SharkNinja Ninja Mega Kitchen System – Ninja is the way to go !

Flashbacks of tim allen’s character from home improvement run through my head every time i fire this thing up. Talk about powerblenders are a goofy kitchen item to buy. You need something powerful enough to get through ice, something that will withstand years of margarita making, and not super expensive like the professional starbucks-style blend techs. Ninja provides a nice balance of quality for cost.

No more blender or big mixer. We even made blizzard in it with ice cream and candy. I do keep a small mixer that i stick in the drawer for egg whites. It might do egg whites i just haven’t figured it out yet. It does do great job to make butter and many other things. It makes my cookies taste better because the ingredients are blended better.

After using for 45 days, the lid on the big blender jammed up and i can no longer use it. The release button somehow is stuck and the handle will not come up because of this. This is the second ninja unit i have owned that this has happened to. The first unit i owned for 1 year+ before the release button jammed. On a positive note, it worked awesome before it broke. Green smoothies were super smooth, soups were silky. The single serve blade/cups are very convenient and easy to use, but that blade does not pulverize greens like the big cup/blade. Hoping that ninja will warranty my lid. I will update as to the warranty efforts. Here are the specifications for the SharkNinja Ninja Mega Kitchen System:

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  • 2 Horsepower – 1500 Watts Professional Kitchen System
  • XL 72oz. Professional Blender with Total Crushing Technology
  • XL 8 Cup Food Processing Bowl for Chopping and Dough Making
  • 3 Professional Nutri Ninja Cups for Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction
  • 1 Cup Bowl in Bowl Chopping Blade for Everything from Meal Prep to Final Touches

Worth every dine (and that’s lots of dimes), but it’s great.

I have had this for about a week now. I initially was looking for a better single serve type system that did a better job producing smoother protein shakes and smoothies. The single serve maker i had wasn’t very good at blending ice and fruit. I would often have clumps of fruit left at the bottom of my cup and if using a straw was very frustrating trying to drink. The ninja system does an excellent job of blending my shakes no matter the size of the ice cube or fruit. I have used the blender and the food processor as well with great ease. I have not yet tried the attachment that apparently mixes and kneads dough. I technically did not need a new blender and/or food processor but the price at the time of my purchase of this mega kitchen system was ridiculous that i couldn’t pass it up. I am grateful that i didn’t pass it up because the quality of the product that comes from using this machine far exceeds the systems i had had. This is easy to use and my 14 year old son is making better choices as far as nutrition.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • it worked awesome before it broke
  • It clean up fast and easy. The one thing you have to
  • Love my ninja

I love the ninja it is amazing and works perfectly for everything i need it for.

A little loud but hey its 1500 watts.

Great bargain, and i love it. The only negative is the noise of the powerful motor.

I will admit my use so far has been limited to making seriously good smoothies with the cup attachments, but i know quality when i see it and have no doubt that this kitchen system will surpass every expectation. Solid build, the only down side is the noise it makes (wear earplugs), but i suppose that is to be expected when you have a 2hp blender.

Works great and has multiple uses. My children now blend everything into juice and smoothies. Drink one a day and i will guarantee that irregularity will disappear. Go online and use the different receipes available. Go to the store and get ready to use frozen smoothie mixtures, if you don’t want to use fresh. Great item to kick start a diet. Everyone looses weight exchanging 2 blended drinks a day for 2 meals.

This unit works as described. Sadly it is an older model and the newer iq technology has much improved this blender. My box came dented and damaged but the blender and contents were well packed so it didn’t affect the use of the item. We have used the single serve cups weekly for morning smoothies and the larger jug a few times to blend vegetables for soups.

I purchased this on order # 114-6476674-2509802 a year ago. The processing bowl has broken and will not stay closed / locked. I love the product however i need a replacement lid.

I’m blow away by this ninja blender. I make almond milk almost daily, with out a problem. The one thing you have to watch is the blades, i have the band-aids to prove it. The only thing i would like to see changed is a seal on the pour spout. It tends to leek when the blender is full. Not much just a little, you can put your thumb on it and it stops. It’s great for making other drinks too. It crushes ice, blends fruit, makes milk shakes no problem.

Just an overall fantastic system. Can’t imagine my kitchen without it.

The best system i have every purchased.

Love the ninja super blenders.

Awesome system, good price and fast arrival make for a great experience. Frozen mango margaritas are a snap.

My son and his wife love the ninja and use it regularly. Said they weren’t sure how they managed before they got it.

I use it almost daily and it is perfect for making my smoothies. It will chop/blend pretty much anything. I also love that i have different sizes and shapes so you can blend just the amount you need. The cups were my favorite, but the blade came loose so they don’t work anymore.

Great buy, but even better product.

Great price, great quality and fast shipping.

NewAir Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator : Five years running perfectly

Great product and can only reiterate all other positive reviews. As i say in the headline, however, be very explicit as to where you want it delivered. I made the mistake of choosing my current address rather than my new home address. When the company called me to arrange delivery, i was told i’d need to confirm the delivery address day-of with the delivery company, air & water customer service. When that day came, i was told it was on the truck and the address couldn’t be changed. Misleading, but it’s my own fault.

We’ve had this wine fridge for over two years now and i love it now as much as when i first purchased it. It is still in great working condition – keeping the dual zones cooled at their proper temperature. It is a very quiet wine fridge – we have an open concept living/dining and i never hear it. For the price, we feel we got a great value and the fact that its still going strong over 2 years later, makes us feel like we chose the right product. I would highly recommend this wine fridge to anyone looking for a reliable, nice looking, moderately size wine fridge – for the price, you can’t beat it.

NewAir Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator, Dual Zone 46 Bottle Capcity Fridge with Triple-Layer Tempered Glass Door, AWR-460DB

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  • 46 Bottle Capacity: Convenient 46 bottle storage, perfect for red and white wines.
  • Cooling System: The dual zone compressor cooler allows you to set the temperature as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 66 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Digital Display: Quickly monitor and set temperatures in both temperature zones with ease using the push button controls just inside the door.
  • Interior LED Lighting: Cool blue LED lighting is included to better illuminate your collection.
  • Adjustable Wood Shelves: 5 beach wood shelves pull out to make for easy bottle loading when needed and convenient accessibility.

After doing a lot of research, it was the best in terms quality/price.

Runs very quite and maintains the temp pretty close. Fit perfectly inside our cabinet area we had built for it. I would recommend this to everyone.

The motor is quiet and the specifications exact to the description. The number of bottles stored is accurate. Storage of champagne bottles needs to be on the middle shelf due to the size of the bottles. Service for the sale was great too with delivery as promised.

NewAir Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator, Dual Zone 46 Bottle Capcity Fridge with Triple-Layer Tempered Glass Door, AWR-460DB : I purchased this wine fridge after enslaving myself with looking at reviews. I finally found this product and purchased it. Since my kitchen is close to my living room, i wanted to make sure if was quiet yet powerful. I was very pleased to find out this fridge did everything i needed and more. I never heard the fridge while watching tv or eating dinner and i had plenty of space to fit some of our more “interesting” wine bottles we have with some shelf rearrangement. Overall, buy this if you’re looking for a great wine fridge with dual zones.

Have had this for several months and have not encountered any problems.

First, i should mention that the unit arrived with two damaged wood shelves. Not surprised, since the shelves are rather flimsy. The rep i spoke with answered promptly and ordered me replacements. The rear grill came slightly bent, but this is not a major issue for me since the unit works fine and the back is not visible under my counter top. No dents or damage to the front or sides. The product packaging for shipment was fairly well done. The unit is extremely quiet and it cooled to the proper temperature very quickly. It seems to be holding it’s temperature consistently and accurately. The design and aesthetics are very appealing. Blue led lights inside look great. This wine cooler is everything i expected and more. I would have given it 5 stars if it weren’t for the broken shelves.

This is a very nice wine cooler. It looks good, it’s very quiet and the temperature control works well when you realize how it works. The temperature setting is apparently the temperature of the air that is delivered to the rear of the cabinet. The temperature of the wine can be 5-10 degrees warmer depending on where you measure the temperature. The warmest temperature measured is near the door. I spent some time measuring the temperature at the bottles and adjusting the setting after waiting several hours for the bottle temperature to settle, once set, the temperature is very stable. The takeaway from this is not to believe the temperature readout on the front panel is the temperature of your wine. Now the damage issues:the first unit arrived with the outer box soaked in something that looked like motor oil. I refused delivery and re-ordered. The second unit arrived with no damage to the outer box or the inner box but the cabinet was damaged in the back and the top right rear corner; the grill in the front was pushed in on the right side and the door was detached from it’s hinge points.

I purchased this cooler two months ago and it arrived with a defective temperature control board. It cools but you can’t tell what temperature you are setting until the next morning when it seems the temperature has settled inside the cooler. Once you open the door and adjust the temp again, the numbers start blinking and become completely illegible. I have been passed on to three different companies who seems to think the other company is responsible to handle the problem. I am still without any options to get the unit fixed or replaced at this point. In other words, warning to anyone who has to deal with a service issue related to this product. Or any wayfair manufactured product for that matter.

Once i plugged it in it took only about 1/2 an hour to reach the desired temperatures and it is so quiet. The dimensions given in the product description were accurate an the unit fit right in under my counter.

It started properly and has run perfectly. After returning two cheaper units which failed immediately, this is a satisfying experience. This is how products should perform. Update at 5 years = still flawless, no attention required.

Customer service and delivery were exceptional, very helpful. We haven’t yet used the wine cooler but it is plugged in and very quiet. Only surprise is the interior material could be of better quality for the expense.

Super quiet and great experience with shipping. Packaged very securely and my husband and i were able to install it under our counter where the previous wine cooler was.

Looks nice, has dual zone digital temperature controls, and storage for 48 bottles. The problem is that it does not work right. The temperature fluctuates daily as much as 10 degrees and does not jibe with the temperature that i set for the zone. I have to deal with a company called new leaf for authorize warranty service and to supply the parts. They got a local service person out to my house who found that several control parts were needed. The local company ordered the parts from new leaf in february, but the parts have not been delivered. New leaf does not appear to be doing anything. They do not return phone calls, and their excuse is always the same.

Keeps wine chilled as promised. I’m not able to get as many bottles in it as it indicates, yet i come very close. Glad i bought it after doing my research and choosing it over others.

We have been looking for the right wine refrigerator for 2 years and read countless reviews. I have to comment because a lot of people have complained about the noise. Yes we have an open concept house so our dining room is close to our family room so we can hear it from time to time. But overall it is quiet and runs smoothly. We are pleased we waited so long to purchase the best wine refrigerator at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend this product.

Shipped in perfect condition – after 3+ months it has run just the way it should / good storage capacity / temp right on – great value & no problems.

Not as quiet as i would like, and top portion cools below temp chosen.

We’ve only had it for a couple of days but so far it’s working great and looks great.

This fridge is extremely quiet. Shelving could allow 1/2′ more space between them as all bottles are not the same size. Hard to reach claimed bottle capacity if you like pinot noir. Cooling claims are a bit suspect. There are 2 shelves for the cold zone. With the thermostat set at 40 degrees(the lowest setting) the built-in thermometer says the actual temp is 40 degrees, when in fact the true temp for top shelf is 41 degrees and the second shelf is 46 degrees as measured by my accurate thermometer. The true temps for the ‘red’ zone’s 4 shelves are 52, 53, 53, and 55, top to bottom, while the unit is set at 50 and the read out reports the temp is at 50. This is ok in my house as we move the whites to the kitchen fridge to get to 36 degrees for pouring. Knowing what i now know, i would still buy this unit over again. It is located in the bar area of the lr and we don’t hear it at all.

FRIGIDAIRE 8 Bottle Wine Cooler FWC084HM : good cooler

Cools wine perfectlywith little noise.

Keeps temp but makes a buzzing noise constantly. If it last a year i’ll be surprised.

So far this cooler is performing well. My experience with any cooler is that it lasts about two years, even with cleaning the back vent. So, verdict is still out with the length of service.

This cooler was perfect for our use.

  • Good Chiller, Very Quiet
  • Great wine fridge for the price
  • Quiet, effective unit

Frigidaire 8 Bottle Wine Cooler FWC084HM

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    by entering your model number.
  • Digital controls: Allows you to regulate the temperature from 46°-66°
  • 0.8 cu. ft. capacity: Holds up to 8 bottles of your favorite wine
  • Sliding chrome shelves: Keep the bottle easily accessible
  • Interior light: Lets you clearly see each bottle of wine. Dual-pane glass door lets you choose which bottle to have without opening the door
  • Ultraquiet, vibration-free design: Hushes operating noise

Update: i am so impressed with how quiet this chiller is, i cannot even hear it running. This thing seems very efficient and well insulated. My girlfriend’s kids had previously bought her a 8 bottle wine chiller, but she wasn’t able to use it until we bought a house together. Unfortunately, her chiller died after a few months of usage. I bought this one to replace that chiller, and i really like it. The unit is slightly smaller, but basically the same size, and maybe a little more light weight. The best part of the frigidaire chiller is that you can barely hear the compressor when it is running. The interior light is decent, and add a nice ambiance. The controls are simple and easy to use.

This is the third countertop wine refrigerator i have purchased. They never seem to last long, but i am hopeful for this one. It cooled quickly, runs very quietly, and does not seem to cycle on all that frequently. In the long run i just hope it lasts, then i will be 100% happy, as it looks great and matches my kitchen decor perfectly. For now, as good as it gets.

Had this unit only a few weeks and it works fine but. This is purely a form and not a function gripe if you care about that. The unit is good looking except on the top, upper right (see pic). The door hinge is finished with a nice flush pin. But the hinge bracket in the body looks like somebody on the assembly line threw 3 drywall screws in at the last minute just to make sure it was tight. To me anyway it looks like crap. Not enough to return but disappointed no one thought this could have been improved.

Perfect for beginner wine enthusiast.

This is a great little wine fridge. Doesn’t take up much counter space and keeps my reds the perfect temperature. You can’t change the light if it goes out, but not a big deal to me because i don’t turn the light on anyway.

T-fal TT7061 Avante Deluxe 2-Slice Toaster – Nice design, but toasts unevenly.

I had only used it 3 times when it was hard to pop up the toast. Luckily i don’t use it a lot but i don’t think it will last very long. I guess because the toaster i had before was so sturdy. What i really liked was the slant but after a few uses it was kind of hard to pop up.

I checked all over including ebay and found that this seller offered far and away the best price. Great buy and a great toaster. Product is exactly as seller described. This is our 2nd t-fal toaster. Our first, which is 12 years old is going to our summer retreat.

The toaster works well enough. I really like the size and shape, and it is large enough to take my homemade bread. I have noticed, as other have commented on, that the heating elements do not heat evenly, so i need to flip the bread for both sides to toast evenly. Even then, each side will have dark spots and light spots. The defrost works very well, which is great for my gluten free frozen waffles. It does occasionally eject the toast out onto the counter top. What irritates me most is that it is made in china, which is not shown anywhere in the description. I went to the t-fal website prior to purchasing, and this toaster is supposedly made in france or in the usa.

Delivery was on time and the price was right. Toasts fast and the bagel selection was great. The only slight flaw is if you put in one piece of toast, the spring is so strong sometimes it pops the bread onto the counter.

This toasts a bit unevenly with the bottom of the bread done more than the top. Also, it pops out the toast very strongly – right out on the counter. All in all it is okay and seems well made, it’s just the uneven toasting that is a bit of a problem. Mechanically it functions well and its controls are nice as they have included the right hand knob to lift the toast out of the slot (which i don’t use too often as it has usually been jettisoned out on the counter.

This is my second t-fal avante and i love it. Very fast, love the ‘lift’ button that helps you get the toast out once it has finished toasting and love the button that allows me to stop the toasting process before it has finished when something toasts quicker than expected. The wide slots are great for thicker slices of toast or bagels.

  • Great Toaster but Appearance is Different Than Shown
  • Speed Toaster. Muffin Launch System
  • A jazzy-looking toaster that works!

Definitely different looking from your normal elongated cube toaster. That may be a deal-breaker for some. Nice wide slot for bagels, with one-sided toasting option. Slots come with an integrated internal frame that squeezes together as the toast lowers, and it holds thinly-sliced bread or thins flat. Many toaster lack this, and the very thin items can end up curling while toasting and coming in contact with heating elements – not this one, therefore no charring, smoke etc. Left hand lever lowers toast (only when plugged in, btw), right hand one lifts smaller toast up so you don’t come in contact with hot internal parts. Add pretty fast toast times, even toasting, easy browning adjustment, and we can recommend this based on functionality.

This one is showing signs of age within a few weeks. I guess they are inconsistent in quality.

Like the concept of the toaster’s design. Most of the time, though, it toasts unevenly, but too much hassle to return it. It is true what other reviewers said, it often pops up the bread so forcefully, it literally pops onto the floor.

I liked it but eventually the lettering wipes off making it look cheap. Otherwise it looks pretty sharp in your kitchen.

Love the look of the toaster. It toasts perfectly, browns the bread but does not make it hard like so many toasters do nowadays. The only reason i did not give it 5 stars is because the bread actually pops out of the toaster when done. You need to be there to catch it which is very strange.

Features of T-fal TT7061 Avante Deluxe 2-Slice Toaster with Bagel Function, Black

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  • 2-slice toaster with slanted design and extra-wide, self-adjusting slots for even toasting
  • 7 electronic browning-control settings from light to dark
  • Bagel, Defrost, and Stop functions; Anti-jam function; High-lift lever for easy removal of bread
  • Crumb-tray for easy cleaning; Cord storage on base of the unit; Elegant stainless steel and black plastic housing
  • 1,200 watts of power; 1-year limited warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

We really like this toaster. When our other one died, my husband did a lot of searching for one that was fast and had at least 1100 watts. We did buy one at walmart, the ad said it was 1100 watts, but when we opened it there were only 800 watts. So when we found this one, it really is what it says it is. Kinda had to get used to the slant of it, but it’s well made and a lot faster than our other one. We should have bought from amazon in the first place.

Toasts faster than our old base quality one, which is why i purchased this one. It is 1200 watts, which is really a minimum for a toaster imo, if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life waiting for your toast to get done. I like the right lever feature that lifts up the finished toast high enough so you don’t have to stick your fingers down into the slots to grab the hot toast. The slots could be another 1/2 inch longer, but i see that as a minor ding.

More than a year ago, this one replaced an ‘under-cabinet’ b&d toaster we had for many years. In a word, it is outstanding. The counter-top footprint is not too big, and performance has been great. We couldn’t be happier, and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

The toaster is a little big for my counter. So glad i didn’t get the four slice. The booklet said it is faster toasting,nope afraid not. I have it it on the darkest setting and still have to push down bagels and english muffins twice.

We had our previous one about six years and bent something when we attempted to remove a piece of toast that was caught. We liked it so much that we wanted the exact same item. After searching for it, we found out it was no longer being produced but we were able to still find a new one still available. This is the best – repeat the best – toaster that we have ever owned. (we have been married for 30 years so we have had a few). I would not hesitate ordering the new model at all.

I like this toaster, especially the angle of it-fits under the counter top neatly, without having to move it around. The bagel function (btw amazon, learn to spell the word ‘bagel’, it’s not ‘bagle’) works great. Only problem so far is that toasting is uneven-darker at the bottom, lighter as it goes up, probably due to engineering for a lower price, but not a huge problem for me. I really do like the lever on the right side that raises the toasted items up higher to allow you to remove them more easily. Sure beats sticking two forks into the holes to remove my toast or pop tarts. Well worth the small price increase from the cheapest toasters i’ve looked at.

2-slice toaster with slanted design and extra-wide, self-adjusting slots for even toasting

Bottom line what makes a good toaster is the wattage, or heat, it produces. Unlike many toaster with 900 to 1000 watts this toaster has 1200 watts so it does the job fast and better than most of the others. By the way, the 4 slice model does not have as high as wattage, so suggest the 2 slice model only. Wide openings for the toast is a plus. Spring release is strong if only one slice of bread in slot. A damper on the release would be a plus someday. Are you listening manufacture?????recommend. Great toaster for the price.

I bought this for my parents and they love it.

Have been using this toaster for several months and love it. Nice wide slots for bagels, cooks things fast, accurately, and has a convenient little crumb catcher on the back bottom side. The first couple of uses it projectiled the item out sometimes clearing the toaster completely, but after a couple uses the springs relax and you don’t have to test your catching abilities, lol.

I loved the fact that the toast comes flying out of the toaster when finished toasting. It makes me smile and is a game trying to figure out where to place my plate to catch the toast. It does an excellent job toasting and dethawing as i keep my bread in the freezer. I did not experience the middle of my gluten bread not toasting as noted on one review. I highly recommend this toaster.

Item was received on time and in excellent conditionthis item was as described. I selected this item for its perceived value and quality. After receipt, i can confirm that this was a wise purchase decision. I would purchase this again. I would definitely recommend this item. As a consumer like you, i rely on honest reviews when i purchase items and only offer my genuine interpretation. I encourage positive or negative feedback of my review. If my opinion assisted you in any way with your decision on this item please feel free to click ‘yes’ that you found it helpful.

I like the looks of this toaster but i really ordered this one because they claimed it toasted really fast. My only complaint is toasting one slice of bread is exciting. The slice pops out and onto the floor if you are not standing by.

7 electronic browning-control settings from light to dark

Very happy to locate and purchase this toaster for a family member who loves this model. The manufacturer’s website had the item on backorder but amazon. Toaster arrived ahead of scheduled delivery date and in excellent condition. Toaster works well and family member is very happy to replace the one she had for years that was worn out.

I recently bought this toaster as a replacement for a t-fal toaster that i loved. This new one has a defrost feature that my old one did not have. That makes this toaster wonderful. Everything that i love about my old one has now been perfected with the defrost button. This toaster toasts evenly and very quickly. It has ample space for bagels and long bread. If you are wondering why i replaced my old toaster, it is not the fault of the toaster. Unfortunately in a recent move our toaster took a deadly beating. I knew that if it were an option, i wanted the same toaster, as this toaster has been proven time and time again over the last seven years, that is how long i had the first one. This is a great, sleek looking toaster.

I love this toaster so much. I love the feature where you can push down a lever to help get the toast to pop up so you don’t have to burn your fingers retreving the toast. I loved this so much, i bought my son one after he was divorced.

Ordered this because i liked the contemporary look for my new kitchen. Took up much more counter space than my current toaster and looked huge compared to the other appliances. Can not comment on its performance because i never used it.

I bought this toaster as an exact replacement for one i had bought about 10 years ago that stopped working well but that i really liked. The first one sent to me smelled of smoke when i plugged it in, so a replacement was sent (went very smoothly. ) the new toaster is great except that if you have a light piece of bread or a half piece, the pop up mechanism is so strong that the toast ends up on the counter when it’s done. I’ve never had that happen before with a toaster. Otherwise, i really like this toaster.

This is a great toaster and kind of nice looking – a little different than the boxy toasters. The only problem we have had is that once in a while it pops the toast a little far – has landed on the floor once. I know i saw this from at least one other reviewed and opted to buy it anyway. Most of the times, we don’t have the toast fly (not sure if it is the weight of the bread or the mood of the toaster that day). One really great feature is a lever that raises the toast higher when it is done (of course this is not needed when it has already popped all the way out of the toaster).

This is a sleek toaster that is just beautiful and equally functional. I do wish it had a digital timer but that’s no biggy.

Bagel, Defrost, and Stop functions; Anti-jam function; High-lift lever for easy removal of bread

Purchased this for our cabin. Just the two of us, so the 2 slice is perfect. It toasts bread evenly and settings work just fine. A toasters a toaster, pretty much, but i like the cool design of this one.

This modern looking toaster is bigger than the standard toaster but is an excellent one. I love the fact that if you have smaller sized bread, bagels or english muffins that sink down lower than regular bread, you can hit the eject lever after they’ve finished toasting and they pop right out. It’s very attractive on the counter but it also fits easily in the cabinet if you prefer to keep your appliances out of sight. The heat settings are very accurate, no burned toast yet.And, yes, the front is stainless.

I tried two other toasters from the big box store and was less pleased with those toasters. (+)heats up quickly and toasts bread faster than my old toaster. Good if you are feeding a large group. (-)larger footprint than my old toaster. Very small difference on dial between toasted and burnt. Resetting the thermostat to a previous setting does not always give you consistent results. Crumb catcher lets crumbs spill when moving toaster to clean counter top.

This has been a great toaster – we use it almost every day, often several times a day, and mainly for toasted bread, bagels and waffles. Some people have said it tends to shoot the toast out onto the floor – i have never experienced this, even with smaller breads and small bagels. I have had this toaster for years (8 years?) and just recently ordered another because the inside elements stopped working and it started toasting on only one side, but this toaster has had a lot of use over the years in our family. My only complaint is the picture is not representative of the way the toaster looks now – they changed the front, which now is a bright stainless finish with a raised inset, the levers are smaller as well (to see the new front design, go to: http://www. Com/all+products/cooking+appliances/toasters/products/avant%c3%a9+deluxe+2+slice+toaster/avant%c3%a9+deluxe+toaster). My old one had the sleek, flat, brushed stainless finish as shown in the picture, which was much more attractive – i don’t know why they changed it, and i am quite disappointed with the new finish and front design. Otherwise, it goes well with my other stainless appliances, while the black sides makes it look cleaner, hiding fingerprints and smudges. The slots are wide, easily accommodating large bagels, and if you push the bagel button, it will toast only the one side, leaving the top crispy, but bottom soft. I really like the high-lift lever to help lift smaller pieces out without burning your fingers.

Takes up a lot of counter space for just two toaster slots. Also sits on four small legs. Unless you get the cord positioned correctly the toaster wobbles on the four little legs.

We have to remember to turn the toaster toward the wall so that the toast will hit the wall rather than flying on to the floor – or be prepared to catch flying toast. We have noticed that the frequency of flying toast is slightly less when toasting two pieces versus one. Very attractive on the counter. And, it does make for entertainment.

Crumb-tray for easy cleaning; Cord storage on base of the unit; Elegant stainless steel and black plastic housing

My bachelor son had researched the internet for a good toaster for a christmas present, so i ordered it for him as a gift. After the holidays, he called to tell me how happy he was with it. He said it was the best toaster he has ever come across. He highly recommended it to me, as i also need to by one. Will be ordering one in the near future for myself.

Best toaster i had in quite awhile. Toasts fast compared to most of the othertoasters available in the marketplace. Tried it on bread, muffins, and toaster cakesso far, and all toasted fast and to my perfection.

The Ultimate Edge 10W 10-Inch Gourmet Oval Diamond Sharpening Steel – Excellent Sharpening Device

There’s nothing more dangerous in a kitchen than a dull knife. With this ‘bit ‘o kit’ you could put an edge on the edge of a brick. Manufacturer got it right, seller also gets a nod of the head. Ordered and on my door step in 3 days.

True diamond coated sharpener, fine enough, but for a razor edge,,,(to shave with) porcelain rods or the like will be needed to ‘hone’ a razor edge on your blade. This is a great sharpener though.

Already sharpened my knives and it is working great. Here are the specifications for the The Ultimate Edge 10W 10-Inch Gourmet Oval Diamond Sharpening Steel:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 10 inch by 3/4 inch oval, 600 grit diamond
  • Made of microcrystalline diamonds bonded with nickel to oval steel shaft
  • Works with serrated knives; also files glass, crystal, and china
  • Lightweight, versatile and easy to use
  • Rugged plastic handle has hanging hole

It was excellent and easy to use.

Got this, a fine and a steel. Knives are so sharp you can shave with them. If you hate a dull knife as much as i do, i highly recommend them.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fastest Sharpener in the West and can be used on glass as well
  • Great edge tune up
  • works well but poorly built

Edited 12/31/2011: my son has finished his apprenticeship, and he is now the head butcher in our local grocery store. He still uses this to sharpen his best knives. My son is apprenticing under the tutelage of a butcher, and his mentor recommended an oval sharpener. My son says it works well for sharpening the knives he uses during his workday.

Very nice to resharpen knives.

Treat it gently and it will reward you with sharp knives for a long time.

This is not sharpening steel, it is an amazingly convenient sharpener. Over the years i have used the laski system, hard and soft arkansas stones, but finally settled on a diamond stone/plate. When i saw this ‘steel’ i was intrigued. It is everything i’d hoped for. I run it under the water before each sharpening. When i am not happy with a knife, this steel is hanging right there. 10 seconds and the knife, big or little, is sharp again. As an additional benefit, the instructions noted that it can be used on glass.

I use my knives every day and i don’t like them dull. If you want to remove a lot of metal, put on a bit of pressure and this sharpener will do the job. Barely touch the knife to the steel and stroke very gently to fine-tune. This performed better than i expected.

This is the first sharpener of this type for me. As with all sharpening getting right angle is important. The very fine diamond surface gives a good feel (feedback) so you can keep the angle more easily than with other sharpeners i have used. I just hope this thing lasts a while. Sometimes this sort of surface comes off too soon.

Quick cutting – removes material fast — coarse edge is best on utility knifes.

I used this item over the course of 1 week. It sharpens dull knives really quickly. Hope it last a reasonable time. Will review again in awhile. The ultimate edge 10nc 10-inch coarse diamond sharpening steel.

It does the job and makes it easy to keep razor edges on my knives.

Work well with minimal effort.

Cook’s illustrated rated this sharpening steel as the best, and i think they’re absolutely correct. I have used this steel regularly for the past year or two, and my knives have never come close to staying this sharp before.

I ordered 2 ultimate edges for friends since i already own myself. They used last elk season and were thrilled with how well and quick edge was brought back to life when skinning animals. Brings edge back with just a few swipes. I’ve carried and used for years as go to knife tune up when skinning elk or deer. It is always in my pack with knives for caring for game. One caution clean knife edge of meat or lard before touch up do to diamond surface will plug up with crud. Soap, water & sponge cleans diamond surface very well. One note if the cook of the house uses the sharpener you may need to buy 2 if you want one in back pack. I keep one in knife drawer at home, better than regular steel.

Puts a great edge on some of my older knives. It’s a more aggressive steel which works well on knives that need to be re-edged.

Works just like it’s supposed to work. I’d definitely recommend it to a friend. Nice handle, puts a great edge on my knives.

Worked great, did as i hoped. Coarse enough to sharpen my stainless knives, which are a pain to re-sharpen with fine sharpening steels.

I cut meat for our local grocery store and know the importance of having a really sharp knife. I was told about the diamond sharpening steel by a coworker that had gotten his at ‘kiss the cook’ he paid $30 plus for his. Being on a tight budget right now due to rising gas prices i wasn’t able to go and buy the one he was telling me about so i searched amazon. I found this sharpener/steel and decided to try it. This item arrived today and immediately got out my work knives. The were super sharp in no time and it didn’t take much effort on my part at all. My arms will not get as sore now that i have the ability to keep my knives sharp. This sharpener is highly recommended.