DASH Electric Citrus Juicer : Best Juicer I’ve Ever Had.

Its a good juicer for the price but i have a hard time keeping it from moving out of place while juicing. Also if you notice the juicer is short meaning trying to get a normal size cup for the juice wont work. You would need small cups or containers to catch the juice. It is easy to clean and install though.

Nice price and better than my old one. Customer service was awesome too. The attachments were stuck together so i thought one was missing. They sent me a whole new set next day.

Dash Electric Citrus Juicer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Juicer base
  • Gear shaft
  • Middle container
  • Upper screen
  • Juicer cone
  • Manual and recipe guide
  • Automatic on/off function
  • Auto reversing reamer
  • Easy assembly/disassembly for easy cleanup
  • Non-slip base

It is: easy to use; easy to clean up; a good size for counter space. We would recommend it to a good friend.

I have a huge naval orange tree in my front yard here in arizona. I have no idea how many oranges are really on it, i don’t think a thousand, but hundreds i juiced 8 gallon sized zip lock freezer bags with this juicer in one afternoon. It works well and is easy to clean.

Seemed like a good product but unfortunately i received a defective one. The company however was very efficient in seeing that i got a full and prompt refund. I did get to use it for a short time and it worked great till it stopped for no apparent reason.

Dash Electric Citrus Juicer : Have had other citrus juicers in the past. Went thru a few dozen oranges easily. This one works very well and easy to clean.

I waited a bit before posting to make sure about it. I was able to squeeze the last of season’s lemons/oranges without a problem. It is not an industrial unit, so don’t treat it like one or expect it to act like one. I look forward to using it quite a bit next season.

Good product, easy to use and clean. I am use it everyday, love it.

Perfect for fresh orange juice from our tree.

Juiced oranges and grapefruit so far.

I’m glad i got a juicer with a little more power. My old juicer lasted years and i liked it a lot. But it was only 30 watts and was pretty noisy. The dash is much more powerful, and requires very little effort when juicing oranges, lemons or limes.

Great juicer that has stood up to daily use for about 4 months of use and counting. I juice limes exclusively, and some of them can be pretty hard, but the motor is strong enough to power every bit of juice out of them. The flip spout is a great feature as well. My only fault is that the rubber seal for the flip spout is pretty tough to remove and clean, but that is only needed once in a while.

I had the cuisinart citrus juicer for years and it just burned out recently. But, after reading through some of the reviews here, i wasn’t sure whether i’d like this juicer or not. I’ve got to say, some reviews here are just dead on wrong. This product is fabulous and so much better than any i’ve purchased in the past. I’m a certified health coach, so i make my own whole food and unprocessed juice. Instead of the processed store versions, you should be making your own orange or grapefruit juice too. Some of the health benefits of fresh juice are it helps strengthen your immune system, revs your metabolism, helps protect against cancer, and helps fight gum disease. It cleans out the fruit thoroughly with no effort on your part. It’s so easy and the top goes right in the dishwasher.

Good quality and works well.

Loved the weight of it and the insulation of this juicer. Previous juicer could wake up the whole house.

It replaced a more ‘plasticky’ model i had had for years that gave up the ghost, and this one is so much better. I love the fact that you can tip the spout up when needed to contain the juice. It juices quickly and efficiently, and there’s nothing more delicious than fresh squeezed orange juice.We serve it now to our b&b guests at the wary buffalo.

Works well and quieter than i expected. Electric reamer is much easier on wrist when juicing lots of fruit the only disappointment is that the motor tends to overheat when processing a large (costco-size) bag of lemons or limes.

It works ok – would’ve been better if it had suction cups or something on the bottom to keep it stable when in use.

Love it, easy to work cleanig is easy motor is strong will not shut down even after 15 oranges of continouis running,.

This juicer has exceeded my expectations. It is easy to use and it met the approval of my spouse, that’s saying a lot. It is a powerful unit (this is a good thing), so you have to hold on to it while it is operating because it will slide on a smooth surface ie a counter. This is to say while you hold one hand on the orange that is on top of the juicer, you must hold a hand on the side too or the juicer will slide and miss your cup that the juice flows into. If you like pulp, this juicer traps it in the upper part of the unit so you can grab it with your spoon and mix it in with your juice in whatever you are capturing the juice in. Or you can just eat a teaspoon or more of pulp. I use about 4 oranges, but use as many or as little as you desire based on how much orange juice you want. It’s early on, so we will see if this juicer lasts.

I’ve had many quite a few juicers over the years and they all have had issues that didn’t make it perfect. This one has the power to juice any orange, it’s quieter than every other juicer out there, it’s designed well so it doesn’t leak and no orange juice jumps over the side. Even a minor issue like the lid (which most companies just sit on top of the juicer) seems to be thought out as it fits in. It doesn’t have auto-reverse but it doesn’t make any difference and i get much more juice out of this one than other juicers.

KRUPS Krups® Electric Kettle Plastic 6-Cup w/ Locking Lid : So worth it

As tea drinker, use it all day long. Saves so much time, no waiting for whistling kettle to boil. I have also been using it to boil water for bigger things like pasta walker, works great.

I use this product about five times a day. It can boil water faster than any i’ve ever used. I paid twice this for my last cordless electric kettle. It had six choices of temperature.

Kettle boils water very quickly, esp. If you boil for a cup or two. The full kettle boils faster than on an electric-coil stove. Hot water cools down quicker than traditional kettle, perhaps it’s the plastic. The auto-off switch is fantastic, no need to run to a screaming kettle.

I bought this as a christmas gift in 2013, and it is still working beautifully. Good design, and very sturdy-feeling for being plastic. The locking lid mechanism has held up just fine, even with fairly heavy use. Pros: heats quickly, easy to use, well insulated, nothing has broken. Cons: i’m not sure how they chose the measurements to put line markings on for. Also could have used one side for liters and one for cups or fl. Oz or some other measurement. But it’s really not a big deal at all.

  • Tea Lover Heaven
  • Love My Electric Kettle!
  • (after several uses) it’s turned out to be a great kettle.

Krups® Electric Kettle Plastic 6-Cup w/ Locking Lid

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Concealed stainless steel heating element to protect against corrosion
  • Cordless design with 360 degree rotational base
  • Twin water level indicators ensure water level can be seen at all times
  • Wide spout for easy filling and pouring
  • Auto shutoff function

I have 1 but ordered it for my daughter.

We first used this kettle while staying at an airbnb apartment in san francisco. As soon as we came home, i ordered one. Great for making a quick cup of tea and really useful to get water boiling quickly for pasta.

Very solid and efficient easy to use kettle.

Just exchanged my 14 year old krups that we use every day to make tea. Hope this one lasts just as long. The opening on the top was changed from a part that you take out to a flip. Handle with care so that the button does not get stuck after many uses. My husband loves the flip opening.

Exellent kettle, good looking.

Superior product, heating rapidly while adding a safety barrier of cooler plastic around the hot center. Heating is accomplished very rapidly with no muss and no fuss. Easily handled and operated, are ear marks of a system for heating your water in a most efficient manner. This is our second krups as a backup, if ever needed, and is highly recommended for all users and uses. Automatic shut off is only a bonus and cleaning is a snap.

This is the second kettle of this model. The first has served well – but nothing lasts forever.

I brought my self the electric kettle a year ago after using my mother’s during the christmas holiday. I used ours on a regular basis and it is amazing. Takes less than 30 seconds to heat up the water but warning, you can burn your mouth if you drink right away. It’s easy to store as well as wash. I rinse out with water and tip over to dry. After a year, i’ve never had any issues and it never smells. It’s safe enough to let our children use. It automatically turns off once the water was reached the correct temperature. Highly recommend to anyone who drinks tea.

Far superior to the old krups that started to leak.

Once the plastic taste has gone (after several uses) it’s turned out to be a great kettle.

I didn’t get it from amazon but i bought this model at some point from somewhere in 2014 and it still works great 2 year later. I just realized i’ve had it for 2 years and felt a flash of gratitude so i thought i’d give it 5 stars on amazon. I’m sure this says something about the 21st century. I suspect someone in the 1950’s would expect an appliance to last 15 year.

Delivered on time and works great.

One of the best purchases i’ve ever made. The best feature is that it will automatically shut off if you leave it boiling for too long, so i never worry about setting it and leaving it on. Boils in just a minute or two.

. However i wonder what kind of plastic is used ???. I have my concerns about heating plastics. And then is it the non toxic kind ??so much ‘bad’ plastic out there.

Purchased this to replace a krups electric kettle that we had owned for a few years. Don’t like the design as well as the previous one because the lid is attached, which makes it difficult to fill. Other than that it is a wonderful addition to the kitchen.

Bought this from another store but i have it from 2012 and it’s still going strong and beautiful. This one is solidly built and yes the price is higher than other models but i thought when i bought it all krups were high priced. Water heats up real fast and ample volume takes care of company when they come in and i serve tea. I use it multiple times everyday as i am a tea drinker. Held up well and i only wipe the exterior with a damp paper towel to clean.

Krups improved the design from the previous version and made it slightly larger, made the button opener on top more efficient, and the stream from the spout more compact.

We really loved our old krups kettle. Too bad the new one was damaged right out of the box. The lid would not catch, and stay closed. What’s happened to you, krups?.

Cuisinart DGB500BK Grind & Brew – Complete cleaning really is a pain

Longest lasting coffee maker we have had – just replaced first one as it was knocked off the counter while painting – no fault of it’s own 🙂 only drawback is the grinding chamber must be cleaned after every use so more up-keep required than other makers.

My husband and i absolutely love waking up to the fresh brew this coffee maker makes.

This is the best coffee maker that i have owned to date. However, this is not perfect, here are some of the good/bad things that i find important:the good:* easy to use — just pop in the beans and hit go. Does a good job at throughly grinding the beans. * good coffee — the coffee seems weak when only brewing a small amount, you can offset this by adding one extra cup worth of beans to the grinder before starting. The coffee that is made is very good, though. * built in water filter — very nice for those of us with lots of lime in our water. Other coffee makers make you pre-filter the water, or you have to be ready to use some archaic means of cleaning out the lime, not fun. The bad:* loud — when it is grinding, sounds like armageddon is on its way. Of course, this is somewhat expected, but my other grinders are quieter. * wire filter — leaves lots of very tiny grains in the bottom of the pot. Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart DGB500BK Grind & Brew:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Grinds coffee beans and brews coffee at preset time
  • Charcoal filter eliminates chlorine and odors from tap water
  • Glass carafe holds 12 5-ounce cups of brewed coffee
  • Grinder removes for easy clean-up; brew-pause for mid-brew pour
  • Measures 15 by 8 by 7-1/2 inches, 3-year warranty

I absolutely love the grind and brew. We are so spoiled by having the super fresh coffee every day. I find the price is fine as these coffee makers were ridiculously high priced a few years ago. Getting replacement parts is easy. These type of coffee makers are a little bit of a pain to clean, but worth it due to the great coffee that comes from the fresh beans. I had a white one before and like the black because it is easier to keep clean.

We have had two cuisinart grind-and-brew pots, not nice looking at all, horrid to keep clean, and we bought the second when the first died because there were no other good pots out there. Well, for over $900 we could have gotten such a deal. In spite of the story of the pot that blew up, we decided to try it. We drink two pots of coffee a day, we want our beans ground just before the coffee is made, and the price on this wasn’t awful. We had it shipped next-day (a prohibitive cost, but we were desperate) and my husband ‘made do’ with cups from my little pod coffeemaker, which is just great but not meant for heavy-duty. Yaaayi washed the pieces, ran vinegar and three rinses through it, washed the parts again, and put together the makings of our first pot of coffee in three days. The grinder sounded more civilized than the former two pots; the fragrance emitted was divine. We poured our first cups and toasted each other. At last, we’d found the perfect coffee pot for us. We drink our coffee black, we prefer kona beans, and what we had in our mugs was as close to the perfect cup of cofee as we figure we’ll get on the mainland. Here’s what’s improved mechanically: the grinder is wider and larger–we think that’s what keeps the grounds from spitting into the water holding area; the cover over the paper filter (because the gold filter that comes with the pot allows sludge through) fits in such a way that you’ll never worry about the filter slipping and an entire pot being ruined with coffee grounds in each cup; it’s a 12-cup poti say cuisinart has listened to customer comments and refined the pluses of their machine while doing better with areas that were in the minus category. This is a win-win pot and i highly recommend it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Makes Great Coffee, Fast, Long 3 Year Warranty
  • CUISINART the BEST in Grind & Brew
  • Cuisinart Grind and Brew

I bought my wife this cuisinart coffee maker for her birthday. She’s a coffee fanatic, and the krups coffee maker we had was driving me insane. It was slow and didn’t have much capacity. There were no legible fill level markings and the carafe drooled coffee all over our tile countertop with every pour. My wife would grind the beans with a separate machine, then pour the grounds into the krup’s filter. I felt the cuisinart would solve several problems at once, and it has. A quick scan of the comments regarding this machine can lead one to the obvious conclusion that you’ll either love it or hate it. Having lived with this coffee maker for well over a year, i’ll add my comments to the heap, for what they’re worth. No question, but any affordable, coffee bean grinding device is going to be, in my experience. If you choose to use the grind option, you have to clean the mechanism after every use. This isn’t a six minute task but, understandably, it can be way too much work and hassle for some people. The machine is very user friendly. The fill marks are large and easy to read for older eyes. It has a 12 cup capacity, a large, comfy handle and i can pour it as fast as i want, without coffee dribbling across the rim, all over the place. The timer is a welcomed and often used feature. We like the automatic shut-off too. Did i mention this machine makes a makes a fabulous cup of coffee?.

Best coffee maker i have ever used .

The cuisinart grind and brew. . Contrary, to the lame reviews that the 1 and 2 star people have given to this coffee maker, i have found this maker to brew the best and hottest cup of coffee i have ever had out of a home coffee maker. Yes, great taste, that we couldn’t get out of our past mr. Yes, you have to clean it and there are a few hidden spots that you have to find at first. After cleaning it a couple times, it takes 2 minutes max to get the job done and ready for the next cup of coffee. There has never been an issue with cleaning the coffee filter area as others seem to have had a problem with. We’re using it in a work environment.

I was suprised to read the poor reviews that people have given this machine. I have had mine for about 2 years and i am satisified with it. Yes, it is noisy when grinding, but i just have it start while i am in the shower. I would recommend ditching the metal basket for regular paper filters, that makes clean up easier. There are more parts to clean, but i usually rinse them by hand daily and run them through the dishwasher a couple times a week. The extra parts take perhaps 30-45 seconds to rinse off, not a big deal in my mind. Every couple of weeks it is good to wipe off the entire base. Some coffee grounds seems to get on the edge of the base and they will harden over time. A warm wet dish towel will clean it up. Somebody mentioned that the grinder cup got stuck.

The grinder works great and the coffee tastes fantastic. Reason why it scared me was i had set up the timer for 6:45 am and my 8 month old woke me up at 6:30 am. Standing in the kitchen at that time half asleep and the grinder goes off. Take my word for it, it rocks.

I had many unfortunate experiences with coffee makers (ranging from mr. Coffee to bunn) and could not understand why i could not get a good tasting hot cup of coffee with a machine that would not cost an arm and a leg in the price range of $100. I remember when coffee makers cost $20. 00, so the prices of many of the coffee makers i looked at were a surprise, to say the least (not to mention culture shock). However, in my quest for the best coffee maker, i found this cuisinart central brew coffee maker. It is reasonably priced, makes good hot coffee and every pot is perfect. I especially like the timer feature on it, which gives me the added benefit of waking up to a hot pot of coffee in the morning, brewed before my alarm clock sounds. This coffee maker is the best value for the money and makes the best coffee (and hot too). I would recommend the cuisinart brew central coffee maker to anyone. Good product, good price, good coffee. By the way, a friend has the stainless steel cuisinart brew central coffee maker that grinds the coffee beans and she loves it. The one i purchased is not the stainless steel model and does not grind the coffee beans, but it is exactly what i wanted and i love this coffee maker (i didn’t want the coffee bean grinder, stainless steel or thermal pot.

Excellent coffeemaker – can’t find a thing wrong with it. Would recommend this to anyone. Nothing like a freshly ground cup of coffee each morning.

We’ve been making one or two full pots of coffee a day with our bright red coffee maker for two years. Yes, it takes a little longer to set up since the grinder assembly needs rinsing, we try to do this after finishing off a pot of coffee and letting the parts air dry the rest of the day. This way, setting it up before going to bed doesn’t take any longer than a non-grinding coffee maker. We fill the bottom half of the grinder basket to the top with beans and it makes great tasting coffee. This is the fastest brewing coffee maker i’ve ever had. The other day the heating element stopped working, i called cuisinart and a few days later a brand new unit was delivered to my door. The cost for the replacement was $10 for shipping the new unit and it cost me $7 to ship the old unit back in the same box. The three year warranty is a big plus since i’ve rarely had a coffee maker last for more than two years.

Works great wish i could buy more.

I have owned the dgb-500 for 18-months which equates to well-over 500 pots of coffee. I purchased it as a replacement for the dgb-300 that i liked but was dissapointed at its durability. Pros: great cup of coffee (i like a full-bodied, strong cup served hot). Convenience of programmability, built-in grinder, charcoal filters and dishwasher safe.I also love that you can grab a cup while it is brewing without making a mess (automatic flow stopper – but see cons below). Easier to clean and more durable then the dgb-300. Cons: user errors exaserbated by the fact that you make coffee early in the am when not all of your faculties are operational. Well once i forgot to put in the basket before pressing ‘on’ and the grinder threw ground coffee everywhere. Second brewing catastrophe, i forgot to put the top on the carafe (note that the top has a raised center that depresses a valve on the bottom of the basket-see ‘automatic flow-stopper’ under pros) resulting in coffee and grounds over-flowing the basket. I am thrilled with the dgb-500 and would not hesitate to purchase the same model again.

Pros:~simple to use~keeps coffee hot, not scorched, with warming plate~saves counter space and simplifies coffeemaking with built in grinder~comes with gold permanent filter, as well as option of paper filter use~ground coffee goes straight into filter, with no complex mechanisms that may cause oilier bean grinds to clog on their way to the filter like some other grind and brews docons:~grinder grinds for a preset amount of time, whether there are still beans in the grinder or not. My previous grind and brew had the option of grinding based on the number of cups being brewed. This means that after beans are ground and have already passed into the filter, the grinder continues to whir. ~loud grinder, particularly when it continues to grind after beans are no longer in the chamber. But a noisy grinder isn’t something that’s unusual for a grind and brew, i have yet to find one that’s reasonably priced that’s not noisy. ~steam enters the grinder chamber, since the water and grinder are under the same cover. This doesn’t cause problems, just makes a bit of coffee goo in the grinder chamber that’s easy to clean out.

I’m surprised to see so many bad reviews for this item. I registered for it for my wedding and i adore it. Yes, because of the built-in grinder there are 2 extra pieces to clean, but they rinse clean pretty easily, every couple of days i scrub them well – i don’t have a dishawasher, but they are dishwasher-safe as well. And if you don’t always feel like dealing with the pieces, you don’t have to use the grinder – you can use ground coffee as well. The piece that is a pain to clean is the metal filter it comes with, but so is any metal filter and if you don’t want to have to clean it, you can just use regular paper – i switched back to paper as i am often rushing in the morning and don’t have time to rinse out the metal one. I’m also very pleased with the taste of the coffee, some have said it’s weak, i like mine rather strong and i don’t think so – it came out a little weak at first but that’s because i wasn’t used to using whole beans, only ground, so i adjusted the amount accordingly and it was fine. I’m not buying another coffeemaker until this one dies.

I’m not a great one for writing online reviews, but for this unit, i just had to. If you love fresh-ground coffee first thing in the morning, and are not a morning person, this is the coffeemaker for you. When my old coffeemaker was showing it’s age and i was looking for an upgrade, my son-in-law suggested that i check these out. After checking the online reviews, here and elsewhere, for several cuisinart models, i wasn’t convinced. But my son, who has one, was insistant, so i bought this one. It made me a believer very quickly. While i had a coffee grinder, and used it with my old pot as often as possible, more often than not, i just used ground because i couldn’t deal with a grinder first thing in the morning. Once i got used to the routine, i can now clean, set up, and program this unit for the morning in 2-3 minutes.(i’m sorry, but anyone who thinks that’s too much effort doesn’t need to be grinding beans at all) i also often reuse it a couple of times a day without cleaning it, and see no loss of performance or quality.

Grinder is much quieter than my old grind &brew. I also like the clean look of the all white. Not into the now-so-popular black and stainless steel look. This is my 3rd cuisinart grind and brew. My first one was refurbished and it lasted a year. My second one (new) lasted two years and was replaced because it was still under warranty. The replacement for that lasted a year (i’m pretty sure it was also refurbished). So just be aware that the 3 year warranty on your grind and brew only applies from original purchase date.

This makes great tasting coffee but it is a pain to clean and dry the grinder, filter basket, carafe and the parts of the machine that hold these parts every time you make a pot of coffee. The white plastic parts also discolor and stain from the coffee. I would go with a black or stainless coffee maker if that option is available. I have had it for a year and the coffee is still great tasting. Just be prepared to clean it a lot. You also have to be careful that the paper filter is correctly fitted into the basket. If it folds over when you close the door you will have coffee and grounds all over the counter. This has happened to me several times.

The quality is owing in part to the fact that even the worst whole beans are much better than the folgers we drank before. That being the case, this coffee maker makes whole bean coffee a reality for someone who doesn’t have the time or desire to do much more than drink coffee in the morning. Yes, this machine requires more cleaning than a normal coffee maker, because you’re really dealing with two machines – a grinder and a brewer. Of course the grinder needs to be cleaned daily, so would a stand-alone unit. Also, if you use the gold filter, it needs to be cleaned as well. All told, i spend 5 minutes in the evening cleaning (i. , rinsing) a total of four parts and filling the machine for the next day. The result is the best coffee i have ever had.

Babycakes Chocolatier SC-1012 Chocolate Dipper : Five Stars

It takes about 30-45 minutes to melt a packet of candy coating but once it is melted, then it is perfect for cake pop making. I ended up purchasing another one to have multiple colors available in the dipping process. I found it easier to tilt the dipper to get coating all over the cake pop or you can also add more candy coating to make it easier. Easy to clean and very handy.

I bought this to dip candy in. It was a little smaller than i expected but i guess i didn’t read the information very well. Fast shipping & great packaging.

I was really excited to find something that would keep my dipping chocolate at the right temperature (i dip 600 pieces of different candy each christmas as well as throughout the year. The problem i have with it is its just to little.

  • Saves loads of time!
  • Great buy!
  • Excellent for melting chocolate!!!

Babycakes Chocolatier SC-1012 Chocolate Dipper

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The Babycakes chocolate dipper is perfect for melting chocolate, decorating cake pops, making candies and more
  • The 20 ounce capacity insert is the perfect size for small batches of chocolate
  • The stoneware is removable, making it easy to melt the chocolate in the microwave and then keep it at the perfect dipping consistency in the chocolatier.
  • Includes drip-through mesh dipping tool
  • Includes stainless steel spiral spoon

Cool product is practical, easy to use and i like how it works i recommend it widely i think just to add other accessory to mix chocolate.

It’s okay, but takes forever to heat up and melt the wafers. I’d sooner just throw them in a bowl and put them in the microwave like i have been doing, but on the other side of that coin it is nice to have it consistently hot after it does get going, you don’t have to keep throwing it in the microwave.

It doesn’t really melt the chocolate. If it had a second setting to actually melt chocolate and then switch to the existing setting of keeping it warm , i would have given it 5 stars.

It’s very convenient i wish i had room to store 5 more so i can use more than one kind of chocolate at a time. The chocolate stays perfect in here, i made 150 cake pops and this baby didn’t chunk up the chocolate throughout my process.

This doesn’t melt the chocolate very fast i had it going about 1 1/2 hours before i needed it and it was just starting to melt. I melted the chocolate in the microwave i put it in the babycake the rest of the day it was great. I’m defiantly happy with my purchase despite the fact it didn’t melt the chocolate. I was happy that it kept the chocolate a great temp.

Just buy this as a gadget to keep chocolate warm. It takes forever to melt chocolate. I prefer to do it in a microwave or the old fashioned way.

Daughter is a desert maker who has had the chocolate fondue double boiler and all the above. Uses this mor than anything when making cake pops.

This chocolate dipper worked exactly how it said it would. If you heat the chocolate first, then you have no issues.

I am extremely happy with my babycakes chocolate dipper, was delivered on time and in good condition. Haven’t had time to use it yet, i’ve read the instructions and it sounds easy enough, even has some recipes, thankfully.

This is essentially a mini crock pot. It will not melt the chocolate. Put the chocolate in the pot, melt in the microwave, and then put the pot in the heating unit. This is actually much faster than melting the chocolate in the wilton pots, which i also have and don’t like (the plastic handles broke off, and you can’t put the pots in the dishwasher). The babycakes pots kept the chocolate at the perfect temperature the entire time i was using them (3 hours). They also came with cool dipping tools. Would definitely buy these pots over the wilton ones.

This product works really well. As other reviewers have stated you have to microwave the chocolate first before putting it into the pot. The pot kept my chocolate melted and warm the whole time and really let me decorate my pop cakes individually before the chocolate hardened. It is easy to clean but my stoneware was chipped when i received it.

This was purchased for our 9 year old granddaughter and she was thrilled. It was used in conjunction with the babycakes baker and this was used for the dipping of the cake-pops.

I was skeptical buying this after some of the reviews here but i had 180 cake balls to make so i figured it was worth a shot. I heated the chocolate up in the microwave before setting it in the heater it came with. It sat heated for hours, warm and ready to work with.I will never make cake balls or pops without this. People who complain are definitely not heating it up beforehand. Comes with two free tools that worked perfect as well.

I make candy, using the candy molds that need to be coated with melted chocolate. This made my job so much easier. In the past i would melt the chocolate in the microwave, and then back to the microwave to re-melt. This kept the chocolate at the right temperature for continuous use. Clean was very easy as well.

The best money on a baking tool i’ve ever spent. Once i heated up my wilton candy melts in the microwave and melted them down, this kept my chocolate at the perfect temperature while i dipped cake balls. It holds two 12 ounce bags of candy melts and is deep enough that you can dip the cake ball straight in and straight out. I plan on using it for queso dip soon, too.

I make cake pops for the grandkids and this little pot keeps the dipping chocolate at the perfect temperture.

Cutest little crockpot ever. We’ve used this for dipping fruits, bread, & more.

It melts the chocolate perfectly without scalding it. I say its for the spoiled chef because there are a lot of products out there that do the same thing. But this one is super easy to use and clean. Great price and fast shipping.