Epicureanist Vinotemp Electric Wine Opener : Wonderful wine opener

I bought this for my wife as she enjoys a glass of wine on a regular bases. It works great, it does not require us to hold the bottle to tight, as the assembly tightens against the bottle to hold it in place when opening. Great cork screw, i would recommend.

Very powerful and easy to use. Best of the 10+ wine openers i have owned over the years. Highly recommend this product.

Vinotemp Electric Wine Opener, Black

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  • Includes wine opener, foil cutter and recharging base
  • Rechargeable, cordless electric wine opener
  • Easily removes cork from wine bottle and releases it
  • Charges for up to 8-hour of use

Though costlier than other openers i’ve had, it is more powerful and removes all types of corks with ease.

I have gone through 5 electric wine openers in the last 4 years, the first one lasted about 3 years, the others between 1 month and 6 months. This one is by far the most quiet, smoothest and most powerful, and was less expensive than the others i have owned. I’m very happy with it and think it will last a long time.

My mother in law is 82 and has no trouble using it. This model is extra tough and pulls out those artificial corks quickly and easily.

Vinotemp Electric Wine Opener, Black : So far it works as described. I have opened cork and synthetic stopper bottles with no problem. The proof on how good this wine opener will be after time if the rechargeable battery keeps working.

It replaced the trusty, but much more expensive electric opener that died after about three years of use. It’s nice to be able to look through the clear plastic bottom and confirm that the cork is being extracted whole. Also lends a soft blue light to the bar when charging.

This is the best purchase i have made in a long time. I have arthritis in my wrists and a manual cork screw was getting difficult to use. I will definitely recommend this to friends and family.

Amazing and well worth the price.

I have purchased expensive rabbit openers before and they always break. This opens my bottles of wine easily and quick.

Bought this for hubby as a gift for father’s day and he loves it. It is very attractive and he likes the clear bottom so you can see the cork. He also like the foil cutter a lot. He is very happy with the gift. Would highly recommend this product.

I have bought one 4yrs ago and is great. Purchased another one as a gift. For parties great and they had this one at a winery. They quoted you can open 40 bottles of wine on 1 charge.

Best wine opener we’ve ever had.

Tried them all, this is best on the market😎.

I love this wine opener when it first arrives, but over time, it loses its ‘punch’ — have to revert to a regular wine opener. Doesn’t seem to hold its charge.

So far so good seems to work very well.

Solid, sturdy, and powerful. I have severe arthritis in my hands and i’m still able to use this by myself. Someone gave me a cheaper version of this years ago and all it did was spin the bottle around. I feel it is worth the money. Unfortunately, a friend manually yanked a cork out of it, and now it only works one way, up. But i liked it so much i just ordered another one. Keep it out of your friends hands until they know how to use it. So in that respect its kind of delicate i guess.

So far it is working just great. Better by far then my previous opener.

Had a problem with the charging base and great customer service sent me a whole new unit.

To be honest i’ve never even used anything but the old do it yourself opener which doesn’t give me any comparisons but i do know this opener is great. I’ve had it about 2 weeks now and have had no problems. Works perfectly every time even if i don’t get it exactly in the center of the cork. The little thing that comes with it to open the seal on the wine bottle is also a handy item. Saves so much time rather than using a knife or something else to get to the cork. I can never grip the little tiny tab hard enough that you’re supposed to pull to unwrap the seal around the cork. The blue light gives it a nice look at night. My husband and i liked this so much we ordered another this week for his brother’s birthday.

Fantastic and looks great on the bar.

George Foreman GR59A Baby George Rotisserie – Amazing!

I bought this for my step father after his broke unfortunately because of the size he was not able to use it.

The george foreman baby rotisserie is hard to find in the stores. But it is a good product well built not expensive. I have not mastered the skewers yet. But can use without them and so far everything tastes great especially shrimp. I especially recommend if you have a small kitchen.

I have had my baby george foreman for several years. It is hands down the most delicious whole chicken you could ever cook at home. In the baby grill, there is a size limit of 5lbs. Which 5lbs is really a huge grocery store chicken. There is only two of us here at home. But with how big a alb chicken is, i could easily invite one or to people over and us all eat the chicken. It’s sooo beautiful watching the chicken turn, as it is constantly self basting itself. The meat comes out so moist and tender. Whenever i cook turkey or chicken in oven, i always cook it upside down. So that way the fatty, juicy dark meat self bastes the drier white meat the entire cooking time.

I bought this to replace my original model that i’ve used very often for many years. The food basket is a thinner gauge wire that the original but other than that, everything is the same. I hope to get 15 years out of this rotisserie as i did the original one. It’s great for quickly cooking fish and boneless chicken breasts, grilled veggies.

My wife’s ‘baby george’ has served us well. It’s a great little ‘cooker’. Our son, who’s turning out to be not a meanchef himself, thinks so too. A compact, efficient unit to save time on savory supper preps.

Have grilled fish, chicken and veggies and it works great. I always have a tough time getting chicken just right. Either overcooked or under cooked. There is a basket you can put your fish or your veggies in or your chicken breasts etc.

  • A bit small, but otherwise nice.
  • Good for chicken and salmon
  • I cooked 2 cornish hens

I was at a friend’s place recently and he had some chicken breast cooking in his rotisserie and it looked interesting. The fact that it was supposed to be healthier was very attractive. After some questions i started to look around at what was out there. I have a george foreman grill and i used it until it died so i thought maybe the rotisserie would work well. I didn’t need a full size one as i was cooking only for myself. I have been cooking mainly chicken legs and i am loving it. I put some seasoning on the outside and that is it. It skin is crispy and the meat is so moist. I can’t believe how simple it is.

I love the baby george foreman rotisserie. I used my first one for many years until i wore it out so i just had to get another one.

I’m a big fan of the foreman grill and use that a lot so it was a no-brainer to order this rotisserie. I am single and have limited space, so a smaller version of the monster machines i’ve seen before seemed perfect. And in that respect, this does fit the bill. Fits on my counter (although i slide it out during use since you don’t want all that heat under your cabinets.But didn’t expect how much trouble i would have trying to keep the meat small enough to fit. . Even if it fits fine when you first put it in, once the grease starts dripping, things move all over. I use a ton of string on the chickens (smallest i can find in the store) and they still tend to start banging into the bottom. Part of the problem is that it seems that the spit is closer to the bottom than the top, and of course gravity tends to pull things down anyway. Cleaning is also a bit of pain, lots of parts to clean afterwards and some don’t ever come clean no matter what you do (and i’ve only used it a few times) cleaning the inside of the glass door is near impossible without removing it (good luck getting it back on, i don’t recommend it) i assume these are common problems for rotisseries though, it’s mainly the size i have a problem with. An inch or two more would have been idealupdate: one solution i have found to the size is to just roast a full chicken breast, rather than the whole chicken.

After reading some of the reviews, i was a little apprehensive about my purchase of the baby george rotisserie. However, i tried this little gem tonight and it functioned exactly as i expected. A perfectly done whole chicken that tasted as if it were from the deli at the supermarket. The preparation stage was simple. It took longer to create and apply the rub than the rest of the preparation combined. Once i spitted the bird, i tied some twine around it to prevent the bird from flopping around and hitting the elements. Then i set the timer for 60 mins, but because of some comments i had read, i checked it at 45 mins. After the timer expired, i let the bird sit for 15 mins as suggested in the manual. Then i used a big fork to slide the bird off the spit and onto the carving platter.

This was given to me as a birthday gift from my mom last week and i honestly don’t know how i ever lived without one of these. The day i got it, i cooked a 4 pound chicken. It took 1 1/2 hours and no lie, it was the best chicken i’d ever eaten. The outside was crispy and delicious and the meat couldn’t have been more tender. Just tonight i tried my hand at baked potatoes after reading in the instruction manual that you can make them in the unit. 4 potatoes at 1 1:2, it’s as though they were cooked on the barbecue wrapped in tin foil. The unit itself is relatively easy to clean. I found that the spit required some soaking before the food remnants loosened from it but that’s no big deal.

Features of George Foreman GR59A Baby George Rotisserie

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    by entering your model number.
  • Meats self baste In their own juices
  • Roasts up to a 5 lb chicken
  • 3hour countdown timer with bell and auto shut off
  • Handle tool for easy removal of hot food
  • Includes: flat basket and four kabab skewers

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

For cooking meals for one to three people, this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I may never oven-roast a chicken again. There are 2 things you should know, though:1) truss anything you put on the spit. Several people have mentioned having problems with 4-5 lb. I’ve done chickens up to 5 lbs with no problem, but it is a cozy fit, so tie them up well. The same goes for beef and pork roasts. Even if it looks like it should be no problem, keep in mind that the roast isn’t going to be balanced, so it’s likely to sag. Truss tightly and all should be well. 2) if you don’t already have one, get an instant-read meat thermometer, and use it frequently until you get used to the rotisserie. It does cook a bit more quickly than the instructions and your oven experience might suggest. The only real complaint i have is shared by several other posters as well. The reflector gets stained after a few uses and won’t come clean. Thus far, it hasn’t seemed to matter as far as cooking performance goes, so i’m hoping for the best down the road. All caveats aside, this does an excellent job, and i use it at least once a week.

The rotisserie which i recieved for my birthday was absolutely one of the best kitchen appliances purchases that my wife has ever made. It is advertised to hold up to 5lb roast or bird but actually holds an 8lb item. (while still cooking to perfection) there are only 2 in our household and it makes the perfect size meal, with few left overs. Even without expensive seasoning or injectors this rotisserie crisps the outside of any chicken while leaving the inside tender, juicy and fully cooked. We use our rotisserie at least 3 times per week, and are amazed by how much fat actually drips off a small bird. The convient suction cups on the bottom allow for safe use on almost any surface. The only drawback that we have found is that the spikes which hold the bird in place are not non-stick we now own the george forman grill and the rotisserie and have both recommended it and bought them for friends.

One in our house and one in our 5th wheel. Some reviews complained it was too small, but its just the right size for my husband and i. Another review said the parts rust. I’ve had my first one for a few years and use it regularly and never had a problem with rust, just dry the parts before you put it away. Chicken is better than you get at the deli. You can season it any way you want and it’s hot when you serve it.

There’s no doubt i’ll wear this rotisserie out with all the use it gives. Easy to use, a snap to clean, and really does a surprisingly good job.

Have used this time and time again. Works best on whole chickens 5lb or less in size. Remember to tuck the wings well or they will touch the elements and burn to a crisp.

We bought this to replace another rotisserie that we had left when moving, we sought something that had a small footprint and did the job for us. I researched the available ones for sale and decided that this one would best suit our needs. From the day we got it, i have liked the ease of clean up, and the speed of cooking. We don’t need a huge one and we aren’t planning on cooking two chickens at the same time. This one does one great, and two cornish game hens at once. It comes with a nice basket for fish fillets and veggies. Overall the machine is great, does what it is supposed to do and is easy to clean. Not much else you could ask. My wife likes the fact that it sticks to the counter top and doesn’t move around by bumping into it. I would recommend this to any couple that is looking for a good rotisserie to cook with. It is better than firing up the oven, and heating the kitchen. I am giving one to my cousin for a present i like it that much.

Meats self baste In their own juices

We love to do the baking hen on the rotisserie. Just a little tony’s or some lemon pepper sprinkled on the chicken —yum.

And they came out really good. Little season salt and pepper and that was all it needed. The only thing i didnt like was i could not seem to get the legs of the hens to stay together to well and they kept flopping a little and hitting the side. The piece that goes thru the birds that makes it go around seemed like it wasnt secure. It was – it held 2 birds but i was waiting for it to fall apart and drop to the bottom. The cornish hens were very tasty and the rotisserie is very easy to clean.

I think anyone who has limited space should consider this product if they are looking for arotisserie. It does a great job cooking roast and chicken. I haven’t tried any other food yet.

This rotisserie is great for reducing fats and oils from your cooking and diet. The rotisserie is easy to clean. The door comes off by matching the arrows on the side of the rotisserie with the arrows on the door. All items with the exception of the door can go into the dishwasher. I use string to tie the legs and wings together on the birds that i cook to prevent the flopping around. I rub oil on the slots to prevent squealling. My son loves to use the rotisserie to cook hotdogs and sausages. I enjoy the flavor of the different meats that i have cooked in this fantastic little rotisserie. Above all i enjoy knowing that i can cook my meats and reduce the fat from both my meats and from my diet.

When i brought this one home, hubby rolled his eyes and sighed. Then i cooked a chicken and all was forgiven. This dandy little gadget makes absolutely the best chicken you’ve ever had. I like to use a dry rub on the chicken, pop it on the skewer and set the timer for 90 minutes, walk away and come back to the yummiest, most moist and tender chicken you ever tried. I love this thing so much i have given at least 6 of them out as wedding gifts. Every kitchen should have oneplus, as an added bonus, it is super easy to clean. All the parts, including the front door, come off so you can wash/scrub them clean. All you need do with the rest is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth, reassemble and you’re ready for the next chicken. It will also do veggies (there’s a handy little cage thing for that) and roasts but i’ve only done chickens with it. Oh, if you have a big family you’d probably need the regular size rotisserie. The baby rotisserie is great for small familes and couples.

I always wanted to have a rotisserie, i am using it once every 3 weeks. Suits my family needs however, i could have bought a the next size up. Sometime i was to roast a bigger chicken.

Roasts up to a 5 lb chicken

I have had my george foreman rotisserie for 8 years and use it at least 10 a month and i love this thing. I have been thinking about getting the larger model but don’t feel like paying $400. I have read many reviews from people saying that these things don’t work, or i can’t figure how to work it, or it’s hard to use, to those people all i can say is seriously , maybe the best thing for them is to stay away from the kitchen. As with any cooking, temperature and time is everything for perfect taste and texture. It took me about 2 weeks of trial and error, and anyone that doesn’t have patients, remember this it’s not a conventional oven, keep trying and you will master this great appliance. One of the great features is that it is so easy to clean, the class door, drip pan, and all other components fit in the dishwasher, but here is some advise, spray cooking oil(pam) on the basket, cooking rods, and drip pan this will make clean up a breeze. George foreman, if you read this please bring the price down of the large model, you will sell a lot more, and if its not made in the usa, please shift the manufacturing of all your products to the us, we as americans will all benefit from this.

Normally i’m pretty skeptical of people who call into qvc and tout the wonders of the item being sold. This oven is all that and a bag of chips. I have made everything from chickens, cornish hens, roasts, turkey breasts and chicken wings (in the basket that came with the oven), and i have had good luck. The only thing you need other than this oven is a good meat thermometer to be sure the meat is cooked through or at the temperature you want. This thing, if you like to cook, is incredible.

I bought the rotisserie for my husband we just got our own place, and my girl friend recommended the baby george on amazon. I thought my husband would appreciate it, and i was half right, because i love that thing. It has been 3 weeks and it’s the most used appliance in the house. No matter what we put in to it, the meat, fish and even baked potatoes comes out looking and tasting amazing. Before this appliance i had never cooked chicken all by myself before and this rotisserie makes it so easy. Just season and let it work its magic. Not to mention the baby george saved our lives, our stove wasn’t turned on and we ended up using the george for everything. It fits up to 2 baby chickens, lamb (using the basket provided), salmon, baked potato and everything ends up looking as if it came from the cooking channel. Now our stove is working and the baby george is still our main appliance.

I really like my baby george rotisserie. It cooked great and i thought pretty fast. The only thing that i had problems with was getting the chicken on rod evenly so that it would turn correctly. After i finally got it on right it worked great.

I had a baby george for a number of years and really liked it, but i lost mine in the flood this past summer so wanted a replacement. The rotisserie arrived new, as advertised, but it was advertised to come in the original packaging, which it did not, and it was incomplete. The instruction book was missing, as were the four skewers. The rotisserie works fine, and fortunately i had the instruction book from my previous baby george. And that’s what clued me in to the fact that there should have been four skewers with the rotisserie.

It was the fact that when i received (yes i understand it was used) but, i thought it would be cleaned up. It arrived all boxed up but the people at amazon forgot to wipe off all the cooking oil.

Just the right size for one or 2 people. Easy to clean and does not take up much space on counter.

3hour countdown timer with bell and auto shut off

I have found that if you let the basket and tray and back shield soak in hot soapy water while you are eating your dinner, and the use a brush to scrub over the wires of the basket it comes out really clean. I use a scotch brite on the smooth surfaces of the shield and the tray, and i do use the brush on the spit also. It is not that big a deal to clean, just takes some time, and really, it is very worth it as the meat comes out so juicy and yummy. My friend likes to do chicken thighs in his, and the skin gets so crispy and very good.

Great addition to the kitchen, works very well, both quiet, and efficient. Fits in a very small space, needs very little room on your kitchen counter. Perfect addition to the rv as well.

We received this last christmas and have used it many, many times. This does a good job on chicken and will do up to 5 lb if the chicken is ‘tucked’ and tied well making it as slim as possible. The salmon recipe is excellent and usually turns out pretty good, although the timer has no markings between 15 and 30 minutes and you have to guess where to set it which makes it difficult to get doneness consistently right. This does not work for cooking good steak or burgers. There is no browning on the outside, making for a weird color, and it made the meat almost inedible. I was going to try kabobs but not after getting horrid results with steak and burgers. I would stick to grilling beef (or even broiling or frying) rather than use this. Clean up is not too bad if you spray with cleaner or soak asap.

For a normal size chicken, it works great. Have some good cooking twine, but meat is tender & tastycooks really well.

Your chicken will taste just like a store-bought one with this appliance.

Everyone raves about chicken from the baby george rotisserie, but let me say that it makes the best roasted leg of lamb you can imagine. The boneless version has many creases, folds, and pockets in the meat and comes already bundled in a mesh bag that holds it together. You can poke garlic cloves, rosemary sprigs, jalapeno peppers or whatever through the mesh bag and tuck deep into the folds and pockets in the roast. Then you skewer the entire roast, mesh and all, and pop it in the grill. What you get is a moist, mouthwatering, and flavorful roast that is as good as it gets.

Handle tool for easy removal of hot food

Ok, first lets get things straight, i am lazy. I got this at target on clearance for $30. I love chicken but who wants to go through the pain of making it. I rubbed a bit of seasoning salt on it, put it in and set the timer. The best chicken i ever had. Hints: buy cooking twine for larger birds, and go with the lower cooking time in the book. I got lucky on the price, but it is worth it. I am single, so the small one does fine for me. If you like birds over 5 pounds get the bigger one. Cleaning was easier than people make it out to be, just soak it in hot soapy water for a while, it all wiped clean.

The reviews i read sold me on this item. I was going to purchase the showtime jr rotisserie and am so happy i read the reviews and purchased the baby george rotisserie. I live alone and this takes the place of broiling a fish fillet, a pork chop or a piece of chicken, a hamburger, hot dog, or braut – in the oven. It uses less energy and the meat comes out perfect without my having to turn it over. It does not heat up my entire apartment, it’s very easy to clean and uses very little space. I would not be able to use this for more than 1 or 2 pieces of meat, depending on the size of the meat. So, for entertaining guest the oven will have to do.

I had my 1st baby george for 8 years and its replacement is just as good.

West Bend 72212 Electric Extra-Deep Square 12-Inch Nonstick Skillet, Great Pan but Keep Your Old Thermostat if it still works

I ordered this as a replacement to the one i was using. I should have gotten this size before< i really love it.

Certainly got my monies worth.

The only thing i can think of to improve this would be to have a type of ‘pour spout’ for the grease/drippings.

Key specs for West Bend 72212 Electric Extra-Deep Square 12-Inch Nonstick Skillet, Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Large, family-size capacity is easy to use and even easier to clean
  • Allows for healthier cooking as well as easier serving & draining
  • Easily view cooking progress
  • Stylish product design, provides easy and safe handling

Comments from buyers

“12” West Bend Electric Skillet
, West Bend Electric Skillet
, Not quite as good as my 20+ yr old electric frypan.

I previously had an older (20+yr) black and decker skillet which unfortunately came it’s demise this past summer cooking up hundreds of sausages for a stampede breakfast. I purchased this new one primarily because of the deep sides (which i love) and because i remembered that westbend was a good kitchen appliance name, from my days working in housewares at woodwards in the 1980s. I like the deep sides and glass, clear lid. My only complaint is that the pan sides/bottom are generally thinner than my previous pan and there are definite hot spots in the element circle area. I understand that most, if not all, current (circa 2000s) electric pans have this same issue. So, for me, it’s really not a true complaint, just a disappointment, because i really enjoyed using my old, deceased pan better.

We’ve bought several of these over time and use it at least once a day. We took it on our vintage trailer camping trip to florida for 5 weeks and it was a great help. We have the larger one but the size of this one is much more convenient. Because we use it so often we usually have to purchase one about ever two years. The surface does wear out eventually.

I love my electric skillet its my camp and home favorite.

Make sure you have the control inserted firmly. I couldn’t get it to heat at first but it wasn’t making contact so when it was pushed in more firmly it worked. Cleans up nicely with the non-stick feature. I would buy from amazon again.

I like the design very much and the size is fine. The glass lid is great because you can see what is going on inside the skillet without having to take the lid off. The knob on top of the lid keeps working loose however.

This is exactly what i wanted. I could not find one in the stores that was this deep.

I had one years ago and loved it then but other appliance came along and i never replaced it. Now that i have i can’t figure out why i let the old one go. It’s easy to use, heats up quickly, cleans easily and then stores away. I love it and won’t live without one again.

It was a gift and they like it really well.

I replaced an older west bend skillet with a similar one from a groc. After the first use i found out what was wrong–it could not be immeresed in water. I went on line to find one because none was available in stores. I’m greatly pleased that i could find one. The only negative is that the handles seem too large for washing or storage.

I bought this non-stick pan to replace an old aluminium one and it works fine but the cord is about two inches too short to properly reach the outlet, not a problem with the old pan. The clear lid is great and the pan is very light. Buy the bigger one if you have alot of mouths to feed, this is just right for one person’s meal.

Nice item cant say more it was a gift thank you.

Great had no problems with it , the teflon will wear thin after continuous use , that can be expected for the price.

This product is a bit of a disappointment to me. The heating element is much smaller than any other electric skillet i have ever owned. It gets too hot in the center and has cold spots at the edges. The first pancakes i made were like moon pies – black and white – from the hot and cold areas of the pan. I’ve since figured out some of its idiosyncrasies and can cook better on it. But, things that i try to brown do not get crispy. The temperature control is not too accurate; things are either set too high or too low. That’s why i give this product 3 stars; it’s just ok.

Skillet works well and deep sides are nice to have. However, i am very disappointed with the condition it was in when delivered. One side was slightly best which would not allow the top to fit properly. Had to bend it back into shape so that the lid would fit. Sending it back was not an option as my time is very limited as i am caretaker for my very ill spouse.

I bought this primarily for its compact size.

I go through electric fry pans like water, it’s my most-used kitchen small appliance. Got this one to be on-deck for our current west bend, which is the traditional metal-lidded one. I haven’t actually used the new one yet, so i can’t rate how it cooks, but we did test it to make sure it works. Eventually it did heat, but it was so hard to plug the cord into the pan. Decided it was worth keeping the skillet, but hope eventually it will work more smoothly. I really love the depth of this pan. 12′ is big enough for most of our meals, but the extra deep sides allow plenty of room for gravy, or stirring. This is great, since the glass lid makes the pan shorter than the old metal one.

Nice skillet; i’m happy with it. I especially like the depth and it’s very easy to clean. The glass lid makes it easy to watch ‘what’s cooking’.

Deep sides lid you can see through while cooking easy to clean and cooks nice.

Westbend makes the best electric pans. Had a few other brands and were not pleased. Went back to this brand and it is a winner. The pan is deep sided and gives you extra room other brands don’t. I will always go to west bend for reliability and quality hands down. You will never go wrong with them.

It’s the perfect size for meals for 2-3 people. I really like the extra depth – others i looked at were only half as deep and would have never worked for the recipes i make.

Very useful to avoid mess when frying or cooking or if you like to keep food warm for later. Easy clean, enough deepness for frying and good to be used by everyone at home. A plus is that you can bring it out to the porch when a meal outdoors wanted, if no plug there just connect to an outdoor extension cable.