Nesco Gwk-57 : Awesome kettle

I limit the amount of plastic in my life, and like to see the water boil, so this is a beautiful issue to my countertop. It may have limited functionality, but it works fine for me. The spout is very nice, the lid does not stick like others i have had, and it’s a very attractive design. It also seems well made and i hope it lasts awhile. Best electric kettle i’ve ever owned or used.

I love my tea and researched like crazy to replace my amazing mini russell hobbs kettle that finally gave out and settled on this one after reading the reviews. It’s made of glass and brushed stainless steel and looks just like the photo. There is a small circular strip of silicone around the concealed heating element hmm. Wish list: long lasting, bpa free, fast, small footprint and super attractive design. Good points:bpa free (silicone strip though). Glass – fun to see water boil. Fun feature: blue ‘on’ light illuminates boiling water -looks great at night. Doesn’t take up much counter space. Has on/off tab – surprisingly, some kettles don’t have this basic feature.

Nesco Gwk-57, 1.7-Liter Glass Water Kettle

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  • 57-ounce capacity
  • 360-degree swivel power base with cord storage
  • Removable, washable water filter
  • Stay-cool handle for a secure, comfortable grip
  • Easy to clean

I love this streamline and very efficient water kettle. The price range is great too.

It looks cool and all, but the button on the lid doesn’t always open the lid when being pressed. I have to press it a few times literally before the lid would open.

The product holds a sizable portion of water, without the bulkiness of a insulated heater carafe type. The unit can heat a whole pot in about 3 minutes to a full boil. It has a pleasant design, modern with a complete view of the heating water. Good value and great functionality. Cost a little more than some others , but it looks great and after a year of use- still boiling strong.

Nesco Gwk-57, 1.7-Liter Glass Water Kettle : This is different then my last hot pot and better built then many of the others. It’s clear and easy to see into the pot. The top opens with big visable button on top. The blue light is easy to see when the big toggle switch on the bottom is turned on. There is a filter at the spout to keep impurities out. I like the bright blue color and heavy plug.

Boils a french press worth of coffee in one minute, or a cup of water in about 30 seconds. The light illuminates the boil at night, really cool effect.

The best glass/electric kettle i have found to date. Holds plenty of water, fast heat time, and no smells.

It is very pretty but takes an awful long time to register that the water is boiling, so it completely soaked under my cabinet whenever i used it. I ended up returning it and getting the ‘cuisinart cpk-17 perfectemp 1. 7-liter stainless steel cordless electric kettle’ instead, and i am thrilled with that one.

The blue light is not nearly as bright as the photo makes out. It does take a long time to boil. . Longer than my previous $20 kettle.

We had an older style plastic one, but i always worried about drinking water that was boiled in plastic. We got this one for a wedding present and i love it. My only complaint is right when i start to pour out of it the stream seems a little large, like it might spill, it never has. But i always start to pour then it startles me, then i continue pouring and all is well. Just may be me over thinking is stream size.

I had one prior to this one and bought it at a local all in one super market. It lasted about 2 years and then one morning the switch would no longer work. I went from store to store and could not find it locally. I went on line and purchased this one for $40 more. It is not as nice as my previous one that is why only 4 stars. After it boils it leaves moisture beads at the top of the glass and it never goes away. My last one did not do that. I don’t know why the difference between the 2 but my first one never left moisture. After it boiled the glass was clear as could be.

Only down side is the top gets hot after boiling, so opening, refilling and closing if you have company and have to boil a lot of water is a little tricky and a bit of a chore. Aside from that, beautiful kettle, does what it’s supposed to, blue backlight is an excellent touch.

I was hesitant to purchase this kettle because it had many negative reviews. I was especially worried about the weakness of the handle and the top. However, i have been using it for six months now (and i am very rough on my kettles, boiling it at least six times a day and probably closer to ten) and i love it. It looks fantastic on the kitchen counter and i really like that you can see the water beginning to boil. The handle is plastic but i haven’t had any issues with it nor has it shown any signs of weakness. If you’re looking for a stylish glass kettle, i recommend this one.

I wanted a modern looking kettle and this was the best looking one at the price range. I got it when it was on sale so the review is slightly inflated for that. At full price, i’m not sure i would buy it. It boils water slightly faster than my older plastic kettle but is quite loud. The design is great though, it looks much more expensive than it is and has held up well so farpros- looks great- comes to a boil faster than my older kettlecons- at full price, it is quite expensive- slightly loud but i’m not sure if that can be helped?.

I’ve had this kettle for awhile now and i’m still in love with it. It’s attractive looking in my kitchen, what you see in the picture is very accurate. It heats water very quickly. It does exactly as advertised. Obviously if you fill the kettle completely full expect to wait longer for it to heat up, otherwise it starts to boil anywhere between 5-10 mins. I would have given it 5 stars except for the fact that the lid seems to stick. It’s just a minor problem and has no impact if the kettle works well or not so do not let my small problem prevent you from purchasing this beautiful and functional water kettle. Did i mention its not plastic.

This is a delightful small appliance. We became friends very quickly. I knew these existed, it just never occurred to me to purchase one. After decades of heating water in the microwave and stove top–and always hating it–i found this gem. It works perfectly, looks great and gives me instant hot water for my coffee, tea and oatmeal. It’s the little things that give you joy, you know?.

Love the design (and got compliments about it from visitors), but it’s quite slow in boiling water.

Love the features: cordless, large capacity, stainless and glass, auto shutoff. To me, it seems more hygienic than a plastic pot, looks really high-end and is fun to watch. I purchased and open box model and saved nearly half the retail cost.

I had chef’s choice m679 cordless electric glass kettle i have been using for one 6 month and worked excellent, but i have always problem to feel water into kettle because the button to open lid on kettle was always stuck and did not open easy and eventually broke. So i decide to look for different style and i picked nesco gwk-57, 1. So far i am happy with purchase and cover opens easy.

I had some doubt on the lid quality which has some plastic in it. Even on the very first use it didn’t smell. The kettle is a little noisy but nothing other then that. The power switch is designed to stay off if the kettle was removed from the base. That actually makes use of this product really safe in case no water in it at the moment the kettles is back on its base. Added to my review 2 1/2 years later after purchase: the power switch finally got loose. It appears that plastic tips on it broke off. The switch is not able to maintain ‘on’ position longer.

I’ve purchased many electric water kettles for work, home and friends. It has an automatic shut off, the water comes to a rolling, circular boil with a blue light shining on it which makes it interesting to look at. It’s very light weight, has a good handle, easy flip turn on switch, push button on the top that opens the lid. Sometimes i push it more than once, but that’s o. I’ve been using it for over a year and it’s still working perfectly. The price is good, it’s all good.

Redi Edge Retac201 Tactical Knife Sharpener Set : easy to use, lightweight sharpener system

Very happy with the product. Great to keep around the kitchen to put an edge on knives then finish up with a steel.

Will sharpen just about anything you want.

Redi Edge Retac201 Tactical Knife Sharpener Set, Black

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  • Produced from military-grade aluminum for extreme durability, long life and lightweight
  • Factory pre-set to sharpen tactical knife blades at a 30, 40 and 60 degrees inclusive angle to maintain a 15, 20 and 30 degree double cutting edge
  • Redi-Edge Caramelized coating will protect your sharpener
  • Convenient honing surface and a v-groove for sharpening fish hooks and needle points located on the bottom
  • Sharpening, honing, and polishing all in one

This product works well but seems a little cheap. Not sure how it will hold up.

Great item to use no matter where you are.

I find these sharpeners easy to use. They seem to work better than some of the other v-style quick sharpeners out there. I highly recommend getting this kit to quickly put an edge on a knife. It will not fix a beat up or damaged blade, but for quick touch ups, these are great. They are all metal, not plastic, as i had thought.

Redi Edge Retac201 Tactical Knife Sharpener Set, Black : Redi-edge sharpeners are the best and fastest sharpeners i have used. 25 years in the infantry, many years in back-country adventures, and i only regret that redi-edge had not produced these products many decades ago.

Excellent sharpeners and nearly fool-proof. I have forsaken all the lansky’s, stones, strops, etc. , i own, in favor of these babies.

The carrying case is garbage, threw it out already. But it’s a good price for all 3 sizes. Sharpened up an old folder that’s really needed it. I’m no expert, but the edge is much better.

I had a 40 degree inclusive sharpener that is identical to these that is sold by a major quality northwestern knive manufacturing company. I bought this set to replace the one i lost. A single sharpener by that major knife company costs 3/4 of what this 3 sharpener set costs and these units appear to be identical if not better made. I used the 30 degree on some kitchen knives, the 40 degree on my pocket knives and the 60 on my chinese meat knife (cleaver). They all worked wonderfully. I am very happy and impressed with these sharpeners.

Very pleased and great quick sharpening.

It really puts that factory finish or cut on your blades. For me this is the best sharpener that i have.

I have used these sharpeners for several years and highly recommend them. They are grate in the field while dressing game and in the kitchen. The presentation case is cheesy but makes a good choice for a gift and you can’t beet the proice for three sharpeners.

This was a gift for my boyfriend and he loved it. It has many different edges and ways to sharpen any knife.