Hamilton Beach 67650H Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor, Holy moly! This juicer rocks.

Hamilton beach big mouth juicer / b000fhqj6ci bought this juicer back in 2009 and have used it less than i’d hoped (more on that in a minute) but often enough to feel that the purchase was worth it. When a kuvings nj-9500u centrifugal juice extractor came up on vine, i figured i was well-placed to review an expensive juicer and contrast it with the cheaper stuff on the market, and post the same essential review in both places. But i’ll just cut to the chase right here: as a hobbyist juicer who just wants to whirl the juice out of a handful of fruits, i cannot honestly tell that much of a difference between the expensive kuvings and the half-price hamilton — the kuvings is better in some ways, but it’s not twice as good in proportion to being twice as expensive. * parts: both the juicers have mostly the same basic parts: base (with cord and buttons), whirl-er (where the mesh screen sits and the juice comes out), pulp-bucket (where the waste goes), top (where the fruit is fed), and piston (to help jam the fruits through the top and to the whirl-er. But i was surprised to see that the juice pitcher that came standard with the hamilton is not included with the kuvings; you have to supply your own bowl for the juice to pour into, and since our bowl was wide and uncovered, the new juice pouring in caused the existing juice to splash lightly all over the nearby counter, which i found quite annoying. * weight: the juicers take up about the same footprint on the counter, in terms of width and height. The immediate obvious difference is that the kuvings is plastic and lighter, whereas the hamilton is heavier and uses stainless steel clamps. The lighter kuvings is easier to carry, but i don’t know how sturdy the clamps will be over time. Personally, i care more about weight than about sturdiness (we tend to ‘baby’ our appliances in general).

After doing a lot of research i ended up with this juicer. I was actually set on the breville after watching fat, sick, & nearly dead. After reading reviews of food getting stuck in the strainer, being hard to clean, and also the strainer becoming damage and the price of replacing it, i opted to do some further research. The hamilton beach juicer had positive ratings similar to the breville, with the exception this one was about 3 times cheaper.I am so glad i ended up with this juicermy mom owns a norwalk, the holy grail of juicers. However, i would choose the hamilton beach juicer over the norwalk for one simple reason. It’s quick to use and easy to clean. I have this thing cleaned within a few minutes. It takes longer to clean the veggies than it does to clean this juicer. Albeit a bit loud, but not enough to sway my decision otherwise. The pulp is very dry when all is said and done which means you are getting the most juice out of your fruits and veggies. I highly recommend this juicer for the following reasons:1. Wise mouth (saves time on cutting if you even need to)3.

After seeing the documentary ‘fat, sick, and almost dead’, i decided to try out a semi-juice diet where i replace one of my meals with a juice for few weeks. From past experience, i have generally bought something like this in excitement, used it for few weeks, and then never taken it out. So this time, i decided that i will buy something that is more budget-friendly, yet decent. After some poking around on several review sites and consumer reports, i found that the breville blenders are good, but somewhat on the expensive side (their cheapest well-rated models are around $150). So i decided to try this model – consumerreports seem to like it, and amazon had decent reviews for this one. Overall, i am very happy with the purchase. In fact, i think this is as good as the $120-150 breville juicers around, except that this one does not have a metal brushed body. The motor speed on this one is better than the breville fountain, and this one is just as easy to clean. I know this because a friend bought the breville fountain, and i used it a couple times. This one juices hard-vegetables very well.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach 67650H Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor:

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Comments from buyers

“Great budget juicer with few flaws
, first time juicer
, I bought 1 for me and 6 others for friends and family

I ordered this last week from amazon, it was delivered quickly. However, when i was opening the package, broken pieces of the pulp container fell onto the floor. I packed it back up into the package and went right online to amazon to request a replacement and planned to ship the broken one back the next day. Before i even got to ups to drop off the juicer, i received an email from amazon that my replacement had shipped.I received the juicer today and it is in perfect condition. I am new to juicing and was excited to try it out. I had spent the last few weeks debating on whether or not to purchase one. I had done a lot of research on juicers that were affordable. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a product i was afraid i wouldn’t like but still wanted something reliable and durable. So after seeing a lot of positive reviews for this juicer, i decided to go ahead and buy this one.

My grandfather is a big freshly made juice fan who has owned several juicers and wanted an inexpensive one for his vacation home. We opted for this one based on the price and good reviews. His first impression of the juicer was that it was small compared to his two previous juicers (the jack lalanne jlpjb which he hates and gave to me and a stainless steel sharper image juicer which he likes and has at home). Nevertheless, he was very excited to have it and we washed everything and easily put it together in a couple of minutes. He immediately prepared the fruit/veggies (apples, oranges, pears, and carrots) and began juicing. Within minutes, we had delicious fresh juice. I was impressed at how much juice came out and how little pulp was left behind. I also noticed that this juicer did not make as much of a mess with shooting pulp that his other juicers did. Cleanup was a breeze compared to other juicers because the parts didn’t have many crevices that were tough to wash. The on/off button is simple and very easy for grandpa to control.

I decided to finally try juicing since i’m not into veggies, esp. I researched on-line to see what was out there price and quality wise before buying this one based on the ratings. The first thing i have to say is read the instructions. Lol i just tossed things into the hopper willy nilly as i went along. There is a reason for processing certain things in order. Also, peel citrus first or juice will be bitter. I love berries, and grow several kinds in my yard, however, i found out this type of juicer won’t process berries. I grabbed a handful of spinach and a handful of blueberries and mixed the two. Stuffed the hopper and viola’, spinach blueberry juice. Depending upon what and how much you’re juicing you will need to stop and clean the grinder/strainer periodically. Oranges really clog it fast. I recommend first juicing a small amount of individual veggies/fruits separately and tasting them in order to get an idea on what blend to make so it will taste good. For example, i found there is a big difference in how sweet carrots are, so i had to adjust accordingly. Cleaning this is a snap, especially if you put a plastic grocery bag in the pulp collector before you start. I mostly clean each piece in the sink and use the dishwasher every so often. What i don’t like: the juice catcher is way too small. A few oranges and apples fill it up quick.

We wanted something good quality and inexpensive. Thank god for amazon reviews because that is what helped me end up choosing this one. Pros:*easy and quick cleaning (all juicers are going to take a few minutes and some effort to clean up, i wish more people could know and consider that when they write reviews on any juicer)*you can place a plastic shopping bag in the pulp bin for even more convenient cleanup. *very powerful*fairly compactcons:*loud as hell and actually made me worry about our eardrums/hearing damagei’d like to offer some pointers for making the most of this juicer. -the blades will become clogged with plant matter that ends up turning into an almost cement-like substance. Always immediately at least soak the basket in water and never let it dry, even briefly. This was a huge issue for me and had i known how important this is i could have saved myself many hours of soaking in all kinds of solvents and lots of chipping away at the gunk. -rejuicing your pulp will get you a little extra juice and is well worth the small effort-always read the instructions before using any juicer. There are certain things you must avoid doing or you will end up wearing it out or breaking it way ahead of schedule.

I’ve used my juicer so far with vegetables (carrots, beets, cucumber, spinach, celery) and fruits (apples, pears). In the future, i think i’ll puree the pears in a blender because it gets too mushy in the juicer and i end up losing a lot of liquid. I used a grocery bag to line the refuse container to make cleaning up easier. I also took the advice of other reviewers and put some paper towel under the cup to soak up any ‘spilled juice’. The juicer works great so far but i have some reservations. Here are my observations so far:pros:1. Juicing yields a fair amount of juice and very little pulp (2 large granny smith apples yielded a tall glass)2. The pulp is somewhat moist but not excessively. I plan to use some of the carrot and apple pulp when i am baking muffins and cakes.

This things amazing, my only complaint is the noise, it sounds like a shop wetvac. I looked on youtube, ussually theres some wacko selling a juicer, i almost went with a model they were pushing, its a shame there were only 1 or 2 hamilton bay vids. One of the descriptions mentioned in many of the vids were that the pulp needed to be dry, the dryer the pulp the more efficient the machine was at extracting the juice. This juice leaves a pretty dry paste, like the consistancy of tunafish but not as moist. The wide mouth is also very usefull, you still have to slice apples in half but it takes large chunks of fruit and vegtables and obliterates them, whole cucumbers, several whole carrots, beets, unstopable – with 1 horse power motor, its easily the strongest juicer at an affordable price online. Another complain i have is the tiny juice collector cup, i mean, wth, easy fix is to have a big pitcher inside your kitchen sink and the juicer right next to it on the counter, any run-off would be in the sink itself. For clean up, i just run warm water on the plastic parts, as for the strainer, you have to diligently brush that thing clean, i left mine gunked up for an hr, and it took me 6 minutes of scrubbing. Im looking into mason jars with foodsaver lid to store some of the juices for 3-6 hrs so i dont wake up the neighbors and want to have something for the late evening. All in all, the hasps are also aluminum, very sturdy construction, loads of power, what more could you want, and its 70 bucks.

I started looking into juicers for two reasons: our toddler tends to not eat his veggies, and i figure i can slip some nutritious fresh juices in under his radar; and i like to fast every once in a while. I wanted a dependable juicer, but i didn’t want to commit to a high-end model until i knew whether i would even like the process or the results. Based on the reviews and its performance, i may not have to upgrade at all. Other reviewers mentioned that this unit is loud, and it is: this thing spooled up like a jet engine and just vaporized the first (sliced) fuji apple i put into it. It was so startling that i laughed. A few seconds before, i had an apple; now i had a glass of delicious, fresh apple juice. (i suddenly found myself thinking about the climactic scene in fargo. ) my wife tasted it and declared, ‘i’ll never drink store-bought apple juice again. ‘i hauled out a bag of broccoli, a bag of spinach and a bag of baby carrots and did some experiments. (i combined it with apple juice and water and the baby didn’t suspect a thing. ) spinach/broccoli juice: well, it’s not bad with a lot of v8 juice and some tabasco. The next day i learned that although i don’t like eating celery or bell peppers, the combined juice of both is frankly delicious. Clean-up was very easy, but be advised that broccoli pulp is quite, uh, fragrant. (the user manual advises using a plastic bag in the pulp bin to save clean-up time.

Cuisinart CBC-00FR Brew-Central Programmable 12-Cup Coffeemaker : Five Stars

Perfect father day gift and he liked it (which is saying a lot).

We’ve been using this model for at least 15 years & feel it to be one of the best. Additionally, it is the right size & color for our kitchen. Unfortunately, we have hard water, so mineral build-up is eventually a problem. I’ve tried a variety of cleaners from vinegar to citric acid to clr, but sooner or later the heating element dies. The ‘remanufactured’ units are as good as new at half the regular price (if we can even find the model available). I have been purchasing 2 at a time so we always have 1 ready to go.

Cuisinart CBC-00FR Brew-Central Programmable 12-Cup Coffeemaker (Renewed)

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  • Charcoal water filter helps produce great-tasting coffee by removing impurities
  • Indicator light tells you when it’s time to clean your coffeemaker to remove calcium buildup
  • Heater plate has 3 settings, so you can decide how hot the coffee stays
  • 12-cup carafe with ergonomic handle, drip-less spout and knuckle guard
  • Programmable automatic shutoff, 0-4 hours
  • 12-cup automatic coffeemaker with 24-hour programmable timer
  • 1-to-4-cup setting; adjustable keep-warm; brew-pause; 0- to 4-hour auto shut-off
  • Carafe provides ergonomic handle and dripless spout for graceful pouring
  • Clock; cord storage; instructions and paper-filter starter kit included
  • Measures approximately 14-1/4 by 8 by 10-3/4 inches; 3-year limited warranty

Controls not the easiest, but makes great coffee.

Just as good as the old one.

I was so excited to buy this coffee pot after reading the wonderful reviews. I bought the refurbished one to save $$. And less than a year later, it hasn’t been working the greatest. The drip got clogged and would take sometimes 2 hours to brew a pot (a little vinegar cleared that up) – but the carafe leaks. A huge pet peave – when you pour coffee and it dribbles on the counter. That is why i spent more money on one of these, to avoid the dripage – but, here we are again dealing with it. I am overall happy with the pot, i just wish i would have bought a new one instead of a refurbished one (no warranty on mine, a year with a new one).

Cuisinart CBC-00FR Brew-Central Programmable 12-Cup Coffeemaker (Renewed) : I bought this for my parents (almost 80 yo) after they went through several cheap coffee makers. Easy to set, easy to operate. I have the same coffee maker and it has lasted going on 15 years.

This is my 2nd purchase of this particular cuisinart coffee brewer. My 1st purchase was a refurbished model back in 1998. We loved the coffee maker so much, we were devastated when it broke. I went right online to amazon to purchase another refurb and so far so good. I would recommend this coffee maker to anyone who loves to brew their own coffee.

Came in brand new,important note;only 90 day warranty on repacked products not shown at amazon site. Works great ,good coffee maker costs 75dollars @most stores, [email protected] and pd $25 @ amazon deliverd to door.

Makes a great pot of coffee. Like the filter, just wondering where i can get another one. Coffee stays hot, not burnt for an hour and brew is fairly quick. I like the little alarm letting me know it’s ready. A great deal on a refurbished, old model cuisianart.

I bought this coffee maker based on the reviews of others. This is a very easy to use machine. I have used a couple of times already and don’t see why some are complaining about features. The water reservoir is not that small, i had a melitta that was less than half as big. Taking off lid to fill and clean is easy. This coffeemaker is quieter than alot of the most of the other ones i have owned. All in all it is a great buy since mine was refurbished and i only paid $40. I would definately buy another and highly recommend.

Works great and i love the coffee maker. After 6 years the timer on my old coffee maker started acting up. I liked my old one so much i searched out the same model to replace it. This remanufactured one looks and works like new. I am very pleased with my purchase.

A really great coffee maker. I took away one star because of the poorly designed user interface of buttons to brew coffee.

Love the 4 hour shut off, and the temperature control (low, medium, and high).

This is by far the best coffee maker i have ever purchased. It works great, looks like brand new, and keeps my coffee super hot (i like the hot setting on the maker).

Aroma Housewares 20-Cup – Still works like new.

I’ve cooked rice, cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli & asparagus, they all came out delicious. So far, besides my blender, my next best utensil.

Very nice rice cooker true in colorhighly recommend.

Purchased for my brother-in-law for christmas; he loved it so much he even wrote me a thank you card. Thinking of getting one for myself it works so well. Here are the specifications for the Aroma Housewares 20-Cup:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Perfectly prepares 4 to 20 cups of any variety of cooked rice
  • Steams meat and vegetables while rice cooks below
  • Simple, one-touch operation with automatic Keep-Warm
  • Great for soups, jambalaya, chili and so much more!
  • Full-view tempered glass lid
  • Includes Steam Tray, Rice Measuring Cup and Serving Spatula

It is very good for first 6 months but after that its not working – not sure why its not.

Easy to use and so much of a difference in taste for rice. I will never go back to boil in a bag.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Five Stars
  • Have to keep a eye on it has it wouldn’t cook the rice

Awesome rice maker,very simple to use.

Great was able to cook 5 cups of dry rice. Texture of rice and cooking time were excellent.

Used it for almost 10 months.

Very beautiful rice cooker, fits in my small kitchen and does not take up a lot of space.

Thanks a real good product for the money.

Look very fashion in my kitchen, everything is red.

Works awesome–cooks brown rice perfectly (follow water/rice recommendations in the little booklet that comes with it–also in a little chart that you can keep with the pot or taped inside a cabinet for easy access). Don’t forget to add a cube or two of bouillon (we love celifibr veg chicken. And we’ve tried all the veg bouillons around). Then stir in a little earth balance. The steamer basket couldn’t be easier to use. Just sprinkle on some organic frozen veggies, set the basket on the rim over the rice and water, put on the lid, and press the button. When done, top the rice with the veggies and the veggies wih progresso lentil for protein-packed ‘gravy’. And requires about five minutes total attention from you. Other than the 45 seconds it takes to polish off the plate when it’s done. ; >to summarize: rice pot good.

When i started using this cooker i really like it but since i’ve had it for 9 months it has been turning to warm setting when rice hasn’t been cooked. It started to do this about 2 months ago. I have to keep a eye on it to switch it back to cook almost every time i use it.

Good quality and love the color though plastic steam basket is a bit disappointing.

It appears to be a good product & cooks rice fast.

I am so very glad that i have this product. Most of the time, i even look forward to cooking with it. It cooks barley and other grains as well. I have as yet to try oatmeal with it. I do let it soak before cleaning it. Cooking oil actually helps with this product both for cooking and cleaning up afterward. It takes about an hour for the food to cook, i don’t use the steamer.