Zippy Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper : neat little popper.

I purchased this on the 11th of march 2015 and cannot remember if i wrote a review or not, so here goes. This makes the very best popcorn i’ve ever had and i eat a lot of popcorn, sometimes even have it for dinner while watching a dvd. I use 3 tablespoons of canola oil and 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels; the kernels i use are jolly time select- premium yellow non-gmo which can be found here on amazon. About a month ago, the little knob on the turning handle came off and i was having a hard time using it because i had to hold onto the piece with a pot holder, so i wrote to the company to ask about buying a replacement. Even though i was past the 2 year warranty, they immediately mailed me a whole new lid at no cost to me. Hard to believe in this day and age but it’s true. If you love popcorn, i encourage you to try one of these zippy pop products. So much better for you than the microwave packets and makes better popcorn than other machines and i’ve tried a lot of them over my 73 years.

We are hard-core popcorn lovers and have used stir-crazy poppers for years. When the last one bit the dust, we decided to try something that doesn’t need to be flipped, and easier to clean. All kernels are popped, and it is easy to add unmelted butter through the small hole.

Arrived right on time and had been perfectly described…. The very best popcorn popper ever. When the knob detached, the company sent another one overnight at no cost.

. But it’s hard to pour the popcorn into a bowl because if the spinners on the lid.

  • Best Popcorn Maker Ever
  • love love love this popper!
  • This is the one for me.

Zippy Pop Red Stovetop Popcorn Popper with Glass Lid, 5-1/2 Quart Capacity

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  • Premium aluminum pot with non-stick interior, finished in a colorful pop of red
  • Innovative design features patented tumbling mechanism and vented, tempered glass lid
  • Patented tumbling mechanism features a unique stationary baffle and propeller arms to coat each kernel with seasoning
  • Create custom snack mixes by adding ingredients such as chocolate, caramel and more through the silicone covered flavor port
  • Dishwasher safe and built to last; 5-1/2 Quart Capacity; 10-Inch diameter

But of oil, bit of popcorn, equals snack heaven. Easy enough for a man to use. I don’t have microwave so i was shaking pan over stove for popcorn. Sure it was great exercise, but not so much fun when movie was getting ready to start. Now less than 5 minutes (we timed it)and yummy fluffy goodness.

This is an excellent product. I held off on the review to see how it would do with frequent use. The non-stick surface really is.And the popcorn turns out perfectly. I just wipe it down with a paper towel. The handle is sturdy and it doesn’t get hot.

Well, the 3 little friction tabs on the rim of the pan fell off during the 2nd use and i think i ate one. The pan pops the corn very well but is somewhat cumbersome to use.

I really liked this product, but lost the little rubber stopper making it completely worthless. Couldn’t find a replacement stopper.

Size is medium, so if you have a family bigger than 4 you may choose one bigger.

I’ve read a few bad reviews on this but honestly it worked perfectly. It worked much better than we expected. I used 1/2cup of corn which is max but you can pop that much. 1/2 cup ends up being about a 1 gallon ziplock bag of popped corn. Overall i am very satisfied with this purchase.

Very sturdy turning mechanism and the non-stick coating is great. I use this to make kettle corn and the melted sugar wipes right off.

This does a wonderful job of popping almost every kernel. We’ve only used it a couple of times, but are completely satisfied with the popcorn it makes. I would deem it flawless, except that storing this with the handle in the lid is a challenge. Ours needs to sit on a shelf in the laundry room for want of enough storage in the kitchen.

The popcorn popper is definitely heavy duty. I am giving a 4 because the red is coming off onto my stove burners. Other than that it would recommend it.

Second one i’ve purchased and this one seems to be better made.

I bought this to roast coffee because of the glass lid; however, the paddles don’t touch the bottom, so i used a different glass lid and stood at the stove shaking the pan like i was in a jiffy pop commercial. Fortunately, i come from strong pioneer stock and was able to handle this chore, but i could have achieved the same results with the pot that came with the lid i used.

It was a gift but i received prompt shipment and item was as described.

Much better than old whirly pop. Glass top is easy to see when things are about done, easy to add and mix salt/flavors through the hole. Toss in dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Lots of fun gathering together and popping the old fashioned way.

Pops great without super high heat.

This is such a cool popcorn popper, because you can add the butter and salt while it’s in the pot, then pour into a bowl piping hot, ready to dig in. Plan to give a bunch as gifts.

Not sure i’d buy again doesn’t cook popcorn to evenly i don’t love it.

This popper is small, but sufficient. I purchased it because i had bought some popcorn mixture and did not realize it was not microwave ready. It is as pictured, but light weight.

Cuisinairre Electric Deep Fryer – Three Stars

This deep fryer is the best that i have found for the price. I have owned many deep fryers throughout the years this fryer is easy to take apart to clean which is a great feature also it is very fast on heating time and recovery time with frozen foods. The dial is the only thing that i would change the temperature is written in centigrade and not fahrenheit. This is by far the best fryer that i have ever spent money on.

Very happy with purchase and performance of product. Deep fried 1,1/2 lbs of black grouper at one time, we all loved it.

Love at first crispy bite the 1st fryer i bought from this company is a double fryer, and we love it. But, we found that most times it was too big. So, i bought the same fryer, but the single unit. ( will use the double unit for when we entertain )both units are great. When you set the temp, it stays at that temp. Exceptionally easy to clean. compared to most ‘home’ fryers, food fried in this commercial type fryeris much less greasy – i assume it is because it cooks at a higher temperature for a shorter length of time. we fried fish, then chicken, then fries and there was no flavor transfer. It also may be because of frying at high but consistent temperature. Be aware – when plugging this commercial type fryer in, unplug everything else from that receptacle, or you might pop a circuit breaker.

As a southerner and the primary cook in this household, the ability to deep fry is critical to me. Not just because we eat a lot of fried foods as we don’t, but when we do, the foods must be fried perfectly. It’s part of the tradition and heritage we embrace. This is a replacement for a deep fryer that lost the ability to heat properly, but after many years of use it was time to put it out of it’s misery. Since i only deep fry a maximum of one day a week, i was looking for a deep fryer that would meet our needs and not break the bank, otherwise i would have gone for a $400+ commercial machine. First off, this is not a true commercial machine, but at this price i didn’t expect it to be, nor should you. It does, however, allow you to achieve restaurant quality deep fried foods at a fraction of the cost as long as you’re not doing production cooking. Let’s face it, putting food into a deep fryer drops the oil temperature drastically and if your fryer can’t recover quickly enough, you’re going to get greasy food. At 1800 watts, this thing recovers much faster than say a 900 or 1200 watt fryer +1. I use this on a 20 amp circuit (nothing else on the circuit while frying) and have no breaker issues +1.

I purchased a cheaper brand and as able to use it one time before it messed up. So i did some more research and found this fryer. Ordered it and i have been amazed at the quality, convienence and ease of use. I would highly recommend this product. We have family gatherings and the size is perfect to prepare enough food for 8 to 12 people.

As someone who has worked in a few different commercial kitchens, i’ve never really been happy with my fry daddy. Moving to this model has been night and day. I am extremely happy with this fryer and this is as close to a commercial fryer you can get home without getting a commercial fryer.

  • More than adequate, less than perfect, but a pretty good buy.
  • Works Well
  • This thing is not as easy to clean as some of the smaller fryers

I am so glad i finally replaced my old deep fryer. This one gets hotter and hold more than my old one so i am able to cook larger batches when i do wings so that i can get them done faster. Some other reviews stated sharp edges, i was prepared with sand paper and dremmel, but did not need them: i did not have any edges that were too sharp. Wish i would have know about this fryer a long time ago.

Heats quickly to proper temps (350f – 390f) as verified with a candy thermometer and maintained those temps well. While not quite as heavy grade stainless as a true commercial restaurant fryer (however it’s $100’s of dollars less) it certainly is built well enough for the most demanding home kitchen and weekend use at a fair, social or the like. Others have mentioned sharp edges but i haven’t had any problems in that regard.

It does a good job frying, but as with any residential unit you need to make sure you don’t put too much in at at once. Residential outlets won’t provide enough power to allow a heating element to maintain temperature if you add a lot of cold items. This isn’t a dig against this unit, just a fact that will be common to every household unit. This unit needs to be turned up to its max temperature to fry nicely, don’t bother with the temperatures on the dial. Also, as others have noticed, there are a lot of sharp edges on this unit. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but you definitely need to be careful when cleaning the unit. The basket handle (that is removable) also pops out of place very easily, which can make removing food from the basket a challenge. Overall it’s worth the price, just don’t think this will be a ‘slick’ countertop unit; it’s utilitarian and will get the job done but that’s about it.

It’s easy to clean, very roomy. Can cook quite a bit more than the average fryer. I would rrecommend this to all my friends.

Okay, don’t break this beast out to fry french fries for one person. This thing is not as easy to clean as some of the smaller fryers, so it really should only be used to fry a good number of servings of whatever you are frying. However, it is not billed as a small fryer, so that is not a knock on this fryer. Additionally, because it separates into a number of pieces, i can get it cleaner than other, smaller fryers i have had. Also, because the oil pan separates, i found it easier to pour out the oil into the filter i use. This think is great for frying for parties, and that’s what i bought it for, and it is fantastic. The temperature heats up quickly and holds very well while frying.

Features of Electric Deep Fryer, 13L 1.65KW Multifunctional French Fries Machine -Temperature Control Timing Stainless Steel for Household Commercial Restaurant (Sliver 13L)

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  • 🌹【13L Large Capacity】This 13L 1650W Single Tank Electric Deep Fryer features stainless steel construction, timer control and drainage faucet. It is designed for commercial uses, such as restaurants, supermarkets, fast food shops, snack bars, etc.
  • 🌹【Advanced Heating System】Advanced oil temperature heating system which provides the ideal frying temperature to help seal the food’s exterior for minimal oil absorption and healthier fried foods.
  • 🌹【Automatical Timer & Oil Filter】60-minute timer for controlling the cooking time. Heavy duty copper faucet style drain for edible oil releasing; Patented automatic oil filtration system which automatically drains and filters oil for future use. Permanent odor filter helps control odors for more comfort when cooking.
  • 🌹【SAFETY GUARANTEED】Temperature limiter for safety – it can cut off power automatically when the temperature controller breaks down and the working temperature is over.
  • 🌹【Satisfaction Guarantee】Simoner sincerely provides high quality service for customers. If you have any question about our product, please contact our customer service and we will reply in 24 hours.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

While i haven’t had an opportunity to use this fryer, it appears to be commercial grade, and restaurant quality. The temperature is rated in celsius, but with a bit of conversion, it is not that big of a deal.

Holds temp better than others this means you dont have to wait for itto reheat as i have most home fryers.

Did not know how cheaply it was made i will tell everyone not to buy it. What i paid for was way to much.

Works well but remember you get what you pay for. It’s pretty inexpensive and it’s made pretty well. The edges, as reviewed, are very sharp. Also the basket handle won’t stay in the basket. But after using twice, those are the only complaints. I’m not disappointed in my purchase. Happy with it but would make minor changes.

We bought this deep fryer because we wanted one a little bigger than we had. This is a good fryer we have been using it for a few months now and have had no problems. It you just want a good home fryer this is a good deal.

The unit heats up quickly and holds the temperture well. Only problem that i have is that there are a couple of sharp metal edges that you have to be careful of when handling the parts.

🌹【13L Large Capacity】This 13L 1650W Single Tank Electric Deep Fryer features stainless steel construction, timer control and drainage faucet.

I did not like how it was packaged in the box. The box scratched the stainless. Anyway i cleaned it all up and put the oil in. This is when i noticed that the unit was in centigrade. They did ship a conversion chart from centigrade to fahrenheit with the unit. So i tossed in some cheese stick and i was very happy how the turned out. To me the best thing is the unit completely comes apart with ease for cleaning. I would recommend this unit to friends. I will also update later to let others know how the unit is working at a later date.

Fryer is awesome, works like a champ, simple clean up, shipping came quick as promised. I would recommend this based on the price and funtionality.

Love it can’t ask batter then that.

I have had several household deep fryers in the past. Could not get hot enough and/or could not recover fast enough after sinking the food into the oil. This one does both with remarkable results. About as straightforward as you can get. Turn on the knob to the desired temp and have at it. Draws a lot of amps, so make sure your kitchen set up can handle it. I’ve had it for almost a year and have fried wings, french fries, fish, etc. Everything comes out crispy.

Work as describe,very easy to clean. I wish this frier has an alarm when oil get to temperature.

The lid has real sharp edges,sliced my finger real bad. I had to deburr the entire lid. Took the knob off the top to peel the protective cover off their were two big burrs their too,other than that its a good fryer.

🌹【Advanced Heating System】Advanced oil temperature heating system which provides the ideal frying temperature to help seal the food’s exterior for minimal oil absorption and healthier fried foods.

There are five people in our family, and as the kids have grown, we found that the fry daddy simply wasn’t big enough to make enough fries for dinner in one batch. We either ended up with oil soaked french fries (yuk), or had to make them in two batches, or both. In this fryer, i can make more than enough for the family in one batch. Because of the amount of oil it holds (six quarts), and the 20 amp heating element, a full basket of french fries barely seems to phase it. It cooks much more quickly, and things don’t end up soaked in oil because of the oil temperature drop. I haven’t timed it, but it heats up in about the amount of time you would expect; around ten minutes. The thermostat works well after you figure out the temperature conversion from fahrenheit to celsius. Yes, the temperature control is in celsius. It was very easy to put together, and so far, has worked flawlessly.

Unit was purchased to fry ribbon cut potato fries at football games as a fundraiser for the team. The unit heats up quickly and seems to hold temp very well. I gave it 4 stars because there are razor sharp edges (as stated in earlier reviews). I sliced my fingers twice when cleaning it. Other than that, it was a great investment. Our booster club hopes to purchase an additional unit in the future.

We have had good frying with it. Swe resently had a weird freaker thing on a sunday. Called them on that monday and sent the new out and got it on wednesday. Thankyou sheadow ridge trading company for the very quick responce.

Well engineered, works well, though there are a few sharp edges that need to avoided. Large oil capacity and powerful heating element make for less temperature drop and crisp product.

It’s my favorite kitchen item. Had i known about this product a little earlier then my life would have been a lot better.

It works really good butonly one think it’s very dangerous to clean i cut my finger times.

This baby does a great job frying anything and cleans easily. The fryer also stores nicely.

🌹【Automatical Timer & Oil Filter】60-minute timer for controlling the cooking time. Heavy duty copper faucet style drain for edible oil releasing; Patented automatic oil filtration system which automatically drains and filters oil for future use.

Daughter loves the new bigger fryer. Easy to clean and easier to use.

Great product, cook well, but it gets pretty hot.

Heats up oil fast, has the perfect capacity for our needs.

Before stepping up to commercial fryer.

This deep fryer works just fine. Heat recovery time is decent. The whole stainless steel structure comes apart for easy cleaning. Be very careful when handling the parts as they all have sharp edges. The heating coil is permanently attached to the electronics but heating cools can be cleaned by hand easily. Everything else can go in the dishwasher. I would recommend buying an oil filtering cone and stand to keep the oil fresh.

🌹【SAFETY GUARANTEED】Temperature limiter for safety –

Homeleader 70 oz Professional Countertop Blender : large size is great, solid motor and speed control

I love this blender yes the top is plastic which i love because i cannot handle the weight of real glass blenders with arthritis, and carpul tunnel. It’s pretty modern looking and very easy to use. Very forceful and easy to clean.

Overall a good blender, however the lcd display’s integrity will fade due to the vibrations from the motor.

Good blender – own it about a year now, so far no issues with that.

I bought this blender to make green smoothies after borrowing a friend’s ninja. The ninja, although powerful, did not blend things completely smooth. My 9 year old refused to drink them and she had loved them in the past. This blender is easy to use and clean, and the “smoothie” setting makes perfect smoothies. I use chunks of frozen fruit and this blender gets through it easily. The “smoothie” setting is alarming at first. It starts and stops repeatedly and i thought it was broken.

  • Excellent product. Durable
  • large size is great, solid motor and speed control

Homeleader 70 oz Professional Countertop Blender, LCD Screen, 1500W 9 Speed Commercial Multifunctional Power Blender, Black, K12-017

Only had it for about a month, but so far it’s exactly what i wanted. Plenty of power, good pre-sets (especially the smoothie one).

Chopped up ice and everything we put into it so far without any issues.

Works much better than my bullet. It’s worth the price and i absolutely love love love this product.

High quality blender overall, large size is great, solid motor and speed control. Jenky user experience (way too much button pushing). Also i somehow broke off a small piece of plastic from the cap which used to lock it into place. I guess i turned it the wrong direction but i feel like it broke a little too easily.

My neighbors and i get together often for drinks and we alternate who is making the drinks. In the summer we prefer to blend up frozen drinks and smoothies to combat the hot weather. This blender is great for making frozen drinks, the consistency is exactly as desired. The blender has multiple pre-set settings that just require you to select by turning the knob and hitting start. There is a smoothie setting which is what i used to makes the drinks. There is also a manual option that allows you to set the blend time and speed. You can start and stop the blender at any time using start/stop button. Overall the blender is pretty self-explanatory to get set up and to use. I have another well-known name brand blender and this homeleader blenders performs just as well as that blender. I have tested out the various settings with different foods, and the performance has consistently out-performed my expectations.

 i am super impressed by how powerful this blender is. We had a big gathering at our house yesterday and the blender was in constant use because i used to be a mixologist (aka, bartender) so everyone always expects awesome, over-the-top drinks whenever i host an event. I was too busy to take time to shoot any video of drinks being made yesterday, plus the fact that i had a house full of people so that would’ve been weird. Instead, i decided to make myself and my husband some frozen cherry lime margaritas tonight and i filmed the process. I didn’t show how i layered the ingredients because doing that while holding the camera would have been difficult, so i’ll just tell you what i did. I added a bunch of ice, i topped the ice with a bag of frozen pitted cherries, i added a can of frozen limeade, then i added a half can of tequila (i “measured” the half can by filling the empty limeade can). I set the blender to the “smoothie” setting and let it do its thing. You can see how powerful the blender is and the end result is a perfectly smooth frozen drink. It absolutely produces professional, restaurant quality results. In comparison to my ninja blender, this one takes the cake when it comes to speed and performance.

I have been using a vitamix blender for years until it broke recently. I’ve been looking for a new one and found this brand and it seemed very nice. The blender arrived promptly as promised and came well packaged to prevent damage of any kind. As soon as the blender arrived, i checked it out to see if there were any imperfections or damage and am happy that it came in perfect condition. It was also very easy to put together and all the parts were accounted for. The included parts are the steam cup, lid, sealing ring, jug, drive socket in the unit and it comes with a spare, the tamper, and the unit base itself. I made sure to clean this before using by putting it on the top shelf of my dishwasher. I wasn’t sure if it was dishwasher safe but it did well and no pieces were damaged in the dishwasher. I put it all back together and got set to use it. The large knob on the front allows you to choose from many different programs such as; fruit & vegetable, soy milk, sauce, nuts, bisque, and smoothie.

In our married life, we’ve probably gone through 15 blenders. It’s usually the margaritas with the ice that kills them. It got to where we no longer made smoothies or used a blender at all because the glass always cracked or the plastic screw that holds the glass would crack. Consider an oster or hamilton beach blender a paper airplane. In comparison, this would be a stealth jet. This is high tech, commercial looking and there’s no little cutesy elements to it. The blending glass is huge (70 ounce) and holds alot. Yet you start mixing ice with some simple sugar and a little gin and it blends beautifully into heaven.

It really works well, but a bit bulk blender.

We had owned many blenders before this one, but there has never been a match for this homeleader 70 oz professional countertop blender, lcd screen, 1500w 9 speed commercial multifunctional power blender, black, k12-017, including ninja professional blender we had to return for another brand. This is quieter than other blender we have ever had. The name “lanre sule” will be displayed with your feedback.

My husband ordered this blender for me for christmas in lieu of the more expensive blender i really wanted. First i want to say this blender has a serious motor. I think it could blend a piece of wood. Fruit smoothies were super creamy (no chunks). I really disliked the control panel. It was such a pain to switch to smoothie setting. The knob seems to turn without it switching settings and you have scroll through all the settings to get to one. It was more difficult to switch to manual settings to blend/chop something. We returned it because it is not as user friendly as we would like.

Revised review 5/5/2017:after a couple of months of testing and using this blender, i’m ready to write a better-informed review. Positives:+ large pitcher; light weight (plastic)+ powerful motor; processes everything smooth+ many handy preset ‘programs’+ manual options for simple jobsnegatives:- plastic pitcher (i would prefer glass; many others prefer plastic for lighter weight)- clunky knob operation; lcd difficult to read- lid parts flimsy; thin plastic fragile- lid does not stay on when processing a full pitcher; it must be held down. (tip: inserting the feeder-hole cover after the lid is already in place seems to relieve the pressure and keep the lid better in place. )once i figured out the quirks and the program options, this blender seems to do a good job on my two main tasks: breakfast smoothies and chia puddings. However, the dial and the lcd screen have already started behaving differently from when i started using it. I will be using it only six months of the first year, so i expect it to last at least until the end of the 1-year warranty. I am somewhat leery of the fact that the blades don’t come off for cleaning. However, as suggested by another user, running it a few seconds with warm water and dish detergent seems to do the trick. – comment: all the 5-star reviews seem to be written by hospitality-service professionals who received free samples of the blender for review. I can understand giving this blender 5 stars if it’s free, but i do expect more from an investment of over $150 of my hard-earned money.

Durable, doesn’t bounce around – the grandkids love the smoothie feature 🙂 and so do i.

Chef’sChoice Electric Kettle – Hot Water Pot

Just like the model it replaced.

This electric kettle actually boils the water which is needful for the tea leaves to properly steep and make a decent cup of tea. Other brands tend to simply heat the water not bring it to a rolling boil.

Received a chef’s choice cordless electric kettle as a gift from a dear friend 7 years ago. We used it faithfully everyday until the clip securing the top became corroded and fell off. I searched the web for a replacement. The order was processed efficiently and we are utilizing the kettle again on a daily basis. Here are the specifications for the Chef’sChoice Electric Kettle:

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  • Large capacity 1.7L kettle has a concealed heating element so there’s no water build up of mineral deposits.
  • Cordless kettle has 1500 watts of power which boils water faster than a stove or microwave.
  • Automatic shut off; boil dry safe shut-off protection.
  • Convenient water level gauge, push button lid opening and illuminated on/ off switch.
  • High quality brushed stainless steel and cool touch bottom.

I like:- the stainless still design- boils the water quickly- round base – easy put back on base from any directioni don’t like:- the cover cannot be detached – inconvenient to fill water or clean- the water level indicator is behind the handle – difficult to seesummary:does the job very well and also looks good, slightly inconvenient to fill and clean.

I initially purchased a plastic kettle, as that is what i’m used to in hotel rooms when i travel, especially in asia. The first one came cracked and i returned it to amazon and they sent me another one. That one didn’t sit right on the base, and ended up not making electrical contact unless i held it down. So i returned that one and didn’t want another plastic one, and ordered this stainless steel one from chef’s choice. It works as it is supposed to, looks great, and is very solid. The one thing is that it doesn’t shut off right away after boiling. This delay causes a lot of hot steam to rise from the spout until it shuts off, so you won’t want to place this under a cabinet during use as the steam could affect the bottom of your wood cabinets.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great value for me + repair tip!
  • Works well
  • Perfect gift for tea lovers.

After traveling to australia for three weeks, my parents returned with many stories. One was a side note about how every hotel room they stayed in had an electric tea pot, and they had tea every single day, sometimes more then once. I didn’t see a different between a microwaved cup of water and a tea kettle, but since my dad raved about the convenience, i thought it would make a perfect christmas gift for someone who is notorious for ‘having everything. ‘i searched online, read reviews, and contemplated. I wanted to get him a nice kettle. Not something that would break after two weeks. I found the chef’s choice and liked how it looked, liked the price, and was pleased with the positive reviews. So i purchased it and gifted to dad. Since christmas my dad has emailed, texted, and called to say how much he loves this kettle. My mom even tells me how great it is whenever she is drinking tea while talking to me on the phone.

This is the second one and its just what we expectedgrate job chef’s choice.

I ordered this kettle for a birthday present and my son-in-law loves it. Heats quickly and looks great.

After throwing out any number of crummy tea kettles, and after reading many reviews of electric ones, i bought this one because it sounded like exactly what i needed. It looks very smart, and all you do is fill it and then push down the on lever. It heats the water very, very fast, and when the water boils it turns itself off, which i love.

Arrived on time and works well.

I purchased this kettle 9 years ago. Used regularly for about 6 of those years, in storage for another 3. Started using it again and after a couple of months of regular use, it stopped heating water – the light on the base would go on, but it wouldn’t do anything. ‘oh well,’ i thought, ‘it had a good run. Probably the element is bad. Hey, i wonder if anyone on the internet knows how to fix it?’. Sure enough, a little googling and i found the answer – unscrew the four screws on the base, blow in a little compressed air and some wd-40 on the metal bits, and pop it back together. Now it works as well as new, and i don’t have to pay another $55 for a replacement. I still use this kettle and it works very well.

Boils quickly & reliably, haven’t had a problem with it whatsoever. The design feels very sturdy, to boot. (edit: after just over a year of regular use, large rust spots have appeared on the inside. I have not yet contacted the manufacturer regarding warranty or replacement, but my guess is that it is out of warranty at this point. Shame – still a pretty good kettle).

The cordless electric kettle heats a full kettle of water in just a few minutes. It’s does a wonderful job of heating water for a quick cup of tea. Chef’s choice m677ssg cordless electric kettle-stainless steel gray.

The edgecraft kettle is heavily insulated and heats water very quickly. It is nicely weighted and balanced for spill-free pouring. The classic look — stainless exterior and simple, elegant design — combined with a reasonable price puts this unit over the top.

Very good product , on time delivery.

I have had a good few of these kettles through the years as my wife and i like to drink hot tea. This model is very nice works fine. However, after several months of use. I noticed that the automatic shutoff has failed when you lift the kettle. The shutoff switch is supposed to turn off when you lift the kettle. It seems that this has already failed. I am still using the kettle as the shutoff still works when the teas is boiled but i have to be careful when i pick up the kettle and the switch has not yet tripped and then put it back down on the base as it will come back on. Definitely a quality issue on the safety switch. Not the quality that i had expected from chefs choice as i have seen in the past. If this is a current sign of their quality i would look ant a different brand.

Does exactly what it’s supposed to do and looks classy on the counter top. Is it my imagination or does my coffee and tea taste better?.

My last chef’s choice teakettle lasted 8 years and i used it everyday to make icetea and sugar water for all my hummingbirds. The lid broke at the hinge and i ordered a new one. The new lid has a differant hinge on the lid and bounces back quite strongly. I fear this will be a weak spot. This teakettle is a workhorse but skepicial about the lid lasting another 8 years.

Cant live without my tea and this work great.

I bought this kettle to replace another chefs choice that quit working. (i don’t know the model # right off hand and i don’t feel like exiting this to find out, but it is the squatty shiny stainless with black plastic base and handle. ) the last kettle was 3 years old, i thought it should have lasted longer, but i did use it every day, sometimes multiple times a day, so perhaps it lived a full life. I really like this line because: 1) the unit is cordless and can be carried over to my mug. 2) it retains heat well and is warm to the touch even an hour after shutting off. 3) there is no plastic touching the water anywhere, so no weird chemicals getting into my water, 4) it shuts itself off so i do not burn down the house. Some issues: 1) the outer surface will burn you once it is hot, so you must be extremely careful when handling it, 2) the docking portal – where you set the kettle onto the power base, is taller than the last model and takes a bit more maneuvering to set it down, and 3) the top only opens partially and does not lift completely off so there is more maneuvering to fill it up. This may be a safety improvement over the other model – or not. I bought this model instead of getting another of the last one because it holds more water and the surface has a brushed finish and won’t show fingerprints and smudges as easily as the last.

Right – this thing’s a tank. I’ve used this kettle at least once a day for the last six years now and i’m just now smelling burnt plastic when i try to use it. It’s pretty much at the end of its life, but it still boils water much faster than the largest burner on my stove top. For the first five and a half years that i’ve owned this kettle, i’ve never had any problems with it. I used to constantly tote it back and forth from home to work. I see only three shortcomings that keep this from being a great kettle. Otherwise i have no serious complaints and would recommend this kettle. The metal sides become very hot. It’s hard to wind up out of the way, and once you do, it just unravels again. It’s really easy to dump two cups of boiling water all over the place just trying to fill a small teacup. It’s not so much a problem, as it is just plain annoying. You have to be really careful when filling smaller cups. Now that it’s reached the end of its life, and i’m in need of a replacement, i’ve already decided to replace it with the same model. After all, it has reliably boiled over 1,200 gallons of water without misshap.