Tatung 6-Cup Multifunction Indirect Heat Rice Cooker Steamer and Warmer : Five Stars

It works well and does a nice job of steaming rice. It takes a bit to understand that the measuring cup that comes with the steamer is not equal to a standard cup. Your must use the cup that comes with the unit to get good results. Also it was disappointing to find, contrary to tatung advertising, that the warmer must be turned on by hand after the rice is finished steaming, therefor you cannot leave it unattended if you don’t want your rice to be cold when you return. It works much better than our former rice cooker that had no steaming and burned the rice at the bottom of the pan.

Alittle bit of a learning curve, but makes the best rice.

The rice stick to the pot if i leave it out for a while to cool down. Otherwise, it is good and serves the purpose.

This rice cooker is a very nice product. It performs just as i expect. I am very satisfied with this product.

  • The best rice cooker you will ever own
  • Good Rice Cooker, but not for small batches
  • Tatung TAC-06KN6 Cups Indirect Rice Cooker

6-Cup Multifunction Indirect Heat Rice Cooker Steamer and Warmer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Multi-Functional Rice Cooker & Steamer
  • 6 Cups Stainless steel rice cooker.
  • With warming On/Off Switch
  • All the accessories: lid, inner cover, inner pot, and steamer plate
  • Good for cooking white, sweet, and brown rice.

I’ve had this rice cooker for a few months now. I make rice or quinoa in it about three times a month. I don’t need to make a lot of rice, so making one cup (included with cooker), comes out a little dry sometimes. I have to figure out how much water to put in to get it just right. On the whole i am satisfied with the cooker. Next time i’ll buy a much smaller appliance. Rice cooker that i loved until it broke. I gave this one four stars because i sometimes can’t get the consistency i want with such a small batch.

This cooker works great as advertised. It is a very convenient utensil as well. Rice, stews, buns can be made/steamed to fully cooked in 15 minutes.

This is my first adult rice cooker and boy, does this make the best rice ever. This does not even compare to your typical $20 rice cooker. This makes the fluffiest, most delicious rice. It tastes exactly like the rice that my chinese friends make.The annoying thing is that it comes with its own measuring cup which is not a standard size. I’ve lost it a couple of times and it’s hard to get the measurements just right. It can also get complicated because you have to put water inside with the rice and outside of the inner pot too. However, this is worth it for the quality of rice that you get. This comes with a helpful little insert to tell you not just how to make rice but also how to steam veggies and make soups. I haven’t tried it for that yet but i’d love to eventually.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this product. This is my second “tatung” rice cooker in thirty years so that has to say something. My first one still works but i am afraid it will fail one day so to be on the safe side, i purchased this one. We have used it several times now, and like the first, performs perfectly.You will not be sorry if you purchase this rice cooker and plan to have for many years. Cooks, white rice, brown rice, steams, so many things.

Makes perfect, burn-free rice and other grains. It takes a bit of practice to adjust the amount of water in the cooking and outer vessel if you’ve been using a direct heat cooker, but once you get that down it is an excellent cooker. (don’t put it under a cabinet while cooking – it produces a lot of steam – put it on a counter with plenty of room for the steam to rise.

My four star rating means “very good–recommended. ” i bought the tatung tac-06kn 6-cup rice cooker to replace a cooker that worked but i did not like the non-stick cooking vessel. I was not looking for, or knew of, the indirect cooking method but i prefer the results to direct cooking. I have cooked two batches of rice so far and i like the results. It is easy to use and to clean. The tatung literature says this model does not have an automatic warming cycle. However, when my tatung finishes cooking it automatically switches to warm–so. ? i am accustomed to the high quality of my all-clad cookware which is heavy, high quality stainless steel/aluminum or copper cores and permanently riveted stainless steel handles. In contrast, the tatung is made of much thinner gauge stainless steel and plastic handles attached with screws and that’s why i did not give it 5-stars. I recommend increasing the amount of cooking water slightly as compared to the tatung instructions if you like a moister, fluffier rice.

Tatung used to make good quality products, old rice cooker was made to last10-20 years, but this new rice cooker, is suppose to made with stainless material, but it still gets rusty in some area. I used for about a year, then it was not working. A friend of mine fixed it,the fuse inside cause the problem. This product is too expensive that should lastlong time rather than a year.

Tatung’s items are generally in good quality.

Cooks a perfect bowl of rice. Fluffy, steamed, soft, even. Not mushy on the bottom or dry on top. Stainless steel inner pot easy to clean and don’t have to worry about nonstick coating being scraped off. No spillage from the sides while cooking if instructions followed properly on how much water to place in outer pot. Its worth the investment if you eat rice frequently at home. Couldn’t be happier with this product.

I bought this old fashioned rice cooker because i could not find a stainless steel bowl replacement for my beloved zojirushi. The rice that i get out of the tatung is okay, though my mother turns her nose up at it. The keep warm feature is not good for using more than an hour or so– the rice completely dries out. Edited to reflect that i may not be using the keep warm correctly, as others seem to have good results. I’m using the cup included, not sure why the rice gets mushy on top but dried on the bottom when i use the keep warm feature.

This rice cooker works very well. We have owned numinous rice makers and this is by far the best. The rice never sticks and is always done to perfection.

I’m really surprised that rice doesn’t stick to the stainless steel bowl. Why were we using the unsafe teflon coated ones for so long when they are not safe?. It also comes with a small cover so you can put the bowl in the fridge with the left overs and it takes up very little space. Haven’t tried it for steaming yet, but so far rice is great.

I researched many rice cookers over a period of several months trying to replace a 15-yr old inexpensive, but reliable plastic cooker/steamer that had been a gift. This time, i wanted to avoid both plastics & non-stick materials. I also didn’t need or want to store a very large cooker since, it’s just the two of us @ home now. My decisions narrowed the field considerably. Excluding many big name brands like zojirushi, panasonic, and tiger. The buffalo brand rice cooker from malaysia projects a very modern design, great functionality & electronic features. However, the buffalo cooker’s hard-wired led battery has to be replaced by the manufacturer about every 3 years or so. All of the fuzzy logic cookers have similar battery replacement issues. The prospect of the future hassle & the cost of service & shipping each time the battery died was a major detraction for me. That’s when i hit upon the tatung tac-06kn in my search.

I bought this for my wife last christmas, 2014, and she loves it. I will probably purchase another for my daughter this christmas.

Great product, love that it’s 100% stainless steel.

No more aluminum or teflon added to the food.

Taiwanese people use this to make their rice.

Pros:rice comes out perfect once you know the proportionseasy to cleanas simple as possiblecons:the lid rattles loudlyit spews and spurts water on everything in the vicinitywhen the lid is modified and/or weighted to control the rattling, the water boils overcould be the perfect cooker if they figure out how to control the rattling/spewing. If you do buy it and figure out how to address this, please let me know.

Cuisinart FP-12DC Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor – does everything it’s supposed to do

I bought this to replace an ancient original model cuisinart (30+ years old) so i can’t compare it to other current brands. But i’m happy with the upgrade. I have used it for pesto, slaws, routine chopping and slicing, tart and pie doughs, soups, and many other tasks. I haven’t used it for bread dough, preferring the kitchenaid mixer for that. I don’t usually use the smaller bowl but it comes in handy sometimes. What i like: beautiful design, solid die-cast body, snap-fit of bowl parts, no-fuss safety mechanisms, quiet operation, adjustable slicing blade, pouring lip, large overall size but with a small bowl option, generally thorough and consistent chopping. Tight-fit gasket for liquid ingredients (but see below)not so good: these are only occasional annoyances: during fine chopping, such as for pesto, small bits will get caught up in the gasket, which does not appear to be removable. You have to run water into the holes above the gasket and jiggle the gasket to make the bits leave. Though the gasket generally seals well against liquid, a weak point is at the pouring lip, where things can get a little sloppy.

The cuisinart fp-12bk elite collection 12-cup food processor in black is an expensive food processor, but feels very quality. You can tell it is very powerful and handles everything i’ve thrown in it with ease. I think the peanut butter i made was the most impressive for its ease in preparation and ‘better than store quality’ results. Came out perfectly creamy and delicious. Much better than the peanut butter my old, smaller cuisinart struggled to make. This food processor is quieter than i had expected for being so powerful. It is very large and heavy, but is attractive, and looks good on the counter, so i don’t have to move it around too often. Although the rubber gasket on the the tight fitting lid is slightly difficult to clean, it does do a good job of preventing spills in an overfilled bowl. The instructional dvd is actually worth watching, as it has 12-15 recipes that showcase this food processor and gives good ideas for how to use the product. The actual ‘how to’ part of the dvd is overkill and boring, but the recipes, made by a cute, older french chef were quite entertaining and show how versatile this food processor is in helping to make food preparation easier.

There are already over 100 perfect ‘5’ score reviews here, so i won’t rehash most of the many great features of this wonderful kitchen tool. I use this at least once a day. It is a powerful workhorse in the kitchen. I am amazed by it’s versatility and its durability. I noticed that some of the negative reviews have a common complaint – that the there is a leaking problem if you fill the bowl with too much liquid. The line that is marked on the bowl by cuisinart isn’t that accurate (even if you don’t fill beyond that line, you can still have a leaking problem). Here’s what i do to avoid leaking problems. I just filled my bowl with water and found out exactly how much liquid that i could put into the bowl without having a leaking problem. Then i just remember to keep my liquids lower than that level. The result is that the unit does not leak. Here are the specifications for the Cuisinart FP-12DC Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 1000-watt food processor with 12-cup work bowl and nesting 4-cup work bowl
  • On/off/pulse touchpad controls; wide-mouth feed tube; blade-locking system
  • Stainless-steel slicing disc, shredding disc, chopping/mixing blades
  • Dishwasher-safe parts; spatula, and recipe/instruction book included
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

I have had this food processor for two months and really like it. I use it to make cookies, muffins, yeast rolls, shredding cheese, slicing potatoes/carrots, chopping nuts, chopping onions and green peppers to freeze and will use it for processing tomatoes when canning. I especially like the adjustable blade to get different size slices of things like cheese or summer sausage. The one thing i would strongly recommend is to read the instructions and watch the dvd that comes with the machine. The proper placement of the small bowl (watch that the bowl is fitted in the grooves to make a tight fit)and making sure both the back and front of the cover are firmly clicked into place is essential. The side opposite the handle must be pushed down firmly until you hear a fairly loud click. I made that mistake the first time i used it and had a mess with contents leaking out all over. Since then i haven’t had any problem with this machine. I especially like the large feeding tube. When slicing tall items such as a cucumber, you must cut them into smaller size chunks and line them up in the tube so the pusher can fit into the top to enable the machine to work.

The fp-12dc elite replaced my 25 year old cuisinart (that still works fine). I wanted a fp with a bigger feed tube and the attachments that i use most frequently. And i’m very happy with this purchase. It came with all the accessories i needed. I have used it just about every day for a variety of tasks and especially appreciate the ease of use of the wide feed tube and how well this appliance slices onions and turnips for turnip chips, grates cheese, shreds cabbage etc. These tasks were rather difficult to do with the old one. Making chicken and egg salad as well as chopped liver is a breeze. The small work bowl is very handy for in between chopping needs. Whipped up a one avocado guacamole in 3 pulses. I also have the cuisinart csb-77 smart stick hand blender with whisk and chopper attachments that continues to be one of my everyday work horses. I watched the video and picked up some nice tips and tricks from it. You can always learn something. Also liked the cookbook and am going to try using the dough blade.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great machine, with one fatal flaw.
  • Read the directions and watch the video!
  • The machine is fine, the description needs modification

I have been around and around with amazon and cuisinart about this product, and would like to share the results. This is a review of the 12 cup fp-12dc food processor. Every time i asked a question, i would get answers relating to the 14 cup model. Amazon does a very poor job of separating different models of products in their review files. First- the listings for the black color, the pink color, the white color, and the brushed aluminum version state clearly that the dough blade is included with the unit. For some unknown reason, this one, the die-cast color, does not state that. It has the very same description, but it seems that someone has carefully cut out the words dough blade. The cuisinart website states that all of the versions of this model come with the dough blade.

Been loving this processor for a while, but until recently, i never used it for liquid processes. I made homemade almond milk the other day and the seals did not do their job. I called cuisinart and while it is covered under warranty, i have to pay to ship it back to them and include a $10 check or money order to pay for them to ship it back. Kind of a hassle, not to mention being without my food processor while they look into the issue. Haven’t sent it to them yet. Not wanting to part with my machine, lol.

This is a great food processor with a price to match. The two different size bowls are a wonderful idea for any cook. I bought this food processor over a year ago; and desired another one for another summer property we have. This was an exceptional price or i would not have purchased another. The first one i bought i did not get any measuring spoons and had to pay $30 for the accessory storage case. With all the blades it comes with, the case for blade storage is a safe and organized way to handle these sharp items. So, with two of these processors under my belt – yes, we can say i love it.

I will never even think about trading it for any other type of machine. It is a high quality machine. And with the extra feature or option of doing smaller batches in the 4 four cup container just tickles me. It really does save on time in the kitchen. And makes cooking so much more enjoyable for me. It has so many features i don’t want to go into. But one of the features i appreciate is the safety. Everything must fit into place in order for the blades to operate.

Got this for my mom for christmas and she loves it. We were all amazed at how quickly it slices up stuff. In no time at all, a raw potato was cut up. Speaking of potatoes, she learned this machine’s power by accidentally pureeing instead of mashing potatoes. The pieces are easy to clean and are dishwasher friendly. Parts are easy to put together and operate as well. ****warning**** the blades are extremely sharp. My mom barely touched them and it sliced into her. Be careful when handling the blades.

I use this food processor every other day as i make my own dog food which takes a lot of power to grind through large amounts veggies and meat. I use it for many other foods as well and it performs well. The heavy base keeps this machine from ‘walking’ off the counter. It remaining very stable while processing. The lid is hard to clean and you must use the brush tool supplied to clean the seals on the lid. I tore the seal on the lid when i used the flat plastic cleaning tool and i got a replacement from the manufacturer but had to pay shipping to send back the old damaged lid. Use the tool carefully but use it because not cleaning the seal could cause a build up of bacteria in the seal.

I love the cuisinart fp-12dc elite collection 12-cup food processor, die cast food processor like it’s my own child. I’m vegan and about half my food is raw, so i am hard on a processor. I use it at least a few times a week, and have used it for everything from pureeing chunky raw veggies to mixing and kneading seitan (a really tough wheat gluten-based dough). The shredding disc works very well, though it does leave chunks from the ends that sometimes slip through (the same thing has happened with every food processor i’ve ever owned). Despite what the description says, the grater blade is reversible for a large or small grate. The slicing disc is amazing. I used it to do about 4 pounds of thinly-scalloped potatoes, and it took less than 5 minutes. It’s a safe alternative to a mandoline slicer, too – no getting fingertips in your meals. I absolutely love having the 4-cup bowl for smaller servings of hummus, guacamole, nut butters, and tahini that wouldn’t reach the blade in the large bowl. I will never buy a single-bowl food processor again.

Pros:1000w induction motor – says right in the manualbpa free – says right on the boxadjustable slicing blade 1-6mm (huge bonus as blades are $20 a piece)lid is extremely easy to get on and off; push a button to release. I can take the lid off/on with one hand. Lid has a seal to keep liquid inpretty quiet during use. Weight of bowl and plastic just feels better. Warranty: 10yr motor; 3yr machine. Cons:food particles get stuck in lid edge. There is an included tool to clean it. Dough blade is plastic (is this really a con?. Use a stand mixer)food stays above the blade sometimes when slicing/shredding. (is that really a fault?)replacement lid most likely cost more if you break it.

I have made almond flower, almost butter, mayonnaise, mixed breads, grated cheese, veggies, chopped, well, you name, i’ve pretty much done it. I love the seal, but it does take a little tlc to keep it clean. The veggie shoot with the two sizes is really nice. Only thing is the small shoot doesn’t lock into place like the large one does, so it constantly oops out if you set the top on the counter upside down. I would love to find a top for this machine that doesn’t have the veggie shoot because it would make clean up faster.

I had a small combo cuisinart blender-food processor. However, it is too small for many recipes and is not sealed. This machine was a huge move up for me. I have found it is a pleasure to use. I did not get the case for the blades which would be helpful to have. Also, i did not realize the spatula was not heat resistant so i melted it adding the bowls ingredients to a hot plan. The only problem with this machine is it is large and heavy making storage a consideration. Update — i made a north african dressing by cooking down an orange in honey, water, spices and vinegar than pureeing it in the processor. The combination etched the plastic of the food processor bowl.

I have never had such a powerful, well built food processor. All the pieces fit together perfectly, as expected. I love the simplified buttons. Those three are all i have ever really needed anyway. The motor does not give off a high-pitched whirr, it is a low growl, like the difference between a dirt bike and a harley. It cuts through everything without getting stuck, or failing to chop some pieces.

After almost 2 years, i can say that this food processor works just fine as far as chopping goes (the motor and blade) however it gets 3 stars because there is mold growing in the handle and the plastic is getting very fatigued, ready to crack any moment. It’s been there for at least a year but recently got so bad i have to toss it. I never even used the smaller part like i thought i would. Also the lid shoot has been corroding for sometime (doesn’t appear to touch food) so that is a flaw as well. It’s all been only hand washed. The actual lid, where the seal is, is quite difficult to clean especially if you don’t rinse it immediately. I used this sparingly for the first year and a lot this 2nd year. I’m in the market for a new one.

I had for years what i thought was a pretty decent food processor. However, the cup size was small, and my biggest complaint was how loud it was. Also, its power diminished over time. It seemed that i had to pulse and try all kinds of tricks to make it work harder (limiting the amount of food i added at once to an already small cup size, etc. Honestly, it’s like dating what you thought was a pretty good guy, and then finding the man of your dreams. I whipped up mashed potatoes in no time last night. They were perfect and beautifully swirled with seemingly little effort. It was the most lovely food processing site i’ve ever seen.

I really liked having the smaller bowl insert. What i didn’t like what that it has a very thin silicon-like o-ring of sorts that is attached to the lid. Mine tore really easily but cuisinart replaced it for me without hassle so that was good. The thing is, even with a new one, when i would pulse liquids, they would spill out and go all over the place. Now, i understand why my kitchenaid does that. There’s no rubber o-ring to seal it. But what’s the point of having the ring on here if it doesn’t actually seal it shut. My other complaint is that you can’t wash the lid without your dirty water getting inside the ring and then it get’s trapped and turns yucky. Kitchenaid has a similar problem though in that their handles trap water in them.

I’ve debated whether i should give 2 stars or 3. Two issues:- lid is never clean, food gets there. – doesn’t last many yearsit worked for first 3 years, then it would fail to start. I had to disassemble, put back together, twist and turn until it finally can click somewhere and engage. So sadly i had to buy a new one – so it lasted just 4 years. I usually expect my appliances to last longer than that.

Compared to my old cuisinart food processor, the new one has a few nice improvements, such as work bowls that do not leak when soup or sauce is processed. However, there are 2 significant glitches in the design of the shredding disc. The disc has 2 finger holes that apparently should be used to insert and remove the disc over the stem adapter. But what happens is pieces of the food that are being shredded fall into the bowl through these holes. The other problem with the disc is that its diameter is much smaller than the diameter of the bowl top, which means that big chunks of food fall into the bowl through the empty space. As the result, once you remove the shredded food from the bowl, you have to manually extract the big unprocessed pieces. And there is a large amount of them. I wonder if cuisinart ever tested their new ‘improved’ discs.