Nestle Nespresso Nespresso Essenza C91 Manual Espresso Maker, Love this

Initially would not work (prime), but i called 1-800-nespresso and they were able to troubleshoot. Love the ease, but temp of liquid could be hotteri think i’m going to enjoy my machine in the months to come.

I bought this machine after using nespresso machines in several hotels. I am not a coffee ‘purist,’ and i like to make my coffee at whatever strength i want. That makes this manual machine perfect for my use. Of course, you do have to stand at the machine to turn it off when the cup is full. I admit to getting distracted and letting the cup run over once or twice. I find that i like the more ‘intense’ coffee choices. When i first tried to use the machine, i could not get any water to run through it, though i followed the setup instructions carefully. Finally i called nespresso customer service, and with the help of a pleasant representative, got the machine working. I have used it daily ever since with no problems whatsoever.

. I found the the pods are cheaper on the nespresso site. So i purchased them here and saved $20.

Key specs for Nespresso Essenza C91 Manual Espresso Maker, Black:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compact brewing unit technology,19 bar pressure pump,thermoblock heating element
  • Manual volume control, backlit coffee buttons, easy insertion of capusle, ejection of used capsule,
  • Capsule container for 14 used capsules, 0.9 liter removable water tank
  • Drip tray water capacity
  • Power 1260 watts

Comments from buyers

“Who needs bells and whistles?
, Only one problem
, EXCELLENT espresso maker!

This makes fabulous coffee–makes keurig coffee taste like dishwater in comparison. The coffee this produces rivals that of any high quality coffee house. The device seems well constructed and i’ve been using it for a few weeks without issue. The coffee capsules are about 70 cents each through manufacturers ‘club,’ which is comparable to keurig pods.

If you want just a perfect and perfectly simple shot of espresso, this is the machine for you. Heats fast, lets you do a long or short shot as you wish, and uses the exquisite nespresso pods.

I got two of these, one for home, and one for the office. They work perfectly and flawlessly. The espresso always has a nice cream at the top and the heater on this heats the water quickly. I would purchase another one for a friend as a gift.

Let’s assume you know about nespresso, so i won’t talk about the coffee, ease of use. I really like this machine for the following reasons:- pretty big water tank (compared to the newer models: city. Well: one on/off button, and one ‘start/stop the water’. I like that so much better than the models with preset cups sizes. With this one, i can make my coffee stronger or more diluted as i want/feel. Nice point: the led for the water on/off button blinks once per second when dispensing. So if you are after a 22s espresso for instance, you can get it done. I got this machine for work, and the return on investment compared to a coffe store is way less than a year when getting coffee 5 times a week. So this machine (like the other one i have at home) paid for itself many times over.

It also comes with a sample pack of nespresso pods (i didn’t realize this at the time) so that you can choose your favorite and order it in bulk from the nespresso website for pretty cheap. It’s manual in that there is no preset cup size (so you have to turn the brewer on then off) but that doesn’t actually bother me. The coffee that comes out is true espresso just like you can expect to get at a cafe. For how good of a deal this was, i am very happy with my purchase.

We’ve tried others, including the new one from the company who has shops on virtually every corner in every city in the world. This brand wins by a huge margin. Best pod espresso maker out there.

This little machine is great, and for those of you worried about spending the money on their pods, just buy the refillable ones (i recommend the ones from coffeeduck on amazon) some lavazza ground coffee, and you’ll be good to go. This is much easier than using the stove top percolator i was making espresso with before.

This nespresso is a good starter machine. That being said, you may want to consider a machine with a milk frother (aeroccino). Also some models of this machine do not include automatic shut off (when you press the button to make coffee, it continues to pour until you manually shut it off.

One of the best items i have ever bought. The coffee is delicious and each capsule is just a fraction of a starbucks one. It is also really fast and easy to use and clean.

We used one of these when we lived in spain and nothing in the states could compare. I love this machine and it is perfect.

They make amazing quality products. I’ve been making about 4 shots of espresso a day for the last 3 years on this thing.

I just moved from italy (which is my country) and i really needed a good coffee. I tried starbucks that used to make a nice espresso but recently for one shot i had to spend 3$ and the taste was very bad 🙁 so i bought the simple nespresso essenza and several capsules of ristretto and eventually i could find the best compromise between what i needed and what i could find here. The machine is very fast, easy to use and small.

I have been wanting one of these for awhile and bought it after xmas for half price. It is perfect for that excellent cup of coffee in the afternoon. It is well made and easy to use. While the nespresso cups are high in price, they are still a third of what you would pay for in a coffee shop. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Now i can have an espresso in seconds anytime i like. I keep the water tank full and pop in a pack when i get the urge. Am drinking a lot more espresso than i did before.

So far, so goodsimple and objective. Working very well, no problems in operation and making the best coffees i was expecting. The only functionally i’m missing is the automatic stop when the coffee is ready, but i knew it didn’t have this by the time i bought it.

Ι bought this nespresso espresso maker few weeks ago after consulting my parents. They are heavy espresso drinkers and have owned 3 nespresso machines including this one – they have been extremely happy and loyal to the brand. Note that i have only used the maker with the nespresso capsules which i found the cheapest from the nespresso website ($0. The machine makes excellent espresso, quickly and effortlessly. It always extracts a lot of espresso coffee oil which is essential for a good espresso. Coffee comparable and many times better than good coffee places. I have tried an espresso from a semi-automatic ‘breville bes860xl barista express espresso machine with grinder’ and have found my nespresso superior while at a fraction of the price of the brevillenespresso offers this model as the lower end model because of lack of timer but for me this is not important since i prefer to stop the coffee pouring exactly when i want. One of the downsides that many people pick on is the use of capsules and the extra cost associated with them – there are alternatives that i haven’t tried. I find the nespresso capsules producing very good espresso, conveniently and don’t mind paying some extra money even if the coffee is not freshly ground.

I bought this as a christmas gift for my wife and she only used a few times.

I bought this because i wanted nespresso, but didn’t want to pay for the more expensive models that they carry at bed bath & beyond and other retailers. As far as i can tell, the only difference is that with this model is the manual start/stop brewing. Since it takes all of 10 seconds to fill an espresso cup, it isn’t a big deal for me to stand there and wait for my espresso. If i could go back and buy a nicer model, i would buy this one again and use the extra $ on the pods.

While this is the cheapest nespresso machine, it does the job better than most other espresso machines i’ve used in my life. I do have a nice mini vivaldi at home, but turning it on, cleaning it up, getting the beans, grinding the beans is always a very time consuming exercise. Sometimes i just want a quick nice shot to get myself going in the morning. I also appreciate the ability to try out different capsules with different flavors, which is a lot harder to do with regular espresso machines. I’ve been using some compatible capsules that are both cheaper and provide a more full bodied aroma/taste than nespresso. When i was choosing the machine, i was considering getting a u or a pixie, but nespresso employees persuaded me that there is no difference in the machines’ ability to pull a shot. They all have the same guts, with 19 bars of pressure and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in coffee quality.

Since i am the only one in my home with a passion for espresso, it is perfect. I did have to figure out what cups to use to get the right measurement as ‘manual’ means you have to stop it from brewing versus it stopping on its own. But this gives more control as well, which i like. It comes with samples of all the different espressos, so you can taste and decide which is your favorite. I didn’t want to go crazy and spend hundreds of dollars, this is at the right price point and provides very tasty espresso, quickly.

Perfect shot every time, nice crema, comes with a sample selection of coffees. Made my starbucks machine redundant.

Keurig K150 Brewer Commercial Brewing System, love it!

Keurig b150 brewer-we just hooked this unit up (with accessories) to direct water line & it is great. This is my 2nd keurig and i couldn’t be happier.

Keurig b150 brewer commercial grade and keurig b150 direct water line plumb kit were purchased at the same time they were extremely easy to install and get ready for use. The instructions for assembly were well writtena dn easy to follow. It has really been a bonus in our break room. People really injoy the offering of a choise of what they get. We are having everyone provide their own k-cups. Purchasing the maker kept us out of a contract and allowed us to keep the price of coffee for everyone down.

Love my coffee brewer and having a direct water line to it saves me from ever having to fill it.

Key specs for Keurig K150 Brewer Commercial Brewing System:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Keurig K150 Brewer (Previously called B150)
  • Direct Water Line Plumb Kit compatible (Sold Separately)

Comments from buyers

“One of my favorite kitchen appliances.
, Best Keurig available
, we let our people provide their personal favorite coffee. A filered water source next to the

Received our keurig in a timely manner and works awesome for a small office. We had a b70 and it worked well for over a year, but i think it was not big enough for our team of coffee/tea drinkers.

Our company runs 24/7 and this gets heavey use. It operates quietly and the display is in english and spanish and is very easy to ready. Even those in our office who had never used a keurig were able to easily become comfortable with this machine.

We just revamped our kitchen complete with granite countertops. What do we enjoy the most of our upgrades?. Not the countertops, not the new cooktop or the new oven. The cost of coffee is higher buying the cups, but we have no waste. Also, our grandchildren like the coffee so much (it tastes much richer) that they use less cream and sugar. We are unanimous at our house. We ordered the direct plumb kit to go with it and the filter kit, so instant coffee with filtered water.

Works great-love the large water reservoir.

We use it in our office of 15-20 people daily and it is holding up well.

This keurig has a great design. Very quiet and simple to use. I was a little surprised at the size. It is rather large but it holds 90 ounce’s of water which i love. Rather pricey but glad i made the purchase.

We installed this as a stand alone station in our office area. It saves use about have the cost of a vendor supplying coffee service. We provide the sweetener and creamer, we let our people provide their personal favorite coffee. A filered water source next to the station ensures we have clean fresh water for coffee. Quick, quiet and easy to operate even in an office area.

For clients and staff of a small office- it is perfect. We hooked it up directly to a filtered water line and it works great.

Having our keurig b150 brewer automatically filled with filtered water and ready to make coffee, tea, hot cocoa, apple cider, or just hot water is a wonderful convenience. It is the one thing my husband wanted in our remodeled kitchen and it is fabulous. It can be directly plumbed to our water line for instant drinks.

Bigger water tank lasts longer; brews quickly, love it.

Update 8/27/2015: three years later this keurig machine is still churning out coffee for me and my family. Fingers crossed, i can update with the same report 3 years from now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i drink coffee pretty much all day and until i got a keurig, i used a commercial bunn coffee brewer and ground my own beans. My kids got me a cinnamon colored keurig b70 about 9 months ago. Truly, if it hadn’t been a gift from my kids, i would have returned it unopened. I had read too many reviews about malfunctioning machine. Reluctantly, i set up the machine and brewed my first cup of coffee. However, i was ready to battle keurig if my machine began to malfunction, as so many others have.

Simple to use and this model holds a large amount of water. I drink a lot of coffee and use it continously and have never had it do anything but work absolutely perfectly. One can adjust the cup size and if you want it a lot stronger, use the smaller cup size, if you like it normal, use the 10 or 12 oz size. This was a little more expensive than some, but if you use it a lot (like even for a small office of say less than 10 people), this is the one for you.

I bought the first one of these 6 years ago as my wife and i wanted a keurig at the house. My office had one of these which was plumbed into a water line so i knew i wanted one that i didn’t have to constantly fill up myself. I eventually found this keurig which doesn’t cost much more than the home designed ones in stores. I also like that it’s designed for commercial use and built to make a lot more cups of coffee and brews much quicker. I didn’t purchase the keurig plumb kit as it’s not cheap. I just bought my own hoses like for a fridge along with connectors to hook it up. This also allowed me to buy a very large water filter which i mounted on the wall behind my fridge to help prolong my keurigs use. I accidentally broke the keurig so i bought this used one and it works just as well. Make sure if you buy one to verify if it is a b150 or k150. 0 k cups where the b model accepts any cups.

I especially like the display/touchscreen and the graphic interface. The images make it very clear what is going on as well as what steps are necessary. I recommend this unit to anyone who wants a keurig, not just the business community.

This is the second one i’ve purchased. The first one lasted about 8 years. The price has come down significantly. Spend the extra money and get the water line accessory. Not having to fill it is a great luxury. Research online about the newest models only brewing keurig coded k-cups. This one will brew any cup, but some of the residential units have a code reader and if it’s not there won’t brew.

Cleaner than a brewing unit, and offers less employee burden of cleaning. More flavor options with k-cups than a commercial brew system. I have 17 employees and after 8 months it began to not seal well. It now requires much finesse to get the mechanism to close, and even then you have to hold it shut while it brews. In short, even though this product is labeled as commercial, it is probably only well suited for offices with 10 or fewer employees. You might consider a different system or even a cheaper one which you plan on just replacing every 12 months, which may still be cheaper than a coffee service and offer more flavor options.

West Bend 53655 5-Cup Hot Pot, Love It Before It’s Delivered!

Perfect for home, office or travel. The first one i got as a gift when i went to college, twenty-five years ago. It’s a purple one, that i still have and use everyday at home. When i wanted one for the office, i searched for the same brand and was elated to find it on amazon. Not crazy about the white- but it works so well whenever i need it. I just keep a gallon of bottled water in my office, for convenience. Even my co-workers come to use it to avoid walking to the break room. Water doesn’t come to a rolling boil- but it’s piping/steaming hot. Never had a problem brewing tea, or instant coffee, etc. You hear it sound like it’s steaming/boiling and you’ll know it’s ready.

I have been using this hot pot to make tea for at least 10 years, every saturday & sunday. I keep one up north at a cabin and one at home. One of them just stopped working (after 10 years of use). I bought a different one which was way too big and turned off after the water was done boiling. I love that this doesn’t turn off, it keeps my water hot as long as needed, until i decide i want it off. Yes, i have forgotten to unplug it many many times, even when i had used up all the water. Since i only use it on weekends i have found myself leaving it on for an entire week. It is still hot, my teabags are stuck to the bottom of the pot, but it kept working year after year, never close to a fire. Of course i wouldn’t recommend leaving it on, but on the many times that i have, all i had to do was scrape off my teabags, and start it again. Since i only use if to make tea i don’t mind the tea residue, but i scrub it and it cleans up without a porblem. I love that it boils the water, and once it has boiled it seems to reduce temp to a ‘keep hot but don’t keep boiling’ temperatur, perfect for my tea. I am going to order another one, the picture looks identical to what i have had for 10 years.

We purchased this hot-pot to replace one which failed after several years of service. It was/is used for almost 2 hours/day to heat water for tea, coffee, whatever. It brings the water to near-boil quickly and holds it hot enuf for tea. I usually start with a little more than enuf water for the first pot to make it heat as quickly as possible then refill it after use. The old [similar pot worked every time except the last time and the new one works fine also. We heat nothing but water so cleanup is trivial. ]

Key specs for West Bend 53655 5-Cup Hot Pot, White (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Heats water quickly for instant snacks or beverages
  • Compact and portable
  • Automatic temperature control and turn-to-secure cover
  • Interior cup level markings and pouring lip design helps reduce dripping while serving

Comments from buyers

“Hot Pot love affair
, Love It Before It’s Delivered!
, West Bend Hot Pot

Could not find this pot any where. I had bought one about 15 yrs. I decided to go on line an look there and wa-la . I found yours and i was so happy. It has been on 6 trips with me since i got it.

Update march 21, 2014: the new white one arrived quickly and is as good as i expected. It heats water very quickly. I think the cord and plug are heftier than on our previous one, an improvement. The plug has a bigger flange making it easier to pull out of the socket. Someone please tell me, does this product have run-dry protection?. If you leave it plugged in with the top off, and it runs dry, will it shut off to protect itself or will it self-destruct???. (i threw the instructions away before i read them completely. )the amazon review gives its noise as a negative characteristic. I see it as a positive because when the mild roar ceases, that is the signal that the water is hot and ready to use. The west bend instructions advise against using the pot for anything but heating water. I can’t imagine users fouling the pot with icky soup and oat mealoriginal review:love it before it’s delivered. Because we had a black-colored version for decades until recently the plug exhibited problems, and plugging it in didn’t produce any results. I could have put on a new plug, but since the price is affordable, and white looks nice, i ordered a new one. To use it, your ear has to become tuned to the buildup of the sound of the water nearing shutoff temperature, and then the silence when it is ready and shuts off.

I’ve been using this model for a few decades. I use mine daily, so it gets its mileage. It’s not warrantied for life, of course. This model doesn’t bring water to a roiling boil–but it gets water hot. I’ve lived at sea level for several decades during which i’ve used the west bend hot pot. So i don’t need the water to boil (212ºf at sea level) in order to get hot water. At most higher altitude towns and cities, water has a boiling point of ≥200ºf±, so maybe such locations would see boiling before the thermal shutoff switch activates?. I’ve done mountaineering and know how it is to have water boil at.I have high quality tap water in my area, so i’m not using this hot pot for water sterilization.

This was to replace a similar pot that i’ve had for many years. Hope this one lasts as long. My only comment is that i wish they come in clors other than white or at least in two colors. Looks so plain and out of place with my mostly black or stainless-steel kitchen equipment. Good thing it is compact in size and can be somewhat inconspicuous.

The first is in daily use at my office, and this one is for my home. It heats more quickly than a microwave, and keeps my tea hot without boiling away. I take it when traveling as well, because it is better for tea than the hotel coffee pots. This little pot has been used for heating soup, for heating the water for knoxing my synchronized-swimmer daughter’s hair, for any use of hot water in a hurry.

This hot-pot is absolutely essential for living at college. While you can get your regular meals at d-hall and at other eating establishments, the hot-pot especially comes in handy for late-night snacks, like ramen noodles, as well as soup, hot chocolate, or hot apple cider. Keeps the stuff pretty darn hot, and it doubles as a pitcher. It also is taller but not as wide as most hot-pots, so it has a smaller ‘footprint’ when you’re storing it.

I bought this to use while camping. It is nice and neat and works great. Good for heating water for tea, coffee, or soup.

This hotpot keeps my water warm throughout the day. It doesn’t shut off automatically, and has no temperature adjustment. The design of the heating element makes it hard to clean.

I have had several west bend hot pots over the years. They don’t come close to the west bend. It’s quick and easy to use and they last a long time.

This hot pot is great if you are a college student and want to make hot tea any time of day. Here’s the trick to get almost boiling hot water: realize that the pot does not ‘control’ the temperature per se, it just heats up the water and continues to do so for up to 20 minutes. Therefore, if you want one cup of water as close to boiling as possible, fill the pot just over the 2 cup line, let it heat up for at least 6 minutes, if not 10, then pour yourself some hot water. And it doesn’t really make up to 5 cups, that is, it will only fill up 3-4 coffee mugs maximum.

This is a handy appliance to have around. I purchased this one after my last on gave out following 15 years os service. It heats the water fast and instead of boiling it simply keeps the water at temperature. If you leave the lid on you can go all day without evaporating the water.

Works good and is functional.

The hot pot arrived as promised and functioned as per description.

This is really good hot pot it heats up fast and it gets very hot. I really like it because it is light to carry and just plugs into wall wait a few minutes it is hot water. If you like it simple just fill up and plug in then this is the hot pot for you.

Excellent, very satisifed with the product but surprised the cord is not detachable like the original.

Little tooepenseve but a good productp.

Melitta Zone – 365 Pour-Over Drip Brewer – My mom really gushed about how nice they were and how the coffee “tastes so much

This is a great way to brew amazing pour over coffee at home. I was wanting to get into brewing my own pour over coffee every morning after trying amazing craft coffee at my favorite coffee shops in town. After looking around i decided to go with a higher quality setup & chose legendary swan. The lifetime warranty is worth it alone but i can also tell the difference with the quality of the set & the money saved not having to use filters is definitely worth it. For anyone wanting to step up their coffee game i’d highly recommend this pour over kit.

One of those rare products that you don’t have to hide when you have guests over, it looks great right on the counter. I also love that you don’t have to kill trees to get more paper coffee filters over and over. Great for the environment, great for your wallet.

I received this coffee maker as a christmas gift and love it. It just makes the best drip coffee i ever tasted.

It doesn’t make a whole lot of coffee so be sure you get the right size for your needs. I use it every morning and so far, so good.

Bought as gift for son in law, he loves it.

The best coffee i have tasted comes out of this maker. Since i have a boiling water faucet, all i do is put 2 scoops in stainless funnel, put under faucet and in seconds i have great cup of coffee which for me is 16oz. It just as quick to clean because because the grounds have been completely screen and all i get is pure coffee and there is hardly any ground left in funnel. I put the funnel on top of sink drain and spray water on funnel that completely cleans it and then i put water in carafe and everything is completely clean. The total time was about 3 minutes. If you need to heat your water it will take a little longer. You can have enough coffee for 2 cups in same time for 2-16oz. And if you have other people take another 3-5 minutes to make their coffee.

  • High quality pour over set
  • A great solution for pour over coffee makers!
  • I love the flavor my coffee has from this slow brew

Great pour over and absolutely love the mesh as i find it a bit of a hassle to mess with paper filters – and when you run out. With this setup that’s never an issue – so i’m really happy with this product as it solves what was previously a major pain for me as it’s difficult to get paper filters where i live. If you love pour over coffee but like me find paper filters to be a bit of a hassle, highly recommend getting one of these units as it solves that problem completely.

High quality, beautiful and functional.

I love my coffee made with this slow drip maker.

It makes it so much easier to get my coffee ready in the morning and i love how conservative it is. The more green a product is, the more i like it and this is by far one of the best ways to save paper and reduce waste from coffee filters. It’s durable, easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to storewhat else could you want?i highly recommend this product.

Bought these for my parents who are stringent coffee drinkers. My mom really gushed about how nice they were and how the coffee ‘tastes so much better now’.

This is a different standard of coffee than even your branded coffee shops. You can taste the richness in every sip.

The number one thing i love more than my family is coffee. I don’t start off my day without a perfect cup and with this drip coffee maker i get a relaxing beautiful tasting cup of coffee before the chaos of my day. I had a hundred questions for seller before buying and it was some of the best customer service i have experienced.

No more buying and wasting tons of paper filters every year. Truly makes your coffee taste even better.

With the electric kettle this is a very quick and easy way to make just enough coffee for one or two people. Coffee tastes great and clean up is very easy. One week assessment – far better than a ‘mr.

High quality product and doesn’t leak grinds at all.

Good coffee made from glass and stainless steel only. Has a great clean taste about it.

I wish i had found this product long before now. The main things i love about this product is that it is light weight, easy to use and reusable. The number 1 best feature about this is the taste. I buy a mix of roasted coffee beans from south america, i have been using the beans for years, after using the 365 non-electric coffee maker it has enhanced the flavors, i use to use the paper filters so i am guessing it trapped the flavor some how. I will never go back to paper filters.

This took all the negatives out of coffee making. I always hated wasting all that money on k-cups and feeling beholden to that one company forever. Now, i make one investment at the beginning in a good brewer and i save money over the life of it.

What a wonderful idea, this product is so beautiful, classic product.

My girlfriend, a big coffee lover, loves it.

I love the flavor my coffee has from this slow brew coffee maker. It is so easy to use and my coffee just tastes so much better. I also like that the filter is reusable, very easy to clean and durable.

I got this, because i already have an 8 cup chemex coffee pot, but don’t use that on an everyday basis. This looks like a chemex (which i love), but makes about 4, 6-oz cups. Perfect for me in the morning. The wood apron is a little cheap feeling/looking and the cord that ties it closed is definitely thin – either a plastic or flimsy leather. I keep meaning to replace it with a piece of leather, like a leather shoe string – which is what my chemex has. The apron doesn’t really protect your hands from the hot pot, bc they are both so small. It makes a delicious cup of coffee. I prefer to use a paper cone (with my single cup drip cone), bc clean up is a lot easier. The metal mesh is messy when rinsing the grounds out.

It is such a beautifully made and functional product. I will never go back to paper filters again. It is durable construction and has this high quality feel that always gets compliments from our guests.

I really love the coffee using this two piece system. The stainless steel filter is very sturdy which was a concern of mine going into this purchase. If you really want true coffee flavor, use this system and you won’t be sorry. I have had to spend more time making my coffee, however, it is definitely worth the effort.