Baby Cakes 5 Waffle Stick Maker : More work than regular waffles but fun every once in a while

I bought this at a great sale price and had it sent to my grandson. It’s handy and he gets a kick out of watching it cook. He can then take some for the trip to daycare and freeze some for later. It’s easy to use, doesn’t take up much space and ihave found all kinds of recipes to use in it, or adapted from waffle recipes. You can be as creative or simple as you like.

We got tired of having to buy frozen waffles, so we opted to get this waffle stick maker, and we use it all the time. The included waffle recipe is actually pretty good. It’s a definite keeper for us breakfast food lovers, especially for kids.

5 Waffle Stick Maker

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  • Bake 5 waffle sticks in a matter of minutes
  • Non-stick coating
  • Measuring cup included
  • Two-pronged fork to remove waffle sticks
  • Recipes included

Kids and grand kids love the waffles made with this product. I like that they are made individually. Its convenient and delicious. You can add your own ingredients for different flavor. Cooking is non-stick which makes cleanup easy.

Great purchase my kids love it.

Takes some getting used to on how much to fill it, but so far so good.

5 Waffle Stick Maker : Very nice got one for granddaughter and got cake pops also would recommend it to any family love it makes great waffles fun for the kids.

Nice little waffle stick maker. Works pretty well, just don’t overfill it or you’ll have a huge mess.

It is so cute and i use it especially when my little ones are visiting. When i pack breakfast for my son, it is so easy to put it in a little containerand stack it as opposed to the bigger waffles which is harder to pack. Becareful though because when it drips a little to the side, it can be difficultto clean.

Perfect for quick waffles for breakfast. Makes waffles in minutes and it very easy to clean.

Right size for toddlers to handle them, easy to cut, or just hold them according to there age.

Kids love the finger shaped waffles. Wish the batter didn’t spill over as much- i need to perfect just the right amount to put in.

Just used this once but love it. Oiled it up well once with coconut oil and i was good to go for the whole batch. These are great for my little ones and they fit well in my extra wide toaster to reheat. I didn’t think it took very long to cook a batch and it was ready to go for another batch right away. I had no problems with cleanup because its very nonstick with the oil. I have a family of six and it really did not take very long to make the whole batch but if that’s a concern of yours, i suggest you buy two.

I use it when my grandkids come and they love the little waffles they can hold in their hand.

Not very durable – definitely not a high quality item.

They make a great tasting waffle. I freeze they come out great.

Messier and more time consuming than a regular waffle iron and all the sticks don’t cook at the same rate. Also, as some other reviewers mentioned, the orange paint comes off if waffle batter drips out the edges. For those reasons, wouldn’t use this every time i make waffles, but it’s a fun novelty and the kids love the sticks.

Grandmas got a new toyused it last night and granddaughter tried to take them allalready have cake pop maker, so i’m familiar with brand name. I would definatly recommend & it’s cheaper threw amazon.

You only have to put just enough, or the batter will spill out. My kids love the mini waffles.

I didn’t buy this from amazon but i read amazon & other reviews online before purchasing. I think it’s a nice little product. It does what it says and is easy to use. I bought it so my kids wouldn’t need to always have frozen waffles at their whim – especially on buzy school mornings. I didn’t use the receipes included. I buy the little packages of pancake mix (7 or 8 oz packs by hungry jack or betty crocker), mix up and cook. I could use the big boxes of the same stuff, but it’s easy for the kids by not having to measure out the ingredients. We put the leftover batter in the frig for the next day. The little packages are enough for about 25-30 waffles. We didn’t have to alter the receipe to make waffles – it worked just the same for us.

Works good but tends to have steam accumulate near the opening.

Bought this for a friend who was getting married. It came in a bright orange color, which was awesome.I would buy this again to give as a gift.

My mom bought this for when my little nephew was coming to visit he’s 2. She figured it would be great to use for him. But even after he was gone we still continue to use it. It’s is really easy and the waffle sticks cook so fast. It is pretty easy to clean, and they turn out great. I made a bunch the other day and froze them to eat later. I just had them today and popped them in the microwave for 1 minute and they were just as good.

BELLA Diamond Collection 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Turquoise – my opinion

Had the first for only little over year and the burner ‘cracked’ when i was prompting a cleaning. I reordered as i do like the unit.

I bought this coffee maker because i thought it was of italian design. But then when reading the pamphlet i realized it seemed to be of canadian origin. I like everything about this appliance. The color, the cupcake gold filter; the programable features,and it makes good hot coffee in a reasonable time. I bought it about a month ago. Of course i can’t speak of it’s reliability. But like most in this price range(about$40. 00) there is a lot of plastic. If you follow the directions you will enjoy tour morning java.

The machine is ok but certainly not worth the premium price over the lower priced products that do the same thing for under $20.

First time ever that i have fallen in love with a coffee maker. It looks so stylish and brews perfect coffee every time. I do use a paper filter in the filter basket. It’s the ‘fanciest’ coffee maker i’ve ever had and i absolutely love it.

Looks brand-new and works perfect.

This coffee maker looks awesome and works great.

  • This one really fit the bill and it looks great. It’s easy to set up and use and
  • Love It!!!!!

This is beautiful & makes good coffee, but mine was obviously used-cracked and glued-which i wasnt made aware of at the time of purchase. I didnt pay refurbished price.

Good if you prefer form over function. Looks great on your countertop.

Purchased this product for my stepmother. This product has been working great for the past month and can brew on a couple of settings. The carafe pours without a spill.

Settings are easy n convenience.

Matches all my other small appliances.

Features of Bella Diamond Collection 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Turquoise

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  • 12 cup
  • programmable

Make sure this fits
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The place to pour the water is a bit narrow but that’s not a dealbreaker.

We remodeled our kitchen last month and we needed a programmable, white coffee maker. We wanted something different. This one really fit the bill and it looks great. It’s easy to set up and use and has some extra features like the cleaning setting and the auto shutoff that we really like. And, it brews a nice pot of coffee. We might buy the purple one next time.

Excellent coffee maker, love the timer. Top of the instrument is chrome like so dust is easily visible. The instructions state to unplug after using which is weird but whatever.

I got this for my son and his fiancé for christmas an. They love everything about it. The color and style of it fit great into their place in northern california. Could not find this one style or color anywhere but amazon.

Love all the color options, even though i was looking for white. It looks like an expensive coffee machine.

Love this coffee maker that looks great in our kitchen.

12 cup

Love it and it tastes great. I like my coffee strong and there is a setting to get just what i want out of the beans.

The buttons are a little loose making it feel like a cheap product. I gave it 5 because it does work and the look is nice. I like the little coffee grind holder inside. Gives you the option of not having to use a filter.

This coffee maker takes a long time to make a pot of coffee and the metal bands on the front of the pot are coming loose already. We are not impressed and are looking for another pot.

Makes a great cup of coffee. Easy to use and looks good in our kitchen.

I am very pleased with this coffee maker. It took me a moment to figure out just how to operate it but it makes coffee quite well.

Looks very nice for the price. Have been using it for two months with no issues.


Works great just wish there was a window to see how much water is being put in.

This canadian made product delivers a top notch cup of coffee time after time. Attractive on kitchen counter and works great every time.

It’s not teal, it’s bright blue.

The clock portion stopped working after having it for a little over a year. The timer doesn’t work and i can’t select a different brewing cycle anymore.

Chard FG1000B – Very nice grinder for the price!

We recently used this to grind meat, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. It is well made (metal parts), quiet, and doesn’t seem to heat up.

Works great and i have made three huge batches of chiang mai sausage (sai ua) with this unit. I did buy a couple of extra grinding disks in stainless steel to get the courser grain needed for this particular sausage and it came out great. Clean up is only by hand but is easy to accomplish.

It’s amazing , thank you amazon.

I want to buy 2 more for my mather prethent and for my sister birthday. Havy duty grinder is good😄😜.

Easy to set up, use and clean.

I have made four 5 pound batches so far, the grinder has no problems. I do have some issues using it for stuffing casings, the pusher tool is hard to hold on to. I have to take off the cover to get a good hold. The meat holds it in the feed tube so tight it pulls a vacuum when you remove it to add more sausage.

  • Great grinder for the price
  • Works great and I have made three huge batches of Chiang
  • Great value!

A great grinder, we put the blade in wrong and broke it. Their instructions regarding the blade was difficult for us to understand. All is good and happy with the grinder.

Amazon did a great job in making a timely delivery. I have used it multiple times (>60) since its purchase and have been functioning efficiently and effectively for grinding my chicken, beef, mutton and goat. It is easy to use and clean. Recommended for kitchen use.

I love the product because i used it for grinding my venison and it had no problem for the job. I researched many other #12 grinders this size and it buy far had the lowest price. I only grind meat about once or twice a month so the size will be perfect for what i use it for. The speed setting also had a reverse that came in handy a few times. It came with other grinder fittings that seem very well made and strong. It also came with a plunger and casing tubes for making sausage(haven’t tried those yet) overall a great grinder for the price.

Only issue was when i accidentally tried stuffing bratwurst with the smaller tube, which was my fault, and it took forever.

I had been researching the best electric grinder for grinding deer meat that is not too expensive because my old one could not handle the snew in deer meat because it would keep clogging up. I found this one at a local sports store on sale and gave it a try. It never clogged and it even has a reverse switch. Its not noisy and doesn’t get hot. For the money this is a must buy. Its has multiple attachments, 3 grinding sizes and its easy to clean. Will try and update the more i use it.

Features of Chard FG1000B, 12 Heavy Duty Electric Food Grinder, Stainless Steel, Multicolor Black, 500 watts

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  • Powerful 500 Watt Motor with Stuff, Grind and Reverse functions
  • #12 Grinding Head with large Hopper and Food Pusher with Storage Compartment
  • Fine, Medium and Coarse sintered steel Grinding Plates and stainless steel Cutting Blade
  • Built-in Cord Storage Area and Thermal Safety Reset Button
  • Grinds up to 6 pounds per minute

From the manufacturer

Heavy duty motor grinds up to 6 lbs. per minute

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About Chard International

Preparing your own meals is one of the best things you can do for the health and well-being of your family. Nothing is more gratifying than knowing you are in control and that the payoff is in the process. With a little help from the right tools, you and your family can build memories and create recipes that will continue for generations.

It’s with this spirit that CHARD Products was founded in 2009. Preparing family meals together can create positive lasting values and CHARD is proud to provide the tools needed to open new food possibilities for you.

CHARD is always searching for improvements to enhance existing products as well as create new ones so that you can form fond memories and bring the process to life with your family. From meat processing, to outdoor cooking, to simple food preparation, we always ask that you: ‘Make it Yours’ with CHARD products.

CHARD FG1000B #12 Heavy Duty Electric Food Grinder

The CHARD #12 Heavy Duty Electric Grinder lets you make your own variety of burgers, brats and sausages.

The 500 Watt motor, large hopper and food pusher allow you to grind or stuff generous portions of meat in a short amount of time, quickly and efficiently. The reverse auger function helps to prevent jamming and ensures continuous use. The stainless-steel cutting blade and sintered steel cutting plates can process up to 6 pounds of meat or game per minute.

All grinder accessories conveniently nest inside the food pusher. The hopper and grinder head assembly are removable for easy clean up. Includes two sausage stuffing tubes and one stuffing plate attachments.

Also features a built-in cord storage area and a thermal safety reset button that provides overload protection and extends the life of the grinder.


– Grinding stale bread pieces may help remove food residue left in the appliance after use.

– Cut food into strips or cubes slightly smaller than the opening on the large DIE-CAST HOPPER.

– Make sure food is free of bone, tough tendons, nutshells, etc. before grinding.

– Raw meat and fish should be thoroughly chilled (not frozen) before grinding to reduce the loss of juices.

– Freshly ground meat should be refrigerated and cooked within 24 hours.

– Trim a handful of fat from meat. Process the fat through the hopper to lubricate grinding mechanism for better processing results.

– For best drying results, prepare sausage a day or two prior to use.

  • Powerful 500 Watt Motor with Stuff, Grind and Reverse functions
  • #12 Grinding Head with large Hopper and Food Pusher with Storage Compartment
  • Fine, Medium and Coarse sintered steel Grinding Plates and stainless steel Cutting Blade
  • Built-in Cord Storage Area and Thermal Safety Reset Button
  • Grinds up to 6 pounds per minute

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

It would slow down a little but “ate” anything fed to it. The only thing that stopped me was having to empty the bowl of ground meat. Spending $ on the grinder rather than a butcher, this has paid for itself already in the first year.

I bought this as an upgrade to my old 300 watt warner grinder. It cut my grind time to a third of what it took. It will grind the lower calf muscle on a white tail deer whole. If it will fit down the tube it will grind it up. I did this with refrigerator temp venison, if you chilled your meat it will grind even faster. I have put 2 deer through it so far, as i normally process 6 deer a year i will update at the end of the season.

I’m loving this electric grinder. As it had on the outside of the packaging, it has thoughtful design. Initially it made me laugh, but when i started looking at it, i realized they were right. The part you push the meat down with holds the other parts, the buttons are easy to use, and i like the way the grinder is secured into the motor with the flip of the switch. I’ve been struggling with an old oster grinder that i’ve had for years. I couldn’t get through a 1/2 pound without having to pull it apart and clean the stuff off of the blade (and we’re very picky about cleaning up our meat before grinding). This grinder has a large shoot to put the meat through and grinds through our elk, pork, and suet like a champ. I did many pounds of meat quickly and effortlessly. Shoots it right out and there are three sizes of holes. Haven’t tried the sausage tubes yet, but i’m sure they will do great. The device also takes a size 12 blade and those are available locally from cabela’s, so i’m happy about that as well. After struggling with my other grinder for years (partly because the blades are dull and there is no way to really sharpen them due to the way they are designed), i’m really excited to use this machine. Made loose elk sausage this afternoon and it worked better than i could have imagined. If anything changes, i’ll repost.

I am really enjoying this grinder. It has everything the more expensive models have. Be sure and follow manufacturers grinding procedures. You need to be sure and remove silver skin etc. Assembles/disassembles super easy. You should buy a can of food grade silicone spray for your grinding plates, wash them and immediately dry and spray w/ the silicone. Have made breakfast sausage, italian sausage and, grinding my own beef and turkey. This way i know there are no fillers or.

So far we have used it only for rabbit meat but it makes super ground meat.

Broke gears after several uses, but got replacement parts under warranty with out a hassle.

Powerful 500 Watt Motor with Stuff, Grind and Reverse functions

Ground a whole deer the first time i used it in less than 30 minuteseasy to set up, easy to cleanlove it.

Thus was literally half the price of the same one at fleet farm. Works great and makes quick work of grinding and stuffing sausage casings.

My wife is pleased using it.

Excellent grinder and much cheaper through amazon than at dunhams sporting goods.

Not so good stuffing sausages. It clogs up before it reaches the stuffing tube.

#12 Grinding Head with large Hopper and Food Pusher with Storage Compartment

Fine, Medium and Coarse sintered steel Grinding Plates and stainless steel Cutting Blade

Built-in Cord Storage Area and Thermal Safety Reset Button

GE JES2051SNSS Countertop Microwave : Lasted Under 3 Years; New Version Lacks Critical Features

It is very large for a microwave other than that its working great. I would not purchase another one because of the size.

This is a nearly exact replica of the ge je1860sb (lasted 12 years) made in korea, via the lg corp, but lacking the 9 year warantee on the magnatron. The china version is dimensionally the same but with a different face and comes with only a 1 year warantee on the mag. I only bought this unit since it fits the je1860 built in trim kit, requiring only a 3/16″ shimming on the left side of the trim kit lower pan. It seems that all of the microwave manufacturers have severly reduced the quality of their products and i don’t expect this microwave to last more than a few years, but since a trim kit cost about as much as the microwave itself, one is left with few options.

So that we are on a fair playing field check the price of this at home depot. You will find a marked difference.

  • Powerful microwave that heats uniformly
  • best microwave ever
  • Easy to usegreat sizesleek looking

GE JES2051SNSS Countertop Microwave, 2.0

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Auto and time defrost
  • Extra-large 16″ turntable

This my third ge microwave which i replaced due to a kitchen upgrade. It has all the features you could want and it is large enough to fit most anything.

Meets general expectations of a microwave of it’s size. It is also somewhat louder than i would expect and off gases voc during operation to more than i would expect.

Having to replace mine so going with the exact thing. Old one died last night after working for only 11 years. And yes, we used the heck out of it.

Love it, be careful very powerful.

I was disappointed that my jes2051sn2ss microwave (manufactured april 2015) only lasted for 32 months of light use. The microwave still looked like it was operating properly (display, lights and sounds) but failed to heat anything up. Based on other reviews here, i’m not the only customer to experience an early failure with this model. Although the longevity fell short of my expectations, since i really liked its capacity, features, and overall performance i decided to replace it with the same ge model. I found that the store is currently selling a jes2051sn3ss model (manufactured december 2017) which looked extremely similar to my defective microwave (and is likewise labeled jes2051snss on the outer packaging). However, once i started using the new unit i found it had some very disappointing design changes compared to the previous version:deficient display. The display on the old model was large and featured prompting for various functions with scrolling english phrases and could be read from multiple directions and heights. The new display is smaller overall, lacks any prompting and the last digit in the display is not visible if you are more than a foot to the right (when facing the microwave). This is disappointing since the time of day and cook time remaining are the main reasons i look at the microwave. The microwave is in the left corner of my kitchen so i am always looking at it from the right and running into this.

After replacing two higher-end microwaves after about 4 years each, i gave up and bought this cheapie (you can easily pick this model up for less than two hundred bucks at a big-box home store). I’m convinced at this point that most small appliances just don’t last anymore, and microwaves in particular get not just heavy use but also heavy abuse (those darn kids) in my house. This model is pretty big (2. It has the speed times where you can simply press the number pad and it starts automatically and runs for that many minutes, no need to also click start. You can add 30 seconds in increments by just pressing that button, even while it is running. It has additional options for defrost, popcorn, the usual stuff. Does the job, looks pretty good (my old trim kit fit this one to finish it out as a built-in), and didn’t break the bank. Shop around and you won’t cry either if it breaks down after 2-3 years. Update: well, as predicted, this microwave bit the dust just short of the 3-year mark. First the reheat sensor got finicky, then poof.Common culprit seems to be the internal fuse, but i’m not interested in opening up all the guts to find and deal with it.

Had to replace our built in ge microwave with a countertop version. Had been very happy with the built in so looked to another ge. Initially, i was satisfied with it, but here i am 4. 5 months into owning it and it starts making a “growling” noise. Determined it’s the turntable motor. Should be in warranty, and i have an email into ge now asking about it. If i have to replace it myself, it looks like an extremely easy job. But ge’s appliance website wants $61 for the part (assuming they won’t send me out a replacement part for free). Amazon has it for about half the price. I see the little turntable motor is made, where else, china.

It match the one that went bad.

Excellent microwave, good power, accurate cooking times.

This is a great counter top microwave, because of the size we place it on a microwave cart. Comes with many pre programmed functions. The best option i found is it can be operated on silent mode. You can switch off the beeps completely. This is a vital part of my kitchen.

I was actually expecting this microwave to be as good as the one i bought 10 years ago. When the door shuts it sounds like tin. I still have the other one up, so compared 30 seconds on high with one cup of water in using identical coffee cups. The new microwave, this one, which is supposed to be more powerful, came out tepid…luke warm at best. My old microwave (same model at 1150 instead of 1250) was hot. I’m going to keep it for awhile and see if it perks up and starts heating properly. Otherwise, it is going back.

I like everything about this microwave. I love that it has a large glass tray inside that revolves while microwaving and that it can be removed and easily be cleaned. Also, love that it can hold large casseroles. I am happy with its sleek, contemporary design as it matches my other ge appliances.

Bialetti Moka Express 9 cup Espresso Maker : Fast delivery

No me agrado porque bota un poco cuando esta colando y mancha la cafetera.

Extra volume makes breakfast so much easier.

Really nice moka, does his job well, and in red is really good kooking.

I have saved thousands of $$$ by brewing my own espresso at home. This is a great little stovetop espresso maker. Easy to use, clean and store.

  • Latte snob says yes
  • Best cofee ever

Bialetti Moka Express 9 cup Espresso Maker

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    by entering your model number.
  • Produces 9 demitasse (2 ounce) cups of rich, velvety espresso in less than 5 minutes
  • Made of high quality polished aluminum in the classic Bialetti octagon shape
  • Max Boiler Capacity: 12(fl oz), 300ml
  • Patented safety valve; easy to clean and disassemble
  • .

I was skeptical of an inexpension stovetop expresso maker. Since i was curious, i asked my wife to buy this for me as a birthday gift. We were both pleasantly surprised. We often make our own vanilla lattes in the afternoon and enjoy a largebucks quality beverage. Just follow the simple expresso instructions with a fresh grind of beans, pour into a cup of steamed milk and you’ll realize you dont have to drive to largebucks for a great latte.

Easy to make my beverage as very well built and able to make hot and strong espresso quickly with no mess and easy to clean.

This little espresso maker is wonderful. I had heard that this is what italians use to make espresso at home, and if so, i can see why. The coffee is rich and dense, not quite like espresso but very delicious. And i love the cheerful red color.

Makes a great triple shot for me each morning.

Luv this tiny one cup espressomaker.

Our new little espresso maker is great for two people and we’ve had no issues in it producing a delicious cup of near-perfect espresso. If it’s your first time purchasing one of these, read how to use it. Don’t use soap to clean it, don’t over pack the beans, and use warm/boiled water to fill it. You’ll be pleased with your results.

Love bialetti because it makes very good coffee.

Cute moka pot, but the sizes are misleading. It’s listed at a 6 cup pot, details says suitable for 3 cups, but the bottom section only holds 2/3 c water, which yields about 1/3 of a mug of coffee.

Don’t like that as soon as it start to fill the top coffee sprays out the center. My husband and myself can not seem to get it tighter. I bought the 4 cup prior and it does the same.

Can’t get any better than bialetti.

The delivery was fast and the item was packaged well. It’s really sturdy and easy to clean. I love masking espresso with this. The colors look really nice to display on my cupboard.

Fast delivery, exactly like the description.

I love the color and quality, but this was definitely not a 3 cup espresso maker.

Use it in the heart of darkness daily.

It makes a wonderful coffee, easy to use and can serve a few people at once.

It’s years that i use the bialetti caffettiera and it’s the best.

Excellent coffee pot that works wonderfully. I will probably come to accept a life of violence if someone ‘borrows it’ as i have really grown quite attached to it’s high quality old fashioned brew. I second the remarks that one should slowly heat this for a mellow and complex espresso.

Continental Electric Professional Series PS75891 Stainless-Steel Pizza Baker – Ok for the money

It is exactly as it said it would be. It is a good lil oven with the exception that it doesn’t seem to get real hot and bake the bottom of the pizza. We also have to rotate the pizza to keep it from buring on the left side. I was very unhappy that ups just left it on my steps in the rain but that isn’t the sellers fault.

This pizza oven is great for cooking frozen pizza, cooks a frozen pizza in less time than it takes to get your oven to the correct temperature. You have to keep an eye on it as it can burn the edges pretty quick because it is so fast. I do rotate the pizza once durning cooking time as it seems to cook faster towards the back of the oven. It’s great for egg rolls, fries, poppers, etc too as it gets them crisper than the oven does.

Here are the specifications for the Continental Electric Professional Series PS75891 Stainless-Steel Pizza Baker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • COOK A 9″inch PIZZA IN 6 MINUTES! Great for your kitchen, dorm room, camping, and tailgating parties.
  • 30 MINUTE TIMER to remind you when your food is ready. Preheats in minute. Cook pizza, quesadillas, cookies, and more
  • REMOVABLE PULL OUT CRUMB TRAY to clean with ease.
  • Professional Series DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL BODY with COOL TOUCH HANDLE with fit nicely right on your kitchen countertop
  • Measures: 20.45 x 8.95 x 17.95 inches, with 1450 WATT power
  • UL Listed, and 2 Year Limited Warranty

This was a replacement oven for one which needed a new temperature control. I love these type of pizza ovens. They do a great job, just like a pizzeria. Light weight so is easy to move around. I move it outside in hot weather, so it does not keep the heat in the house. Only drawback is that you can only get up to a medium pizza in, but is fine for me as it is only myself and husband.

I had one of these for years and loved it. It finally quit and i found this one. It will cook a frozen 12′ pizza in less than 15 min. I also use it for frozen french fries, reheating pizza ( the microwave makes it soggy) , i also line the tray with foil and cook chicken wings, etc. It is also great in reheating fried catfish, it comes out just like from the deep fryer. My grandaughter uses it for frozen pizza rolls.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Young kid friendly
  • Perfect!
  • It does what it should

I bought this one to replace a similar one that had been damaged in a recent move. The price was very good, and it works like a charm. I use it to cook frozen pizzas or heat/toast sandwiches. It also works great to heat up left over pizza. I have not yet had any troubles fitting a frozen pizza or decent sized sandwich in it. (i was kind of concerned based on the dimensions, i wasn’t sure if it was as big as my old one, which it was. ) it cooks the pizzas or sandwiches much better than the standard oven, uses less energy (no heating the entire house for a snack), and heats up and cooks very quickly. The piece that slides into the oven is a wire rack or grate, so there would be an issue cooking smaller pieces of food. Overall very versatile and good for those of us without a lot of kitchen space.

Good oven, cooks pizzas evenly and fast. However, mine was damaged during shipping.

Excellent when you do not want to use a big oven.

Does a nice job for my money. I thru out an old commercial model that lasted 10 yearsand we no longer have the need for multiple pizzas. Hard to beat the job these ovens do for a frozen pizza.

I love this oven easy to use clead up a breeze i love thim item use it all the time for a number of things cooking of course.

I bought this pizza oven for my son who uses it often to make pizza for him and his friends. They wore out the first one that we had so ordered another.

We have had several of these over the years but this last one only lasted just long enough to be out of warrantee.

I scoured the internet in search of reviews on this product prior to purchase. Most were positive, but some complained of a ‘defective’ baker. I think it’s either the way it’s shipped or perhaps literally some of the ovens are not made correctly and still shipped out. Personally, mine works like a gem. No, but you get what you pay for. If you want a perfect one you have to spend 150+ dollars. The only bad part about this oven is at times it can cook different pizza styles completely different. I can put a thicker crust pizza in for 8 minutes and have it be perfect, but i can put a thin crust pizza in and have it take 10-14 minutes, sometimes with it not being perfect still after that amount of time.

It needs a stop on the grill. Pizza too easily slides off when pulling out to rotate. Otherwise, cooked a delicious pizza. Love the immediate cooking – no heating up the oven.

Not as good as our cheaper one we got at fleet farm. Time seems kinda weird on the thing and its not consistent heat throughout.

This product was great, really large can fit a large pizza inside. My only complaint is how it was shipped, it bwas shipped in its original box with a huge picture of what it was on the outside, letting everybody kmpw what i had ordered and was left outside my house. Luckily i have good neighbors and the person i bought this for wasn’t home.

Not sure why people claim it doesn’t get hot enough – frozen pizza cooked to perfection in 8-12 minutes?. Don’t touch the thing for about 45 minutes afterward because it gets really hot.Mine came with the manual, although if you can’t cook a pizza with one of these without the manual you better just order from dominos.

It works okay but it does not bake a pizza evenly. You have to keep turning the pizza as it is baking to get an even bake.

Works great for our lower level/bar area.

My significant other wanted a pizza oven for the basement; we’ve used it a couple of times and it seem to work great.

Worked great right from the box cooks a pizza from freezer to table in 15 minutes. After reading some of the poor reviews about this item it goes to show that not everyone can make a pizza :).

Sunpentown SC-0800P 4-Cup Rice Cooker, needs to cook small amounts and she is very happy with it

Wonderful and perfect for a small family who does not want leftovers. This small cooker made perfect rice. Came with a nice server spoon too.

I have this same rice pot but 6 cups not 4. I bought this as a gift because my rice pot has been going for 10 years with no problems at all and this being the exact one just smaller made me want to buy it for my boyfriend who loves my rice pot. It’s one of the best brands out there. They sell this brand in asian markets for much more money. If you’re looking for a long lasting great rice pot this would be it.

This is a great little rice cooker. It cooks 4 cups of light, fluffy rice that is not sticky. The warming function works great an the rice cooker is pretty.

Key specs for Sunpentown SC-0800P 4-Cup Rice Cooker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 350-watt 4-cup rice cooker with easy one-touch operation
  • Air-tight lid; condensation collection cup; handy indicator lights
  • Auto “keep warm” mode for up to 5 hours; safety lock button
  • Cool-touch exterior; removable nonstick pot for easy cleanup
  • Measures 9-2/5 by 9-2/5 by 10 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Comments from buyers

“Great Pretty Little Rice Cooker
, Love rice!
, Prefect

Nice rice cooker, i was surprised that it was aesthetically good looking and also did it’s job just the right way. It doesn’t spill out of the cooker like the traditional ones.

We have a bigger version of this rice cooker, and have loved it. My daughter went off to college and needed a smaller one. This is perfect, and it makes the best rice.

Cooks rice just like i love, korean style.

Cooks all kinds of rice perfectly and every time.

I’ve had several rice cookers and this is by far the very best. I read another review that gave it 1 star and said the rice stuck to the lid – i’m guessing the person put way too much rice in. The lid seals shut and the rice comes out beautifully fluffy; just like the rice i ate while living in japan. The steam pours out when the lid is opened, exposing the wonderfully cooked fluffy and sticky rice. It has a warming feature that keeps the rice warm after cooking. I can’t speak for longevity because i’ve only had it for a month but i can honestly say this is the best rice cooker i’ve ever used.

Works perfectly and is very pretty.

I wanted a smaller one since the zojirushi one i have is too big. Would recommend this in a heartbeat.

I use it to steam thai jasmin rice and it’s perfect.

A good size rice cooker for a small family or couple. Cooks well and easy to clean.

This unite is great for small family. I have a larger unit that i have used for over 15 years so i am downsizing and delighted to have a smaller unit.

Bought for my wife who really likes rice so needs to cook small amounts and she is very happy with it.

KETURITON Headphone Jack Adapter Dongle – Be aware that you might need the keybord replacement screws for laptop like mine did and I didn’t know that

I had been looking for a travel map for scratching the countries where i have traveled and this is that what i really wanted. Me and my husband love it,it’s perfect,we had it framed and have enjoyed scratching it off. This is the best i have found:the gold is perfect,colors are very cute,license plate map is amazing and both of them are easy to scratch but not too easy to scratch off if you accidentally scratch something with your nails or drop it. I’m very happy to have it on my room and who love to travel you need to try this scratch map,i’m sure you will be satisfy.

First and foremost i i’m very happy that somebody came up with this idea. What a great tool to keep up with your travels. Now, as we started to scratch off the places we’ve been to, i started to feel guilty that we haven’t even seen 10 % of the world. So now itching to go out and explore as there is soo much to see out there. Now little bit about the product and service. We were surprised to get the maps in a matter of days even though i’m not a prime member. They obviously came in a box but the maps themselves are rolled up in this cool tube with a lid on it. It reminds me of the fireworks launching tubes, thick and sturdy. The maps themselves seem to be printed on photography type paper but about twice as thick. I wasn’t expecting this type of quality for the price but now our plan is to hang it up on the wall and frame it in the dining room.

It did well on my maxbook air 13′ 2010 (2011) model. I ama female that never had to do such thing but saving money was my goal. I found a generic version of my keyboard and got these tools and i got it done in 4 hours. Long for me but next time i know it won’t be that long. I just didn’t want to destroy anything. Be aware that you might need the keybord replacement screws for laptop like mine did and i didn’t know that. I have no screws because i didn’t feel like spending 2 hours on rescrewing everything when the srews came in few days later. I just don’t type like crazy hard pushing keyboard too much. I will finally place the screws in. No big deal but i advice to have them beforehand.Especially if you have kiddos at home (i do) but mine is not allowed to drink or eat close by my laptop anymore. Here are the specifications for the KETURITON Headphone Jack Adapter Dongle:

  • ☼ Plug and Play: No extra software, you just plug in and enjoy pure high fidelity sound quality. Allows you to use your existing headphones and any of your models.
  • ☼ 2 in 1: Aux Headphone Jack Audio + Charging Adapter +Call function) – It has 2 ports, one for charging and the other for audio. charging and listening to music at the same time.
  • ☼ Compatibility: Suitable for 7/7Plus / 8/8Plus / X/10 / Xs Max / XS / XR, compatible with iOS 12 or higher. It contains a decoder chip so you don’t have to worry about system upgrades.
  • ☼ Excellent Performance : Charger Adapter for 2A Charging Speed Increase By 1.5 Times And 30%, Improve Output Efficiency And Save Charging Time.Small size: beautiful and simple design, compact and compact, easy to put into the pocket, easy to use
  • ☼ After Service: Your satisfaction is very important for us. We provide a 3-month worry-free warranty. If you have any questions, Welcome to Contact us, We will response within 24 hours.

Great replacement for the stiff crappy plastic hoses that came with my spray handle. Now i can wash the dog no matter where he tries to hide and when i shower i can rinse my back without having to turn around because it isn’t long enough.

Really nice case for the price & fits my samsung galaxy j7 v like a glove. Magnet isn’t to strong but keeps everything in check and if you flip the front cover all the way around the magnet will hold the front cover back with the strap.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great map!!!
  • This little $15 or so kit is the best kit I’ve bought
  • Nice case!

This little $15 or so kit is the best kit i’ve boughti was excepted a typical chinese knockoff that would last a week or two. I’ve know bought 5 of them, one for me, one for the junk drawer, one for my car, one for a guy i work for, and one for his shop. The brand seems to change between lb1, stronger, and floureon, but they all seem of same quality. The bits are surprisingly strong, i had a really tight stuck screw that would have surely warp the torxs bit on most cheap sets. I work on computers and it’s just a nice small kit to have, with almost everything you could ask for. I would prefer another size up for the philips bit, maybe take out the awkward female ph2 bit, really can’t seem to find a use for that one. The flexible extender is a must have for tight spaces.

Fits snugly, helps me grip it more securely, haven’t dropped it yet. Fits my j7 v(verizon), perfectly, no blocked camera or anything like that. Helps me at work, i keep it closed so i’m not drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Card slots are a bonus, not really what i got it for, but i’m sure will come in handy.

This is by far one of the coolest things i’ve ever owned. I love traveling, it’s a part of who i am so i decided to buy this map. This way i’m decorating my place and keeping track of all the places that i’ve been to. I need to buy a frame for them and after i hang them on the wall, i’m starting to scratch. I’m so excitedtheir quality really impressed me, great product.

Bobbi Jean’s Silicone Stainless Steel Kitchen Food Cooking Tongs & Spatula : A really good sharpener for fine knives

We love our knife sharpener. We keep it in a cabinet and as soon as our knifes feel the need to be sharpened we just run them through the two stage process. The knifes are very sharp in the end and it so much quicker than the manual process.

This sharpener really does quite a good job once you get the procedure down correctly. It only took me a minute, but you might want to practice on an old knife that is about worn out in case. It’s just a matter of getting the pressure and the draw speed correct and you will have a very sharp knife.

It sharpens pretty good for the price. Takes a little practice to not chew up nicer blades though.

I love this knife sharpener. I bought this one because i moved recently and my other one is in storage. There are certain kitchen appliances that i can’t live without, and this is one of them. It sharpens my other small kitchen knifes well too.

  • Love this sharpener
  • Best Knife Sharpener
  • With each knife I get better and more efficient keeping my kitchen

Bobbi Jean’s Silicone Stainless Steel Kitchen Food Cooking Tongs & Spatula, 3pc Set 9 & 12 Inch Red

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Cherry Red Silicone kitchen tong set features BPA-Free silicone tips for optimum food & health safety
  • Perfect for grilling or salads, these stainless steel food tongs are easy to use and clean up
  • Cooking tongs have handy lock ring so you can store them easily with all your other kitchen gadgets
  • 9″ small & 12″ tongs are heat-resistant to 480 Degrees F – Safe to use in the oven or on the stove
  • Bonus stainless-steel/silicone spatula makes perfect addition to all your kitchen utensils & tools

This is my first sharpener of this type, i do not know how i managed without it. There is a learning curve so if you have never used one similar to this product, be sure to read the instructions carefully to preserve the life of your blades. With each knife i get better and more efficient keeping my kitchen, utility, folding, and most hunting knives (up to a reasonable thickness) sharp and ready for use. I was considering an exact copy of this sharpener at 27. 00 but noticed a review claiming they were the same so i took a chance. It works just fine and i’m very glad i did not overpay. I highly recommend this sharpener.

I use this sharpener on all my fine damascus knives. The edge it produces is incredibly sharp. The course side is useful for getting dull knives in shape for a final sharpening. Unlike many sharpeners, it does not leave scratches on the side of the blade. You do not have to guess at the correct angle for sharpening as the angle is preset.

I feel like a have more control than other styles with the handle and it sharpens great.

We had one of these that we used all the time and i wanted a new one since the rough side was becoming worn. My husband took the old one to the firehouse to use when he cooks there. We use it on almost all of our knives and it is easy and convenient. Probably should order another one for backup since it took me a while to find this one.

Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker Stainless : Nice compact size and makes ice quickly!

I have had a few different ice makers before and this one is the best i have ever had. Recommend filtered water to make it lat longer.

This is the 3rd ice maker for my mother. It is the first that has easily found replacement parts. If it lasts more than a year i will upgrade it to a 5.

Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker Stainless

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Portable Mini Ice Maker in a Stainless Steel look.
  • Makes up to 27 lbs. of ice 24 hours. Makes ice in as little as 7 minutes.
  • Choice of 3 ice cube sizes
  • Makes 9 ice cubes per 1 cycle
  • Exterior drain and See-thru window

The icemaker in our crappy kenmore fridge crapped out right after warranty expired and would cost $500+ to repair. This machine works great as a replacement although requiring quite a bit of monitoring. Only have had it for a day so we’ll see how long it lasts.

I live in an apartment that is very old & doesn’t have a line for water to make ice in freezers. I have used this machine for almost a year and it has made my life better. I make one big batch once a week to fill bucket in fridge freezer. It is time consuming because it only makes a little at a time but better than filling ice trays all the time. I just set an afternoon or evening when i’m staying put watching t. And make enough until my freezer bucket is full then good for a week. I’m extremely happy with the output for the cost of this item.

Absolutely love the magic chef icemaker. I purchased it in august of 2015. It has worked without problems, with the exception of one brief issue, since then. It is now april of 2016, so that is nearly 8 months of good service. The only issue i’ve had, which has occurred only a few times, is that the red light on the front panel indicating that the water reservoir is low/empty will sometimes illuminate and thus shut off the ice making cycle. This is quickly and easily remedied by disconnecting the power cord from the receptacle (or just cycling off and then on the switch on a power strip). This resets whatever causes the issue and it goes immediately back to making ice. I initially bought one of the other manufacturer’s models, a refurbished one, and it did not work right out of the box. Pros/other things i like about the magic chef ice maker:-the ice cubes are made in 3 different sizes (although the difference in the sizes is not very great)-the hollow design of the ice cube effectively increases the surface area of the cube in contact with the liquid within which it is immersed, thereby providing additional cooling effect superior to that of a traditional block cube-the ice cycle is surprisingly quick, although it may not keep up with the demands of an outdoor dinner party, barbecue, etc. If you need that much ice with that rapidity, do the common sense thing and buy some bags to supplement the mc.

Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker Stainless : This is a really great ice maker. It makes great ice in 3 different sizes. Ice is always hard and it makes ice continually. It’s pretty quiet except when the ice drops on the empty basket. If you’re looking for a great ice maker this is the one to get.

The only issue is the need to drain the water when finished for if you don’t it sits and gets stale.

Made two gallons of cubes for my freezer within 24 hours or less. I can make filtered water and not the acidic ind from the tap.

I had a ge monogram ice maker for about 5 yrs that just stop making ice consistently. A repairman visit would cost at least $150 and more to fix. A new one would cost over $1000. While i loved the ice that it makes, clean, clear, cube ice, (if you ever poured soda over frozen ice you know why this is important), these thing just do not last and are way too expensive. So i basically decide to go portable. I do not have the counter space, so it needs fit into the space left by my undercounted ice maker. After reading all the reviews this was the one to get. I followed the instructions of another post to leave it upright for a day (actually a couple of days).

We use it everyday and it’s awesome. Makes plenty of ice for a household and does t take that much counter space. Great value even if you just want extra ice for parties.

I keep it running all the time. The ice melts and then in will make some more. If your getting small ice cubes you need to add more water it works best if you always keep it half full.

My only complaint would be the tiny plug on drain. We haven’t lost it yet but guessing it gets lost at some point so wish it came with more or knew of where i could buy more in case the tiny thing did get lost.

I’ve only used it three times but was very impressed with how quickly it made ice. I got it to use when i camp with my living quarters horse trailer. It was exactly what i wanted.

This product has performed flawlessly so far and has made my camping experience much more convenient. I use it in an rv in place of dealing with filling ice trays in the small freezer. Not only has it opened up space in my freezer for other things than ice trays but it has provided more ice than i’ll ever need. It seems to be a well built unit, very quiet, and a very convenient and useful appliance.

This machine works very well. I bought it to replace the emerson model that quit after producing at least 1000 pounds of ice in over 1000 days. Magic chef took the emerson machine and tweaked it slightly in a few places. One of the tweaks was putting the ice sensor probe at a lower position resulting in a smaller batch size. I don’t agree with this one tweak as an improvement which is why i knocked off one star. For the money, this machine will probably pay for itself in short order.

So far it has performed exceptionally well. We love having ice at the ready. It starts making ice immediately so if we turn it off for a long weekend and start then start it back up when back in the office, we have ice right away. No more ice trays to fool with.

First, i will say that i believe this product operated the way it was supposed to. However, it took 8 hours to make about 6 lbs. And because the ice maker is not a freezer, if i did not stay on top of removing the ice from the ice maker and putting it in the freezer, it would melt. I bought this to supply our regular ice usage in the house, since our freezer does not have an ice maker and i often forgot to buy ice and bring it home. However, even making a return trip to the store to buy ice is much more convenient than waiting/watching the ice maker for 8 hours. This just is not the right way for me to have access to ice, so i will be returning it.

Note: in the start up instructions they have you open the drain (screw off cap with little plastic plug) and clean the unit with a damp cloth. . Make damn sure you don’t place the plastic plug near the sink. Not the manufacturer’s fault but just something to keep in mind. It works great so far, the ice is abundant but it isn’t rock hard. S if you like sonic ice, you are going to love this.

The icemaker performs exactly as advertised. My only annoyance with it is that the manufacturer does not recommend leaving it to run continuously. The recommendation is to empty and clean it frequently. Hence i leave it empty until i have need for it. One concern is that the water drain has a plug insert that can be easily lost. The cap to the drain does not have a gasket, so re-inserting the plug before putting back on the cap is necessary to keep the drain from leaking.

I live with an ice bag on my knee and the blue gel ice packs don’t do the job – and can cause freezeburn if you aren’t careful. I now fill up the bin in my freezer and fill several freezer bags with ice. I only have to make ice one day a week and i have plenty for use in iced drinks, fruit shakes and icing my knee.

Works exactly as it says it will. I wish the ice wouldn’t freeze together when i put it in my main freezer, but it does not advertise that it is a freezer so if i empty it before it runs out of water or fills the bin it is better.

This is our third ice maker. The first one was a magic chef that finally gave up the ghost. We thought we would save money and get a cheaper one the second time. This time we went back to the magic chef and have been glad we did. So far, it’s doing everything the way it’s supposed to with no problems.