DeLonghi ECAM23210SB Super Automatic Coffee Machine – Professional Results at Home

I’ve spent the last few weeks getting to know this coffee maker and i’m extremely pleased. This being my first de’longhi, there was a learning curve. You have four options for setting this up (likely unnecessary if you are already accustomed to their machines). There’s a quick start guide, a full manual, an included dvd, and a call center. I started with the quick start guide, but moved on to the full manual. Initial set up is easy and intuitive. The water tank is easily removed, filled, and replaced and it includes a water filter as well. Using just the quick start guide, i quickly made my first cup of coffee, but had some difficulty understanding how to set the length and how to increase the heat of the coffee. However, using the included manual, i was able to customize it until i got the perfect cup. Note that you can program the machine to a specific strength and length of coffee using the ‘my cup’ function.

This is a wonderful machine. Makes the best cup of coffee i have ever had.

We have been long time french press users. This guy has changed our mornings significantly. Instead of the boil, grind, pour and rest routine i press a button at it’s done. That is what i originally thought when receiving this. The positives are that it foams milk very well and you don’t have to be a barista to make velvet foam. It also has an excellent layer of crema on every pour. You can program it to you pour preference. I have significant experience with another fully automated system that we use at work. It is made by a different italian company and uses a carafe for milk. It has much larger reservoirs for water, and grounds. Here are the specifications for the DeLonghi ECAM23210SB Super Automatic Coffee Machine:

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  • 15 bars of pressure
  • Stainless steel conical burr grinder
  • Height adjustable coffee spout to accommodate different sizes of cups
  • MAINTENANCE: De’Longhi machines require half the cleaning time of other brands, unlike competitor machines, which require chemical cleaning tablets monthly.
  • Hot Water Spout to be used for Tea or Hot Chocolate
  • Utilize De’Longhi’s specialized call center for help in setting up and maintaining your machine at 866-528-8323 (LatteBest)

Great product, makes delicious coffeefast delivery.

This espresso machine doesn’t feel like a cheap coffee maker, but it feels overly complex and expensive for the simple task of making a hot caffeinated beverage in the morning. For years, i’ve used nothing but a stainless french press and a hot water kettle to make my morning coffee. It takes about 5-10 minutes to prepare, and about 5 minutes to clean. This delonghi, as compact and automatic as it is, requires a steep learning curve for someone who has never used such a device. There are two instruction manuals, one of which is like a quick start guide, and the other doesn’t make a lot of sense until i read it over and over again. I’m an engineer, and feel this espresso machine is overkill unless you absolutely need espresso instead of regular coffee. Being a coffee drinker, i wasn’t aware that the serving size of espresso is only a few ounces compared to 1-2 mugs. Because i didn’t have coffee beans at the time, i used pre-ground coffee. The instructions stated to only use 1 scoop per cup. So i poured it into the top funnel and followed the procedures and ended up with (to me) a shot glass sized serving of well infused espresso (even had a lot of foam on the top).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I would buy it again
  • GREAT coffee maker
  • This is a wonderful machine. Makes the best cup of coffee I

I love good coffee and frequently drink espresso (and espresso based beverages), but have never owned my own espresso maker before. This was my first foray into being my own barista, and what can i say?. The short and sweet version is that this machine makes excellent espresso that is neither too astringent nor too bland. I didn’t find the device difficult to setup or use. The ‘quick guide’ provided along with a far more detailed manual had me up and running in about 10 minutes. The machine turns on and is ready to brew steaming-hot espresso in about 60 seconds. What takes a bit longer is learning all of the various settings. These include the fineness of the grind of the beans, how long the ‘pull’ is for the espresso (more or less coffee volume), and the water temperature. Once you have things set up the way you like, you don’t have to keep going back and making changes–the machine remembers your last used setting.

We’ve been using this daily for several months without any big complaints. I wish beans fed into the grinder better. I have to stand there and poke them in with the tool they give you. Hopefully that extend the life of the product.

Although this high-end luxury cappuccino/espresso/cocoa/tea machine won’t replace my 12-cup coffeemaker for a crowd, it’s not meant to. I did a bit of investigating and i agree that although you have to keep the instruction manual handy, this is less intimidating to operate than many similar machines (for example, jura brands). The test coffee i brewed was full-bodied, blue bottle, similar to blue bottle coffee – three africans blend (whole beans coffee), 8 oz. A little too strong because i set it to the #5 or highest strength of bean. The built-in coffee grinder (hallelujah, so civilized) squeezes the maximum jolt from the beans. I also tried the milk froth setting after watching a few barista videos online from whole latte love and steve the coffee geek. The frothy milk was perfect for cappuccinos/lattes and hot cocoa from williams-sonoma. The froth wand is a bit too short and unwieldy, so you have to dip it way down in the milk and fiddle with it to get the correct setting. However, with such a powerhouse compact machine, this is a minor gripe and just a caution.

The last time i checked, the market was literally flooded with automatic coffee machines and expresso makers from every price point. Models with bells and whistles ranging from the basic functions, to starting your car (i jest). The one thing they all have in common is that they make coffee (some extremely better than others). I bet dollars to donuts you’re probably asking yourself right about now “so why should i spend $1000 on a coffee maker, when i can get a mr. Coffee at wally mart for $15 bucks?. And my answer to that is you shouldn’t because you’re clearly not the intended market delonghi wants to sell their products to. The delonghi ecam23210sb is for those who appreciate, style, simplicity quality workmanship convenience, and class. To put my context into marketable terminology i would say, if apple were going to make an expresso/coffee maker, i would imagine it would look and function very much like this. Not only does this machine make a killer cup of ‘joe’, it also makes a mean cup of expresso that will put any milan bistro to shame. When i first unboxed the machine i was a little intimidated, however once i went over the operating literature, apprehensions i previously held soon dissipated.

This machine is a beast – and i mean that in the most positive way ever. Substantial, impressive, and all encompassing – just a few words to describe this delonghi coffee machine. At the push of a button you can grind your beans based upon your taste preference; make an espresso, cappuccino, latte, or just a coffee and all will happen automatically, with the exception of the milk frothing. Pretty slickthere is an internal water reservoir which holds 60 ounces of water which is quite generous compared to other similar models. You can use either whole beans (and grind to your preference) or use pre-ground coffee beans. You just tell the machine which. There is also a steam wand for frothing milk or cream for your drinks. The frothing wand is pretty powerful and long enough to give you a little operating room around the machine. Included also is a coffee infuser which is removable and does need to be cleaned regularly. At the front of the machine there is a drip/spill tray which is great for overfills or little drips.

 this delonghi magnifica s (ecam 23210sb) espresso machine does a great job making delicious espresso drinks, and it is really easy to use – once you get it set up. In my video i demo the process of making espresso with steamed milk and go over some basics, pros, and cons. ********pros:*the coffee is delicious and nearly foolproof once you learn the machine, and results are consistent*operation is fairly quick: it took 1 minute 15 seconds to power up & get ready, 55 seconds to grind & brew the largest espresso*unit is flexible: you can use ground or whole bean coffee; machine adjusts for temperature control, hard/soft water management, brew strength, serving size, etc. *quality grinder: the machine houses a burr grinder for precise & excellent grinding, and is adjustable for coarseness*relatively compact: for a double espresso brewer, the unit isn’t too bigcons:*there is a learning curve, and initial setup in particular is somewhat cumbersome using the buttons and icon menus that aren’t always very intuitive. Once you set it up, however, it is pretty simple to operate with a bit of practice*the machine is almost entirely plastic. For the price, i was expecting a bit more metal. Still, it seems durable and well made. ***********overall, this is a really nice machine that should appeal to inexperienced home users, or anyone looking for super easy espresso results, willing to pay for quality automated operation from a respected brand. Most importantly, the coffee consistently tastes wonderful, and getting great results requires little effort from the operator. In addition, the high quality burr grinder, flexibility, and full automation make this a really nice espresso maker with a price tag to match.

This is a not cheap coffee makers. I have always had cheap coffee makers. But if you can justify the expense, this will make some great coffee. I am still working on what i can do with it, but it is dead easy. Cappuccino/espresso in barely more time than it takes for a k-cup. The water container isn’t huge, so that needs to be filled about once every 2 days for me. That isn’t a big deal, but if you have a number of coffee drinkers you will have to re-fill more often. But it does seem small compared to the coffee bean and used grounds storage, which have enough space for about a week or so. This is also a pretty compact machine. So i think the size of the water container makes is a trade off to size.

I admit that i have had several years’ experience with espresso machines, so it did not take long for me to get this delonghi machine up and running. I did, however, ask a friend with no experience whatsoever to try it out and she had no trouble at all making us both lovely cappuccinos using the instruction booklet that comes with the machine. If anything, this machine is easier to use that most i have had experience with. I did not have any previous experience with an automatic coffee bean grinder, and have always ground my own beans in a separate grinder. This delonghi does an absolutely superb job of grinding beans just prior to brewing and is much less noisy than my old grinder. This makes the coffee as good (if not better) than any fancy coffees you can buy at your local coffee shop. The water reservoir is large, easy to fill and refill, and is simple to clean. The steamer creates a lot of steam fast to froth milk , and you are able to set the brew strength from mild to strong to make coffee to suit any number of users. I use a very strong coffee (french roast), and i make either a latte or a cappuccino for myself every morning. After using this machine for several weeks, i have had no problems whatsoever.

The only complaint is the water reservoir needs to be larger but is easy to fillif you love a great cup of coffee this is your machine.

This makes a delicious cup of coffee. When first setting this machine up, i was worried it was going to be too complicated to use. It seemed to have so many controls and buttons and ways to configure things. But, once i started to play with it, i found it much, much easier to work with than my first impression of it. Along with an instruction manual, this also comes with a dvd (just like some of the high end vehicles) which is basically a set of videos of the instruction manual spoken by a beautifully articulate female voice. Both the instruction manual and the dvd are easy to follow and understand. The machine comes with a built in bean grinder, so i can use my favorite whole beans and the machine will grind to order, each cup of coffee is freshly ground. Very easythe water compartment is large enough to be able to make several cups of coffee. And it’s easy to fill, just remove the container, fill with water and it pops back in the machine.

There’s no other way to say it. Put whole coffee beans in the top, press a couple buttons, and out comes a cup of espresso just the strength and size you like. Press another button and you can perfectly steam milk and creamer to make a yummy latte. So far we’ve made espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes. I stock it with full-strength whole beans, and then there’s a little area in the top where with the twist of a knob i can tell the machine to use the already ground beans and make a decaf cup if i like. Frankly, there’s no need to go to starbucks. I can easily make a magnificent cup of coffee at home. I hope this video review helps you know what to expect. It does take a little longer to make a cup and then froth the milk, but the quality of what is made is amazingupdate: service so-so.

 if you’d like to make at home some of the best coffee this side of twin peaks, then you’ll want to check out this new coffee maker from delonghi called the magnifica s. In my video i go over the main features, show what’s included, and even demo making a cup of espresso so you know exactly how long it takes and how loud the grinder sounds. I also give a tip on how to easily remove the infuser so you can clean it. There’s a lot to love about this machine:* grinds coffee beans with a stainless steel conical burr grinder and an adjustable grind dial* also takes pre-ground coffee* hot water and steam spout for making tea or frothing milk* removable, large 60 ounce water tank with water filter* removable coffee infuser for easy cleaning* removable water drip tray and coffee grind bin* control panel for making coffee choices and settings* adjustable coffee spout for different cup sizes* warming platform for cup/saucer storagethe coffee it makes tastes absolutely wonderful, with crema, and the additional steam wand for frothing milk allows you to make lots of different coffee drinks. Everything is accessible and easy to clean. The only trouble i’ve had with the unit is that soon after setting it up, the machine kept telling me the coffee grind bin was full — even when it was empty. I think the sensor must have been confused because after i cleaned the coffee infuser, the machine went back to proper operation. This is a great coffee maker. If you want a fantastic cup of coffee that’s super easy to make — pour in beans, place cup under spout, and press a button — i can’t think of a machine that will make you happier than this delonghi magnificent s. I hope this review and video are useful.

I never would have considered a home espresso /coffee machine due to the price but this one is pretty nifty. First of all, it doesn’t take any more counter space that the two keurigs that i’ve had. It’s a very attractive, stainless steel machine which just looks cool. I love fresh ground coffee so this fits the ticket. I don’t usually take the time to grind my own coffee unless it’s the weekend but this will do it for me. I’m also a big tea drinker so it’s very nice to have the 60 oz water well with hot water dispenser whenever i want it. And then there are the many adjustments as to strength of the coffee that i wouldn’t have paid attention to until it was an option here. And i really love that it will adjust to my favorite mug size. I admit that i’m stuck in a rut and always like to use the same mug. The downside is that this is a pretty expensive machine to have hanging around ‘just for coffee.

M.V. Trading Tatung Induction Cooker : Just like the restaurant!

The pot, however, oxidized or something after first use (there were marks on the bottom of the pot).

I ordered this induction cooker because it’s the exact one that my favorite hot pot restaurant uses. We’ve only used it for hot pot so far. Told my friend about this and she got the same one and loves it too.

Just got the cook top today and used it already. The included pot is pretty cheaply made but works fine with the cooker. Most of my other pots work well on the induction cooktop so i didn’t have to buy much else. I like that the cooktop has a rough finish so it will hides scratches better and it looks to be pretty durable. What i would like as improvements is more power settings so you can more finely manage the temperature and also a timer that you can adjust by the minute. Currently the timer only has 10 minute increments.

It cooks everything perfectly in less time. I like the way you can set the timer and walk away.

  • Excellent burner
  • Fast and easy
  • Three Stars

Tatung Induction Cooker with Stainless Steel Pot – 1500 Watts(BLACK) by M.V. Trading

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Tatung Induction Cooker with Stainless Steel Pot – 1500 Watts(BLACK)

I have used these for about three years. It does what an induction cooker is supposed to do. I do not give it top rating for two main reasons: it needs a heat selection between 2 and 3. The jump between 2 and 3 is bigger than i like. And the heat zone is smaller than ideal for a ten-inch or larger pan so that you get a concentration of heat in the center of the pan. Those who like to use cast iron pans can use them with this cooker. But be aware that, because cast iron does not spread heat as well as an induction-ready aluminum pan, the hot spot in the middle of 10-inch and larger cast iron pans is substantial. Another thing cast iron users should consider is that this cooker has a heat sensor which limits how hot a pan can get. The limit is low enough to make touching up the seasoning of a cast iron pan difficult.

Just got this tatung cooker to try out induction cooking for the first time. So far i’d say i’m happy but there will be a learning curve to master. Pros:does indeed start heating very quicklyresponsive to power level changes – water will start/stop boiling within seconds of a changeseems to work with my existing pans (including the t-fal stainless steel with copper in their bases – i have an old set which looks a bit different from what you can currently buy)large surface copes with my biggest potscons:noise – this is probably typical for most of these devices but there is a high pitch whine while the pan is on the cooker, what’s a little more disconcerting are the lower power levels where there is a click-click-click as the coil turns on and offalthough per above the power control is responsive, the lowest two power levels turn the coil on and off every few seconds (like a microwave on low power) rather than reduce the power going to the coil – this means getting a precise simmer is a little trickysupplied pan is ok, though not very thick metalin summary, it seems fine for high heat applications (like boiling) but will need some getting used to for lighter cooking.

This cooker works well for the price i paid for.

You must experiment to find out that only the inner circle on the cooker is really hot so the pan should be shaped to get all the heat from the center. It says that pans up to 10 inches will work but with a flat 10 inch pan, only the center really cooks. The pot that comes with it works well but a 10 inch flying pan did not cook on the edges.

One of my friends recommended it to me. Then i ordered one from amazon. Our whole family loves it very much.

This cooktop is a great way to try induction cooking. The heat control is precise and responsive like gas; maybe better. Warning, it may not work with all of your pans, especially if they are all aluminum or copper-clad stainless. It’s portable and lightweight. It will be excellent for home canning. It will also provide an additional side burner for holiday meals. The fan makes a little noise, like a small microwave. Some pans make a slight whirring sound as current is induced through them.

This review is for the tatung tict-1500w. I bought this induction cooktop from newegg on sale for $49. That was $20 off their normal price. I also have a burton induction cooktop that i bought from amazon for about $90. I have owned the burton for about a year now. The tatung looks and feels much cheaper than the burton. The burton has 10 power levels, the tatung has six. When cooking rice, the burton simmers it just right at power level number one, however on the tatung power level 1 isn’t enough and power level 2 is a little too much. With the burton i can set the timer in minutes, the tatung has six choices 10,20,30,60,120. I can also set the temperature on the burton, but not on the tatung.

This was 2nd purchase as a gift.

My husband bought this cooker over two years ago, i believe i do have more experience to say something about this cooker. Actually we love it, i designed to use it in backyard cooking because no smoke and not afraid of wind blowing all the flames,and it has been true all the time. My mom use it cooking outside a lot and doing some yardwork in the same time. It is very durable, reliable, we leave it at outside all year around, it still works on matter rain, hot or cold weather. It has controller for power adjustment. Sometime we carry it to camping side as long as it has electricity. The only drawback of this cooker is you do need a steel pot to react with the induction, alumina or others does not work. Maybe most of non-sticker pot are not made from steel, just be ware of that. I did buy one non-stick pot made from steel especially for this cooker.

It met my expectations as i use it each time i cook hot pot. . I like the big buttons on the control panel, it makes it easy for me to turn off and on the cooker.

A decent product for a decent price. It is not as precisely temperature controlled or time controlled as some other models are, but i didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for what amounts to a hot plate either. It heats very quickly, is easy to clean and looks nice. After you use the pan the first time or two you have to clean it by heating vinegar in it because the pan gets these funny induction swirls in it. Just follow the directions and it will work out fine. The low setting is a little too low. Its ok as a warmer but its not enough to simmer.

I bought this induction cook top to have chinese hot pot at home. The product was shipped in a timely manner. The product is as described. It heats quickly and has +/- temperature adjustments which work very well. I recommend the cook top for anyone wanting to have a good quality cook top for hot pot or as a second burner.

I ordered this cooker thursday afternoon and received saturday (very fast shipping). Tonight i tested it by deep frying some fish using the pot that comes with it and i must say i’m impressed. It didn’t take long for the oil to heat (on medium/high) and it didn’t take long for the fish to fry (on medium heat). That never happened with my electric skillet. If the cookware you use is not induction ready, the unit will beep a few times then shut off. There is a very high pitched tone you can hear in addition to the fan when the cook top is heating but i only heard it when boiling water; i didn’t hear it when i was frying and its not really bothersome. It seems the only negative with induction cooking (so far) is having/finding the right cookware to use. Edit; this cook top is still going strong and works the same as when i first bought it.

Proquick heat for boiling water of less than 10 ounces. The speed didn’t beat other methods when boiling a large pot of water to make soup. Mother also use one, and we use these instead of common kitchen stove (electric or gas). Less risk of forgetting to turn off the heat / stove. Mother likes to clean the stove after using, and the electric stove, which could still beover 212 degrees after use, burned her towelthis unit doesn’t burn her towel. My mother and i do forget turning off the stove using regular stove top, electric or gas. Somehow, we never had this problem,control heats well on no.

Works with my basic stainless steel pots i bought from macy’s years back. It’s a bit noisy – there’s high pitch sound at low heat settings. Quiet down at higher settings though. It heats things up very fast, and very easy to clean afterward.

Great for home hot pot or shabu shabu meals. The pot is fairly sturdy and well made. It’s been a year since we bought this and it is still working fine.

To those having issues with lights 3 and 4 blinking. I received one and it didn’t work at all. If you take it apart using the screws on the back, you notice a small rubber bubble in the middle of the copper coil. There is some sort of sensor (probably magnetic) located on the top of that sensor, covered by a coating of white substance. I am assuming this is what initiates the induction process when a steel pot is detected on it. I tried wiping off the white substance so that there is a better connection and put the device back together and it worked just fine after that.

I’m building some eco cottages with kitchenettes; therefore, my interest exceeds even that of the typical homeowner. Induction cooking is the most efficient way to cook, so with ‘eco’ cottages, i love the technology and fully intend to use it. Built-in nduction cooktops cost a mint, so i wanted to try this, plus if you’re doing something in the kitchen that doesn’t require its use, you can put it aside in the corner of the countertop or even store it in the cupboard. Alternately, you can pull the spare from the cabinet and have two running, no problem. These are very common in europe but just catching on here. In 10 years, i predict these will dominate u. Simple, the direct control of gas with the ease of care associated with a smooth electric cooktop.

RCA RMIS1530 Freestanding Beverage Center and Wine Cellar Fridge : Good

I bought this on clearance from a local retailer for $75. The model number on the user manual is mis1530. I think there may be multiple versions of this as some information online says that the minimum temperature setting is 32 f and elsewhere it says 40 f. Mine has a minimum setting of 40 f (though curiously the image on the user manual shows it set to 38 f). When the shelves are arranged as in the product image (they were installed in a different configuration when i unboxed mine), it will hold about 100 cans. The packaging indicates it can hold 116 cans but you would be hard-pressed to fit them in there. When the shelves are arranged as in the picture, you can fit 16-oz cans on the bottom and the second shelf from the top. The bottom and the first shelf from the bottom hold fewer cans (18 each, 6 wide by 3 deep) because there is an indentation in the back to accomodate the compressor. The top 2 shelves will hold 30 cans (6 wide by 5 deep). That makes a total of 96 cans without any creative arrangements (like removing shelves and double-stacking cans).

Its looks great and we have run it 24/7 for year without any issues. One time it started making noise and i lightly slapped the side of it and noise stopped. You won’t find this size at this price anywhere else.

RCA RMIS1530 Freestanding Beverage Center and Wine Cellar Fridge

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Holds 36 wine bottles
  • Holds 150 cans
  • Chrome wine rack
  • Black wine cooler has 3 glass shelves
  • Frameless flat panel glass door

Unit works fine, but very cheap plastic holds the shelves.

This is an absolutely fabulous unit. I purchased a refurbished item and although it has some small issues such as a noisy motor you could not get a better looking refrig. We wanted something upscale for our bedroon and this not only fit the bill but exceeded. The price was just to good to pass upon. The refurbish price was lower than what others wanted for a used item and with the free shipping. Well need i say more, it now has a new home. Great unit and stylish as all heck.

RCA RMIS1530 Freestanding Beverage Center and Wine Cellar Fridge : Very good condition refrigerator and it work good.

Unit arrived well protected and easy to remove from packaging. It was easy to set up and start but more information on the shelves would be helpful especially the wine shelf. Possibly a diagram showing different shelf layouts for different items would help. I have only had the unit for one week so i can’t comment on the service life but so far it has performed as expected and is a well priced unit.

Arrived earlier than expected and is as advertised.

Door doesn’t always latch, temp changes seemingly on it’s own.

What a great product for all the drinks.

We are extremely pleased with this product it is the best quality looks awesome in our den and keeps all our beverages at the perfect temperature.

So far so good it’s very sleek quiet and lotsa room no complaints here it was also delivered four days earlier than stated.

Love it perfect addition for our beverages.

It has one temperature control and the light is really nice.

Tasty Treats FPSBTTDDM625 Dozen Donut Maker, Baked donut maker

Boy am i glad we went with this instead of the easy bake oven my granddaughter wanted. The design of donuts on the top made her squeal with delight. This cooks the donuts so quickly and evenly that we had dozens in no time.No spray was needed and nothing ever stuck. We filled a squeeze bottle with batter for ease and neatness. We made a donut recipe first, then we filled the maker with belgian waffle mix and wa-la, mini waffle donut dippers. Kids want them all the time now, they just dip them in syrup. I looked at all the donut makers available and this one was by far the cutest and made it a perfect gift for a kid or an adult. Next we will be trying some savory garlic rolls in this, as well as brownie mix and cake mix.

Love to make pumpkins donuts without the frying.

Key specs for Tasty Treats FPSBTTDDM625 Dozen Donut Maker, Blue:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Enjoy fresh baked homemade donuts holes with the 12 pc. mini donut maker without frying
  • Makes 12 mini donuts right in your own home
  • Non-stick cooking plates for healthy baking
  • Warm up & ready lights indicate that the donut maker is on and heating
  • Non-stick plates make clean up easy
  • Enjoy fresh baked homemade donut holes with the 12 piece mini donut maker without frying
  • Makes 12 mini donuts right in your own home
  • Nonstick cooking plates for healthy baking
  • Warm up and ready lights indicate that the donut maker is on and heating
  • Nonstick plates make clean up easy

Comments from buyers

“Boy am I glad we went with this instead of the easy bake
, A fine alternative to the Sunbeam models, but still not perfect
, 12 donut maker-Sunbeam Jardin

This was the 2nd time i ordered this donut maker, from a different company. Although it still is a sunbeam product i thought i would try a different vendor. The 1st one i purchased, the ready light did not come on to indicate that the donuts were done and guess what the ready light does not come on this one either. It does make great donuts but you have to keep checking to see if they are done, very inconvenient. I did contact the company and they refunded my shipping + 10 % off. I don’t really feel like returning this item either so i will have to deal with the malfunction.

You need to do some test batches to get the timing down. It doesn’t tell you when they are done/ready to remove.

I’ve been through 3 different models of donut makers (what can i say, we make a lot of donuts in my house). The two other models were sunbeam (the blue mini donut maker and yellow-with-blue-sprinkles donut maker). Each of the three models had pros and cons. I had been annoyed enough with both of the sunbeam model’s latches that i tried a different brand with this one. This model does latch/unlatch shut better than the sunbeam models, and doesn’t require potentially burning my hand to undo the latch. I appreciate it’s use of space much better too- it’s nice to get a full dozen done at once. However, i prefer the sunbeam’s recipe (it’s basically like donut-shaped breakfast cake), and this tasty treats model has a higher temperature, making it easier to burn and harder to cook through thoroughly.

I received this donut maker as a birthday present from my brother. I’m so pleased with nearly everything about it. * i just finished making my first batch of mini donuts and it was easy and super fast and a cinch to clean up. There are lots of mini donut maker recipes online these days so taking a basic cake mix based recipe i found, i modified it to make ‘cooler lemon dusted donuts. ‘ the recipe is: 1 boxed lemon flavored cake mix; 1/4 cup vegetable oil; 1/2 cup milk; 1 egg. Put the batter into a 1-quart sized plastic lunch bag (zip top or not, just something to contain the batter). Cut one bottom corner off the bag about 1/4 inch. Spray the donut iron with cooking spray (or wipe it down with a paper towel and some vegetable oil), just enough to slick up the surface a bit.

Since i fell in love with a doughnut machine a church friend had years ago i have unsuccessfully looked for one until now. I am delighted to have finally found one and am pleased with it.

We gave this to our daughters as a christmas present. Our 11 year old can use this on her own. It is too hot for the 7 year old to use on her own, but she can mix the batter and with a long spoon/spatula and adult supervision, she can put the batter into the molds. We have made the recipe that came in the instruction book and we substitute a gluten free flour blend. Please know, however, they are mini doughnuts. We have not had any issues with uneven browning. I will concur with other reviews that say the indicator lights are not very bright. I have to hold my hand over them a bit to see if the light is on or not.

It makes the best donuts i’ve ever tasted. Grease- less you can not beat this with abaseball bat. I’m very pleased with the product. My customers say these are the best donutsthey have ever tasted from me now. Thank you for making this machine. It’s is my business saver for sure.

The best part is the recipe book.