table spoons of tea, run the suggested amount of water through and then add that same amount of water to run through for a second time (using same leaves), add sugar and water and just amazing tasting tea. It is much stronger than what we had been making and this pleases the whole family. It is quick and simple and cheap so no complaints there. However, along the lines of cheap, i have to say that the pitcher cracked at the bottom of the handle after about 60 days of use. We called hb and they gave us a new pitcher. We had to pay $5 shipping which was kind of lame but it did get to me in 2 days. I was able to put some sealant on the little cracks and it makes an excellent backup pitcher so now i have two and that is quite handy. Overall i am very pleased with this purchase.

After reading through the reviews here i decided to take a chance and order this product. Not too many iced tea makers get great ratings, but this one does everywhere. I drink a lot of ice tea regardless of the weather and this product makes it so much easier. I use lose teas so this product takes all the work out of making iced tea. Fill the brew tower with water, fill the pitcher with ice (fill markings on both the brew tower and pitcher), put in your tea in the the brew basket (i put my sweetener in here as well) and turn it on. In ~10-12 minutes you have 2 quarts of ice tea ready to go. The good: the brew tower doesn’t take up much space. Its narrow design allows it to remain flat against a wall when it’s not in use (the pitcher is always in the fridge as i always make sure there’s iced tea available). The pitcher itself is also narrow so you can put it on the door or right up against the side of the fridge.

This is the second one of these i’ve purchased. The first one i had for years, but i eventually ruined it when the main unit started to rust away underneath from me not doing a very good job of wiping up my spills – so just be aware that there are metal parts on the bottom that appreciate a dry countertop. In any case, i finally got around to buying another one and am now once again delighted to have freshly made iced tea to enjoy.

This iced tea maker was purchased as a birthday gift for my husband. We both love to drink iced tea, but didn’t love the hassle of having to make tea on the stove and then cool it off before drinking it. This iced tea maker is the perfect solution. It’s quick and easy to set up and use. We made iced tea shortly after opening the box and it was delicious. I recommend using the luzianne brand family size tea bags with this iced tea maker. These bags are specially formulated for iced tea and the tea tastes authentic and refreshing, instead of the chemical tasting iced tea you can buy in stores. I recommend using 2 family size tea bags. This was perfect for the 2 quart pitcher the iced tea maker comes with.

I bought this to make it easier on myself to make tea, it is definitely easier and less of a hassle. I love that it comes with the pitcher so i don’t have to deal with boiling water and searching for a pitcher. It is not so large that it takes much counter space. I usually keep it under the cabinet but it goes together neatly and slides right into the back so it does not take too much room.

Slim, 2-quart pitcher fits in refrigerator door

This is a great ice tea maker although i don’t use it according to the directions. I do not put any ice in the bottom of the pitcher. I have used both loose and tea bags and both work great. It is very thrifty as i can make a whole gallon of tea with 3 tea bags and it is still very tasty. I let the same tea bags in the tea holder and continue to run batch after batch until the tea is at a level close to the tea holder. Then i empty the tea into a half gallon container. Then i do the same again thus making about 1 gallon of tea. The machine is quick and there is no chance for any tea residue to get into the water heating device unlike the tea drop machine which i just disposed of for that reason. Easy clean up tooi would highly recommend this machine.

Bought this about 4 years ago & still going strong. I don’t post a lot of reviews, but i was just making tea this morning and thought this thing deserves a review. Honestly, as cheap as things are made these days, i would have expected it to have broken already. That being said, i only hand wash the container (afraid high heat in dishwasher would crack it over time). Only complaint is i wish the container held more tea in each batch (makes only about 2 quarts).

I’ve been trying to drink less soda, which has been my main source of caffeine (which i’m not ready to give up quite yet). So, i decided to make iced tea. I did it the old fashioned way for a while (in a big pot on the stove, etc. ), but that was kind of annoying. Then my sister told me that there’s such a thing as a tea-maker. Com, read user comments, and purchased this hamilton beach machine. I love iti take a big, quart-and-a-half nalgene bottle to work every day, and since this machine makes about 2 quarts of tea at a time, i have enough to fill my bottle and a generous glass to spare. I like my tea sweetened, and this machine doesn’t really provide any easy way to add sugar during the brewing process.

Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend, who loves brewing sweet tea at home. Prior to this, he was just using a pot to boil water. This thing makes brewing tea ridiculously easy. For sweet tea, you can even pour sugar (or simple syrup) in the pitcher and brew hot tea directly onto it. We usually will transfer into a bigger pitcher/container and add ice to dilute it/cool it off. If you do this, it’s good to brew the tea extra strong so it doesn’t get too diluted. This product will probably make you addicted to tea.

Arrived on time, retail packaging. I am a southerner, we love iced tea and assume everyone does. So we know tea and we’re always thinking that each of us makes tea the best. Now everyone can make ice tea as good as mine. The strength of tea is an important part of the recipe that you can controlle with this machine. And the controll works, unlike most machines. I hate the tea rings left in containers or brew baskets. Most machines have tea stains, however this is well designed and only the basket and container touch the tea. Therefore the whole thing stays clean and is easy to clean and bright white.

I owned this item about 15 yrs ago and it was wonderful; it died out and i didn’t replace it. Recently i decided i wanted to keep making my ice tea and nearly passed out at the cost now of this item. When i got it it was so complex, that it would take many steps to fix the filter, do the twists and turns to it and in general not get what i was looking for. I ordered this hamilton beach model as it is the one i had years ago. Cheap isn’t always the best way. Now it takes me about 4 minutes to do the water, ice, tea bag – and when it is done my perfect ice tea is in its own pitcher and ready to quench my thirst.

My husband enjoys two oversized mugs of tea in the morning. He doesn’t want to mess with going through the process of brewing each cup of tea much to tea purists’ horror. Over the decades we’ve dealt with various automatic hot tea makers; including one we had to buy from europe in the early 80’s and then get an electric adapter to use the states. Many years ago, faced with a frantic need for a tea maker, i purchased one of these from our local hardware store. My husband brews the tea w/out adding ice and happily takes a cup of tea off to his office. He uses either tea bags or bulk tea depending on what we have on hand. Later, he pours his second cup of tea and heats it in the microwave. (i can hear the whimpering from the tea purists. ) this tea maker costs a fraction of most hot tea makers. Yes, many of them make better tea — but they don’t always make better tea. We live in a rural setting and are on well water. About once a month, i run a couple of cups of household white vinegar through the tea maker which keeps the minerals from building up in the sytem. There’s a small filter in the removeable top to keep loose tea from going into the serving pitcher. If it’s not clean, then i run the same vinegar through a couple more times.

Indicator light and automatic shutoff

This is way better than the mr. My only minor complaint is that it’s only 2 qt, when my mr. Coffee was three, but i probably shouldn’t be drinking that much iced tea in one day anyways, so it’s a good thing.This doesn’t leak like the mr. Coffee did and probably won’t stain my counter top like my mr. Another awesome plus is that i can brew loose tea if i choose too, and cleaning is much, much easier than the brew basket in the mr. It also looks way nicer on the counter top, and is slimmer so it takes up less valuable counter space.

This is a wonderful product. It took me sometime to decide which brand and type i should buy. I really like how clean it looks on my counter top and i used a label maker to put the directions on the side so my husband and son can make their own ice tea without my help. Btw, i make a simple syrup (equal parts water & granulated sugar into a pan and slowly bring to a boil. Cook only until sugar is all dissolved. I then store it in the fridge for homemade ice tea & lemonade). So, instead of adding just the granulated sugar to the pitcher, i add the simple syrup and ice cubes first. Ice tea comes out as sweet as they want it; as does the lemonade. I’d recommend this product to anyone.

It works just as advertised. I haven’t had any issues with leaks, especially since i don’t see where it would leak from. It sounds like a drip-coffee maker when running. I had to take a point off my review due to two issues. Firstly, the white plastic grill that becomes stained from one use with standard lipton tea bags. The unit should have been made with black plastic so that these stains wouldn’t be as obvious. Secondly, the water reservoir only fills the pitcher up 1/3 of the way. It makes tea quickly, so it’s not too much of a hassle to run it twice. Other than that, everything works well. The mesh inside the drip area is small enough to keep finely cut tea leaves from dropping into the pitcher.

Sure i could boil water, add tea bags, ice and refrigerate until cooled and enjoy some ice tea. Then again i can use this and drink chilled iced tea in under 10 minutes. I don’t mean to paint an infomercial type picture where the person is to stupid to boil water and then spills the boiling water all over the place trying to get it into the pitcher. To be honest i wasn’t sure about this product, but after reading the reviews i decided to give it a shot and i am glad i did. I do wish the pitcher was a little bigger ( you get the equivilent of about 4 lg ice teas from your local coffee shop). However, the convenience of having fresh ice tea that brews and is chilled so quickly makes up for the small pitcher. I use 7 tea bags and that works well for me. Although i do notice if the tea sits long enough for all the ice to melt it does taste a little watered down. But honestly it really isn’t a big deal. There’s no mess and no fuss using this machine.

I received my iced tea maker, read through the instructions and poured in the water and the ice. I pushed the on button and the light came on and promptly went out. I thought maybe the filter basket was loose or something, so i unplug the machine and check the filter basket and it was okay. I plugged the machine back up pushed the button and nothing happened. I felt the side of the machine and it was warm so i thought i must have the pitcher in wrong some kind of way. So i took it out and repeated the process, same thing, light comes on and goes out. While i’m standing there looking at and cursing the machine for being a piece of junk, i looked at the instructions again and saw that i was supposed to pour the 1 quart of water into the brew tower, not in the pitcher. Especially since i was standing there looking at it wondering how the water was supposed to get out of the pitcher to be heated and then why would it heat ice water. Lol :-)after overcoming that dilemma, the iced tea maker worked liked a charm. I find it easy to use and the ability to have fresh brewed iced tea within minutes a huge bonus. I started not to get it because from the photo, it looked too big and awkward for my limited amount of storage space, but i saw it in a store and realized that the pitcher sits on a tray that slides in so the brewing unit becomes compact. As for the pitcher fitting in the refrigerator door, if you have room in yours, my hat goes off to you.

Every once in a while, a company gets everything right about a product. This iced tea maker by hamilton beach is just such a winner. It’s easy to use, easy to clean up, and most important of all accomplishes its main task of making iced tea very very well. Plus, it’s priced well and has stylish looks. I’m glad they picked a neutral tone instead of making the pitcher red, blue or some other bright color. I used to make my own iced tea by the pitcher by simply brewing tea bags in a large container. I always thought an iced tea maker wasn’t needed. But with this tea maker the whole process is tremendously more convenient, easier and faster. Maybe that’s why my iced tea even seems to taste better now though i essentially use the same recipe as before. Also, you can easily make batches mixing loose and bagged tea.

Adjustable brew-strength selector

I sent this as a gift for my mom, so i only know what she had told me. She is very happy with this tea maker. Coffee and wanted to replace it because the pitcher was etched and stained, and the lid had gotten lost. I was nervous buying this one, because her mr. Coffee had been 3 quarts and this is 2 quarts, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She says the tea is excellent. She also said the pitcher fits nicely in her fridge. Since i don’t personally use it, i don’t know much else. I chose it because the price was comparable to the mr.

I stopped drinking sodas back in february and have been brewing tea ever since. At first i was using instant tea but the stuff i liked (crystal light) wasn’t any healthier. When i noticed my gas bill was sky high, i realized i was paying way too much to boil water just to make tea. Coffee iced tea maker on their shelf that caught my eye but remembering i had an amazon gift certificate at home, i pulled it up on the website. Glad i checked first ’cause the mr. Another ‘ice tea maker’ search turned up the hamilton beach model. With all the great reviews i had to try one. With my gc, i only had to pay $10 to get it to my door (via target).

I am a big tea fan i am really picky on my tea though. I am a stickler to color, clarity , and taste. I don’t like strong overbearing tea. I won’t drink it if it’s cloudy because it means it has seeped too long and has broken down. As you can see in the photos this tea maker makes a great clear rich colored tea that is in my opinion just right. For under $20 i don’t think you can really beat it. Word of advice set it to strong or you will have to use more tea or it will be weak. Edit: wow, i can’t believe i have had this fore almost three years. I bought this when i was in college and it still works great.

It just doesn’t make a strong enough tea for me. It tasted like just barely flavored tea water. I replaced it with the 2 3/4 qt. The west bend makes a much more palatable tea in my opinion (and a bit stronger). Plus, it makes more tea at one time and is just a few dollars more here on amazon (when on sale-which is when i bought it). The west bend seems to make better use of the tea amount used (i calculated my useage to determine this and would have had to use more tea to make less in the hamilton beach unit). I highly recommend the west bend 2 3/4 qt unit-if you can get it for the just under $28 price-i would never pay the $49.

I have made all types of tea from green tea, black to to pomegranate green tea. It gets stained pretty easy but thats expected since its tea. I make it without ice since we don’t have an ice maker. I just put water in the tank and fill the pitcher half way with cold water. I use 5 tea bags so its really cost effective. I use a tablespoon of sweetener per tall glass of tea.

Coffee iced tea maker but always hated it. It was always dripping and a pain to use. The hamilton beach iced tea maker has solved all my problems and i am now happily making a ton of iced tea. My husband and i are drinking a gallon a day now (great for loose leaf teas–actually i think it works better with loose leaf). I even bought another one so we could always have tea made because we are drinking it so fast. I am so glad i bought the hamilton beach. We are drinking a lot of green tea, rooibos, white tea from [.

For years we have used the mr. Coffee iced tea makers and have purchased two of them. This time around we chose to get the hamilton beach 40911 2-qt iced tea maker. Even though i/we haven’t used the feature that allows you to place loose tea in the basket for brewing we totally like the hamilton beach method of brewing tea over the mr. First of all the taste (using luzianne family tea bags was superior to any tea we ever brewed using the mr. Also one very large drawback with the mr. Coffee maker is that the basket, for the bags, sets inside the reservoir and maker and most every time you brew a pitcher and remove the basket you have leakage of tea down in the makers bottom which over time makes for a very ugly looking reservoir, where you put your clean water to brew your next pitcher. Because hamilton beach placed the basket directly inside the pitcher itself there is never any tea that finds its way into the bottom of the tea maker. Also due to ridges in the bottom of the mr. Coffee maker it’s usually almost impossible to totally clean the pitcher and restore it back to the clean condition at the time you first used it. This feature alone makes the hamilton beach a better buy over the mr. Coffee but i thought, before my purchase, that surely the two would make equivalent tasting tea but using both lipton and luzianne family tea bags the hamilton beach not only brews the tea faster but the taste is better. Coffee the strength of the tea is controlled by a sliding knob on the front of the maker whereas with the hamilton beach it is three rigid clicks of control on the bottom of the basket (mild, medium, strong), we usually use medium. We enjoy ‘sweet-tea’ being from the south and anyone that makes good sweet tea knows you sweeten it while it’s hot at the time of brewing. Our method is to first fill the pitcher to the line and fill the reservoir and refill the pitcher to the same water level and then add 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 cups of sugar and stir with a whisk until very well mixed. Once the tea is brewed you have to stir the tea again but you get perfect sweet tea every-time. If you enjoy tea, even if you never considered an electric tea maker, the hamilton beach will be one purchase decision you will not regret.

In fact in i keep 2 pitchers in my fridge. One with caffeine and one without. The best iced-tea maker i used was salton but they stopped making it. Coffee teamaker but it sucked cause it brewed weak tea. This hamilton beach 40911 icetea maker is the best cause right away after you hit the brew button you can tell it is brewing and extracting the dark tea right away. The major problem is that the brewer will start to leak by the 6th month. I know cause after the 2nd teamaker i started marking dates on them. So now i’m on my 4th teamaker as of this week. I used the teamaker every other day for both types of teabags. When in you look inside the teamaker the bottom by the draining hole you can see a slit that is shaped like california. All those teamakers have the same mark. Bottom line, eventhough it’s broken after 6 months i would still buy it for the flavor. Just make sure you pour the brewed tea rightaway in the pitcher before the leak gets bigger.

This product is reliable and a good bargain. The only complaint i have is that there are no printed instructions for making sweet tea. This would involve leaving out the ice (which is recommended in the instructions). Instead of ice, i put 1/2 cup of sugar per 8 tea bags and a full reservoir of water. (as i often run a second reservoir through with eight more tea bags, i use a full cup of sugar. ) then i chill the entire pot in the refrigerator overnight. I can run the brew while showering or washing dishes, so i do this during my nightly ritual before going to bed. I use decaffinated tea, so the ability to make tea at home is valuable.

A friend warned me against bacteria possibilities with my familiar sun tea, so i bought this to replace sun tea and like the taste better than sun tea. I gave it minus a star only because it takes up so much counter space, but i love the way it works. Also it is all plastic, so i don’t know about longevity. You can use the included pitcher, but i found a narrow one for the fridge and i like that better. I don’t think the pitcher would take a drop very well. I am quite satisfied with it and the tea it makes. You need to add ice to the pitcher when making the brew and it takes a little over a quart of ice.

I bought this iced tea maker to put in our office at work since we have so many iced tea drinkers. We make an average of 2-3 pitchers (4-6 quarts) of tea daily. So far the unit is holding up well. The plastic pitcher is suitably thick and is not showing any signs of cracking or structural failure. The brewer works quickly and quietly with only one small nuisance. There is a slide out rest that the pitcher sits atop and then it snaps into place under the brewing spout. As the pitcher sits on this plastic rest and sweats water pools on the plastic rest and around the pitcher in general. You need to wipe down the area every so often to keep its living space tidy. The brew strength adjuster is set in the strainer and is manual; you can rotate it and choose between mild, medium and strong. As with any brewing device regular cleaning is a must, but overall this is a good quality product for the money.

J & J Ceramic Water Dispenser : Four Stars

This product totally met my expectations.

Works great, doesn’t even drip.

Ceramic Water Dispenser with Black Stripes and Natural Wood Floor Stand

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  • Certified Lead Free. 2.5 Gallon Capacity
  • Includes Tomlinson No Drip Faucet and Plastic Protection RIng.
  • Solid vitrified porcelain resists chipping.Water bottle not included.
  • 27” Solid Wood Floor Stand. Includes levelers for uneven surfaces
  • This combo will look great in your kitchen or in the den. The stand is made of 3/4 inch hard wood.

I am extremely happy with this purchase. The price of the product and the shipping costs were reasonable. The assembly of the stand was relatively simple, and the adjustable metal feet made it easier to level. The stand does not rock at all and feels stable. It is a quality light-colored wood. The ceramic carafe was solid with no chips or scratches and odor-free. This product is shorter and lower to the ground than my previous dispenser, but it works great for my kids. I also purchased a 3-gallon glass bottle (carboy) from another company, and it works well with this dispenser. The plastic ring included with the dispenser adequately supports the bottle, and neither the bottle nor the spigot leaks.

Was a little concerned about it holding a 5 gallon jug but it’s holding up fine.

Arrived a lot faster than i expected based on amazon’s estimate. I usually only order amazon prime items because i don’t like waiting weeks when i can get it in two days for free. This was a little longer than two days but less than a week. Everything was packed really well. The only reason i gave it four instead of five stars was because the stand was flimsier than i thought it would be based on the picture (and the price). I sort of wish i had just ordered the ceramic water dispenser by itself and bought a stand somewhere else. I love the dispenser – it is made in china but clearly states it is lead-free on the package. I’ve been using it with a 5 gallon jug with no problems. The stand is strong enough for this and doesn’t wobble once it’s leveled- it just looks and feels cheap/flimsy to me.

Ceramic Water Dispenser with Black Stripes and Natural Wood Floor Stand : This is porcelaine, not ceramic. I was concerned it had lead but i was reading a parallel product that was ceramic and panic. I’m very happy with mine and would have to have parted with it just because i thought it says “lead’ but it was from a ceramic similar product.

Base could have been a little darker.

. I thought the stand was taller but it works just fine. I use 5 gallon bottles and it’s still stable.

This is a great addition to our home. It is attractive, unobtrusive and extremely functional. This is the second one i have owned (lost the last one in a divorce) and i have no complaints.

Does exactly what i need it to. It doesn’t really compliment my modern kitchen – so, i hid it in the laundry room. But – it’s easy to throw a 3 gallon bottle on there (i haven’t tried a 5 gallon). Easy to set up and no leaks. Happy to have nice, clean, easily accessible water when i need it.

Sturdy, and a simple design, it was easy to assemble and works well. No leaks, which is a problem i have had with glass jars with similar dispenser spouts.

Panasonic NN-SN643S Stainless 1200W 1 : IM VERY SATISFIED.

Work beautiful im happy multifull fancation.

I’m very happy with the product.

Very powerful but also does excellent light warming.

Does heat up but not as powerful as i had expected. Still have to heat my coffee for 1. 5 minutes instead of one minute.

  • It just works
  • Good microwave for the money
  • nice build quality / fit and finish

Panasonic NN-SN643S Stainless 1200W 1.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology

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  • Inverter Technology for even cooking and delivering delicious flavor and Inverter Turbo Defrost for quick defrosting
  • 1200 Watts of High Power with a 1.2 cubic foot capacity
  • 12-Menu Category Sensor Cook system, 13 1/2″ turntable; Delay Start and Timer; More/Less Control; Quick Minute, Popcorn Key
  • Tactile Membrane keypad and 5 push buttons for easy programming, 10 Power Levels; push-button door release
  • Measures 20 11/16″ L x 15 13/16″ W x 12 1/4″ H and weighs 255 lbs.; Stainless Steel face with a silver wrap finish

Great replacement microwave for the office at a great price. Sleek design and it gets very hot. Wonderful value for what we paid. Thinking about getting one of these for my home.

Microwave, it heats food quick.

Nice build quality / fit and finish. The only issue of note is the power level selection is different than most and if you don’t realize it you will smoke your food.

Interior light should stay on when opening the door- bad design flaw.

It just works, at least as initially installed. I bought this unit to replace an old (2002) panasonic “inverter” that was still working fine but whose white plastic had yellowed. (old unit still works but new stainless unit was needed to resell house. ) the new unit’s controls are laid out more cleanly but have the same functionality as the old one: a pattern like “4 5 start” (three buttons) will just work. This differs from “fancier” new models, where some functions take less buttons but this specific function would require more buttons.

I just wish the light came on when you opened the door instead of only when hearing something,.

It was a gift and the recipient loves it. It is the nicest microwave she has ever owned.

Cooks quietly, quickly and efficiently. Looks nice and is easy to clean/operate.

Love the 1400 watts and very easy to use.

No internal illumination during operation?.

I love the reheat and turbo defrost features. It is easy to use and works great.

An excellent microwave overall but the reheat button gets things a bit too hot and overcooked so be careful using it. All else is good and it is simple to operate.

I purchased this when my current microwave started making funny noises. It heats up food quickly (i had to get used to it – i accidentally overheated a couple of things in the beginning). There is average size interior room which is fine for us – i use it mainly to reheat food. Some people have said they miss having a light come on when the door opens. That has not been an issue for me. What i do wish is that there was a handle on the door. Because there isn’t a handle, the door gets smudged with fingerprints a lot. I would have paid an extra $5 for a handle. That is the only reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5.

Loved this microwave easy to use, if your skilled in microwave lanugo .

I really like the way this oven works. It uses partial power for lower settings instead of turning full power on and off. The sensor cooking and turbo defrost work really well.

Everything i was looking for in a microwave. The invertor technology is great. Thawed a single burger with no cooked or frozen spots.

Works very well, food heated really evenly.