Empura Countertop Stainless Steel Single Tank Deep Fryer 16″H x 11, This baby worked great! I was cooking for three volley ball teams

Don,t be afraid of this product.

Only problem is no spigot for dumping oil.

Key specs for Empura Countertop Stainless Steel Single Tank Deep Fryer 16″H x 11.75″W x 11.25″D 120V, 1750W:

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  • Thermostat control switch ranges from 120° to 375°F
  • Each tank has 6 ft grounded cord
  • Each tank holds up to 6 liters of oil
  • Each tank has a cooking capacity of 15 lbs/hour
  • Includes one nickel plated wire mesh basket

Comments from buyers

“Restaurant Kitchen Quality at Home
, This baby worked great! I was cooking for three volley ball teams
, Works great

Once temperature is attained this fryer maintain’s the temperature and this is what sets this fryer apart. Chicken fries beautifuly and i have also fried fish that were great, moist on inside and crunchy crust on outside. I bought this for my home and could not be happier. It cost more than other home fryers but i consider it well worth the cost.

I was cooking for three volley ball teams, chicken tenders and i allowed 2 hours, i was done in an hour with time to spare and the chicken was moist and tasty with just the right amount of crispyness. I know, not a word but it does describe my end result. The teams ate up every bite and i had cooked enough for at least ten more than i fed.Great for my small catering company and will work wonders at the next family birthday celebration which is for my grandson’s birthday–he always asks for fried chicken and i used to dread frying in my pans on the stove top. Now i can’t wait to see how it works on the whole pieces of chicken.

This is a very high quality unit. I plan to use it at home for parties but it seems sturdy enough to use it commercially.

Looks good, but very large, didn’t know where i would store it.

Takes a while to heat up with oil just below the max level, but once it gets going it works well.

Use in my catering business. Work well, chicken, fish are tasty and crispy.

I bought this to contain the frying mess to a dedicated fryer. It is well made, and though lacking teh nsf sticker for commercial use, is in every way a commercial quality fryer. I like having the stainless steel construction for ease of cleaning and sanitary control, and the unit is easily dissembled for service and cleaning. Do be careful though, as the base and pan are made from very thin gauge stainless steel, and present sharp edges when exposed. The unit heats up quickly, and works efficiently, though the dial rheostat heat control is not very well labeled. Also, on my unit, the heat and ready lamps remain illuminated when the power is on and do not properly signal when the desired oil temperature is reached. So keep an accurate thermometer and a timer on hand to avoid burning foods or spoiling the taste. I do recommend this product for both it’s quality construction and it’s very economical price.

It heats up quick and holds a good amount of oil. . Have had a few buffalo wing parties at my house and it’s nice that i can fry up enough for 4 people quickly. I prefer commercial grade appliances and so far this is getting the job done.

Bought this for my auxiliary to use at a vendor event. Convenient size, easy to use and clean. Would be great for frying at home too. I didn’t think the temperature reduced as much after frying frozen foods as others i have used in past.

Wow i absolutely love it it works like a charm thank you.

 it works great, i immediately feel my self like a professional, and firing food became one of my favorite thing to do.

It works great for frying up chicken wings. It works fine on my regular plug at my house. Cleanup is pretty easy, the fryer comes apart to make it easy to clean. I love this thing, would recommend for sure. I received this product at a discount in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

That’s right i could have paid less but then i would have been dealing with e-bay. The fryer was delivered on time and in excellent condition, new unopened. I really didn’t have time to use it right away but i broke it out and made some of the best french fries ever. Temp was perfect and it kept the temp even when loading the basket to the max. Cooking time was minimal and the results were very tasty. Clean up is a snap as it mimics a professional style with removable everything. Some say this is lightweight and cheap and i say it is perfect for the occasional kitchen use. Looking forward to the next project, coconut shrimp.

This fryer seems quite rugged, heats quickly, and is about the right size for family cooking. However, i didn’t have great results with it until i calibrated the temperture gauge using a probe thermometer immersed one inch below the surface, the approach recommended for restaurant frying equipment. On my machine (your’s may vary), when set on 300, the actual peak temperture was 315, when set on 370 the actual temperture was 390, and when set on the unlabled ‘tick mark’ between those two tempertures, the actual temperture was 360.

Works great at our concession stand.

I bought one and for some reason on and off button was defective. . I emailed the seller and was very surprised that they send me a new deep fryer, i was only asking if there was a missing piece on the on and off button. Thank you very much, i will send you back the old one i used once.

Man, for a $100, this thing has held up in a sub shop for a year, no issues and easy to clean. Make sure to use a high grade oil as it not deep and will bubble up, overflow with cheaper oil. We use an oil called pro fry that cost $28 compared to cheaper $21 oil but doesn’t react so bad and over flow. Have bought two more of these for my other sub shop.

We use this fryer every friday night as a supplemental fryer for our fish fries. We have had 2 of them and they have been wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone needing a reliable small fryer.

Basket will not stay in place due to handle not fitting proper.

I wasnt sure what to expect for the price, but wow. I could do a whole batch of shrimp in it, with no problems. It is heavy duty stainless, has a nice fitting lid with a little handle, lots of temperature controls, and looks like it will be easy to clean. It does have sharp edges, but i wouldn’t say sharp enough to cut yourself by any means. It was packed really well in styrofoam and arrived in perfect condition. This item arrived quickly with my prime membership and was well packaged. *disclaimer: i received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased feedback. My opinion is based on actual use of each product provided.

 this fryer was sexy to me due to its price, and the main selling point, is that it comes complete apart for cleaning, unlike the smaller plastic shelled fryers. The thermostat kicks in and out as it should, oil heats up quick and the splash top completes the deal. Once the food is almost done, you can take that lid off and then judge your doneness without viewing through windows or anything. Small enough to fit in my cupboard space, large enough to make a fish fry. Also like the fact it’s all stainless steel, will last a long time. One con::: the black feet, cannot make them level and they leave black marks if you scoot it.

Braun K650 Multiquick 600-watt Kitchen Machine Food Processor – One machine that can do it all – at a great price

The braun combimax 650 is a better food processor because it is better designed. It runs more quietly, it loads closer to the counter, it weighs less (6+ pounds ready to chop), it goes together more easily, it has variable speeds (a real plus), and it does at least as good a job as the highly rated (cooks illustrated) kitchenaid, which we previously owned. Com and buy at least the coarse slicing insert 7000490 for $5. There are other useful accessories available from them as well.

I’ve used other food processors but like the fact that i can control the speeds on this one. I’ve only had it a few months, and time will tell if it will hold up well, but am very happy with it so far. I still haven’t used all the attachments, but give me time.

Years ago i had a braun processor. I have also had kitchen aid, brevetti, 2 cuisinart. While cleaning out a cabinet i ran across directions for all and remembered why i liked a processor at all, it was the original braun that was the most successful. The last cuisinart i had i couldn’t even get the lid off and on. I love the ease of getting the bowl in place and the lid goes on so easily. (important w/ arthritis ) the fact that it has the bottom seal and no liquid escapes makes clean up a snap. The directions are easy to understand. From biscuit to pie crust, to noodle dough, to sous chef ,this is the one.

I think this food processor is discontinued but there are a couple of things that i would have liked to know before i bought this. The manual says that it is dishwasher safe but we stuck it in the dishwasher and it warped the lid so that it wouldn’t go on anymore. I called customer care who blamed it on the dishwasher but let off when i pointed out that the manual says that it is dishwasher safe. They don’t stock replacement parts so they had to be ordered from [. on my dime and then they reimbursed me. It worked out really quickly but i wish they could have just sent me a replacement. All that said i would recommend air dry in the dishwasher. ]

We had a cuisinart blender/food processor machine that constantly leaked from the bottom and top. It finally started to die when the gears no longer made connection – secretly i was happy. The machine was loud and again ours leaked like crazy. In my research i came across this machine and we love it.We use it quite a bit since it is a) quiet, b) powerful, c) plenty of mixing/chopping/slicing/whipping options, d) easy to take apart and clean, and e) does not leak. To date we have had no problems and have owned the machine for about one year so if there are maintenance issues or repair issues we have no experience and do not plan on it for a bit.

It’s so super quiet and easy to use i would very much recommend this to my friends and family. I didn’t really want to spend that much money but after reading all the other reviews i took a chance and got it wow. I am so happy i did i am very glad i didn’t waste my money on another loud kitchen aid. I do mean loud, i thought that it might cause hearing loss (no jokes). If you are looking to get the most for your money look no further this baby has it all and more. Quite, easy to use, loads of extra attachment, large bowl to hold 9 cups worth of goodness, very powerful and fast at any task you put in front of it, tons of different speeds (i love that), and did i mention the bowl, it’s one of the best features. It has no opening in the center like most if not all other food processors, that mean if you want to liquefy something (9 cups worth or not) it wont run out the middle like all the other ones do. I love this processor and you will too.

  • Great Food Processor!
  • A versatile workhorse!
  • Simple, easy to use, a good value and very effective

I have been an amazon customers for many years and never written reviews before. I am so pleased with this purchase and decided to put my review online so when you read all reviews you can make an intelligent decision on this product. I ordered this processor on 8/4/2010 late evening and got it on 8/6/10. I unpacked it and shredded my whole bag of broccoli with ease. The machine is very easy to use and clean. It is very quite, light weight, and well made. I never own a regular size processor before but am glad that i made my decision to purchase this item based on all reviews that i read from this item. Price is great and the product works well. I am pleased that this machine is not made in china.

We have had this fp for about four weeks now, and i am very satisfied with it. It replaced a several years old 12-cup cuisinart model, when the lid broke (part of the plastic around the spring locking mechanism broke off, rendering it useless). My favorite thing about this fp is that it does. So far, i’ve blended salsa, gazpacho and cake batters without incident. My old fp used to leak around the lid and through the center if it was filled any more than 1/3 full. This one can be filled to capacity without a single drop leaking out. Now i don’t have to puree stuff in multiple batches. I also am a fan of the variable speed settings, though it takes a bit of practice to learn what speed is best for which kinds of foods. Now i can actually use the machine to chop or mince vegetables, without worrying about accidentally pureeing them (or worse, pureeing some while leaving others in big chunks stuck to the sides of the bowl). I took a chance and made mashed potatoes on the lowest setting – they came out just fine, not gluey or overworked at all. It’s easy to clean, relatively quiet and comes with a ton of accessories. I haven’t used the juicer attachment yet, and i wish it came with a thicker slicing blade, but other than that, it’s a great appliance.

I bought this from amazon because it’s rare to find a product with such a high percentage of 5 star reviews. Well, the reviews were right. It’s quiet, well balanced, and a dream to clean. My favorite feature is the sealed shaft for the blade and slicers so you can fill it to the top with liquid and it doesn’t overflow. The bowl is engineered perfectly with slight ridges on the inside that somehow keeps food from riding up the sides. I have to admit that the amount of attachments was slightly overwhelming when i first opened the box but those feelings settled once i used it a couple of times. I am quickly growing to love this machine but it took some trial and error to get here. By that i mean, take the time to sacrifice a few ingredients you often cook with for the sake of your sanity.

I brought this after reading the reviews of multiple food processors and mainly for kneading dough, i had read it but was pleasently surprised at how quiet this machine is and does work with such ease. I was shredding carrots and before i knew my whole jar was full, and no noise. You can actually even talk on phone while running this processor. I used fine slicing for onions and it was just great, just the way i wanted them. I have been using it more frequently than i have ever used my blender because of the ease to use and it actually does the work for you as you want it, so there is no frustration. The only equipment i use besides this now is my magic bullet to make small amounts of smoothies for kids.

Been using our old braun for 10yrs. The bowl for it broke down (not the machine yet). So we thought of getting the machine itself. (bowl cost here was from $35-40). Very good quality machine that will hopefully last another 10yrs. It seems like all marketing ploy to stop selling these machines in the market as seen from other reviews.

Features of Braun K650 Multiquick 600-watt Kitchen Machine Food Processor

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    by entering your model number.
  • Electronically controlled with variable speed
  • Powerful 600 watt motors for Processing
  • Sealed bowls to prevent leakage
  • You are always in complete control of your food preparation
  • 110V For USA use only

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Just realized my braun is 6 years old. I like it although i wish it was larger. I always buy braun appliances if i can find them. I once lived in germany and when it comes to quality, no one beats the germans. Sorry to hear they are giving up on the us. I reread reviews and realize i am not getting the use out of my machine that is possible and will change my ways. I mostly use ‘old’ methods because i don’t have to research the new. That means i have been cooking for 70 years and still do a lot of things without even thinking about my kitchen aid mixers, food processor and vitamix. My vitamix is still going strong after more than 20 years and i expect someone will be using the braun long after i have departed.

I had an older model braun processor that finally bit the dust after 18 years, so i bought this model three years ago. Not quite as powerful as the first one, but suits my needs perfectly. I like that it has an easy locking mechanism. Just line up the arrows and twist. No need for an instruction book to make it safe. Other favorite thing is the almost infinite variability of speed. Not crazy about the juicer though. I have a braun dedicated juicer that i like better, but that’s a small negative. So, this is actually my second of this model. We bought a beach house recently and i find i can’t do without my processor up there.

Shopped around at physical stores a while before buying this machine unseen based solely on reviews and am not disappointed. Has plenty of power and a wide spectrum of variable speeds. Quality seems on par with most others in this price range but the side by side motor design, variable speeds and reputation set it apart from anything i found in u. Have owned it for a month and used it two or three times a week.

I have had a hard time finding a food processor that is bpa free and will also have enough power to do everything a food processor should. In the past i broke a cuisinart trying to shred cheese, soft cheese. I have an older kitchenaid that i love but its not bpa free. The newer ones are not getting good reviews. As they are expensive, i don’t want to take the chance. This one has a sealed bowl which is new for me but comes in very handy, for fruits, jellies, soups. Neither one of my other ones were sealed. I shredd cheese in this and it worked without breaking the machine.

I cannot tell you how much i love this food processor. Previously, the only processor i had owned was a cuisinart mini-prep that left half of the material juiced while the other half was still huge pieces. Why bother?the braun does everything i had hoped for and more. Some specific features that i love:the motor is very powerful, and has shown no signs of fatigue despite putting it through some pretty serious paces. It takes at least 10 minutes of nearly continuous processing a pretty high speed to make almond butter – no problemcleanup is a breeze. I put everything in the dishwasher except for the main chopping blade. All of the other pieces are dishwasher safe. Just make sure to remove the grating/slicing insert from the wheel and rinse first – if not, some of the leftover bits can get stuck. I even put things on the bottom rack but i never use the drying function, and my dishwasher doesn’t get very hot. Keep it to the top rack if you do.

This is a terriffic machine. My wife and i had never owned a food processor nor posessed knowledge about them. In an attempt to learn more, i went online to amazon and read customer reviews/feedback for the many food processors sold there. It was a lengthy, tiring process, but ultimately very helpful and enlightening because it gave us insight as to what the machines do and what to expect – good and bad – from the various name-brand machines. We settled on this braun because the favorable ratings and reviews submitted by all the satisfied customers exceeded those of all the other brands in our price range. I’m happy to say we are elated by our choice. The machine is easy to assemble and operate; very powerful; easy to disassemble and clean (we used the dishwasher and all the parts came out sparkling); is attractive and compact; comes with an assortment of blades and a juiceing bowl; and best of all – it runs quietly. We had no trouble at all conversing with each other in normal speaking tones over the motor sounds last week as we worked together in our kitchen to process three large pumpkins into pumpkin pie filling, for freezing. The large bowl and lid fit together well and tightly (there are alignment arrows on each piece, showing how they go together), and there are no leaks between the lid and bowl during operation. I’d highly recommend this food processor to anyone, with no reservation at all.

Electronically controlled with variable speed

While i’d read everyone elses reviews, and knew this was a good machine, one thing i didn’t realize was that it runs so quietly. Perhaps my favorite thing about this processor is that it’s completely enclosed. There’s no leakage around the center pin if you overfill the bowl. Perhaps the one negative i would have is that the bowl was able to hold more. My most common use for it to-date is to make pie crust. I can’t make a crust that uses more than 2c flour, and that’s a drag.

After reading all the other reviews, i purchased the braun food processor knowing that it is a discontinued product, with only a 1 year warranty. It does everything that other reviewers have indicated. Easy to lock the lid and bowl into place; easy to clean; quiet; convenient single 9-cup bowl rather than nested bowls, and yes the bowl is sealed and does not leak. That is a big plus; has 15 speeds; a pulse button is located in the center of the on/off knob and its pulse speed is directly related to the speed range selected from the speed control knob; and the entire unit stores neatly on the kitchen counter top. The total height of the unit, including the mounted bowl and pusher is a tad under 14 inches. We also found the juicer bowl to work nicely when using medium sized oranges and firmly holding the sliced orange against the rotating cone. This processor is actually fun to use. We easily pureed our home grown tomatoes to make several gallons of tomato sauce using the primary slicing blade with short blasts of the pulse button in combination with the speed dial set at 10. Experimentation with the speed settings is the key. We are still learning and having fun.

Great processor, lots of power, lots of attachments however whatever you do do not ever put the standard chopping blade in the processor without seating it. It will get stuck and wedged in the side causing you to have to buy another bowl and chopping blade. The second time by accident when hubby put them in the sink together like this. Can get very expensive after a whilealso the egg whipping attachment is made of plastic so think again about using it to whip egg whites. They will whip to peaks to rapidly and i heard the plastic molecules resemble oil molecules causing eggs to over whip then collapse into a watery mess.

Got this as a gift for my significant other as we haven’t had a full size food processor for 10 years. Last one was chewed to bits by our dog (mastiff, go figure not a cut on him but the blades were completely gone). I shopped around a lot before deciding on this one, i considered the big ‘b’ unit but it was 3x the price and the reviews were only so-so. Works nearly silently, haven’t found a job it can’t do. Wish the trim was some other color than baby blue but i store it out of sight so it really doesn’t matter. Get one of these w/ realistic expectations for a midline food processor and you won’t be dissapointed.

Definitely worthy of 5 starswe had a cuisinart for many years. The interior parts where all the safety catches and pins go had become moldy (you can’t clean the inside where the safety parts go)it looked ‘unhealthy’ so we threw it out with the intention of buying another, why we didn’t just buy a new bowl assembly i don’t really know – but i am glad we didn’ti tend to be brand loyal – the cuisinart lasted well – so it would have been normal to just buy another. I assumed that all the cumbersome (and annoying) safety interlocks were normal these days. Then i started browsing reviews on the big names – after seeing many ‘not as good as they used to be’ type reviews, i looked for an alternative and stumbled upon this braun, and the many good reviews it was getting. I/we bought one (here from amazon marketplace) at full price, and are very happy with it, despite not being a name in food processors (i always thought braun were shavers etc) this unit is excellent. This braun is very versatile with the numerous accessories included, easily as powerful as cuisinart, and the multi speed is very useful. The bowl is much more sturdy too. The only negative is the larger footprint on the counter – but gone are all the annoying safety interlocks – this has just the one – a part of the lid that protrudes to mate with the base. Another huge plus is that the blade/bowl is sealed – so you can use the full size without leaks (like cuisinart)the (main) blade is not as thick as the one we had on the cuisinart – but it is not noticeable in use – and we have given it some tough jobs alreadyreally we have no complaints or niggles at all – it stays on the counter and is used daily for many tasks. Why are braun pulling out of the us market?.

This is our first food processor, and we’ve been using it for about 9 months now. So far, it is working great. We use it to grate and shred cheese with no problems. We have used the dough hook for creating pastry doughs. We have not used the whip or the juicer yet. I do wish that it came with two different size slicers (thin and thick), but i’ve managed on just the one. Our food processor gets used at least once a week, if not more. I hesitate to offer any criticisms, since i haven’t used another food processor for comparison purposes and i’m still learning how to use the processor effectively.

Powerful 600 watt motors for Processing

Chopping and grating: worked very well for chopping onions, mincing garlic, shredding cabbage, thinly slicing potatoes, and chop spinach very finely (like for pesto). I also grated part-skim mozzarella, following manufacturer instructions and using both the fine and coarse shredding blade and got beautiful results, long shreds (not little chopped pieces) with each. I don’t know what kind of cheese the reviewer who had problems was using, but worked well for me. Dough: for a recipe that called for about 1 lb of flour (4 c), this worked great. It danced a little when kneading, but it was easy to steady and since the whole processing time was only 90 seconds, i can keep my hand on the machine for that amount of time. It was certainly faster than making the dough by hand, and i didn’t end up with a counter coated with flour. Juice: this played no role in my decision to purchase, but i actually like this feature. I don’t have room for a juicer in addition to a food processor, and while it’s not going to be something i use every day, it’s nice to have it available. I also appreciate that juicing capability means that the machine can accommodate liquids better than many food processors. Capacity: the bowl holds a large head of cabbage, shredded, with the slicing attachment on.

I was looking for exactly this sort of kitchen machine. My mum has a similar one back in germany and i found this so convenient to have one machine in the kitchen which is able to do pretty much everything: knead dough, make smoothies, slice and shred veggies, herbs, etc. I wanted to avoid to have a zillion kitchen tools all over my smallish kitchen. Unfortunately there a not many choices one it comes to a good all-rounder. So far i have prepared some pizza dough in it and made my morning smoothies. Also a really good feature is that you can put all the items in the dishwasher. (review written by nathalie, wife).

I haven’t used this braun multiquick 3 k650 kitchen machine 600 watt much yet, but it seems to work well. I had, but never used, a food processor before so i can’t compare it against other models or brands. It’s nice that everything is dishwasher-safe. I do have some quibbles:there is no storage of any kind for the blades. Most of them are small enough to keep in the bowl, but the chopper blade (arguably the most dangerous) and mixing/kneading blade don’t. Fortunately, the chopper comes with a safety guard. It comes with a nice assortment of blades, and a juicer, but for some reason you have to buy the coarse slicing insert braun combimax food processor coarse slicing insert 7000-490 separately. The ‘french fry system’ braun combimax food processor french fry system 3200-634 is also separate, but i wasn’t interested in that. I would recommend this unit to anyone who is cooking for a small- to medium-size group. I was able to puree nine baking potatoes in one go, but just barely.

We quickly broke a cheap black and decker food processor that failed at most tasks. This one couldn’t be more different. The attachments are useful and well-made. The gears appear to be faultless. My wife has never thanked me more for any gift i have given her. She uses it about every other day. It perfectly and quickly:-whips cream and butter. -chops carrots/shreds veggies. -mixes dough (really, we are not replacing our broken hand mixer). -shreds cheese (we no longer buy it shredded. It is better fresh and without the potato starch and other fluffing agents). -is cleaned in the dishwasherdon’t settle for anything less or be fooled by anything that claims to be better. This is truly the pinnacle in kitchen appliances.

It is silent, also works with small batches, even do it is a big bowl. One down part is, the citrus press does not work well for me. Easy cleanup, just rinse under running water with a drop of soap and you are ready to go again. Knives are very sharp, watch out when drying or changing them out. Whipping blade works great to. Still have to use the grating blades, but they look capable as well. This is a good machine and i would recommend it to anyone.

My husband and i received a braun food processor as a wedding gift and we loved it. It lasted almost 22 years before finally giving out (very impressive). The price of the braun was more than we’d hope to spend, but after weighing pros and cons with other models, we decided to go for it. The unit shipped quickly and we eagerly put it to use. We can’t say we like it as much as the older model, but we do like it. The unit is very light in weight, which is a plus, but unlike its predecessor the interior of the bowl isn’t smooth, making cleanout a bit more difficult – – no more swiping with a spatula to get every last bit. And the blade for egg whites is a joke, which is a big disappoinment. The older unit came with a metal whisk that whipped even a single egg white to perfection; the plastic blade offered on this model makes only a froth – – it’s useless (it may work for whipping cream; we have yet to try that). Other than those two complaints, in our opinion this is still the best food processor on the market. Large working bowl, variable speed, a variety of blades, light weight – – what’s not to like.

Through the years i have killed 4 food processors, 2 kitchenaid’s 2 cuisinart’s. Figured it was time to try a new brand. I received the braun today, it did everything well that i tried today except for slicing salami it completely failed at that (but i don’t slice salami very often so no big deal). Today i chopped some cilantro, onion & garlic for some guacamole, i then added my avocado and made some nice chunky guacamole. Did a great job & didn’t need to keep opening the lid to push the ingredients down to process. I used the fine shredder attachment to shred cheddar cheese. It did a very good job, the speed control worked well for this, i had a lot less waste using the braun, with other machines a lot of cheese would get stuck on the top and not shred and turn into a gooey mess, i only had a small amount of cheese that didn’t shred and what was left was still firm and usable. I used the slicer for carrots and it did a very good job slicing. The juicer worked well and didn’t spray juice every where. The french fry attachment works ok, it made pretty tiny fry’s i will need to work with it more.

Sealed bowls to prevent leakage

This is not my first food processor. I had others before, and like other reviewers mine was also noisey and difficult to handle. So, when i decided to splurge on a processor and it was going to be the best on the block. I selected this model based on the high reviews here, epinions and other websites. It took me awhile to save for this model, but it has been well worth the wait. I used this machine yesterday crumbling vanilla wafer cookies and walnuts for a rum ball recipe. I had it on the highest setting (14) and it was so quiet. I was bracing myself for some sound deafing noise but it never came. This machine is a lot quieter than my blender and i got that one based on high reviews also. It’s compact enough to go inside a cabinet but it stays on my counter because i want any excuse to use it.

This is the best item i have purchased all year long. I wonder why it took me so long as i have pondered this for many months. It is powerful, quite and makes such easy work of the most diffcult taks for me. I make a lot of falafal from scratch and grinding all those chickpeas took a lot of time and noise.Now i make relegate my small all purpose grinder to the work it was meant to handle. For someone who battles arthritis and trigger syndrome in my fingers it has been a real blessing. I recommend this to everyone serious about cooking.

I’ve used it to make smoothies, soups, whip cream, citrus juice, cookie dough, cake batter, and chopped vegetables for salsas and whatnot. I really like the simple design and it’s fairly easy to clean. The bowl is completely sealed so no messes from changing or pulling attachments out when it’s full of food. Those germans know how to make food processors.Also, my mother-in-law has one and she loves hers as well. It would have been nice to get some recipes with this machine that illustrate the many different ways to use it. That is my only reason for knocking a star off.

The sealed center drive is the best on the market. Total variable speedmakes this unit the most adaptive to all food processing needs. Cusinart and kitchen aid have nothing to equal what this machine will do. And while doing it make it much simpler for the user. It is sick and wrong that the parant company of this world class machine will no longer market it in the usa (and parent co. ) and seems to be making it difficult for owners to get replacement parts. Not that many will be needed as it is so well enginered. But bowls and lids can be droped and broken.

I got this based on the reviews which i think are correct. I like all the components, even a juicer (which i haven’t tried yet) and find it easy to handle and care for. So far i used it for shredding potatoes for potato dumplings and slicing various vegetables for soups and and a casserole. It’s a light weight machine which makes it easy to pull out of the storage. The only issue i had with it was that when i cut carrots the white shredding disc became discolored, orange. After multiple washed the color intensity was reduced but it is still slightly tinted which is a little annoying but i know it’s clean so i’ll just deal with it.

I have an old food processor that i have used for many years. This is a definite improvement over that one. This has many attachments and i love that it has different speeds. It has a large capacity bowl. My only complaint is that the pusher doesn’t push all of the product and i end up with a big blob of whatever i’m processing at the end. This may happen with all processors, i don’t know as this is only my second one to own and work with. Overall, i am satisfied with it.

You are always in complete control of your food preparation

This thing has sharp bladesi have always wanted a food processor, since a friend bought one. Now i find i’m in control of the kitchen and have rekindled my cooking skills, i decided to buy one. I did my research and, clearly this braun is the best on the market for kitchen use/cost. So far it has done everything i wanted making preparation so easy. I like making cakes and the braun makes the fat/sugar prep so easy. I’ve also made crumble/cobbler mix and pastry. So much easier than by hand, even if there’s a bit more washing up. As winter approaches, i’m thinking soups and stews etc will be a lot easier too. I did make one meat/mushroom pasta sauce which was easy.

Chops and mixes very good ( haven’t tried kneading bread yet). Variable speed and pulse make processing different things easy. Cleanup easy as components are dishwasher safe. Con: seems braun isn’t supporting their food processor. Trying to buy variable slicer item #f3200-650 as per an earlier review; seems impossible to obtain this though the variable carrier item f3200-649 is available, a good resource for various braun attachments is: [. would give it 5 stars if i felt more confident that i could find parts in the future. What the heck, it gets 5 stars anyway. ]

This food processor came with 4 shredding/slicing blade inserts, but the manual showed 5 (and indicated that the coarse slicing blade was not included, though shown). I wanted to get this blade, and the vendor put me in touch with procter and gamble who import braun. They informed me that braun has discontinued manufacturing of all food processors, but did give me an online supplier of parts, including the blade i wanted. The machine works very well. It is very quiet and powerful and does a marvelous job of grating or slicing potatoes, onions and carrots, but didn’t do so well with broccoli (too soft). It really needs a container for storing all the accessories that come with it, but the machine itself is quite compact, making it feasible to leave it on the counter ready for use anytime. Everything except the motor unit can be washed in the dishwasher, but some parts (like the main bowl) have areas that trap water and therefore do not come out dry.

I’ve been using this for a while. It has taken me some time to get to know which blades work best for things but i now know this beast pretty well. My biggest problem is the vibration. If i don’t hold onto the machine while it’s running, it will quickly vibrate itself off of the counter. So, if you are adding food using the chute, food has to be added with your one free hand which can get a little messy since food can come flying out of the chute while it’s uncovered. Other than that, no big issues. It’s pretty easy to clean and store and seems to have plenty of power. I lean towards 3 stars instead of 4 but i’m feeling generous today. If you wouldn’t mind the vibration (which i have not exaggerated at all) then you would most likely be happy with this machine. If i had it to do over, i would not buy it.

We did a lot of research on different food processors and went to stores and inspected the features of many different models. There was one thing that really bothered us about most of the processors on the market. They were all too tall to fit under upper cabinets on our counters and too tall to fit inside of any of our cabinet storage spaces without sacrificing huge amounts of limited cabinet space by removing shelves for clearance. We had initially dismissed the braun product, but our needs quickly led us back to it. The other feature that sold us was the lack of a complex safety lockout system built into the handle of the food receptacle. In our research we read repeated accounts of food becoming trapped inside of these inaccessible mechanisms, featured in some of the most popular and heavily advertised brands, creating a sanitary nightmare, as well as an unappealing appearance. That is unacceptable in this house. The braun machine has it figured out, a machine that is low in profile, with the safety lockout device cleverly built into the base unit, away from the food receptacle. We are not big food processors, making mainly smoothies and soups, but we do these often. We can’t testify to abilities in dough making, veggie slicing or any of the many other activities one can theoretically apply this machine to.

Update 1/28/2017: i was using the braun this morning to chop vegetables and thought again how much i adore this machine. It is one of two appliances that always sit on my counter, and the other is the coffee maker. It gets used several times a week and has for the last 5+ years. I could not recommend it more highly. Original review: this appliance is quiet and powerful. The design allows me to get the blade out of the way so that i can pour, stir, scrape, etc with no hassles. The multi-speed settings give me good control over what’s happening in the bowl. I have owned it for more than a year, using it several times every week. I have used it for chopping, mixing, slicing and making peanut butter and small batches of pastry dough. It has been completely reliable and up to every task i have given it.

It works great and the variable 15 speeds are a big plus. It is easy to assemble, use, and clean. I put all the attachments in a small basket and it keeps well together. I love everything that i have done with it. It is very good at keeping liquids contained. This is a big factor for me. I chop a lot of tomatoes when i make salsa and my cuisinart would fill up quickly and then it could overflow. This processor is contained, no spilling. It has chopped, mixed, shredded, and juiced very well.

My old food processor finally bit the dust, and i replaced it first, about six months ago, with a top-of-the-line ka. It was in the $250 range, as i recall. It was heavy; it required an immense amount of space to store; it was finicky–really, who has time to pull out the instruction booklet every time you use an appliance?.The lid alone had three pieces, all of which had to be in perfect alignment for it to operate. I threw it away to keep anyone else from having to suffer with it scarred by that mistake, i was reluctant to jump right into another online purchase, but out of desperation, i gave it one more try and purchased this baby. And i am so very, very glad that i did. It is light; it is quiet (everyone has remarked on it); it shreds and chops perfectly; and using it is as intuitive as possible. The lid only has one piece, and because it has a horizontal, rather than vertical, footprint, it takes much less storage (because the bowl and lid can be stored in place, on the machine; with a vertical footprint, that configuration is too tall for most cabinets). I have used it for regular chopping jobs as well as for grinding chicken, and it has made short work of everything.

About 25 years ago, my wife and i bought a braun food processor. We used it for over 23 years, replacing the bowl once and the stalks that held the cutting disks about three times. We only gave it up when it started leaking oil. We replaced it with a cuisinart that didn’t have multiple speeds and did have a complicated and largely inscrutable lid locking system that ultimately failed–we needed to stick a screwdriver into the lid to make it work. So we found this braun, which is similar to but an improvement on our old one, and it’s great. Very lightweight, the bowl and lid simply snap into place, there’s infinite speed control, and the cutting disks and stalks have been redesigned to be much sturdier.

I got this food processor a few weeks ago. So far i have tried making pumpkin soup, potato pancakes, and bread dough in it. I have also tried chopping raw chicken and chopping and slicing vegetables. The machine is a lightweight compared to the kitchenaide i used to have, but for the most part that is ok. Pluses: i like the variable speed but i’m not sure that having that changes the final results. Having a truly deep work bowl is very nice. It did a good job of grinding the chicken (which was partly frozen). The bread dough came out fine. The fine grater disk was awesome for making the potato pancakes. Minuses: the thing that disappointed me is the slicing disks.

I knew my wife needed a new food processor when i saw her drag out her 20 year old model. I researched food processors on amazon and saw all the familiar names (cusinart, etc). Then i came across the braun and began reading the reviews. All reviews were very good and it sounded like a great piece of equipment. I bit the hook and bought it for christmas, not knowing if my wife really wanted a new food processor. It is everything advertised. Quiet, powerful, variable speed is great, easy to clean, great attachments, quality construction. The only way they could improve this product would be to include a storage caddy for the attachments. Glad i picked this model and would recommend it to others.

Panasonic NC-HU401P Water Boiler 4 – Great water boiler

Love mine from real life use. I use it to make tea about 2-4 times a day and even add a splash of hot water to cooking pans to deglaze or moisten food. Very handy and it works well. I’m taking the word of the other reviewer about cost-saving provided by the vacuum sealed chamber. [ on that note, i wish you could schedule the time-delay feature, which is where you get most of those cost savings, without needing to remember to hit the button for it. It’s a small inconvenience to remember to hit the time-delay button on your last use of the day so it’s not heating the water all night long. A night-time period would be an interesting addition, panasonic, and then it would be the perfect denkipoto. ]

Sleek styling looks so much better than the pics. It’s a brushed stainless steel front. Very quick and quiet boiling. Have used these devices for going on 40 years and this is the best one we’ve ever had.

No more waiting for water to make a cup of tea. Here are the specifications for the Panasonic NC-HU401P Water Boiler 4:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 4.2 Qt. Thermal Hot Pot has a Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) which keeps the hot water hot, just like a thermos; Save up to 42% energy
  • The “Binchotan-carbon” on the inner surface is coated with Diamond Fluorine; By extending the boiling time, more elements of tea to be extracted
  • 3 Temperature Settings (180/190/208 degrees F) that is ideal to use for noodles, tea, coffee, baby food and more
  • Cordless Electric Pump allows the unit to stay hot (approx. 90 degrees) up to 3 hours after AC cord is unplugged; 360 degree Rotating body
  • Dimensions: 8 9/16″ (W) x 11 5/16″ (D) x 12 7/8″ (H), 4.6 lbs. White

Mom likes to drink warm water rather than cold water. It’s relatively fast to boil. Water is kept warm at a desirable temperature. I would strongly recommend it to friends who loves to brew tea all the time.

Great productgreat for small family. But when i host a 10 people party, i wished i oldered a bigger capacity. Great thing is, it heats water fast.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great water boiler
  • Great for saving energy and water filters
  • Works great. You always know what temp your water is

I like the fact that you can control the dispensing speed so that the hot water doesn’t splatter when i fill my mug.

It’s awesome and convenient with my tea.

The item rides on time , so far so good.

So far so good, hot boiling water always, convenient and sleek design, best buy.

A perfected device, buy it regret nothing.

Double boiling action and ‘healthy tea’ mode dechlorinate non-filtered water pretty good. Thermos-like built, timer up to 10 hours for night turn-off, intuitive artificial intelligence feature that tries to learn your habits and heat-up water when you usually need it, saves energy by reducing re-boiling significantly. Another nice feature not seen in other boilers is a battery-like large capacitance capacitor that charges when the boiler is connected to the power line and allows to take untethered boiler to the guest table and operate a dispenser pump while disconnected from the power line.

Great for tea lovers and people who drink hot water w honey. If you have an asian girlfriend, have one of these in your kitchen for sure.

0l vacuum-insulated water boiler and i needed a second water boiler. I ultimately decided on this product over the zojirushi cv-dsc40, the cd-wbc40-ts (non vacuum-insulated), and the non vacuum-insulated panasonic version of this product. I also looked at many other less popular brands. If you are planning to use a water boiler through most of the day (it is a convenience item after all, wouldn’t you want to do this?), then vacuum-insulated is the way to go. You will recoup the price difference in saved electricity over roughly 6-16 months of usage (varies based on the $/kwh). I’d rather pay an extra $30 to $80 upfront than an extra $5-$8 per month to the electric company. The vacuum-insulated models all tend to have the feature that shows the current water temperature, too, which i really like. At the time of purchase, this product was roughly $80 cheaper than the zojirushi. The internal water canister appears to be a very similar material (i was worried that it had some weird charcoal layer or something on it based on the other reviews – it looks completely like the zojirushi to me).

This one isn’t made in japan, but absolutely no trouble at all. The energy saving timer for overnight shutdown and auto. Restart in the morning is useful.

Much more efficient than previous hot water pot.

I had a panasonic water boiler and i loved it. This one i like it too but i find the gab between the dispenser the pot itself not enough room for a cup or mug. I like to bring it up rather than sitting on the countertop, it helps to reduce water splash. This is the only thing i dislike. Otherwise, i think it runs smooth and perfectly so fa.

Second one and better than first thatlaster several years.

Panasonic hot water dispenser is very well built. Cordless for dispensing water using capacitor not rechargeable batteries. Multi speed water dispensing. Heater off timer for 2,4,6 or 8 hours.

2l model with the supposed vacuum insulation, but couldn’t tell from product research if this was actually a vacuum dewar type container and thus how much power it would use over time compared to the high end zojirushi units. Zojirushi claims about 16w average consumption, but doesn’t state how much water they expect to be used over that time, so i suspect none which would make a big difference. When i received my panasonic nc-hu301p i ran it for a while, then hooked it up to a kill-a-watt measuring device. Measured over 24 hours with one fill up of around 3l, i averaged 19w power consumption. So i’d say that’s on par with the zojirushi at a lesser price. Update: i did get a rosewill 4l model as well and have completed the same 24 hour test. 46kwh while the rosewill 4l unit used about 0. The rosewill is $60 cheaper as of this writing, and at a rate of $0. 08 per kwh, and the above two power usages, it’ll take around 1900 days or around 5 years for the panasonic to break even. I see other reviewers mentioning these last around ten years, so i expect the panasonic is the better buy in the long run.

Easy to fill, stay hot, it’s very nice to have temperature display. Extremely pleased with panasonic appliances.

I bought this for my husband for christmas, and we love it. We have set up a tea and hot chocolate station on one of our counters, and it is fantastic to be able to make our hot beverages any time we would like them. It heats the 3 liters of water quickly. We keep ours set at 190 degrees, and it is so well insulated that it takes the boiled water about 3 hours to cool down to that temperature. Every guest who has been to our house wants one, too. We really like the fact that it has a built in battery for dispensing water when it is unplugged so that we can take it to the table when we have guests for dinner, and everyone can help themselves as they would like.

Villaware V3200 Classic Belgian Waffler – Round : VillaWare

It worked very well, produced excellent waffles. But like most electric-heat appliances, after about six years of light use it stopped working.

Makes the thick deep pocket waffles to hold lots of butter and syrup. We had one for many years, we broke it and bought two to replace it.

I have tried alot of waffle makers and this makes the best belgian waffles. If you use the mix krustez it works very well. I like the settings and the alarm that lets you know that the waffle is done.

Its the best thing i could have recived. Lovly recipes and lovely results.

  • Classic Belgian Waffler
  • Perfect waffles!
  • Belgian Waffler

VillaWare V3200 Classic Belgian Waffler – Round

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Iron makes individual, thick, Belgian-style waffles
  • Durable, handsome chrome housing and nonstick waffle grids
  • Auto-light feature tells when to pour and remove waffles
  • Auto-thermostat
  • Space-saving design

When traveling we always liked to stop at the international house of pancakes for their belgiam waffles. Of course at around five dollars each, we said there has to be a cheaper way to satisfy our addiction. We began an online check and found the industrial quality irons to run between six and seven hundred dollars. What about this villaware 3200. It has great reviews and the price is right for a couple of senior skinflints. So with the help of the visa card and ups, we were eating the best belgiam waffles we have ever tasted. Did i say that cleanup was easier than brushing your dentures?.Can’t brag enough about this little gem. Thanks villaware and so long to ihop.

This waffle maker really works for our family. We use it about 3-4 times a month. It has a loud chirping sound that it makes when the waffles are done. I love this feature since i am not good at paying attention. I would recommend searching the internet for our favorite waffle recipe, ‘waffles of insane greatness’. These come out crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. We love to make a double batch and freeze the leftovers for another time.

We have loved this waffle iron. Especially the chirp that tells you the waffles are done.

I am happy with this waffle maker. The waffles are easy to make – fast – the timer is trustworthy & the pan is easy to clean. I’ve had two other waffle makers & i like this one the best. The size of the waffles are perfect.

I purchased this waffle maker based on reviews and so far have only been completely satified with how the waffles turned out about 50% of the time. The back “burners” do not cook the waffle through as well as the front one when i use a thick batter and that part comes out doughy no matter how high i set the heat. A thin batter works better but i can still tell the differnce in the back portion of the waffle. I am disappointed with it and will probably purchase a different one at a later point. Next time i will not throw away the box until i’ve made sure it does what it’s supposed to. If that wasn’t the case i would rate it a 5 because it is easy to use, doesn’t stick as long as it’s been sprayed w/cooking spray prior to use, it is fast and the tones tell you when it is ready to use and when it is done.

Love ours and we’ve had it for years. Need to go make a few batchs and freeze some for later too.

Great product, the tone of the beep is a bit annoying but it is very functional – lets you know when to pour the batter & when the waffle is ready to be served. We have found a mix called krusteaz is very easy & tasty.

I get nice, brown, crisp waffles every time. I really appreciate the cooking control and the chirp, chirp that tells me when my waffles are perfectly done. I’ve used many wafflers before, but this is tops. Great price for the quality.

We really enjoy this waffle iron. We didn’t care for the recipes that came with it, but the iron itself is great. The waffles have come out great everytime. This is a perfect addition to the kitchen.

I don’t remember when i bought it, i am still using it.

This is my first waffle maker, so i can’t really give a good review, but i guess i’m pretty happy with it. It beeps (you kind of have to get used to the siren-like beeps :)) when the pan is warmed up and it beeps again when the waffle is done. It makes good waffles, but my only complaint is that it’s hard to spread the batter on the whole entire pan, since the batter rises as you cook it. In my first try i had batter overflowing out of the pan (a pain to clean), and other times i didn’t put in enough batter; it takes some practice. I guess if you buy the rotating ones the batter will spread more evenly, but those were too expensive for my budget. Overall i think it’s a good deal for the money.

The waffle iron works great, altho the packing wasn’t the greatest. The outer box was damaged and there was only padding around half of the inner box that the iron comes in, the box that the waffle iron comes in didn’t seem to be damaged so i opened it to check it out. Something inside is rattling around and i was afraid it wouldn’t work- but it does so far and i love the timer. I bought the waffle iron with a certificate and thought the trouble of sending it back and paying for shipping wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

The product arrived on time and was packed well. I used the villaware and it worked perfectly. I loved my wonderfully cooked waffles.

This is the second v3200 villaware belgian waffler that i have ordered. The second was a gift to my mom. She loved mine so much that i gave her one for christmas. The waffle comes out perfect, not guessing at the cooking time. The waffler beeps when it is hot and ready to cook. I love mine and would order another one just like it if quit today.

We bought this waffle maker because the american ones are hard to find. And this one got great reviews. So given that we prefer american waffles to belgian waffles, we still like this waffle maker ok. Very easy to clean, and definitely non-stick.

I’ve had this waffler for several months and use it regularly at least twice a week. It produces a perfect belgian waffle every time.

I bought this at a friday sale for under $20, and thus far i’ve gotten more than my money’s worth out of it. We’ve tried several batters in it including 100% whole wheat ones.

Better than expected, great waffle the first time out. If i had a complaint it would be crisp on one side and soft on the other, but with syrup it’s not a problem.

FRIGIDAIRE 1.5 Cu. Ft. Over-The-Range Microwave Oven – White, microwave

You don’t need a high priced appliance. This microwave takes care of all my needs.

Bought this to replace existing built in. I like this one because i do not need a million cooking options or fancy do dads. This is a wonderful microwave at a good price. Took the 8 yrs old one out and put the new one right in. The light is not real bright but it works just fine for me.

The microwave lacks in power and functionality. The timer and microwave cannot be used simultaneously.

Key specs for FRIGIDAIRE 1.5 Cu. Ft. Over-The-Range Microwave Oven – White:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • White 1.5 cu. ft. over-the-range microwave; Two speed ventilation; Sensor cooking options; 10 cooking power levels; Auto-reheat options; Electronic clock and timer; Height 16.31; Width 29.87; Depth 15.03; Weight 52.00; Color White; Operating System; Batteries Included; Batteries Required; Number of Batteries; Battery Type; Language English, Spanish, French; Assembly Required
  • Extra-large 14-inch diameter glass turntable
  • One-touch options
  • Ready-Select controls
  • Multi-Stage cooking

Comments from buyers

“Bottom Of The Line
, Three Stars
, Great, reasonable microwave

I bought this unit because of it size. It is the smallest one i could find that fit over a stove and had a exhaust fan. If you want to cook all your meals in a microwave this is not the unit for you. It is a basic unit that warms things which is all i want it to do. No second shelf, no probe, just a basic microwave that heats a cup of coffee or left overs. Size was the key for me, manufacturers have forgotten the customer with an older home. My cabinets are low and most units i looked at were too close to the stove. This one is not perfect in the size department but is best i could do.

Cleans nicely if i don’t remember to cover whatever is cooking. Contractor said it was easy to install. I particularly like the 1, 2, 3 minute buttons because it’s so quick to get cooking going. I don’t like to cook but i am great at warming up leftovers with this oven.

I just finished the install and i have to say it was well designed and very easy to install. Came with good instructions and paper templates that make it so simple anybody who can lift it should be able to install it. The microwave is quite powerful and fast to heat things. The range light is barely bright enough to be useful. Door and glass are nice and overall. I am quite pleased with the looks of the unit. When my microwave arrived, it looked like it had been severely roughed up and re-taped. Myself and the driver unboxed it and examined it closely before i accepted it. The box the microwave ships in is not really designed for shipping. It’s thin and the styrofoam is thin. Examine your shipment closely before you sign off on it. Note damage on the delivery ticket in case you have something wrong not immediately obvious.

I’m never going back to counter top microwaves again. No complaints, and i love having my counter space back again.

My only issue is that it sounds and feels cheap when you open and close it. Kinda reminds me of japanese cars in the 70’s. Everything was great but the doors opening and closing made it seem like a toy.

Diminsions were correct; easy to replace the broken microwave – though heavy, needs at least 2 people for installation.

Good price, on time delivery, works well. Definitely a low-end product.

I have had it for about 3 weeks and it works great. Read reviews that the timer was loud, they must have fixed it.

The reason i gave this microwave 4 stars is the weak light under the microwave. Other than that it has been working fine.

Installation was pretty easy, even though i had never installed one before. It has certain simple features that i really like, such as the quick buttons for 1, 2, 3 minutes and the ‘add 30 seconds’ button. It also reminds you when it has finished cooking every so often. This can be a bit annoying at times, but other times i have actually forgotten about my food and am thankful to be reminded that it is ready before it goes cold. I know that the big thing now is brushed metal, but i like the clean simplicity of this microwave, and it fits the rest of our white appliances. Its exhaust system, while very loud, also works well. I can cut onions without them bothering me while it is on. A solid, no-frills microwave for a good price.

Arrived very well packed in a very oversize box. Inside, the microwave was very well protected and packed. The install took about 2+ hours and went without a problem. I did need to cut shims for the bottom of the cabinet to properly install the frame that holds the microwave, but the included install instructons were clear and easy to understand. It does take 2 people to install the microwave to the installed frame.

This had to be the perfect addition to my small apartment, replacing the old and outdated range hood with the insanely noisy vent fan. Over-the-range microwave oven – white.

Arrived a day early and was relatively easy to install.

Works great except don’t like the door. Hard to open and you have to slam it to shut. Wakes everyone in the house when you have to slam it.

This machine seems to work, and that’s the best i can say about it. It’s a very basic unit that i bought to use for a year or two while i save up to put a new kitchen in my apartment. I’ll have no qualms about throwing in the trash at that point, because it’s not very pleasant to use. The door is very stiff and clunks noisily closed. It’s almost impossible to see through the window to check if your milk is boiling over for example. The ‘finished’ bleep is very loud and continues even if you yank the door open straight away. This are pretty minor irritations, so i can’t complain too much, but it’s not an upscale piece of technology.

There’s nothing wrong with this microwave. We bought it to replace one that we’ve had for about 10 years. We bought the same brand so it would fit in the same space. What we didn’t realize is that we were getting a unit with fewer features and less power than our original one. If you want a 900 watt microwave, this one is fine. If three instant buttons are enough, go for it. ) we basically use the microwave for bacon, potatoes, and reheating, so we’ll get used to this model. However, if you do any serious microwave cooking, you probably want a unit with at least 1100 watts. We didn’t realize how much money we’d have to spend to get to that level.

Arrived a little later than they said but great fit to replace our old over the range microwave. Simple install and seems to work great so far. It is basic but does the job well.