Maxi-Matic ERC-008ST Rice Cooker : It works pretty well

I had no problem with this cooker till now.

I like this product very much with aluminum cooker inside and steamer basket.

Maxi-Matic ERC-008ST Rice Cooker, 16 Cup, White

  • Make sure this fits
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  • Keep- warm function to keep food fresh before serving
  • 16 Cup capacity
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Steamer attachment with cooltouch handles
  • Removable aluminum cooking pot for easy cleaning
  • Item Shape: Round
  • Cook perfect, fluffy rice every time with the Elite Gourmet Deluxe 16 Cup Rice Cooker with Steam Tray. Make up to 16 cups of cooked rice (using 8 cups of uncooked rice) while steaming your favorite vegetables or fish at the same time. No more waiting for water to boil or watching the pot on the stovetop, this unit automatically cooks rice and switches to “Keep Warm” when cooking is complete, keeping food hot and fresh before serving. Vented tempered glass lid lets you monitor the cooking cycle. It includes an easy to clean removable cooking pot and steam tray with cool-touch handles for safe handling, an easy to read measuring cup and spatula for easy serving and a tempered glass lid for convenient viewing. Great for making white rice, brown rice, flavored rice, etc.
  • 16 Cup capacity
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Steamer attachment with cooltouch handles
  • Removable aluminum cooking pot for easy cleaning
  • Keep- warm function to keep food fresh before serving

It is nice, and help me a lot, easy to cook rice.

I love my rice cooker it made my life so much easier.

Had it for a couple of months now and it’s still working great.

Maxi-Matic ERC-008ST Rice Cooker, 16 Cup, White : I still have yet to use this, but it was one heck of a deal.

Received in a timely manner and product looks great.

This is our go-to appliance for dim sum night. Rice in the bottom, veggies on top, and our bamboo steamers even fit on top of the veggie steamer for a tower of dim sum cookeryif you’re looking for just a cooker/steamer for one to two persons i would recommend a smaller rice cooker, however. I sometimes end up cooking rice on a pot on the stove if only cooking for myself and my husband, because the cooker is just so big.

I have been using rice cookers for about five years or so. I started with the 3 cup drugstore type and got this larger one last year to enable me to make the recipes that i was finding online. First, this cooker served me well for about the last nine months, but then yesterday, i clicked it on and then left expecting to find my dinner ready when i returned. When i got back, i found the rice uncooked, the lights off, and still plugged into the wall. In anger because i don’t want the toxic non-stick bowl, i threw it away. As a last resort, when i googled rice maker lights out. I immediately found a diy fix with the thermal fuse. 13 later, she works like new.

EdgeStar CWR1661SZ 166-Bottle Built-In Compressor Wine Refrigerator, Good for the price

I received the wine fridge just a few days after placing the order. It arrived intact without any freight damage. I followed the instructions regarding how to initially begin using the fridge and it has worked exactly as advertised (flawlessly) from the moment i plugged it in. I store this unit in a garage so compressor noise is not an issue for me. Overall, however, i think the unit operates very quietly. It will not hold 166 bottles unless all of them are the standard wine bottle size. I have five different wine bottle variations in my current inventory but i was still able to place 125 bottles in this unit without filling it to capacity. This is an excellent wine fridge for the money.

We bought this unit and it was delivered to us damaged. The door has a big dent in the frame that has caused the frame to separate. While this damage does not appear to inhibit functionality, i can’t stomach paying so much for a damaged item. I have followed up with the seller and am waiting for them to make this right. Update: the seller got back to me and offered a new door. Once i’ve received the new door, i’ll update this review to be more positive. Update #2: the replacement door also arrived damaged, badly. A 2nd replacement door was then sent by the seller, which arrived undamaged. I think it should be noted that the boxes were not damaged, so i don’t believe this damage was done during shipping. The unit now looks and functions as it should.

Bought it in nov 2014 and has been working great since. The wine is kept as desired and temperature keeps good. I have in the living room inside ac 78 degrees the most.

Key specs for EdgeStar CWR1661SZ 166-Bottle EdgeStar Built-In Compressor Wine Refrigerator:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Temperature range: 40-65 degrees F; LED display control panel & Internal LED lighting
  • Dimensions: 69 1/2″ H x 23 7/16″ W x 26 3/4″ D; Safety lock; Flat bar door handle
  • For built in or freestanding application; Single temperature zone; Tinted glass door for UV protection
  • Note: Designed for standard Bordeaux bottles, to accommodate larger bottles a shelf will need to be removed; For dual zone version of this model please see CWR1551DZ
  • PLEASE NOTE: Delivery will be curbside, inside delivery is not available. A valid phone number is required for delivery purposes, please ensure the correct phone number is provided in your shipping information when placing this order.

Comments from buyers

“Pleasantly surprised
, Attractive and easy to set up.
, Awesome Wine coolers!

. Excellent company stands behind there work.

We love this wine fridge and it is the envy of all our friends. This product didn’t disappoint and being tall and thin means it doesn’t take up a tremendous amount of space perfect for a corner.

After reading other reviews, i was a bit concerned about the shipping experience. My unit, however, showed up on time, the driver placed it in my garage and it arrived in perfect condition. People should be aware that the delivery driver is supposed to allow the customer to inspect an item prior to acceptance, even if that means the driver has to wait for the customer to remove all the packaging material. I purchased this for the bar in my restaurant and am very pleased with the unit itself. As others have stated: it’s quiet, looks very nice, holds the advertised number of bottles and maintains temperature. You do have to be a little careful pulling out the shelves, but i think for the price it’s a great deal.

Proskeeps my wine at the temperature i wantedlooks good in my barsolid constructioncompany was easy to deal with and rapid to correct door dent in unit i received. Very happy about thisreasonably priced. Cons (barely)hate the cheap freight companies that deliver these types of things – i don’t blame the supplier, that it just the state of the local freight companies. I really hate it when they schedule a delivery and then fail to show up that day,pallet under original shipping box was practically worthless. Unit can be a little louder than other refrigerators. As with all wine storage, non standard sized bottles will reduce the overall capacity of this unit.

It worked great for four years. I troubleshot it and determined the circuit board was faulty. Edgestar is shipping a new board at half price ($25). They recommended a surge protector which i will also install ($12 on amazon). Hopefully this will fix it and give me at least another four years. I have now installed the new board and it’s working great now.

The wine cooler has delivered as billed. Easy unpack, easy setup, runs like a champ. We even changed the door swing easily before we started using it. The only issue is that the expected delivery was 3 days overdo. Otherwise we are very pleased with the unit.

Have had this for nearly two years and love it. I can fit approximately 150 bottles due to many of our bottles being the rounder pinot-style. I was worried about noise and longevity, the former not being much of an issue at all and time will tell for the latter. Considering buying a second one.

I recently purchased the edgestar 166-bottle wine refrigerator. When i received the unit, it had a small dent in the side that the company graciously offered a replacement or small credit. I was very pleased with the quickness of their response. Overall, i think the unit is ok. I think the outer design is nice. It seems to cool fine and the capacity is not quite what they described, but neither are the different size bottles you get from different vineyards. I say would the capacity holds close to 150 to 155 bottles. My issue with the unit is 1) when the compressor comes on, it makes a loud noise and then quietens down. Not like the other refrigerators i own. 2) the rack don’t provide the best support when you pull them out if filled with wine.

Great wine storage unit and at a great price.

Overall, i’m happy with this purchase. We have had it for several weeks now (freestanding), and it seems to function as i had hoped. Update: after about 18 months, the unit stopped working. I called edgestar, and they determined that the problem was with one of the circuit boards. They sent me the new board (about $79) and links to instructions to install it. When i had problems with the installation, i called, and they went above and beyond to help me through it. While i’m not thrilled that something failed after 18 months, that seems to be a common story for most brands, from what i can tell. And the level of service provided by edgestar was outstanding. I would definitely buy from them again.

I just received my wine refrigerator. I had another brand that was three years old and going out. Quickly, i bought this one based on some reviews and the price. I will say for $1000 if this one last over three years, it was probably a good investment. I wasted 10 hours waiting for the truck before going to bed. My only wish on this model is the wine racks. I believe they are below average. Sure they appear to be holding up, but not made from wood and being on a roller makes the model look cheap.

This vendors product was exactly as advertised but the shipping turned out to be less satisfactory. When i ordered the product it was clearly stated that shipping was included in the price. However, what was not stated at all was that the delivery company would only leave the wine fridge at the loading dock of the building. Further, when it arrived it was crated which made it nearly impossible for us to inspect the product for damage or operational integrity. Plus it was left to us to get this 250 pound fridge across the entire parking garage and up to the apartment where we uncrated it and inspected it for damage, the driver was long gone by then. Fortunately the wine fridge turned out to be in good condition and so far has worked well. I suppose that when i saw that there was no additional delivery charge i should have realized that that was too good to be true.

Working well, easy to set-up. We have pinot noir bottles so we removed every other shelf and we just double stack bottles to fit. Will lose a little space, but figure we can still get 150-160 bottles in there. Seems to stay within 3 degrees of set temp. Now just hoping the longevity is there.

We have had this product for almost two months. So far it has exceeded our expectations. We made sure it sits level on the floor, we turned it on and let it cool for 24 hours before we stocked it. It is relatively quiet, and it does hold all different size bottles. We are very pleased with this product.

I purchased this wine cooler a few weeks ago, other than the hassle of getting it down the basement, it has been great. The temperature stays steady, the door works well, almost all of my red wine bottles fit easily. The larger ones i put on the bottom. The shelves are average, but for the price this is well worth it. Very easy to load and adjust temperature.

Iwe have had this for several months. The temperature is right on and it’s very quiet.

The 166 bottle wine refrigerator is exactly as presented. It is quiet and holds 166 standard wine bottles. It holds the temp +or- 1 degree of set point. The only issue i have experienced is that after a power failure the temp setting reverts to 54 degrees, which is not a big issue. I have only had it for 1 month but, at this point i would definitely buy it again.

This is a great product for the money spent. I would really like to find another that has slightly larger shelves accommodating pinot / syrah bottles and has smoother slide out shelves.

So far so good once we got it into the basement. It was hard to get down the stairs but looks great and works well.

Easy setup and customization. Liked my first one so much, i bought a partner unit – looks like a custom unit.

It’s only been a few weeks without any compressor issues. From all the reviews of pretty much any wine cooler, the compressor usually fails after 1-2 years. Some last 7, so you never know. This one is a great bargain. It keeps temperature +/- 2 degrees, but usually +/- 1 degree. You will have trouble fitting the bordeaux or pinot/syrah bottle. Careful of the labels getting scratched. This seems to be a common problem with most wine coolers.

Sunbeam Rocket Grill – Indoor Grilling Machine : Great Product

Easy to operate, really a handy kitchen appliance to use. Just put in frozen food and no mess, easy clean-up, just throw the bag away.

I have been using it for 2 years now. The best feature is that all the grease drains to the bottom of the parchment bags and you simply throw them away.

Sunbeam Rocket Grill – Indoor Grilling Machine

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    by entering your model number.
  • Sunbeam Rocket Grill. Grills most fresh foods in 3
  • griddles
  • Kone Vacuum Champagne
  • M0213CHM

Bought this some months ago–works great for grilling fish and burgers. I found that its best to thaw the food before cooking. Did not get good results with frozen items.

Takes the draining concept of the george foreman grill and makes it even better and easier. I’ve ever taken frozen steak and put it in this thing, best steak i’ve ever had.

This is one of the best grills i have ever purchased, it cooks in it own bag without making a mess. It grills to perfection and the food comes out great. All the fats and grease drip to the bottom of thebag and all you need to do is throw it away. Really great would recommend it to everyone.

Sunbeam Rocket Grill – Indoor Grilling Machine : Love this grill beats bbqing outdoors at age 71 happy years.

This is the perfect item for a single person or couple. The rocket is an indoor, smokeless grill that requires no cleaning. The steaks are perfect and grilled veggies are easy. The kids can do several hot dogs at a time and get the results of messing with an outdoor charcoal grill. We love this and will probably be purchasing more in the future.

The rocket grill is the best kitchen appliance i’ve ever purchased. It cooks meats perfectly, and there is absolutely no clean up. Steak that isn’t frozen cooks in 4-5 minutes with beautiful grill marks, and the meat is juicy and delicious. I haven’t cooked frozen meat yet, but i’ve been told it does great with that as well. I have no idea what the person who gave this one star is talking about. Maybe they have this machine confused with something else, because the rocket grill is fantastic.

Four or five years ago, when the sunbeam 7530 rocket grill electric grilling appliance first came out, i was given a gift card to purchase the then over $100 rocket grill. This was to replace my umteenth george foreman grill. I was intrigued with the idea of sunbeam 7545 rocket grill parchment pouches, 36 pack to cook the food in and then just throwing the pouches away. When my original rocket grill broke (hey, that dial timed a lot of meals) i was desparate to find another (i had forgotten how to cook hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, etc. Any other way); and don’t get me started about how fast it cooks. I didn’t care if i had to spend over a hundred dollars again. Imagine my delight when i purchased it through amazon. This is the best grilling machine, not to mention the reliability of the sunbeam name.

Replaced my two year old unit that died prematurely.

Since we got the rocket grill we have made hot dogs, great burgers, steaks and pork chops, fish in just a few minutes and the tast is fantastic. It cooks on both sides so there is no turning and it cooks evenly through. The clean up is a snap because the bags go right in the trash and they hold all the grease form the meat. Our daughters saw it when they came over for dinner and we used the rocket grill to do chicken patties for sandwiches. They were amazed at how well it cooked and the clean up after cooking that they wanted one so i bought them one for christmas. The sunbeam rocket grills are great.

I loved the fact that there was no cleanup after cooking. It will take some trial and error to learn the proper cooking time to cook items to your individual satisfaction. But once you do they come out perfect. You can put steaks in directly from the freezer. Use the cooking time guide as a guide to start. Do not leave food in the grill after the timer goes off otherwise it will continue cooking.

This is my second rocket grill from sunbeam. I have used this almost on a daily basis since i got my new one. The old one worked just fine until i stripped the timer. I set the timer too long and when i tried to turn the timer off i stripped the knob. If i had not done this i would still have my old one. I love love love this machine. I use it almost like i said on a daily basis and i feel happy knowing that i am cooking my chicken, turkey, and fish in a healthier way. I am always amazed at how much extra grease and fat is extracted from your food yet the meat is still moist. I haven’t used my outdoor grill in forever since discovering this machine. Only downfall is that i have found that food cooks better if it is thawed out rather than trying to cook it while still frozen; however, i don’t mind.

The rocket grill is the best grill i have ever used. Not having time to plan and defrost meals in advance is no longer a problem. There is no messy clean-up, put the parchment bag in the trash and you are done. I had to make some modifications to the recommended heat setting and time because the food was coming out way overcooked. Now i leave the heat setting on ‘fresh/precooked fozen’ and reduce the cooking time at least a minute even if the food is frozen. I check the food to make certain that it is not overcooked and if it needs another minute or so it easy easy to turn the grill back on. The rocket is lightweight and portable so i am planning to take it to tailgate parties.

I have had this for a couple of years now so i’m confident in my review of this. I use it all the time, it’s a life saver for burger making. No muss no fuss,and more inportantly no cleanup. I tend to use the parchment packets a good four times over if i’m doing burger after burger. (i just drain the grease in the dog bowl) i even on occassion have had to make ‘my own’ folding parchment paper over and stapling, when i run out of the packetsthat would be my only complaint i wish you could buy the packets at the store rather than on line. Other than that no complaints here. This is one i use, and use often, not something you use twice and bury in the appliance graveyard, ie, way way in the back of your really high cupboards.

I’ve had one for several months and i’ve used it every day. I don’t use it when making a full dinner for more than two people, but for one or two people this is fantastic. Older kids can make sandwiches or hamburgers with this and there is no mess to clean up, just throw the cooking bag away. And we have used cooking bags more than once for things like grilled cheese or panini style sandwiches. When making hamburgers for two we have used the same bag in a row twice. It works just like a panini grill only no cleanup and you can do lower calorie cooking by not having to put oil or butter on bread if you wish. If you want a quick hamburger, this is what you need. It cooks both sides at once and takes about six minutes to get a perfect hamburger without a greasy pan to clean up or grease spatters. The grease ends up in the bottom of the bag, and the bags are designed so that the meat sits above the grease reservoir and can’t fall into it when taking the bag out and removing the hamburger.

Sunbeam 7545 rocket grill parchment pouches, 36 packsunbeam 7530 rocket grill electric grilling appliancethis product is so easy and cooks perfectly.

This is my second rocket grill. I wore the other one out in about three years using it several times a week. Place frozen or thawed food in the bag, cook a few minutes and throw away the bag. Food stays moist and fat drains to bottom of bag.

This is a replacement for my first one of 10 years.

The rocket grill is a must for every kitchen. It is as easy to use and clean as any toaster. I have owned one for several years. Each dish i prepare using it comes out perfectly every time. I am a good cook but this makes things easy given my hectic schedule. It is also healthy since all of the fat drips down and is captured in the edge of the bag. I can’t say enough about it. This christmas i decided to give it as a gift to members of my family and they have been calling me to tell me how wonderful it is. I actually bought it early to give to them in advance of christmas so that i could be assured that there would be sufficient stock.

Yes i like it a lot good product.

Love the quickness and ease of grilling in this machine. Bags are a little overpriced and not always in stock.

Hamilton Beach Party Crock Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Love it

This little unit worked great for our office potluck. My co-workers especially the ladies were impressed with the texture and taste of the pork ribs i cooked in this little crockpot. I highly recommend this to everyone especially guys who like to cook. 5 or 3 quart version of this. Crockpot for bigger gatherings.

If you read the product description you know it is a party sized ‘slow cooker, dip warmer, chocolate melter, magical’ kitchen gadget. It’s about 1 1/2 to 2 pint size. There are so many things you can do with this. I wish i could say that i got this at a discout, or free, for my review. I paid full price, and i now i need the other two colors.

Perfect for anything that likes long, slow cooking. Crockpots always cook too fast, even on low. The source of heat seems poorly distributed in crockpots. And most are too large for one or two people unless you want tons of leftovers, lol. Yes, a cook needs to be mindful when washing and drying this little red zinger, but i always take care of the things i love,.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach Party Crock Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Red (33410):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron cookware for exceptional cooking performance
  • 3 piece cooking and serving set
  • 1.5 quart crock and cover
  • Electric cooking base with low, medium, and high settings
  • Cordless warming stand

Comments from buyers

“Love it
, Love my party crock!
, Very nice cast iron Dutch Pot

This is a beautiful little pot, about the same quality as a lodge enameled cast iron pot. I own le cruset, staub, and lodge. The metal knob means it can go in the oven at high heat. It’s a great size for making a small batch of sauce or for serving hot goodies at a party. I received the set with both the heating base and the candle warmer. Feels very light and cheesy compared to the pot. I heated 2 inches of cold water from the tap. After one hour on low the temp of the water was 114 degrees f. Another hour on medium and the temp of the water was 148 degrees f.

Very nice cast iron dutch pot. Perfect size for small amounts. I like the versatility of being able to heat on the cooking base, or using a candle warmer, or just heat on the stove.

It’s very handy for parties with both savory and sweet. It can rust so don’t soak it or leave it wet.

Great size, very good looking and heavy duty. Works like a champ for smaller recipes that need to be served hot.

Only used once so far, but made a cheese dip in no time. Pot is very versatile, oven, stove top, heating base and perfect size to put into frig for overnight.

Like the option of electric or candle.

This is my favorite crock that i own. It is great for queso, as it does not burn as easily as a traditional crock pot. My only complaint is that, despite hand washing, the rim rusts. I scrub it with barkeepers friend and, viola. Just seems like an unnecessary step, although it doesn’t take long to do. I would most definitely recommend this product.

Love the size it’s great for one or two people.

Nicely made and works really well. My husband uses it at work to heat up his lunch. We have tried to eat healthier and i make lots of food ahead, put it in mason jars and freeze it, so he has a variety to choose from each day. We don’t use microwave ovens any more and this is lead free and i feel confident that this is the best option for him to prepare his food safely.

The new version is even better than the old version i have. However, i use this mostly as a coffee warmer. So-called coffee warmers never keep the cup hot enough, but this is perfect on the medium setting and i use the crock for serving and other needs.

From the other reviews i expected something really small–it is exactly the right size for what i wanted: to serve hot dips or appetizers at a party. I have never owned a crock pot –i would not call this a crock pot exactly. I do have many le creuset items which i love, however. This is comparable at half the price. This little dutch oven can be used on the stove, in the oven, or with the heating element. The keep-warm stand that holds a candle is also cast iron–which is to say, not easily tipped over by someone who had one too many at your cocktail party. Like any porcelain/cast iron cookware–it does require a bit more tlc. The exposed cast iron rims will rust if not dried quickly and completely. I recommend sealing the cast iron rims with a bit of cooking oil after drying. Avoid getting detergent on the exposed rim, instead just use hot water.

I almost use it every day to cook soup, black garlic, roast meat. I bought a second one for my daughter’s up coming christmas gift.

Is not the same color than in the picture, not match my other yellow appliances.

Just wrong color,that’s ok it does the job i need it for.

I love that this can use electric heat and or a tea light to warm. This works perfectly for my tailgate food. I can heat up on the electric base and then switch over to the tea light when we are outside to keep my food warm. The cast iron is nice and evenly heats, which i enjoy because i mostly see ceramic crock pots. This has a great heavy duty feel and i have used it every weekend since i received it.

This small capacity ‘party’ crock bowl has the quality of le creuset as it fits nicely on its heating element making it very efficient. It is perfect for the 1-2 family household. Don’t be fooled by the ‘party’ in the title, this crock will do most anything a larger crock pot can, just smaller portion. With two temperature setting, you have the flexibility to prepare a dish, or keep a dish warm during a party. Another fine feature is the removable crock can be used on top of the stove or in your oven, or refrigerated taking much less space. It is an enamel coated cast iron much like le creuset or staub so heat is retained allowing cooking at lower temperatures. Only precaution – hand wash like any other enamel pan to maintain the quality and don’t use scratch pads that would damage the surface.

This party crock is somewhat versatile as it can be used on the stove or oven to cook the food, then kept warm either via the electric base or under a warming stand (with a tealight candle). The heavy cast-iron enamel holds heat well, so the tealight candle actually does keep the food warm if a hot pot is placed on top of the warming core, and it is nice to not need a cord to keep food warm on a buffet. Because it is removable, it’s also easy to wash. The biggest downsides are the size (1. 5 quarts is pretty small) and the electric base, as the cord isn’t very long. In addition, it’s not on a timer, and has 3 temperatures: low, medium and high. It comes with a small recipe book with some suggestions. It’s great for fondue or warm dips, a bagna cauda, or a smallish appetizer. It’s not a ‘must have’ but is a nice addition for opportunities to keep food warm. It will definitely be getting a lot of use this holiday season.

It heats evenly and stays warm nicely when placed on low. I like that it can cook like a crock pot or you can put it in the oven as a dutch oven cooker.

Just the right size for small get togethers oe couple. It is heavy duty and well made.

Put this crock in our rv , perfect size for the two of us.

This product is great for entertaining. Keeps very warm on the burner but no so much with the using the candle. I was using a tea light so maybe using a little bit bigger candle would work better.