Benriner BR7 VEGETABLE SLICER, Great Spiralizer!

This slicer works fine for slicing vegetables. Softer items like zucchini need to use the larger blades as they can break apart if you try to force them through the fine blade. The cook helper works best if the item to be processed is straight, centered between the spike/holder, you use a good bit of downward force (mine flexes slightly when i spin the handle), and it is kept spinning at a good pace. Negative: the cook helper could use a handle to more easily keep it in position. You can grip the handle support bars for this purpose but something designed for the human hand would work much better. Other thoughts: these spiral slicers would be much nicer if they had a height adjustment for thicker slices like a mandoline.

Yes, it’s plastic, yes, it’s light, but it does exactly what i bought it for. It’s a well designed spiralizer that excels in it’s simplicity. Because it is lightweight and small without a lot of parts i have no hesitation grabbing it out of the cabinet and quickly adding fresh beets, carrots etc. I have used it for harder vegetables without a problem. Have not tried softer vegetables yet. As other reviewers mentioned, the instruction manual is limited and there are translation issues, but there are so many youtube videos on line on the use of this & other brands that it’s quite easy to watch product demonstrations and find out how to use, clean, etc. I have no regrets on this one.

I was looking for something to slice apples for my memere’s apple pie — the pie calls for slices that are paper thin, and standard apple corer/slicers cut them much to thick. With this tool, i was able to slice the apples so thin i could almost see through them (trick, after peeling and coring the apple, slice through the apple from top to bottom on one side only — this will give you individual slices, rather than one long ribbon). It’s a very simple tool, and probably a bit overpriced for what it is (molded plastic and a few blades), but to me, it has been a great value. Instead of taking an hour to make my pie, it took me about 20 minutes. Plus, i used it to make ‘spaghetti’ noodles out of zucchini — i made a batch of regular spaghetti, and then threw the zucchini ‘noodles’ in for a couple of minutes just before it was done cooking. If i had peeled the zucchini, you never would have known the difference. My two guys said they couldn’t tell it was zucchini by eating it.

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Comments from buyers

“This is the absolute best slicer I have ever used!
, Joyful Spirals? Sure!
, Amazing little gadget

I have only had it for two days, so i have only spiralized two things so far (zucchini and a butternut squash). It did a wonderful job on both. I used the medium blade for both. Yes, the directions are mostly in japanese with poorly translated english, but i haven’t had any trouble figuring it out. I watched a video before purchasing it, so i felt pretty confident in how to use it already. It doesn’t leave much waste, makes super long ‘noodles’, and is easy to use and clean up. It is plastic, so i don’t know how long it will last, but it seems good quality overall. I had a hard time deciding between this one and the paderno. Overall, after reading reviews i went with this benriner because it is smaller, sounded easier to clean up, and seemed like a more simple design.

Get’s the job done and more. At first glance i was worried that the all plastic construction was going to break under pressure and heavy use, but it held up to the job. Now we’re able to make all sorts of stringy noodles out of the vegetables we have. The instructions are a little off, seems to be a direct japanese-english translation, but just take a look at some youtube video demos, it’ll all be clear. Highly recommend, it’ll open a whole new world of culinary delightafter much research we decided to buy this over the horizontal spiralizer. The biggest drawback was the leftover core while this stand up version uses a lot more of the vegetable.

If you’ve been trying to eat healthy and forgo pasta, this tool is what you need. I run a cooking school and love coming across new items that will inspire cooking. We’ll this benriner is awesome except for one small thing, you cannot adjust depth. I’m sure its a factor of not having enough leverage to turn it fast enough, but the shavings are just that. So with firm veggies like carrots, its great, but zucchinis will require a quick cook or almost blanche to keep it aldente. If you have not used benriner products in the past, they are top notch and standard item in many knife bags. You can spend lots more and come up with an inferior product. After this test, i’ll be interested to see how the kitchen aid attachment performs at only 2x cost.

Not sure what the folks who rated this with 1 or 2 stars were doing, but i’ve had no issue with it cutting carrots, raw beet and radish. It does only take about a 4′ piece of veg, but that seems to make miles of spirals. I typically cut the spirals or you end up with pieces that are many feet long and hard to serve/eat. The tool is made from fiberglass reinforced plastic which seems plenty sturdy for this application. It comes with 3 blades which determine the width of the spiral, but there’s no setting to control the thickness of the slice, that’s always constant at a couple of mm thick. It would be great if they did have a way to adjust the thickness. There’s a little knob which you use to change out or remove the blades that set the width of the cut. Without this blade in place it just makes a single spiral which is useful for fried potatoes or cucumber garnish.

I’ve used one of the cheap ‘conical’ type spiralizers, and they are horrible, inefficient, and they are all made in china. I was searching for an inexpensive stand type spiralizer that works well, and is not made in china. This was the only brand of spiralizer slicer i could find that fit the bill. The directions are in both japanese and english. While the quaint english translation contains a few misspellings and typos, it’s still easy to understand and there are photos as well. You don’t really need the directions anyway — this tool is very simple to use, the blades change quickly and easily, and it’s easy to clean. I’m very satisfied with this. If it were entirely made of stainless steel, i would be happier, but this seems sturdy enough for years of normal household use.

Fun to use, consider the pressure from arms and hands that may be too much work for some, but with practice and persistence, it is well worth the workout. Like all the quality and features for replacement and strength. The spiralizing is beautiful and doesn’t waste a core. Beet zoodles cooked in my stew (that was already made) in about 3 minutes to al dente perfection. Did chop the pile so that they are not toooo long. Can be several feet in length, which is fun to eat, if you are feeling silly. Not recommended with beets, as they would splash and stain clothing. Only adults should do the cutting, complex blades and sharp bits are not for an inexperienced person in the kitchen. Always remove crosscutting blade before washing, screwed in blade is easier to use brush on, in its place.

This is the vegetable spiral slicer you want. I have had the older benriner in the past (the one that lays horizontally), and used it almost everyday in a professional kitchen. They took a beating and never broke. I had to buy it 3 times because they would get stolen or borrowed, forever. I tried to replace with the other brands and styles, the as seen on tv. Types and the hand held ones and they don’t come close to working as good. This newer benriner, here is even better than the original because it uses gravity to help turn the vegetables into the blades. It also has the thinnest set of blade teeth out of any of the rest.

Honestly, it is a little cumbersome and is kind of funky to wash since there are so many places for water to ‘hide’. The first thing i did with it was run a sweet potato through it. It produced razor thin ribboning that i took and placed into hot oil. It essentially made a ‘funnel cake’ of sweet potato ‘chips’. The stainless steel sections of the machine are great quality, and like the germans, the japanese do it right (most of the time). The box art is a little funky and the instructions are full on japanese cartoons. But if you can get past all that, it is a functioning awesome little tool that does what your hands cannont.

Love this, easy to use, takes up little space & easy to clean fast3 stainless blades, plus one flat blade attached into unit. Finest blade is very fine which is great. Hoping someday they make a quality stainless body version.

I feared this might be a useless gadget. Of limited utility, tedious to use and clean. This makes lovely spirals of varying width out of radish, cucumber, carrot. Everything i’ve tried so far (except ginger root. ) there is a sweet spot here. Nothing too fibrous and i don’t think anything soft (like tomatoes) would work either. But with firm, crisp foods, it is golden, and even the cucumber worked well. Uses limited only by your imagination. You do need to watch yourself on the blades. The only design quibble i have is that it would have been nice if the interchangeable blades came in a little storage box; they do not, so you have to figure out how to store them safely. But that’s a minor grievance. So far, this tool seems sturdy enough.

Love the slicer’s ability and it’s blade options. I use the medium blade to spin zuccini as an alternative to having pasta (the zuccini looks just like spaghetti and it’s gluten-free) the plastic seems a little flimsy for the price i paid ($73), so i’m having doubts about how long it will last. I would look for a cheaper option considering the quality of construction. I can just see this breaking if my husband used it a few times.

Makes great thin ‘noodles’ but you need a good grip on this to make it work. You have to hold the base with one hand and push down with the other while turning the handle with some force for it to work well. Also the neck that holds the shaft will flex while you use it so much so that i thought that it would snap but it didn’t. Works for me but i’d rather use other slicers that are easier to use.

I’ve used this tool for years as a chef and i have purchased several over the years. It’s a great tool for spiral cutting veggies and i use it predominantly for garnish work. You have to be careful though when applying force to the turning handle because that’s the part that tends to break during its usage. Easy to disassemble to blade and wash. This tool has never discolored with sanitizers as some plastic tends to do. This is the classic chef essential and i’m sure not the last i will purchase in my lifetime.

First and foremost i must thank all of the amazon reviewers on all of the recent products that i have had to research to supplement my kitchen gadgets and tools. Negative and positive reviews have been so useful in helping me make very important decisions that save me time and money. I live in a location that does not many specialty stores and so amazon has been invaluable over the years, and especially now more than ever. Now to the review of the benriner. I had a very difficult time in this particular purchase even upon reading reviews. I could not decide if i should just get a mandoline slicer or get the cheaper spiulizer. In the end i decided to get thie benriner turner slicer and a matfer 2000s mandoline (this was even a more difficult purchasing decisions). There do not seem to be ‘perfect’ overal products in this genre of gadgets no matter what your price range. The cheaper you go it appears that the gadgetry will be more of a fad and will most likely not be useful in the long run.

I read reviews on many different ones and settled on this one. I think i made the right choice. The blades are sharp and it has easily made ‘noodles’ with carrots, yellows squash (moist, but was fine), and zucchini. It is just a little thing and i thought the noodles would be short but they are not.I set it over a platter and make heaps of noodles. I store it in the box it came in.

This was the forth device i purchased off amazon to cut spiral slices out of radishes, and the first to do it well. The base/blade do not deform when pressure is applied and the blade cuts nice and thin. The resulting spirals remain long enough to be appreciated. The only problem is the handle does not apply even pressure if you just press down on the green spinning part. I had to use two hands and press down on the middle to avoid the spiral from being shaved too thin every revolution. I might look for some sort of ‘t’ handle that could be screwed in where the handle attaches and apply even pressure.

I have two other ‘spiralizers’ that i paid top dollar for. They are nothing compared to this brand of slicer. As usual, things made in japan are of exceptional quality. The other two plastic pieces of junk are going into the trash.This unit is simply designed and easy to use, easy to clean, doesn’t slip on the counter like the others. It has two little ‘feet’ that sit over the edge of the sink or counter, which keeps the slicer from sliding. The blades are wonderfully made, sharp and perfect. I will never buy anything but this brand again.

Have been contemplating different ones for at the least 10 years. Some were $250+ which i could not justify; some were so cheap i knew they would not last. After watching a video on you tube on this and seeing all the reviews, i took the plung. I have made zucchini spaghetti and it is absolutely wonderful. This is going to be used so much over the summer with our abundance from the garden. I can see doing really creative salads, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. The quality on this seems good.

I have had this exact spiralizer for years, and love it just as much today as i did when i first got it. It is sturdy, and *very* easy to use – and in my opinion way better than some of the cheaper, gimmicky spiralizers on the market today, and even better than the joyce chen version (to qualify my opinion, i run both a raw foods website, and a vegan recipes website, both diets use things like ‘zucchini noodles’, which you make by spiralizing a zucchini, in lots of recipes). Here’s one of my recipes:annie’s raw spicy peanut sauce1/2 cup raw peanut butter1-2 teaspoons chinese hot chili oil with red pepper flakes2-3 teaspoons nama shoyu or organic soy sauce1 clove minced garlicudo’s oil or organic peanut or canola oil as neededin a food processor combine everything except the oil until well blended. Add the oil just until the sauce is of the consistency you like. Adjust shoyu and chili to taste. Toss over spiralized zucchini or summer squash ‘noodles’. —-this year i am giving it as a gift to a friend, along with this cookbook: spiralizer cookbook: 45+ paleo spiralizer recipes to get you started-get creative with endless possibilities (spiralizer cookbook, spiralizer recipes,. Spiralizer recipe book, paleo cookbook)if you are thinking of getting a spiralizer, this is the one to get.

I may be premature in giving this spiral slicer 5 stars as i’ve only used it once, but so far i like it. It arrived just in time to make the zucchini spaghetti that i’d plan to make that day. It’s fully assemble with one blade in it. I did my homework and watched some youtube videos on how to use it before i ordered it. I removed the flat blade and changed it to one of the grooved blades without any problem. I cut the zucchini’s in half as they were too long to fit in the space. I had no trouble using the slicer. It made zucchini noodles very quickly. Even though i cut the zucchini, the noodles were still really long. We had to cut them to eat them.

The things i really like are that it is compact and that the produce rotates on a spike so you don’t get the wasted bit you get with the horizontal spiralizers. The interchangeable blades are easy to use and give a clean cut. The not so good is that it feels a bit flimsy and you are restricted to quite short lengths of produce. I find it easiest to hold the spiralizer in my hand over the bowl rather than resting it on the bench. When i use it resting on the bench i find that i run out of space underneath very quickly. Overall though i love this product.

Sunbeam HTM3 Hot Tea Maker : Great equipment but?

I have owned 3 of these over several years since they were introduced and basically wore out every one of them through constant use. It has the capacity to make hot tea with tea bags as well as loose tea (separate filter basket that fits into the tea bag basket). It also has a strength control for brewing. The only feature i wish it had was a stop and pour option like many coffee makers have. I tried stopping mine manually and i think that feature is not included because the tea tastes different at the beginning than when the total brewing is finished.

I purchased this from walmart and have it in white color. I like the look of the black too after seeing it here on amazon. Anyway, this tea maker works great. Now i’ve had it for almost 10 months, i’ve never had any problems with it. After i bought it, i definitely drink tea more often, which has made my life healthier. It’s so easy to use and care for (basically just cleaning the pot once in a while). I like the warming feature and adjustable steeping level. The little basket is very convenient and you could mix tea bags and make your own favorite. The first thing i do every morning is to turn this tea maker on and have a hot cup of tea. It’s a great product and i would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle and likes to drink tea.

Sunbeam HTM3 Hot Tea Maker, White

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  • Sunbeam HTM3 Hot Tea Maker

I’m so glad i bought this tea maker. I have only had this for about 3 weeks, and it makes perfect herb tea, that still taste good after siting hot for a few hours. I have only used tea bags,and will mix acouple of different types with my green tea. This does not turn off automaticly. There is a green light to let you know it’s on. This has a knob to turn if you want your tea mild , reg, or strong. I keep it on strong, as i drink herb tea, and feel i’m getting more antioxidents that way. Oz said when your makeing green tea, if you squeeze a , lemon, orange, or lime into your tea cup you will get all the good antioxidents from the green tea. If you do not, your basicly drinking flavored water.

Have had our sunbeam tea drop for about 3 weeks now and love it. The people who say it does not brew a strong enough cup of tea are full of beans. Before i got it, i was steeping my tea in boiling water for 15 minutes. There is no difference what so ever between the taste of the tea. (i was using green tea) it is wonderful not to have to go thru all of the extra steps and to have a perfectly brewed cup of tea in minutes. I’d buy another one when this one dies.

This was exactly what i was looking for. It makes a good cup of tea and keeps the extra warm. Small enough to fit near my computer so i can enjoy it without having to run to the kitchen constantly. My only complaint is that when i take it apart to clean after brewing that the tea drips inside and has to be wiped out. I would recommend this product. Edit: the carafe broke after i dropped it. I called to purchase a new one from sunbeam and, to my surprise, shipped me a free one at no charge.

Sunbeam HTM3 Hot Tea Maker, White : Kepp it hot without boiling it. Cold weather came last year and i wanted tea. I got one winter’s use out of it.

Like the guage for strength of the tea and the fact you can use loose or bagged tea.

I really like this tea maker. I purchased this one to replace the one i broke on accident. I have used this tea maker for years and years–i love it. I am not a tea snob; i experimented with tea bags until i got the right strength for my taste. I put it on full strength with 3 irish breakfast tea bags and it comes out beautifully. I don’t have to time my tea. I just fill, push the button, and ten minutes later i have perfectly steeped tea. If this one ever breaks, i will be in the market for another one.

I already own this tea drop, and have loved it since day one. My sister-in-law also loves tea, but was using a pot to boil water, and she was scalding her tea. My brother let me know how unhappy she was about that and i decided to surprise her. After the first cup of tea, she called and texted me about how excited she was. Now we are sharing tea websites online.

I drink a lot of tea, and i find this little unit is wonderfully consistent in brewing. It lends itself particularly well to the brewing of fine white or green teas for which, to protect the tea from a bitter or astringent taste, the water should not be brought to a boil. It also does a very nice job with most oolongs and even some black blends. If i am in a hurry, i’m generally satisfied with the results i get with black, rooibos, mate and herbals that require hotter water and longer steep times, but when i’m fussy about these latter varieties i use a teapot and infuser so i can control the results to my taste. I find the sunbeam hot tea maker extremely easy to use. I always use loose teas which, of course, get loose if i’m not careful. The trick is to take the infuser basket out when putting leaves into it.

Just as the amazon description illustrated,this little brewer does an exceptional job. . Quite a good price for this attractive, very functional appliance. Since christmas, it has been used several times a day on both loose and bagged teas.

This tea maker workers like a coffee maker, however the ‘steeping’ time is controlled by slowing the passage of the tea/water through the tea grounds into your cup when darker tea is desired. With about twice the normal amount of tea, you can get an okay cup of tea when you select the darkest setting. The trouble is, for really good tea, you want the water to be brought to a rolling boil and you want the water and the tea to stay in contact for 2 to 6 minutes depending on the kind of tea and the strength you like. Neither of these things happen with this tea maker so even when you add twice the amount of tea, you can get a darker cup, but you won’t get the kind of full-bodied tea taste that tea lovers like to savor. That said, this tea maker does keep the tea you have made nicely warmed, so that is a plus. If you’re not a fanatic for awesome tea and you don’t mind using twice as much tea, you might find this teapot a nice convenience.

I didn’t buy this tea maker for myself but for my husband who drinks about 5 cups a day. We had a tea kettle that we would heat up on a stove top but this tea maker saves us time and money on our electricity bill. He is a teacher so he can bring it in the classroom if he wanted to. It’s a wonderful concept– good tasting tea that is quick and easy to make whenever you want a cup. If you love to drink tea throughout the day, i recommend buying this tea maker. It is small enough to go with you to the office or stay at home.

If you like hot tea, this is a great buy. It comes with its own infuser/strainer so it works with loose tea as well as tea bags. You have variable settings so you can adjust the strength of the tea it makes. I not only use it for flavored teas but also for making an herbal tea at bedtime. And, if you just want to make just one or two cups of cocoa or spiced cider, you can use it to heat the water and keep it hot. Nothing like it for making tea though. Great gift for the tea lover.

It takes 3 tea bags to get 2 medium strength cups of tea. Husband isn’t very thrilled about it but he was using a stove tea kettle and would leave the water boiling for hours. I put a stop to that because i was afraid he go off to work and leave the gas stove running all day. When you compare it to burning the house down, it’s not such a bad deal. Update 9/25/13:we’ve been using this nonstop since purchase. You can heat the water with the tea bags in the holder or just put the tea bags directly in the carafe.

My grandmother was looking for a teapot that did more then just heat up water for her tea, and it seemed that every one that would do more then one cup of water at a time was just that. She uses her teapot every day, and goes through 2 to 3 pots a day and every time i see her she thanks me again for it.

I bought this tea maker for my boyfriend last year and i’m not exaggerating when i say that we use it everyday (maybe even twice a day) after one year of continuous work the little bugger is still going great. There are some obvious signs of use however, especially on the burner (from negligence in allowing the water to spill and what not) but it works fine just the same. I read a comment about it not steeping, which is true, but i don’t think it makes that big of a difference. This christmas i’m planning on buying him the expensive and fancy zafino (i think thats the name) although i don’t expect it to be much different. That product claims to steep at the right time needed for all the different tea types, i will update with the reality and whether it’s worth the $60 extra or whether this sunbeam is just as good for a better bargain. I own the white machine but i would definately suggest the black because mine tends to accumulate smudges of sorts and the exterior needs constant wiping down to look neat (when the tea hits the cover as it drips it splashes a bit). And am so glad to have it, not only is it convienent but my regular tea pots couldn’t stand up to our endless torture of tea brewing.

We have enjoyed using this tea drop for quite a while. I hope they will put it back in production because when i need another one,i will go first to sunbeam as their products have served us so well ever since my mom got her mixmaster many years ago.

Had one of these, for several years, which i loved. Perfect for one person that drinks more than one cup, but doesn’t want to waste a large pot. I’m sorry to find it is not available, new , at a reasonable price any longer i’d like something very similar to replace this.

Sunbeam has this tea maker, see?bright green power lamp when rocker switch is left on, so if you turn the lights out in the kitchen, glance back to know if it’s on, you will. Two foot power cord will store excess into its back with a locknotch, so you can keep cat from tripping on it. Nice feature on fill reservoir in back of unit is a rubber water exit hole above the max fill line. If you don’t look and fill it twice, say, it will oops, leak out the back, not onto the case with the heater in it, due to the rubber part and a curved back on the unit, keep the carafe from overflow in front, and remind you that you blew it over and over as you soak up the puddle. Five position steep time changer is iffy, but yes, it does do something. This is a mechanical lever that ups&downs the filler tube in the brew basket. My unit, with lever on strong, from cold start fills pot in 5. 0min, after that, 4 1/2 plus or minus five seconds.

The tea drop arrived when it was supposed to and serves us great every morning.

Difficult to find for purchase. In my opinion, price is a little expensive but i use this tea maker every single day. Easy to use and i like to keep the extra tea warm until i’m ready for another cup. I’m not a sophisticated tea drinker so i use tea bags rather than loose tea for ease of brewing and cleaning.

Juicepresso Best Juicer Cold Press Juicer is Dishwasher Safe & Easy to Clean : Five Stars

It’s a great company and would recommend.

I’ve had a good juicer for years. And i haven’t used it for years. The best juicer is the one you use. Simply put, because it is easy and simple to clean it gets used. Great demo locally here in clackamas. Introduced to ginger from asian markets and all it’s benefits. Great zing to the already tasty recipes. Looking forward to trying recipes using the pulp for baking and real curious about veggie burgers. I highly recommend this, especially anyone who has not had a pleasant experience with other juicers.

Juicepresso Best Juicer Cold Press Juicer is Dishwasher Safe & Easy to Clean

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    by entering your model number.

This is a cold press juicer. So there is some pulp with your juice.

I really like this juicer, it’s my 2nd one and i use it almost everyday. It clogs up some with the celery but otherwise i just love it.

We got this juicer for christmas and have absolutely loved it. We’ve used it so much because it is so easy. We use it multiple times per day and so far it has held up really well. We basically cleaned out our refrigerator and were able to use all kinds of veggies and fruits. One tip is to alternate things that aren’t as juicy (like spinach or kale) with juicier fruits (apples, pear) so the juice can ‘clean out’ anything that may get stuck. This has turned us into juice people, haha.

Juicepresso Best Juicer Cold Press Juicer is Dishwasher Safe & Easy to Clean : My whole family is hooked on juicing and the clean up makes it so easy. It goes right in the dishwasher.

Purchased this for my girl friend and she loves it. The juicer has been in use multiple times everyday since christmas. Easy to use and very easy to clean up. She really likes how this system extracts the solid material so you can use this to make as much juice as you need without having to stop and clean the device out.

East to use and easy to clean. The trick is to not to overload the juicer and it works great.

Easy to use and clean and takes up very little space. Will be adding this to my christmas gift list this year.

I am having so much fun juicing everything with no issues.

After a lot of looking around and comparing products on the market, the juicepresso seemed the best for me. Wanted something that was small enough to keep on my counter but still had the cold pressed technology which means i can juice less often. This juicer is super easy to operate and most importantly clean. Saving a fortune juicing at home for my family with this juicer. Extremely happy with this purchase.

I received this as a very generous gift to help keep me healthy through chemotherapy. It’s a huge hit with three generations of our family. I watched as my 11 yo and 70+ yo father figured it out on their own in short order. The reviews were more than 5 star.My son asked us to get more fruit at the store, so he can make breakfast. From box to fresh juice to clean up was quick and easy. A fantastic product for our entire family.

Best juicer ever and easy to clean.

Pros: quiet, good-looking, small footprint, easy to clean, fun to watch the action, great tasting juice, good safety features, prompt customer servicecons: not heavy duty. Make sure you cut the carrots, beets, etc. Into thinner slices or smaller chunks to feed the juicer. Don’t try to feed a whole bunch of parsley in at once, and cut off the stems when you do, lest they clog the mechanism. Be careful the rubber wipers inside the bottom of the spiral unit stay in when you wash it by hand or in the dishwasher. We lost one of ours and called customer service. They mailed us replacements immediately. Don’t be fooled by the picture showing a little bit of carrot pulp and a lot of carrot juice. That’s opposite of what actually happens with carrots. Overall: we’ve had ours since christmas 2014 and love it.

I love my juicepresso home cold pressed juicer. I make 3 days of juice at a time and the juice stays fresh and tasty. I rinse the drum and screw in about 10 seconds and then throw them in the dish washer so clean up is super easy. Way less expensive than buying juice and easier to use and clean than the others i’ve used in the past.

It is good for making juice.

Produces quality, delicious, healthy, cold pressed juice. We looked for a product like this for years but could never find something that was perfect. They should rename it to ‘juiceperfecto’. Stop searching and reading reviews. This is what you’re looking for.

I purchased this after trying to find a better juicer than my previous breville ‘fast’ juicer. Every time i would put greens into the breville juicer, because of the speed, it would simply go in and get chopped up and right back out. Also because of the speed and power when i would juice beets the red juice would spray from any place it could. I would end up with spots on my kitchen walls, face, shirt, etc.The breville also had a slow speed and fast speed, but somehow the motor decided it would only work on one speed. Every piece i would put in the motor would overheat and stop requiring that i keep turning it off and on. What a painenter the juicepresso. This juicer is so slow in the best way possible. As soon as i turned it on i thought there’s no way it will juice a piece of carrot, this thing is so flimsy. I started with some grapes and tasted the pure juice and never have i seen so much juice come from juicing grapes. My husband even came over and started eating the grape pulp that was coming out. Juiced apples, kale (sucessfully, finally), carrots, mint, etc. The final product was clear with less pulp than the breville.

It will juice greens just not as effeicently.

Very nice machine quite and good taste.

Excellent juicer, easy to use and extremely easy to clean.

It’s innovative design make juice prep and clean up a breeze. Don’t hesitate to buy this juicer.

T-fal Emeril by CY4000 Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Electric Pressure Cooker, Awesome Pressure Cooker

Great features with the saute, brown and simmer settings. Who wants a slow cook setting on a pressure cooker, which is what most of them have. Love the basket which can be placed in the liquid or set above for certain meats. This has the same features as the cuisinart but had problems with it coming to pressure; half the time would just boil. Has a great recipe book from emeril. Have had a couple before this one but this is the best thus far.

This pressure cooker is the only electric cooker i have used that gets high enough pressure to cook pork roast properly. It is the top rated electric cooker for a reason.

I used to cook chicken bone broth, chicken soup, beef bone broth, beef stew taking hours on the stove but no longer. And it is not scary like the old manual pressure cooker. It can brown, and it can steam (i do artichokes in it all the time). I cook boiled eggs (4 minutes on low) in it also. It takes a while to get a feel of how long you should cook chicken (it makes the meat very dry if you overcook it) and beef too (although less sensitive than chicken) but you get a feel after a while. Can’t really do green veggies like green beans, brussels sprouts if you like your veggies super-crisp, but if you like your veggies on the mushy side, i guess 2-3 minutes on low would do it. Overall, it is a great product since it saves you tons of time and probably tons in electric bills.

Key specs for Emeril by T-fal CY4000 Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Electric Pressure Cooker, 6-Quart, Silver:

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  • 6-quart capacity non-stick and dishwasher-safe cooking pot
  • Automatic control of temperature and pressure during cooking; Three preset cooking modes: Brown, Simmer and Sauté
  • Digital LED countdown timer starts automatically once under pressure and lets you know how much time remains
  • Hermetically sealed locking lid for complete safety and peace of mind; Steam basket and condensation collector included
  • 1,000 watts of power; Recipe book included with 47 recipes from Chef Emeril and T-fal; 1-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Awesome Pressure Cooker
, amazing, my favorite kitchen appliance
, Total winner. Recommend without reservations!

The pressure cooker and amazon are greatour chief concern is the very poor instructions that are included with the cooker. This could be a very dangerous item, yet instructions on its use are minimal. Still, we are pleased, but additional information would be very useful.

I have never been more satisfied with a cooking product than i am with this pressure cooker. It cooks delicious food and it is quick and very easy to work with. I bought my 20 year old daughter one as well and she is mastering it quickly. I also recommended it to friends who say they are spoiled by the ease of using this cooker. Not only does it cook quickly and thoroughly, it is so easy to clean up. Just remove the insert and because it is no-stick, it cleans in a snap. If asked to give up all my kitchen appliances and only keep one, this would be the one to keep.

box was completely destroyed but no damage to item.

I use this at least three times a week. It is so easy to dump everything in there and set it for about an hour and the meat fall off the bone and the flavors are infused.

Tickled pink with this pressure cooker. I can easily brown and then pressure cook or slow cook foods. Pan is heavy and washes up well in dishwasher. Be sure to use wooden or plastic utensils w pot, though. Lid is easy to clean under the faucet. The whole appliance is heavy and well made. I really have no complaints about it. My food comes out precisely as expected. May i suggest you buy hip pressure cooking cookbook as a companion?. This is my most successful cooking purchase all year. This pressure cooker is a 5 star winner.

I have enjoyed this so much. So easy and safe to use, food even taste better. Non stick, dishwasher safe and very durable.

I ‘m still getting use to a different style of cooking.

This is an amazing pressure cooker. No problems ever with cooking and the food comes out fantastic. However, i have a warning for all those out there who purchase this. Do not scratch the bottom of the pan (basically, don’t use metal utensils). If scratched, you can no longer use it and getting a replacement insert is a royal pain. The company t-fal gets the inserts from has had the inserts backordered for almost a year. Sadly for me, some ex-friends of my boyfriend ruined my cooker on purpose, knowing this, and now i have to buy another pressure cooker since the inserts are still on backorder. Be careful not to scratch it.

Love this cooker, easy to use and food tastes great. Has a small cookbook that comes with it to get you started. I purchased another book great food fast that works well with this cooker.

It comes in handy with working a full day and having to cook for a family. No need to heat up the oven (and house).

Like most people i know who have had occasion to use one of the old fashioned stove top pressure cooker, i have a story of mishap related to the pressure cooker. I once opened my old pressure cooker only to have boiling hot water splash all over me. While i was wearing a swimsuit. Thank god i was able to quickly get in the shower, thus avoiding a disaster. I find the pressure cooker extremely useful when cooking certain dishes, but after that incident i swore i’d never use it again. So, imagine my delight when i discovered this electric pressure cooker by emeril. I watched a television program where, emeril himself demonstrated the use of this cooker; i decided to give it a try. I am soooo happy i didthis pressure cooker is amazing. It’s so easy to use and with all the safety features, it’s just about impossible to have a mishap while cooking with it. I use this cooker to maker stews, chili, soups, rice, gumbo, and a whole host of other dishes. It’s user friendly, cooking times are super quick, and clean up is a dream.There is a safety mechanism that prevents you from opening the lid until the internal pressure is depressurized.

Fast shipping goodx quality.

Use it at least 3 times a week.

It arrived with two large dents. I blame the way it was packaged. I cannot leave it out on countertop because of its’ appearance. Although, it does operate just fine.

This is my first electric pressure cooker. You don’t have to continually monitor & adjust the stove burner temperature. Pressure cookers work much faster than simply cooking things on the stove. I’ve found that our food comes out with better texture and taste than if it cooks slower.

Fantastic, we are loving it. At the price we paid for this item on sale and with the free delivery, we are very satisfied customers.

This is the best purchase for the kitchen that i have ever made. This pressure cooker has literally changed the way i cook every day. I use this cooker almost every single day. I use to be scared of using a pressure cooker but this is so easy and safe that it would be hard to mess up too bad. I love that i can brown and saute right in the cooker, then when i am ready, i just crank the pressure up and let it cook. Once its done tenderizing or cooking whatever i am making, i can then open it back up and continue with the browning or saute options. It is like having another stove burner. I am an american and i cook a lot of desi food for my mixed race, pakistani and american family. The curry and salan dishes tend to take hours to make and require so many steps. This cooker has reduced the cooking time so drastically that i now spend only about 30 min making a pakistani style dish for my family.

Have only used this once and very pleased with it. Plan to use it more soon, it tenderizes meat so well. It arrived the next day (i have prime, and it was a two-day item)–i was very impressed with the speedy delivery, too.

I bought this to rapidly cook beans and stews and it is very effective in this task. I have not used it for many of the other things but being able to cook dried beans with spices and herbs, sauteed onions and so forth adds a great deal to their flavor as opposed to adding them to canned beans which i find never infuses the flavor as well without overcooking the beans to a mush. With some experimentation i have learned how long to cook different varieties of beans precisely to the doneness i like without having to stand guard over the pot.

If you have worried about using a pressure cooker before, worry no more. The cooker will not function if it is not closed properly. You can take meat directly from the freezer add what liquid you want and cook regular amount of time, it is done perfectly. So far, i have used most of my regular recipes, adjusted for liquid if needed and they have come out great. The cookbook is helpful and what recipes i’ve tried are wonderful.

I bought this as a gift and they just love it. They cook with it at least 3-4 times a week. Their only complaint is they wish there was an option to buy another pot insert so they can easily cook more things in it.