Hamilton Beach 40882E Stainless Steel 7 – Design Changed?

The good: price, heats water fast, auto shutoff with boil-dry protectionthe not so good: n/aoverall: recommended buy.

Everyday i would use my kettle on my stove top. . And it seems compared to this it took forever.

We ran across this visiting friends on vacation. We were impressed at how well it worked. We ordered ours as soon as we got back and have used it for a month now. It heats water fast, is easy to pour (without drips), and is easy to operate. You fill it up, then fire and forget. It turns itself off without a problem. The interior of the kettle is smooth without ridges or corners, so it’s less likely to gather mineral deposits. The screen in the spout is a little difficult to replace, but we don’t need to do that very often. It’s a lot easier to use than stove top kettles or pots?. Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach 40882E Stainless Steel 7:

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  • Cord-free serving
  • Auto shutoff with boil-dry protection
  • Concealed heating element
  • Drip-free spout for easy pouring
  • 1.7 liter / 7.2 cup with 1500 Watts

Solid construction for sure but heavy to lift and fill and i also noticed it does take quite awhile to heat and gets really loud too. I would suggest turning it on way early and leaving the room for about 10 minutes. Try another quieter and faster brand. As long as it works, i’m happy but not too thrilled with this purchase.

The one we received is not the one shown in the listing on the amazon site. The main difference is the water level indicator window is not on the side (as shown in the picture) which is clearly visible. The one we received has the window hidden by the handle. We thought it will not make a big difference but it did. The water level is very hard to see even under bright light. We are disappointed that the seller would switch item without proper noticesc.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Still going strong
  • Finally, the search is over
  • Everyone should own one of these!

This kettle works perfectly- no problems, no strange smells, no extra functions to make it confusing. My only complaint would be that the water-level gauge sometimes takes a second or two to catch up with and accurately reflect the water level inside the kettle, but it’s not too crucial- even going over the max a bit doesn’t really hurt the kettle. It’s all that a kettle should do.

My last two beloved purple steel tea kettles either rusted out, got burnt and separated the weld sealing the bottom or both. I wanted something fast and easy so i don’t have to turn the stove on every time, and this is it. Bonus brushed look is classier than the black & decker plastic one i had back in the dorms in college. It had a really funky sulfur like smell when i heated the first pot. I did two more and now it functions normally so i can enjoy my tea without worrying about the stove.

Well designed and heats quick. Fill with hot tap water and all 7+ cups boil in less than3 minutes.

This kettle is easy to use and quick to heat water. We use it to make tea, soup cups, and oatmeal. Not a burn risk, as long as you follow included instructions and do not touch silver areas.

This steel kettle works great, no leaks or drips, heats quickly and love the automatic shut off, no more burned pots, great product for the price.

This was a wedding gift, and i do believe they liked it. I have one myself, so i know they will get lots of use out of this gift.

Exactly like the description.

Light, quick and has an appropriate size for small use; i replaced a bulkier unit which had a switch failure unfortunately.

It heats quickly, and i really like the auto shut off. My old tea kettle had the cord attached to it, so had to unplug before pouring. This comes off the charger without the cord and can go right to the table. There is a tiny plastic window, but i doubt it leaches enough plastic to worry about.

I use this almost every day and it works wonderfully. I recognize the heat coming through the outside but i never touch that area, just pick it up by the handle so it is not a problem for me. It heats the water quickly for me to make myself tea or my husband to use it with his new french press.

I have never used it but the parents have nothing but praise for it. I have the older model and it is still going strong years later.

The only issue we’ve had with this kettle is the filter screen in front of the spout doesn’t want to stay in, but we’ve determined we don’t need it. We’ve had no issues with the timer/shut off. The water still boils rather quickly. We use this kettle several times a day. The exterior is easy enough to wipe down. We have hard water, so we do have to be mindful of scale build-up on the inside, but this would be required for any kettle in our house. We often boil water in this kettle over bringing to a boil on the gas stove. It is faster and more fuel efficient. We also had this kettle at my previous apartment.

I’ve been using electric kettles for tea and noticed my last one (glass) gave the water a plastic taste. I switched to the stainless version here by hamilton beach and have been pleased. I did notice a sulfur smell during the first few pots but you are instructed to dump them out anyways. The positive side of that was that the boiling water i poured down my sink removed all the hard water deposits:) since then, there are no smells and the taste is neutral even after the water cools.

I’m very pleased with the kettle. It takes longer to boil water than my former one but gets hotter. I especially like the flip up top which enables me to empty it without steam burning me.

After seeing the idea on a you tube video for using one of these to heat water to keep your canning lids and screw bands hot, we decided to go with this particular one because of the large size and the indicators on the side. This was used extensively and worked flawlessly each time. Much much quicker than heating the water on the stove and it also freed up one stove burner, because anyone who preserves garden foods, knows that time and space is of the essence.

I have the model with the water gauge in the handle, and it works great and is easy to use. After 9 months there is no rust, no leakage, no strange malfunctions, and no performance degradation. Some say that the handle is awkward, but i don’t find that to be the case at all. In looking at some of the newer reviews, it would appear that the design changed such that the fill window is now in the front of the kettle. Hope i don’t need to replace mine anytime soon, as that other reviewers photo of a rusty kettle (with the newer design) does not look good at all.

Igloo FRW133 RFRW133 Wine Cooler : Five Stars

Great especially for the price. Holds temp well and is completely silent.

**important** make sure the cooler is not backed up too close to a wall or closed in a cabinet without proper ventilation or it will not cool.

Igloo FRW133 RFRW133 Wine Cooler, Black

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  • Holds up to 12 bottles
  • 2 layer glass door design
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • White interior light
  • Adjustable height

Handy wine cooler, takes up very little space, and is quiet.

I love this wine cooler because it is just the right size and price. I also keep a few bottles of water in it. It’s the perfect size for a small household.

Came broken in many pieces and had to send back.

Igloo FRW133 RFRW133 Wine Cooler, Black : I love it however i have one complaint, it was missing one of the legs on the bottom of the cooler and for it not to rock back and forth i had to stick a piece a cardboard underneath. Didn’t want to deal with the hassle of returning it just for that one piece.

Will only lower the temp to 52 degrees.

. Just got dented while shipping some.

The cooler performs very well. The temperature is the same and i really like the digital display on the front.

Wish it would hold a larger bottle but that doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of this cooler.

A great value and an ideal replacement for the unit that went bad.

Keeps my wine nice and cool, so when it’s time to get something refreshing to drink, it’s ready and waiting on me.

Only complaint i have is that some of the wine bottles don’t fit width wise.

Its a little bigger than they said. . Its 18 3/4 h 13 3/4 w 191/2 d.

Perfect size and keeps 12 bottles chilled exactly right . I’m very happy with my purchase.

It does a great job keeping my goods wines great.

The price is right and it does what it needs to do. It runs quite and is small enough to tuck away. It is also very simple to you.

The larger/longer bottles fit in nicely. Keeps bottles cool and is very quiet running. I would recommend to a friend, definitely.

A little slow at the start but chilled 9 bottles from room temp. Steady temp and hardly runs at all.

I have this in my bedroom and can easily sleep through the sound of the fan. The cooler keeps drinks nice and cold and can be adjusted higher or lower. I can comfortably fit multiple bottles of wine in here as well as most hard liquor bottles. Bottle of crown, jose cuervo, and even bombay gin. They fit better on the bottom floor but can fit on the shelves as well. The shelves are nice because they are removable so i can take one out if i need to fit something bigger in there like a bottle of cranberry juice.

For the price, i’ve generally satisfied with this product. Gave it only 3 stars because the temperature swings widely from 54 to 60 degrees. Most of the time it’s around 57 degrees. If you desire a product that keeps your wine at a constant temperature, this is not the wine cooler for you. For the price, i can endure the temperature fluctuations.

Osaka 4 Cup, Two Stars

These are really cool to use. Ordered two and one arrived broken. They were packaged in their retail box only. Didn’t even open it, you could hear the broken glass rolling around.

Read the directions and just follow. I stirred a few more times but watched my time.

This product makes an excellent coffee, nice and strong without the bitter burn taste from other makers.

Key specs for Osaka 4 Cup (20oz/600ml) Siphon Coffee Maker, Borosicilate Glass and Stainless Steel Vacuum Coffeemaker “Skytree” with Gas Burner:

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  • Made With Borosilicate glass that will not break from thermal shock. It will also not absorb any residue or odors, giving you fresh tasting coffee every time.
  • Stainless steel and cotton filter, this excellent filter will only allow the coffee to pass through, leaving you with a delicious clear coffee.
  • FREE bonus kit includes a replacement filter set and a coffee spoon, for measuring and stirring. Comes with a traditional soot free denatured burner AND a Gas Burner
  • Create a delicious coffee like a pro, with our detailed instructions and tips. For any defects in the materials or craftsmanship of any Osaka product, please contact our customer service team and we will be glad to assist you.
  • Enjoy your coffee by making it in a traditional Siphon Coffeemaker, Beautiful design and an unforgettable coffee experience.

Comments from buyers

“Absolutely Amazing
, Best cups of coffee
, This makes the best coffee ever!!!

Love this mad scientist coffee maker. Makes a delicious cup of coffee, i yhink in part to the all glass design. The glass itself is of support quality and easy to keep clean. This is my weekend coffee maker, just due to setup. However, good for guests as its a great conversation piece.

If you like the process of a quality brewed cup of coffee, then get this. It is even entertaining for a friend to watch the brewing process. Just expect that the clean up takes a little bit more time and care. However this product is worth it.

The coffee that we make with this is so delicious. It is fun to make, easy to use, and worth waiting for the brew. My husband and i make this our weekend morning treat. I quickly learned that the spring and hook on the filter are there to hold the filter down. I missed that part on my first try. But once we had that down we have had the most amazing coffee ever since. I definitely recommend this to anyone who appreciates good coffee.

Reordered and arrived in good shape.

My wife loves her coffee form this coffee maker.

But the reusable filter for it. The osaka butane burner works great with it. It also arrived quickly in safe packaging. It definitely was worth the excellent price it had.

I am extremely happy with this coffee maker. It can be used anywhere, not tied to the stove or outlet and is reasonably priced. Most importantly, it makes great coffee.

Works great, good quality, bad filter system needed changed to a better and easier to clean filter from different company. For the price i would buy again and recommend to others interested in this style of brewing system. Works great for teas and coffee.

I would have rated this higher, but it takes forever to heat up the water with the supplied burner. However, it does make a great tasting cup of coffee. I ended up using a separate device to heat the water and a different burner for the subsequent heating operation.

I have used it a couple times and the filter tends to flip over when the liquid rushes to the bottom and it takes all the stuff from the top back to the bottom. I’ll give it three stars since, this could be user error but the filter shouldn’t be able to flip over so easily.

Very quality siphone coffee maker. People complain about the glass breaking. It’s glass and it breaks if you don’t pay attention. I poor boiling water in the bowl to save time and butane fuel and no cracks or anything. I’m amazed by the quality and clearness of the glass (top/bottom). The handle and all other accessories are well built. Fantastic price for a great coffee maker.

Best method to brew coffee that i have found. It takes a little longer but if you have the butane burner and use almost boiling water to begin with, it doesn’t take long at all.

I had been looking at this item for a while when that i saw i could receive this product for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. I followed the instructions just as it said in the booklet. The part i was confused on was what would be best to use in the burn. It took awhile to boil but once it did the process was fast. However the second time i used it the water wouldn’t boil at all even with boiling water to start. After an hour and a half i just gave uo. The only con i saw of this item was it didn’t come with a butane burn on it own. That would have helped the boiling process and made it better.

I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review. I love the steam punk look and design that goes perfectly with my living room/kitchen décor. The package and item are smaller and lighter than i thought that they would be. I admit i was expecting a nice heavy item that would stand the test of time. Super easy to set up and begin brewing. It brews slower than a modern coffee maker but is beautiful to watch. I ran rubbing alcohol through this and it worked great and didn’t use up much of the fuel. Easy to clean and the coffee tastes great. I am a little worried about the thin glass that the fire heats up breaking but other than that i think that this is a good purchase.

New favorite way to brew coffee.

It’s a unique way to make coffee and it looks awesome.

This makes one of the best cups of coffee i have ever had. It does take some time to boil the water and get it at the right temp but it is well worth the wait. I have had a lot of coffee, made with all sorts of techniques (chemex, v60, aero press, french press, italian espresso) and this makes one of the best, if not the best, cups. Gotta have the temp right up top and the grind size pretty small (feels like sugar between your fingers) but with some trial and error you can have one great cup of coffee with this thing. I would also recommend spending the extra money on the butane burner because the alcohol burner is tough to control the flame level and that is crucial to coffee success.

Knox 1.5 Quart Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker With Keep Cool Feature : They love them and the Ben & Jerry recipe book I

After trying (and returning) a cheaper compressor ice cream maker, i am extremely glad that i went with the knox. I let the bowl pre-chill for about five minutes, and the ice cream that i have made has all come out excellent. It takes about 30 minutes to make a batch. I have read that this uses the same compressor and motor as the 2 quart model, which makes me feel a little more secure knowing that if anything the compressor and motor are plenty powerful enough. This seems to be the same as the much more expensive whynter model, just with a slightly different look. The small door to add mix-ins is a nice touch. I add the mix-ins just as i start to hear the motor struggle a bit, which allows for just the right amount of time to get them incorporated nicely. The mix-in door has a chain attacked to it, which is nice for the peace of mind. Cleanup of the unit is very easy. Just pop out the mixing bowl and paddle for cleaning and wipe down the machine if necessary.

I love ice cream, so i decided to splurge and buy an ice-cream maker. Never heard of the knox brand, but based on description and more importantly its price i felt it was comparable to the cuisinart or whynter machines– i laid my money down on the knox maker. This machine is great (although it’s a bit on the heavy side). Since i’m able to substitute fatty ingredients for healthier options within one hour’s time i have healthy, creamy ice cream and only in my favorite flavors.And it’s also capable of making gelato and sorbets.

Knox 1.5 Quart Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker With Keep Cool Feature

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • QUICK, ONE TOUCH CONTROL: It couldn’t be easier or quicker to make homemade ice cream. Simply pour in the ingredients, turn it on, and it is ready in less than 60 minutes. The large 1.5qt capacity bowl holds more than 12 cups of ice cream.
  • MULTI FEATURE: The extended cooling function turns on after mixing is complete to keep treats cold and frozen. The LCD screen displays time remaining, temperature and the mode. The non-stick, removable bowl cleans easy.
  • NO PRE-FREEZING NECESSARY: With the built-in commercial quality compressor this is better than other ice cream makers which require you to freeze the mixing bowl in advance. Make froyo or dessert on a whim – no preparation necessary!
  • SLEEK STAINLESS STEEL: This stunning appliance fits right in to your modern kitchen & lifestyle. With its elegant stainless steel body and LCD display, you’ll be proud to show it off. It makes the perfect wedding gift or housewarming present.
  • RELY ON KNOX: Knox Gear is dedicated to developing creative and innovative lifestyle solutions at a budget friendly cost. We stand proudly behind our quality products, and offer a one year warranty. Knox: Fortify the Everyday.

This is one of the better products i’ve purchased on amazon. The machine is very well made. It freezes ice cream in about 30 minutes. I saw one review that called in noisy. I find it absolutely amazing how cold it will freeze the ice cream. The machine has a digital display that provides a temperature readout of the mix. I’ve seen the freezing tub go to -25 degrees f. I highly recommend this unit. I don’t believe you will be sorry. I will also mention the included recipes make some of the best ice cream i’ve ever tasted.

My first ice cream maker and it is the best. It freezes fast and i have made several different batches and kinds each day. Doesn’t take as long as it says. Even with fruit and nuts it churns well. I wish the capacity were bigger, but i am able to whip out at least 1 1/2 batches to 2 batches with each recipe, and i have tried several. Even the ones with liqueur freeze well. I actually keep it on the counter because i uses it so much. Its smooth square design oes well in my stainless steel kitchen and isn’t an eyesore. One of my best purchases that i will use year-round.

I have it as a gift and they haven’t stopped raving about how easy it is to use and what great things they have made– including a family recipe of strawberry sorbet that was the best ever.

Knox 1.5 Quart Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker With Keep Cool Feature : This goes beyond my expectations. So easy to make ice cream and even easier to clean up.

. One for each grand kids family’s one amazing. Second family absoluty great.

Excellent product i made vanilla ice cream it was delicious my family loved it. Bought a ice cream cookbook looking forward to making more.

I received this ice cream machine about a week ago. It arrived quickly and everything in tact.

I’ve only used it twice, but works really well and ice cream quicker than the recipe says.

So i was watching the great british baking show on pbs, and they had to make ice cream – and they were using these groovy ice cream makers with the compressor built in, and i thought – i want one of those. But i assumed they were crazy expensive. Turns out, there’s some reasonably-priced ones – and i found 3 on amazon i liked. After research and time and reading every review, i bought this one. Ok, i just got it yesterday and should not be writing a review yet. Extremely solid and well built. Got it out of the box and pre-chilled it, poured in the chocolate gelato mix i had made the day before, and in 25 minutes – voila, gelato. It functioned perfectly, got cold immediately. And it was very easy to run, even though the direction booklet isn’t great.

I was looking for an ice cream maker that was cheaper than the big names ones. I had never heard of knox, but the price was really good. It was shipped very fast and in a safe container. It made sorbet for me in less than half and hour.It is quiet, efficient and i am totally sold.

Took it out of the box and made 4 batches of gelato back to back. Most were done in 30 minutes. My base was still a little warm on one batch so it took 40 minutes. Love not having to store the bowl in the freezer. Machine is heavier than i was expecting but hey its got a compressor in it. Making pistachio gelato as i’m typing. Last minute decision so i put the mixture in the freezer to cool off before putting into the machine. The hard part is not eating it before putting into container to set up properly lol.

Truthfully, i rarely leave feedback for a product, although i rely on feedback from others. I ‘need’ to leave feedback on this ice cream maker. I waited a year to see how it would perform over time and numerous frozen creations. It is the easiest way to make fantastic ice creams and sorbets, and i absolutely love this machine.It is very reliable and makes a quart of ice cream so quickly (with no ice and salt mess). On the day that this machine is ‘called home,’ i will shed a tear then quickly order another one.

This ice cream maker is exactly what i was i wanted. There is no need to freeze the bowl. You don’t even need to precool the machine. 5 quarts of ice cream in 60 minutes or less, depending on how much you chill the mixture before placing it in the machine. When the process is complete, the ice cream is a nice texture, a little thicker than typical home made ice cream. I think this depends on the recipe you use as well. I like the recipes that contain eggs and heavy cream for a more custard-type of ice cream. But if you pour it into a container and freeze it for 1-4 hours, you will have deliciously perfect home made ice cream.

Got this for a bd gift made my fist batch of ice cream it works great love it the recipe in the book is confusing with the measurements i got my recipe on line for butter pecan it was delicious.

0i have been using an ice cream maker that needed the containers to be frozen. I like not having to wait for the containers to freeze. It is easy to make several batch’s with out waiting. Freezing usually takes about 35 to 45 minutes.

We can make our own ice cream in under an hour.

While this gelato maker was purchased as a gift, the feedback i’ve gotten was good enough for me to consider getting one myself.

Have used it several times and the ice cream is easy to make and delicious . It freezes much quicker than the instructions say. About 30 minutes and it is done.

Churns multiple batches one after another. Very easy to operate and clean. Also my box says country of origin china not germany as posted by another reviewer.

I purchased one for myself and after using it i liked it so much i sent one to my granddaughters. Its very easy to use and simple to clean. The only problem i see is i am going to be eating way more ice cream. . The great thing about it is you can adjust the ingredients to the way you prefer. The first time i had too much sugar and then adjusted it. Also one of my granddaughters can’t have regular ice cream so they can use the milk and cream that she can tolerate. Again very simple to use and takes a minute to clean.