Keurig V500 Vue Brewer, love this product

This product hands down better and hotter than k 2. Have not seen coffee left in cups on my counter since it arrived. Why this series was discontinued when it allowed you to choose the temperature and recycle pods was not a smart move. I owned 4 machines from the old platinum and classics to the 2. Which by the way was going to be my last until i found out about this series. However after years of using these machines the company had better beware the 2. 0 isn’t in the same class as the vue.This has temperatures just about to commercial standards up 197 degrees.

This doesn’t take the k cups?. I haven’t seen vie cups i just bought this and haven’t gotten it yet but now i’m worried.

Very happy with the vue brewer. It arrived in a timely manner and properly packed to avoid any damage. Will continue to enjoy our coffee at any time of the day and it will be a fresh cup each time.

Key specs for Keurig V500 Vue Brewer:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • BPA free black plastic construction
  • Brews in under one minute
  • Fully programmable black and white touch screen
  • Auto on/off
  • Energy savings mode

Comments from buyers

“In Daily Use
, Just right
, Item discontinued need the K2V cup adapter

After having it for a while i wanted revise my previous review. Some kind reader told me about the solifill brewing cups and it has rocked my world. I have to drink only de-caf and love flavoured. With the refill cup i can have pumpkin, egg nog, toffee etc when i want and it saves so much money. Cons: it is very, very noisy.

Unfortunately sits relatively unused now, as keurig doesn’t support v-cups as widely as k-cups.

Years later, and still going strong. Know keurig stopped making vue machines, but do still offer vue cups online. I personally fee it brews better than standard k cup.

Although it was used it looks like new and works like new.

Priced very, well, easy to use, virtually no setup, be sure to purchase the correct cups for the system as we initially purchased the wrong cups.

Replaced one that i had in the past. Thank you for the fast delivery.

It may be a great brewer, but i sent it back because i couldn’t find ‘v cups’ anywhere. Also, i didn’t see anywhere on the info that you couldn’t use k cups with it.

Easy, efficient and coffee never tasted better. Nothing else to saywe have told several peopleand now they are using it too.

I looked at so many different keurigs i was completely confused on which one or kind to buy. I found this one at a great price and the frothing feature really sealed the deal for me. It takes vue cups which are rather hard to find in my area, i’ve only found them at bed bath and beyond, but you can get an adaptor for the k cups to work in it. It has an automatic turn on and off feature plus an automatic shut off you can set for so many hours. You can set the temperature as well. My taller cups don’t fit with the drip tray in so i pull out the silver ring and put it in the base of the drip tray just in case of spills. Definitely happy i got this keurig. Also i got my keurig for free by saving up free amazon gift cards i earned.

This is an awesome system, our staff uses it daily and it has held up wonderful. Now my wife want one like this at home too.

Faster than regular coffee makers and the coffee/tea is better.

We had been thinking about getting this for about a year. Not sure why i waited because it is awesome. Not so much a coffee drinker but getting a variety pack allows us to find just the right taste we like. It’s just fun to try new coffees, teas and even the cold teas are great too. It’s super easy to use and refill. Not any louder than a regular coffee maker.

I’m very happy with the vue 500, brews really hot coffee, great when you bring your coffee to work and it’s still hot. The only downside for me is that you have to remember to press the button for the amount of coffee, 8 oz. Automatically comes up so i have to remember to press for 10oz. , to get a full cup of coffee, other than that i’m enjoying my new keurig, especially i can use my own coffee with this model, sad that its being discontinued.

Nice unit with nice options for size, strength and type of beverage you are brewing.

The longer i have it, the better i like it. I have experimented with the brewing features until i am satisfied with the results. It is everything that it promises, so if you are looking for a beverage brewer, this is the one. I bought the adapter k2v cup and it is wonderful, it lets me use either kind of the beverage cups, and so it’s just about perfect.

When i ordered this item, i didn’t realize that it had been discontinued. My fault since i didn’t research before purchasing. Found out that you need an adapter in order to use the k-cups with it since the vue cups are pretty much obsolete. Very happy with the machine itself. Just a heads up when purchasing, it has been discontinued.

I haven’t seen a lot i don’t like about this unit. It’s my first single brew coffee maker. They are a little costly per cup, but the convenience is there. I can’t find the vue cups everywhere like i can the k-cups. Walmart is the only place who carries the vue cups so far that i’ve found. I know i can order online, but that’s not always as convenient. Haven’t had it a full month yet, so i’m not sure what kinds of failures are due to come, but i have used it at least once a day and sometimes multiple times a day. I have brewed coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and the 2 step cappuccino.

My mom is technologically-challenged and pressed for time — the intended audience for keurig machines. I gave her this for christmas and it’s been a big hit. However, i have been disappointed that the vue cups are so hard to find in brick-and-mortar stores (her preferred shopping habitat). I’ve owned two original keurigs (non-vue models) but ultimately felt they were gimmicky, poor quality, and expensive (both upfront and ongoing for cups). I expect this one to be the same. If it lasts between 12 and 18 months and provides my mom with hot coffee and a bit of marvel 5-7 times a week, i’ll be satisfied enough.

Christmas gift for my wife and she simply loves itthe touchscreen is pretty simple to navigate through. It has selectable strength ‘regular’ and ‘strong’ and ounce size for your mug or cup (i believe up to 14ounces). The spill tray is removable for your travel mug to slide in or in my wife’s case tilt it just a little bit to get the travel mug to fit under, but then it lays level (at least with her 16 ounce travel mug). I am not a coffee drinker, so i will have to rely on her for the next comment. She tells me that when selecting 10/12/14 ounces you need to use the ‘strong’ brew strength otherwise it’s too weak in taste. She is a one cup a day kinda woman (maybe), so i would assume from that that it’s pretty weak when not on ‘strong’ brewing for those sizes. I cannot comment on 8 ounce brewing because we’ve never used it. **** also, you will have to buy a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 adapter. This will only brew ‘vue cups’ otherwise.They are more difficult to find****they are cheap enough to buy and slide right into the slot to allow you to brew ‘k’ cups.

I am finding that there are not that many store that carry the vue coffee packs, other than that it is working out very well.

I had one before and loved it so i decided to kick it up a notch for my husband’s gift. He is supposed to take it to work but so far he hasn’t. Maybe i will keep it and send our old one with him.

DELLA Electric Air Fryer, I love it

Never heard of air fryers until i saw this and have to say for the price its great. I have been tweaking with it and have made some awesome meals.

Very satisfied with this purchase. Bought this air fryer after being disappointed on black friday by a bait/switch at another retailer. Wanted to try out an air fryer without investing too much money. Really like the process and the end result. French fries turn out crispy without the oil, my children like the chicken strips and other prepackaged frozen things that we have made in it. Overall cooking process is very simple and we are quite happy with the purchase. In the future we will probably purchase a more expensive air fryer with more features available, but this product has certainly met all of our needs at this time and has been a good investment.

Key specs for Della Electric Air Fryer with Temperature Control, Detachable Basket and Carry Handle – Black 3.2 QT, 1500W:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • New model of Electric Air Fryer allows you to enjoy your favorite fried snacks or foods without the added calories from dunking food in oil
  • Adjustable temperature control from 175A Degree – 400A Degree allows you to prepare a variety of food from crispy fries to juicy wings with little to no oil at all
  • ETL Certified; 2 knob controls for temperature and timer
  • It comes with a detachable basket for easy transfer from the fryer to a serving dish; Equipped with a carry handle for easy transportation & storage
  • 30 minute timer with automatic standby. The air fryer will automatically switch into standby mode when the cooking time is done

Comments from buyers

“Happy with my Fryer
, Easy to use
, Very good air fryer


I bought this to replace a big boss that shattered on the 3rd day. If there is any advice i can impart; it’s to get an air fryer with a large capacity and no glass.

It lets us enjoy all our favorite food minus the calorie and fat of deep frying.

Love this air fryer makes so many things so easy. No oil is a plus and i can easily just spray a little for taste.Just wish i could find baking pans simply that didn’t cost a fortune. I started using tin foil pans and silicone too.

I was skeptical when i bought this, but hopeful. It’s small but powerful, and now we can have the crunch of fried food without having the mess of oil everywhere.

Better than any fries i’ve ever made at home. Beware: it’s big and requires a fair amount of storage space.

I have been eyeing air fryers for a while. I don’t like greasy food, but i love the crispness that you get when you fry foods. First of all, this fryer has a cute shape to it. There is a handle on the top to carry it. The handle recesses into the top when not using. I’m not sure what i was expecting, but this air fryer can hold a lot of foodthe first thing i tried was hash browns. Usually i add oil to the pan and fry them. They can end up greasy and not appetizing, not to mention higher in calories. I put them in the basket, set the temperature and set the timer.

My della air fryer was delivered on 8/9 so i tried it on 8/10 and cooked a chicken breast and also some fresh okra that a friend gave me that morning and both were great. One of the best things was no greasy food and no oil splatters from frying. I know i am going to enjoy using this.

Just got this item yesterday. . Couldn’t wait to try it out. I’ve only tried frozen french fries so far, but it worked great and they were delicious.

Makes great shake and bake pork chops and chicken. Frozen fish, fries and chicken nuggets turn out delicious. Have also tried breaded vegetables and cheese sticks, worked fine. You do have to spray pam or another oil on the freshly breaded items to keep the crumbs from flying around and to give a fried texture.

I purchased the della© electric air fryer with temperature control because i had seen these at wal-mart and was really interested in trying one. I didn’t buy the one at wal-mart because i just saw it in passing and did not have time to research it. When i was home i googled it and found out that these fryers actually fry your food without grease or oil and only use air. As you might assume i was pretty skeptical of this actually working. I thought it may cook the food, but would it really give you that crispy fried feel on your food?. I decided to bite the bullet, buy one, and try it. My husband and i had gastric bypass surgery a few years ago so we are always looking for healthier ways to cook and prepare food. It took a little over a week to get the fryer in the mail. It came in through ups and was packaged inside a shipping box.

I recently got this product and,,,,,,,,,,,,so far i love it. I have used it for home made french fries, frozen french fries, frozen onion rings, breakfast sausage that was pre-cooked, chicken and fish. I added only a 1/2 tbsp of oil in the home made french fry batch. They were a little dry but crispy. Food cooks much faster in this unit. By the time my oven would heat up for any of the other frozen items they are complete in the air fryer. So far i am very happy with this unit. Basket is non stick and nothing i have made so far has stuck or made a huge mess.

I got this air deep fryer because i love to have french fries along with chicken nuggets and anything really deep-fried. I like this unit it’s black silver has a timer and it’s healthier than getting food into hot grease and cooking it. I was amazed how this unit works because it cooks the food and even if you put olive oil or some kind of coating on french fries they turn up crispy they turn out really delicious and it cooks very fast for an air fryer. Cooking time was about 10 to 15 minutes and it was really really good. As an amazon prime member, i participate in review programs. These programs offer products that i receive at a discounted price in exchange for product feedback that is honest and unbiased. My reviews look at the entire product offers from function to presentation and quality. I help buyers understand the product uses in practical life situations. You can trust the reviews and please note if my review was helpful. My view has not been influenced in any way.

First thing i tried were french fries. The recipe book it comes is rather vague, so i went to youtube to view recipes. Tried one where you blanch the potatoes in boiling water, pat dry, season and then you use the air fryer. Lots of work and they came out okay, but not how we like fries, slightly golden, a little crisp on the outside, tender inside. Some fries were light brown and others were pale and limp. This was with plenty of basket shaking as the videos instruct. Not to give up (i had lots of unused potatoes from my costco purchase), this time i peeled the potatoes, cut the fries into 1/4 inch strips, soaked them for 30 minutes in cold water, drained, patted dry, seasoned the potatoes with very little olive oil, garlic seasoning and ground pepper. Then i placed fewer fries (2 layers of fries) into the basket at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes, shaking the basket every 5 minutes. Golden, lightly crispy outside, tender inside.

French fries ok, but you have to bake the potato to almost done, then cut up and fry to get a nice crunch.

We bought our air fryer and liked it so well we purchased 2 more. I was surprised how versatile this cooker is. I knew it would cook appetizers and frozen hor devours, but was really impressed how it cooks meats like chops, loins and even steaks. It doesn’t do large batches of food, but for my wife and i the portions are about right.

Works great and the food incredible. Can still get crispy fries like i like.

It’s more like a mini convection oven.

Great fryer, just wish i could get accessories for it so i could do more.

Exactly what i was looking for. Versatile and convenient, easy to use and easy to clean.

I’ve been wanting an air fryer for a couple of years. I am crazy for french fries, taquitos, tater tots, etc. Pretty much anything deep fried. What i am not crazy about is the insane amount of oil required to run a deep fryer, or the greasy mess using one entails. So i usually wind up baking those things instead of frying, and it just isn’t the same. I finally got around to buying this air fryer, and i used it to cook a big batch of frozen french fries last night. It only took like 11 minutes to cook the whole batch, with a quick pause for shaking halfway through. They were crispy on the outside, perfectly soft inside, and best of all, they weren’t dripping with nasty grease. No more soggy oven-cooked fries for us.