SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Maker in Blk w/ Exclusive Kit w/ 4 Bottles & Starter Co2, Good size Soda Stream – will even accept the super

My husband uses this every day. It is easy to use and even our daughter helps make daddy’s drinks. It came with everything he could have wanted to start making soda.

Love making me some soda water.

The system works very well, and my wife is very happy wit h the results. Even though this was the more expensive selection, having the extras compared to the basic version was a much more welcome gift. The only drawback was the nitrogen canister was on the small side, but i’m sure that all of the other kits came with the same size canister anyway.

Key specs for Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker in Blk w/ Exclusive Kit w/ 4 Bottles & Starter Co2, 1l Carbonating Bottles Blk, Water Fruit w/ Berry Mix & Pink Grapefruit Flvr & Water Essence w/ Lemon Flvr:

  • SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Maker in Black with Exclusive Kit w/ 4 Bottles & Starter CO2
  • 1L Carbonating Bottles Black (Twinpack)
  • Water Zeros – Cranberry Raspberry Zero Calorie Flavor
  • Waters Fruits – Berry Mix Flavor
  • Fountain Style Black Cherry Cola Syrup

Comments from buyers

, great starter pack
, Love it!

So easy to use and the sodas taste so much better and less sugary than store bought ones.

This is a great alternative to mass produced soda. Easy to use and i like that it does not require batteries or electricity.

Sent as a gift and they loved it.

Doesn’t work for me, any flavoring i use in allergic to.

Good size soda stream – will even accept the super giant co2 bottles. I believe i got an extra drinking bottle besides what is shown in the picture. It was shipped promptly and arrived within days to alaska. The tiny sample co2 bottle only lasted for about 5 liters but was exchanged in town at a dealer for a full size with rebate. The flavors are a good representation of what is out there for you to buy if you so desire. Taste is a matter of preference. We liked the lemon and haven’t tried the other yet. My only complaint with sodastream is that i have small hands and it is hard for me to pinch the tabs to remove the back to put a co2 bottle into it. 🙁 i have to ask someone in the house to help.

Just what i was looking for. Sparkling water with a touch of flavor. I appreciate the bonus of reusing bottles.

I’m drinking so much water every day and night with this. It’s keeping me away from the diet colas that i usually drink entirely too much of, which have phosphorus and deplete calcium. This is the perfect solution. Love the cranberry/raspberry flavor.

Not only does the soda maker produce a wonderful, tasty refreshment, it is fun. Accompanied items serve the carbonater well.

Love the ability to carbonate drinks at home. Used to ‘finish’ beer during brewing also.

Got this as a gift, set it up yesterday. It seems to work as described. The package actually came with a cream soda syrup rather than the pink grapefruit/lemon flavor indicated, but that’s fine because the give recipient like cream soda.

For anyone looking for a soda stream, this is a great set – starter set comes with much more then the regular set – lets of bottles and 3 flavors. Great deal, quickly shipped, a+.

Daughter wanted this for chistmas. Tries to give her son healthier alternatives and this machine does the trick.

My boys love the soda steam to make carbonated water.

We use it a lot,$15 every 3 weeks for gas refill,but it is still less than 36 cans of seltzer a week. I use blackberry concentrate or lemon in bottle.

Great product and excellent price compared to the higher end models. Works just fine and love the package deal.

Easy to use, and comes with everything you need. The co2 is a sample side, but it lasted longer than expected.

Emsco Group Big Boss 15 pc Grill Set : Love this! I use all the removable plates to

This was a gift for my younger son and he love it. . It’s just him and 2 boys and it works great for them.

I looked for this product for years. It’s really nice to have one appliance that does so many different things.

Big Boss 15 pc Grill Set with 6 Sets Interchangeable Cooking Plate, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 15-piece grill set for cooking a variety of meals quickly and easily
  • 6 interchangeable cooking plates (grill, griddle, waffle, sandwich, doughnut, and omelet)
  • Cooks both sides of food simultaneously; nonstick surface for effortless food release
  • Includes storage rack and recipe guide with 50+ recipes; dishwasher-safe removable plates
  • Measures approximately 9-2/5 by 9-1/5 by 3-2/3 inches

I have to say i am impressed with this product. It came in great shape and is easy to use.

Love the waffles, omelettes, and donuts i’ve made with it. I need to do more experimenting but i like what i’ve done so far.

I have had several of the big boss 15pc grill set and wish they would last. It is most frustrating to really love a product do to its versatility, removable plates for easy cleaning but. It just will not last any more then 6months_9 at the most. I love it and use it daily_which makes it such a great product if one is single. It brakes down and is not made for constant use. Yes, i buy it again and again, hoping that maybe i get one that will last_but. Sorry to say: it is not made to last. I am sorry about it, because it is so many things in one.I wish i could recommend it but after daily use it just stops working after a short while. I must say that it was not always that way. I bought the first one when it just came out and when the plates where cast iron, but since then it lacks in the quality it was first made of. Those days are over where we can expect quality even from big boss.

Big Boss 15 pc Grill Set with 6 Sets Interchangeable Cooking Plate, Silver : It’s ok, but much smaller than expected. Would be good for a single person or maybe a couple.

I use this several times a week. It is absolutely perfect for making grilled sandwiches or even grilling hot dogs. The waffle maker pretty good too but be careful not to over fill. I love being able to take out the plates for cleaning. My main reason for getting this one was the donut maker and we love it.

I was happy when this arrived because i love waffles and the other sets of plates so it can be used for other types of cooking. When i got it i followed the directions on putting the plates in and that worked great. The biggest problem with it is when you make waffles if you put too much mix in it overflows which is what it’s supposed to do. Then on cleanup there is no way to clean the mix out of the clips that hold the plates in and it builds up to a point you don’t want to mess with it anymore.

Quick and easy to make dinner when you are in a rush.

I bought this to try out all the different plate sets. I’ve always been attracted to the countertop grill sets with lots of different plates, but as they tend to be more expensive, i thought i’d try a less expensive set and see how often i would actually use the different platesso far, i’ve only used one; the triangle sandwich plate. It does its job fairly well, but doesn’t get very hot and cheese will overflow out the back if you accidentally put too much in your sandwich [whoopsthis grill is pretty good for the price range, however, if you don’t need the extra plate sets, i’d get a better quality grill with non-interchangeable plates. This is a pretty low quality product, there is no off/on switch, there is no heat setting, etc. You cannot cook things from frozen in this grill, it does not get hot enough. I know that’s mentioned in another review, but it bears repeating. Frozen hamburgers or chicken will not get cooked in this. In summary: if you’re just looking for a sandwich grill, this does a pretty good job, but i’d still look elsewhere for a better quality grill that only has flat or slatted plates. If you’re looking to try out plate sets, this one is cheap and has a lot of options. I’m not disappointed in my purchase because i did only get it to experiement, but once i decide whether or not i need all the different plate sets, i will be buying a more expensive george foreman to replace this one. ]

Love all the interchangeable plates, very versatile, just wish it had an on/off switch 😕.

First of all nothing about this machine is big. I think someone must be compensating for something else. It doesn’t cook the eggs well. The waffle part does well, wish the egg part did. Very disappointed in the egg part.

Well is pretty hard to impressed my mom when it comes to kitchen appliances. She loved the different things that she could do with it. She lives by her self so it is best for single our couple house holds.

I bought this for my out of state son and he said that the cooking surface was smaller than he thought but also said the waffle maker worked great.

I had owned one of these previously and unfortunately it was lost in a fire. It does so much more than a typical ‘george forman’ type grill. Glad i was able to find a new one to replace my lost one. It makes so many things, waffles, sandwiches, donuts, omlets and more, it is one amazing little product.

Gift for grandson setting up housekeeping for the first time. He said it is very nice as there are many ways to use it , but takes up space of one.

Purchased for my son – he loves it.

Makes great waffles and sandwiches. Works great for a couple of people. Takes a while if you want to cook for more people than that.

Because it has no timer or automatic shut off, you must stay with it. Made great waffles and pocket sandwiches. I have used it 5 times, but haven’t used all the plates. Cleans easily, easy to remove the grilled food to serve.

One item kitchen at a great price.

Well the first one broke after first use and would not turn on. Sent it back and another one was sent. I like it tho am worried about long term. Tried calling the number for repair which was in the box and never got thru or calls return. Good thing about amazon return policy. I am nervous about warrantee. It is not clear how that is handled. If you call the company they say you have to return it to whom you purchased it from. There is no repair options or support.

FoodSaver GAMESAVER REPETITIVE Sealing – its only rated at 25 seals in a row so don’t expect it to seal a whole deer without needing some time off to cool down. And that

Spend the money -this is the best foodsaver ever. I have purchased cheaper models and they wear out or don’t work for very long. This one is built for the long haul.

Although i have had other food savers before, this one has a much better vacume system. I have use this one quite a bit in the few days that i have had it, and every thing is working great. I do not understand where the negative reviews are coming from. Thanks for another great product foodsaver.

I used to have the original food saver i like this one much better. It works standing up so if you are sealing soups you don’t end up with a mess. Here are the specifications for the FoodSaver GAMESAVER REPETITIVE Sealing:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Use with a standard household outlet, or in the field with the 12 Volt DC Adapter (included)
  • Features include an easy carrying handle, XL rubberized buttons and an XL patented removable drip tray
  • Built-in roll storage and cutter allow you to easily make custom length bags and prevent freezer burn

I recommend this for small families like us. I like to smoke food but we eat such small amounts at a time. Its ideal to save the food after i have smoked it. If warmed properly, i can’t tell it from freshly smoked. I warm the meet very slowly on low heat after i remove it from the bag. I sometimes even leave it in the food server bag and put it in a pot of hot water, but i usually don’t do it all the way like that. I like to remove it from the bag for the final warming.

I don’t know what the people writing one star reviews are doing wrong but i’ve used my gamesaver extensively for four years and the only sealing problems i’ve had were due to crappy foodsaver bags. I switched to bags from sorbent systems, which are cheaper anyhow, and they are much better. Due possibly to my own ham handedness the seal switch broke yesterday. It still seals if you’re using the vacuum/seal function switch but the seal only switch no longer works. Since i didn’t save my receipt when i bought it from sportsman’s warehouse four years ago i can’t send it back for a replacement. I suspect the one star folks were trying to seal wet meats. I always partially freeze my meat before sealing it since the blood from fresh meat can interfere with the vacuum seal process. I love this gamesaver so much i’m buying another one. I’ll just be more gentle when tripping the seal only switch from now on. Update: i have downgraded my rating from five to three stars.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Pays For Itself
  • Good vacuum sealer but not all that durable.
  • its only rated at 25 seals in a row so don’t expect it to seal a whole deer without needing some time off to cool down. And that

Still going strong after 2 years.

We purchased this unit about 2 years ago and though i cringed at the price at the time, it paid for itself in the first year. Hands down, without question paid. We buy meat in bulk on sale and then package it up so it will last longer. We also hunt and fish and vacuum seal all of that meat up, too. In the last two years, i think i have had to toss 2-3 packages of meat due to actual freezer burn (because the bag had gotten a hole in it or hadn’t sealed perfectly the first time). Normally, if i see a package that didn’t get the full vacuum seal, i will use that first but it is rare. This is fantastic for vacuum sealing items that you don’t want to have fully squished (like fresh bread) because of the separate seal and vacuum/seal buttons. The extra long cord and adapter to plug into your car’s 12v jack makes this unit awesome for taking into the field for on-site processing.

I’ve only sealed a few items, ham, chicken, blackberries, dinner rolls, etc. The vacuum sealer worked as it should. The only issue i had is sealing food that had juices but that was overcome with inserting a folded paper towel between meat and seal. The unit worked great for bread and fruit allowing me to stop the vacuum and start the seal before crushing the items.

Saves so much food great for anyone wanting to save time putting food away for winter.

Bought this for my oldest son so he could use at the ranch. We got several turkey and hogs and used this to package the meat. Just put it in the bag, seal it and put in the freezer.

My biggest complaint is the overall vacuum power. I use this 100% of the time for fresh fish filets and it still leaves small pockets of air throughout. I wish there was a manual option to continue the vacuum until satisfied.

Given some very negative reviews on this unit, i reluctantly purchased the foodsaver gamesaver g500 due to the fact that its functions/design was closest to the foodsaver professional ii which had served me well for over 10 years of bagging fresh gamefish. I’ve used it twice now, the second time to consecutively seal up about 20 bags of tuna steaks and other fish. Thus far i’ve had no overheat issues and the unit has functioned exactly as suggested. It seems to evacuate at least as much air as my previous model and is very easy to use. If anything, the seal is slightly wider which is a good thing. In checking out the choices, the g500 unit seems much sturdier than the next unit down ($139 model) which felt very flimsy and lacked the external sliding bag cutter. I hope i’m reporting the same thing a year and then again two years from now but so far i’ve had none of the issues that others have complained about and instead the unit is functioning perfectly. The only reason for the 4-stars is that i’ve only used it a couple times to date, so saving any better review for a larger sample.

This is my 3rd foodsaver sealing product in about 10 years. My husband is an avid hunter and fisherman and uses this sealer several times a week during hunting season and several times per month during fishing trips. I also use it for normal sealing- vegetables, meats, etc. And it works like a charm every time. I really like the ‘store’ function this particular model has where it soft locks during storage and transit which will definitely make it last longer.

Thus is my 3rd foodsaver and i admit i basically never used the other two they basically dry rotted on a shelf. But i ‘got setious’ about economizing and decided to give it a try again. This is a powerful machine and the thing i really like about it is the last one i had was supposed to automatically detect the bag and start vacuuming but most of the time it didnt so i gave up. But this is a manual model i mean you lift the lid insert the bag and it vacuums then seals. I literally think it has paid for itself in just a couple of months because im buying when groceries are on sale then vacuum sealing and tossing in the freezer. The other thing im doing is when i cook something like stew or a casserole i usually divide it in half vacuum seal one half and freeze for later and eat the other half. The only problem im having is my poor dog is missing all the leftovers he used to get. I honestly believe the foodsaver pays for itself. This model also comes with an adaptor cord that plugs into the accessory plug in you vehicle so hunters or fishermen can use it on location.

We were attracted to this product due to the lifetime guarantee. When running it’s a bit noisy but it does a great job. This is our 3rd food saver product that we’ve owned in the last 15 years. The ability to run off an automobile electrical system is something i will probably never use but it’s a nice feature.

I’ve had a few different foodsaver sealers over the years and this one by far is the best one i’ve used. Works great for various types of meats, fish, and vegetables. Seems to hold up well when used for several hours of making bags and sealing. That seemed to be an issue with previous models after 20 to 30 minutes of use they wouldn’t seal well or fail to produce a good vacuum.

Arrived in a timely manner, and has way out performed the last foodsaver sealer i bought. It does oh into over heat after about 20 seals. As i package a lot of sealed things that can be a time killer but i also can a lot of things and this works great. Would recommend it to anyone.

Of meat so far and seems to work fine. Bags in a row, it did not skip a beat. We finally killed our old foodsaver. From new it would only seal 5-7 bags before having to ‘ take a rest’. It was the old black stand up one, not made to do alot of meat at once. Making bags from the rolls is easier too. Very happy so far with this purchase. If you buy in bulk or hunt like we do, i would not hesitate to recommend this to any one.

We process a lot of fish, and this is the go to machine. Better than this would be two of them. When one gets too hot and stops working, continue on the other, while the hot one times out. We’ve had four others and this gamesaver silver is it.If we find a good buy at the store on meat, this is the unit we drag out to package it. Also, we’ve tried a variety of bags and ‘foodsaver’ bags work best. You may save a few cents on other bags but the economy ones don’t always seal right.

I keep it on the kitchen cabinet and use it a lot. Can’t wait to take it to the lake to save fish.

I’ve been reading the reviews about this unit heating up , mine does as well after multiple uses , if you don’t want to wait for the unit to cool down stick it in the freezer for about 5 minutes.