Waring (WCT704) Two-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster – Looks nice. Toasts evenly so I kept it

For some reason toasters don’t last long. This looks sturdy and is simple to operate.

Like other reviewers here, i had the cuisinart doppelgänger toaster for many years before it finally gave out. I was happy with it and wanted to get the same toaster, only to find that it now carries the waring name on it, and also lacks the slot selection switch (which i kind of hated anyway, because you’d always forget to switch it back if you ever used it). The first toaster i bought to replace my old cuisinart was the breville bta830xl die-cast 4-slice long slot smart toaster. I did tons of research and read a lot of reviews and recommendations and took a chance on the leverless toaster. I was apprehensive of all the fanciness, but so many folks loved the thing, that i thought it just might work out. I ended up returning it after it stopped working and started flashing all the lights, customer service couldn’t help me, and everyone who gave it a bad review had the same exact problem with only one resolution – return it. So i returned it for a refund. This waring toaster, however, is still going strong after just over two months’ of near daily use. It works just as well as my old cuisinart.

Kind of a no-frills, high horsepower toaster that (to my family) is well worth the price. Thick wide slots and a tray to clear crumbs in the bottom. While this is not ugly by any means, it is not nearly as fancy looking at some of the mainstream ‘high end’ home toasters, but this definitely outperforms any of them. Lacking a bunch of extra features, i would imagine it will outlast most of them too. This is not to say that it will last forever – this is my second in 6 years – but i had two others that quickly died or just failed to toast acceptably since the first. Here are the specifications for the Waring (WCT704) Two-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster:

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  • This 4-slice bread toaster is constructed of durable chrome plated steel
  • Includes 2 extra long and extra-wide 1-3/8-inch slots
  • Features self-centering bread rack for thinnest sliced breads; Great for bagels and thickly sliced bread
  • Comes with easy touch control and LED indicators: Defrost, Reheat and Cancel
  • Comes with rotary dial browning level control and quick clean pull out crumb tray

How can it be commercial and light duty at the same time?. I think it’s more of standard duty for home use.

Updatewell, after a bad experience with a cuisinart a couple of weeks ago, i pulled the trigger and bought the waring. It’s my old toaster all over again (except without the single side selector switch (but that’s okay)). This toaster smelled horrible for the first couple of cycles but that’s normal. It also buzzes a little when starting up but that goes away in about 10-15 seconds. It toasted unevenly for the first couple of go-arounds but then calmed down. I have absolutely no idea why it did that. It seems to toast better if you don’t center your slices in the slots, lengh-wise that is. I don’t know why this is either. They’re easy to get over and then it’s smooth sailing. )original reviewi gotta chime in even though i remember this unit as a cuisinart.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Hums While it Works, But It Works Well
  • A Great buy, you will want to keep it forever
  • Waring Toaster

Took more than 3-4 weeks to arrive – way beyond normal expectations. Took more than 3-4 weeks to arrive – way beyond normal expectations.

One kind of bread we use the edges are burned so have not figured out how to prevent it from burning. Another kind of bread we use it is okay.

I bought this toaster in 2006. At that time is was a cusinart model cpt90. It still works but the electronics are cutting down the juice to the ribbons so they are not getting as hot and it takes longer to get the toast done. As i liked all the features of this toaster & felt it’s longevity was fairly good i wanted another one. Cusinart quit carrying them in 2008 but waring took over with the model wct704. I was glad to find i could still get one as there were no problems other than explained above with the cpt90. The only difference between them is the wct704 does not have a switch to turn off one outer bank of ribbons for one sided bagel toasting or when only using one side for toast. It must have created voltage/amp issues like i was experiencing so it is now gone. I gave 4 stars because i would like one slot to have one sided heat at times.

. This model is really the old cuisinart toaster. We were looking for a close duplicate and found it in the warring commercial series.

Although pricey for a toaster, it works great. It appears to be sturdy, but only time will tell.

With toasters you get what you pay for. I have both this toaster and the smart toaster from breville and i love them both. This isn’t quite as sensitive as the smart toaster with toast. It is more basic but does have a defrost button which is important in our house. I like that it can do long loaves of bread or use one slot to toast two regular slices of bread. Nice clean lines if left on the counter.

The toaster is okay, better than our last one. However, it seems to toast darker around the edges. If you keep it in long enough to toast it in the middle, the edges get too dark. Update 4/2/15: the toast is now toasting evenly and quickly. We love this toaster and upgrade it to 5 stars.

It does the job straight forward and to date no issues. Gauge for darkness of toast is ok, a bit on the side. Our previous, non warning model, had the gauges on the front which i preferred. But it stopped working after a few years so we went with the waring model this time.

Toasts all sizes of bread and works and looks great. I like the numbered dial on the right side that makes it easy adjust the toasting time of a variety of types of bread.

The one flaw with this item is that there is no provision to stop the toasting cycle before it completes its cycle except to unplug it. Very inconvenient and it will eventually damage the plug.

After an extensive on-line search, i could not find a good quality toaster that had deep slots and length for all bread sizes. This toaster meets my needs perfectly. You can toast 4 regular sized slices, bagels, or english muffins at one time or toast 2 artisan sized slices.

I threw away a perfectly good toaster after i got this one. You can do 4 english muffins, 4 bagels, the really looong pieces of good rye or sourdough bread. Toasts very evenly and the controls are easy to judge how long you need to toast.

The slots are wide enough for a bagel and long enough for artisan bread. Just be careful with the toaster settings – we usually keep ours on 2.

Owned this about a year now and was purchased to replace a similar toaster made by cuisinart (this model is supposed to be the closest replacement for that one). So far everything is working fine and if its anything like the cuisinart, it will work for many years. (we still have the cuisinart stashed away as a backup, which is over 15 years old and still works, but my wife wanted all steel instead of white – alas). Long wide slot toasters are the best as they toast just about anything from bagels, french breads, muffins as well as the typical store sliced breads. I personally like the toasters to have basic functions, because the more moving parts and controls, the more stuff will break. This toaster is used daily by family members and is not treated as kindly as it should, but continues on without error. Very sturdy construction with solid cording.

My cuisinart 2 slot, 4 slice toaster gave up the ghost after many years. Cuisinart no longer makes this 2-slot style. This is an exact replica sans the 2 or 4 switch. If it lasts as long as the cuisinart, its a bargain.

Love my new toaster it is durable and should last for years.

Molla AirSmart Oil-Free Dynamic Air Fryer – Fat Free fryer.

I can’t say enough good things about it. Food is easy to prepare and delicious.

Great for tater tots and everything else. Much cleaner than deep frying and faster and crisper than baking.

I just used this fryer for the first time today and am extremely pleased with my air fried chicken. And the easiest cleanup a person could ask for. I fixed two thighs, and 2 drumsticks. I left the skin on one of each, because without skin is the healthiest. They all cooked in about 30 minutes. I had dipped them in flour, then in beaten egg, and finally in panko crumbs. They were beautifully browned on the outside. Succulent on the inside, the nonstick pot is wonderful. I will be using this quite often.

Food is crisp without adding oil.

I just made some tater tots and they tasted so delicious and crisp. I used a 6 inch circle cake pan for the tater tots. I am so glad that i have this product. Now i can take it with me on camping trips with outlets. A cool thing about this product is that it bakes cupcakes as well. This air fryer is very easy to use, and works well. It doesn’t get overly hot, so you can definitely handle it. There is hot steam coming out from the back, so i made sure to give the back enough space apart from other items. The tray comes out easily, and it is easy to wash as well.

I have had this air fryer only 2 weeks, so i must still do more testing. Fried chicken is juicy and crisp, just like oil-fried; it seems to draw the oil out of the chicken skin. Egg rolls are pretty good; i sprayed a light film of cooking spray to get it to glisten. French fries were a bit dry; i might have cooked them too long, will try the cooking spray next time. Batter coated fresh cod was really delish, nicely browned, moist inside. 2l fryer has small capacity, about 6 chicken drumsticks or 6 average egg rolls. This is proportional to its reasonable price. Suggest the manufacturer include recipes, else each food must be cooked experimentally and not always the best, the first time around.

  • I will never “Oven Fry” chicken again.
  • Good quality food “fried” without any oil, guilt free and very convenient
  • Surprisingly easy to use.

I haven’t owned an air fryer prior to this one, so i have no ability to compare it with other units. That said, i’m quite pleased with mine. The design is simple but smart, the packaging and instructions are elegant, and it’s just amazing to be able to ‘fry’ food without consuming massive amounts of cooking oil and making the whole house smell of oil. One thing i did which was stupid and others should avoid: don’t treat the two lights below the timer dial as buttons. You can actually press them in a little bit, but they’re not buttons. -_-performance:the amount of time to get to the thermostat temperature of 400 degrees is a few minutes, which is totally fine. I recommend preheating for about 3 minutes before throwing your food in. The molla fryer is totally capable of making great french fries and chicken wings, which are most of what i’ve used for testing purposes so far. =)ease of use:i like the simple egg-timer style dial and the little bell ring it gives when it runs down to zero.

Fast to use and easy clean up.

This is the first time i’ve used a air fryer it’s great.

My husband is the cook in the family, and do to medical issues with both of us we really needed to start eating better. This is our new favorite appliance. The first day we got it, he did a 3lb bbq pork loin, baked potatos, and carrots in it. It took much less time than in the oven, and was delicious. We have since done french fries, chicken, perogies, and a host of other stuff in it, and its great. A little trick is much like doing anything in the oven flip your meats half way through. For french fries, fried mushrooms, and stuff like that make sure you give the basket a good shake about halfway through, and make sure you are not overfilling it. If you like baked or broiled chicken with crispy skin, just spray your chicken with a little butter spray or olive oil and its crisps up very nicely.

Features of Molla AirSmart Oil-Free Dynamic Air Fryer, 3.2L Food Basket

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    by entering your model number.
  • ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS: Make absolutely delicious meals with just the Molla AirSmart Air Fryer. Air fry your favorite fried dishes such as fried chicken and french fries without added oil. You can also make roasted dishes, pizza, burgers, and even desserts
  • CLASSIC DESIGN: Our AirSmart Air Fryer is beautifully designed to complement your home. Elegant and reliable analog controls are intuitive and easy to use: 180-400 degrees F temperature control and a timer dial up to 30 minutes
  • HEALTHY COOKING: Stay healthy by making your own wholesome, hearty and delicious meals in just a few simple steps, all without adding unnecessary oil
  • PREMIUM FEATURES: Food-safe nonstick coating on the Air Fryer pan and food basket. Both the pan and food basket are detachable for easy serving and cleaning.
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Get ready to be surprised by what you can make with just the Molla Air Fryer

From the manufacturer

air fryer healthy food airfryer oil free oilless

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Fry the Smart Way, Fry the Healthy Way

AirSmart Rapid Air Circulation Technology

AirSmart technology heats up the air surrounding the food and circulates it rapidly, which leads to evenly cooked food throughout, providing a fried texture and taste without all the extra calories.

Cook it Your Way

Having an AirSmart not only means you have more control over your diet, but also over the texture of your foods by using the temperature and timing settings.

0% Oil Needed

The taste of a delicate crispy french fry doesn’t have to be a guilt trip anymore. Whether you’re in the mood for french fries, fried chicken or some delicious onion rings, the AirSmart can deliver, and you don’t need to use oil.

Fry or Bake Just About Anything

  • French Fries
  • Steak
  • Hamburgers
  • Drumsticks
  • Chicken Breasts
  • Fish Fingers
  • Cake
  • Muffins
  • Kabobs
  • Chicken Wings
  • Grilled Cheese
  • And So Much More. ..

Guilt-Free Deliciousness Within Minutes

Garlic Fries

Chop up some potatoes, soak them in water, if you’d like you can spray a little oil and toss them, add garlic salt to taste and enjoy your air fried garlic fries.

Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings

Toss some chicken wings in with some red-hot buffalo wing sauce, butter, and lemon juice for some delicious hot wings.

Chicken Kabob

This recipe is a little more intensive with soy sauce, honey, lemon juice, garlic cloves, and peppers, add 1 inch cubes of chicken breasts, and you can have some amazing home-made chicken kabob.

Just Right

With a fine balance of modern looks and practical functionality, the AirSmart is just the right size and looks appealing on your counter.

Frying Simplified

Save Time and Energy

Simply place the food in the pan, and set the timer.

Perfect for students and anyone who wants to cook without being a cook.

Warning: You might be a accused of being a good cook.

No Grease, Easy Cleanup

No oil means no grease, which means minimal mess and a much easier cleanup than other fryers.

Dishwasher Safe

The AirSmart frying pan is extremely easy to detach and place in the dishwasher, making your life a lot easier.

Healthiest Frying Ever

Even if you use a little bit of oil, your results will contain up to 80% less fat than frying the traditional way. Use your timing and temperature options to produce the results you desire.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I use it for so many things. Frozen foods, french fries, reheating. The food tastes great without the extra oils.

Unbelievable goood french fries. Still half to try new things.

Every thing comes out crispy and cooked through.

Cooked fish in it and it was wonderful.

I really enjoy this machine. Took me a little time playing with it to get my sweet potato fries crispy but it does the job. Easy to clean, most of the time i can wipe clean with a paper towel.

But weight is too light, need to secure it by holding it down in order to close it, or it will banked into the wall.

ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS: Make absolutely delicious meals with just the Molla AirSmart Air Fryer. Air fry your favorite fried dishes such as fried chicken and french fries without added oil.

It preforms exactly as advertised. I can have all my favorite fried foods without all the oil and grease.

This unit does a nice job, but i wish it came with a recipe book.

The machine gets it done with the cooking of chicken wings. I was able to cook it which were crispy. It does other food items in a healthy way and thought wow on that.

Loving this way to cook any food.

It literally does everything.

I truly enjoy this oiless fryer. It works very well, nice looking and slightly smaller than some others. The food basket cleans up easily with a soak. I would highly recommend it.

CLASSIC DESIGN: Our AirSmart Air Fryer is beautifully designed to complement your home.

Large capacity, easy to clean and makes delicious meals. Try a whole chicken it blew us away.

Surprisingly easy to use and simply to clean. We’ve used it for french fries (homemade), chicken nuggets, and a few other appetizers that we would have normally deep fried in oil.

I was skeptical at first but when the french fries came out crispier (and a bit healthier due to not saturated with oil) and tasted better, i knew it was a good thing. We did try to batter some cut up vegetables and they didn’t turn out too well. So we just left the batter off next time (again, a bit healthier) and they turned out great.

Basket is huge and made things very crispy.

. Just click add to cart and purchase. When i tell you this has changed my life.I never leave reviews but after i ‘fried’ this picture of perfection, i was prompted to log on and share the good news.

I usually don’t fry food, i use my toaster oven, but still need to use cooking spray. With the air fryer, no oil, and everything tastes so much better.

HEALTHY COOKING: Stay healthy by making your own wholesome, hearty and delicious meals in just a few simple steps, all without adding unnecessary oil

PREMIUM FEATURES: Food-safe nonstick coating on the Air Fryer pan and food basket.

Proctor Silex 22608Y Cool-Wall Toaster – Not a bad choice!

After becoming quite tired of fighting with my rival toaster, i began shopping around for a new toaster. I’m not familiar with the fancy buttons on most of the new toasters, so i just wanted what i know. A simple toaster, with wide slots, that pops the toast up when it is done. I’m familiar with proctor silex products and i’ve never had a bad experience with their products, so i decided to go for it. This toaster is huge in comparison to my rival toaster. The slots are quite large, big enough for a bagel and long enough for specialty breads. I have nothing negative to say about this toaster.

I have been wanting a toaster over a year and finally got it. This toaster makes toasts really quickly and perfectly :). I love having nutella spread or philidelphia cheese and proper toasted bread slice makes all perfect. I haven’t had any problems with toaster or improper toasts. Very good product at such a low price.

For everyone looking for toasters based on reviews. If you are using this toaster for a big family. Takea about 60-90 seconds for a bagel. Its golden brown the way i like it and taste great. But, i honestly don’t think this toaster can handle work over and over. I use this toaster for myself only. I let it toast 2-3 times before i put food in it as i first got it to let the new smell burn out. If you are a college student, single, or plan on using a toaster 1-3 times a day for simple items. This toaster is well worth the 20. Best cheap toaster i have used. Been using for a little less than a month now.

Bought as a christmas present for parents (don’t judge me) still going strong according to the toast i make when i occasionally visit in the mornings like 2 years later : ). Definitely recommend if you are looking for something nice and simple, really hard to go wrong especially for the price.

Our last proctor silex toaster lasted 18 years. When the push handle broke off it was like losing an old friend. After looking and looking and reading reviews until i was blue in the face (i can’t believe how many different toasters there are out there), i settled on this one. It seemed to have what i needed at a reasonable price. I’ve been using it for several months and i like it. The toast holder is ingenious – one side stays at a fixed distance from the heater coil, the other shifts depending on the thickness of the bread (or whatever). For the most part, it toasts evenly on both sides in one pass. For a few (usually thinner stuff), it takes two – and i usually turn the bread around between ‘toasts’ for even browning. I gave this a 4 rating because i miss the ‘stop’ button my last one had to interrupt a cycle when the toast is done (pulling the plug works). On the plus side, i really like the short cord – does away with the unruly coil that you have to find a place for on the counter.

As an earlier reviewer commented, the power cord is inappropriately close to the controls, should be on the other end, but since my kitchen counter has lots of power outlets i don’t find this to be a big deal. I have only had it for a few weeks, so i can’t comment on the durability.

  • Very Good Product for the Price
  • Simple Basic & Easy
  • Why I gave it 5 stars * * * * *

Being as such, it should toast bread; it does a great job toasting said bread. It toasts bread, and does it efficiently and hassle-free. At less than $20, this is a major win for the good guys.

I feel i paid a bit much for a toaster. Since the shipping wasn’t free and it took almost 2 weeks to get the item in. I don’t have any problems with the cord like some reviewers talking about. Doesn’t over heat and doesn’t burn the bread. The only thing i wish it had was a bagel button so it doesn’t toast both sides of the bread. Review 3/2013so, it’s not that great of a toaster, it’s been flaking out a bit lately. Might need to buy another toaster soon.

I wanted a run of the mill toaster, nothing super fancy, and wanted it to look decent. This gets the job done and i only have one gripe: should you need to release the toast early, doing so is a battle. And sometimes the toaster wins. The box says something about ‘easy to release,’ but mine is having nothing of it. When i do manage to shove the lever in the opposite direction, i can see sparks inside. Again, wouldn’t get it again.

Pros:it toastslooks decentcons:sometimes doesn’t lock down all the way to start toasting. Will come back and it is just sitting there in the down position but not ‘locked’to cancel toasting, it takes some considerable effort to manually pop it up and your toast will likely jump out on you.

Well ive only owned this product for two weeks but with my large family its had a good deal of use thus far. Its simple and basic for my children to use and seems to keep the crumbs at bay good enough. The color, material and quality all are up to par in my opinion with a fairly easy to keep clean stainless steal look. My only complaint & reason for taking away a star in my rating is due to the fact there is no way to pop up the toast if you think its ready before the toasters done its toasting. The settings even on low sometimes seem to over cook my toast so im often having to unplug the toaster mid job so it wont blacken my bread. My old toaster had a button to push if you wanted to stop toasting at any point, which now i miss. I feel its kind of dangerous to have to keep doing this so im trying to keep the toaster on a low setting to not keep running into this problem. As far as cheap toasters go though this one isnt a bad choice.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I don’t need anything fancy to make toast. What i need is reliability and something that isn’t totally made from plastic. This toaster does it for me–and i use it a lot. It’ll fit anything from a slice of bread to a bagel. Browns nicely–the settings work well. I recently bought a replacement for one i’d had for about ten years–and boy was i glad to find they were still making them. I fully expect to get ten years from the new one.

This is a great toaster, stainless steel – good looking enough. After wasting my $$ on a so-called upscale brand-name stainless steel with black plastic toaster that didn’t last very long and was slow, i realized that basically all toasters are the same and have been so just about forever. They all heat up little wires that turn red and toast the bread. This one has nice wide slots and works just fine.

For the price and the fact that i just wanted something to toast bread/bagels, it’s great. Sure there are better models and products out there, but given the price point, who can complain?. I’ve had no issues with burning myself or my bread, and the cord’s positioning and length don’t seem to be an issue.

So the cord comes out of the front of the toaster – a little bit awkward. However, it functions just fine. You get what you pay for though (it toasts fairly slowly). For the price, this is an adequate toaster.

I read some bad reviews about the cord (it’s plenty long enough to go under the bottom of the toaster and out the back to the wall plug–no biggie. Mine toasts just fine with bread and bagels.

I have purchased much more expensive toasters that didn’t do the job that this one does. I am very happy with the way it toasts and will reccomend it highly. The sides are cool, not cold, but you won’t burn yourself if you happen to touch it on the side.

This product is highly durable

It is a good toaster, well made and toasts rather well but it bothers me that to eject manually one needs to pull the lever very hard and i am afraid of breaking it. I would have given higher review if the lever was smoother to operate.

We bought this toaster a year ago and it still works great. The only thing is that it doesn’t have a cancel button, which i knew when i bought it. That is the only reason i docked a star. You can just push up the handle to pop the toast/waffle/whatever out but sometimes it sparks but your food comes out. I recently found out that my husband had been pulling the plug out of the socket to get his food to pop out so it can definitely handle some roughness.

Read many reviews on this toaster before buying. Power cord is awkwardly on the front right side instead of the back making the cord almost to short to reach the receptacle. Others complained about not being able to pop toaster up if toast burning, but all you need to do is turn the toasting control knob counter clockwise to release. The toaster i have did not get hot on the sides as some of the other reviews reported. I’m well satisfied with this product.

There is an adjustment for toasting time, which is all you really need from a simple toaster. Pros:-wide holes, fits thick bread slices and bagels with ease, and has metal clamps (that close when you pull down the toasting lever) that hold thinner slices in place-large bottom door that swings open makes it easy to clean-toasts both sides evenly-cools down quickly-well built, doesn’t bend or feel flimsycons:-short power cable (a common problem with toasters and counter-top kitchen appliances).

This a a pretty good toaster for the price. The mechanism to release the toaster if you want it to pop up early is a little odd. You just pull up on the handle. It does not have all the bells and whistles but for the price it is a good toaster. I got it fast and has worked great since.

Updated review 2015 (purchased 2011) replaced a more expensive upscale-brand toaster that had failed. This is an inexpensive model that looks nice and does what you want it to do, which is predictably produce a piece of toast. It did bite the dust after three years, so i’ve downgraded it to three stars for it’s abbreviated longevity.

The product is manufactured in China

Prosvarious toast settings produce a good range of browning with one slicebrowns evenlytoasts consistently from batch to batch with two sliceseasy to useaccommodates oversized slices and bagelstoast and english muffins pop ups high enough to grab easilydoesn’t get as hot as mostvery helpful instruction manualconsdoesn’t toast consistently from batch to batch with one slicebagel fits tightly and is hard to retrieveslight striping on both sides of toast.

Yes, it’s a working toaster, and generally does the job well. But it has one glaring oddity that must be mentioned: it is impossible to release the toast from the machine while it is on. Lowering the darkness guide will not stop the toasting process either. If the toast is getting too dark (or, one assumes, has caught fire) only physically unplugging the toaster will stop it. It’s something i’ve never encountered on any other toaster, and is beyond annoying.

I like the size of the toaster for my limited counter space, and the cool walls make it very safe. The width of the slots accommodates bagels and muffins without getting stuck. However, i’ll never have burnt toast since the elements barely brown my bread. It’ll do; i don’t like crunchy toast anyway :-).

After searching for days finally i settled for this one based on reviews. Initially i thought to buy black decker but i didnt because of its reviews. As reviews said this is a very basic toaster with no frills attached. It does its job and thats what i needed. We have been using for more than a month now and im really satisfied. Highly recommended who doesnt want to spend 50 or 60 bucks for a toaster.

Nothing wrong with it’s toasting ability, but the plug is on the side/front so that the lever to toast the bread is awkwardly positioned when it is in use (almost facing away from you). Cord is also very short, which exacerbates the problem. But, it toasts fine so i will use it until it stops working. Would not recommend, however.

I’ve read some of the other reviews, and i just got my toaster not even a month ago, and i like it. It toasts really well on both sides, the settings are easily adjusted, it’s cool to the touch on the outside of the toaster. I mean what more could you ask for????????.

Our ancient toaster was burning things, things were sticking, and it had super skinny slots. This one took care of all those problems and works great. I would recommend it if you want a good, basic toaster.

The product is easy to use

I read the reviews on this product; basically they say the toaster is simple, works, and is cheap. It’s very simple, no digital buttons to push, no fancy dials to play with. That said, it works as advertised. For less than $17 (including shipping) you can’t beat it (and i just saw a sale coming up on black friday for the product for 8 bucks). The toaster seems to heat both sides of the toast evenly. My only gripe is it takes quite a bit longer to do the job (it doesn’t have very heavy duty electric heating elements). As long as you don’t mind waiting (probably an extra minute compared to my old toaster), it works well. It is easy to clean (has a bottom section that has a hinge to allow crumbs to fall out the bottom when you release the little lock). It is chrome, and has some plastic parts.

All i want to do is make toast, nothing fancy. This proctor silex toaster fills that job. The light to dark settings are 1-5 and easy to see and set. There is nothing to program, just plug the toaster in and slide the button down. I have used it for several months and it has consistently made nice evenly browned toast. This toaster also is easy to clean and doesn’t take up much counter space. I recommend this toaster for anyone who just wants to make toast.

This toaster is for ‘light’ everyday use of bread, bagels, etc. It has been operating reliably for over a year now. My only complaint is that the darkness adjuster does not seem that sensitive. Also, once the toaster is operating (when the lever is pushed down) the only way to get the lever to rise early is to unplug the device (simply lifting the lever or turning down the darkness dial does not work). However, these negatives don’t negate the value and reliability of the toaster.

Upon opening the box and seeing this toaster, i was ready to return it. Whomever designed it has no clue. The cord is connected at the front right corner, instead of at the back as any normal product would be. This is for me, the farthest point, from where it is to be plugged in. There are no rubber feet, so it slides all over the place. The first time i used it, there of course is the hot metal smell as oils and other production residues burn off. I am disabled and cannot reach things very well. I wanted to abort the toasting cycle, but you can’t make it release like the old one. It stayed down until it was ready. So, scared and trying to pull the plug, i was happy to have a perfectly browned, on both sides, piece of toast pop up.

Farberware PK8000SS Coffee Percolator : Best Coffee Pot Ever!

We had gone through many two part coffee pots but it was not has hot as my wife likes it.

We are so glad we had to buy a new percolator. It is fast and the coffee is nice and hot, but it does not get that ‘tired taste’. We love perc coffee, and this is one great coffee maker.

Nice quality, has worked with no problems, easy to clean & looks greatmakes great coffee pretty quick. This little pot is the perfect size for a 6-8 cup serving. Not to much and not to little. Will be ordering another for my rv. Set it up with a plug-in wall timer from home depot and i have the perfect cup of coffee in the morning.

I just retired my 40 year old farberware percolator, and replaced it with this similar one. You can have your coffee houses and special coffee makers. There is nothing like a cup of percolated coffee.

  • Well-made percolator.great cup of coffee.
  • Poor design as they do not use a nut and

Farberware PK8000SS Coffee Percolator, Stainless Steel

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Stainless Steel Coffee Basket
  • 1-Cup/Minute-Brew Speed
  • Automatic Keep Warm Mode
  • Cool-Touch Handle, Lid Knob and Base
  • Detachable Power Cord

I’ve been using this farberware percolator for years. . Since production went from usa to china it is made poorly and does not last long. I’ve always purchased it at bed bath and beyond and i would return the broken coffee pot there. Probably because everyone was returning them on a regular basis. I haven’t even opened this coffee pot yet. It’s just in my house as a back up. . Hey, you never know when you will need it.

I have never had a better tasting cup of coffee than fresh perked. This particular pot is the only one i will ever buy. They are built to last, easy to clean and it perks the coffee quickly. My last one lasted 10 years and i only had to replace it because someone dropped it and broke it’s base. I highly recommend the farberware pot to anyone who truly loves a great cup of coffee.

This is the second percolator i have had. Before that, i had several drip-type coffee pots but they never kept the coffee warm enough. I had even bought the ones with the separate burner control (never hot enough) i find that the percolators stay hot and i have always been satisfied with farberware products. In fact, i have electric skillets that are over 40 years old and they both (two different sizes) still get used often. The only problem is, it is impossible to find an electric cord replacement to fit so the controls are thrashed.

This is my fourth or fifth farberware 8-cup percolator. The last one before this (you can check your records) was probable 2 years ago. It stopped making coffee; perked for a minute or two, the out poured pale brown water. The one before that lasted about 2 years and would perk but coffee was luke warm. My first one, a wedding gift, made in the usa, lasted for 15 years. Once i had to take it to a local repair shop to have the heating element replaced. Still have unit but no where to get it repaired. Problems started it seems when production was changed to china.

By the time they complete brewing the coffee is lukewarm at best. This percolator is amazing and my favorite. I have given this as gifts and am on my second one.The first one lasted 30 years.

I bought this a week after i bought the presto. The presto consistently gave me watery coffee. I tried several different methods and coffee brands/grinds to no avail. I thought maybe i was using the presto wrong. I returned it and this came the next day and what a world of difference. The coffee was much much stronger and more flavorful. There were some design cons with this unit that i prefer the presto:– the lid’s handle is screwed on and since it seals tight around the unit it unscrews a bit (first use actually). This make me wonder how long the lid will last. –presto has a light that indicates when the coffee is done (not necessary but a very nice touch)– the chord on this unit is very short, probably 4-6 inches shorter than presto– presto has the cup fill line marked clearly on the inside of the unit, faberware’s is very faint.

These were once great coffee makers but no more. You are lucky if you get two years out of them. The old ones last for years.

35 yrs ago my parents gave me their old farberware coffee pot. It laasted for many years, then eventually just perk another pot . 🙂 i had to buy another but it had to be another farberware. my dad also bought another one when i ordered mine. Perks fast & can’t beat the taste of perculated coffee over the fancy drip pots that are ridiculously priced .

Just wish the cord was a bit longer. I have to fumble with making sure the cord and pot are right up against the plug outlet.

I remember using this pot years ago. I have tried many of the auto drips and i just don’t get a hot cup of joe and it usually tastes watered down. Love the clean stainless steel look. It can transfer to the table easily. The stainless steel keeps the already hot coffee hot for a while. This pot makes coffee fast and you really get the good flavor of perked coffee every time. Far superior to the drip pots and durable. Works well and makes hot coffee.

The coffee perks fast and is hot, which we love. The drawbacks are that the cord is rather short and the coffee pours out in a very slow stream. You have to let the coffee sit for a few minutes to drain out of the basket. Our last two only lasted 1 year each, different brands but electric perks as well. It seems the electric heating elements are not made like they used to be.

You can keep the all the others. You have to “brew” coffee with astainless steel pot. The drip makers do not cut it.The heating elements do not last, and neverheat to a high enough temperature. All you taste is warm bitter water.

Farberware coffee pots have always been my first choice in coffee pots, however, i’ve noticed that they don’t last as long as they used to. After multiple uses, the coffee is not brewed and kept at a hot enough temperature. . This affects the coffee’s flavor, as well, causing it to be bitter tasting.

I also ordered one for a friend because his old farberware finally bit the dust. It’s just the right size and the coffee is hot and stays hot. It definitely keeps coffee hotter for a longer time compared to the ‘drip’ coffeemakers.

I have used several coffee pots through the years. I have had a kuerig and drip coffee pots. This percolator make the best kind of coffee if you like that full rich flavor. I also have the 2-4 cups farberware percolator for days when you just want a couple of cups.

Great high quality percolator that we’ve had for about 3 years and will last for years to come. I would highly recommend it.

This makes the best coffee ever. It get’s super hot and stays hot and not bitter even after a few hours in the pot. Only downside is that it’s more difficult to clean than a traditional coffee maker, but its worth it.

Over the years i have purchased this coffee percolator about once a year. If you use it more that once a day to make coffee it probably won’t last more than 6 months. Today, the handle on my percolator that was four months old, came off while my daughter was pouring coffee. This is the second one to do that. Poor design as they do not use a nut and bolt. The handle bolt screws into a piece that is welded on the unit. You might be asking yourself why buy it?. It does make an excellent cup of coffee and there are no better ones out there. They are all junk made in china. Stores are no longer selling them.

Babycakes DN-6 Mini Doughnut Maker : Great appliance!

I got this for the kids because they always want doughnuts. They love it and are always using it.

My wife and kids love this it is easy fast and fresh doughnuts. They are small but that is ok for us.

Babycakes DN-6 Mini Doughnut Maker, Yellow, 6 Donut

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Bake 6 light and fluffy mini doughnuts in about 4 minutes
  • Nonstick baking plates for ideal results and easy clean up
  • Includes fork tool, wire rack and recipes

This was a gift for my daughter. Very easy for a 10 year old to operate on her own with little supervision.

I eat healthy 90% of time and when i have a store bought donut i itch for several days with an allergic reaction. With this baked donut machine i can make my healthy version.

Yummy and fun, just what we wanted.

Babycakes DN-6 Mini Doughnut Maker, Yellow, 6 Donut : Moved a couple of years ago and there are no good donut shops here. Now i make my own, works great.

Great product except the recipes we tried weren’t that great. Otherwise, the donut maker bakes the donuts in 4 minutes, to perfection.

You can even substitute gluten free flour into the recipes and get great results.

It made excellent gluten free donuts. I tried 2 different recipes, one paleo & the other gluten free & both turned out perfect. It was easy for the grandkids to use & we enjoyed making them. Definitely recommend to everyone.

Old loves to make donuts and this donut makers is easy for him to use. The donuts do come out a little light on top and darker on the bottom but they still taste good. The recipes we’ve used are not too sugary so i don’t mind him eating them. Don’t expect your store bought sticky, sweet donuts but just something fun to do together.

This is a brilliant product. You will not regret this purchase. You may, however, have to buy bigger pants.

It works really good but best to make the donuts and then eat them. They don’t ‘keep’ very long. Take the advice of using a piping bag of some sort to put the batter in the pan.

I make donuts all the time and easy clean up.

Ordered this for my wife for christmas; it arrived on time and just as it was described. Works great, makes wonderful doughnuts that are bite size.

My granddaughter is baking up a storm.

I took the advice of reviews here & elsewhere when making my donuts and i am pleased with this maker. Make sure to flip the unit half way through cooking for even cooking. Place a potholder on top and bottom and spread a dish towel underneath. I used the sour cream doughnut recipe and the the glaze icing. -make sure the unit is heated up and ‘ready’-i filled the wells using a small ladle (the bag i found an unnecessary messy step)-filling them to the top of the rim of the bottom mold or slightly more was just right-cooked them for a little more than 2 minutes then fipped the unit and cooked it for another 2 minutes or so-removed them using the included little pronged fork-dipped them in glaze right from the cooker-ate them hot. One recipe made a little more than 3 batches (20 doughnuts)we also tried shaking them in a bag with powder sugar and they were good too, but i do think they need a topping of some sort or they are like a waffle. If your making pancakes try the batter in the doughnut maker. Much fluffier and not near as good, but tasty and easy to try.

Bought as a gift – product arrived in good shape and worked. Not much more that i can say.

We have a friend who had this and it worked so great we bought we.

This was very hard to find considering it has been discontinued. Fortunately, i was able to find two brand new ones elsewhere for very modest prices. Select brands has replaced it with a newer model that makes only 4 donuts at a time that are as flat as a pancake. And also comes with no accessories. I like the shape and size of this model much better. The actual machine is not extremely well made as the top on both are kind of jiggly. Also the latches that close them don’t feel very secure. Too hot for children to use. It’s better for you to cook the donuts and let them do the decorating.

Babycakes dn-6 mini doughnut maker, yellow, 6 donut arrive by fedex today. I’m really looking forward to a winter with my sweet husband making ‘baked’, not deep fried donuts, sitting by our fireplace with a brewing fire and hot chocolate.

When i make my husbands pancakes, i mix up a little extra mix. In the left over mix i add a little splenda. I use this in my preheated baby cake maker 4min then when there done i sprinkle powdered sugar and the kids love them.

Makes very good mini doughnuts. Took some to work and they disappeared quickly. Don’t care too much for the recipes that come in the manual, get mine from the internet.