Capresso 440.05 MT-500 10-Cup Electronic Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe : BEST COFFEE EVER

I read a ton of reviews while looking for a coffee maker. After my first purchase (cuisinart) died after 3 weeks. I decided to spend the big bucks on the capresso. I was worried about using the carafe, many reviews said it was a pain to use and spilled all over the place. I don’t know why some people cannot figure out how to use this carafe. You screw on the lid tightly (the dot on the top of the lid should be about a quarter of the way past the pour spot) when you are ready to pour coffee, you move the dot over the pour spout. The reason the carafe is designed this way is to keep the seal tight and the coffee warm for as long as possible. Also the flavor is great, the programming is easy, and the machine looks great on the counter. Definitely recommend this machine.

I bought this coffeemaker to replace another capresso coffeemaker that i have used almost daily for over 8 years. It is still going strong and still makes great coffee, but my kitchen is all stainless steel and i decided to treat myself to an upgraded look. This pot is really beautiful and has a few improvements in design – the plastic coffee filter holder is sturdier, and the all steel construction is even better at keeping the coffee hot for hours. Plus, it looks expensive and i found the price at amazon to be really great. (added comment several months later – i used the my old capresso coffeemaker last month when i had christmas dinner and needed a second coffee pot to make enough coffee. To my surprise the old capresso made much better coffee – richer taste and used much less coffee. My guess is that the new capresso is much faster so the water goes through the coffee grinds faster and therefore some of the richness is lost.

I had the old coffetec for nine years — it was marvelous, though it did leak on occasion, but even so it was the best coffeepot i ever owned. It finally died this year and we replaced it with the 440. I do think this machine makes good coffee, and it gets very hot, but — the design of the machine is flawed, and we have had one problem after another:* the carafe leaks unless the little ball is perfectly lined up with the spout — and even leaks when it is at times. This is clearly a design flaw; it should be harder to spill coffee; or, i should say, it shouldn’t be so *easy* to spill. * the filter assembly that is supposed to hold the coffee while you pull the carafe away doesn’t work. It’s almost funny to watch it continue pouring at full speed when you pull the carafe away. This is not a big deal as you likely want the full pot to brew before taking it, but if you are sleepy and don’t realize. * the most serious flaw is that coffee collects at the top of the pot (on the inside of the lid) and needs to be wiped off and cleaned constantly — as you might imagine, this leads to coffee grinds falling into the basin, and then being pulled into the water heating elements.

First off, i purchased this machine a few months ago and specifically waited to try and see if any bugs would arise. I was a little nervous buying this machine, since there were a few negative reviews. Luckily i didn’t listen to them, because this is a great machine. I replaced a cuisinart grind and brew thermal with this capresso mt500. I also own a gaggia syncrony digital espresso machine, so i would consider myself a coffee-lover and i believe i know good coffee. (at least in my own mind)-over 90 pots brewed, not one spill. If you are spilling coffee, you are grinding your beans too finely. I use the included gold basket. -simple design, easy to clean. A lot easier then the cuisinart.

  • Makes good coffee, but design is flawed in a number of ways
  • Well worth the wait
  • After all these years still loving it!

Capresso 440.05 MT-500 10-Cup Electronic Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brews up to 10 5-ounce cups in just 8 minutes for maximum flavor, aroma
  • Stainless-steel vacuum carafe keeps coffee hot up to 4 hours
  • Stainless-steel ThermoBlock heating system reduces calcification
  • Brew-pause for mid-brew pour; digital, programmable clock/timer
  • Measures 9-3/4 by 13-3/4 by 10 inches; 1-year warranty

Coffee stays warm for several hours and the stainless steel is both easy to clean and not so likely to break as the glass liners. The program is easy to set and you can wake to warm coffee.

Nice programmable coffee maker. Brews a delicious pot of coffee. I can’t go without my cup o’ joe in the morning. My coffee is ready when i am.

I’ve been using this coffemaker for about 6 months now and i figured it was time for a review. I was leary buying such an expensive coffemaker, but after the bad experience i had with a cheaper krups (aka crap) maker, i decided that it was worth it. I bought mine during one of amazon’s coupon events. The coupon notes indicated that capresso wasn’t eligible, but it worked anyway and i saved $25. It is fast, elegant looking, and makes great hot coffee. I don’t find much to complain about compared to some other reviewers. To me, this design is as good as any brew-through/sealed caraffe design and its not hard to use at all. The lid is easy to screw on and has precision threads. It fits under the basket easily and does not require any special alignment or fiddling like some have suggested. I have not had problems keeping the inside of the caraffe clean like some have mentioned. I use a few sprays of bleach spray every month or so and it keeps it looking like new, no stains whatsoever. The water/coffee is very close to 200 degrees according to my restaruant meat thermometer. With the caraffe closed, my coffee stays more than hot enough for up to 6 hours after brewing and never gets stale/oxidized or burnt.

I’m very pleased with my mt-500, despite a few annoyances. First and foremost, i can now brew coffee that is every bit as good as what they serve at a first-rate coffee house–without the hassle of hand-dripping my coffee through a melitta funnel. For me, flavor is the most important thing. If coffee doesn’t taste in the cup the way it smells as you’re grinding it then i’m just not interested in drinking it. I don’t know what people are talking about when they report that the coffee isn’t hot enough. The whole reason this maker blows the others away in terms of flavor extraction is precisely that it gets the brewing temperature up just under the boiling point where it should be, rather than 30 degrees lower, the way most other makers do. You can’t water get too much hotter than 200 degrees fahrenheit, and that’s too hot to drink anyway. If it’s getting cold because you’re adding half cream and sugar to your cup, then the coffee flavor doesn’t much matter anyhow, so you might as well just wing it in the microwave for a bit to warm it up. I do agree that the design of the carafe’s lid and brewing funnel could use some work. If you’re careless, you could end up with a mess.

I’ve purchased a number of coffee makers over the years – bunn, quisinart, mr. – constantly searching for the best. I found it in this capresso. Not only is it a beautiful addition to the kitchen – it brews the best cup of coffee – ever. Easy to use – easy to keep clean – the thermal carafe keeps the coffee piping hot and fresh for hours. I highly recommend this coffee maker – best on the market.

We are serious about our coffee and this machine makes good coffee. It also looks nicer than any other coffee maker we’ve seen. We were surprised that the machine makes about 1/3 less coffee than other 10 cup coffee makers. For this coffee maker, a cup of coffee is 4 ounces. It also requires about 1/3 more coffee grounds to make the same strength coffee as other coffee makers. It requires 1 tablespoon of finely ground coffee to make each 4 ounces of strong brewed coffee. That said, it does make good coffee and seems well made compared to other machines we have tried. Our experience is that none of these machines are really finely crafted machines. Next time we will try a different brand that makes more coffee with less coffee grounds and might be less expensive.

I bought this a long time ago as i thought it looked very cool and would look good in my kitchen. Only problem was cleaning the carafe which was impossible. It is not capresso but any stainless steel carafe as you cannot clean the coffee stains that accumulate. I called capresso and they suggested denture cleaner to clean it, but that turned me off. I finally got rid of it at a garage sale.

I pride myself on being a coffee afficionado. Nothing but the best beans for me. I needed to get a replacement coffeemaker after my cuisinart 12 cup began to leak. Based on the reviews i read, i decided to go for a premium capresso 440 mt 500. The controls are easy to use, and the coffee brews fast. Most importantly, the coffee tastes great–far superior than tasted through my cuisinart brewer. The water head seems to cook the coffee more thoroughly than my previous coffee maker. Also, the thermal design keeps it warm and not bitter for three hours. The standard gold filter provided is a nice touch. The capresso coffeemaker is definitely worth the money.

Have really enjoyed the coffeemaker. Like that it is automatic, can brew just 3-5 cups and it still taste good. It seems more like a commercial coffeemaker than for residential.

I’ve been using my mt500 3-4 times per week for about two years now and it has given me nothing but pot after pot of good coffee– no trouble, no overflows, no problems. This is a fantastic machine. I have never met another auto-drip which can make a better cup. And believe me, i get around. I have exactly two minor complaints with the design: (1) the carafe lid is a pain and your friends will make a dribbly mess of pouring out of it until you show them the magical secret of the dot (which lines up with a cutout underneath), and (2) the filter basket gradually acquires a scent of old coffee that no amount of dishwashing can get out, which you can eventually taste ever-so-slightly in the coffee. As far as i know, though, there is no such thing as an auto-drip filter basket made of anything except plastic no matter what model you buy, so consider this a hopeful suggestion for the future rather than a complaint. There is exactly one thing you need to know about this machine: it puts water onto the grounds at the right temperature and the right speed, and does so consistently. I’ll say it again: i’ve never had better from an auto-drip. Regarding the complaints of coffee not being hot enough: if you’re using a thermal carafe, you should rinse it out with hot water right before brewing, otherwise some of the heat in your freshly brewed coffee is going to go toward heating up that cold, stainless steel liner. This has nothing to do with this coffee maker or carafe in particular; it’s just a fact of life when you use a thermal carafe. Suggestion: do the hot water trick while you’re waiting for the beans to grind. (you *are* grinding the beans right before brewing, right?.

Very attractive unit; looks nice on the counter. I like the carafe; it pours without spilling and empties all the way to the bottom, unlike the previous brand i was using. To address the problem of overflowing: i have overflowed it a few times times, and it was my fault. It has never overflowed when i used it properly. The first few times were because the little ball in the lid was stuck. Rinsing the lid every time after i use it has solved that problem. Just give it a shake after rinsing and again before replacing to make sure it rattles, and i never forget to do that now. The other times it overflowed were when i forgot to screw the lid on and once i even forgot to place the carafe in place. Sometimes i’m not completely alert before i have my first cup. Being terribly absent-minded doesn’t help either.

Sure you can buy a coffee maker for $25 but it won’t make the coffee nearly hot enough to extract all the flavor out of your favorite coffee. The capresso has a feature that can slow down the brewing process and make the coffee taste like coffee from your favorite coffee shop. It’s easy to operate which is a plus as well. It should be marketed as the bmw or coffee makers.

First, i read all of the other reviews and decided on balance to go ahead and buy this coffee maker. I was reluctant, due to the price and the few comments about overflow issues. We just opened it up, read all of the instructions and brewed up the best cup of coffee i’ve ever had at home. We used to own a coffee shop, so we are not novice drinkers, but nor are we the type that owns an espresso machine. We just want a great cup of coffee first thing in the morning. So, i rate this a *5* for performance (brewing coffee, ie: very hot, very flavorful, no compromise here, simply the best cup ever) a *4* for design (you do seem to need to pay attention the first time you use it, then you see what goes where and why those overflows happened, then you don’t do those things that cause them) and finally a *3* for price (even though it is the best i’ve ever used, i would still like to see priced it at under a hundred bucks)go ahead and get it, you won’t be disappointed.

I have had one of these at work since 2004, just purchased another one for home – it has been rated in the top 5 at consumer reports for the past 4-5 years i believe, to me the built in filter holder and stainless steel water ways is what makes it superb – and of course it makes excellent coffee, especially if you use caribou-coffee grounds. If you are amongst us that understand why you never fill water using the carafe, then this is the right coffee maker for you. The only reason it does not get 5 out of 5 is that it is so expensive.

Unit is solidly made, with few moving parts. Easy to add the water, easy to remove and replace coffee basket. Carafe keeps it hot for over an hour, but not the four hours claimed. Very pleased with this unit.

This is the first drip coffee maker i’ve used where no bitter or sour tastes unexpectedly ‘enhance’ the coffee’s own unique flavours. My blends actually taste as they should, amazingly from the convenience of an automatic drip system. Aside from possible freak production issues, i’m not sure why some unfortunate folks are having spillage issues during the brew cycle. We’ve only experienced that when either (1) the filter holder’s spring-loaded opening has gunked up from lack of cleaning (i. , our fault) or (2) someone forgot to check if there was still coffee in the carafe before brewing a new batch. Fortunately, both causes have been easy to prevent since experiencing them. The top of capresso’s thermal carafe is easily rotated clockwise until a natural stop is reached; there is a convex dot on that top, and it should not be lined up with the spout when fully closed – in fact, it *won’t* be if you simply rotated until it stopped. The carafe top must be in this ‘closed’ position for the drip to work properly. Simple as thatafter the machine’s brewing light turns off, swish the carafe contents briefly and then rotate the top counter-clockwise until the convex dot lines up with its pour-spout. At this point, you can pour the coffee from the carafe, and it resists dripping from the spout quite well. When done pouring, turn the top clockwise again until it stops – simply to keep the contents warm and to avoid potential spills when moving the carafe around. It really is extremely straightforward, i feel: close the carafe to brew coffee, open the carafe to pour your coffee, close the carafe to keep it hot. The materials are well-chosen for this maker, and it takes up only 9′(side-side) x 10′(front-back) on the countertop. I owned a prior capresso which had much more plastic content, and it looked almost new after 4 years.

Swiss small appliance manufacturer with swiss design and precision engineering through and through. This machine makes coffee faster than a bunn pre-heated water machine. Ten cups of really hot coffee in under 8 minutes – truly amazing. Wonderful, well thought design – they even put rubber feet on the bottom of the stainless steel carafe. If you buy do not order the ‘amazon suggests’ gold tone filter and charcoal filters. The machine ships with the gold tone filter and the owner’s guide says the charcoal filter is for chlorine in tap water. Since this is a serious coffee drinker’s machine, you’re likely using quality water.

I was disappointed that the coffee wasn’t hotter and the pot sounds ‘tinny’. I ordered it because it has a pause and pour feature, caraffe, and the last one i had was excellent. If i still had the box i might send it back.

Cuisinart CPM-2500TR Trolley to be used : Defective Product (No More)

After about a 2 week delay, the seller finally shipped the replacement product (not real happy with the customer service department). This is a nice product, although my one beef is that it’s not a perfect fit for the waring popcorn maker model that we have. There’s no way to connect the trolley to the popper, so i had to rig something to keep it from sliding around. ————————————————–initial review: one of the rubber tires had a one inch piece missing, and it was obviously packed that way. Will update review once seller rectifies the situation.

I’ve owned this stand for several months now and it was a terrific addition to my home use popcorn machine. Side tray and storage area within are terrific.

Cuisinart CPM-2500TR Red Trolley to be used with Cuisinart CPM-2500 Popcorn Maker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Holds the Cuisinart Kettle-Style Popcorn Maker (sold separately)
  • Handy shelf for serving and storing cups, napkins, bowls, toppings and other items
  • Storage compartment with magnetized door
  • Two smooth-rolling wheels make trolley easy to move
  • Two rubberized feet keep trolley securely in place

Very easy to assemble with clear instructions and, as an added bonus, a seperate hardware bag for each step. It seems to be be especially high quality, especially the powder-coat finish although time will tell if the finish holds up as well as the hardware not rusting. Although i mated this trolley with a paramount (not waring) popper, it fit perfectly and the four locking pins were aligned with the mounting holes. The enclosed cabinet feature is handy to store the raw corn, bags, oil and scoop. And, when fully assembled and mated up with the popper, it looks great.

Works great looks just as it does in the picture.

Like my trolley, just wished i would have known that it didn’t have a top on it. I had to make one for the machine to sit on.

Cuisinart CPM-2500TR Red Trolley to be used with Cuisinart CPM-2500 Popcorn Maker : Gave as a christmas present along with the popcorn maker – cart looks great with the popcorn maker – easy to roll around. Definitely recommend if buying the popcorn maker.

Purchased for a friend who has it in his shop/man cave with the waring wpm40 professional popcorn maker – easy to assemble and looks nice.

I was completely satisfied with my popcorn popper cart. The box arrived without any damage to it. The cart was packed with care and didn’t have one scratch. Went together easy and all the hardware was bagged and labeled with numbers to make assembly faster. My popper sits perfectly on top of the cart and the holes align with the spring pins under the popper.

It’s a cute stand and does what it’s supposed to do but don’t expect it to come in without any dings or dents. I was a little put off by the actual cabinet because there were a few scratches and dents but otherwise, it’s hard to tell. I would recommend this item, just be prepared for boxing to be far from perfect.

I love this stand it is for my 6 ounce popcorn machine perfect fit and it was very easy to put together and wel built and sturdy. I received it in 2 days,i would recommend this product to anyone.

It looks great and fits the popcorn maker perfect i just wish it had the right instructions with it mine had instructions for a cotton candy maker.

This popcorn machine stand is very neat and it makes it very easy to move the popcorn machine plus the storage compartment makes it very easy to store the popcorn, butter, salt, and popcorn scoop.

It looks nice, has nice detail, and the rubber on the wheels is even real. It fist the popcorn maker perfectly.

Using it with the elite deluxe 4-oz. Tabletop kettle popcorn maker.

You’ll need to get clamps or figure out how to securely mount the popcorn maker onto the cart.

Great addition to the popper, it completes it, very portable and stylish for any occasion, lots of compliments, love it.

This fits my popcorn machine perfectly, has a cabinet for storage, and i think it is a great price for what you get.

The cart was easy to put together. It was good quality for the money. It has a nice appearance fits well with the pop corn machine.

Finally, something that works and works well. The popcorn machine does a superb job of making popcorn and does it fast.Easiest thing i have ever assembled and i’ve done alot. Each step has the hardware in its own separately labeled bag and everything ‘fit like a glove’ including the popcorn machine anchoring to the top frame. Would recommend this product to everyone.

It is ready to party anytime.

Perfect fit for my great northern counter popcorn maker. Very sturdy, great quality, and worth every penny.

Finally got around to getting the companion cart to my popcorn machine. Easy to assemble and the cabinet holds all my popcorn, boxes, etc. Great addition to my home theater.

Cuisinart BMKR-200PC Fully Automatic Compact Bread Maker – Very Noisy

We didn’t buy this, looked at it but went with another brand. It is a nice looking machine though and somewhat cheaper. We did like the looks though.

I bought bought bread maker for my daughter. She uses this quite a bit and am very impressed. She has to use it only for the gluten free option and so far it worked exactly as i had expected it to. This bread machine has many configuration options and has been very easy to clean. I don’t mind the beeps, actually i think that the beeps are helpful to remember about the machine when i busy with something else.

Works excellent ,i make 1 or 2 loaves a week easy to use and dont mind the beeps because i make bread when im awake. Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart BMKR-200PC Fully Automatic Compact Bread Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Removable bread pan and kneading paddle  
  • 12 pre-programmed menu options; 3 crust colors; 3 loaf sizes – 1, 1-1/2, and 2 pounds 
  • 13-hour delay start timer; 15-minute pause; bake-only option  
  • LCD display; removable lid with viewing window
  • Includes measuring cup, measuring spoon and instruction/recipe book

I have had this bread machine for nearly three years, and use it to make a medium size recipe of challah every week. I do not use the baking option, only using the bread machine for kneading and rising. Just recently, the motor began struggling to turn the paddle. My husband removed the spindle in the bottom of the bread pan, cleaned the bushing and spindle assembly, which was very much corroded with a kind of black gunk residue. The unit that turns underneath the bread pan was showing some cutting wear on the part, possibly from the buildup of residue, making the motor struggle to turn the paddle inside the bread pan. I will need to replace the pan and or the total unit soon. I will try to find a unit with a better design, one that possibly has a better seal underneath to prevent the ingredients from seeping down around the shaft during the mixing process. It did an excellent job until this problem occurred.

I visited my sister in texas for two weeks and she had this same one. She made bread a couple of times for dinner. The ease of just having to put the ingredients in the bread pan combined with the smell of bread baking was enough to concince me to order one of my own the day after i got home. I am still experimenting with differdent breads and have a few favorites. This is a very good purchase.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great product, until now!
  • Noisy
  • Great machine!

The breadmaker works as advertised and produces a good loaf of bread. I wish i could turn off the beeping so i could run it overnight.

This is my second cuisanart breadmaker. My previous one conked out after almost 13 years. It makes bread much better than my previous model. I have particular success with rye and wholewheat. My only failure is sour dough, and i can;t blame that on my machine. More features than anyone actually needs.

I love cuisinart, i’ve always been happy with their products. A friend of mine had the same model and she was very happy with it. I really like the diversity of modes and by now i’ve used a few – but not all of them. Definitely read the manual before you use it, as there are a few steps to whatever bread (dough/jelly/jam/etc) you chose to make. Yes, it can be quite noisy so do start it during the day. Great for dough too, i’ve made a few different kinds of dough and the consistency is nice. I went ahead and purchased a protection plan, as reading maaany maaany reviews people had experience some issues with these bread makers. I do not use this product on a weekly basis so my experience with it is somewhat limited.

Bought this at lighting deal for 79. I haven’t received the unit yet and they are selling for 69.

So glad i got it beat deacon i have made when purchasing something for my kitchen. I love making homemade bread, but our house has been to cold or hot the last 6 months with no heat/air ad this allows me to make my breads and rolls and other items again and it’s so much easier and cleaner this way i just walk away. Makes gluten free breads very well also 100% satisfied.

This bread machine is easy to use, easy to clean and turns out quality consistent bread.

This was a gift for my granddaughters birthday. I haven’t used it but she did and she sad her honey wheat bread turned out delicious and beautiful. She can’t wait to do other things in it like making jelly.

When bread makers came out years ago, i followed suit and got one, poured a few boxes in and then set it aside. I don’t know why i decided to get another bread maker but it was a good decision. I can’t make bread fast enough, the bread gets gone before my husband and i can finish it off ourselves. My oldest grandson stops by everyday after school and comes in the door with his nose stuck high in the air to smell the bread. My husband takes banana bread to work for him and my son to eat. I got a receipe from an aunt for loaf bread that we use, it’s light and can be cut like regular bread.

The bread always comes out perfect. However, if a drop of anything (like flour) is outside of the pan and in the base of the maker then there is a burning smell while the break bakes. The bread is totally fine, but the little bits of flour that didn’t make it into the container burn and create a foul smell. If only i could learn to do this without any flour finding it’s way out of the baking container.

The recipes are great and its easy to use. We really like the pizza dough, it comes out perfect every time.

For 1 pound bread the dough get stick between the kneading paddle and the pan and the motor slow down and hum. With 2 pounds bread the slice is too large for the toaster.

My family loves when i make bread and hot rolls. I’m trying new recipes every day for my family to try. So far everything is coming out perfect.

I bought this cuisinart bmkr-200pc fully automatic compact bread maker, 2-pound on 10/11/2012. It has been working great for the past 10 months. I did not write a review earlier because i want to wait and see how long this breadmaker will last. Now i think it is time to give its due recognition. We use it to make a loaf of 2 pound bread every 3 to 4 days. It can be noisy at times, but otherwise is a great choice and a quality breadmaker.

This breadmaker is great for small kitchens or minimal counterspace. Love all cuisinart products most of my kitchen is cuisinart.

I previously owned a sunbeam bread machine that died after 9 years of moderate use. I decided to try the cuisinart this time since some of the reviews of the current sunbeam machine were negative. After using the cuisinart twice to bake prepared bread mixes, i find that it takes longer to bake the bread than the sunbeam i previously owned and it is considerably louder during operation. The beeps are particularly loud and annoying as other reviewers have mentioned. I have not tried mixing bread from scratch yet, but this machine does perform adequately using packaged bread mixes.

Years ago i used to watch how my mother did her bread making, it was a long drawn out process and it really kept us kids busy helpping her and then ‘sampling’ the finished product. Recently i had been yearning to do the same, but i didn’t want the long drawn out process as my mother had done. I had never seen or tried out a breadmaker, either. It was intimidating because i had never experienced trying such on my own. I was in ‘fear’ of myself and not doing it right or something, not sure what. I finally got up the nerve when this bread-maker came up as one of ‘amazon’s deals–and i’m more than happy to say that i spent my money wisely. It is so simple–just follow the instructions step by step and you will be amazed by your results. Ever since i purchased it, i have been making bread weekly and i enjoy the flavor and sweet success of my efforts. If you feel intimadated as i, go on to youtube and take a look at a couple of their videos and soon you will get your nerve up and —walaa you will be enjoying your bread-maker as much as i do.

Gourmia GK250 Supreme Electric Tea Kettle – 1, GK250 Supreme Electric Tea Kettle

Heats the water as expected. Packaging was sufficient to keep the product safe and secure in transit. It arrived in two days with prime shipping.

I bought this to replace my plastic one, as i was mildly concerned about possible health risks of drinking water boiled in plastic in my daily coffee. I’m very happy with this product. It looks very nice, boils quickly, and turns off reliably when boiling is complete–occasionally my old one would keep on boiling and evaporate a bunch of the water.

Gourmia gk-250 is pretty, boils water quickly, and still works after about a year of constant use (five or six cups of tea per day, every day).

Key specs for Gourmia GK250 Supreme Electric Tea Kettle – 1.7L- Cordless- Stainless Steel- Speed Boil – Auto Shutoff Boil Detect – Concealed Element – 360° Swivel Base – 1500 Watts,110v:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • SPEED BOIL: 1500 watts of sheer boiling power heats up your water in a fraction of the time taken by outdated stovetop versions.
  • AUTO EASE: Just a click, to automatically boil perfectly heated water for everything from tea, to cocoa, noodles, and cereal!
  • CORDLESS CARRY: This sleek stainless steel kettle rotates 360º on base and detaches for free cordless pouring and serving. Features a hidden heating element, eliminating the need for those rusty metal coils. Boasts a 1.7 liter capacity, and convenient rear water gauge.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Boil dry protection, lid-lock, and auto shut-off ensures completely safe scorch-free usage. Integrated spout filter for only pure water pouring.
  • ETL CERTIFIED: We, at Gourmia, take the quality of our products seriously. This product is ETL certified so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe, efficient, high quality appliance.

Comments from buyers

“Great kettle, works as stated.
, I LOVE it. It is very pretty and looks great
, Pleased with my purchase

I have used this for a couple of weeks now and can say that i am very pleased with the performance. Within just a couple minutes i have hot water for tea (or instant coffee if i am in a real hurry and no time to brew). It basically brings the water to a boil, so if you do not want the water that hot just turn it off prior to this. The remaining water is usually still hot enough to make a second cup of tea 30 minutes later. This has replaced the kettle on my stove top.

Works precisely how one would hope: it brings water to a boil. Something worthy of mentioning, however, is that the heat is not contained and the outside of the kettle heats up as well. While this may seem like a “duh” statement for some, there are kettles where the design is such where the outside remains room temp, even when the contents are boiling. This is not one of those kettles. As such, be careful when handling directly after heating so you don’t burn yourself.

This model replaced my years old version which was not as high and narrow, it had more of a teapot size and shape. I love the modern take on this sleek model, does the same job at perfect quality standards, and it looks like a really cool kitchen accessory. In fact, i couldn’t help but notice that this kettle doesn’t have the same long cord as my old version, which kept getting in the way. Really well done and goes along with me from counter to table. That way everyone gets to pour and it really heats up super fast. They claim ‘faster than a microwave’ and it really is that fast.

 i received a defective one, but then, the customer service representative i spoke with was very helpful. They addressed my concern very well. I received a replacement very fast. Kudos to the seller and customer service representative i spoke with. This product is very simple but it boils fast and functions well.

I purchased the gourmia cordless kettle since it looked very impressive for its price point. It sits on the counter and is a breeze for coffee or warming baby bottles throughout the day. It’s great that it lets me know when the water is fully heated, and you definitely don’t want to lift it off it’s base mid cooking since the water won’t be fully boiled. Perfectly piping hot water every single time, and it looks great while doing it.

I was very happy with this kettle until it broke after 2 years. The plastic on/off switch mechanism relies on a very thin plastic part which snapped on me. It makes me upset that things are not made to last and our landfills just keep growing.

For hot water baths or for hot water bottles or to soak a baby bottle or for the basic tea or coffee, this is amazing. It has a very clean and sleek look, which really adds a lot to the counter, as opposed to the weak plastic kettles. I’ve been through a few hot water kettles and this one is definitely the best one – it’s not expensive, and it works really well, looks really nice, and it’s cordless, which is just an added plus.

First, let me say, i was not a lucky one who received this with a promotional discount. That being said, i like this little kettle a lot. It heats the water up quickly, holds a fair amount, and looks good in my kitchen. I love that you can take it off of the base and do not have to unplug it every time you use it. An average of 2-3 times a day in our house. If i were to have a con, i would say the power switch can be a little sensitive. Sometimes i have to push it down a couple times to get it to stay on, but realistically, that might be user error. :)in the end, i would recommend this kettle.

I use my gourmia frequently as i drink 3-4 pots of hot tea a day, every day. I have had it for about a week and it is working wonderfully. I love that the lid latch lifts the lid but i don’t have to keep holding the latch while i fill the pot–the lid stays up until i close it. The pot looks good on my counter and works very well for me.

All the good stuff is as other reviewers said, however, i bought it in feb. (return option closed in march), and just yesterday (aug. 6), a problem developed with the lid/handle assembly. The latch to open the lid now sticks, and the handle is pulling away from the pot. It looks like a screw might be loose (or broken), but the lid is not removable so i can’t get inside to see. I’m afraid i’m going to have to toss it. I’m trying to decide if $20 divided by 6 months of use is worth it.

This is a good water kettle. Better than the one i had, which was by aroma, which lasted barely 1 year.

I had no idea how much i would love an electric kettle. It’s cute, super fast and easy to use- literally just a switch flip. I could have gotten a much smaller one b/c i just use it with my french press, but whatevs. I’m sure some day i’ll be glad i can hear up so much water. Great kettle and awesome price.

Lovely looking and stylish design, and is a beautiful addition to my kitchen counter. Very lightweight, in fact much lighter than i had anticipated. Works wonderfully and came with excellent pre-use and cleaning instructions.

Just received so far so good.

Auto shut off when the water is boiling. I especially like that it is not plastic.

It works just as good as the expensive $$$$ model that my sister has in london, england. Stainless steel inside and out with a window to see your water level. Do not submerge entire pot in water when washing. Easy to clean and heat up your water so fast.

Stainless looks so good on counter.

I received my gourmia tea kettle today and used it immediately. It is very pretty and looks great in my kitchen. Easy to use and heats up pretty quickly.I would recommend this to everyone.

This is my first purchase of a gourmia product, and so far i must say i’m very satisfied with it. This is a well-built electric kettle, and does its job well, as it is supposed too. I bought for the express reason of being able to quickly make my morning cup of tea, and this works very well for that. The water reaches boiling point in about a minute or so. The kettle feels solid and well-balanced in the hand when you lift it by the handle. Plus, it also looks good on my kitchen counter.

My morning routine consisted of getting out of the shower and turning the stove top on to boil water in the kettle. It would take about 8-10 minutes for the water to boil and the pot to whistle. Now i just flick a switch and i have over a litter of boiling water in 4-5 minutes. I can’t believe how fast it is.

Needed a replacement kettle as they only seem to last about two years, after that the conductivity between the kettle and the base fades. This product seems of good quality and has a pleasing style to reside openly on the kitchen counter top. Overall the product lived up to its advertising and was delivered promptly. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good looking kettle that boils water quickly.

Oster 3905 4-Slice Retractable Cord Toaster – 4-Slice Toaster with Bagel Settings and Retractable Cord

I recently did a makeover on my kitchen and all the appliances as well as decor is black and red. This toaster is the best i have yet to see, it has so many settings which makes it so easy to use. The color is very rich looking and the retractable cord is a major plus.

I purchased this toaster over four years ago only expecting it to last a year or so based on the reviews. Well, here we are four years later and this beast remains a workhorse in my busy kitchen. I use it for both toast and bagels, and the only time i’ve burnt anything was because i had it up too high and left it unattended. There are toasters on amazon for over $100, but this little guy outperforms them at a fraction of the cost. I mean, come on, its sole purpose is to warm up bread. If you’re shelling out more than 50 bucks on something like that, i have a bridge to sell you.

Love that we can have 2 different toasted settings for my husband and i and also make 4 pieces at once. I appreciate the retractable cord as well. Here are the specifications for the Oster 3905 4-Slice Retractable Cord Toaster:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Model_Number – 003905-000-000
  • Depth – 12.60
  • Height – 9.40
  • Width – 12.10
  • Weight – 6.0500

I always depend on oster to make a great product. I have been a loyal customer for 30 years. This toaster however, in my opinion has chincy plastic levers to push down the toast. Seems flimsy and perhaps not toolasting as the rest of the toaster seems in great condition.

Does the job, however, the handles that you push down to toast are flimsy and you have to push them down several times before they click to toast the bread. Aside from that the unit toasts both bread and bagels well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Be patient!
  • Toasts well
  • loved it then

Nice toaster for the price since it has an option for bagel toasting which is convenient. I find that the bread does not toast evenly and burns on one edge even though the dial is adjusted.

This worked wonderfully as a fathers day gift since our old toaster is junk, i love the wide slots, you could put texas toast in there there.

I love the way the cord retracts when not in use. It browns my toast so evenly.

Black profile 4-slice/bagel toaster. It has buttons on both sides for bagels that lights up to let you know it has been set to bagels. Both sides have separate toasting controls. It has a retractable cord to keep excess cord off the counter top. It is deceivingly lightweight. It was packaged well and as toasters go was easy to figure out settings. Low end pricing on a middle of the road toaster that for the most part does an ‘adequate’ job for both toast and bagels. Sometimes you have to push the toast down more than once to get it to stay down, we aren’t sure what is up with that. The settings dials are extremely sensitive. As far as evenness of toasting it is about the same for bread and bagels and does an adequate job at this point.

Nice toaster but the push down handles are cheap plastic. Just 2 of us using toaster so if you had a family using this, the handles would soon break.

I have had one of these for many years. Very consistent to this day.

I bought a dualit toaster with some gift cards from my wedding. I’d heard this toaster was top-of-the-line and not to be missed. I was so excited about that toaster. I was heartbroken to find out for myself that it was nothing short of an expensive piece of junk. It would only toast one side of the bread, it often smoked and overheated, and it finally just flat out died only a year and a half after i bought it. I actually did the happy dance around the kitchen when i could toss it into the trash. I decided i was really going to do my homework when buying my next toaster. So i read umpteen reviews and i heeded consumer report’s reviews of toasters. Based on consumer report’s word, i bought their lauded haier tst850ds. I thought for sure i had finally found a winner.

Had the same toaster before, loved it then, love it now.