Cuisinart SPB-7 SmartPower 40-Ounce 7-Speed Electronic Bar Blender : Super blender

Great blender, but i warn you against using it for ice crushing. I had to replace three blade assemblies withing a six month period. I bought a kitchen aid, which has heavy duty blades and works well for ice crusing, but doesn’t blend nearly as well as the cuisinart. Also, the blade assembly in the k a has now given out, but its been doing yeoman service for a year. I’ve just bought a waring spb2 and so far, it crushes ice and a good job of blending, if you do both at the same time. Its container is a bit narrow for straight ice crusing. In that reagard, the k a is superior. Bottom line: using the waring, holding the other two in reserve, just in case.

I’m very happy with my blender. Also i’m very happy since i received it very fast i will be using it during the upcoming holidays. And the price is a good price and i save myself a trip to the store.

Having purchased cheaper blenders in the past, i decided to go with something a bit sturdier with more power. The cuisinart smartpower blender delivers on both counts. It has a substantially heavier glass container than most i’ve seen, and a powerful motor that had no problems shredding through ice. However, i made gazpacho with it once and did find that i had to redistribute the contents with a spatula in order to achieve consistency, even after i had prepped with a food processor, so thicker substances will get stuck away from the blade somewhat. It’s an attractive model with an integrated design that eliminates cracks and crevices where food can get stuck. The jar and blade are really easy to take apart and clean.

My original blender was destroyed after my son dropped it on more than one occassion. I loved the blender, but could not find it without the complete set, and i did not need a new set. I looked on amazon and found the blender. It matches the rest of the set i already own perfectly. This blender can cut up just about everything. The price and product were right so i brought it.

  • very nice processor
  • Cuisinart SPB-7″AWESOME” Blender
  • Cuisinart blender

Cuisinart SPB-7 SmartPower 40-Ounce 7-Speed Electronic Bar Blender, White DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER

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  • Perfect for blending, pureeing, mixing, liquefying and stirring
  • 7-speed touch pad control with easy-to-read indicator lights
  • 40-ounce glass jar with dripless pour spout equals no-mess serving
  • 2-ounce pour lid with marked measures for adding ingredients while blending
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

The feel of the blender makes it appear to be sturdy. Good and heavy and stable, a nice feel after looking at other blenders. We have currently owned this model but our daughter broke the glass jar and threw it away. Although the glass is available other parts of the jar were not. I was forced to buy a replacement blender. I have read some poor reviews of this item on amazon and don’t understand how the machine is a problem. We had our old blender for six years, used it often and never had any problems. I don’t feel anyone will be sorry for purchasing this blender.

I picked up one of these on sale locally. It does an adequate job of blending my morning smoothies, but just barely. I find it best to add frozen items slowly and in small pieces. There are days when the motor makes awful noises and i wonder if i need to stand back. It will suffice until i can afford something better. Meanwhile it is nice to know that i can get many spare parts here on amazon. For what it is, a low cost blender, i give it four stars.

This is an “awesome” blender. We already had a cuisinart spb-7 and have used it for almost a year now. So happy with the way it performs, we had to have another for our wet bar. The blades are really super sharp and can obliterate ice in seconds. Easy to clean up in the dishwasher. The guy who designed this one, had it all together.

This was a replacement of the same product but a slightly newer model.

As a thrift store find, i have no idea how old it is or how much it was used before coming into my hands. Therefore, i can’t review the longevity of this blender at all, and i don’t have the benefit of a user guide. The problems i have, you may not have. The lid of this thrift store blender has some orange staining inside which bleach soaking cannot remove. I would guess it is prone to staining for everyone. The lid fits snugly yet is easy to remove. The lid plug is snug yet easy to remove. The jar is glass and very sturdy. The blades inside the jar seem on the small side to me. However, i have been able to blend smoothies with frozen spinach and raw kale; i can’t complain about the performance.

I’ve had this blender for about a year now, and use it regularly to make smoothies or soups. The ‘digital’ control panel seemed a little gimicky at first, but i’ve learned to appreciate the easy cleanup that it allows with a sponge. The wide openings of the heavy glass jar (which is much sturdier than most) allow for easy cleaning and pouring, and the motor has more than enough power for everything i’ve thrown at it. My only complaint is that the rubber lid stained when i blended some hot tomato soup in it. The instruction manual warns against blending hot liquids however, and the stain is purely cosmetic and on the inside of the lid where it isn’t visible. The plastic base of the jar also seems like it would be prone to snapping over time, but in my frequent use of the blender i haven’t had any troubles with it. Overall i would highly recommend this blender over the cheaper alternatives, the heavy glass jar, sharp blade and powerful motor make it a joy to use.

Does a great job and clean up is a breeze.

I purchased this same blender well over five years ago. My partner and i use it 5-6 days a week and usually one or two times a day making post work-out smoothies. This machine easily blends ice and large chunks of frozen fruit including large frozen strawberries with no difficulty. This blender worked flawlessly for all these years until the black spindle that rotates the blades in the container finally sheared off. Everything wears out eventually. Frankly, i’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. The blender is very easy to clean with its smooth face and the glass jar managed hundreds of trips through a hot dishwasher. I just wished that i bought a second glass pitcher soon after my initial purchase. It would have been terrific to use one pitcher while the other was in the dishwasher. Considering the workout we gave this blender i feel it has held up beautifully and was definitely worth the price.

I had used this product while on vacation and liked how it liquified kaleand frozen fruits.

As expected very clean and functional.

I use it every morning to make a fruit smoothie. Easy to use and easy to clean. I bought this last month to replace the same model that i had been using daily for four years. I had broken the jar and decided to replace the entire unit because it had discolored somewhat over time. The motor was still working after four years so now i have it in storage for a backup.

I have had my blender for two years without a problem. I have just spent the past hour reading blender reveiws, and my conclusion is that this blender is comparable to any other good blender at any price point. If i am making smoothies and the fruit is ice solid and i have placed a lot of fruit in the belnder, i will have to stir it. But, no blender, save an industrial version, such as the kind they use at jamba juice, is going to do better. It crushes ice well and has never leaked. All of the speeds work properly and it is easy to clean. The lid, however is vinyl, so if you are going to place it in the dishwaher, please be aware of the food remains in the washer with it. White will stain regardless of the manufacturer.

I’ve had this blender for over a year now and it has yet to let me down. It looks great, and is a snap to use. In addition, the base comes apart into several pieces so that it can be cleaned easily without leaving any `gunk’ behind. I’ve never had any problem with ice; this thing just chews it up. The wide range of controls is a plus because i use this thing for everything, from pureed vegetables for soups to milk shakes.

I love this blender, it really works. I care of it like a child, i never left it dirty. It does incredible shakes and more.

I recieved this blender as a wedding gift and was so excited. But it has really not met my expectations. Its first or second trip through the dishwasher turned my lid pink. Apparently there may have been a slight remnant of tomato sauce on a plate in the dishwasher, and that in turn stained my lid. I called cuisinart and they didn’t seem to agree this was a problem. After some arm twisting they agreed to send me a new white lid, but warned me that it would happen again if i put it in the dishwasher with anything dirty again. Lid problems aside, the blender works pretty well, but doesn’t do a terribly fantastic job crushing ice really fine. I would probably suggest looking into waring instead of cuisinart for a good blender.

Hightower Quality Kitchen Heavy Duty Stainless Meat Grinder, the best one i’v used and seen

I bought the hightower kitchen stainless steel meat grinder directly from smokehouse chef, off of their web site. Keith was super helpful and answered all of my questions. I’ve been using the grinder for about two weeks now. Have ground up around 20 lbs of beef, chicken, bones, plus vegetables and fruits for my family and my dog and cat (meat and bones only for the cat). To grind bones for our dog and cat, i pressure cook the chicken and beef bones till they are on the soft side and then i grind them with this grinder. It easily grinds the pressure cooked bones. Chicken bones take about 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours to pressure cook so you need to use a good amount of water in the pressure cooker (fill it half full with water) so it doesn’t cook dry while cooking the bones. Grinding the bones turns them into a pâté that our dog and cat just love. We use the bone broth as soup stock or we feed it to our pets, they love it too. We have an older 300 watt hobart kitchenaid (bought new in the 1980’s) which doesn’t even get warm when grinding lots of meat and vegetables.

Very heavy duty and easy to clean in the dishwasher.

I’ve used this grinder now to grind beef and pork with great results on both. The only thing i noticed was that pieces of meat can wrap around the interface between the worm drive and the cutting blade. It doesn’t impede the operation at all, just something to be aware of and maybe extract it before finalizing all your cuts. I just remove it and hand mince with a knife – we’re talking less than an ounce of meat. Don’t know why ka got out of the business of supplying a durable attachment but this is a great replacement.

Key specs for Heavy Duty Stainless Meat Grinder for Kitchenaid Mixer Priority Shipping:

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  • Heavy duty meat grinder for Kitchenaid stand mixers. Dishwasher safe stainless steel. Heirloom quality.

Comments from buyers

“Awesome Grinder!
, Best meat grinder we found after searching for quite a while! Awesome high quality overall.
, Good Grinder, Excellent Customer Service

I bought this since maybe around two years for my mother. She still uses it and loves it.

This grinder attachment is made of heavy cast stainless steel. It has high quality machining work as claimed. It fits the kitchen aid mixer perfectly. The little unit is compact and a little heavy weight. My only complaint is that the throat is only 1. Meat strips have to be cut not much larger than a big ball park frank to fit the throat. My mixer does not bog down much when i feed it fast. I don’t need to use the wooden tamper very much which needs special attention cleaning. The three grind plates are hd in ss too.

Have used it a few times works great.

Now i grind my own meat for burgers, much better.

Work good, not much more to say.

Grinds pretty tough meat even on low setting (2-4), which is quiet and can be safely done at night:) easy to use and clean. Pretty heavy, which is good, because no plastic can handle meat.

Bought this attachment as a gift for my husband. Our 1960 kitchen aid belonged to his late mother and is very special to both of us. The attachment fits perfectly. Thank you for a great product and your speedy delivery.

I was pleasantly surprised by the durability of this grinder and glad i chose it over the plastic kitchenaid version. It fit my kitchenaid stand mixer perfectly and gave great results when grinding partially frozen beef tenderloin.

We were a little hesitant to purchase this for our kitchen aide mixer, after all the negative reviews online with the multitude of meat grinder attachments. Well all i can say is that we sure got a winner here. The quality is a 4 star for sure. The company is very receptive to any questions and helpful. I cannot state enough how impressed we are with this product after reading horror stories with the other brands. I would gladly recommend this hightower heavy duty meat grinder to my best friends with out any hesitation.

Owner this for about a year now and used it for two deer seasons. This makes very easy work of grinding meat and is super easy to clean. Many times better than the plastic kitchen aid attachment and much easier to both store and clean than a dedicated grinder.

This was more expensive than the other items but so worth it.

This is sooo much better then the cheap plastic ones sold in the stores. It grinds bones and is really amazing.

I’ve used this meat grinder twice making ground pork and chicken. Partially freezing the meat chunks made the meat grinding a breeze. Immediately cleaning the discs with warm soapy water made the cleanup job easy. Prior to finding this grinder attachment online i had purchased the plastic kitchenaid grinder attachment. Upon receipt and inspection of the plastic one i decided to return it (unused) since i didn’t think it would stand the test-of-time. This heavy duty stainless meat grinder attachment fit my kitchenaid lift-style mixer perfectly and i can confidently say i believe it will meet my needs for many years to come.

I used this for the first time yesterday to make up a 10# batch of pork sausage. The difference between this unit and the kitchenaid unit is night and day. First the metal housing looks, feels and works like a finely tuned machine and appears that this will last a really long time. My first ka grinder split just behind the ‘screw on die holder’ when doing some really course and hard meats, but i just don’t see this one doing that any time soon. The die’s and cutter work extremely well and i really like the coarser dies that ka doesn’t offer (i did buy the die’s from this same company for the ka and i do really like them too). If there were 1 con i could come up with would be the funky dowel in the side of the push stick – i understand that it is there so people don’t eat up the push rod in the worm gear, and was probably put there by their lawyers incase somebody choked on a piece of wood, but really?. I guess that is sort of like the warning sticker on a clothes iron that says not to iron you clothes on your body 🙂 off my soapbox. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is serious about grinding meats that owns a ka stand mixer. 5qt (about 25+ yrs old) and a newer 6qt and used both in my sausage making endeavor and both worked extremely well with this grinder.

High quality very sturdy would recommend.

Arrived on time and the product is well.

After reading many reviews on lesser quality units i ordered this one and i’m glad i did. I have nothing to compare it to other than my own high standards and expectations. . It meets them all with ease.

Works amazingmuch stronger then the plastic one’seasy to clean and to get parts.

Absolutely wonderful product.

Well worth the money to make homemade hamburger.