DELLA 048-GM-48214 1000W Electric Meat Grinder Kubbe Attachment : Fat Clogs Often

After reading a lot of reviews on hand and electric grinders i decided to order this machine. It arrived within a few days, after reading the instructions and cleaning the machine i ground a one pound ribeye and a 3/4 pound lamb steak to mix up for burgers. It ground it all the first time within a few minutes. No issues at all, the machine cleaned up quickly and easily. The instructions do say it has a 50% duty cycle (run for 10 minutes and let cool for 10 minutes) so if you plan on grinding more than 20-25 pounds of meat at a time it would be wise to give the motor a break. I was not compensated in any way for this review, just a guy that wants to grind his own meat so i know what’s in my burgers.

Excellent kitchen grinder practical, useful, and easy to clean and maintain.

DELLA 048-GM-48214 1000W Electric Meat Grinder Kubbe Attachment with 3 Blade, Silver, Small

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  • 1000 watt motor powers through the toughest meats
  • Easy operation; full/half/reverse function; circuit esker locked in to prevent motor burnout
  • Multiple-purpose grater W/ 3 different cutting accessories (coarse, medium, fine grinds of meat)
  • It’s the must have for food lover and cooks
  • Including 1 stainless steel cutting blade, 3 various stainless steel cutting plates; 1 plastic food pusher; 1 sausage attachment & kibbe attachment

It does what it was advertised to do.

Gift, by the way he loved it.

The machine worked as expected. I was a bit disappointed because i read that it grinds 4-5 pounds per minute and it took over 10 minutes to grind 8 pounds of pork loin. This is not enough to make me return the product; but, i am not thrilled since i grind 10-15 pounds of meat every week.

DELLA 048-GM-48214 1000W Electric Meat Grinder Kubbe Attachment with 3 Blade, Silver, Small : It does exactly what it is supposed to do. As far as gripes, i have only one. The dies are similar to cast iron in that they have to be hand washed, quickly dried, and oiled, or they rust in a hurry. Otherwise i have had very little problem with this little unit. We make sausage from various meats virtually every week. Update:we accidentally damaged the cutting blade. We spent hours online trying to find any information about purchasing a replacement cutting blade and could not figure out how to do so. I contacted della directly through their customer support email option on their web site and have heard no response. Bottom line, it is possible that i am simply unaware of how to purchase replacement parts for grinders, but i can find no way to do so.

Ok so i actually paid for this. Everything was in place, no parts missing. First try, grinded some lamb. Product has 2 speed setting. First speed a bit on a slow side, second was perfect. Had no problems of any sort. Grinder did what it supposed to do, grind meat.

Put a deer threw it no problems.

This meat grinder seems to be a good workhorse. Tried it with a mix of brisket, oxtail, and pork, and everything was ground up well. It helped to put the feeding tube and disk into the freezer before using, as the fat didn’t adhere as much and clog up the works.

I’m a senior and this was so easy to assemble and use.

I took a chance on this and it worked out exactly what i needed.

I ground hundreds of pounds of deer with this unit without so much as a hiccup. One minor nitpick: it says it’s 1000 watts which i was certain couldn’t been true and sure enough, the box says ‘1000’w max locked motor wattage’. I’m not sure exactly what that means but i’m guessing that’s what it’ll draw right before something melts or a breaker pops. The motor is plenty strong and will do any job you throw at it. Easy to take apart and clean to. I received this wonderful product in exchange for an honest review and unbiased opinion.

Dansk Torun 5-Piece Place Setting : Matches my set from 2007

Purchased for a wedding present. The bride selected this pattern and she loves it.

Dansk Torun 5-Piece Place Setting, Service for 1

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  • Includes a dinner fork, salad fork, knife, soup spoon, and teaspoon
  • Length of dinner fork: 7 3/4″, salad fork: 7″, knife: 8 1/2″, soup spoon: 7 1/3″, teaspoon:
  • Crafted of 18/10 stainless steel
  • Comes in gift box
  • Dishwasher-safe and tarnish-resistant

They seem to be the older style than the ones we bought from bbb, sadly the knife from this order actually has a little rust in the blade, which they are not suppose to do so that dissapointing, and the edges of the handles are little more flat where the original ones we have are more rounded.

99 per place setting, amazon is offering this pattern at outlet prices for torun. I have owned this silverware for over 10 years, and it looks as good today as when i purchased it. The stainless is of the highest grade, 18/10, and this ensures that it will tolerate the dishwasher very well. Instructions that came with mine said to polish it once a year, but i have not found this necessary. The stainless is of a quality that it doesn’t show scratches either. The design is timeless; it will be as contemporary 25 years from now as today. It is also versatile enough to use for every day and formal occasions. The only thing that takes getting used to is the knife; the curved handle allows for positioning the knife with the blade down. Also be aware that complementary and serving pieces are going to be expensive and hard to find.

I have the torun from the early 1980s. Beautiful, wonderful quality. However, the weighting of the pieces really takes some getting used to. Feels awkward in your hand, the knife is frequently falling off the plate, and pieces are always getting dropped when clearing dishes or serving buffet. Although i love this set, and how graceful and artistic it looks on the table, it is hard to live with for daily use. Enough that i am using my mother’s silverplate from the 40’s instead and now shopping for a new pattern.

Dansk Torun 5-Piece Place Setting, Service for 1 : Wife loved it since it matched our formal set.

I really apprecate that the seller contacted me to confirm they are different than the original.

We bought these thinking that they would match a previously purchased torun set, but they are inferior quality. They are lighter weight, and the stamp in each of them is large and deep (and ugly). The shape of the spoon bowls is not the same- they’re more elongated and the transition to the stem isn’t smooth. The bowls aren’t even smooth oval shape. The bottom ends are less indented in all of the spoons and forks. The stems actually have corners instead of being smooth. Our old set, made in japan, was very good quality, and it has worn well. The craftsmanship of these chinese ones is far inferior. It’s disappointing that this formerly high quality item had its production moved to china.

In the pictures, the 1998 set is on the left and the new ones are on the right. The knife is ever so slightly shorter, as is the fork. The soup spoon has a more elongated bowl and the edges of all pieces are more blunted and less rounded than my original set. The overall quality is fine and most guests would never notice the difference. I returned them because i notice the difference and have decided to purchased used ones that will match perfectly. If you’re starting a set from scratch, i would still recommend these.

Like others, i found these pieces ever so slightly different from what we have had for almost thirty years. They are slimmer, lighter and a bit more delicate. There is a bit less mass in the handle. There is nothing wrong with them unless you are simply accustomed to the earlier style. Because i was concerned that they might be forgeries, i ordered a set directly from dansk and i can confirm that this is what they have for torun now. The dansk set was identical to the ones purchased here. I weighed one of the new pieces and it weighed in at exactly 10% less than it’s older cousin. My conclusion is that it was a cost-saving measure, probably when they went to manufacturing in china. Not everybody will be able to pick out the different ones from a bin of stainless and your dinner guests will not notice any differences in their table service, if that helps.

You just can’t go wrong with this pattern. I registered for it when i was married in 1996, and then in 2013 a friend of mine got married and she registered for it too. So, this 3-piece hostess set was my gift to her. My set from 1996 looks just a beautiful as her new set looked in 2013. My favorite pieces are the knives – they stand upright on your table.

I initially purchased this one place setting of dansk torun in order to ‘test drive’–to see if i liked it enough to get a whole set. I was replacing previous flatware that i had grown tired of, and sold for a nice sum to replacements. When i decided that i did like this flatware pattern, i went back to amazon to get more place settings. Earlier there had been an 43 piece set (8 settings + 3 serving pieces) which was available at a discount over the individual setting price, but that was no longer available. I had to go elsewhere in order to purchase the remaining place settings and serving pieces. Even though i purchased my full set elsewhere, i am reviewing the flatware here in case sets become available in future. I searched long and hard for the perfect set of flatware. Here is what i like about dansk torun:- i like the weight of it in my hand. – minimalist, modern design.

I completely agree with the reviews citing the difference when they moved manufacturing to china. We started with an 8 place set of the older korean made and loved them. When we added to make 12 place settings a few years back, the sets are different. Quality is indeed lower, too. They weigh less, are not as polished, and do not ‘spoon’ well, either with other chinese made or the older korean counterparts really a big disappointment for the premium price. The head company is obviously profit taking from such an esteemed model and brand. Switched over to henckels for every day use, the designs are complimentary, quality as good or better, and about 45% lower in price.

Able to replace the missing piece from my set.

We had a bunch of older settings and needed to add to it. While it is the same items, they now manufactured in china instead of japan – i know dansk of asia???. Anyway, they are not the same. They are slightly different with more of an edge instead of smooth. Close enough and we are desperate enough to keep them. These are our everyday silverware so not that big of a deal, i guess.

I was so very glad to find order to replace missing pieces that i must have lost or tossed over the years.

I received the items i purchased in a reasonable amount of time. They were exactly what was ordered.

Just got them yesterday, and they match the set i have from 2007 perfectly.

Beautiful flatware from a respected company. Good quality, goes through dishwasher beautifully (just keep them separate from other metal utensils).

Beautiful dinnerware and well made but note that they did change the shape of the flatware from what it was when we first bought it 25 years ago. That said, if you’re building a set now you’ll have no problem with that. Just make sure you like the feel of these very slender utensils—takes a while to get used to them, but i love them (i have medium size hands). Our original set has worn well for 25+ years—no damage from daily use. We purchased these new ones to outfit a new apartment.

Very beautiful and feel great in the hand. Wife is very happy and will be ordering 4 more sets, great quality and craftsmanship.

This is the last set i purchase thru amazon to complete my dinning set. It’s made in korea not china, so they are a bit heavier as it should be. There are other made in japan that are also good. Very please with the seller.

Bamix Pro-1 M150 Professional Series NSF Rated 150 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender, Powerful and well-made

After my old braun gave up after 20 years of use, i couldn’t find another simple stick blender. Some of the new ones have 15 speeds which i can’t fathom why anyone would need. The bamix is beautifully made and quiet in operation. The lower end is all metal and nicely finished. The upper is all sealed and fits the hand perfectly. It is very easy to clean and has more than enough power to do any chore needed of it. Yes, it is more expensive than the made in china equivalent, but this can be used for more than a minute and the quality and attention to detail are obvious.

The bamix immersion blender is a must have in my kitchen. Best thing is they last forever and have so many uses. Polenta has never been easier to make.

Made some great homemade mayo yesterday adn it makes my morning organic coffee with raw milk and coconut oil like a whipped dream much better than any starbucks. It is a little pricey so i hope it lasts a while. Made in switzerland not china.

Key specs for Bamix Pro-1 M150 Professional Series NSF Rated 150 Watt 2 Speed 3 Blade Immersion Hand Blender with Wall Bracket:

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  • Handbuilt in Switzerland with 3 stainless steel interchangeable blades: Aerating blade, Blending blade, and Chopping blade with NSF rating to handle professional cooking projects.
  • Powerful 150 watt AC motor keeps constant, precise speed under heavy loads. It is energy efficient supplying more power with less watts. Balanced to reduce vibration and ensure quiet operation.
  • 2 speeds: Low – 9,000 RPM and High 12,000 RPM with push button control for continuous or pulse action with an ergonomic handle for comfort.
  • 5 3/8 inch shaft is chromated brass. The body is PA6 safety rated nylon and fully sealed. Submersible length is 9.8 inches. Both are high heat resistant to safely use in boiling liquids or hot pots.
  • Open head design creates a perfect vortex to draw food into the blades for faster and more efficient mixing. All parts are easy to clean under running water.

Comments from buyers

“The Best Pro Mixing Tool money can buy!!
, Powerful and well-made
, Used Everyday for Years

We already have a fancy mixer like this, she insisted that she absolutely had to have this one. In the interest of family harmony, i gave in and ordered this. Must admit, it’s very well made, and my wife insists that it’s much more powerful than our (less than 1 year) old one.

I love this little helper in my kitchen.

The bamix pro-1 m150 just arrived today. I love my bamix immersion blender, this was bought for our son, he will love it, too. Great service, excellent product.

My bamix pro-1 did not have the ‘s blade (slicing) blade (item 560510). . It is mentioned in the manual and all the other blades were included. Other than that the product works very well. Will somebody contact me regards the missing part?.I’ll let y’all know if they do.

Amazing onemade an avocado milkshake last night.

I inherited my bamix in 1989. Today when i started to blend egg yolk and oil for homemade mayo, the motor sounded as strong as ever but the shaft wouldn’t turn, so a new unit was ordered by my husband for a mother’s day gift. This is a favorite kitchen tool.

So much quieter than my braun, and the alternative heads come in really handy. It just takes a couple seconds to whip up my eggs, with a little cream to make the fluffiest scrambled eggs ever. Keep it in a handy place with the wall mount kit and you will use it often. I also use it to puree soup. It’s much safer that putting hot soup in the blender. It does a great job of quickly breaking up all the chunks. I recently took a cooking class at one of the local retail cooking stores. I don’t know what kind of immersion blender they had (breville maybe?), but i realized how much more power my bamix has. Granted, the other was quite a bit quieter than my bamix, but i’ll take the improved speed for the price of a bit more noise.

I use this one mainly for my glaze cakes, but after using it 4-5 min continuously it warms up a lot. . Im not sure if thats normal, other than that it works like a charm.

Always wanted this hand mixer. Finally bought it and i love it. Use it for soups, making mayo, and many other places. A little difficult changing the parts, have to be careful to line them up.

I bought this to replace a previous one that i’d had for 25 years. I was pleased to find the same brand again. It is far superior to many of the less expensive ones.

Everything i was expecting and hoping for.

I have had this blender for about 10 years. It may be an even earlier version than the pro 1. It’s simple labelled as ‘bamix of switzerland’. No kitchen should be without one. I use mine practically every day. It is the most used accessory in my kitchen and of course i could not be more pleased with it. As my cooking skills have grown, so has my dependence on this blender. My blender has a plug-in to the mains but i don’t see a power cable attachment in this image. Clean-up and storage are easy. For me, this a fabulous and indespensible kitchen accessory.

My first bamix died a horrible death, being the victim of a science experiment gone awry. It was an august 22 years old, and still as reliable as when it was first removed from its box. I’m looking forward to a long and happy relationship with this model. I promise to protect it from harm and children who solemnly swear they are up to no good.

It’s easy to grip and it works like a charm.

I bought my first bamix in 1978 at the la county fair after seeing it demonstrated and i have used it constantly for all these years. This last year the motor started slowing down, so i have been watching for a deal. I think my first one cost $150 back then, so i was thrilled to find this one for less. I have tried at least 3 other brands of wand mixers over the years, having received them as a wedding present or gifts. All the wanna-be’s cannot hold a candle to the bamix. You can whip non-fat milk into whipped cream, quadrupling the volume in 2 minutes flat. Egg whites to meringue in 1 minute. The trick is to use a tall narrow container and draw the wand up to add air into the mixture. This great tool is totally worth the money and lasts almost forever.This time i actually bought the stainless steel beaker (only $7) to use instead of using my baja fresh cup, and who-hoo, even quicker results.

This is replacing a bamix pro i had for over 18 years. Works as expected and hopefully this one lasts as long.

I love this immersion blender. It is a replacement for a cheap-o stick i previously owned. The bamix has good power, it is lightweight but feels substantial in the hand. It is quiet and easy to clean. The wall bracket is kind of flimsy and the compartment for the blades should be a bit deeper or should have a cover. I feel like the blades are going to fall out, but the quality of the blender makes these just little annoyances, not big deals.

I have had an immersion blender for years. It is worn out, so i went on line to find one and you had the bamixaffordable and fantastic. People just do not know what they are ;missing without a bamix in the kitchen.

It is powerful and does a good job. This is not an inexpensive unit, it is very well made and solid. A blender cup and nice wall bracket for storage is provided as well. I gave 4 stars (would say 4. 5 if you could) because i wish that the staff that holds the blades would be removable for better/easier cleaning (like to be able to run it in the dishwasher). There are 3 small blades that are provided for different types of “blending”. They all have different purposes/results which work very well. My fear is that these small blades will get lost if you’re not being very careful keeping them accounted for. Replacement blades are available for about $10.

I’ve had my bamix for over 30 years and it just started to make noises (bushing my hubby says). I wish i could get it fixed instead of getting a new one. I have made soups and peanut butter, smoothies and purees (when my kids were babies). I take the blade off and wash it by hand if i’ve used it in oily or sticky stuff. Otherwise, pulsing it in soapy water and then clean works fine.