Proctor Silex K4070 1 : I love this!

I wanted an electric kettle that didn’t require a minimum fill because i usually only need 1 cup. This wasn’t advertised in the seller listing, but this has a minimum fill of about 4 cups. Still faster than an electric stove though which is what i wanted.

Gave this kettle 4 stars because when it worked, it worked well. Did not give it five stars, because it only lasted 11 months of slightly above average use, before the on-off switch started acting up and we have to replace it. 80 a month to have boiling water for whatever, pretty quickly, whenever you want it, then this is for you. Guess we will get another one, and maybe tinker with the switch on the old one and have it standing by, if / when the new one fails. All in all, worth the cost to us. We drink lots of tea at all hours.

Proctor Silex K4070 1.7-Liter Automatic Electric Kettle

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  • 1.7 liters/1.7 quarts; Auto shut off
  • Cordless base; Immersed heating element
  • 1500 watts of power for rapid boiling; Dual water windows
  • Nonspill spout design; Locking lid
  • Boil-dry protection; Water filter; On/Off light

I am pleased with this kettle. Com at a competitive price and was able to get a white kettle. Other stores offered only black ones. It heats quickly and automatically shuts off when it reaches boiling point. I use it every morning for heating water for tea. So far an excellent product.

It heats the water very quickly and it’s easy to fill the water because it’s not attached to the wall.

I have used this brand for some years now. I love the kettle; it is safe, the automatic turn off works perfectly well. It’s worthwhile for the price.

Proctor Silex K4070 1.7-Liter Automatic Electric Kettle : Works great for hot beverages in my very small studio outside my home.

I love having afternoon tea and this is so easy to use and since it has a safety shut off, it’s safe for my office.

This is perfect for me, my tea and any housework i need to do. The only con is that the minimum fill line is higher than i’d like, which means i have to waste water when making tea (have to empty the kettle when not in use to prevent build-up).

Both my kids have them in their dorm rooms and are besieged by others wanting to use them to make noodles oatmeal and tea. Very quick to boil, and auto shutoff means not having to babysit it when you are busy doing toher things.

However, it is quite slow in heating up: if the element is cold, it take about 4 and a half minutes to heat up 1 liter of water. If the element is hot (so after making one batch), it still takes about 2 and a half minutes to heat up 1 liter of water.

Works great & looks great, too.

I used this brand in the past and the problem i had with it: you can not really kill it unless you really try :)i wanted to replace because the size was small and cord attachment was inconvenient, so went and bought this one. Number one: do not expect that plastic smell will wear off with 1-2 rinses as manual suggests: it will not. You have to boil and rinse 3-5 times before smell is completely gone. Once you done with that: you will not be disappointed: this product is built to last. One extra point: since it is plastic (not metal), you do not burn your hands if you touch it and water does not cool down as quickly as in metal one.

Everything as described and nicely shipped. Very fine product in a good pricenice quality and work really well, not too noisy and fast.

Nice design, nice size and reasonable price. Love the fact that it’s cordless. The only thing wrong with it is that it takes forever to boil water.

It’s easy to fill because of the wide spout. I don’t have to lift the cover every time i want to fill it. It boils the water quickly and the automatic shut-off feature is a godsend as i tend to multi-task and forget about the kettle. I would recommend this for any busy housewife with children.

I have cleaned the insides a few times using vinegar, and the scales come out nicely. Ability to remove the upper jar and leave the base behind is a great plus. I have had the filter pop out on me a few times – but setting it in tight does the job.

I hope it lasts longer than the previous k4070 i had for 3 years.

This kettle was bought to replace a proctor silex ‘cordless’ kettle we had for at least 20 years. It does does the job totally as expected with some improvements. Relative to our previouse kettle it balances better in the hand when full, it has an ‘on-light’ which is very easy to see, the switch is conveniently placed close to the light and is quite audible when it switches off.

Heats quickly, not overly noisy, works as expected. There was no plastic smell to the water. There is a minimum amount of water required to operate the kettle, but it’s not a big problem.

When my mother’s old electric kettle gave out i searched for a replacement. When i found this she was delighted; heated even quicker than her old one and was easy for her to handle.

I like this particular one because it is light weight, and white. I use a tea kettle a lot, so the life expectancy may be a bit shorter. I have found the mid priced kettles are just as good as the more expensive ones. Especially if you know you will replace it after a few years use.

This is a great electric tea kettle, i travel a lot of time to u. S and every hotel i check in they almost all of them have no electric kettles, so i have to buy my own kettle for any time i travel to u. So this was the lowest priced product in this category and i love it. It is compact, rather good looking,convenient, and very safe to operate. Furthermore, there is no shipping cost. I am very happy with the purchase.

Hamilton Beach 33139 Oval Slow Cooker : Ok so far!

It’s perfect for cooking for one person. It’s easy to clean in that it is light-weight. I love the multi-color design too.

Just what i was looking for. I have a bigger crockpot which i use for making bigger meals. This is the perfect size for cooking meals for 2 people. I used it for when my husband and i went camping.

I have several different sizes of crock pots but this is the one i use the most. Perfect size for 2 or 3 people.

This is the perfect size to make smaller meals for two. Just what this “crockpot chef” ordered. Not too small, not too big, just right.

  • Perfect Size, Great Settings, & Easy to Clean!
  • I love this slow cooker
  • easy to clean and very bright and pretty to look

Hamilton Beach 33139 Oval Slow Cooker, 3-Quart / Leaf

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  • 3-quart oval stoneware
  • Removable crock
  • Dishwasher-safe crock and lid
  • 3 heat settings: keep warm, low and high
  • Holds up to a 3 lbs. chicken or 2 lbs. roast

Gift for my parents and they love it.

I can cook simple meals over a stove top but with this, i haven’t used a stove since i’ve purchased it. It’s 3-quarts so it’s not huge, but can still make food for 2-3 days. I can safely fit 3 chicken breasts in it for 3 days of food, or put a pound of beef in it with beans and potatoes for another 2-3 days of food. It has 4 settings: off, keep warm, low, and high. I always use low and let it cook for 8 hours, but the low is powerful enough that my food is probably done in 6 hrs or less; i just like to have the meat fall apart and stay juicy. The bowl is a breeze to clean and i always enjoy how this makes my house smell wonderful while i cook. Small & compact enough to fit even in a dish cupboard, i recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants to make a moderate amount of food and be sure that everything will work out fine. Honestly, it can cook 3 chicken breasts at a time, so that should be big enough for you.Just made 2 chicken breasts, a sweet potato, and beans and had room to spare.

This was just the right size for my 74 year old mother. Easy to clean and very bright and pretty to look at. I would buy this again if needed.

Works great and very ascetically pleasing. Great for 2-3 people, if you have a bigger family or feeding more then that, this isn’t the product for you.

The crockpot was at my door 3 days after i ordered it. A very nice piece of cook ware. I have used it and the size is perfect for the 2 of us. I would definitely order from this vendor again.

I am going to purchase for gifts.

Bought this as a gift for my 90 year old aunt. She loves it and has had a lot of compliments on the leaf design. She makes a 1 lb roast in the crockpot (with veggies) and is enough for 2 meals – much better for her than the fast food she used to buy.

This is better than i expected. I’m making cream of broccoli and cheese soup in mine right now and it’s the perfect size (9 x 11. 8 inches) to feed me and my husband. And i love the colorful pattern on it too. I get so tired of solid colors. It has an off, warm, low and high setting. And it doesn’t have lid locks. The crock is removable for easy cleaning and can be refrigerated.

I hate giving a bad review, but i am so disappointed in this slow cooker. I loved that this slow cooker had a white ceramic bowl. I loved the design on the outside, but it is a very, very, slow cooker. I cook beans in my crockpots. Where my other slow cookers take about 4 hours, this one does not cook them in 12 hours. I have to remove them and finish cooking them another way. I have had hamilton beach cookers before and they were excellent, this one is not.

Not large enough to feed cox’s army, but just right for a small chicken or roast (4-5 lbs).

I bought this one for the color pattern. I have a very colorful kitchen, so a plain crockpot wouldn’t do. I so far have only used it for making two-person meals (which i usually fill less than half the crock), though there is room for so much more. It cooks perfectly with the recipes i have used.

Bought it for my granddaughter and she loves it.

Good size for dinner for myself and another person. I purchased a 6-quart slow cooker for more people. I haven’t had any problems with it yet and it has cooked well. One time i had too many vegetables in it and they didn’t cook as soft as i’d like. Next time i make that meal i’ll know to cook a little longer or not fill it up as much.

Perfect size for 2-3 lb roasts, chicken breast, etc.

Mom loves this not to big and not to small. And its oval shape works pretty good and you can take the pot out of the cooker to clean it.

Arrived promptly and in great shape. So far i’ve made a personal size pizza in it, buttermilk biscuits and southern style creamy grits. Did a great job on all 3 recipes. The crock fits in a standard size dish rack. The leaf motif is pretty and looks nice in my kitchen.

Love it, works just as well as my other one, which is plain white. I cooked some chicken in it, about 1. 5 lbs with a bottle of frank’s hot sauce and a packet of ranch dressing mix and it shredded nicely after about 3 or 4 hours on high.

Other one we have is too big for us. It pretty look in the kitchen, also.

Chefman 2-Slice Toaster : Cute Toaster For a Great Price

Bought this toaster weeks ago, and i couldn’t be happier. Toasts quickly and evenly and oh.

It is not very pricey, is pretty good-looking, and brings color to your morning ritual. It has been working for more than 2 months. Cannot ask for more for the price. Update: still working great after almost two years.

2-Slice Toaster with Extra-Wide Slots – Red

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  • Toaster with 2 extra-wide slots
  • Auto-centering food guides in each slot
  • Patented anti-jam protection
  • Cancel and Bagel modes
  • Precise browning control dial

I love the size and the way it toasts. . It matches the color in my kitchen. Should not make a requirement on the total words we can use.

The toast is different each time we toast. ‘darker dial’ doesn’t stay at the same place.

It’s a plastic toaster that matched our red kitchen that was less than $10 bucks. . So of course i am going to buy it. But keep an eye on your bagels people. Some cook more on one side than the other so you have to flip them around a bit. Get what you pay for is the motto correct???.

2-Slice Toaster with Extra-Wide Slots – Red : I saw this online and loved the way it looks. Since my old toaster had seen better days i decided to purchase it. The price was reasonable and i like red. Also it had received good reviews. One said that it toasted more evenly than the average toaster, which i also liked. As it turns out, it pretty much toasts like any other toaster but with much more style. And i love the wide openings. I would recommend it to anyone.

I love the color and the design. It was a bargain and works a promised. The color is a sort of subdued cherry red.

I ordered it and it was here within 5 days, just what i needed for my red kitchen.

I received this as described and it met every expectation given. The price was also terrific. Thank you amazon, this was very good.

It still works two years after.

I have gone through 3 toasters in about 1. 5 years, proctor silex, hamilton beach, cuisinart. The last toaster i bought didn’t work correctly so i tried to fix it instead of a trip to the store. That toaster lasted about a year after i repaired it and even then the toast would come out too black or not done enough and not evenly toasted. I decided i would get me a good toaster, the chefman toaster which works like a toaster should. Turning the knob actually gives you fine control over the toasting, set it and forget it. Also with the chefman the toasting is very even. With the others i had it was either black or nothing, so i would end up standing over the toaster looking inside trying to pop my toast up at the correct moment. The retro red color was a perfect fit for my kitchen. I 100% recommend this toaster.

So adorable and the right shade of vintage red. Toaster works very well too and has extra large slots for bagels.

The toaster arrived promptly. Before purchasing i read some comment about it being made of plastic. The exterior is plastic, so it’s very light weight, but it toasts fine. There were other comments about the cord length. It’s not a very long cord but that’s not an issue in my kitchen.

The wife and i love the red color, it adds life to our kitchen. We’ve had it for several months and it has provided consistent service in toasting bread and muffins. The price at the time of purchase was cheaper than any toaster in the stores. I would recommend this item to anyone.

It looks great, toasts great. The only tiny drawback is that it doesn’t pop the toast up quite as high as i would like.

Want to dress up your kitchen?. Try red, really stands out and gives your kitchen a dash of color. Plan to add coffee maker in the future.

Seems to work just fine so far. Was surprised to find the body of the toaster was plastic – every toaster i have owned has been metal, so will see if that is a good or bad thing – at this point, it is mostly neutral, but it does stay cool to the touch. Seems to be adjustable and you can override your setting, which is a plus – w/my last one you had to wait until the thermostat cooled to early-pop up the bread. Looks great – as noted, the only unknown is the plastic housing vs.