Omega Juicers Omega Vertical Juicing System VSJ843RR – good customer service. good juicer

It’s the second omega i own. The first one is still functioning well and giving us many great juices.

I’ve had this juicer for about 6 months and i love it; not too much pulp, high quality juice, easy to clean and assemble, works quietly, and upu can’t beat the warranty. Hard veggies, like carrots and beets, can be a challenge but i’ve learned to slice them thinly and that eliminates jams. Very happy with this juicer.

I am really happy that i bought this. Really good juicer with high concentration juice output. With my old juicer, my juice grocery lasted only 2 days and with my omega juicer, it lasts for 4 days and thereby saving money and gets double the output. Also very easy to clean and takes less counter space with the round configuration. Here are the specifications for the Omega Juicers Omega Vertical Juicing System VSJ843RR:

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  • The tighter fit tolerance of the new dual-edge auger strains more juice and breaks down fiber to a palatable level for a smoother, nutrient-dense juice. This gentle squeezing action keeps healthy enzymes intact, reduces heat build-up, delays the oxidation process, and increasing the juice’s shelf life. Squeeze juice from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, even wheatgrass or make nut milks. Automatic pulp ejection, so you can juice continuously.
  • The AUTO-CLEANING system keeps the screen clear, increasing the machines efficiency. After you are finished juicing, the AUTO-CLEANING system minimizes the clean-up process.
  • The vertical design is compact, contemporary and productive. With the Omega VSJ843RR, form and function combine to give you the highest degree of extraction and the healthiest possible juice.
  • The VSJ843RR, Juicer is the newest, lowest speed vertical masticating juicer in Omega’s offering.

Ok, so i have only used this once so far but. I still have a jack lalanne juicer sitting on my shelf. I used it quite a bit for a while, but got tired of the amount of time needed to juice and clean up. I juice for 4 people at a time. And any juicer that doesn’t have continuous pulp ejection is not worth the money. I was able to whiz through all the fruits and veggies and not have to take it apart to empty the pulp reservoir out. And the flavor of the juice was incredible.

It is a nice machine making rich juice and the self-feeding with munching sounds is fun for kids. Some of the reviewer mentioned about not overfeeding the machine – this is very true. If you become a friend with the auger and follow its speed, it is very quick and no hustle. I was hesitant about the need to pre-cut produce but actually the self-feeding function (again, if you follow the juicer’s speed) allows you to cut veggies and fruits that need so while already juicing. Just to give an idea to those who are like me all about speed and efficiency, it took me 1 hour 15 min on my second time to juice 1. 2 gallons out of very different produce (leaves, carrots, apples, beats, celery), including washing the produce and disassembling and washing the unit. Not superfast but much faster than the units that require constant pushing and much more juice than from centrifugal juicers. Cons: not dishwasher safe and a needs some time to adjust to the process of assembly.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This was my second juicer and I am super happy with it
  • Solid machine a serious juicer.
  • Great juicer for serious juicers. 😉

This is the bet slow juicer i have had. Previously i’e used breville fast juicer and kuwing slow juicer. This exceeds the kuwing whole slow juicer by far. Because less much less pulp in the juice than kuwing whole slow juicer. I highly recommend this to everyone.

I hate to use the words ‘love it’, but it is everything i had reviewed, and researched. I have owned two juicers before this one. One i wouldn’t recommend to my enemy. Burned the motor up after about twenty juice makings. The second was a replacement i bought and i am very happy with the cuisinart cje-1000, fantastic juicer and will probably keep it for a back up juicer. While having this one, i did my homework on masticating juicers. I looked in stores, read more reviews. Talk to others on their top rated juicers. It was tough, because there are so many. I decided on this omega vertical vsj843rr juicer for the following reasons: warranty 15 years, can you believe that, then 43 rpm (faster isn’t better) and a tough 150 watt motor.

I am in love, i wish i would have bought this a long time ago.

This was my second juicer and i am super happy with it, most veggies and fruits go through and come out dry on the other end. Clean-up is easy, it pretty much churns out most everything, just make sure to dice hard tubers like yams and sweet potatoes into small chunks, reprocess veggies like cucumber, they need to go through twice to get all the juice out of them. For the most part this juicer works amazing and produces minimal foam, which means very little oxidation of the food stuffs.

Without question, the best slow juicer on the market. The warranty alone justifies spending the money.

Just received my omega vsj843rr and made two batches of juice (apples, spinach, carrots, parsley, lemon, celery). Having watched all of the youtube videos prior to buying has helped avoid a lot of beginner mistakes, and i had no jamming on either run. Clean up is simple and straightforward as is assembly and dis-assembly. However, the whole bowl/auger unit wobbles slightly when it is turned on, even before loading any fruits or vegetables into it, not a ton of movement but it is noticeable. Seems like it shouldn’t have any movement, and when i watch the youtube videos of this machine i do not see any wobbling. Did i get a faulty machine?.

The product said any seed so i put in a mango seed(do not try this) and it got jammed so sent it for replacement and the are sending me one. Great juicer though but i thought i could get the mango seed out but i couldn’t.

The seller was very accommodating, and knowledgeable – i found this out after the fact. The manufacturer’s web site had inaccurate information, so i didn’t order the juicer i would have wanted. The seller made up the difference, which i appreciated.

This is an awesome coldpressed masticating juicer. It is pretty quiet for a juicer and very easy clean the parts. Also the tenure warranty is unheard of feature in today’s manufacturing world. I could not be more pleased.

Juicer works well and there is a huge difference between what you can get at the store and what you get out of this machine. It’s tricky to get together correctly in the beginning, but once you know how to do it, it’s really a nice machine.

His response ‘one of the best juicer ever and would recommend it’.

Great deal on a great product. This item arrived on time and was well packaged. After much research i bought this one. I have used it several times and it has performed as anticipated.

Not as good as the horizontal omega. This vertical option is a pain in the neck when it comes to carrots.

Very efficient in carrot juicing and easy to clean.

Juices everything from beets, carrots, apples, parsley to wheatgrass. Extremely easy to cleanpulp is very dry, so you get even more juice every time.

I bought this unit over a month ago and have been using it every day, even twice a day some days. It works great and is easy to clean. It takes 10 minutes to prepare the food, 10 minutes to juice, and 10 minutes to clean, so expect a 1/2 hour of your time using this machine each time. When i clean i also dry the components. I have juiced a lot of fruit & vegetables like, kale, chard, romaine, cabbage, collards, parsley, cucumbers, carrots, celery, apple, oranges, kiwis, pineapple, pears, strawberries, with great success. I am very happy with this machine.

Ronco ST5270SSGEN Ez-Store Rotisserie – If you have a lazy wife this oven will help

Makes delicious meat, is easy to use & easy to clean. The included basket makes it possible to rotissary even small items for great flavored vegetables or other difficult to handle foods. I cook for one, and using this enables me to make ‘guest quality’ meals without messing up the oven or having to cook large portions. All fat is captured in a small pan to be carried away and cleanly disposed of. There’s no smoking or spattering. Kabob makers are also included in the box. It’s just fantastic, making simple work of what used to be messy preparation and time consuming cleanup. I wish i’d had it years ago.

We have only roasted chickens so far but they come out just delicious, we love it.

I love it,i use it to cook all my meats,i bought a show time a couple years ago and the element burnt out so i will keep you informed if something happens,but pretty sure it will last forever.

Loved it while it worked but haven’t had it but 6 months and it crapped out.

Wonderful product, good service.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love My Ronco Rotisserie
  • BEST little appliance EVER!!
  • LOVE IT!!!

Easy to clean, even for a bachelor. Does a fine job on whole chickens. Minor con: noisy compared to my old rotisserie george foreman jr.

The food is great and cleanup easy.

I have this exact model; i’m thrilled with it’s cooking performance. However, ronco customer service is awfulafter a year, i suffered a failed ‘gear wheel b’ (the side that accepts the pointed end of the spit rods). One of the two ‘pucks’ that accepts the pointed ends of the spit rods loosened, causing a wobble. It couldn’t be tightened, because it’s riveted in place. First, i visited the ronco web site (twice) to submit an order for ‘gear wheel b’. I was given ‘support tickets’, but no support ever came of them. Then i sent emails to ronco, mentioning the support ticket numbers, with no responses. Finally i called ronco @ 800-486-1806, and was told that there are no spare parts that they can get their hands on directly; they have to send an email ‘somewhere else’, and hopefully i would be contacted in 7 – 10 business days by this ‘supplier’. The ronco customer service rep said he could not go out and put his hands on any spare parts or accessories; that he was just a go-between. So, after 10 days, and nothing further did i hear from ronco, i called back, demanded a ‘supervisor’, and was told essentially the same thing: nothing was kept on-hand to fulfill customer’s needs.

It works as you would expect. I have only made whole chickens with. Probably used it a half dozen times now. The chickens come out very juicy but the center doesn’t have much flavor. No matter how we try to put rub on it, under the skin, in the middle etc. , the skin comes out good and the center meat comes out bland. Not nearly as good as the chicken i make on our smoker. The unit is made rather cheaply. No insulation at all, just a hollow shell. The drip pan and the plate that goes behind the heating elements are made of aluminum so they bend easily and they are hard to clean (if enough juice goes into the pan, it isn’t to bad but the other plate is pretty hard to get clean).

These rotisseries are great. Owned the original until i burnt it out after 15 years. This model is well designed and easy to disassemble. It fits well on a bottom cabinet shelf for storage.

A replacement for our foreman jr. This unit is bit flimsy, but overall not bad. Cooks evenly and cleanup is easy. Storage is what’s the big plus.

Only made chickens so far but they came out fantastic. Would recommend this rotisserie highly.

I bought this as a replacement for the old-style ronco rotisserie. I had the original one since 1998 and it finally ‘died’ three years ago. I had been looking and just never bought a new one. The first night i did a roasting chicken – 6. 5 pounds – an hour and half after putting it in the rotisserie it was done, perfectly. Everyone should get one of these.

Love it i use it all the time.

Product shipped quickly and the unit is great.

Cooks just about everything. Came fast and nicely packed.

Works even better than i could have hoped for. So juicy, turkey, beef loin (wrapped in bacon) , chicken , pork loin, all turned out great 👍.

I have an older model and wanted to purchase one for my dad’s birthday gift. He’s trying to eat healthier so i thought he would like it. He has been using it for a year now and loves it.

I really love my ronco rotisserie. All my appliances are stainless and it looks fantastic on my counter.

Chicken has never been so good. You can cook practically anything in this awesome machine. Super easy to use, and the drip tray and removable slide back interior makes clean up a breeze. I have yet to use the fish/veggie basket, but i am anxious looking forward to doing so. I love that the legs fold into the body, and the top removes (easy cleaning) and sits upside-down in the main cavity, allowing for easy storage. Mine also came with the complete rotisserie cookbook.

This rotisserie was a gift for my daughter. She has used it several times and likes it. It’s not too large and it works.

WONDERMILL WonderMix Kitchen Mixer – German Design Bread Dough Mixer Machine – Electric Stand Mixer : This is the best mixer I’ve had – much better than my professional

I’ve been a bosch fan for years – my dad had one and i had his old one until it gave out. The one i purchased to replace it lasted a while, but was not the same as the original. When it had problems and i was getting a new one the seller that i purchased my bosch from was selling the wondermix also – for a cheaper price. Since i wasn’t 100 percent happy with my previous bosch i decided to give the wondermix a try. It is a bit smaller – which works well for my small kitchen space but it still mixes multiple loaves of bread. I have been able to mix heavy breads for my german husband without any problem. It clean up very easily – which is important to me. Overall – it’s a great mixer and i’m pleased with my purchase.

This machine is compact and works well, but. I’ve only ever had a bosch before this and it really doesn’t compare. My primary uses are bread and smoothies, although i use it for many things. It is louder, less efficient at mixing bread dough and the blender is far less superior. I’ve just purchased another bosch and will be selling this one.

My wife loves it, so i do too.

This is the best mixer for making bread. I regularly make 4 loaves at a time and it makes perfect bread in wayless time. (it develops the gluten so you can skip the first rise) i have used it for other types of bread and doughs and always get great results, and it works great for big batches of cookie dough too. I haven’t had great success with cakes yet, but i only tried once. Also, wonder mix is awesome with customer service. I had some problems with a shaft although i didn’t realize i wasn’t using it correctly, and they sent me a new one, as well as instructions and resources to use it correctly. I highly recommend this mixer.

  • Yes, it can replace a Kitchen Aid Professional Series mixer
  • The Best customer service
  • Great product and found a bowl stabilizer!

WonderMix Kitchen Mixer – German Design Bread Dough Mixer Machine – Electric Stand Mixer with Bonus Heavy Duty Blender and Attachments High Capacity Bread Mixer

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  • REASONABLY PRICED; STRONGLY BUILT CAKE MIXER – More economical and stands strong among its competitors; its powerful 900-watt motor can mix up to 6 loaves of 100% whole wheat bread in one mixing. And with its attachments, it can make so much more than just dough
  • HIGH QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP – Licensed, designed and engineered in Germany using the highest quality standards today’s engineering provides, WonderMix pastry blender and its patented TruMix technology deliver high standards in home and kitchen appliances
  • COMES WITH POWERFUL LARGE BLENDER – With a durable 6-cup capacity food mixer and heavy duty stainless steel blender drive molded into it, you can now make delicious smoothies, salsa and sauces without needing a separate blade assembly and with the convenience of your own home kitchen
  • VERSATILE, HEAVY DUTY ELECTRIC MIXER – Have better control with this bread machine pulse and 3-speed options. Dishwasher-safe, BPA-free and high-capacity mixing bowl of 5.5 quarts makes baking in your own kitchen simple, quick and trouble-free
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – This dough kneading machine lasts a lifetime of use. Along with the mixer bowl and blender attachment, Wondermix includes 4 accessories: French whips, batter whips, dough hook, and drive shaft, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty

This mixer made creaming a breeze. Loved the over the top opening for adding ingredients. It is a bit loud, but powerful.

For years i’ve owned another very popular stand-up mixer, and for years, i’ve been frustrated with it because the flour, sugar, or other ingredients don’t always make it into the bowl– especially if i’m using large measuring cups. I think it’s a huge design flaw–and i was so happy to discover that with the wondermix stand mixer, the ingredients can easily be poured in. Also, the parts are easy to clean, which is a big deal, especially if you use a mixer daily as i do.

It does not work for small batches. I bought it after watching many videos of the way it works and thought it would be great for doing small batches of pizza dough. Unfortunately when i received it there was a flyer (paper) that said that they no longer include the dough divider as they found it works better without the dough divider. They are wrong for small batchesmy small batch total weight of dough was 935 gram at 70% hydration (enough for 3 pizzas). The dough just slid around in the bowl barely mixed and no kneadin action at all after 15 minuted of running. I gave up and decided to double my batch and added more ingredients. Then it began to mix and knead properly more or less, so i saved my batch. But i think it will work fine if i triple my recipe but i wanted it to make small batches as i have a bosch universal for when i want to make large batches of dough. The product description in amazon therefore is deceptive and this morning i ordered the small dough divider from wondermix as a replacement part. And when i receive it will give it another try.

My wife and i have had a kitchenaid in our kitchen for years, but it always took up way too much counter space and didn’t work as well as we wished it would have. We fell prey to all the air time it gets on food network, plus it was “pretty” according to my wife. But it never really lived up to the hype. Ultimately, it comes down to preparing food, and it was falling short. Then we found out about the wondermixit was much cheaper than a bosch, and claimed to have a more powerful motor, so we got one. My wife is the bread and cookie maker, and this machine has no problem mixing huge quantities of dough. I use it more for shredding meats (chicken for lettuce wraps and pork for barbecue. ) i like that it comes with a blender, and we use that for drinks and salsas. This is a very sturdy machine, but weighs about a fraction of the weight of our old kitchenaid.

I am used to buying a new mixer twice a year because i burn out the motor on them. I decided to upgrade to a high quality mixer. I grew up using my mother’s bosch, but i just couldn’t afford one of those. I have not been disappointed. I will be honest, i broke the cookie whips, but i learned that you aren’t supposed to use them on cookie dough (i use the dough hooks for everything except whipping cream) when i broke them they sent me new ones. They are in constant state of improvement. I also recently broke a shaft and they are sending me two new ones. Which are upgraded from before.

This review is mainly for customer service at wondermill. I’m a baker and have purchased kitchen aids, bosch mixers, and a few others. In the last year i’ve gone through 4 mixers. They all don’t hold a candle to this one. I bake cookies, so i need a good and strong mixer for the dough. The other mixers could barely handle one batch but this wondermill mixer makes 2 batches with no issues. I’ve even made 4 double batches back to back and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. I did have some user errors, i always had trouble with the attachments. I’m a short girl with a tall counter so sometimes i don’t push down the dough attachment far enough so it sits flush with the drive shaft, so when i turn on the blender, it did strip the shaft and middle of the bowl. I emailed wondermill customer service and got a response right away.

I loved my wondermix right out of the box. Very large capacity and lots of power. Customer service has been great to answer any questions that i have had. Definitely recommend this product.

I purchased this after a friend recommended it to me. I merely make the usual things for my family and the occasional specialty items. I find it mixes faster than my old stand mixer, and it takes less space on my counter. Contrary to other reviewers, i find it does cream sugar and butter well, but i have to use a rubber spatula to push it off the center post. My machine came with instructions to not use the center addition for the smaller jobs like this since it produces better results, so that is how i have done it. In addition, i noticed straightaway that the directions stated to ensure you run the machine at least 5 minutes before you do anything in it to make sure the lubricants do their job before you use it for mixing. I did that, and i’ve heard no odd noises coming from my machine. Much louder than my stand mixer, but i wasn’t going for a silent machine.

If you are making cookie dough or cakes be sure to scrap the scrape down the beaters and bowl a few times. An awesome added bonus was the blender attachment.

I just used it this morning for the second time and am very happy so far, thank you.

Before purchasing this, i had been wanting to buy a kitchen aid mixer for years, but the hefty price tag was a drawback, and i had heard that with frequent use, the motor tends to burn out. I did some research and found the wondermix deluxe, and i have to say, this mixer is a beast. I use it 2-3 times per week for making breads, cookies, cakes, and mashed potatoes, and i have never had any trouble at all. Everything turns out beautifully. I have also used the blender for smoothies and making baby food. I am excited to purchase attachments for the mixer in the future.

I just opened my new wondermix kitchen mixer which arrived yesterday. If chef brad recommends it, i am sure it will be wonderful. I am excited to use it but as i put it together to make some bread dough, i noticed a thin crack near the top on the inside of the mixing bowl, but the crack does not appear on the outside of the bowl. I have taken a few cell phone photos of the crack. It almost looks like a repair job on the bowl. I’m afraid food items will get into that crack, which won’t wash out, and will taint other food mixed in the bowl, causing bacteria to travel to food items and cause illness.

The wondermill is one of the most resourceful tools i have ever used in the kitchen. It makes fantastic baked goods for my family to enjoy. The classic design of the wondermill makes you feel as though you are a person making home made bread from years ago while allowing the recipes to still have your own personal touch. I recommend the wondermill for anyone who enjoys making their own baked goods or has never done it before. It very easy to use and maintain. Their costumer service is outstanding. The people were so fantastic to work with and make you feel like one of the family.

I’ve had the wondermix for a little over 6 months now and i love it. I have only one minor complaint/comment. In order to remove the bowl without the drive shaft, you have to remove the hook/whips first. So they end up either in my dough/batter or on the counter (unfortunately, at the other end of my kitchen from the sink). With the drive shaft still attached, the bowl doesn’t sit level on the counter for adding ingredients that need to be gently folded in. I did say it was a minor comment. And i understand the why of the matter, it’s just an inconvenience. Other than that, so far i love it.

I was replacing a kitchen aid 550 mixer after the motor blew; i make a lot of yeast breads, pastries, candies, and icings with a long mixing time like italian buttercream, and my ka could not handle the stress. A friend long ago had a bosch and insisted it was the best. I was happy to discover that the wondermix is similar but less expensive. I approached this mixer as a long-time kitchen aid user. I have never ground my own grain, and i don’t generally bake 40 loaves at once. I was concerned about the plastic mixer bowl, but it is nylon, so it is ok for very hot applications like creme au beurre or seven-minute frosting. It does take some time to become accustomed to the sides of the bowl moving when making stiff doughs. The motor changes tone repeatedly when making stiff doughs, but i believe that is normal. Pros:-it mixes cakes in half the time of the ka; i generally use the traditional creaming method. Cakes with an especially high amount of butter and eggs, like victoria sponge or genoise, turn out noticeably higher than with the ka.

It works great and does a most excellent job with breads. Large batches of cookies are not a problem. I was bugged by the mixing bowl not being able to sit level on the counter as it made it way difficult to scrape the batter out or fill the cookie scoops. Then i found one of hsn’s products by curtis stone : the steadyon bowl stabilizer for a bit over $10 works perfect to keep the bowl either level or tilted- but stable and not rolling around. It makes all the difference. I’m no longer trying to keep the bowl from escaping while unloading it. My kitchen is very small without a lot of counter space so it can be a juggling act to work with cookie sheets an entire mixer and stand etc. Enough to make one feel like swearing when something ends up on the floor. And i’m not a swearing person. I love the mixer and the blender was a nice plus.

I bought this as a gift for my brother and he loves it. He juices, makes sauces, soups, smoothies, batters but his favorite thing to make with it is homemade gluten free bread. Thanks for making me look good.

I purchased my wondermix in june and really loved using it. Then, after several uses, i noticed the batter had black streaks in it. It came from the dough hook, which also made black streaks on my hands. I called the company and was informed that i should have not been putting the dough hook in the dishwasher because the detergent reacts with the metal. I then noticed that info was stated on the paper i received with my wondermix. Even though it was my fault for not following the directions, they sent me a replacement hook. I was so grateful for the excellent service. It’s great to have a good product, it’s even better having super customer service from a very reputable company that stands behind their products.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG2-001 Single Serve Coffee Maker : Excellent budget Keurig machine

I love this single service coffee maker for keurig. This is the 2nd one i have had. I thought the first one was broken but after the new one came (i had to order new as i have to have my cup of coffee and it came the next day) but i found out the old one was only clogged and i fixed the clog and gave it away then. It is so easy to clean the needle type thing that gets clogged with a pin or needle. My first one was exactly like this one only in black.

We have a full-sized keurig at home but it ws too big to travel with us in our trailer. It works well, my only concern is the small size water reservoir – its a little too small for the standard mug so the brew is a little stronger and the fluid a little less. But we’re enjoying it – several times a day.

This was a gift for my wife for christmas. She never has more than one cup of coffee a day, if that so this works out for her. The k-cups are more expensive and this would definitely not be ideal for making coffee for a lot of company but it takes up less counter space, which we don’t have a lot of, the color goes with our americana themed kitchen and it works for how often she drinks coffee. I don’t drink it all so they last. The instructions however were not in our box and she has yet to figure out how to brew a larger cup.

I read a lot of reviews and this machine seemed to be a great product for the price – it is. We are totally happy with it, only down side is we are drinking a lot more coffee and hot chocolate than we used to. Only gave it 4 stars because i wish it held more = bigger single cup, but none that i saw did, so. One year later and my wife still loves it.

  • You Go Mr Coffee!
  • Another almost perfect product!
  • Perfect for me!

Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG2-001 Single Serve Coffee Maker, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Powered by Keurig Brewed technology for coffeehouse quality at home
  • Uses Keurig K-Cup packs
  • Removable drip tray for large coffee mugs or travel mugs
  • On/Off indicator light
  • Single cup serving size

I really enjoy coffee and with this coffee maker the options are endless. If i want a regular cup of what i drink for work, i just pop in the optional filter and i’m ready for a quick cup. If i want something stronger, something smoother, a bit nicer, then i pop in one of my favorites and i’m racking those up. I don’t often do something special just for me, but this, well, i deserved it and so far not having it would be a real sad loss. Also, my husband likes hot chocolate and how quick and easy it is to pop in a k-cup of chocolate for him. And i thought sliced bread was a great invention.

I really like this single serve coffee maker. I also bought the ekobrew filter and it works great. Eliminate waste, save time in the morning, and enjoy a very good cup of coffee on my drive to work. With ekobrew filter i am not limited to just the coffee that comes in those pre packaged k-cups. I can get any other kind of ground coffee and enjoy that. I found the best k-cups to be the donut shop coffee.

It does what it needs to for one 8oz cup of coffee. I love that you don’t have to spend an arm and leg for one of the hottest items around. Just pour 8oz of water (there is a maximum water line). Insert your cup and press handle down and it brews in less than 2 min. Makes an excellent hot cup of coffee.

I bought this item back in oct and it was the perfect size for my kitchen countertop. My husband and kids use it every day, more then i do. Great with the k-cups for making tea, coco and coffee or even your own personal flavors. The only thing i’m not too happy about is that you have to keep filling the water tank up for each cup of coffee and it only serves an 8 oz cup size. But all in all it’s a nice little coffee maker and convenient for someone on the go that just want’s a cup of coffee anytime of the day.

Originally i had purchased a keurig b40 coffee maker and i returned it after using it twice. I really wanted a coffee maker that used the k-cups so i did a google search and found this coffee maker and amazon had the best price. When it arrived i quickly ripped it out of the box and made a cup. I held my breath hoping it didn’t sound like a jet plane taking off (like the keurig coffee maker did. It sounded like a normal coffee maker brewing. It made a full 9 oz cup of coffee (unlike the keurig. It was hot enough for me (the keurig was way to hot for my liking. ) in my opinion this coffee maker is not only made better but also looks better than the keurig model that i had. It’s not huge (like the keurig) and since i don’t have a lot of counter space this was a big plus for me. This coffee maker was by far a better value and it is perfect for my needs. The sample k-cups that came with it another plus. I’d rate this a 10 if i could.

Can’t beat this one for the money. You can have a cup any time without making a whole pot, and if someone wants a different blend, strength ( bold, med. ), flavor, tea, or hot chocolate, k-cup, they can brew it without making a whole or half a carafe. One cuo at a time, and it doesn’t take long. You can buy the plastic cup filters & use your own coffee and save on the k-cups, or if you’re out of k-cups. Only drawback if you can call it that, is it takes one cup of water in the filler at a time, but thats not a biggie to us. Excellent delivery time and packaging.

Purchased this in december of 2013 from amazon. This mr coffee makes a great cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or whatever else you can find in a k-cup. We’ve since switched over to the refillable k-cup strainer that we can put our own coffee grounds into and this mr.

I bought this brewer for several reasons 1) my older son likes flavored coffee (my husband does not), he can pick from numerous flavors now and for only one cup & not a whole pot; 2) my younger son and myself like other types of drinks (tea, hot chocolate, cider, etc); 3) no reservoir for water to sit in and grow mildew; and 4) i really like the price. The variety of k-cups is exciting. I purchased the 35 k-cup variety pack (from amazon) to get started then purchased pumpkin spice coffee, lemonade and iced tea (brew over ice k-cups), the boys and i are really enjoying our drinks. I also like the idea of heating water to the right temperature without using a tea kettle or the microwave for brewing tea using tea bags in the cup. The brewer is working great and looks nice and compact on the counter sitting next to my husband’s full-size coffee pot. I plan to buy a reuseable “k-cup” so my husband can try out his coffee for a single cup. He roasts his own green coffee beans and grinds them daily for his full-size coffee pot.

Making coffee with this machine could hardly be simpler – pop in the coffee, pour in the water, push the button. In just a hair under 2 minutes (1:57 to be exact) we’ve got a nice hot cup of coffee. We’re tea drinkers at our house but now we can make coffee for a guest, or when we’re in the mood for a change from our “usual,” without the waste of making a whole pot. The compact size is great in our small kitchen. The k-cups are extremely handy, but i also purchased an ekobrew re-fillable cup to go along with this and it fits perfectly.

My husband absolutely loves this mr. It’s simple to use, produces the perfect cup of coffee with no waste and clean up is a breeze. He loves his so much that we gave this one as a gift. The gift recipient loves his, tooif you know a coffee lover who won’t pay for the more expensive keurig machine they’ll be thrilled with this mr. It uses the same technology but other reviews indicate that it’s more reliable in the long run. Ours is working like a champ so far and i think this one will too.

This is our first k cup brewer. Convenient because one of us drinks decaf. Still experimenting with coffee brands and flavors. Overall, we like the strength and temperature it delivers, and the fact that each cup is fresh brewed. Also, small footprint does not take up a lot of counter space. Fyi, ez cup system works very well with it. Would have given it 5 stars, but the first one arrived as a repackaged ‘doa’ unit – bummer, as it was a christmas present. Thankfully, amazon customer service made the switch fast and hassle free. Update: it lasted one year and one week.

Coffee is definitely a good value, especially if you snag one on sale (i got mine on amazon for $55). It works well and is easy to use, brews a cup in under 2 minutes. Mug, so it’s perfect for me — designed to brew an 8-oz. Cup, but the reservoir does accommodate 9 ounces. Water reservoir would be nice. Quite a few of the k-cups containing “bold” or dark roasts yield a brew that’s way too strong for me. A number of others reviewers have complained that the coffee doesn’t come out hot enough.

I wanted to try the k cup coffee makers for the convenience and those times when i only want a cup. I bounced around from some of the higher end units and finally decided to buy the mr. Coffee since it was much less money lost if i didn’t like it. That said i am glad i went the way i did. This machine is quiet and completes the process in around three minutes. There is no reservoir so you fill it every time. It makes a decent cup of coffee in my opinion. The one thing i have learned is that if you want good k cup coffee you need to understand the limits. You have to make the coffee the way the machine does, not the way you want if you are like me a use 14oz mugs. The limits are not with the machines though, it is the k cups.

It makes various drinks using the k cups. I used the reusable k cup but i wasn’t very happy from the result, it was just like water so i’m searching for tricks to use the reusable k cup.

It’s a very good coffee machine and it works fine. The problems that arise from the machine are more from the coffee than the machine. If you open up the k-cups most coffee ones have filters, but when you get into the flavored and iced whatnot, those are powdered ones that are suppose to disolve in the water. Sometimes they don’t and that’s how clogs happen. I would suggest rinsing it out once a month and every few months use vinegar for a rinse.

Bought it for a christmas gift for mother in law. She only drinks one cup a day, so this was perfect for her. The only complaint is you have to put water in each time you make a cup. If you make more than 1 cup a day, suggest the bigger ones with the reservoir for water. This is the lowest priced of the kuerig type coffee makers i’ve seen, so if cost is an issue and you don’t mind putting in water each time, then a good one to purchase. The compact size, is nice too, doesn’t take up much counter space.

I do rinse it with distilled water following brewing with water containing salts. I use 8 ounce bottled water for brewing so no measuring required. So far no problem with any build up of deposits. Only drawback is only 8 ounce of coffee.

This coffee maker replaced a very cheaply made black and decker single serve coffee maker for my office cubicle. There is no cheap plastic used on this very sturdy mr. Coffee brewer, however, it does not brew coffee as hot as the keurig but that’s when a microwave comes in handy. Its water reservior is limited to holding only 1 – 1 1/2 cups of water, therefore it cannot brew a very tall cup of coffee. Still, i am happy that i bought this coffeemaker. I no longer have to deal with coffee filters and scooping coffee grinds that end up everywhere on my desk. I just stick in the k-cup, brew and toss the used k-kup into the trashenjoy.

Sharp R-1514 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot 1000-Watt Over-the-Range Microwave – Four Stars

Best micro-hood i’ve ever had. Bought it in 2007 and haven’t had 1 issue yet. We get lots of compliments from its sleek design with the buttons hidden like that. Funny think is, viking rebadges this micro as their own design. I had a friend with the exact same one except the viking version, he loved his as well except that he paid a few hundred more for the same thing.

And the latch is not deformed, melted or broken. I installed myself and had no problems. I’ve installed an otr microwave 3 times in my life and none of them are easy, but this one is no more difficult than any of the others. At first was hesitant to buy this microwave due to the negative reviews, but i am thoroughly satisfied with it. As i said, i have had no problems with it, i like the features, and it looks great. The bottom of the otr is 16 inches above my gas stove top. I’ve read the reviews about the push button getting melted by the stove, but mine has absolutely no indication of overheating due to the stove.

Gave it 5 stars because i already had one and needed to get another. First one was great so the easiest replacement made sense to get the same model and keep the same bracket. Unfortunately ups (as per usual) mishandled it so badly the styrofoam protection was crushed and the metal sides were literally dented so back it went.

It looks lovely in our stainless steel kitchen, but after only 3 years of use, it has problems. Now the start button doesn’t work, but the microwave is on nonstop whenever the door is closed. Will have to get it serviced. Great defrost, potato, popcorn functions.

Love microwaveeasy to operateworks good.

After reading the specs, my husband measured the height before installing. We replaced the cabinet over the stove to a shorter cabinet (we were remodelling the kitchen), so we have none of the problems with the heat on the latching mechanism other people mentioned. I love all of the features on this microwave (especially the sensor cooking), it was easy to install, and after 8 years my only complaint is that the led readout has completely burned out, so my cooking is now by braile. I was checking amazon to see how much money to replace this microwave and was really surprised by the reviews. I will purchase this product again when it finally quits working.

  • Nice looking
  • Five Stars
  • Stylish; works well and intuitive; numbers can fade

It took us about 2 hours to put up, the directions were not the best. I had no problems with the shipping and everything was fine with the box upon arrival. What i have enjoy the most is the fact that the buttons are all inside and this makes it very easy to clean. Also the microwave is bigger than the ones i checked out in the department stores. I think this is a great microwave, i’m glad i went on line to get it.

What i liked the most is there is room inside for real cooking.

Mine came with my house and i absolutely love this microwave. It defrosts perfectly and has so many functions. Nothing has melted and we use the stove top all the time. Lived here for 3 years now and i do not know how old it is but it is perfect.

Item was nice , as advertised. Installation was clear and straight forward.

Received in excellent condition. Very satisfied with purchase.

Features of Sharp R-1514 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot 1000-Watt Over-the-Range Microwave, Stainless

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  • 1000-watt 1-1/2-cubic-foot microwave with 19 automatic settings
  • Large, 14-1/8-inch-diameter carousel turntable adds capacity and versatility
  • 11 Smart and Easy sensor settings for most-popular microwaved foods
  • Convenient auto-touch control panel; 5-digit, 2-color, lighted display
  • Measures 29-15/16 by 16-1/4 by 15-9/16 inches; 1-year limited

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Undaunted by some of the poor reviews, we purchased this microwave oven. Mostly because it was the only one that my wife and i agreed was really cool looking. In addition to the good looks, we have been very happy with the features and performance. The inside is much roomier than our old ge and the sensor cooking feature seems to work very well. The push button handle seems to get hot when cooking on both front burners of the stove, but so far no problems at all other than being hot to the touch. We did purchase the extended warranty from the amazon website. Overall, it is a really good looking microwave that performs well and priced great.

Have had this oven for over a month now and just love it. Sleek and beautiful says it all. A myriad of features that i am just learning to use-more than i will ever need but should appeal to the experienced chef. Various preset times for different foods, defrosting, and even my cup of tea (water from one cup up to three cups)are most helpful. The hidden controls are great once you get used to them. The unit is even made in the usa if that concerns you. You will, at first, shut the door and forget to program the cooking time, but after a few days this comes naturally. The start/add time and stop/clear buttons as well as the fan and the light controls are outside the door-so these present no problems. You will want to-as i have already done-replace the two 20 watt bulbs on the underside of the unit (not inside, but under the unit). The two stock bulbs just do not give nearly enough light.

I liked the first one so much i purchased this one for another place. Only problem is that the plate inside was scored. Called sharp company who sent me another. There is something wrong with the manufacturing of the plate. I am contemplating now as to whether i should ask for another replacement, or just wing it and hope that nothing happens. My first mic plate had no issues.

I received the product advertised in perfect condition.

We had a tight space and having this made with the hinges 2 inches from the left made a huge difference.

It is easy to use and works great.

1000-watt 1-1/2-cubic-foot microwave with 19 automatic settings

Same model as the previous one. Still a noisey exhaust still difficult to replace litebulbs but performs well.

Found this microwave on amazon and on sale. It is beautiful and everyone who comes into my kitchen comments on it. Best of all it works perfectly and can do anything you need to do. The inside is big enough to make a very large entree, and having the buttons inside cuts down on daily cleaning. I have yet to be disappointed in any way.

Buttons inside the door are awkward.

I bought this from a local appliance co. The price was around $350 (about $100. 00 more than other models with comparable features). I paid the price because it had a sleek look and somewhat smaller top-to-bottom dimension. The clock display is very old-school cheap. The light isn’t very bright. You can get a much better product for the money.

Stylish; works well and intuitive; numbers can fade with time; one bonus is that the door is flush with cabinet so doesn’t stick out.

Large, 14-1/8-inch-diameter carousel turntable adds capacity and versatility

11 Smart and Easy sensor settings for most-popular microwaved foods

Convenient auto-touch control panel; 5-digit, 2-color, lighted display