Flexzion Deep Fryer 1700W 6 Liter Stainless Steel Electric Fryer w/Fry Basket : It’s a nice size I haven’t got a chance to use it

Came quickly, and in good condition. Really nice commercial fryer. Heats up quickly, and holds a good amount. The degrees are in celsius which is odd to me, but overall nice product.

Excellent $ but little small.

Flexzion Deep Fryer 1700W 6 Liter Stainless Steel Electric Fryer w/Fry Basket for Commercial Restaurant, Countertop, Kitchen w/Adjustable Temperature, Built-in Timer, CE Certified

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  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction for home or commercial applications
  • The lid cover prevents the oil from spilling or splashing
  • CE Certified for added safety; The temperature limiter kicks in when the temperature reaches abnormality to prevent any potential accidents. Microswitch protection turns the fryer off when experiencing sudden impact
  • Thermostat control dial makes it easy to fine tune the temperature. Allows up to 374 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degree Celsius)
  • Residue plates for filtering out the dregs; Removable oil pan for easy cleaning

Fryer arrived on time and double boxed. The assembly was simple and easy. However, as noted by other reviewers, there was a considerable amount of oil and grease on several parts. I attributed the oil and grease to residue remaining from the manufacturing process, lubricant used by the forming presses. I just washed all the contaminated parts in dishwashing liquid and it cleaned right up. Also, there was an over abundant use of plastic film on many parts that had to be peeled off before use, some of it a little difficult to remove. One gallon of oil will fill the tank to just below the “max” line. After the oil is heated it will expand to the “max” line. It takes an average of fourteen minutes to heat the oil from room temperature to 170 degrees c. As with all of these small counter top fryers, once the potatoes or other articles to fry are placed in the heated oil the temperature drops around 20 degrees c or more and there just isn’t enough power to recover the lost temperature.

It’s a nice size i haven’t got a chance to use it yet, but it is perfect i’m going to deep fry some chicken saturday for a birthday. I know that it will work out fine.

For the money great fryer, gets hot super fast and does a great job.

Flexzion Deep Fryer 1700W 6 Liter Stainless Steel Electric Fryer w/Fry Basket for Commercial Restaurant, Countertop, Kitchen w/Adjustable Temperature, Built-in Timer, CE Certified : I got my deep fryer a few days ago. Gave it a test run last nite and i must say i am impressed. I cooked shrimp and fries and im telling you. They were done in all of 6 mins 🙂 it takes the grease about 10 minutes to get really hot but thats acceptable. This is the best deep fryer i have purchased. Already thinking about what i can fry in it tonite lol.

It works well for what i need it for it comes in handy when i have big parties and i just love it great item i will buy it again if i needed to no problem with it yet so far so good.

Great product easy to clean and awesome price.

Heats up quick and does a great job.

The sheet metal gives it a very inexpensive feel. Does heat up and fry food well so far. Nice large basket does do a lot of french fries. Not too deep but fair width and length. Temperature recovery is not as fast as i would like but it is only a 120v ac unit. The flimsiness of the metal is disturbing. Just slightly thicker would have been nice. The lid was bent in the packaging and shipping of the unit, but it was so thin i bent it straight with my fingers.

Like the two side, we use one side for fish only, that leave the other side for everything else.

Easy to set up and easy to clean up.

Just wish the cover had a slot so that the basket could be left in the pan while the unit in not in use. The handle is easy to remove but must store handle seperate if greas is still in pan.

It is easy to clean and to keep clean.

I bought this back in december 2017, it’s now jan 2019. Funny, i bought this to replace a well-used fryer. When it arrived i unboxed it and immediately had buyers remorse. It was very lightweight, the panels were sharp on the edges, and it was assembled with all this blue clear protective plastic stuck to all surfaces and was clearly bolted together with some of this underneath another panel. So, i removed all the protective plastic (it was a bear to get off without tearing, etc, but i got it all off), used an emory cloth to dull the edges underneath, filled it with oil and plugged it in. It didn’t leak, it heated to temp quickly (~10 mins). Tested temp with a thermopen and temp was spot on (celcius to fahrenheit conversions are printed next to the dial). Fried a full basket of frozen fries and they were perfect. Heat recovery was very quick. My wife came in to test the fries with me and fell in love with the full stainless surfaces (i too love ss).

Product was nice but didn’t fit my need so returned it and got my money back. Very nice people to working with.

It fries beautifully, and cleans up relatively easily. The oil pan comes out for easy emptying and cleaning.

In 9 out of 10 times when the word commercial is on a product , the cost is more than tripled. This is the 1 time it is not. You have excellent quality and a reasonable price.

Not a bad unit if you have the space for it , two large independent wells are nice if you want to fry with different oils at the same time. I received a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Very nice just didn’t realize how big it was.

Quick shipping, nice large baskets.

This fryer is awesome but the plastic on basket handle broke so i give it 4 stars.

ProChef Pro Chef PC3010 3 : A good hot water machine for a party or a office.

Got it last week and tried over the weekend. Kept the water boiling hot all shabbat. It has a luck key so that the kids wont be able to pump the hot water out.

We had another brand for 10 years and it was great. When it finally pooped out we started searching for another. Decided to try this one because of the good reviews, the price, and the sabbath mode. The pot is attractive, doesn’t take up lots of counter space, the water is steaming hot, one push fills the entire mug (using the manual pump),the electric pump fills the mug quickly, and the ‘lock’ is great for keeping little ones from accidentally spilling/burning themselves. Cannot think of one negative.

I ordered this item because i was looking for a hot pot that had a stainless steel water container. I almost did not order it because the price was too good to be true. However, i took a chance and i’m glad i did. I ordered it on november 4 and received it on november 11, an amazing 4 days. It has been plugged in nonstop and is performing perfectly. I love that it can dispense water 3 ways, and the stainless steel interior is easy to clean. I ordered one for my sister on december 7 and it was delivered on december 14. I recommend it without reservation and would order it again.

Just be careful, the water is very hot and comes out very quickly, both the pump and the automatic feed work great.

  • A good hot water machine for a party or a office.
  • Quality product
  • Five Stars

Pro Chef PC3010 3.5 – Quart Hot Water Urn With Auto Dispenser And Auto Saftey Lock and Shabbat Mode

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  • 3.5 qt auto & manual hot water dispenser with manual & electronic safety locks and Shabbos mode
  • Safe base ensures no dangerous tilting or tipping, simply turn the dispenser toward you
  • Insulated stainless steel inner tank; Classic euro design complements any decor
  • Fill anything from a cup to a cooking pot with electronic push button hands free conveniance
  • special low design that will fit nicely on your counter under top cabinets.

Didn’t quite heat up the water as fast as i wanted. If i was setting out a large jug of hot water to be used at a party or to have it on hand all day, this would be perfect. But for a quick cup of water for tea it was too slow. Not to mention it took up a lot of space. Again for a get together it would be ideal. For an office to keep hot water going all day it would be ideal. But it wasn’t what i was looking for. It’s very sturdy and well built. Only other complaint was the ;lack of an on/off switch. You had to pull the plug out to turn it on or off.

It is a very good product, works fast, keeps water hot and very easy to dispense. I wish the instruction would give more details. I am definitely recommend it.

So happy with this hot water dispenser. A lovely new addition for shabbat.

Easy and convenient to use, but takes quite a long time to bring to a boil, even when it’s only one-quarter full.