Bodum PEBO Coffee Maker – Five Stars

I cannot rave enough about this treasure made in copenhagen. I have used every conceivable type of coffee maker in the past, but this one is simply the best i have ever used. It is beautiful to look at, very easy to use and clean, and makes the best cup of coffee i have ever tasted. I ordered the electric version of this brand, but when it arrived, it had a defect, so i returned it immediately. I am so happy i didn’t order the electric one because it was twice the amount of money that i paid for the non-electric one. I am going to tell all my friends about it–unfortunately you can’t buy it in any stores, only through amazon. Congratulations on carrying this absolute gem of a coffee maker. Joanne evens, granite bay, ca.

Makes the best cup of coffee i have had other than an espresso machine. Very easy to use and clean, just keep butane refills handy for the burner. Takes time to make coffe but well worth it for a great pot of tasteful coffee.

Last try, coffee got stuck in top funnel and wouldn’t let water filter down. Pleaese let me know how to correct this issue. Here are the specifications for the Bodum PEBO Coffee Maker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Its exceptionally effective vacuum brewing method extracts all precious oils of your favorite coffee.
  • The vacuum brewing process is entirely sealed off so no aroma can escape.
  • In addition, the brewing time and temperature are perfectly calibrated, ensuring a perfect cup of coffee with each brew.
  • Depending on the amount of water used, the PEBO can brew delicious coffee within 5 to 11 minutes, serving anywhere from 4 to 8 cups (0.5l/10oz,max. 1.0l/34oz).

Simpler to use day to day than the bunsen burner style siphons you often see. Brews a great, even low acidity cup, and it’s always fun to show off ‘science coffee’ to your friends. Only downside – really easy to break the top glass. Had to replace it twice (which was *not* cheap). Still, that’s my fault and not the siphons.

It’s like something out of a chemistry lab. I found it easy to figure out. For me the coffee tastes less bitter and with a more delicate flavor than autodrip. I think it makes for a nice, gentle, gradual brewing process, not to mention fun to watch. The only thing, if anything, is storage. If you’re strapped for space in your cabinets it may end up having to live on your stove or counter. Watch out that it doesn’t get knocked over as it’s a little on the tall side when put together. It does make for a great conversation piece if you leave it out as ‘counter decor’ when not in use, though.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • So far, so good!
  • Near perfect Coffee Maker
  • Bodum Santos Vacuum Coffee Makers

Makes great coffee and tea, plus it’s fun to watch, i highly recommend it.

I have now been using the bodum vacuum device for about six months, and i have experimented with all kinds of coffees, grinds, and brewing techniques. I am something of a coffee snob, roasting my own beans and experimenting endlessly for that perfect morning cup. Here are some tips to get the most out of using the bodum vacuum pot. Using the lines on the carafe, always fill it between the 6- and 8-cup marks. Because some of the water stays in the carafe during infusion, trying to brew less than six cups will result in not enough water rising into the infusion globe. Filling to more than eight cups will not leave enough air in the carafe to expand and force the water upward. (remember, water does not expand very much as it is heated, but air does. This device depends on the air that is sealed into the carafe expanding during heating, forcing the water into the infusion globe. Also, remember the carafe is calibrated in tasse, which is about 120ml or 4 oz, so if you fill to the eight-cup line you will get two or three good-sized mugs of coffee.

I’ve owned both the electric santos and now the stove top version. The electric one pooped out when my non inclined room mate just threw the electric carafe into the sink to clean it not taking the time to become familiar with it. I bought my first stovetop santos and same roommate broke the carafe when she thought it was ok for the carafe to remain on full heat when no water was in it. So of course one would say oh this thing is too fragile. The santos is simply the best coffee maker i’ve ever owned. After you get it all figured out it has to be the cheapest and easiest to operate. And the taste is just exquisite after some dialing in. Bottom line is take your time, become familiar with it and remember if you do not want this thing to break on you, at least an eighth an inch of water has to remain in bottom of carafe or it will break. And handle it like a new born baby. This takes experimentation you have to play around a little to dial in that perfect taste. But once you do, you’re going to be in coffee paradise.After it’s all said and done this is really an extremely easy way to make the absolute best coffee.

My last coffee maker was the electric bodum santos, since discontinued, and i’m a big fan of this company and their vacuum coffee makers. There are lots of great reviews here with lots of raves and many great suggestions on how to use the product, so i won’t reiterate what’s already been stated by others. My five-star rating speaks for itself. I do want to add a brewing suggestion that might be helpful to some of you though. I like my coffee strong–starbucks’ average brew has become like drinking brown water to me–and one of the things that disappointed me about the electric santos was that it had no way to brew the coffee longer for my taste preference. The user was just stuck with the preset bodum brewing time. My only recourse was to use a lot more coffee, which is not an ideal solution. Thankfully, i was forced to try this product after my electric santos broke a few months ago because this is now the only vacuum-style bodum makes. With this one you can keep the pot on the burner and let your coffee brew as long as you’d like, to your taste.

This unit is indistinguishable from the santos coffeemaker that i purchased in the 90’s. I pour the resulting brew into a vacuum carafe which keeps it hot for several hours.

Had this for a year now, and am comfortable that i know this thing in and out, so writing a reviewthe glass is strong enough to withstand minor impacts, and really heat resistant, to the point that i did put it on pretty high heat stovetop while filled with water, or on lower heat while still empty, and it’s still performing strong. Tweaks i recently applied and improved the coffee maker:1) gasket that locks in the upper chamber to the lower chamber: in my opinion is a little too large, this results in too much water always remaining in the lower chamber even at full boil. What i did was simply slice off about half cm from the top of the gasket. As a result i can now push it further up and the upper chamber sits slightly lower, so less water remains in the lower chamber. Careful tho: if you slice too much and no water at all remains in the lower chamber, you risk to overheat and therefore heat damage/crack the lower chamber. 2) filter: no matter what, if my coffee wasn’t really coarse, the filter would clog and the vacuum effect would stop working, resulting in my coffee sitting in the upper chamber for way too long, sometimes nearly 10 minutes. I applied a cloth filter (paper filters would also work), and i never experenced clogging since—————-note: in my experience (this is the reason why i don’t give this product 5 stars) the upper chamber during extraction sits in the vicinity of 87°c, while perfect extraction is supposed to happen around 92/94°c. So far i tried to cover the coffee maker with it’s own cap as well as with a cloth in an attempt to retain a little more heat, but i couldn’t fix it. Note that i rarely use it for more than 0. 5l, while this is made for 1l of coffee, and i noticed when i once did only 0.

I think this type of pot brews the best coffee. The coffee seems smoother, never bitter.

I’m not a coffee snob by any means; in fact, i drink it only occasionally. But this thing is so cool to use, i might start having coffee more often. It’s very easy to use, and makes (imho) a darn good cup of coffee. (isn’t that what’s most important?) it adds the feeling of ritual to the brewing process. And it absolutely entranced my 2-year-old (‘hot’. I didn’t find the temperature to be a problem; in fact, it was at optimal drinking temperature when i poured it out and added milk. I would recommend this to anyone who likes coffee — addicts and occasional drinkers alike. I can’t use this anymore, as the bottom container broke about 5 months after i got it.

I have bought two of these over the past 10 years; it is my preferred method of brewing coffee insofar as it doesn’t take very much time, i can brew plenty of coffee at once. A while ago i was careless and broke the upper carafe, hence the need to replace the unit. I had gotten nearly ten years out of it, so no complaints. However, just a few weeks ago i went to clean the filter and pulled gently on the chain and in snapped and broke< rendering the coffee maker useless. I searched for the part of sure enough. Unavailable on the manufacturer's web site, and none could be found on amazon or anywhere. Availability, is apparently not until late 2014 or january of 2015vacuum coffee brewing is outstanding if you are a coffee aficionado, but i am largely convinced bodum has an issue with this part and has pulled it from the market until they resolve the issue. In the meanwhile, i went over the chemex and have discovered the pleasure of pour-over coffee brewing, and while i love the results of my bodum, chemex makes even better coffee but does require more time. A tip for you coffee addicts out there. While many 'experts' will advise a ratio in the neighborhood of 2/1 ounces of water to grams of coffee beans, if you want the ultimate , deep dark and rich experience, try a ratio of 3/1.

I love the coffee that these make. In both cases the little chain that hooks the filter in place broke after a few uses. I fixed it with some stainless steel jewellers wire.

You can make your coffee stronger but not bitter. Even if you leave it on the heat too long it doesn’t over cook your coffee. Very fun to watch and also pretty easy to clean and use. The dry grounds come right out and there isn’t much to take apart. Easier to clean than a french press and the coffee even tastes a little better. And easier to use then a french press. You don’t have to time how long you wait after the water boils – you just put it over heat and watch while you do other things. A great way to make coffeeit isn’t tippy either which is what i thought it would be. It does take some care to move around and the handle angle on the bottom pot isn’t the best. But it is easy to ignore those things.

I have had this product for a few years; this one was purchased as a gift for someone. Great way to make coffee, extremely easy to clean, and flavor is difference comparison to a drip filter is something to talk about.

Just watching this thing work is fascinating. It’s requires the most amount of interaction to use a vaccum coffee brewer. But that amounts to: ‘fill lower glass with water, put spring thing and rubber thing on top glass, put top glass on lower glass, add coffee grinds to top glass, put on lid, activate heat. ‘ so basically, it’s super duper simple to use, don’t let that discourage you. The coffee that comes out of the nonsense brewer is absolutely fantastic, and as always from bodum the quality of the important bits are great. The handle on the bottom glass should really be thicker, and there’s a plastic cone thing that doesn’t seem to have any purpose. I think it’s supposed to be a stand for the top glass, but it’s waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to small to be used as such. Overall, if you like coffee, get a vacuum brewer.

So i love siphon brew this item has a major flaw it’s the filter. This is pretty handle is cool and functional but the filter needs work.

Hello, i bought this item back in march, and learning to use it has been quite a learning curve. However, i am now able to brew coffee with it 100% of the time. I have a few recommendations based on my experience that i am hoping will help anyone who might be having a problem. Don’t buy this if you don’t have a good burr grinder. If you use a chopper-type blade grinder, your grind will be uneven and it will clog the filter, guaranteed. The reason the pulldown phase either doesn’t work or stalls out is because of the grind imho. I used the tip of not refrigerating my coffee beans; i’m not sure it helped, but if it prevents too much dust from forming in the ground coffee, that’s a good thing.

Vacuum press coffee is some of the best i have ever made. And this kit is one of the simplest to use and reuse i have ever seen. Gets regular use for company.

Tribest Star GS-3000 Deluxe Twin Gear Juice Extractor – Juice it!!

The juicer was so easy to use and easy to clean up afterwards. I look forward to using this juicer for years.

I only wish it wasn’t such a pain to clean. Guess my health is worth it. Great machine and it’s so quiet.

Helped my boyfriend with his acne. Its all about cleaning the inside out. Here are the specifications for the Tribest Star GS-3000 Deluxe Twin Gear Juice Extractor:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 110V GS-1000 Model with deluxe set of juicing and food processing attachments
  • Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing and easier clean-up
  • Easily juices most fruits, herbs & vegetables and grinds nuts & grains
  • Works as a food mill for preparation of baby foods, sorbets and nut butters
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • 2 pasta settings: fettuccini, spaghetti

I bought this juicer after using one that my cousin had and i fell in love. It can do everything and i have only just begun using it. The vegetable juice even seems to taste better then the juice high speed juicers make. I love the ‘sorbet’ you can make with fruit and look forward to making baby food with it in the future, it is awesome.

A friend lent me this for two months and i think it’s great. It’s built very solidly from high quality materials. It’s powerful as hell, which is one slightly worrying part, as there is enough room for your fingers to reach the gears, so you have to be careful with it. The only issue i found is when i put in apple slices and orange slices the foam backed up a bit. That’s really not an issue though, as a carrot or two fixed it right up. I have read complaints about how time consuming it is to clean and i can’t disagree more. All the parts come out and it’s quite easy to clean it thoroughly. You just use a toothbrush with some soap on it. Even the filter is easy to clean in this way. If i had the spare money i would buy this in a second.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • the bestest 🙂
  • Great product, if only Amazon could have sent me the right model
  • My Juicer for life

I’ve used centrifugal juicers for over 10 years. They are good machines but upgraded to a green star recently. The machine is heavy duty and appears well made. I get about 1/3 more juice with this machine than with my current centrifugal juicer, (i. , l’equip standard sized machine). I drink the juice immediately so i don’t know about storing it, etc. Clean up takes a little longer but is very easy. I can’t think of any bad things to say. It definitely does a much better job with greens than the centrifugal machine. This is a solid juicer imho. Also, it makes very good frozen sorbets like strawberries, blueberries, etc. (another reason i upgraded from the centrifugal juicer.

This juicer definitely produced the best juice. Put cool veggies and fruit in from the frig and get cool juice out, and the quality is outstanding. We have been juicing now for a month and we feel so much better. Because of the energy i get from the juice in the mornings, i was actually able to quick drinking coffee.While one of the other reviewers was correct in that this juicer does take up some counter space, the parts are definitely not made cheaply – at least on our model (the green star 3000). After all the junk that is being made these days, this machine is made of quality parts, and is actually a little bit heavy (but it has a nice handle). We love having the best possible product coming out of our machine. The only drawback, and it is a slight one, it that the machine does take a few minutes to clean, and should be cleaned immediately after use. The parts are good quality, strong and durable, but not for use in a dishwasher (according to the manuafacturer.

This juicer will juice anything, wheat grass too, the only drawback is that it is time consuming to clean, and not dishwasher proof. This is my second one, and the first one was used daily for just about 15 years. The old one had superficial cracks in the casing from putting it through the dishwasher. Reason for buying a new one, i gave the other one away to a friend.

This did everything that the websites and consumer reports said it would. Truly a wonderful item that every kitchen should have.

I had purchased this juicer about 8 yrs ago and is still going strong. The twin gears crush the fruits and veggies creating optimal juice and drier pulp compared to other juicers. My only hang up, which is minor, is i have to chop the produce is pieces because the shute is small.

I purchased the juicer as a gift. He seems to use it very often almost daily. The only downfall is that you have to put your juicier fruits through the juicer first.

Pulp so dry and this thing is a tank. Leafy greens, pineapple (all but the outside of course), and anything else i feed it.

This is the best juicer around. It is so versatile and juices everything, i have had this type of juicer for 15 years and just bought another one. The pulp comes out very dry and i juice everything from wheat grass to carrots and everything in between.

This machine is just as great as everyone says. I use it every morning and a glass of fresh juice is the first thing i consume. The green star is tough as nails, produces more juice volume than pulp volume, and the quality of the juice is phenomenal. Plus it’s shockingly quiet, so you can guiltlessly make juice in the wee hours and not worry about waking the other members of your household with the racket coming from the kitchen. Clean up is not that big of a deal, start to finish the whole process of making, cleaning up, and consuming my breakfast is around 20 minutes. My only complaint, and this is minor given the overall performance of the machine, is that information about using the pasta and bread stick attachments is very minimal. The dvds focus exclusively on juicing and sorbet making, almost to the point of being tedious, and the manual has only very brief descriptions for either process. I’ve made amazing sprouted wheat crackers because i’m willing to experiment, but the booklet only mentions sticks. The pasta recipe calls for ‘premade pasta dough mix’, which i didn’t know existed, and the only piece of advice given for processing is that the dough shouldn’t be ‘too wet’. I’d appreciate more specifics, especially when considering the same manual includes multitudes of recipes for juice concoctions, which are far easier to come up with by good old fashioned trial and error.

I ended up ordering one of these from outside of amazon. The first unit they sent me was a gpe-1503, not a gs-3000. I filled out the form indicating that the wrong item had been sent, and sent the incorrect unit back. A little while later, a new box arrived. Inside was, again, a gpe-1503. I called amazon’s customer service and explained the situation. They claimed to put a hold on all shipments so they could verify the warehouse stock. I sent this second incorrect unit back. After a few weeks, i placed an order again. The third shipment had, again, a gpe-1503 inside, with a green ‘verified by amazon’ sticker on the outside of the packaging.

I bought this juicer to juice leafy greens. I had read at least a hundred reviews on various websites and everybody seemed to give this juicer two thumbs up in the juicing leafy greens department. But it was said that it didn’t juice fruits very well. All i want it for is to get the most out of my green. But i came to find out that it doesn’t do a very good job at all juicing collard greens or kale. Those are the main 2 i wanted to juice. I don’t care what screen you use (fruit or vegetable) or what knob you use on this juicer and how much you tighten or loosen it,(the control knob) it just won’t work. You’ll get a lot of pulp an unbelievable amount of foam and very little juice. It does a good job with broccoli (the stalk).

I had my greenstar for four years. I juiced from 8-13 juices a day and it kept running. It was much cheaper than the norwalk juicer and probably a lot easier to clean with less steps involved in juicing, although the pulp was not as dry as it could be. I decided to try the super angel mainly because it was impossible to clean the green star. The plastic pieces are stained and it looks pretty awful (but remember 4 years of daily juicing) since the super angel 3500 is made entirely of stainless steel. The green star is around $450 and the super angel is $800 so you are paying more. But here are the differences: sa much easier to put together- 3 parts vs gs at 7. Sa much easier to clean and sterilize (you can put stainless steel in dishwasher but not the gs with its plastic). Finally, the pulp is drier with the sa meaning you are extracting more vitamins and minerals and buying less produce.

Great item will buy again if need to.

This unit and brand was recommended by a family member. What a great piece of equipment. Strong, well built, easy to clean, and makes great juice from literally anything. I’m not looking back or second guessing on this purchase. It does everything far better than any unit i have owned prior to getting this one. I have read some reviews that were not to kind, and i can only wonder why those folks were having problems. Nothing is perfect, but this is quite close. I also like the seven year warranty, but doubt i will have to use it.

Was recommended to me by my aunt and i bought it for my mother. She has gone all organic and loves that she can juice her own organic fruit and veggies to make juice ice cream smoothies and more. She also loves to make pasta in it.

Broil King USG-10G Ultra Large Griddle, Works as expected

Awesome griddle and the best customer service i’ve ever seen.

The griddle works very well, cooks evenly and drains well. The non-stick surface is a snap to clean. I particularly like the ability to adjust the temperature and have some idea how hot the grill really is. The only drawback i’ve seen is the plastic end pieces that form the legs for the grill are held on by sheet metal screws. One of which was stripped upon receipt – likely from over tightening. Its an easy fix and certainly no worse than other grills i’ve seen. Easily the best grill i’ve ever had.

This was a great product, it preformed well and was easy to use and clean.

Key specs for Broil King USG-10G Ultra Large Griddle:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Rear legs liftfat drains away from food while cooking
  • Heavy cast surface: 21″ by 12″
  • Base immersible for easy cleaning
  • Heats up to 425 degrees F
  • 120 volts-1500 watts

Comments from buyers

“Large griddle
, Great griddle. First one didn’t have the electrical plug
, Very Pleased With Purchase / Small Quality Control Issues?

This griddle is nice and big, it sits solid and cooks all of our food very evenly. I also thought the price was very fair and the shipping from amazon was fast as always.

The broil king ultra large griddle will handle a pound of bacon on sunday mornings. When you are feeding a hungry boy band on sunday morning after a night of jamming, getting the breakfast cooked quickly is an imperative. Heats well and has two leveling legs to make sure the grease flows to the drain hole. Makes large meal preparation easy.

When our old griddle finally broke down after years of good service, i came to amazon and bought the presto 07039 griddle since it seemed to have the best reviews and was priced reasonably. Unfortunately, that griddle turned out to be a complete piece of junk – so i came back and spent a little more on this one. Now, i’m not a professional chef or anything; so, i’m probably not as picky as some people – but we do use our griddle almost every day. This broil king griddle fits our needs perfectly. It heats evenly, has a large, even surface and heats up fairly quickly. It’s also solid enough that i suspect it will last for a while. So far, i’ve cooked grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes and french toast on this griddle with no problems at all – so if you are looking for a griddle that ‘just works’ this is probably going to be the unit for you. I would seriously recommend avoiding a cheaper unit like the presto that i mentioned above.

I have an outdoor tiki bar and it is great for cooking outdoors.

This is 3rd heat plate and by far the best.

First one didn’t have the electrical plug included and had some minor finish issues. Replacement one still had finish issues. We figured it was a manufacturing issue so we kept it. Even heating and nice heavy surface to hold and distribute heat.

As we have sourdough pancakes every saturday morning (since about 1975), a good griddle is greatly appreciated. We like to cook at the table so that the pancakes reach one’s plate hot off the griddle. We have searched and searched for years for a griddle that would work well in this situation and this griddle is great.

Does not get as hot as the other modlel w/ silver bar handles.

I ordered this product because of its size and price. When we recieved the product there was a sharp area/scratch on the right side near the handle. The left upper corner felt like they sprayed the nonstick coating over sand. We returned the first one and recieved a replacement. Unfortunatly the second one had the exact same flaws. Obviously a manufacturing and quality control issue. We requested a refund and will buy a different brand. I applaud amazon for their hassle free response in returning the items. I notified them of the desire to return for a replacement and the next day when ups picked up the old one they already had the replacement. Great customer service by amazon.

After comparing a lot of griddles on the market, i selected this one for a number of reasons. It has a large surface, a high quality non-stick coating, and is made with heavy material so it holds heat well. I’ve found it to cook very evenly — you just have to wait for it to finish preheating (when the light goes off on the controls). In fact it is more even than the griddle pan i use on my stovetop. I was original comparing this griddle (usg-10g) with the professional model (pcg-5). Broil king customer service e-mailed me the following information:’the 2 big differences are:1) the non-stick coating–the pcg-5 has a commercial non-stick coating so it will last longer than the usg-10’s non-stick coating as it goes through a 2-step process as opposed to a 1-step adherence process2) the probes–the pcg-5 has a commercial probe while the usg-10 has a regular household plug-in probe. This again comes down to the longevity of the part. If you are looking to use the griddle on the weekends, camping trips, etc. And not everyday then the usg-10/usg-10g is an excellent choice. The pcg-5 is more for the serious home chef.

Seems pretty well made to me. When its used up i will just toss it and buy another, same way i treat bar-b-que pits – buy a decent one, use it up with minimal maintenance, toss it out and start over.

I bought a broil king electric griddle because i had one that was 30 some years old and still worked well. I also discovered that is was made in the usa so i made a point to purchase another one. Compared to the presto and toastmaster griddles i also use about once a month, (we do a pancake breakfast for the homeless), this one heats more uniformly with no dark streaks on the pancakes. The surface coating also seems tougher and more scratch resistant which is important since multiple people use the griddle to make pancakes.

Good price and great gift item, our daughter loves it.

This griddle has the thickest surface i have ever seen on a counter top griddle. The thickness does make it a little slow to heat but once it gets there you can cook 6 or 8 pancakes at a time without crowding, burning, or uneven cooking. Cook’s illustrated (and america’s test kitchen for you pbs fans) reviewed the broil king a couple of years ago:’the broilking ultra large griddle, which measured a whopping 21 inches by 12 inches and was the only griddle that could comfortably hold a full pound of bacon (16 strips), was the clear winner. Good thing that it also had one of the largest grease trays. Its only downfall was the excruciating 12 1/2 minutes it took to heat up to 350 degrees. But this could have been due to the thickness of the aluminum griddle. After it reached the proper temperature, there was very little temperature fluctuation. As a result, pancakes were evenly cooked every time.

I have used this griddle quite a bit since purchasing it a month ago. I have found that it is quite the deal as long as i wait a long time for it to warm up – appx 18 minutes warm-up time. So, i just turn it on long before i need it. I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind waiting.

This griddle arrived on time and was put to work immediately making several dozen pancakes. It performed perfectly and has a large capacity so it was fun trying to keep up with it as it plowed through all the pancake batter.

I have been using this grill for about a year now, and love the size and pretty uniform hot spots.

I too was disappointed with the broil king griddle. It had hot spots and cooked unevenly. This seems to be a common complaint i’ve seen on several websites. The construction is not as finished as you would expect from a product which is nearly twice the price of other comparable griddles. I’ll try pre-heating for 18 minutes to see if it helps with the hot spot problem.

As expected from other reviews, the griddle takes a long time to warm up–at least 20 minutes. Once warmed up it cooks evenly and holds temp well. I am satisfied with it so far. Its large size makes it convenient for cooking large amounts at one time.

I bought this for my mother for christmas and it is far better than the presto she was using before. She likes it better even if it takes a minute or two longer to heat up. I used it myself and the egg i was frying slid across easily enough that it was almost hard to get the spatula under it. So far its a great product and will purchase one for myself in the near future.

This griddle was worth the money spent. Large surface allows you to cook for a large family and the no stick surface is amazing.

Wine Enthusiast Silent 8 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator – Husband loved this gift

The only issue is that it took a couple days to get to the proper temperature on the initial use.

Quiet and up high so little hands can’t break it. Like the last one that was a floor model.

Very quiet and easy to set up. I just pulled it out of the box plugged it in and set the temperature. I fit 8 bottles total and have not had a problem with this fridge at all. I’ve owned it for about 3 months now. I like the fact that it has a small light you can turn on. Although the light isn’t very bright or useful to see what’s inside, it just looks nice.

Doesn’t get as cold as the fridge lit says it can. Basically uses a fan for cooling and a tght seal to keep the cold air in. Temperature fluctuates with the temp on the house despite having it right next to my actual fridge. Don’t leave the door open too long or it will take hours for it too cool back down. Overall it’s a nice product for the price.

Nice and quiet, but the temp does fluctuate one or two degrees.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Decent and effective
  • Love the look
  • Great wine fridge

Great quality, as described.

The touchscreen controls are easy to read and intuitive. Temperature reading is always present and illuminated for easy observation. Internal blue light is a nice touch.

Bought it for my parents and it would not hold is temperature. Got it replaced and the new one is working well.

Perfect love this wine refrigerator.

This wine chiller is very nice and space saving. Keeps the wine cooledat the right temp. I would recommend it to a friend.

Love the look, the blue light is really a cool feature. Do not put the back of it up against a wall. It needs at least 5 inches clearance for the intake air to keep the inside cool. I had it against the backsplash and it was at 68 degrees. When i pulled out it a bit, it dropped to 57.

Fits perfectly on the counter and can fit up to 8 bottles of wine. It’s very quiet while working great at chilling my wine. I like the touch screen and the sleek look. Though this one was given to me, i think the price point is right on and would have no problem giving this as a gift. In fact, i’m thinking about giving one to my best friend who is a self proclaimed wino.

Very beautiful, sleek, and modern look to it. Exactly what i was looking for.

Holds accurate temperature and is extremely quiet.

 this wine cooler is kind of nice. It is a sleek black box with a stunning blue light. The blue light not only allow you to see your wine without opening the fridge, but it gives nice contrast. On the door is the control panel. You can easily adjust the temperature, turn the light on and off, and change from fahrenheit to celcius. It has racks to place the wine on. This is great as the wine will not roll over the place and break. It can hold up to 8 bottles which is more then enough for me. We usually keep a few bottles of white wine on hand for holiday parties.

I had a similar wine enthusiast like this one but with dual zone temperature for 12 bottles. It was not silent as it is usually announced and stopped working after two years. I decided to buy a new one to replace my faulty unit. Due to space constraints on my countertop i decided for this one that can hold 8 bottles as per the product specification it is 24x19x19 and would fit nicely into the space i have. Issue: it is way smaller than the announced on amazon (see pic). The product dimension is wrong and misleading on the site. This unit is about 16 1/2 w x 11 1/2 h x 19 d. The top on the door has also some minor white-ish stains like if it was cleaned with some product. I could deal with that, but decided to return and get a larger unit for 12 or 16 bottles. I am waiting for the seller to review and approve the return.

I was very keen to have this wine refrigerator because it seems compact and would be perfect for our kitchen. The exterior appearance looks sleek, dark shadowy with visible bright led lights that shows the temperature. The controls are pretty intuitive and easy to adjust and there’s also a light switch. We use it mainly to chill white wines. The cooler can indeed fit up to 8 bottles just fine. Regarding the size, it’s really compact – just think of having an oversize microwave on your kitchen counter. You definitely need to make room for it or have the cooler sit on a separate side table/cabinet. This would be a good match for a an apartment living space. Overall, it does the job which is essentially to cool your wine bottles. I purchased this product at a discounted rate/complimentary in exchange for my thorough product review and honest feedback.

I would like to first start off by saying this counter top wine refrigerator does exactly as describes, it delivers a very clean and sleek appearance. The counter top foot print is very reasonable and does not take up an enormous amount of space. The blue interior light is a phenomenal added feature that adds an eloquent touch. This item is extremely quiet if you were to walk by it you would never know it is turned on and running. The touch controls are very responsive even with a light touch. Not bulky or heavy so if you travel you could easily bring this with you on your vacation or camping or wherever you would like. Directions are very simple to follow even gives you temperature ranges for your favorite types of wine. Fits all 8 bottles perfectly or remove the wire rack to fit 4 of the large bottles of wine. All in all very good product i highly recommend for someone getting into wine to purchase this refrigerator they will not be disappointed. I received this product free of charge in exchange for a truthful unbiased review.

Wish the light stayed on until being turned off.

Really nice, very silent wine refrigerator – sometimes the temperature is not that stable, but overall very satisfied with it.