Hurom Premium Slow Juicer Model HU-700 Pearl – The machine however is great. It is strong and quite

I’ve had other juicers in the past that worked fine but this one is, by far, the best one. It may produce a little ‘pulpier’ juice but you get so much more juice from this one than we ever did on the fast juicers. I’ve never used the smoothie maker so i’m not so sure on how great that is but for juicing fruits, veggies and greens the hurom is awesome.

For the most part it does what it is supposed to do. However, after less than a year of using it it has begun to clog and leak. As expensive as this unit is it should perform well for longer than a year with moderate use (juicing every two days).

The only thing to really remember and/or consider is the time it requires to prepare the veggies, clean the machine, and the huge amount of produce required to make a decent amount of juice — but that’s not the fault of the juicer. Overall, a very good product, with good directions and tools included. Here are the specifications for the Hurom Premium Slow Juicer Model HU-700 Pearl:

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  • Hurom’s patented Slow Squeezing Technology (SST) gently squeezes ingredients, preserving natural taste & nutrients lost by high-speed juicers that grind and crush. Slow juicing technology also retains heat-sensitive nutrients such as Vitamins A and C, and live enzymes.
  • The new Pulp Control Lever and Juice Cap allow users to determine the level of pulp they want in their juices or allow users to make smoothies and blended beverages quickly and easily.
  • Masticating juicers from Hurom can easily process fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts, and soy to make a variety of juices, milks, sauces, marinades, even baby food.
  • Hurom’s durable motor has a 10-year warranty, uses only 150 watts of energy and is practically silent. The cold-press juicer features a heavy-duty Ultem strainer and auger, which is eight times stronger than traditional plastics and handles both coarse and fine foods easily.
  • By choosing between juicing and smoothies, as well as pulp level in their juices, users have the ability to decide how much solid fiber they consume in their juices.

The previous poster got it right. The pulp ejector clogs and pulp comes out into the juice, no matter what setting you put the pulp ejector on. The juice is either really pulpy or extremely pulpy. The plastic rubberized piece that turns and scrapes the bowl strikes me as something that will break in short order and the pulp level switch also strikes me as breakable. Although this thing is aesthetically pleasing and takes up relatively little shelf space it seems cheaper and compromised from a design point of view as compared to a standard masticating juicer like an omega or samson. I have a samson and it has a large footprint but does not have any of the problems listed above. It is a beast and feels like it will never break. Although this juicer is decent there are design flaws and weaknesses that i suspect will shelf this juicer much quicker than the solid alternatives.

I am not sure if the seller is authorized to sell hurom, but this product cam to me with the wrong ‘bowl’ i returned it and they did not have it in stock to replace it. As a result, i purchased this from another location. I cannot begin to say how much i love it. Easy to use, easy to clean, and the juice tastes great. Because it is so easy and so much fun i edned up using it more than i thought i would.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My Hurom vs. Breville review
  • Nothing beats this Juicer!
  • great Juicer!

We juice usually twice a day and even though this being a slow juicer you have to do a little more prep work the results are worth it. Much more juice out of greens which is what we normally use, and clean up is pretty easy.

Very nice high quality product juice at one side trash out the other works just like its supposed to.

Bought it for my daughter as a ‘good luck on your new life’ present. She hasn’t had time to use all the features yet, but loves the juicer part of it.

Love the quiet motor and quick action. Everything tastes so much better. It is easy to run and clean up.

I love this juicer, it has made smoothies and delicious juices daily. It’s not loud and it performs awesomely. People co,plain about juicing greens, the trick is to cut and roll and juice with an apple following it or a carrot. Anyhow, it has not failed in delivering.

I am using this hurom juicer every morning. Cleaning takes a little time, but it makes a wonderful juice. Unfortunately the plastic container has a little cracks when delivered.

I like the premium juicer much better than the hurom basic slow juicer. Unfortunately, it was missing the juice cap so i am not able to make smoothies.

I need to preface this review with the fact that it is just my personal taste. This is my second juicer, my first was a breville juice fountain at half the cost. I gave the breville to my parents tto try this hurom slow juicer after seeing side by side comparison videos from the manufacturer. Let me just point out that i was satisfied with the breville but the video made me think it was inferior. Top reasons why i bought the hurom and gave up the breville, based on claims i thought to be made by the manufacturer/style of juicer:1. Nutritionally superior juice & somehow it would last longer2. Greater volume of juice with same amount of food3. The ability to make milks and smoothies and control the amount of pulp.

At first, when i bought this juicer, it was an impulse buy and i was pretty excited. However, i didn’t do my research very well and shortly thereafter i found reviews online comparing this model to lesser priced slow juicers and it didn’t stack up. However, i ‘bit the bullet’ and didn’t return this juicer so that i could make my own decision. I ‘upgraded’ to this slow juicer from a centrifugal juicer that i really liked – we used it so much that we thought it was time to move up to a masticating juicer. I gave away the centrifugal juicer, but i wish i would have kept it to work in concert with this juicer. The hurom premium hh does many things well, but i still find myself running the pulp through twice to get every last drop out – which i feel is what it should do in the first run. When i started juicing, i was running food through too quickly and the pulp would get jammed and the ‘juice’ would be very fibrous. This isn’t the worst thing, because i know that the fiber is good, but it was very different from the old juicer. After trying new methods (slowing down, not juicing fibrous foods), i started getting better and better juices and i’m slowly starting to come around to this model. You must go much slower than most juicers and chop your food up very small (celery goes best at less than 1′ long).

This is my third juicer, i previously owned two centrifugal juicers (a cheap one and a breville juice fountain). I’ve used the breville in particular many times of the course of the two years i owned it. One of the most frustrating things about that type of juicer is that cleaning the separation basket can be rather difficult. In addition, i found that the juices would often separate rather quickly after i made them. I also juice a lot of greens, and the pulp from the greens seemed to be rather wet – i could place them in cloth and squeeze a fair amount of juice out of them. I own a model very similar to this one, although i bought it in korea and the model number is a little different. I’ve done some checking, and this one is extremely similar (if not identical, aside from the voltage). I’ve been using it for a few weeks since i bought it, and i’ve found it to be an absolute pleasure to use. Here’s why:1) the pulp is significantly drier than from my old juicer, and therefore i get a lot more juice out of the same amount of vegetables/fruit.

Juices everything, easy to clean, not noisy, i’m really happy, use it everyday.

I was using this juicer to make green juice. I usually juice kale, cabbage, cucumber, apple green apple and such. It makes weird noises at first when i put cabbages and kale leaves but the noise does not bother me since i understand the mechanism of this machine. It makes nice juice but you don’t get 100% juice without pulp. There is some issue with pulp i think. I don’t mind little bit of pulp in my juice but when i don’t want, i just use extra strainer for it. Before someone ask me that i can juice wheat grass, and it does work for wheat grass i just tried. If you mind pulp but you want to get this juicer, william sonoma has this juicer with extra strainer.

1st juicer in many years – a 60th birthday present to myself. Great juicer and unlike so many my friends have – easy to clean,.

My first time juicing so i didn’t realize how expensive it is to produce a small quantity of juice. The machine however is great.

Fast shipping and my juice comes out tasting fresh everytime. I definitely recommend this juicer for prolong fast or if you are juicing daily.

I had been looking around for the perfect juicer. Love that i can make smoothies and control how much pulp is extracted.

Philips Saeco Pure Automatic Espresso Machine : If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

I love the flavor, i love the community that comes with it (‘how about we meet for a cup of coffee?’), i love to find small independent roasters and try their bean. I own a french press and a toddy cold brew system, and am looking into a filtration system for pour-overs. I’ve even been considering roasting my own beans. If i spend a lot of money on a monthly basis on one consumable item, it is coffee – from independent shops and beans (no folgers for this girl). So when the vine program offered up an automatic espresso maker, i didn’t hesitate one bit. The pre-review:day 1: i open the box, delirious with excitement. I check the instruction booklet, which is very simple: pull out water tank and fill.

Saeco Pure Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Delicious milk froth thanks to the classic milk frother
  • Coffee without the wait thanks to the quick heat boiler
  • Every bean ground perfectly with our metal grinders
  • Save your favorite coffee length
  • Fully automatic rinsing and descaling

Several months in, and it works like a champ. Brewing 5 or 6 arabica lattes/day. Costs a lot less than my local coffee shop. The brew might be a bit too mild for some. Depends on how long you’ve worked as a barista, i guess. For most people, this brews a delicious cup.

One of the things that prevents people from making espresso drinks at home is complexity. A traditional espresso maker requires the user to grind the beans, tamp them, brew the espresso and dump the ‘puck’ of spent coffee grounds. Well, this machine takes most of that complexity away. You simply put beans in the hopper on top of the unit, press a button, and a few seconds later you have a perfectly brewed cup of espresso, crema and all. After a dozen cups or so, you empty the bin full of spent coffee grounds into the trash. There really isn’t any more to it than that. The other difficult part about making espresso drinks is frothing milk. You really need a machine that provides sufficient steam power to froth milk effectively. And in all honesty, the technique for milk frothing is not simple and doesn’t easily lend itself to automation; this machine doesn’t attempt to do anything to automate that part. The unit provides ample steam power for frothing (something you cannot take for granted and machines of this type), and there are plenty of on-line resources to help you learn the proper technique.

I’ve had mine for about 500-600 shots. Great coffee but super-auto espresso machines aren’t for everyone. For example it won’t continue to crank out tasty shots without frequent, simple maintenance. I encourage you to start with early familiarization and youtube videos. Even roomba needs to be cleaned every few uses. Maintenance consists of emptying the drip tray and rinsing and greasing the brew unit. The drip tray slips right out, the brew unit pops in and out and is located behind a door on the right side. The guy on yt demonstrates cleaning and lubing and it takes less than 5 minutes.

Saeco Pure Automatic Espresso Machine : Makes a good coffee, but looks super cheap. With this price, you will not have too many options. If you want a espresso machine, you either buy a real one or keep going to starbucks.

The saeco pure automatic espresso machine is a great espresso machine. What i really like about this super automatic is that there are no digital menus to scroll through. What you get are large buttons displayed with what it is you want. Press the button that has an espresso symbol on it (cup half full). Press the lungo button (cup completely full). Listen to the grinder grind the beans and wait about 30 seconds and you have your satisfaction. The unit is made of plastic and i was apprehensive about this at first, thinking it may be cheap, but it’s not. The plastic is quite thick and i think will last the test of time.

I received this espresso machine about a week ago, and have already made over 20 espressos and cappuccinos with it. Since this can also do regular coffees in addition to espressos, i have officially replaced my 4 year old breville keurig coffee maker with this one. I love the fact that it has a grinder. This allows for the freshest possible coffee taste. For now i’m using mayorga organic café cubano (whole bean, of course), and the taste is sublime. There are multiple grinder settings, but i’m using the default one (middle setting). After receiving the package, i set up the coffee machine on my kitchen counter. There isn’t any assembly, other than plugging in the power cord. I found it odd that the coffee container/grinder had coffee residue in it (and also smelled like coffee), but a piece of paper inside the package explains that philips does complete tests with actual coffee before packaging the machine. I skimmed through the manual, just to make sure i did everything properly. I started by adding bottled spring water and some coffee beans. At first the machine wouldn’t power on properly (a warning led light would turn on instead). The manual suggested that i should check the brew unit. So i pulled out the brew unit (there are instructions on the manual, and videos for similar models on the internet), and reinserted it.

This looks like a well made machine. It is simple to use with dedicated buttons for espresso, lungo (regular coffee), or hot water. It also has a button for steaming and another to run a cleaning cycle. It has indicator lights on the front for the various functions, including low water, empty coffee grounds, no coffee and a general warning light. The 43 page manual makes this machine look complicated but it’s not and it includes a 4 page quick start guide to get you started pretty quickly. The first time start-up is a bit of a pain but i’ve never had one of these before so they may all require the same priming and rinsing. First, you fill the machine with water, run an espresso cycle to prime it. Then run the coffee cycle 3 times. Next, run the steam wand until it runs dry. Then refill the machine with water and coffee and brew 3-5 cups of coffee and discard.

Like how it’s self-cleaning, the coffee is hotter than our previous saeco, quieter also.

I meant to buy another (more expensive one) saeco automatic espresso machine from a store, but at the very last moment i was told that was is sold out and the only saeco machine in the store was this one, i just decided to give it a try since it was on sell for only $399. 95, so i bought it and it turned out to be the best espresso machine i’ve ever seen. It is easy, simple and powerful. The only cons may be the buttons of this machine. You should press them all the way in to make it work, but it’s nothing in comparison with the price and the quality of the your espresso and froth milk.

This machine makes perfect espressos- soooo much better than the breville infuser that i just returned. Just push a button and it grinds, tamps and brews your coffee exactly the way you set the machine. It froths milk in a snap (but use a bigger pitcher- the frother is a little strong). Pros: makes a perfect cup with beaurtiful crema, and it really does adjust itself to the type of coffee and grind you use; froths milk really fast with lots of foam. Cons: the frother is a little strong. Use a bigger pitcher to hold all the foam. Caution: the machine needs to be ‘primed’ before it can be used. Read the instructions all the way through before you start. The instructions are not well organized and sometimes the information that you need to start is at the end of the section of steps that you are preparing for.

Ones we adjusted the amount of water per cup for espresso and coffee to our taste, it’s been a great morning every morning. It’s easy to operate, fun to watch and the quality of beverages are very high. Thanks to saeco and to the person who returned it to the store without a box and manual (easy to find online). Because of you, we got it for $200 less than a price.

Baby Cakes Babycakes DF-101 Funnel Cake Fryer Turquoise – Wasted a lot of

I just purchased this on closeout. It makes a fine deep frier for making small batches of potato chips using sunflower seed oil. I tried it with some small diced potatoes and it did a nice job. You can also adjust the temperature down if you want to thoroughly cook frozen food without burning the outside. Put food in slowly or it will bubble over. The lid is dangerous as you can put your hand over the vents and burn them a bit. The grip to remove the lid is also very slick in use. Use a dishrag to protect your hands and to get a better grip. It is small enough to fit in my fridge, sealed with plastic wrap between uses. Wish it had a basket instead of the funnel cake accessories.

Nice machine; however you can’t make back to back funnel cakes, because it only supports one. Then you must rest in between because the grease doesn’t stay heated enough to support 2-3. It still makes a good funnel cake.

It is perfect for the wedding gift i need – it will help the newlyweds begin a family tradition. Here are the specifications for the Baby Cakes Babycakes DF-101 Funnel Cake Fryer Turquoise:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Make authentic Funnel cakes in under 6 minutes
  • Use the 16 ounce batter bottle to safely and easily add batter to the oil
  • Retrieve cooked treats with the included drip-through Spoon
  • Create a variety of light and crispy cookies with the included rosette iron and interchangable metal forms
  • Instruction manual with recipe ideas also included

Good item for the money, works like a charm.

Love my little fryer but wish i could purchase a larger one that i could use with a double handle rosette iron.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice machine; however you can’t make back to back
  • Works Great
  • Good product with great price

Delicious funnel cakes, just the way i like them.

Vegetable oil gets hot in ten minutes and is perfect for making small funnel cakes. I’m excited to try homemade potato chips next.

The instruments don’t work good.

Used 4 times and it no longer works.

I love it and so do the grandkids. Exactly as described makes a perfect size funnel cake.

I like the size and howfast the oil heats up to the temperature.

Rosettes stick to the metal.

It came by the time it said it would. But the box was quite damaged and looked very old and beat up.

I received one for christmas. Not sure why the other review had an issue, but my fryer was amazing got as hot as it needed and made amazingly yummy funnel cakes. Fed my girlfriend and both my children them. They we just like getting them at the fair. Only thing i would suggest is make them to order.

I was really excited to get this. At first it word pretty good but somehow the temperature knob melted off and there it no way to put back on so i cant get the right temp.

Bought this for my wife she loves elephant ears, when it showed up i think she was laughing at it but 3 times a week we make them and she love’s every bite. This little fryer works like a champ,easy clean-up.

Growing up i always enjoyed going to the local fairs with my family. All of the animals, games, rides and food made the fair experience a little bit better. In particular the funnel cakes that i got at every fair were so good. I looked forward to the funnel cakes each year because i didn’t get them too often. I wondered why i had to wait for a funnel cake until the fair came around. Then for christmas one year, i got a solution to that problem. Babycakes mini funnel cake fryer allowed me to make them anytime i wanted. The easy to use fryer made the funnel cakes taste better than the fair’s. Babycakes funnel cake maker is a must have for your fair food fix. It makes convenient mini funnel cakes for easy sharing at any time of year at the convenience of your home.

My daughter loved it she made funnel cakes fried oreos and even fried chips ahoy. She wants more of the cinnamon apple cake batter.

I made the rosette cookies and they were awesome, just like my mom used to make back in the 70’s, my next project will be to try the funnel cake receipe.

Perfect little thing for a fun desert everybody loves without having to go to a carnival.

Cute little funnel cake fryer but i have to practice with it more this is why i only gave it only 3 stars.