Presto 07023 W/Warming Rack Griddle – Great griddle

When the wife likes it, everyone likes it.

It is large enough to cook for my family of 4. I can fit bacon/sausage, hashbrowns and eggs on at one time. It’s also great for grilling meat, burgers in particular. This is my second time buying the exact one. My first grill lasted 4 years.

First night i cooked steaks asparagus and mashed potatoes only had to clean 1 pot. I love to cook and this makes it so much easier. Here are the specifications for the Presto 07023 W/Warming Rack Griddle:

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  • Efficient “square” shape holds more pancakes, eggs, and sandwiches than conventional rectangular griddles
  • Exclusive multi-function tray flips back to keep cooked foods Warm, flips up for use as a spatter shield, swings forward for melting and steaming, and removes for use as a serving tray
  • Great for any meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • R. Big 14- x 15″ cooking surface with built-in backstop ledge for easy food handling
  • Nonstick cooking surface for stick-free cooking and easy cleaning
  • Control Master heat control maintains desired cooking temperature

I have been using to make cheese tortillas, quesadillas,❤❤👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.

This griddle turned out to be much nicer than i’d expected. Very large and very even heating. It works and we use it to store the cord assembly when not in use. We just flip it over so that it is hanging over the top of the griddle and it works very well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great product
  • Love that it’s more of a square shape than rectangle
  • Five Stars

Like the warmer and if you need more just remove the warmer.

Best money we have ever spent. The product is great and cooks evenly and quickly.

Easy to prepare a full breakfast for a family of six.

Bought this after my griddle broke and i’m soooo happy with it. Bought mine at walmart for $35.

One griddle i use at home and one griddle i use in my rv. Easy clean up, compact storage, nonstick surface.

My husband loves this griddle. He’s the breakfast chef in our house.

I bought this griddle to replace my last one because it was literally on it’s last legs. Plus we wanted something bigger, that could fit an entire pack of bacon at once. No more cooking three rounds of bacon on a scratched and tired surface, for this girl. The clean up on this is really easy, two or three paper towels (after you’ve put most of the grease in the grease tray at the bottom of the griddle. ) and the whole thing is clean. You can rinse it off if you want, but just a few paper towels gets the job done. Go non-stick technologythe warming tray is a great addition to this. You can put it over your food, and make it cook faster, or put it over the edge and keep your food warm. It’s also detachable, so it’s easier to clean. The grease tray underneath the griddle is huge too.

I grill asparagus, bacon to eggs and pancakes. My favorite feature on this one and not on others is the warming tray. Where this is located is better than others as it also works great as a splatter screen. Perfect for poached eggs or steaming by adding a little water and then closing it over the food.

Great griddle but there are a few cool spots which you need to remember when doing a large say batch of homefries.

I had been searching for a long time for a great griddle, i was so confused, that i saw this at a store, and bought it. In fact i am buying a presto jumbo as a gift. I would of bought this one exactly, butit wasnt on prime.

Received in a timely manner and exactly as described.

Bought as a christmas gift for my daughter and grandson. Very well made, heats evenly.

Works great and love the size.

Love the warmer it acts a backsplash.

It has made preparing breakfast much easier.

Vremi Slow Juicer, Great juicer that’s easy to use and clean

I love this machine hasn’t failed me yet.

Yes, i meant to put that in the title. With this being the first juicer that i’ve ever purchased and subsequently owned, i didn’t really know what to expect, what to look for in design or even if i was getting an adequate amount of juice. But i will say that i am pleased with this purchase. This device juices everything that i’ve tried with relative ease with a generous juice output. Two things that i cannot for the life of me understand is 1) how every time i juice carrots, i get a lot of carrot pulp in the juice when the built-in ‘strainer’ has some of the tiniest holes and 2) the reason for the design of the chute from the auger/bowl to the pulp extractor is so tiny. This clogs up with celery every time i juice. No combination of hard/soft fruits & veggies can accommodate for the stringy vegetable to bend and get through the area efficiently. 5 stars, but since that’s not possible and i don’t really care for celery, i’ll give it a passing score of 4 stars. Using a strainer after i’ve finished juicing carrots is not a big deal breaker either, but the amount of pulp clogs my strainer 3-4 times per juice (one supplied container), but after 14 days of continuous usage, i’m in auto-pilot mode and i don’t even notice when i’m straining juice, unclogging the chute or juicing.

Great juicer, very easy to use.

Key specs for VREMI Slow Juicer (RED) – Live Clean & Green with Delicious & Natural Juices Pressed Fresh From Your Kitchen – Precise Slow Press Juice Extracting Process– Reduces Waste – Saves Energy:

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  • MAXIMIZE NUTRITION: The Vremi Slow Juicer retains nutritional value and flavor from fruits and greens.
  • REDUCE WASTE: The 2-stage extraction process will slowly squeez the juice without shredding or grinding, minimizing waste.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Get the most nutritional bang for your buck! The Vremi also reduces energy use and your carbon footprint.
  • NOURISH YOUR BODY: Fresh juices retain substantially more nutrients and vitamins than store bought varieties.

Comments from buyers

“The pulp came out pretty dry and it produced two servings of juice which
, Love, love
, Nice for the price.

It provides up to 30% more juice than regular juices. It is a very pretty red color and is bigger than i thought it would be which is a good thing. It comes with a nice detailed instruction booklet explaining all the parts, how to assemble, use and clean. For a great tasting juice and to get a variety of nutrients in each glass pair some fresh leafy vegetables and fruit together such as apples, spinach and carrots. Do not use any frozen fruits or vegetables with your juicer. I’m so excited to finally have a juicer so i can make some wonderful juice for my family so we can continue on our healthy foods journey. Sometimes it hard to get the fruits and veggies in when we are on the good. I can make fresh juice and take jt with us to drink on the go which is important to me. I received a discount for this product but the opinions and review are all my own.

This works perfectly in my small space.

Easy to clean, lots of juice as good as any of the juicers that costs $350 -$500. I investigated juicers for months and particularly wanted the slow masticating juicer it’s durable, modern, robust, a gem. Great with hard veg beets, wheat grass. Definitely cut fruit veg as recommended so as not to damage grinder. I can be a bit of a lazy hulk with stuff, but even this juicer could deal with me.

I wish i could give this juicer 5 but i can’t ok here it go i like it (the juicer) but i want juice celery with out cutting off, sad. But other then that it’a amazing. You will love it if you don’t juice celery and like it if you do.

Found it was a little harder to clean, but really like the juicer. The pulp is really dry, so i know i’m getting all the juice. We usually strain the juice after to get all the pulp out.

I’ve owned the jack lelane juicer and some other cheaper juicers before. I really love the cold pressed ones. The juice lasts longer in the fridge, and you get more juice from the produce. The only reason i didn’t give this 5 stars is because some of the more fibrous produce or softer produce can clog up the hole where the waste comes out of. I just use a wooden skewer to clear the hole. I love how easy it is to clean this juicer. The best part is the price point.

In my opinion, super easy to clean. Over 60% of my diet is raw juice. Ive used this twice a week for three weeks. At each sitting i make eleven 16oz bottles of spinach, carrot & fruit juice. The juicer performs exceptionaly well. I seriously can not say enough about how satisfied i am with this purchase. Now all it needs to do is last and it will be the perfect machine.

I have just used my slow juicer twice — so a bit early to provide a review. However, i am impressed with it. It is easy to operate and to clean.

I just returned my old breville juice fountain centrifugal juicer after a year of use. It was my first juicer and exciting to juice with (jet engines), but was terrible with anything small – grapes, berries, etc. Plus, i recently learned that centrifugal may break down some enzymes or whatnot (due to heat during spin), so i started looking into masticating/slow/cold-juicers – but i knew i wanted a vertical juicer for less counter space and maybe gravity help. And since i also have a nutribullet (too much fiber for me) and wasn’t really sure of my level of commitment (another story 😉 i didn’t want to pay too much. While the reviews for this vremi were mostly good, i was concerned that they seemed to mainly come from users who had been given the product for free to review (how can i get on that list?). But, i am here to say that i juiced a bushel of various fruits and veggies and was super-pleased too. The output is mainly dry and the system never got stuck. The cleanup didn’t require any brushing (though it comes with a brush) and didn’t have any fiber build-up like the centrifugal juicer – even with ginger. The ginger fibers did get collected in the output tube and i was starting to struggle with getting them out when i noticed there was a removable rubber plug to help release any matter in there – ingenious.

This unit is what it is,a juicer . The juicer is powerful enough to go through all your fruit with ease. Carrots and other hard vegetables it will go right through but leafy greens is the star 🌟 stealer. If you don’t dice up celery,greens,spinach,and other grass type, it will clog up, the pulp shoot is to small that the strings from the leafy greens will clog it up 2/3 of the time. So dice the leafy and you won’t have a problem. Cleaning this is easy close the juice spout turn the machine on,and fill it with water and run it for a min (10 sec in reverse) open spout letting the water out,now take it apart and rinse the parts that simple 1,2,3. Plus if you don’t like alot of pulp make sure to get a strainer from any store.At the end of the day as long as you treat this as a 100.

Good juicer with an auger at a reasonable price at amazon. So far, the juicer works fine and happy to have ordered it. Just have to cut the veggies or fruits to medium to small size do that the job gets done.

My first juicer, though i have seen other more expensive slow juicers as well. For the price i think it deserves a decent review. I have found that it prone to clogging with any vegetables that have long fibers. However to compensate for that i just slice everything fairly thin before throwing it in. When juicing multiple items, it helps to rotate between the varieties as some kind of clog, and others help push through. Of everything i’ve tried, carrots help push things through the best.

It’s not as powerful as i would like but good for the price.

Very easy to use, easy to clean, to take apart and put back together, great tasting juice. This juiced everything i put in it effortlessly. I am going to buy a strainer and add to the top of the juice cup to collect some of the foam like the other juicers have, and see if that makes a difference. Loved the ease of use and price of this. I ended up buying another one for my mom.

Just used this machine for the first time. For the price, it squeezes a respectable amount of juice out of it and it’s a breeze to clean. It’s also very quiet compared to my ninja. Haven’t ventured to see how it will do with leafy greens or celery yet but, seeing what it can do with carrots and ginger gives me great confidence.

I just received my vremi slow juicer and made my first juice with it. The product package i received was a bit dented but the juicer itself was fine. It was much lighter than i expected it to be. I had a hurom juicer which is pretty expensive so i bought this one since it looks almost exactly like the hurom. The hurom is much lighter and appears more durable. This is a good beginner juicer as it is a bit light and flimsy and i worry how it will do in the long run. The set up was pretty simple. The only trouble i had (since i didn’t bother to read the manual of course) is when i put the mesh part you have to make sure that the little hollow hole lines up with the dot on the outside plastic piece. Other similar juicers that i’ve had have made it more clear. For example the hollow hole on the mesh part should be colored so it would be obvious to line up the colors.

Love it the only problem is that you cant put bigger chunk of lets say a fruityou have to be slow. Other than that its awesome.

Nice juicer, great price considering most other similar models are about 3x the price. I primarily juice veggies but have also done some citrus, apples and pears. Works good on most things, but the pulp chute does tend to get clogged on a regular basis, especially when juicing greens (kale, chard, spinach) and high fiber items like celery and ginger root. I am somewhat disappointed in it because of the frequent clogs, but have figured out that keeping a chop-stick nearby to dig out the clog without having to disassemble the entire unit while juicing helps. I’ll keep it because of the good price, but would not recommend this for someone who juices a lot of greens.

Me and my husband had our first glass of juice from the vremi slow juicer and it was yum n healthy. The design is well thought of: once you assemble it, the machine takes a moment to start (like someone had written – it checks if everything is ok and once satisfied, then starts, i guess it (this is our first juicer) gives more juice than the faster juicers, good quality plastic used in the juicer and the containers given, the ‘reverse’ mechanism ensures the motor doesn’t burn out. It takes about 10 minutes to clean and there is this small plastic movable flap at the base of the chute from where pulp comes out which can be opened while cleaning and prevents any juice spilling out when in place when the juicer is on. It comes with a cleaning brush and a sort of fruit cutter. I just knock off a star because the color is neon green and it doesn’t look so flouroscent in its advertised pictures. That said, at a $99 price tag for a $250 product, it’s a great buy. Updated on 05/17/2015:put in 2-3 pieces of carrots (less than 3′) the other day and it just stopped working. Returning it, and wanted to take a red replacement but amazon is out of stock, so would be getting a refund.

If you follow the instructions and ensure that your veggies and fruits are cut into smaller sizes, the vremi does an awesome job of extracting all the juice. Clean up is fairly simple and it’s an incredible quiet machine. So much bang for my buck, definitely recommend.

(((wait))) before you post a bad review, like it just doesn’t turn on or it doesn’t work, make sure the unit top is locked. I am very impressed, with this little, quiet machine. I recommend that you break up you celery by hand and pull the strings at the same time. Beets need to be cut up small to not put stress on the juicer. Yes it had a small part that caught some pulp but the overall clean up was fast. Watch videos on youtube about vremi to learn more about it. I bought one that said used and that it didn’t come with a booklet. It looked brand new to me and low and behold there was a booklet in the box. This machine is a knock off of a very expensive slow juicer, i prefer this one, money wise that is. Dont forget to work the leftover mash into your garden soil.

Goodtimes Good Times Xpress i Set Go Cooker – versatility

Perfect for my keto frittatas, omelets, meals, and even cakes using the mug cake’s recipes. Love it and using every day.

Eggs and bacon, pumpkin pie, chicken fried steak, cornbread. Just make sure to clean it good after ever use and use plastic utensils so as not to scratch the non stick coating.

Only used it to make pizza so far. Turned out great, especially second try. I remembered a procedure from my original xpress unit and composed the entire pizza in the unit before turning on the power. Better thorough cooking and browning of bottom crust. Couldn’t find a source for additional pan inserts.

I have used this every day since i purchased it. I now eat food from home and no longer relying on fast foods.

The machie works does cooking simpleitems mentioned in the guide book. I haven’t tried anything outside of that yet. The reason i can’t give it 4 or 5 stars is bc the timer does not work at all. I set it to the recommmeded time from the book and the timer knob didn’t move. It stayed in place and kept ticking. I tried to adjust the timer again and the knob fell off very easily. I had to stay next to the machine and watch the light to see when my food was ready.

I own one myself, and have given several as gifts. It’s a good appliance and we’re all happy with it. Thanks and best wishes to you.

  • Love this product
  • It really lasts a long time!! 🌟

Product light never came on and food stuck all the time.

I solely use this cooker for pancakes. This is a new purchase but is the exact model to the one that i have at home which i will be discarding soon as it is worn but still works. I expect to have this cooker for several years as they are long-lasting and sturdy.

I have used these for years for hot sandwiches. Dropped my old one and broke the lid, boohoo. So glad to get this new one. Canned corned beef, cheese, sauerkraut on buttered bread-toasted to perfection in five minutes.

The only problem is when you cook even though i use the cooking oil spray, it is very sticky especially in the cover top. Now there has a spot that i can’t remove it, even i soak in water (just where you put he food) and nothing, is still there. Other than that i really like it.

This is my second ready set go cooker. I am a very satisfied customer. My first one i’d had for years. The bell went first but it still kept cooking just fine. I had to watch it to know when it was finished but then i have a regular timer too so that is nothing. It was the non-stick coating going that told me to get a new one. I prayed they were still being made since i hadn’t heard anything for so long on tv about them. Thank you for still making it cause it is a good little cooker. My old one was so old i don’t know for sure just how old it was maybe close to 7 years.

Features of Good Times Xpress Redi Set Go Cooker

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    by entering your model number.
  • Counter-top, electric grill cooking system with dual-sided heating elements for fast results
  • Cooker can fry, bake, steam, and grill food; top and bottom dual heating cuts cook time in half
  • Removable non-stick food pans for easy cleanup
  • Built-in timer; indicator light for warm-up; on/off operating switch
  • Set includes mini food pan, divided food pan, dual-sided spatula, and recipe booklet

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Use it to reheat leftovers and cooking eggs. It’s so handy and saves heating the oven.

This is our second one because we liked the first one so much. My husband is making grilled cheese and omelets–he doesn’t cook much and i love his help in the kitchen.

This is my second one – we wore the first one out. After a ‘lot’ of use the non-stick coating wore off, but i am not complaining. This is the perfect size for an omlet for my husband. We more than got our money’s worth on the first one. I was so happy to see that this product is still available. I never used the ‘extras’ included but they look intriguing and i would expect that they will work well.

I especailly like making paninis using the it.

I rather like it; of course it doesn’t do everything. But for what it can do, it’s very good. I did eggs in it; came out really well; actually, they were poached eggs, not fried as i used water instead of oil. I also did oatmeal in it, big mistake lol. But it did cook it, just left a film on the edge of the pans. . May try it again to ‘perfect’ it. . I have heated lean pockets in it, also turkey dogs & of course grilled cheese sandwiches. No odors or popping sounds as i’ve read in other reviews. I think the ‘thing’ about these tv deals is that you may get a really good one, which i did, and you may get a clunker, which some of the other reviewers did.

I love the beautiful omelets i can have every day. The fritattas and designer sandwiches are a real wow factor tooi went to the grocery store and bought pizza dough, cookie dough, cinnamon rolls in a tube, and all kinds of omelette fillings. This makes cooking for one or two so much more fun.

Counter-top, electric grill cooking system with dual-sided heating elements for fast results

I bought this because i couldn’t use the oven in my apartment i have a love-hate relationship with this machine i love it because it quickly and easily cooks my food but the timer melted off the logo came off within a day and i followed the instructions the non-stick coating has a few dings in it even though i’ve only used the included spatula for it the machine gets extremely hot even on the outside.

The black timer knob on top broke off the top the day after we received it. I really like the convenience and time saver properties of cooking poached eggs, baked potatoes, vege’s etc. But the black knob on top is an issue. I have had several of these readi set go cookers and each one has an issue with the timer knob. This time it broke, others, it just stops working. Also, my favorite flat trays, the non-stick area starts flaking off rather rapidly and i have tried to be exceptionally careful in cleaning them.

My family loves this product. It is used ever morning, this is our second one in the last 6 year’s. It makes it possible for my daughter to make her breakfast without usung the stove, which eases my mind. Very convienient, quick and easy to use with little cleanup.

Does a great job making a panini sandwiches.

I bought one of these cookers years ago when first came out,it finially quit working,found this online decided to buy another one. The price was much higher from years ago. I recommend buying this product to any one. The sellar got the cooker out and fast shipping.

I like the fact that it is small and easy to store. I am a full-time rver and have limited overhead cabinet space for appliances this is my second one. My first one lasted me about 9 months, as i used it almost everyday. Unfortunately the teflon coating started to peel off and i did not want to be eating any of that material. I am sad to say that i am very disappointed with this product. The teflon coating on the item i received just a few weeks ago has already started to flake off. I had been using a product exactly like this one for a while, having inherited it from a friend who had used it for several years. I do not know what kind of utensils were used on it, but i was using a plastic spatula, when the teflon started to chip off. This time i have used the spatula supplied with the unit, and already the teflon is chipping. I hope to find a replacement product without any coating.

Cooker can fry, bake, steam, and grill food; top and bottom dual heating cuts cook time in half

We have had several of these cookers in the past and when the last one started wearing out after 12 years, decided it was time to get another one. We love the convenience of this cooker; it heats up quickly, is non-stick and has a timer, plus gets items cooked in no time. Price is reasonable and through amazon prime got it in 2 days.

Wish they would make one that was 3 times the size for bigger meals. They are super handy and the seller provided quick shipment.

Makes the best grilled burritos ever.

I bought this for a friend of mine. The only problem is cleaning, it’s not that easy but i guess it’s okay.

This is the second one that i buy, i liked mine so much, and use it often, that i gave this one to my mother as a gift. So easy to clean and so many things that you an make that come out just perfect. I would recommend to anyone.

I received the product last week and tried it out last night. Issues:the external surface got so hot that it melted the piece of the timer that attaches to the metal screw. The teflon coating in the pan came off as soon as i used a plastic scrubber to wash the thing (this is the same plastic scrubber i use on my other pots and pans). You have to watch this item when you cook with it, it gets far too hot to leave alone. I’ve only tried cooking beef with it. I don’t think i want to cook any desserts or anything soft with it – it gets too hot. Although the insertable pans are great, cleaning the inside top is still an issue. Cons:i have to physically remove the timer after it’s been set (so it won’t melt). I have to stand and watch the food so it won’t burn because the unit gets too hot. The teflon coating is cheaply done (i’ll be using foil on the top and bottom for future cookings).

I actually bought this for a friend because i love mine so much. I use it several times a week and have had mine for several years. These really last and work great.

Removable non-stick food pans for easy cleanup

I already have one that i use every day to make an egg white omelette for breakfast. I purchased the second one to use when we have houseguests.

Built-in timer; indicator light for warm-up; on/off operating switch