BUNN Nostalgia Electrics SPF-200 Soft Pretzel Factory – pretzel machine

I bought this for my son because he loves soft pretzels. I have not been disappointed. I’ve experimented with different methods, and what he likes the best is crescent roll dough. I just open the package, cut it into 4 long strips and roll or squeeze them into pretzel size and fit them into the mold. I squeeze at the seams so they won’t fall apart when i take them out. After cooking i brush them with butter and dip them in sugar/cinnamon. I bought a crescent dough from trader joe’s that doesn’t have as many additives/preservatives and this works the best. It is a very quick process from start to finish which makes it worth it. Remember that one red light means it is heated up- so you need to let it reheat between batches.

It cooks hotter on the bottom than on the top so makes for uneven baking. The cutters do not cut completely and are hard to clean.

I am a manager of auntie annes pretzels and i was given this as a gift kinda as a joke but its awesome. Size of a pencil twist the dough in the air and then dip it in the bath wash. Bake and then brush with butter and salt and then yummy. Thats the way we do it here at auntie annes. Or brush with butter and then add cinnamon and sugar blend. Or you can add pepperoni on the top while baking and then dip in maranara sauce for pizza pretzels. A big seller here at the store. We also roll in jalapenos in the dough then sprinkle on cheese before baking. And you get the real kind like at the store.

It makes what you might consider pretzels, but not in my book. They have a rather odd texture and are a bit on the soggy side. I think i’ll go back to the guy on the corner of 5th and 42nd st.

I don’t think i ever got over my love affair with the easy bake oven i had as a kid. I had so much fun making cute little pretzels and my kids ate them as fast as i could make them. I used one of the recipes in the booklet it came with but i’m sure you could use your favorite recipe if you wanted. They are great for my grandchildren too, little treats for little hands.

I like this pretzel factory so much. I bake them with my baby girl and this way, she eats more easily.

  • Great for Gluten Free Pretzels
  • This product is Fun and Easy to use
  • A gift for my grandauther

I do everything ‘quick and dirty’. . The pretzel cutter took too long. Instead i used a heart shaped biscuit cutter(any kitchen dept. Carries them)i placed this on the appropriate shaped pretzel mold on the pretzel factory. The hot mold does a good job of stamping the heart shaped dough into the traditional pretzel knot. The cutting goes quick and the pretzel still looks great. I think the pretzel factory soft pretzels are perfectly browned and taste great. The best part you can customize your dough or just buy ready made dough at the store. A little practice and you’ll be a pro. As other posters have mentioned there is a bit of trial and error in rolling out the best thickness for the dough.

She likes it and uses it quit often. We all can have fresh presels at any time.

This was a gift for family and i doubt it was ever used.

Received my pretzel maker today. Very happy with my first try at making gluten free soft pretzels. I adapted the irish soda bread pretzel recipe in the book for my gluten free flour blend and they came out great. I think i need to roll the dough a bit thicker though. Might even try just making half inch diameter dough ropes, giving them a twist and laying them in the molds next time. Tried the recipe again this morning. I made the dough, divided it into 6 portions and rolled each one into a 20 inch rope. Took the ropes and dipped them in soda water.

It is really great i’m looking forward to using it. And i thought the price was quite resonable.

Features of Nostalgia Electrics SPF-200 Soft Pretzel Factory

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  • Makes 2 large or 6 small soft pretzels at one time
  • Non-stick coating
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Power and preheat indicator lights
  • 3 minutes cooking time
  • Makes 2 large or 6 small soft pretzels at one time
  • Non-stick coating
  • Convenient cord storage
  • Power and preheat indicator lights
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

This pretzel machine is perfect for a home snack or meal, they taste delishous. I make them for my family and they love themthis was a great buy.

Don’t know if they made any pretzels yet but they were sure excited to open it. I got this for them because they love the soft pretzels.

As stated in pretzel kit, a lot to go thru to make pretzels @ home. Refurbished unit was a good price.

It cooks the pretzels pretty well, but we misplaced the instruction booklet for the first try, and they came out hard. We haven’t used it since we found the instructions. It was very easy to use, heats up fast, and the size plates are very easy to switch out. We are very pleased with the pretzel maker.

Glad we bought it and tried it.

I didn’t get a recipe book with the pretzel maker???. Can you send me recipe book?.

Makes 2 large or 6 small soft pretzels at one time

My son loves this little pretzel maker.

Dies exactly what is supposed to do. We used with aunt annie’s pretzel mix. It is time consuming but most homemade items are.

My husband loves it and so do i. We can now have pretzels whenever we want and don’t have to buy them on the street corners of new york.

Gave this to my sister for christmas, she loves it. So easy to use and the pretzels taste wonderful.

It came almost the next day, and it is so cute. I am so excited to give this as a gift for christmas.

Non-stick coating

My husband bought this for me as a gift. I scoffed – out of earshot – at the idea of making 2 pretzels at a time when i could bake an entire panful in the oven. Starting from scratch with homemade dough, it took me 2 hrs from start to final clean-up to make one batch of 14 ‘jumbo’ pretzels. Next time will be considerably faster, but this is not a snack to just ‘whip up. ‘the instructions are lacking in some key areas: thickness of dough (about 1/3’), clarity regarding the intent of the spring on the cutters (do not press the spring when trying to cut, but only if the pretzel sticks in the mold after lifting the cutter from the board), how to tell when the pretzels are done (when the green light goes off – no timer necessary). I figured out only at the very end of the first batch that a quick dip in the water-soda bath and then straight to the cooking plate makes for much less floppy dough than the recipe in which 45 seconds of soaking was called for. And no, the plates are not dishwasher safe as advertised in the box. The inside directions clearly indicate otherwise. But the unit cools to touch relatively quickly, the plates pop out and clean easily with soapy water.

This pretzel machine has been an amazing addition to our sunday football gatherings and has been a huge hit. The machine is very easy to use, the recipes are completely on par, and the pretzels are delicious. It is very easy to over bake the pretzels, so i only bake a batch for 3 minutes at a time. For delicious pretzels, use the original recipe in the supplied book, add chopped green onions and minced garlic to the dough, brush baked pretzels with garlic butter, and then dip in the beer cheese recipe provided in the book – perfection.Five stars for this product for ease of use, ease of cleanup, durability, and delicious pretzels.

It is a little different then you might expect. I made pretzels and they tasted good but the outside did not brown up that much and if you leave it in longer to brown you get hard pretzels instead of soft. Would be a fun family activity though as all enjoyed and took part on christmas.

I bought a premade mix (auntie anne’s) and this pretzel maker for a christmas gift for my husband. He used the plate to make 2 larger size pretzels and they turned out delicious. Making pretzel dough is a little time consuming with having to wait for the dough to rise, rolling it out and cutting the exact shapes, but it wasn’t so long that were aren’t willing to do it again. I hope we make them again soon as the pretzels turned out great.

They love making and kneading the dough. While it rises, they can do something else. My daughter loved making the mini pretzels and sprinkling stuff on top( cinnamon/sugar, poppy seeds, salt. The results are some nice tasting pretzels she was happy to share with her friend. They keep well in the freezer and can be reheated in the microwave. Time consuming but most fun things are.

I love soft pretzels and had my eye on this for awhile. I was a little surprised at the skill level required – if kneading and rolling aren’t your thing this can be quite challenging. I prepared the basic recipe straight from the manual but found key info missing – like how many per batch and just how much extra flour was needed to keep the dough from sticking to everything. I also struggled to figure out how long to cook each set without a timer or sound on the machine. It took me over two hours from start to clean-up, so this is not a spur of the moment project. The finished product tasted good but seemed limp, not crispy on the outside. I am not sure i would recommend this product, there are probably easier ways to get good soft pretzels.

Just made a full batch of pretzels. The included recipes are so easy and they turned out fantastic. They tasted just as good as the ones in the mall. My wife doubted that the machine would work but she is now a huge fan.

Convenient cord storage

We enjoyed the pretzel maker, once i find a good pretzel dough recipe i’m sure i’ll get some good use out of this.

Power and preheat indicator lights

Coleman Quikpot Portable Coffee Maker Instastart – Stainless Steel Carafe – Propane – w/ Carrying Case, Love this unit!

Well built easy to use gas powered coffee maker. The stainless steel carafe is awesome for camping. I was a very popular guy in the am at a weekend camping disc golf event because of this unit. My second camping excursion i didn’t bring it on account my group was supposed to get an rv site with electricity. When that didn’t work out i realized that i will never go car camping again without this unit. If you are like me and don’t function without a pot of coffee in the morning, this unit is worth every penny. Hell, let the coming zombie apocalypse kill our electricity grid. I’ll still have awesome coffee.

Camping with 30 cubscouts, if i don’t have coffee fast no kid eats. This baby from start to finish 12 minutes and cubmaster has a full cup of coffee, a total must for any scout troop with coffee drinking parents,.

Totally met my expectations. A wonderful addition to my hunting cabin. A full pot of coffee in 12 to 15 minutes as opposed to 45 minutes with my old maker.

Key specs for Coleman Quikpot Portable Coffee Maker Instastart – Stainless Steel Carafe – Propane – w/ Carrying Case:

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  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping cooking supplies coffee press
  • Another quality Coleman Signature product

Comments from buyers

“Works OK, but not GREAT.
, Really excellent
, Awesome Camp Coffee

It work like the one at home, only it’s propane. I would give it 5 stars except that it gets really, really hot. It gets so hot it will melt plastic within about 6 inches of the sides. The bottom doesn’t seem to get hot, as i had it on a wooden table and the table did not feel hot. I’ll add that it comes appropriately marked and with all of the needed precautions, but you need to adhere to them. I used it for a week in a montana deer camp in early november and everyone in camp was coming to me for coffee. I recommend this coffee pot with the caveat that you must be careful when using it.

. Don’t place anything next to it, it will melt anything. Took about 12-15 minutes for a pot, not bad.

Came earlier than expected and is exactly as described. Convenient able to be used anywhere.

Beats boiling coffee over on a propane stove.

I recently purchased this coffee maker for car camping. As with anything i use in the field, i test at home. Out of the box the unit looks sturdy. Pieces seem to stay attached to the unit except for the carafe. It’s a simple set up, screw on the gas then light it up. My cm had the auto ignition and it worked well, there was a small puff of flames first start up but i have not noticed it happening consistently, most times it starts up smoothly. If nothing else, the test runs allow you to check coffee grounds level with water usage to tweak the brew to your taste. Sitting on my porch, start to finish the cm takes about 15 to 20 minutes for a full pot but you can draw from the carafe within the first few minutes of brewing if you have the auto stop feature. It took this cm with me fishing and sparked it up right on the ground at the dirt parking lot as most fishing access areas are.

Regularly and often and while camping. Normally we have resorted to a press pot but. The liquid electricity from those things is good for one cup, not for all day long unless you want to appreciate the outdoors as a blur. This drip maker for the backwoods is large, cumbersome and simple to operate – once you understand the rules of engagement. 5 inch base, 8-12 cup basket filters. It doesn’t currently say that in the instructions, it is been briefly mentioned by one or two reviewers but that’s the reality. Even at a drug store, these are really inexpensive for a 100 pack, that should get you through a season or two. I do appreciate the transport case for it but would advise raising the base with a few wooden shims to get the bottom reflecting plate further from the table surface when brewing.

Odd placement of the fuel canister. You will be proud of your coffee at the campsite or in the hunting cabin.

We use it every weekend and it’s the hit of the day.

Very functional on the boat.

Camping has been made all the better for purchasing this. We are the envy of tent city. One full canister of propane can make 3 pots of coffee.

This unit is about the coolest portable coffee pot i’ve ever seen. Took it to sturgis this year (got it the day before leaving) and made multiple pots of coffee every morning. It does take a while to make a full pot of coffee (about 18 minutes) but the quality of the coffee is every bit as good as any home drip maker. The outside of the unit does get hot but that should be obvious to anyone using the unit. My only complaint about it is the un-insulated carafe. I got the steel pot and it will definitely cool down fast. You either have to turn the burner to the lowest setting to keep the pot hot or put the freshly made coffee in a carafe or thermos. I bought the premium maker as i like the black color the and the case that comes with it is a must have. Two thumbs up on this essential camp accessory.

So simple,yet so effective,makes great coffee works for hot water for tea,you can make around 35-40 pots of coffee on one small propane tank,so pretty cheap to run,great for tailgating or outdoor parties,also the stainless steel carfare keeps the coffee a couple hours very happy with this machine.

Have not used the coffee maker yet. But it seems to be a quality coffee maker.

Perfect for a fresh cup of coffee while camping.

But be prepared to wait 30 – 45 minutes because it is not fast. Turning the heat up doesn’t make it go any faster either, just makes the water in the reservoir boil and splatter water all over. So set it no higher than medium heat and wait for the coffee. There is a valve in the bottom of the water reservoir that is supposed to open briefly when the boil chamber ‘perks’ to admit a little bit more water the valve tends to pop out, and it is hard to get it pressed back into place – small area to try to get a hand into. But without that valve seated properly, the water moves into the boil chamber way too fast and keeps it from ‘perking’ properly. And once it does come out it wont stay in place, but comes out repeatedly. If the valve comes out while making a pot of coffee, it will not continue brewing because too much water gets into the boil chamber.

It works great, it would be nicer if it had an automatic shut off.

KRUPS KT611 Precision Programmable Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker Machine : Good one!

Works perfectly for those of us who love strong, rich coffee .

Laughably bad product design — makes great coffee, but it’s impossible to pour the water from the decanter into the reservoir due to the lid construction. Krups makes good products, but it feels like they rushed this out the door.

KRUPS KT611 Precision Programmable Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker Machine with Stainless Steel Housing, 10-Cup, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 10-cup thermal carafe with stainless steel finish keeps coffee warm for hours
  • Oversized shower head ensures even flavor extraction; aroma function for more intense extraction
  • Programmable clock to set 2 differents times for the machine to brew automatically with auto shut off
  • Water reservoir detection shuts unit off automatically if empty
  • Pause and serve feature; Duofilter water filtration system; Cord storage; 1100 watts; 2 year worldwide warranty

At this price point, i don’t think you can do better. Just got it today, and to ‘bottom line’ it, it makes excellent, hot coffee, which is kind of the point ofa coffee maker, i think. A lot of people seem to get hung up on various bells and whistles, and while this machine isn’t perfect (what is), it’scertainly a keeper. Yes, the area to pour the water into is a little cramped, but it’s not a big deal. You will need to use something else to pourthe water with, the carafe is too big. Again, this is kind of common sense, a 10 cup thermal carafe is by it’s nature going to be a bit unwieldy. This is a very well constructed, sturdy machine. You have to pay at least another $20-40 with competing brands to get this kind of quality. Cone filter, water filtration system,, large shower head, thermal carafe add up to make a great cup of coffee. People have mentioned that pouring the coffee is a little difficult, in that you have to kind of tip the carafe almost upside downto get the last bit out.

Several years ago while on vacation, the cabin had a krups coffee maker. I came home and purchased one like it. I liked it so well i purchased this maker on the krups reputation of quality. This is again a quality product from krups. I did have to remove the water filter screen at the top back of the brew basket so the water would fill more quickly. I also do not like the fact i have to pull the coffee maker, which is on top of my kitchen counter, out from under the above cabinets to open the top to add filter, coffee, and water. Other than these i like the coffee maker very well.

I had an older model but like the style of this one much better. A little awkward filling with water, but i’ve gotten used to it.

KRUPS KT611 Precision Programmable Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker Machine with Stainless Steel Housing, 10-Cup, Silver : Fits under cupboards and does a great jobi bought 2. I liked it so much i have another when this one is gives up.

I have had krups before and decided to buy another. I like this one only one thing i have a small issue. It is hardto see the #’s on the side to tell you how many cups you are making. Maybe different color light??.

Makes great coffee, carafe design a bit unwieldy but ok otherwise. I would buy it again, had krupps before andliked it.

Good quality machine, i like the fact it is not glass so will not break. I don’t like the filter for filling the water, the mesh is too small & it over flows during filling.

Like the krups brand very well. Have had three other krups coffee makers and liked all of them. Makes very good coffee and keeps it hot. Would have given it 5 stars except i don’t like the water level gauge. You cannot see it very well and can not measure like 3,5,7 or 9 cups.

I like this coffee maker but it doesn’t make the coffee hot enough and with the thermal carafe it doesn’t seem to have a warmer plate so after a couple of hours it’s just a little better than warm. I like my first few cups of coffee hot.

Makes 50 ounces of good coffee and keeps it warm without burning it or power. The fill indicator is a little hard to read in low light but works.

I wanted a thermal carafe and had good results from a krups i had used for more than 25 years. Love the ability to change program – very easy.

I chose the krups coffee maker because my previous coffee maker was a krups. I am pleased with the up dates that they made. I like the nonporous surface in side it resist coffee stains and makes it easy to clean. I fine the carafe very bulky and difficult to dispense from, especially empting the last cup. In fact the entire appliance is bulky. I read the reviews and found most were the same as mine. It is a quality product, and that’s why i purchased the krups.

Granted you do have to fill it with a pitcher because it would be awkward to pour water in the back corner of the coffee maker with the carafe. And you do have to take off the lid and turn it upside down to get the last of the coffee out. But the coffee is nice and hot even if i don’t warm the carafe and it makes very good coffee. However, my only complaint might be that the first several times that i ran just water through it seemed like it smelled an awful lot like hot plastic. (which is why i was ran it through at least 10 times with just water) and it still smells faintly of plastic but i don’t know how it could smell any other way when you run boiling water over all the inner workings that are made of plastic. It seems to do a very good job of getting the full flavor of the coffee out of the grounds. I’m definitely glad i bought it.

Purchased this to replace another krups that finally died after 10 years. On the first one we received the display did not work – and was replaced immediately (yay amazon). I also like having the filter for the water – our water is very hard and typically lots of sediment, so the filter helps with great taste. This makes great coffee, and i especially like the small-batch feature as i like my coffee very rich. The negatives:- water reservoir is not removable – would be a nice change. Also not especially easy to fill, but not a deal breaker. – the # of cups indicator is in a very inconvenient place (especially if you are vertically challenged like me), and hard to read. If it changed to a different color that would be more helpful. – quality is not quite as good as our first krups. I foresee the latch that is used for the top as the first thing to give out.

Makes the best coffee i have found (i expect this from krups). No burned flavor as we found in the cuisnart thermal model. Not as ‘user friendly’ as others – the fill indicator is inside the top and requires a well lit room to read; cannot use the carafe to fill the reservoir (design of the carafe and of the fill opening). But does make the best, just wonderful coffee. Worth putting up with the other issues.

Makes great coffee and keeps it hot for a couple hours after brewed. I am not a fan of the location to pour water in. This area needs to be a bit bigger and the lid gets in the way. This is my second krups thermal carafe coffee maker. I had it for several years and no issues until i dropped it on the floor and broke the plastic piece where it poured. I was forced to buy a new one. I hope that this model goes for as many years as my first purchase.

Fast shipping and good price. Really have to read directions to use properly or you will end up with a wet mess. Only thing i would suggest changing with this pot is that the water level indicator is so so difficult to see.

We are on our 2nd krups coffee maker. The first one lasted for a good long time. This one (kt611d50) lacks a few days of lasting nine months. Am hoping either amazon (we purchased it from amazon) or krups will kick in and replace the unit quickly. While it worked, it made great coffee. Programmed it so coffee was ready when we get up. Worked great, just not for very long.

Attractive appearance with adequate performance but i was very disappointed with the ridiculous indicator of water level. I was forced to measure the water separately to ensure accuracy and this is a permanent added chore.