MIDEA MY-SS6062 Power 8-in-1 Multi-Functional Programmable Pressure Cooker, Five Stars

It is very easy to use, i have tried most of the functions except the yogurt function. It really makes cooking simple, highly recommended. The only issue is the booklet instruction is poorly done, so i went to youtube, found this model and watched the instruction.

First thing i loved about this product was the design which different from all other pressure cookers out ther. The price is rational and it really works great. I’ve been using it almost daily for about 3 months now and it’s been great.

My husband bought this for me. The biggest challenge is, as others have mentioned, it does not include a cooking manual. To remedy this, i google ‘ cuisinart pressure cooker recipe index. ‘ we purchased a cuisinart for my mother in law and it is also a nice pressure cooker.

Key specs for Midea MY-SS6062 Power 8-in-1 Multi-Functional Programmable Pressure Cooker, 6Qt/1000W Stainless Steel:

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  • This pressure cooker MY-SS6062 can be used in two modes: with the lid firmly closed or with the lid open: it can be used as the hot pot or you can choose “saute” menu to brown or fry food.
  • 14 menu choices which meet your daily requirements are provided for you.It can be used in steaming, boiling, stewing, slow cook, yogurt etc.
  • 24-hour Delay Timer for flexible meal planning.Setting a procedure of booking before you go to work, the hot soup can be drink when you go home.
  • You can choose 3 different taste degrees: rare (light), medium (standard) and well done (strong) by adjusting “Texture” button.
  • The inner which is made of 304 stainless steel, passing UL and ULC certification, can make food healthier.We also presenting spoon, measuring cup, steamer rack.

Comments from buyers

“Great, solid unit, with nice quality ‘feel’.
, One of the best rice cooker, after returning a instant pot, I bought my second Midea rice cooker
, It is good, but one shortcoming is

Very good design, and easy cooking. I love this pot and using a lot.

Not many recipes and lots of suggestions for meals in chinese?. But the display gets most of the foods covered in how to cook them – like beans have their own setting. From hard fried brands to tasty ones in less than 40minutes?i’m sold.

Very easy to use and clean, i use this pot every week.

Used it for shredded ribs, amazing soup in just 40min.

Very good digital kitchware, love it.

Excellent for those who favor chinese cuisine. This pressure cooker satisfies most of the common chinese dishes. I used it for congee, beef stew and pork rib soup, and it is amazing. Also i favor its appearance so much. I read a one-star comment saying it’s too complex to operate, but that maybe due to its large amount of cooking category. To operate it is very simple, but to verify which exact cooking mode you want, you need to be familiar with chinese food or if you would like to try some creativity without a recipe. So if you are a chinese looking for a pressure cooker in us, go for our own brand. If not, and you cannot cook without a recipe, maybe try something else. Ps: the product has clear english and chinese manual, but only have a chinese recipe corresponding with the cooker.

I like the shape—lack of directions is scary because it is a pressure cooker. It worked better the second time. . I cooked it on the soup setting and set it 3 times.

Have already used for stews, great for spare ribs and pork chop recipes.

I cannot recommend this product enough. It provides quality easy to use functionality with excellent aesthetics. Looks great and works even better. I have used regularly for grains, once for meat, and several times for steamed vegetables. Every time produces excellent results. Only downside is the manual is nearly useless, however, the product is easy enough to figure out.

It’s different from regular rice cooker in that this one is a high-pressure cooker. It makes much better rice than regular rice cooker. Also, it can cook dishes as well such as beef stew.

This is an awesome appliance. I’ve used it 2 -3x a week since i received it. I would recommend this to everyone. Sharp looking; great working.

Awesome all the way, there’s nothing not to like about this item does an excellent job.

Trust me, it is the best pressure cooker i ever have. It better than the instantpot whatever. Not to mention its beautiful design look.

Nice pressure cooker to have. Like the stainless steel inner pot and pretty out looking to put on the counter top. All the functions work well.

Made rice with the cooker today and it came out perfect. This is my first pressure cooker and i admit i was a little nervous. But it seems really easy to operate, and completely safe. Do read the instructions to get familiar. I also found a few youtube videos. I made a turkey neck soup today. The meat fell off the bones, as i had expected. I did forget to seal the steam seal, which made me go for a 2nd run with the soup function.

I have been using for two months now. Cooked fast and meat really tender. Easy to clean, using everyday.

My first order for this rice cooker was 6 years ago and we use it to cook rice every day. Stainless steel pot is easy to clean and stay in great shape. We properly can use it forever. Very solid and good quality. The most important thing is it cooks rice perfectly. The rice comes out with great flavor, texture and fragrance. Then we bought a farm house and need a second cooker.

Made in china for a malaysian company. It is not hard to figure out, don’t let any one scare you away from it. I can’t believe some people can’t figure this out, just don’t over think it. Use manual mode for everything and ignore the programs, at first. There are millions of recipes online, almost all of which are for manual mode anyway, which is easy to use on this unit. You just have more options if you want to experimentthe people that burned the rice and sent the unit back are really missing out. Also roommates can break anything. Just look online for ‘making rice in a pressure cooker’ and you’ll find lots of ways to do it, all different, in manual mode.

So far very happy with this product. I am not using all the functions but mostly i set my own parameters as i do some of my creative cooking. Very easy to use, safe, clean.

This pressure cooker is a great tool for people who are not familiar with cooking. I can use it to cook ribs, beef or lamb only about 1 hour and they are tasted as i order in the restaurant. It also have appointment function that i can cook soup in the evening and in the next morning when i get up i can immediately eat the delicious breakfast, it is convenient for people who don’t have enough time to cook a great breakfast. It is a wonderful kitchen helper.

NewAir WAT30B water dispenser : Five Stars

Very nice and alot slimmer than our old one.

Bought this for our office at work.

NewAir WAT30B water dispenser, Black

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  • Features a bottle spike for easy, no spill 3 or 5 gallon bottle replacements
  • Choose between refreshing cold, piping hot or room temperature water outputs for cool drinks or heated beverages
  • Don’t spend excess money on electricity with this Energy Star approved water cooler
  • BPA Free and NSF Certified water dispenser provides only pure, clean water
  • Reliable, child safety lock prevents children from using the hot water so you can use it worry free. NOTE: Refer user manual before use

This a nice cooler it has three water setting the wam in the middle seems not to work. It does not give warm water. But the hot and cold work fine. Water taste good and it not nosy like the old one i have. I did not wanted to send it back but the two main hot and cold work fine.

This is the second water cooler i’ve ever owned and i love it. The hot water is hot enough to brew tea and the cold is is ice cold and great on a warm day. We’ve been using it for one week now and have no complaints. The buttons are well marked and push easily. The entire unit seems to be well built and sturdy. It also has a convenient storage area underneath for storing extra cups–something which i didn’t expect but am glad to have. The height of the unit is just right too so that its not difficult to lift the water bottles up to put onto the unit. When the heater and cooler are running they run quietly and for short intervals. I would absolutely recommend this water cooler/heater to friends and family. I received this item at a discount in exchange for a review, but i think it is totally worth the retail price.

Good quality, fast shipping.

NewAir WAT30B water dispenser, Black : Bpa free is a big thing to us.

I am very happy with this purchase. I ordered the water dispenser on black friday, and it arrived only 24 hours later. I have had it for almost a month now, and it works great. The cold water is cold and the hot water is hot. There are also switches so you can turn the cold or hot off if desired. The machine makes a quite hum, but it is not loud at all. I have not had any problems with water leakage. There is a storage area underneath the machine that would be great if could be used to chill drinks, but it’s at room temperature, so i don’t really have a reason to use it. Regardless, the machine serves its purpose of dispensing hot, cold, and even room temperature water, so i’m very satisfied with this product.

One of these has been on my wish list for as long as i can remember. I spoke with poland springs a few times and kept delaying, so when i had the opportunity to purchase this one at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, i jumped on it. It’s very nice looking and seems to be made of metal. I love the fact that there is storage underneath for cups, water bottles, tea, etc. The water isn’t ice cold, but it is very refreshing and the hot water brews a perfect cup of tea. It makes a humming sound when cooling water (there’s a light that comes on) but it’s not too loud. I am very pleased with it after two days of use.

My family and i are very happy to get this water dispenser it’s easy to use ,and works greati really enjoy having this in my house it is a true conveniency. I like the hot and cold water, and its own filter to put tap water in is just another thing that is amazing and convenient.

My only gripe is that the compartment underneath is pretty much wasted. It would be great if it were refrigerated. Overall, pretty pleased though and would recommend this cooler to others.

Having a water dispenser is not only convenient it is cost effective too. I love my newair water dispenser. It blends in really well with my kitchen decor. It was quick and easy to unbox and set up. The design is sleek and it seems to be very sturdy. It’s easy for my son to use which is a definite plus. Not only is there a child safe lock on the hot setting, but you also have the option of turning it off which is a nice added touch. It has a hot, warm and cold setting. The cold is a perfect temperature for me, i don’t need to add ice and the hot worked great when i used it to cook soup. It was designed by a former hazardous waste scientist which i thought was really cool.

Great investment, overall a great product. Only has one downfall which is the middle button is the room temperature but it comes out cold or i would have given this product 5 stars. The hot water is perfect for then i’m making tea and the cold water is very refreshing, good hot and cold temperatures. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to save money on all those bottles of water or just want a very convenient way to get filtered hot and cold water fast.

The room temperature water is actually cold and not room temp. This isn’t a huge problem as you can add a little bit of the hot water and it works very well.

We have been using it for several months now and love it. My kids, hubby, and i all drink more water because of it. The best feature is the hot water component since we dont have to get water and manually boil it and its always readily available.

Quiet, works great, well packaged. Very happy with this purchase.

I’ve had three water coolers. This is the best performance i’ve had with the systems and the recovery rate is very fast considering amount of water each reservoir stores. Very happy with this product.

I received this water dispenser to try out and everyone in the family loves it and uses it daily. The sleek black and chrome design fits perfectly in the kitchen and it is compact enough to fit in the corner without obstructing any pathway. The cold water comes out perfectly cold and the hot water is perfect for hot tea or cocoa. It is easy-to-use and the best part is the built-in bottle spike that makes changing water bottles mess-free. Everyone that comes in my kitchen uses it and loves it. If you need a water dispenser, this is the way to go.

This is the second water dispenser we’ve owned. The other, a different brand, lasted 10 years. I hope this one lasts a while. The only issue is the warm water option is misleading. It is the same temperature as the cold option. The tech i contacted said that there is no heating or cooling element for the warm option. And the manual is incomplete.

I thought it would come with a jug but it didn’t but that’s no big deal. The directions aren’t very clear. For example, on the manual it says for initial cleaning turn to page 6 and then there’s nothing there but parts. The water doesn’t get very cold. It’s an alright dispenser but it’s definitely not the best. I was given a discount for my honest review.

This is perfect for my family who just love to drink water, and it saves more money compared to buying bottles. But i feel like the cold water is not that cold (maybe there is a adjustment). There is a switch for hot and cold, i turned off the hot switch off since we use kuerig anyway for the coffee and tea. Let’s just see if about the my electric bill, i hope it will not go higher. I received this product discounted in exchange of my honest review.

Storage on the bottom is useless, wanted a fridge.

Vitamix Vita-Mix Vita-Prep 64 Oz 3 Speed Blender : I don’t understand the fuss

This thing is very powerful. I can’t say that it completely emulsifies, but it’s close. Great for smoothies & veggie soup.

I bought this machine from jl hufford but didn’t realize that it was listed at “market place” on amazon. The shipment was quick and the product was in new condition. However, i might be the 1% unlucky customer since the motor gave weird sound. I called vita-mix customer service and confirmed that i needed to return it. Jl hufford gave me 100% refund for the machine but i paid the shipment. The refund was processed 2 weeks after the machine arrived at the company. The experience was not bad except that i don’t think i should bear the return cost since the product is defective. I wrote to the company seeking an answer before sending the machine back, but got no reply. Perhaps they tried to pretend not hearing from me. Anyways, i did not want to argue with them over $20.

One of the strongest vitamix, it’s almost the same horse power what i have on my old vitamix 3600+ 3hp vs 4hp peak, but in new design, well money spent.

It may not have the fancy knobs and buttons of the other models, but of all the vitamix models this one has the most power (3 hp). 3-year warranty vs 7 with the consumer versions, but if you are just making smoothies in the morning for yourself this thing should last as long or longer than a consumer version. Like some of the other users i did notice the weird smell it puts off with initial use, after a day or two this went away and everything is fine. Nice long power cord that you can wrap around the base to pick up the slack. Don’t be fooled, this is a monster of a blender. Not even in the same ball park as any of the other competing brands. There’s a reason why 25 year old models are still getting $100 – $150 on ebay. These things last and their monsters. I turned 3 lbs of whole raw carrots into soup in less than 2 minutes – no joke. I did not receive any discounts, freebies, or other renumeration for my review.

  • This is the Marshawn Lynch of Blenders — Beast Mode!
  • Most incredible blender
  • Five Stars

Vita-Mix Vita-Prep 64 Oz 3 Speed Blender

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  • Larger 3hp motor means you can run it for extended periods of time without overheating. Variable speed control allows you to chop, grind or blend different ingredients at exactly the right speed for exactly the right consistency.
  • Accelerator switch allows even higher speeds for purees or fine blending.Cleanup is easy, simply rinse out the container after each use, and you’re ready to use it again.
  • Comes with a TAMPER to push ingredients down into the blade. The tamper fits through the hole in the lid and catches on the lid before it can reach the blade – designed for safety and functionality!Specially designed, large 64oz clear polycarbonate container is virtually unbreakable and lets you see inside.
  • Functions: On/Off switch, Speed Control Knob, and Accelerator toggle for maximum smoothness.3 Year warranty against defects in parts and workmanship which includes 1 year service contract (US/Canada).
  • Includes a complete 54 page recipe manual that explains methods, variations and suggestions for a myriad of menu items. This manual is for commercial volume recipes.

Hands down this blender does it all. I have been using the vitaprep 3 non stop, every day for the last three weeks. I have made everything from smoothies, bisques, soups and even ice cream in this baby. I bought the grain blade and i now make my own flower for bread and my own hot cereal mix. This thing is freaking awesome. Its a lot cheaper at jlhufford. Compros: it will handle just any job you throw at it. Cons: just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I have made scrambled eggs and peanut butter in this thing. The food came out great but the egg and peanut butter is very hard to clean off the blades – although its not recommended – i recommend taking apart the blade and base during every cleaning and get a good hard tooth brush to clean the blades.

I don’t understand people and their silly expectations with products these days. No i haven’t been a vitamix user for over ten years as i’m not a dinosaur blah blah blah etc. . The moment i turned my prep 3 on i knew it was outstanding. No presets no extra buttons or lights just variable speed and high speed. It’s built like a tank and performs like a fined tuned race car. Can handle anything i throw at it without hesitation. What else do people want nowadays?. Do they want the blender to cook for them too?. If you want the top blender here it is.

My wife using thses in her cooking classes. Believe me they go through the paces, and they perform well. She has 2 and they both are wonderful.

I bought this in 2007 when they were pretty new. It had an ugly container but works great. I use it about 3 times a day and for a year of this unit’s life, i used it in a raw vegan lunch cafe that i opened in the back of a health food store. Store went out of business but the vp3 kept on going. During that year, i used it at least 20 times daily. I am still on first blade and my smoothies are very smooth but take a little longer to make. Customer service is also wonderful.

It’s one of the best products a kitchen can have.

I have had mine for 4 weeks now and have used it at least 4 times a day. So glad i went with the 3 hp motor on vita prep 3 over the home model with 2 hp. I did not buy it on amazon because it was not the cheapest price. Do your research to find this model cheaper. 00 cheaper with free shipping and 5 huge bags of big train coffee/smoothie mixes free with mail in rebate. That made all the difference in affording this blender over the home model.

If you only expect and will only accept the best thing in life then this is the blender for you. This isn’t just for the chefs or the restaurants but also a blender to have for body builders. I work out twice to three times a day and this blender helps me to prepare my protein meals and gain masseating 5 to 6 times per day is very hard and time consuming. I use this product to blend my protein and fruits together and i can skip 3 solid food meals because of this blender.

My first vitamix was the first model they ever built, with the motor used in saws, still have it but i thought i would get the prep 3 because i wanted a machine that would do more than the one i already had, vitamix was having a sale on this unit (many many years ago) got it, use it every day, i am amazed at the negative comments i read here, my unit looks an operates as well as the day i first got it, came with 2 sets of blades, have not used the second set, and forgot i had it until i went to look at the recipe book, the clear plastic container is not scratched and i put ice cubes in it every day, i couldn’t be happier with this machine, for me it was a wise choice, i just can’t believe what i read in other reviews.

Have had for over a year now. Every morning my wife and i blend various raw veggies and/or frozen fruits for yummy smoothies. Ample power to suck all foods to bottom of carafe for ease of blending. Far better process than juicing. Blends roughage into delicious drink. And super ease of clean up, simply put carafe in dishwasher.

The vita-prep is really a chef’s dream come true. We’ve had it for 2 years now, and it still works just like the day we bought it. Smoothies are a breeze, and it will chop up stuff so efficiently that you could make juice out of just about anything. Whole carrots = carrot juice. This thing grinds up anything – nuts into dust, ice into gelato.

(vm0101d) vita-prep 3 commercial food blender variable speed 64 oz. 0 liter) high-impact clear container w/wet blade black base 54 page recipe and technique guide 3 peak hp 120v 50/60 hz 12 amps cul listed nsf certified. This commercial food blender is very good.

This is a very strong machine. Can make ice cream with frozen strawberries within 60 secs, and it is perfect. Just wish it came with a smaller container as well. The one it comes with is huge, and slightly awkward for making small amounts.

Please dont waist money with the oders brands i been use that in a restaurants for 15 [email protected]@ its a maizing.

I worked in the same restaurant for 8 years. The vita prep 3 was used ferociously daily for anything from gallons of soup, to colored oils, to emulsifying sauces to making pasta, making pesto, and lots of other stuff i can’t think of right now. We abused it on a daily basis. I can’t tell you how many spoon and spatula handles were chewed up by hitting the blade when pushing stuff in towards the blades, and we never had to replace the blade. During that same time we had many commercial stick blenders, and even commercial ovens that did not last as long. In all that time, we only had to replace 1 $20 gear. No piece of equipment in that restaurant was more abused and lasted longer, other than a crazy old robot coupe processor. That said, for most people who use this at home for a smoothie everyday or an occasional soup puree, the 2 hp models are more than enough and you get a longer warranty. I finally bought my own vita prep 3 a couple of years ago and it’s as awesome as it was the day i bought it. If you want a seriously awesome product that will last a lifetime, do not hesitate to buy the vita prep 3.

It’s the best and what i expected.

My neighbor across the street has a vita prep that is a 1-2 hp bought from a big box store, which has an excellent return policy. She uses hers for her morning drink and has had to return it 2 times. With that said, we use ours for morning drinks and on occasion for blending veges for soups, etc. We have had ours for 4 years with no problems. Yes, the large hard plastic carafe it comes with is not very sound, however, we are still using ours despite the hair line cracks. And yes, hard plastic does scratch. And scratches will show on clear containers such as these. And i do wish vita mix produced a glass version; however, i would never go back to my pretty lime green oster blender, with glass carafe, to blend what we now blend, which includes nuts and ice, on a regular basis. In fact, i upgraded because that blender began its last leg when we started blending drinks with ice on a regular basis during the summer.

But i got my first vita mix in the late 1970’s — the 3600 (which they claim wasn’t made till early `80’s but i know where i lived when i had it — and i’m 98% certain it was 1979). It was a 3+ hp and it did smoke when i abused it (by kneading bread dough at the high setting — didn’t read the directions). I used it off and on for years, sometimes stored it in garages or basements for a few years and forgot about it. It was exposed to bugs, animals and the elements for long periods, but when i decided to use it, it always worked. This past year i used it a lot for green drinks, smoothies, and sorbets. I like sorbets a lot and the frozen fruit is hard on the machines if they don’t have enough horse power. The green drinks and sorbets became part of my daily diet (i liked the raw family’s ‘green for life’ program) so i needed another vita-mix at my boyfriend’s house. I bought the 5200 thinking it would be like my 3600. The 5200 is fine if it is your first vita-mix and you haven’t experienced the 3600’s higher hp, or if you don’t really need the hp. I liked the metal container of the 3600 better — i could toss it in the dishwasher anytime.

A little background is in order so that i can establish to prospective buyers’ satisfaction that i know what i’m talking about. I’ve been a vita-mix owner since 1988. My first machine was a new 4000 bought direct from vita-mix that was still working perfectly when i traded it up for a 5000 ~10 (give or take) years ago. I’ve been very happy with my 5000 but it started behaving in a quirky manner–i discovered that this was due to the blade assembly’s having become loose over time (i’m going to assume that this is in part due to the fact that my smoothies push the recommended percentage of frozen ingredients to the limit and i blame myself for not noticing it at once). Fortunately, i have the special wrench for tightening the assembly’s nut but it was clear that the bearings had become at least somewhat stripped. I was loath to spend $100 on a new assembly or container with assembly and since i like and often make use of the 5000-series’ very low variable speed and minimum blending amount, i was disinclined to trade in my 5000 on a next generation model, at least not at this time. I’d been aware of the vita-preps (there’s also a 2-peak hp model) for years and was initially curious about why the prep 3 had a 3-peak hp motor rather than the 2-peak of the 5000-series machines. I made it my business to find out and will not only share the reasons but will compare the performance of both the prep 3 and my 5000. I recently ran across a deal online on a new prep 3 that was much too good to pass up and i figured that i could jump on it and still use my 5000 as a trade-in towards the price of a next generation unit should any disposable income find itself in my wallet (i freely admit to being an appliance junky–there are worse character flaws). Besides, there’s still a possibility of helping to launch a smoothie division within a company here and it might be better to pitch with a demonstration using the commercial equipment i’d insist on using.

West Bend 41077 Just For Dinner Breadmaker – Perfect for a single guy!

Thank everyone who gave this breadmaker rave reviews. They were all i needed to convince me to purchase this beauty. I have never owned a breadmaker before, so i can’t speak to its relative merit compared to any other machine. But, i can say as a totally novice breadmaker, i hit the road running with this machine. So far, 3 months of bread making and not a problem. Living alone i seldom bought bread because i just couldn’t make it through a loaf before having to toss it out. But, with this machine, i can have bread anytime i want (as long as i keep bread flour in the house) and have plenty for 2 days. Absolutely the best toy i have ever purchased for myself.

I bought this in 2007 and we make bread for communion every week abd it really does work as fast as it claims. A nice small loaf of bread in less than an hour. Three years later we’re still using it every week.

I have been using it a lot a lot since i bought it few months ago. It was a christmas present for myself and my family. It is an absolutely important machine for me since the day i received it. My family and my friends love my bread. I have even given it as presents to some friends. Anyone who are concerned with healthy eating should buy this machine and make their own bread. Once my family is used to eating our own bread, we discover that the bread that one buys from stores are way too salty and sweet, and there are also undesirable things that are added.

It’s been gathering dust for years, but glad i got it out – now i’m making a loaf every day or two for me and my flatmate.

Got this little jewel so my husband could have homemade bread for dinner. Well they say man cannot live on bread alone, but i think i can live on this bread. I make the french bread recipe and he loves it. Doesn’t take up much room and ready in 45 minutes.

This is my second breadmaker and i pitched the first one because i just didn’t like the quality of the bread produced coupled with the facts that the machine was big, noisey and took 3-1/3 hours to come up with a loaf of barely acceptable bread. I purchased this unit on total impulse yet with the thought that it would be a smaller-sized unit — well, it turned out to be just shorter. However, the cooking time of 45 minutes i found great, and even more to the point, the loaves of bread made from their recipes are great. I am addicted to their feta cheese with black olives bread, but there are a lot of recipes included with the unit and i haven’t tried a bad one yet. I would recommend this breadmaker for anyone who would like hot, fresh homemade bread to add to their meals. Can you tell i’m a bread lover?.

  • Ya gotta love this machine
  • Perfect for a single guy!
  • Bust Purchase of the Year

Yet another person who wasn’t sure about this. Our old bread machine was over 10 years old, and still had a separate rubber gasket between the pan and the baking unit; when pickle underfoot, our cat, decided to play hide and seek with the gasket and permanently hid it, we had to start looking at new bread makers. I thought i wanted another large one, but this looked intriguing, and the positive reviews outnumbered those for most other models, so i took a chance. As soon as i got it, i rinsed it out and made a loaf of bread for supper, and it came out so good that once we finished supper, i made another loaf, this time cinnamon-raisin bread, to have for breakfast. Oh, and you don’t need salt – i’m on a low-sodium diet for chf, and leave salt out of everything; the bread comes out fine nonetheless. As long as the sugar is in there, yeast can feed on it. I usually put a pinch of powdered ginger in, in place of salt – it doesn’t have an obvious ginger flavor, but zings things up a bit, bringing out the flavors of any other spices more. I’ve tried several of the recipes that come with it by now, and all of them work fine without salt.

I cannot say enough good things about this bread maker. I owned the large bread maker before but this is my favorite. The advantage of the larger machine is more versatility and options. For instance, i like my bread very lightly toasted. Many of the larger machines give you options regarding cooking times – not this one. The larger machine also gives you the options of cooking 4 different types of bread. Another issue is that the loaves are small. Those things said, i still love this machine. With a 5 minute prep time and a 45 minute cook time you can have fresh bread every day. The loaves are enough to feed 4 people. And for busy people like me who think that even 5 minutes prep is too long, you can pre-pack all the dry ingredients in zip-lock bags (great activity to do with kids) and just pull one out when you need it, toss it in with the water and butter and in 45 minutes – fresh bread.

The first one arrived broken from amazon. I called the manufacturer and they sent a new one, without any hassles, and that one works just fine. I wish you could set it to let the bread rise a bit more, but i guess its simplicity is what makes it so affordable.

I got this for my parents for christmas (2003) and they can’t say enough good things about it. They rave about the taste of the bread, claiming it is the best they have had from a bread machine. It makes a loaf in 45 minutes or so, and the size is just right for 2 – 4 people. As long as the machine continues to function, my rating will remain five stars.

Ok, i’ll say right away that this machine makes a small loaf, about 3/4 of a pound and roughly 4 x 6 x 4′ high. I — and the machine — keep busy, especially while our nephew is staying with us. This bread has a way of vanishing because it’s so good. I’ve made white bread, wheat bread, raisin bread and my house specialty, wheat with oatmeal and walnuts. The machine takes only 45 minutes from start to finish. After my experience with a different brand of machine — waiting hours only to throw out some soggy rejects, i’m especially happy with this one.

Features of West Bend 41077 Just For Dinner Breadmaker (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Quick baking–oval shaped, dinner-size loaf in 45 minutes
  • Convenient settings for basic, specialty, and wheat breads
  • Easy-to-use controls with LED indicators
  • Ideal for dinner parties of 2 or 4; gourmet recipes included
  • Measures 9 by 10 by 11-1/2 inches; 90-day warranty

Make sure this fits
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Love,love,love this little breadmaker. Please please bring it back again, i never had anything but success with itand there was such a variety of bread recipes with it. Perfect for one or two at a meal. I keep checking online inthe hope i’ll see it back again soon.

Splendid to have good bread in 45 minutes. The small size loaf is just right & prevents having to freeze leftover slices which never taste as good as fresh. Breadmaker works well & shows promise for a long run in our kitchen. My only reservation is lack of control over browness of the crust: just one pre-set result. Operation couldn’t be simpler.

I received my jfd this morning. After i finished up with my work for the day i decided to play with my new toy. I made the plain white bread first — just like the recipe in the book but i did add one teaspoon of vital wheat gluten. It was ok– loaf right to top of pan — but a little too dense and cakey for me. So i made another loaf and let it run through the knead/rise cycle twice before letting it bake. Perfect — loaf was a good inch above the top of the pan. I shared that first loaf with my little friends in the back yard. The perfect loaf will be enough for me for several days. I don’t eat bread all of the time so i’ll probably bake about one loaf a week except when my kids are home. Then, it will increase big time.

~this is a good bread maker for a small family. We are asians who don’t eat a lot of bread and only need one loaf of bread from supermarket per week(for breakfast). This machine allows us to have fresh bread every two days. I just bought it for a month but i already tried several breads. It takes some experiment(at least for me who didn’t have any bread-making experience) to get the best result. But since the bread is small, it’s not so difficult to ‘finish’ the not-so-perfect result. Now my~~ husband and i fall in love with this little machine. Everytime he heard the ‘beep’ alarm(bread is done), he will rush to the kitchen to have a taste no matter he has a full or empty stomach. Very few items i bought could be praised as ‘good investment’ by him.

Many recipes for white, wheat, & rye. Fresh hot loaf in less than an hour.

We’ve tried three different recipes so far. My wife loves the french bread. It’s simple, easy and makes great tasting bread. The loaves are small, but they’re just right for two people. If we have guests we’ll just cook another loaf.

Quick baking–oval shaped, dinner-size loaf in 45 minutes

This is my first breakmaker. I just made my first loaf of bread with this machine today. I was very happy with the result. Now that i know i can make fresh bread, i don’t know if i’ll ever go and buy ready made bread from the grocery store since most ready made bread contain preservatives. I don’t have another bread machine to compare this one to, but i can say that i’m happy with the bread it makes because it doesn’t over bake it. I tend to like very soft bread, with lightly browned crust. I really don’t like hard crusts – i rather eat under cooked bread than hard crusts. This machine bakes the bread exactly the way i like it – soft. It’s also fun to have a window to see it knead the dough. I don’t have any complaints.

I, too, was wooed over by the raving reviews on this bread machine and decided to purchase it. I received it yesterday and baked my first loaf today (second is already under way). The instruction manual is extremely clear and easy to follow. They provide 27 recipies for different types of breads. I had to go out and buy bread machine flour (i also bought whole wheat flour because i wanted to make whole wheat bread) and fast rising yeast – readily available at any supermarket down the baking aile – and that’s all i neededafter putting the ingredients in and turning the machine on i just had to sit and watch it mix the ingredients into a beautiful dough. It was a fascinating transformationonce done i tasted the bread and was amazed. My first loaf of bread was perfect. And it certainly didn’t take culinary talent, as i have none. What you do need to have is proper measuring tools (normal measuring cups and spoons) and that’s about it. Clean up was a snap and i was off and baking my second loaf in no time. Regarding the loaf size, it is just right. The way i cut it this time i only 6 slices out of it, but they were extra thick slices. Next time i’ll cut them more thinly and it’d make 8 sandwich-thickness slices, no doubt.

This is the first bread machine my husband and i have ever owned, so while i can’t compare it to other machines, i can say that the west bend has absolutely delighted us from its first use. We are not experienced bakers, so this machine must be very forgiving because it has turned out terrific loaves of bread, time after time, without a single ugly-looking or off-tasting mistake. The machine really does complete the entire bread-making process in 45 minutes, which is terrific because i can put the ingredients in the machine, turn it on, and by the time i finish cooking the rest of the meal, the bread is done. The loaf is easy to remove from the pan, and clean-up has been a snap. The machine goes through only one rise cycle and requires an entire packet of quick-rise yeast, which does give the bread a slightly ‘yeastier’ taste and aroma than other breads. But we still find the bread delicious and are not at all bothered by the slight yeastiness. To us, it just tastes hearty and flavorful. As others have said, the baked loaf is a very cute oval shape (not a weird, tall cylinder, like full-sized machines apparently make) and is perfect for two people. To be honest, it’s really more than enough bread for two; we slice it into about 5 or 6 slices (3/4-inch wide), and usually save 2 of those slices for later, to have as an after-dinner treat with some sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top. For comparison, if you eat at outback or lone star steakhouse, the west bend loaf is taller and produces a few more slices than the brown bread loaf they bring you as a free appetizer at those restaurants.

I can not tell folks how pleased i am with this ‘just for dinner’ bread maker. It was delivered at 5:15 pm tonight and by 6:30 i had already baked a delicious rye bread to go with dinner and the smell of fresh baked bread in the house was wonderful. I have had a full size bread maker for 15 full years and purchased one from a catalog before they had ever hit the store shelves in america. Most folks at the time had never heard and could not believe such a device actually existed, much less actually take dry ingrediants and turn them into bread. I became tired of my machine however, as time went on, because of the time it took (4 hours), the size loaf it made, and the time involved in the clean up (kept getting longer and longer and. . ) honestly, it was just a hassle and the family never could finish that large loaf of fresh bread before it got stale and always ended up throwing a quarter or a half a loaf away. Over the years, i have looked into another machine, but figured why bother, i never saw much innovations or improvements in them. The west bend ‘just for dinner’ maker is just the ticket. I of course read about the 45 minute cycle from beginning to finished product but it was still a joy to behold.

Perfect little loaves everytime – in no time at all. Delicious taste/texture, good crumb, not too dark. I live alone and one loaf takes me almost through the week. There are some limitations such as there is no ‘dough-only’ cycle, and fewer recipes. But remembering what this machine was intended to do; produce loaves of bread for two people in 45 minutes, it does exactly that.

I knew nothing about breadmakers. Sure like everyone i read about thembut it seem the better a model was the more they seem difficult. Theni spotted the just for two, took my time read all the reviews and orderedit. I followed the recipes that camewith it, but did make a change like that one lady suggested about dissolving yeast water and sugar first. The first few times i made thebread not dissolving yeast i thought the bread tasted yeasty. But hersuggestion fixed problem. It’s adorable, perfect hot bread and justenough for 2 hungry people or save some for breakfast. Bread to meloses some of it’s appeal when cold, so no leftovers suits me fine. I have not made a bad loaf yet. I do cheat and use some mixes, carefullydividing in half as mixes make a 3lb loaf and this little guy makes 1. I add nuts, crushed fread banana, seeds, and in under 5 minutesto prepare you would think my bread was gourmet.I love it, it’s so simple stupid which is exactly what i needed.

Convenient settings for basic, specialty, and wheat breads

The west bend just for dinner breadmaker is a rare gem. It functions exactly as advertised and bakes a delicious small loaf of bread that’s hot and fresh from your own kitchen. (and the loaf isn’t that small either — it serves a group of four along with a hearty main course or a group of two along with a lighter entree. The recipes (included) aren’t complicated and call for readily available ingredients. I’ve tried several varieties and i love them all. The just for dinner breadmaker blends quality and convenience in an economical package. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a smaller, and perhaps first, breadmaker.

I read the reviews for this breadmaker and absolutely couldn’t resist buying one for my small family. My son is a 19 year-old college student, and one of his favorite pastimes is eating me out of house and home. My west bend breadmaker arrived today, and i made bread for the first time in my life. My first attempt at breadmaking turned out beautifully. As i am writing this review my son is finishing his second slice. Yes, it is a small loaf, but this small loaf will feed four people easily. The directions and recipes are easy to follow, and clean-up was a snap. I highly recommend this breadmaker to anyone who loves to serve their family hearty fare.

I bought this breadmaker because my husband loves homemade bread, but i have not wanted a big bread machine that takes hours to make bread. It’s simple, easy and quick. The little loaf is just the right size for a dinner for 3 or 4 and maybe there will be a slice or two leftover for a snack. I have made the recipes that are included and i have adapted recipes. All loaves have come out perfect.

To tell you the truth, i was very sceptical when i first got this machine. But once i made my first loaf, i started to understand all the praise. But i didn’t really understand until i got another bread maker which has all the bells and wistles. This machine is best for every night use. This really is the easiest, and fastest bread machine. And, it makes enough bread for a family of four with no left overs to worry about (which get stale in one day). My guess on size is that it makes about a 3/4 pound loaf. There are plenty of recipes included with the machine, but if you really want quick, west bend sells pre-made mixes on there website westbend. Com, which have turned out perfect for me everytime. Every loaf i have made with this machine has turned out perfect.

Those are two things my past bread machine lacked. Fits right into the corner nicely.

I have two of the bigger, takes longer types my family has long gone, and we are just two again. But do like the product that comes from this one. I do let it raise twice, because i can. And enjoy having fresh bread more often, and able to enjoy many different kinds.

I know it shouldn’t, but i am still surprised when a product performs better than i expect. We ordered this little bread machine when our old hitachi started making bricks instead of bread. We looked at several models and of course read the reviews on them. We liked the idea of a smaller loaf and the short (45 min) cycle time, so we decided to give this machine a try. Yep, it’s a little loaf, but it’s perfect every time and in the time advertised. It will make 3-4 sandwich’s, or enough toast for two or three. It took a day or so to get use to the small size of the bread but now that we have used it for a couple days we can’t imagine going back to a full size machine. We have been using the basic bread recipe that came with the machine and it has come out perfect everytime. The manual is very good and the directions are simple and easy to understand. We were eating the first loaf of bread within an hour and a half of opening the package.

Easy-to-use controls with LED indicators

Many years ago i owned a 2 pound breadmaker. It was an excellent machine, however 2 pounds of bread with no preservatives results in wasted bread. This machine is perfect for your typical single guy. You get plenty of bread for a dinner for two. But if you are the only one eating, not so much as to have the bread go to waste. The unit cycle time of 45 minutes allows you to plan, or even last minute plan a meal with fresh bread.

Makes a small loaf so i don’t overdo it on bread.

This machine does not really need any more accolades, as plenty of people have spoken about how wonderful it is. The small loaves are great so you can eat all the bread before it goes bad, and so that you can have variety. And the bread is greatbut i wanted to mention something others haven’t — i have had this machine for years and it is still going strong. I just dug it out of storage after moving, and am so excited to be using it again. Not a single glitch, started right up again and i had a hot loaf in less than an hour.

I have a full size bread maker which i love, but really only used on the weekends because it takes abut 4 hours to make a loaf of bread. A friend recommended this machine and because of the price and reviews i ordered one. It surpassed all my expectations and it really only takes 45 minutes from start to finish.I made a perfect loaf to serve with dinner on the day i received it with no problems. The next night i made 5 different types of bread loaves for a friend’s birthday without a hitch – each came out perfectly and the machine was ready to go again within 15 minutes after the end of each baking cycle. Unlike my old maching, this one is much smaller and sits on my counter without taking up too much space – plus it is very quiet and doesn’t shake. I highly recommend this machine.

It is unfortunate that west bend has discontinued this product. It is the perfect breadmaker for a small family or a couple. Easy to use and great results in just 45 minutes.

I bought this bread maker 7 years ago, & it’s still working the same as when i first bought it. Before this we had a huge 2 full loaf maker, it was loud and for us way to big. This makes a nice sized loaf for 2 adults and a 14 year old boy (who loves making his own ideas). If you can find one, go for it.

Ideal for dinner parties of 2 or 4; gourmet recipes included

I’ve used this little breadmaker to bake everything from cornbread to christmas stollen. I get six thick slices plus two ends out of a loaf. It browns well and the loaves are delicious. I bought a larger, fancier, more expensive breadmaker for christmas cooking, but i came right back to this one and have nothing but praise for it.

I have a big bread machine which works fine, but i find it hard to eat an entire 2 lb. Loaf of garlic/onion bread or whatever. This machine makes a little mini-loaf of specialty bread–perfect for dinner. As others have said, it is easy to use. Just throw in the ingredients, press start and voila–45 minutes later, delicious hot bread for dinner. I highly recommend this great little appliance.

I am not especially good in the kitchen; however, my oldest daughter wanted a breadmaker so i bought this west bend. My daughter (age 15) has made bread herself. My husband and i also have made bread. The loaves are small, but we don’t mind. We use it with our dinner, and everyone has enjoyed it. It takes about 10 minutes to stick everything in the breadmaker. Follow the directions and put everything in the order listed. Then the bread comes out perfect every time.

I cannot say enough nice things about this ‘little guy’. Though little is the operative word. Which works for methe original review was written after i made two loaves – though amazon managed to lose most of it. At this time, i can’t begin to count the number of french bread loaves and honey wheat and rye, etc. , that have come out of this machine. I have noted others have grumbled about a ‘yeasty’ tasting loaf. Personally, that is a plus, to my way of thinking. That is controlled by the amount of liquid, ‘fat’, and sugar you include in the recipe. I also enjoy a crusty heavy textured loaf. In fact, i purposely adjust my recipes to make just those loaves.

After reading the mixed reviews on this nifty kitchen tool, i was a little hesitant. However i bought it anyway since i really dislike store-bought bread, and i am glad i did. I started with the basic recipe, and like others, i did notice the yeasty flavor. It bothered me a little, and i considered returning the machine. But i really wanted to be free from buying bread at the store, so i decided to try some of the ideas mentioned in these reviews. The one thing that made all the difference is proofing the yeast before putting everything in the bread maker. Once i started doing that i turned out tasty loaves every time. Proofing the yeast is simple and quick to do. I start by heating the liquid for the bread to 100 – 110 degrees f in a small bowl in the microwave, then i dump in the yeast and a portion of the sweetener. That lets the yeast get started while i measure out the dry ingredients in a separate bowl.

I’ve had this breadmaker for a bit over a year now and i still love it, though the honeymoon has worn off somewhat. When i first got it, i made at least two loaves per week. Now it’s one every 4-6 weeks at most, but that’s to be expected with any new toy for meit doesn’t mean it’s any less of a machine – i just have other toys to occupy me when i get bored, so i’m not swimming in bread anymore. It’s still great when i have a person or two over for dinner. I think it makes a nice amount of bread for 3-4 people for a single meal. When i make it just for myself, i usually have bread for three days or so. One of the really great things is the ability to experiment with flavors. I get tired of plain white bread so once you understand the science of bread making (the base ingredients must be measured rather precisely) you can experiment with substituting sugars (use honey instead for example) and fats (olive oil instead of butter). You can also use different herbs, cracked pepper, whatever you can think of to make a new loaf of bread.One of my favorites is a combination of two breads in the recipe book that comes with the maker – italian herb + cracked pepper.

This bread maker is very simple to use and both recipes i have tried so far have turned out perfect. It takes a few minutes to put in the ingredients, turn it on and in 45 minutes you have a hot loaf of bread fresh for dinner.

I had been looking into buying a breadmaker and after reading the many positive reviews on this one, i made the purchase and am very pleased that i did. The instructions/receipes are very clear and easy to follow and cleanup is a breeze. So far i have made the basic white and honey oatmeal bread and they turned out perfectly.

This machine is so easy to use that there is no excuse for not having fresh bread whenever you want it. Some tips: do not use packets of yeast. As author kay rentschler pointed out in a popular illustrated cooking magazine, the amount of yeast per packet can vary greatly. Buy yeast in bulk and measure it as needed for more consistent results. Also, do check the dough after 4 minutes of kneeding and adjust with a teaspoon of flour or water if needed. (king arthur’s web site is a good resource of what the kneeded bread should look like. ) and resist the temptation to eat the bread right away.

Have baked more loaves than i thought possible and they all get eaten because they are such a great size for a three person household. Some days i have kept it going almost non-stop as these loaves are also great gifts. What a handy kitchen item–and it does very well with specialty recipes.

I have purchased this machine after reading all of great customer reviews on amazon site as well as other site. Performance itself is surly fantastic, and cost performance is wonderful. It is just about the same size as rice cooker; so it does not take precious space of the kitchen counter. I strongly recomend this machine for all.

All recipes use 1/2 cup water or milk, 1 1/4 to 1 1/3 cups flour and 2 1/4 tsp of rapid-rise yeast. That much yeast will impart off flavors to the bread. I have been able to reduce the yeast to 1 heaping teaspoon by using some of the 1/2 cup of water to proof the yeast for a few minutes before adding it to the machine. This is kind of a pain in the neck, so i took off one star. It only has the choice of whole wheat or basic cooking cycles. It does not display a timer or allow for delayed start. This is good since you would have to convert your own recipes to the above proportions.