Bee House ZERO JAPAN Ceramic Coffee Dripper – Large – Drip Cone Brewer : Nice looking and well made

Got this as a gift for my friend, and she loves it.

This is the easiest way i’ve found to brew a cup of coffee at home. No problems with silt or annoying clean-up like with a french press, and we only ever make one or two cups at a time so this has been perfect in our home. Extra points for the quality of the brew and the classy look of the dripper.

Easy to clean, holds filters and coffee without spill over, and sits on all my mugs without falling.

I upgraded from a plastic cone because i became concerned about what chemicals might get added to my coffee every morning from pouring hot water over plastic. This cone makes a great cup of pour over coffee, smooth and rich (i use about 2 coffee scoops per mug, three for the tall travel mug) and i can drink it without concern for chemicals. It’s also a little faster than the plastic one. I love the windows that show you how full the mug is – that’s a great idea and i don’t know why all cones don’t have themmy only problem here is that the base isn’t very versatile with fitting different mug sizes. It’s too small for my wide ikea coffee mugs, which are almost 4″ wide. I can sort of get it to fit, but of the two times trying with those mugs, the second time it fell, sending coffee grinds onto the counter and my sleeve. 5″ travel mug (contigo) because the inner ring of the base is the same size as the rim of the mug. I make it work by perching it on top, but it could easily fall off if i’m not careful. I’m definitely not going back to a plastic cone, but at least that was versatile enough to work on all mugs.

  • BEWARE the misleading size
  • Easily makes a smooth cup of coffee
  • Great coffee dripper

ZERO JAPAN Ceramic Coffee Dripper – Large – Drip Cone Brewer (Antique Green)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Elegant porcelain two hole coffee dripper
  • Manual large single cup coffee brewer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Uses standard paper #2 filters
  • Imported from Japan

I have used this several times to make my coffee.

Just make sure you have some oval mouthed coffee cups. They dont fit correctly on all mugs. But other than that they are the best.

Perfect for my small space .

My bunn coffee maker sprung a leak so i began the search for a new one. Came across this dripper, liked the fact that is was ceramic and decided to give it a try. I tried the #2 and they would cave in on me sometimes when i poured the hot water. I usually drink 2 cups every morning. I boil water in my regular ole teakettle, pour it in the dripper. Then i place the kettle back on the already warm burner so when i go for my 2nd cup the already hot water heats up fast. I use a new filter each time. The only thing that bugged me was that i found this at whole foods for $10. If this one gets broken, i will buy my next from wf.

Does exactly what it is supposed to do. I would like it even better with a slightly more clever bottom to accomodate other sizes of coffee cups. Starbuck’s christmas-style cups are almost too wide. Zojirushi stainless mug is almost too small. Run-of-the-mill coffee cups are great, but i’m usually putting coffee in a bigger cup.

Nice window to see how full the cup is (use a white cup). The large is just a little short and flared for a standard #2 filter, but you can squish the filter down in there so it fits just right.

Love the ceramic, easy to clean up and quick cup of coffee.

Only problem is that the two holes are too big, so the water runs through too quickly leaving me with weak coffee. I used #2 filters like recommended. I even plugged one hole to see if that helps, but it had little effect. I need the water to brew for just a few seconds before draining so it has time to pick up the flavors.

If you’re looking to make pour-over coffee, this will make a fine addition to your coffee-making kit. It’s beautifully designed and it makes a damn fine cup of coffee. The review form asks about durability, and that is the dripper’s only weak point. But, i don’t see how it would be possible to have a beautifully designed piece of ceramic like this and have durability at the same time. Not a problem, really, because you’ll want to take good care of it.

This makes a much better cup of coffee than other drippers i have tried. My coffee keeps a consistent temperature without having to use an electric burner. I can only guess that using a ceramic dripper makes all the difference. The chemex coffee was not as warm even though i used the same methods. Even the flavor is much better from the bee house compared to the chemex. In fact, it’s the best coffee i’ve ever had from any coffee maker be it machine or manual. I purchased the “coffee gator” stove top kettle (comes with a thermometer top) so that i can pour at the right temp. The pour from the spout is not as nice as the electric kettle from bonavita, but it’s still easy to manage a good pour. I had a bonavita, but after only 1 year, the spout fell off. I did not want to spend about a 100 bucks a year on an overpriced flimsy kettle just to pour water over coffee.

No need for fancy filters, arrived on time and is working great.

I purchased the greenish ceramic beehouse and happy with my purchase, it’s slightly less of a hassle to make coffee in this device because it only has 2 small holes and not one large one where you need to be careful pouring in water. I generally start pouring in a small amount to wet the grounds then dump in the rest and wait for it to drain. Makes a smooth tasting cup of coffee with the right temp (190-200 degrees) also the #4 size filter stick up beyond the top of the device somewhat, the #2 may actually fit better but i haven’t tried it yet. One negative thing i will say is cup size is critical, make sure your cup will fit the beehouse. Imo this device feels a little slippery due to the smallish handle and when it’s hot you increase your chances of dropping it. I wanted ceramic but also know that dropping it means breakage for sure, it needs a rubber sleeve or something on the handle.

Using for about 2 years now, absolutely love it. It rinses easily and goes into dishwasher whenever there’s rack space. I love the simplicity of dripper+filter+mug coffee maker. The color choices are nice, especially the antique green and the coffee brown (ahhh, 70s). This was my first coffee dripper and i came back to buy a second backup one, in case the first one ever breaks. Some people have mentioned they’re too fragile. I’m very careful with mine, but did knock the upper rim against a mug one time in the dishwasher. I don’t place this casually in sink or anywhere it might be damaged. Some people mentioned they’re not sized good to fit standard cups.

I tried the starbucks version and it wasn’t as good. This makes excellent coffee, and is pretty and easy to clean. It also fits on the all the mugs i attempted to use it in top of (maybe they expanded the bottom piece, as i know other’s had issues?) however, if this the large, i would not even attempt to get the small. This ‘just’ fits the #2 filter, and i certainly wouldn’t want a dripper that was any smaller.

Nicely made and the green is very pretty. But to alert buyers, the large size is actually much smaller than a melitta or starbucks cone. It is much shorter and narrower. It does match the dimensions in the description but i was surprised at how small it was. A number 2 filter just slightly pokes out the top edge. You can use a 4, but most of it will be above the dripper cone. Just so you know what you are buying. I personally would call this small. I suspect the small version is actually ‘tiny.

Wish the little holder on side looped all the way around.

We use the beehouse regularly as one of our manual pourover options, and everyone loves this red one.

Hamilton Beach 62666 Cupcake Creations Hand Mixer – Pink & it works!

Bought this for my camper as i am doing pink in my woman cave. This was adorable i could not resist. Was not disappointed when it arrived.

Only comes with 1 pair of beaters. My 2 main problems with this mixer are. Beaters do not click in firmly and can come out without pushing eject button2. Can’t turn it up past the 1st speed because you will sling a mess all over the kitchen. It’s good in a pinch for making cakes and stuff but it’s worthless if you need to mix something on low. It is easier to mix a cake with this than by hand but not by much except it saves a couple of minutes.

Very nice with enough power to mash potatoes and whip up cake frosting, whipped topping, pudding, etc. The case is great and the pink color is very pretty. It came with decorating bags and tips as well as a cupcake cook booklet and paper cups. Here are the specifications for the Hamilton Beach 62666 Cupcake Creations Hand Mixer:

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  • 4 stainless steel decorating tips
  • 8 disposable icing bags
  • 72 paper cupcake liners
  • Icing spatula and Decorating kit retail value of $14.99
  • 24-page color booklet with recipe & design ideas

Works well for home baking needs.

Bought this to replace my old hamilton beach hand mixer. I research a lot and decided to buy this because its a great deal for the price. This mixer is a lot better than my old one and not as noisy. I used this to make the meringue for macarons and it worked greatlove the storage box but i do wish there was a handle for easy carry. The extra spatula, pastry bag, cupcake liners and the booklet is great. Can’t beat this price with so many freebies.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Better than nothing?
  • Great mixer with 6 speeds that work!!
  • Great, gorgeous and practical!

After reading many reviews about mixers that were too fast etc , i just went for this one as i wanted a case. There are 6 speeds with the slowest just mixing the dried ingredients together but the fastest totally mixing my cake mix into almost a froth. A very very nice looking and preforming mixer for the many especially considering all the extras.

Loved this mixer had previously purchased a digital mixer which i didn’t want (i like simple products). I returned it for this one and it has been an excellent product. I got it almost a year ago and it still works like a charm. The box it came in was adorable as well and has been great for keeping it stored safely in my cabinets.

I bought as a christmas gift for my grandaugther. She likes cooking and this was the perfect gift for her, who is a pink lover girl.

This mixer set is gorgeous for the girly girl, practical as it comes in a set for a beginner or the pro, and great quality, as well as makes a perfect gift for a bridal shower or a student, or the new home owner.

Bought this for my daughter to use making cupcakes & it is heavy for me to use.

Perfect size and very reliable.

Not the strongest for whipping.

The mixers are not very thick or heavy for mixing thicker foods.

I’ve had this quite a while and it’s doing great. I had a black and decker for a couple years, no really heavy duty use and part of the bottom of the wire beater came off in my cookie dough, i imagine it could have really gone flying in some cake batter. So this one, great price, no issues with construction or use, and it’s freaking adorable.

Love this little thing, i used it so far to blend cake mix and cookie dough with satisfying results. It comes with 6 different speed settings to suit our needs, includes a cook book, basic cake/cupcake baking accessories and a storage box for just under $30. I am not big on baking and as a beginner it was a great choice , i bought this mainly to have mommy and me baking dates with my 5 year old, it is moderately heavy for young kids but it is perfect weight for teens and grown ups. I got so addicted by its ease of use that now i have become a frequent baker, i have been using it from past 6 months almost once in 2 weeks and it is holding up well, it may not be a heavy duty chef quality stuff but works very well for basic recipes such as cake and cookies. Pink color appeals to kids and they get engaged in helping parents and also get to learn in the process.

The beaters are easy to insert and remove.

Nice product and simple to use. Used it to make nice cakes and every body liked it a lot.

My wife used this through the holidays and she loves itit does everything she wanted and more.

This will probably be great for cakes and frostings. But the beaters aren’t very good for cookie dough. They’re thin and rounded, flattened ones with a little with are better for that. The lowest speed also seems really strong for a low setting.

Easy to use and such a pretty pink.

This does great for the price, dont really like the color but that is what you get.

Hearthware Nu-wave Pro Digital Oven, Five Stars

The dome cracked after a few months. I paid for a replacement dome directly from the nuwave website. I did not find replacement parts on amazon. I did notice there was a better quality dome for about double the price of the original dome. I think the better quality dome should come standard. I have read many reviews on how the dome cracked and the poor customer service they received from nuwave.

This oven is convenient at time. The time suggested for the cooking is somewhat far off, still the food comes out pretty good when the spices and herbs are add to the recipes.

A year ago i bought a nuwave oven because my husband and i are both active duty air force and every night we are stretched for family time with our daughter. The nuwave allows us to whip up healthy nutritious meals in record time. I love this product so much i have bought one for my mother and brother. Buy one, you will not regret it.Oh and this year during thanksgiving, the nuwave saved our holiday. We tried to deep-fry a turkey and undercooked it. After the turkey was cut into, we couldn’t put it back in the fryer so, i put it in the nuwave and it came out perfect.

Key specs for Nu-wave Pro Digital Black Oven:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Black digital power head and base, clear polycarbonate plastic dome lid, Lid rest, lining pan, 10 inch cooking pan, 3 inch extender ring, 4 inch reversible cooking rack, 2 inch rack, owners manual and instructional DVD and recipe book and guide
  • Variable temperature control
  • Uses conduction, convection, and infrared cooking technology
  • Multi-function allows you to barbecue, roast, grill, bake, broil, dehydrate, steam and air fry
  • No need for use of additional cooking fats or oils

Comments from buyers

“Love the oven, beware of the dome.
, up to where it cost even more money to cool it back down
, Well worth your money

Not as fast as it claims or as hot. Not the easiest to clean but i am okay with it.

Cooks quickly and efficiently. Does not heat up the kitchen. Most of all i like that the nuwave oven uses less energy. Make sure you follow the times to cook because otherwise you can over or under cook meat. To be real sure of doneness and not under or over cooking your meat, use a meat thermometer like you do when you use your oven. I have not used the pizza cooking assessory yet so can not write a review for it.

I purchased the nuwave oven after seeing the infomercial on tv. Then i wondered why in the world i had gotten yet another appliance, but it has proved to be one of the handiest appliances i have owned. Now i use it mostly for broiling, but it is quite versatile and can be utilized for many other types of cooking. Food cooks faster and healthier in this oven. It saves using the big oven and cooks meat so it is very tender and juicy. It’s easy to clean, too, as all the parts except the cooking coils are washable. I liked the nuwave oven so much that i gave one to a friend as a wedding gift and she loves hers too.

Living in warm, tropical weather here in hawaii, big island, i wanted to hurry and replace my dead-after-8-years flavorwave oven but got mixed up with the competing ratings and bought this nuwave. They both are rated the same so i am pleased so far. Cooks from frozen and all the other things it’s supposed to do and above all,. I hated for linda to turn on that double doored hot oven for her baking and now,. She discovered this oven can do it the same way with a cooler house at that. She now is convinced i made a great investment with convection cooking when i discovered this instrument while being a real happy single guy with only his dog and an occasional,. . To savor all the good stuff together.

My mom is an ‘as seen on tv’ junkie and loves to purchase these gadgets if they really can sell it to her. I’m usually a skeptic, but this one also interested me. After convincing her to buy here than with the phone number or website from the infomercial (it is much cheaper here), we finally ordered one. As a family that is full of people on the go, we rarely make family meals. Instead of turning on a big oven to cook a meal for one, this oven really saves time and cleanup. We still have yet to explore all the different uses for this oven, but the different accessories and booklet this oven comes with really remind us of its potential. Despite note using it in many different ways, we definitely have been using it a lot. It is now the preferred oven and the go-to appliance when cooking meals.

I am sooooooo happy with this product. We are to the point of cooking every meal in it. I plan on having 2 to cook multiple meals and the cook top instead of using our stove. The one negative is the dome cracks and it you don’t buy it from the nu wave company ie amazon, the warranty is not covered. Oh well another dome is about 60 bucks. My favorite is the burgers and fries. Biscuits are also good the frozen to cooked with pre heating an oven is great. We don’t us our microwave which puts radiation into your food to cause negative affects.

I received my oven about 2 weeks ago and i have used it for a roast beef, a 5lb chicken, a pork shoulder, chicken cordon bleu, and air fried chicken. I followed the recommended cooking time and found that everything needed to be cooked just a few minutes longer. With experimentation and a thermometer i will nail that down. Now, with that out of the way, let me just tell you, everything was delicious. That 5 lb chicken was cooked to perfection. Crispy skin on the outside, juicy chicken on the inside. That pork shoulder that i cooked also came out excellent, and it was a six dollar and fifty cent piece of meat. I made slits in it and stuffed slivers of garlic in it, rubbed olive oil, adobo and oregano all over it and put in the nu wave. It tasted just as good as something you would get in a spanish restaurant. I didn’t even need to put it in the fridge over night.

I have only had the nuwave oven for a short time and so far i think it is great, i live alone and i can fix a whole meal for myself at once and not have to dirty a whole bunch of pot’s and pan’s, also it does it very fast, leave’s in the moisture and everything i have cooked taste’s great, some things i haven’t cooked in it but i am on my way to loving it.

Love this thing ,globes are junk i have replaced 3 ,bought the heavy duty one , it’s hard to order regular replacement globe never in stock , cook in this thing 3-4 times a week.

It takes a little longer to cook than chart says and noticed that the food does not stay hot as long as when it is cooked in regular oven.

We all see all sorts of fantastic devises that are advertised to make our life easier. The nuwave actually does make life so simple that it should be illegal. If you are a meat eater you gotta have this thing. I but steaks when they are on sale in a ‘family pack’. I season them and then freeze them. Any time you want a steak- take it out of the freezer bag and toss it on the nuwave. Frozen to perfect in less than 1/2 hour.

Easy to follow instructions, and easy to use. I made our thanksgiving turkey in the nuwave and i turned out perfectly cooked and moist.

Buy one get one free on nuwave site.

This was the most wonderful gift i bought myself.

They work well and gets used constantly.

My wife has been wanting one of these for 2 years. Finally i bought her one for her birthday and she loves it. Works as described and clean up is easy.

The food tastes so much better and my kids loved everything i cook with the nuwave. I tell to everyone i know about how great it is. Then one day, it just stopped working. I called the manufacture and got an exchange (thank god, it was still under warranty — 1 year).

Love the oven, hate the fact that the dome started to crack after a few uses. Based on what i have read in other reviews this appears to be quite typical. It does a great job of cooking. I’m resigned to the fact that i will need to be replacing the dome which from what i read is not covered by the warranty.

Number one: doesn’t heat up your kitchen like a typical oven-and that is very important in these 90 degree days. I have cooked numerous things in this and have really enjoyed the ease of use and cleanup. Love making waterless boiled eggs-now i don’t dread dealing with hot water and steam.

This is the best machine i own. I often forget to take meat out of the freezer and being able to cook straight from frozen is a huge plus. The food comes out so moist.

It is important to try it out and get a feel for how it cooks, don’t expect to master it the first time you use it. There is a lot of room for user error with this. Using the different racks and placement of food in the oven will greatly impact how well something is done. For example, i find that a frozen chicken breast will cook best on a rack near the bottom of the oven, as opposed to near the top on a secondary rack. I find that the cooking time of the oven is about half of what a conventional oven would be. There are some things in this that do take as long as a conventional oven or cooktop. I really like using this for frozen food and snacks. I’ve also used it a few times as a secondary oven, which is nice for making dinners- i don’t have a ‘double oven’ built in, so it’s nice to use the nuwave alongside my regular oven so i can, for example, bake bread in my regular oven and cook my chicken breasts in the nuwave at the same time. Clean up is easy if you use round pans, like the one they include, or if you line the very bottom with foil.

Nostalgia SCC200 Snow Cone Cart – 54 Inches Tall, Pleasently surprised

But the thing in the top stopped spinning and it begin making a loud funny noise. We would have to stop move the spinner around and keep trying. Other than that my family enjoyed this.

It makes several snow cones very fast. I was able to serve a party of kiddos in no time. We used the hawaiian syrup and it was wonderful.

I recommend very good machine totally one of the best products that i have bought they can buy it with confidence.

Key specs for Nostalgia SCC200 Snow Cone Cart – 54 Inches Tall:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Holds enough snow for approximately 72 8-ounce snow cones
  • Perfect for use with all Nostalgia Snow Cone Kits! (SCS160-Snow Cone Syrups, Straws and Cups-SCSTRAWCUP20)
  • Uses standard size ice cubes
  • Convenient paper cone dispenser
  • Storage compartment in base
  • 3-snow cone holding tray
  • Drip tray to catch melted ice
  • Includes a metal scoop, 2-syrup bottles, 100 8-ounce paper cones and 100 straw spoons
  • Pull handle and utility shelf for snow cone preparation
  • Tempered glass windows and door

Comments from buyers

“Must buy!
, It stays in great shape, it is easily portable
, Great purchase

I have 3 kids and i have both this and the popcorn machine and it has paid for itself just using it for birthday parties. The snow cone cart puts out tons of snow cones and i have never had any problems. The added cups and mixes was a nice surprise.

We love this snow cone machine it was such a big hit with both kids and adults. My husband thought it took a little long to assemble and it looks like it had to stay assembled which sticks for storage but i stil love it.

I love it 🙂 highly recommend this vendor i used it for my sons theme of villains everyone love it. The snow cone machine works really good trust me.

We purchased this to use for our youth group to raise money. So far it has been a huge success. It is very easy to use and the kids love it.

It only makes chunks and not snow cones.

We have used it for several school event serving more than 200 ice cones in a few hours. It stays in great shape, it is easily portable. I would recommend to others.

I love it everyone should get one.

Storage could be bigger and have a bigger drip tray but its ok.

I’ve only used it a couple times, but i love it. It was a hit at the birthday party we gave for my daughters boyfriend. Both with adults and high school kids. I have grandchildren, they love it, and i love snow cones too. The perfect summer day treat. It’s easy to operate, and shaves the ice quickly.

I got this for my grandson and he says the machine makes super snow-cones.

It was the perfect gift works well.

I would not recommend this ice shaver to anyone who actually wants it to shave ice. I ended up purchasing a real ice shaver and just use this as a container for the finely shaved ice that i make with an infinitely better ice shaver. If you are interested in finely shaved fluffy ice that is indistinguishable from freshly fallen snow then check out this affordable ice shaver:great northern ice cub shaved ice machine.

Just wanted for the looks in my game room.

We haven’t gotten to use it fully but we recieved our machine the next day after purchase (wow). We wanted to make sure it works some just threw some ice in it and boom, it works great. The only negitive so far would be with out windy state it wouldn’t hold up outside, but we can support it from flying away. Can’t wait to use it for the 4th of july.

Very good machine and worked great for us.

We use it for our social events for people with down syndrome at camp i can enrichment center.

Is nice, but i used for few months in three parties and not more working.

Got this for my sons first birthday party. I turned on machine and turned around and there were 40 kids in line behind me. Machine is very quick and sturdy. I went from 40 kids to 0 in 20 minutes.Perfect for pool parties and cookout.

Received my package today and i love it.

Guests are impressed with the machine. Impressed my high school male teen and his friends.

I know its gonna be har to beleve but this thing works great. I bought it more for the novelty of it expecting it to work like a counter top ice crusher. I really gives a perfect shave good enough for shaved ice forming and slushies i shreds like a snow fall and consistency of one too. The speed is excelent for a busy fundraiser event. I got way more then expected for the price. The top cant hold alot of ice at one time but because of the speed you can continuosly place ice in it. The structue is a lil flimsy more for looks then anything. The supplies that came with it i didnt use at all i advise buy your own when you order this.

Aroma Housewares AWK-321 Simply Stainless 7 Cup Electric Kettle – best so far

My daughter thinks it’s bulky and doesn’t look nice. On top of it, it doesn’t always shut down on its own. But this is the only all stainless steel pot of its kind that i could find after looking in the web for days and days. All the other ones that i had looked at have some form of plastic inside the pot and when they are filled the plastic would be submerged in the water. I don’t want any plastic (bpa free or not) boiling with the water that i would be drinking, and, like i said, this was the only all stainless steel pot that i could find. Therefore, in spite of its flaws, i’m giving it a 4 star.

This kettle is 100% stainless steel, and it works like a charm. Contrary to what another reviewer expressed, the underside of the lid appears to be stainless steel, not a chrome-type paint. I’ve owned the kettle for around 4 months now, and i’ve used it 3-5 times every weekday. I would definitely buy it again.

As many users who concerned about the plastic contacting with boiling water, i spend quite some time to search for a electric kettle with total stainless steal interior. I finally settle down with this aroma awk-321 simply stainless kettle. After daily use for around two years, the kettle reaches end of its life – the metal part for the lid fall apart from the lid. The lid had a problem that couldn’t close properly after about 9 months. They shipped me a replacement without any hassle. I managed to continue use it, at expense of longer auto-shut off delay, until today. I would give it 3 stars based on the quality, but 4th start for the customer service.

It works like any other electric kettle, auto-shuts off after it starts a roaring boil. The spout isn’t the best for controlling your pour, but for me it’s not bad enough to go looking for another product.

Hi, i ordered this kettle after reading all the reviews on all the kettles. This one has no plastic, is cool to the touch, and fast. But it looked huge on my counter. I previously had a tall stainless ge kettle, which though the same height was much narrower. This kettle is also very white, which i liked but it stood out too much on my black granite tops with stainless steel appliances. In a different environment i probably would have kept it. I ended up going out to stores to compare sizes and finishes of kettles and ended up buying the chefs choice 681 which is much smaller – about 2+ inches narrower for the same capacity.

I searched high and low for a modern looking electric kettle that has an interior with no plastics, heating elements or filters. While this kettle is ugly (in my opinion – minus 1 star), it is the only one with a cool touch exterior and all stainless interior and pour spout. It also has water level markings on the inside which is helpful. Since other reviewers had mentioned that the interior of the lid was chrome looking plastic, i contacted the manufacturer and asked about this specifically. The response i received:hello,thank you for contacting aroma housewares. The interior that comes in contact with the water is completely stainless steel including the underside of the lid and the pour spout. Please let us know if you have any other product questions. Thank you,aroma housewares[. customer service1-800-276-6286 option 1mon – fri 8:30 am – 4:30 pm pstit looks like this kettle is the best option as long as you’re willing to sacrifice aesthetics. ]

  • All stainless steel and works great after 2 years
  • Lasted two years
  • So Far, So Good

And only one that is 100% stainless steel inside.

Well, as other reviewers have mentioned, the cap is plastic, but appears to be covered on the interior by some metallic/chrome finish. Sure, it would be nice to have a high-end all stainless kettle, but this is stainless on the interior everywhere else. It has the capacity for a large amount of water, as well. It remains cool on the outside (well insulated) and seems durable. We will re-post if the auto-shutoff fails at some point. But for now, it is working just as advertised and we are happy with it. ——————————update november 2013:still works great. No problems or failures whatsoever.

It is a little awkward-looking, but i bought it because of the double-wall construction which keeps the body cool to the touch, and the stainless steel interior so that the water comes into contact with zero plastic. However, after a few days of use, being boiled 4-5 times per day, the auto off switch became intermittent. It would boil until the handle became hot. We have to keep an eye on it now. I gave it a pass early on despite the obviously bad design on the spout, where it’s welded so separately from the body that water seeps and calcifies around the seam. Inside the spout where it joins the pour holes which act like a strainer, the spout collects water like a pocket. I think it’s time to return this. I would have done it sooner, except not long after it arrived, we went on vacation thereby delaying the return time. Back to using our old oster.

Boils water fast, pours easily. Great pot and no plastic anywhere all stainless steel.

I love this kettle, becuase it’s simple, inexpensive, all-steel which is what i was specifically looking for, and works like a charm with the button, as opposed to other expensive model i got a while ago, that i had to recycle because the most basic function didn’t work. The only reason for 4 stars above is the strange fact that it does not have a window to see the water level, otherwise it would’ve gotten all 5. But i’m looking past that since it works really well.

Features of Aroma Housewares AWK-321 Simply Stainless 7 Cup Electric Kettle

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • #1 Electric Water Kettle Brand
  • Large, 7-cup/1.7-liter capacity
  • 100% stainless steel interior, cool-touch exterior
  • Cordless pouring for easy serving
  • Easy-to-use, one-touch operation with automatic shut-off

Make sure this fits
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This is the perfect electric kettle. It has a stainless steel interior, but the outside has a coating to keep it cool. No more burnt fingers from accidentally touching the pot. The healing element doesn’t touch the water so it won’t rust. Even when it’s full the pot heats water very quickly and the water stays warm for a long time without any fancy switches to keep a temperature.

Does a great job at what it’s supposed to do, boil water. The big advantage that this kettle has over the competition is the fact that its inside is completely covered in stainless steel, even the underside of the lid. This is a big plus for folks like me who are trying to minimize their exposure to chemicals leached from plastics.

This is an excellent kettle that, as advertised, is all stainless steel inside. As other reviewers mention, the top steel gets very hot when it’s coming to a boil, which is not a problem given the excellent handle that stays cool. People with young children or any one who might not be able to be cautious should take note. Six months into using it, th eight that indicates it’s own blew out, and there’s not way to fix it except to return the kettle to the company. The mechanism that automatically turns off always works, but it has always seemed to come to a long boil before it does.

Little loud when water is getting hot.

A bit larger than what i wanted but it is all stainless and insulated which is what i did want . I love the 360 rotation and the cordless aspect when i pour. The on / off switch is great as the last two i had, i had to plug it in and unplug it when heating water.

Only issue i have is that the handle gets very hot but otherwise good product.

#1 Electric Water Kettle Brand

I have had my kettle for exactly two years, and today the lid refused to close. The only way to keep it closed now is to weight it down, and i don’t think i want to do that. Given the scarcity of entirely stainless electric kettles, i may buy another. I’m not crazy about the way it looks, and as others have noted, the handle gets quite hot, but i did get two years out of mine before i had a problem.

Bought april 2014 and no longer works today, august 17, 2016. Not too bad, but i will be replacing it with secura swk-1701db stainless steel double wall electric water kettle, 1.

I don’t normally post product reviews, because quite frankly, most products are not good enough nor do they impress me enough to take the time to write a review. However, when a product is good and does live up to my expectations, i like to let the company and other consumers know about it. I have had this kettle for 15 months now and i just love it. I wanted to replace my stainless steel stove top kettle with an electric kettle. I like my stove top kettle, especially because it was all stainless steel, but it took an age to heat up. So i began to research electric kettles. I wanted a stainless steel interior, no water window (a place where a leak could potentially develop in my opinion) and a kettle that would be cool to the touch when in use. It blends beautifully with my kitchen as i have white appliances and brushed nickel faucets.

All stainless, no plastic on the inside. Very happy with it until the lid or should i say the stainless underneath the lid fell off. I’ve only had it since 2015. I am not thrilled right now.

This is an excellent electric kettle. There are no plastic parts inside the kettle that will touch the water inside the kettle. The bottom of the lid is also made of metal.

My wife and i looked high and low for an all stainless interior on a water kettle, and this fit that requirement. It heats water quickly and shuts itself off a little while after it comes to a boil. 7 liter capacity, and a plastic exterior. My only dislike is the plastic exterior, as it wont wear the years as well as a more durable material like stainless steel would. Nevertheless, it’s a keeper.

Large, 7-cup/1.7-liter capacity

I’ve had this kettle for about two years and use it daily at my office. I wanted something that is plastic-free and this is it. The kettle boils water quickly and it’s still like new. Ignore the one-star review from september 2014 that says the kettle has a hole where boiling water comes in contact with plastic–that’s wrong. The referenced hole is only a 1/4 inch across and it’s way up next to the hinge of the lid. The fill line is inches below that. When the miniscule amount of steam that reaches that little hole condenses, it drips into the handle, not the pot. This is one of my best appliance purchases ever.

(i’ve had it for three weeks). It heats quickly, no plastic inside as advertised, and is cool to the touch on the outside. I’ve not had any rust problems either, although i do empty residual water out and leave the lid open at night to keep it dry when not in use.

I finally found this totally stainless electric kettle and purchased it from bed, bath and beyond since it was cheaper there. This is the review i wrote for it: this is the first 100% stainless electric kettle i’ve found after years of searching. There is no plastic or silicone to leach out any dangerous chemicals. I contacted aroma’s customer service and they said the stainless steel used is all 304 stainless including the spout and underside of the lid. The outside and handle stay cool, only the band of metal on the top gets hot, but you wouldn’t normally touch there. It is loud when it first starts to heat, but it does heat pretty quickly and then shuts itself off. I’ve now had this kettle for several months and have not had any problems at all.

Searched for a long time for a plastic free electrical kettle. Found a lot of them that claimed to be plastic free but after further research they were not. After inspecting this one upon arrival i was happy to find this one to be plastic free.

100% stainless steel interior, cool-touch exterior

Cordless pouring for easy serving

Waring (BB150S) 32 oz Two-Speed Bar Blender – Love the stainless steel container!

This waring commercial basic bar blender is perfect for making my daily smoothies. The stainless steel container is easy to clean and unbreakable, which is a blessing.

Worthy successor to an identical blender i bought from waring that lasted 20 years of harsh use. Unqualified recommendation to buy.

But i haven’t tested to make more than ten shakes to make a durable statement. Here are the specifications for the Waring (BB150S) 32 oz Two-Speed Bar Blender:

  • Make sure this fits
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  • Basic bar blender helps to create quickly and easily perfect fruit smoothies, frozen coffee drinks and more items
  • Made of stainless steel and plastic material
  • Features 1/2-horse power, 2-speed motor and heavy-duty die-cast motor housing
  • Rugged, one-piece stainless steel cutting blade, removable and user-replaceable metal-reinforced rubber drive coupling
  • Includes dishwasher safe stainless steel container with 32-ounce capacity

My husband and i wanted to to get a vitamix but vitamix only comes with a polycarbonate container which, i’ve read, becomes cloudy from daily multi-use and may release harmful chemicals into the food. The waring (bb150s) 32 oz two-speed bar blender comes with a stainless steel container. It does not have the same horse power as a vitamix but it blends fruits and veggies to a smooth consistency, it crushes ice to a slushy consistency in a blink and it is much, much cheaper. We’ve had it for over a month and so far we love it.

This blender has no issues blending whatever i put in it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Perfect compact, efficient bar and smoothie blender.
  • Love this blender
  • Great blender! I use this for my meal replacement shake and love it.

Toughes, meanest t blender i’ve ever purchased. You could make soup out of nuts and bolts. I used to get blenders from big box stores in the $40 to $60 range for making smoothies and shakes with ice. The motor always burnt out in 6 to 9 months. This blender has been going strong for 3 years or so. It is louder than the others but that’s fine since it blends my drinks in 10 to 15 seconds. There are also no semi-whole ice cubes left over that never got broken up, which was a problem with past blenders.

Bought this for my husband as a basement bar blender. Now we also take it with us when we go away for hockey tournaments to make healthy breakfast smoothies. It’s very light, small and convenient.

We have been through emulsion blender after emulsion blender and while we will find a good one, after enough times of using an emulsion blender to make smoothies and protein drinks with ice in them we end up with a problem with the blades. We got this thing and it is super easy to use, crushes ice in seconds. Seriously between me and my boys we probably make 4 or 5 protein drinks a day with ice and have had no problem at all. My tip for the make is i really wish there was measurement indicators on the cup. Like 1 cup line and 1 1/2 cup line etc that way i would have to waste a measure cup. For those that don’t know this easy clean up tip. Here you go: fill the cup to the line with water add a bit of soap, but the top on and run on high and boom the cup is clean.

I have this blender for 20 years. , never once had to replace any parts. , i use it every day for anything that i can think of. It purifies everything in seconds. , hope they never stop selling it.

I was going to get herbalife shakes and they used this blender there. I bought the same one and i love it.

I replaced an older model just like it because it chops ice really good for smooties. So many other blenders leave big chunks of ice. This one does great for a good price.

We grind dog food pellets once each week for our special-needs swiss mountain dog. We have used a series of consumer-grade units, but they are all very slow, and the results have to be dug out of the glass container with a wooden spatula handle. This waring commercial bb150s basic bar blender with stainless steel container does the job in less than a tenth the previous time required. Furthermore it’s easy to empty; just slap it gently on the side of the metal container, and you’re done.

Coldtower Kegerator Tower Cooler : This thing definitely helps to cool the tower of my kegerator

Tower is chilled and beer pours at the right temp.

Works great, easy to install. I drilled a hole in the side of my fridge for the power cord.

This works perfectly just as advertised. I have my tower outside and this keeps the tower cold all day and all night.

Great systems really helps out on the initial pour.

I have used this cooler for a few months now and i can say it does the job of bringing cold air from inside the kegerator up into the tower very well. I can tell it works because the tap sweats on humid days. Mechanically as with any fan it can get frozen over if left too close to the cooling grates in the kegerator. Especially living in phoenix keeping the tower cool is essential for cold beer and lower amounts of head, and if it can work this well here it will work anywhere. The coldtower works like a charm. I only have two complaints about the unit and both of them relate to the power chord and switch. One, the chord and switch are quite short, especially if you run your power for the unit in with the co2 lines. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be an issue, but while moving the unit slightly the chord ripped out of the switch. I have since soldered it back in place and gotten an extension chord but its something to be careful about. My second issue with the power chord is that it would be nice to have an indicator of when the unit is on.

This does exactly what it says and makes the tower cooler. It is a little noisy but you don’t really hear it unless you are trying to.

It very much delivers cold air to the tower. The tower is now quite cold to the touch maybe i should insulate it more to keep loss to minimum. First new keg after installation and i have nice, cold, carbonated but not foamy beer, with first pour. This type of addition should be on the plans of any conversion or as a aftermarket add-on.

Works fairly well in cooling the tower of my kegerator. Previously, i was forced to run about 4 oz. Of beer off with each fresh pour because the temperature in the tower wasn’t keeping the beer cold enough and i would get glasses of half foam. This seems to be very common with low end kegerators. I read lots of forums and did lots of tweaking to the temperature/pressure/lines/etc. , but didn’t have any notable success in reducing the foam on each new pour. After installing this product, i got better pours but still had a bit foam at the start (probably a 50-75% improvement). I went to my local big box hardware store and got some pipe insulation, which wrapped around the outside of the tower to keep the cold in. Now i’m getting perfect pours every time and not wasting any beer. This is definitely a recommended product for those frustrated with foamy keg beer and adding in some insulation will help if this product doesn’t do the trick by itself.

This blower is just what i needed to keep the beer in the top 12′ of beer line cold for excellent first pours. Truth be told, when you receive the product, there is an information card that states that their best prices are available directly from their website at http://www. This may be true of the product list price, but i cannot verify the cost of shipping, and obviously prime is free. As for the product itself, the blower seems well constructed, and it has been functioning flawlessly in my kegerator for a few weeks now. I couldn’t be happier with the blower. Personally, i have a dual faucet kegerator, so my tower is fairly cramped with two beer lines and insulating foam, so if you shop direct, consider the 3/8′ hose rather than the 1/2′, it works plenty wellthe power cord itself is a bit short for my personal application, since you lose several fee inside the kegerator, but i will probably just use an extension cord to get to the outlet with a bit more slack.

I bought this to help cool down my 2 tap system that goes thru garage wall out to my bar in my backyard. So far it has performed as intended.

Works fine, cools the tower as advertised.

It’s fairly noisy, but get the job done.

This was as advertised and shipped on time.

It does exactly what what it’s supposed to do. A little louder than i hoped though.

Does it cool the tower and cut the foam problem?. So jeff, why only 4 and not 5 stars?. Well, i wrote to the seller ( a really nice guy) and we discussed the one issue i have experienced. Because the keg is kept at 40 degrees we have a cold environment. The fan used is a cpu type fan. Very efficient and usually quiet. However, when put into a cold environment it is operating opposite what it was designed for. The design is to be in a hot enviroment and evacuate hot air. In a kegerator things are reversed.

I routed mine with the power cord going inside the door seal. Once my leg settled and got cold overnight i had perfect pours from the first pour. Product seems to work perfectly. I turn the fan off when i know i won’t be drinking. Only had a couple days so i can’t speak to any longevity issues.

I paired this with a wemo insight switch and now before i leave work on a hot day i can turn on the tower cooling fan. 30 minutes later when i get home the tower and taps are nice and cold. The only thing its missing are mounting tabs on the sides of the fan so you can attach it to the cold plate. I drilled through the box and screwed it tightly to the cold plate.

The unit is exactly as described. It does a great job of supplying cold air to the top of the kegerator tower.

My tower is cold to the touch and will actually show a bit of condensation if it gets humid in the room.

Price is right, and my beer is flowing without foam now.

Basically, i turn it on about 15-20 minutes before i think i’m going to poor a beer. Definitely helps reduce the initial first biast of foam. I was fortunate that my kegerator has a small hole already in the back that you can pass the electric cord through, so i didn’t have to worry about drilling.

Coldtower Kegerator Tower Cooler : DIY-ing is a part of the joy of homebrewing

Works fine, cools the tower as advertised.

Works great keeps the beer from foaming. Just get it in the tower in the right spot.

Coldtower Kegerator Tower Cooler

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • IP56 rated dust and water resistant 50,000 hour 34 CFM BLOWER (not a weak computer box fan like you will find in economy tower coolers)
  • Professional 1A Power Supply with ON/OFF Switch and Extra Long 10 Foot Cord (not a cheap cell phone charger with a 3 foot cord, like you will find in economy tower coolers.) Costs Next to Nothing to Run
  • Factory Injection Molded Design Provides Durability and Protects Blower from Moisture and Icing
  • Full 1 year warranty against defects on all units bought after 1-1-2017! Our prices are our every day prices. We do not run phony “sales” like our competitors. Their every day price is the same as their “sale” price. This is done to make customers think they are getting a deal.

Tower is chilled and beer pours at the right temp.

It’s fairly noisy, but get the job done.

Keeps beer tower and lines nice and cold :).

Coldtower Kegerator Tower Cooler : Works perfectly and does what it’s intended. I’m wondering if it would make sense to performance the pipe inside the tower however.

This works perfectly just as advertised. I have my tower outside and this keeps the tower cold all day and all night.

My tower is cold to the touch and will actually show a bit of condensation if it gets humid in the room.

Keeps my tower very cool, love it.

Purchased for an edgestar kegerator which takes two sixth kegs. We’ve been trying to solve an issue where the beer was too foamy, this seems to have helped, it was easy to install and works fine. It’s pretty elegant design, seems to just be a computer fan with a dc adapter and a simple case.

It very much delivers cold air to the tower. The tower is now quite cold to the touch maybe i should insulate it more to keep loss to minimum. First new keg after installation and i have nice, cold, carbonated but not foamy beer, with first pour. This type of addition should be on the plans of any conversion or as a aftermarket add-on.

Could i have built something cheaper?. In fact, i did, with a computer fan and misc. This moves much more air and keeps my tower much cooler. Yes, diy-ing is a part of the joy of homebrewing, but if you’re at the point where you don’t mind having someone else make one of your toys, i definitely recommend this tower cooler.

If you have a non commercial kegerator, you must have this. Fixed the foam first pour issue completely. I have the liquid temp of my beer set at 38. Before i installed this the tower felt warm, now it feels very cold. I inserted a wire probe in the tower and with this installed, it reads around 43-44. For the price, does not make since to build on yourself.

I bought this to help cool down my 2 tap system that goes thru garage wall out to my bar in my backyard. So far it has performed as intended.

Does it cool the tower and cut the foam problem?. So jeff, why only 4 and not 5 stars?. Well, i wrote to the seller ( a really nice guy) and we discussed the one issue i have experienced. Because the keg is kept at 40 degrees we have a cold environment. The fan used is a cpu type fan. Very efficient and usually quiet. However, when put into a cold environment it is operating opposite what it was designed for. The design is to be in a hot enviroment and evacuate hot air. In a kegerator things are reversed.

I routed mine with the power cord going inside the door seal. Once my leg settled and got cold overnight i had perfect pours from the first pour. Product seems to work perfectly. I turn the fan off when i know i won’t be drinking. Only had a couple days so i can’t speak to any longevity issues.

I paired this with a wemo insight switch and now before i leave work on a hot day i can turn on the tower cooling fan. 30 minutes later when i get home the tower and taps are nice and cold. The only thing its missing are mounting tabs on the sides of the fan so you can attach it to the cold plate. I drilled through the box and screwed it tightly to the cold plate.

It does exactly what what it’s supposed to do. A little louder than i hoped though.

I do like the external switch so i can easily turn it off if not in use.

It’s my second one from them. First one lasted almost 2 years before it got too noisy. Only thing i don’t like is where the switch is located on the cord. The switch is 1 foot away from the plug for the outlet. My kegerator is 2 feet deep, how am i supposed to be able to turn it on and off with it plugged in behind the kegerator?. Was excited about this new feature but it is completely unusable with my under counter kegerator.

My tower is colder now, beer less foamy. Can rattle a little sometimes but then so does my ‘budget’ kegerator (that’s why it needs a fan). Great feauture is on/off switch so u can turn off. Be careful and don’t cut off too much hose.

Took less than 3 minutes to hook up and works great. Does exactly what is expected of it.

KitchenAid Professional 7-Quart Super Big Biggest Capacity Large KSM7581MS 7-Quart Bowl Largest Lift Stand Mixer Medallion, It is great for those large recipes that just don’t fit in

We love the mixer the only issue which not a big one is the height of the mixer its self. Make sure it will fit under your top cabinets. Otherwise it works amazing and is easy to clean up.

I really am enjoying this mixer. It is great for those large recipes that just don’t fit in a smaller mixing bowl.

Bought this model in june 2013; i opened the box and set up the machine. Did not use it until 7 months later. I put all the ingredients in bowl for sugar cookies; the machine started up for about 15 seconds, it stopped, then i turned it on again and it was dead. I unplugged and restarted again and it did not start. Husband checked to make sure i was using it as specified in the enclosed booklet. I was very upset because i paid over $600. With tax, did not have the receipt to prove to ka that this machine was dead (not working), gave cs the model # and she found the purchase date and price $ i paid for it. They stated that i would be receiving a replacement in 6 weeks, i did. Packed the unusable one in the box and fed ex picked it up for return to ka, no cost to me.

Key specs for KitchenAid Professional 7-Quart Super Big Biggest Capacity Large KSM7581MS 7-Quart Bowl Largest Lift Stand Mixer Medallion Silver:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Professional bowl-lift design raises bowl into mixing position
  • KitchenAid 7-Quart Super Capacity KSM7581WH 7-Quart Bowl Lift Stand Mixer White

Comments from buyers

“As Good As It Gets For Home Cooks
, We love the mixer the only issue which not a big
, It is great for those large recipes that just don’t fit in

I have owned this for a couple of years now and love its power and capacity. But, the paddle attachment that comes with the unit does not reach the bottom of the bowl, so i constantly have to scrap down the bowl. Some scraping would be expected, but this is a problem for me. I’m going to search to see if there is a paddle with a rubber edge like i have on my other, smaller kitchen aid (top lift) which i also love, but it was not large enough for me. Overall, though, you cannot beat (ha, ha) this mixer and i consider it an essential kitchen appliance for all home cooks.

Love the product great service.

Works very well, took a little while to figure out how to attach bowl.

My wife is a gourmet home cook and baker. As a gift, she specifically requested the kitchenaid 7-quart mixer to replace her aging kitchenaid 5-quart mixer. Needless to say, she was very pleased when i paid attention and bought it for her. She loves its large capacity, especially when it comes to baking batches of special treats for her friends and co-workers. Also, she’s commented how quiet it is and how she can run it continuously without it heating up. She’s very happy, and i’m happy she’s happy.

Daewoo KOR6L0B 0 – Well designed microwave

Fits on my shallow shelf-top in a very small apartment kitchen. Reheats coffee and small portions of leftover food nicely. That’s all i need, and this fits the bill inexpensively.

Perfect for reheating meals and preparing frozen food. Not much damage on the electric bill either.

Just the right size for the college dorm. Dorms rooms are small so is perfect for cooking food fast.Here are the specifications for the Daewoo KOR6L0B 0:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • .7 cu.ft Microwave oven
  • Microwave power output : 600W only
  • 10 power levels for microwave
  • Accurate 59min 90sec cooking timer
  • One touch cooking of 3 menu

Product arrived quickly and in good working order. Product did what was expected and worked fine.

Perfect for my sons dorm room.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Well designed microwave
  • I am very glad that I purchased the Daewoo KOR6LOB 0.7 600 Watt Compact Microwave! It is indeed a very good product!
  • Great 600 Wat microwave oven

Size is right for office space. Power is lower than normal microwave but that is as it was stated.

My elderly mother just moved into a senior center, and needed a small microwave for her tiny kitchen. I found this one online and it’s just right. It’s simple for her to use, and takes very little space, proof that great things do come in small packages. Love the white exterior too.

Works the way it’s supposed to. Heats up food fast and want expensive to purchase.

I bought the microwave as i hoped it would fit in my mini kitchen. It arrived promplty and well packed and i am happy with the purchase.

I have had this for over 7 months now, and i think it is great. It does exactly what a microwave oven should, and you can fit normal sized plates in it.

Perfect for our purposes – only takes a minute longer than bigger, heavier higher powered ones.

A little slower than the larger microwave i had, but i can’t complain about that, because it’s lower wattage due to its size.

It is very useful in everywhere. Small size and enough power. Dimension of this item wxdxh 17.

This is a nice, small microwave. It has many of the features you’d find on larger ones. It’s quiet and when your food is done, it beeps 3 times. No annoying tones or long beeps afterward like some others.

Perfect for my small apartment.

I replaced my 1000 watt circuit-blowing micro with this compact puppy. I no longer wince when i push the micro start button. On the old behemoth, pushing the start button would sometimes blow circuits without even starting the micro. Other times, the circuits would blow after a minute or two. More often than not, there were no problems, but the anxiety became too much. I had to get rid of the beast. I now have a dependable micro and i have more counter space. My only wish would be that the light would come on when i open the door, but i can live with that. Yes, cooking times are a bit longer, but there’s less stress, and that’s what counts. The microwave was shipped and arrived promptly in good packaging.

The plastic covering the start and stop buttons are starting to ‘peel’ away from the body of the microwave. . A little too soonotherwise, great unit for the price.

Its tiny, about as tiny as you’re going to get. Expect to double or triple the time items are in it compared to a normal microwave.

Great 600 wat microwave oven, but now i understand that this item is no longer available except in a 700 watt unit.

It’s easy to operate and the temperatures are true to what one would expect. I like it for cooking vegetables and things that require lower temperatures. It fits nicely on a counter top in my kitchen and does not use many watts. It seems well designed and the controls are easy to operate.