This is our favorite new investment. Takes less oil than our other propane fryer. Heats up quickly and is literally a set it and forget it situation. It even has a nice digital timer right on the unit so you don’t over do whatever you are frying. Steams as well which i can’t wait to try out. And had a drain spout for easy cleaning.

I use it for thanksgiving and christmas each year.

Only complaint is the power cord is short, limiting where you can place the cooker. Needs to be at least another 3′.

Just used it to fry a 15 lb turkey over christmas. Turkey was succulent crisp, juicy and yummy. And amazed it only took 1 hour to completely fry.Roasted turkey bye bye, hello fried turkey.

  • Good Buy
  • Everything came out great, it took about 35 minutes to get to
  • Tender and Juicy Turkey

23011615 Butterball XL Electric Fryer

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    by entering your model number.
  • Fries turkeys up to 20lbs. in the aluminum cooking basket with drain clip
  • Analog controls and digital timer with thermostat temperature control
  • 1,650 watt electric heating element heats oil quickly
  • Cleaning is easy with the convenient oil drain valve
  • Designed and tested to meet commercial standards
  • Magnetic break-away power cord for safety
  • Fries turkeys up to 20lbs. in the aluminum cooking basket with drain clip
  • 1,650 watt electric heating element heats oil quickly
  • Cleaning is easy with the convenient oil drain valve
  • Designed and tested to meet commercial standards

The stainless steel give it a clean look, instructions and controls are easy to understand. Like others have stated the power cord is way too short and it won’t safely fit on a standard counter top with cupboards. I had to use a power strip which had a breaker that kept on tripping resulting in lower my oil temperature. The way the handle is attached to the basket a turkey will cause the basket to list to on side when placing it in the hot oil. The lid does a great job in prevent oil splatter; however, be aware that condensation build up on the underside of the lid as well as steam can result in severe burns if not careful. I fried a 17 lb turkey and the skin didn’t come out crispy as in a traditional turkey fryer. Clean up of the fryer is absolutely impressive. Everything cleans with a wipe of a sponge, no breaking a sweat with a brillo pad. Also, no need for a funnel when returning your oil back the container. The oil spigot is about 1″ off the bottom allowing for all the drippings to settle to the bottom allowing for clear oil return to the container.

The temperature dropped by 10 degrees when i lowered the turkey into the oil and never recovered to the set point.

Got this fryer to deep fry a turkey for the holidays. Takes up a lot of room though. A friend wanted to borrow it for a crayfish boil and i haven’t seen it since then, lol. I won’t be buying another one because i simply don’t have the room for it.

I was a little bit uneasy as i’ve never deep-fried a turkey and i’ve heard a lot of horror stories but this is truly an idiot proof. There is a heating coil inside the unit so even if the oil overflows it will not catch on fire. Cleaning it kind of sucked but considering it only took an hour and 45 minutes to cook a 12 pound turkey that was honestly the juiciest turkey i’ve ever had.

I had the smaller version and bought up this year. This is the best kitchen appliance you’ll buy. My kids refuse to eat any other cooked turkeys – and you can use this for crab boils or fried chicken if you want.

What’s thanksgiving in south without fried turkey. This electronic version is far less likely to burn your house down. I’ve used both gas and electric and you cannot tell a difference with end product. You should expect some oil popping and a bit of a mess when you are done. Upgraded to this unit because it’s hard to find turkeys small enough for other fryers. Usually fry two turkeys each year. Only one complaint about this unit. It’s magnetic plug quick release has a hair trigger. I understand it’s that way for safety, but i’ve had it come loose during a turkey fry and ruined the meal. Monitor it closely when cooking to be sure this doesn’t happen to you.

I’ve been frying turkeys for over 10yrs now, and at every event, i have been relegated to being outside supervising the fryer. The setup was super easy, it took just slightly longer for the oil to heat up compared to propane and took it took just as long. The process of removing the turkey from the oil is also now a one man job. The cleanup couldnt be any easier, it breaks down and allows for easy and fast cleaning, without any wasted oil,. Again the process of re bottling the oil was reduced to a one man job. I did not bring this in the house yet, as the everalasting scent of fried goodness is not something we care for on the regular inside the house.

Amazing, will never cook a turkey in the oven again.

Hands down best fryer i’ve ever bought. We especially love the fact that you can drain it and clean it every time. It may seem like a pain but how often do you actually fry no more oil sitting in the container forever. I know this sounds like a commercial but it is not.

This fryer has been amazing. I bought it before thanksgiving in preparation of the the big day. It is easy to use and set up. I did a test turkey breast before thanksgiving and it turned out good, it was slightly over cooked, so i recommend going on the shorter side of the recommended cooking times. The thanksgiving turkey turned out amazing, everyone loved it, including the mother in law :-)i have also been using it to fry wings for tailgating and they turn out perfect. I was very skeptical of the clean up. The video makes it look so easy. The oil drain nozzle works very well and the fact that it can go in the dishwasher makes it even easier. If you are looking for a great indoor fryer, this is the best bet.

Never had a fried turkey before, so we decided to buy this to make our own. Now, we have to find a place for the oil. So, the oil is good for a few more frying’s. But, it is peanut oil and it is 2.

This unit will do a large turkey in around a hour. Fill it with oil, we use peanut oil, get it to operating temperature and slowly submerse the turkey. Set the timer, based on the weight, and relax. When the timer goes off you will have a perfectly fried turkey. We use a canjun injected marinade for a little spicy flavor.

I have used this product for a couple of years now, including 2 thanksgivings and i couldn’t be happier. Pros:set and forget temperature. No more having to monitor the oil temperature or fiddle with a dang propane safety buttondrain valve. This really helps with draining the oil. I used to be peeved that the drain wasn’t all the way at the bottom, as it keeps some oil down there you still have to deal with. Then i realized this was a good thing as it keeps all the food bits at the bottom. This allows you to reuse your oilno smoke. We had smoke the very first time we used it, but never after that. We can easily fit our turkey or a butt ton of chicken wings in it. No more making wings in small batches. We can all eat together nowcons:the alarm isn’t that loud, so i just use my phone or kitchen timer.

October 2016i’ve used rotisserie to cook my turkeys for over 10 years with awesome results. The drawback to using that method is securing the limbs, putting it on the spit and cleanup was an unfriendly chore. So, for the holidays this year i decided to try deep fried turkey but did not want to stay outside babysitting when i needed to be inside cooking the rest of the meal. Did some research and found this improved model and pulled the trigger and ordered it with a little bit of skepticism. I’ve seen some reviews saying the skin was not crispy or food was sticking together or even cook times were longer then recommended. My response to all of that is they did not follow instructions. I fried a 15lb turkey in less than an hour that was room temperature, injected and rubbed with a little dry seasoning. The fryer took 35 minutes to heat up and i followed the instructions and the results were near perfect. So, from fridge to table took about 2 to 2 1/2 hours compared to 4 – 5 hours with the rotisserie. The skin was crispy and all of the meat was flavorful and juicy.

Easy to set up and breakdown. Does not create a bad ‘fry’ smell in your kitchen. The men loved cooking the turkey and i loved not having to get up at 5am to put the bird in the oven. We have also used it for chicken fingers & onion rings.

Haven’t used it for steaming or boiling yet, but turkey comes out perfect, with a lot less mess and clean-up than propane fryers. Electrical cord with that magnetic hook up is not the best, but can be tolerated. Don’t understand the warning not to use an extension cord. My extension cords carry more current than the fryer cord. Ps- i used an extension cord, and the fryer worked just fine.

I purchased this back in august knowing i was making thanksgiving this year. We have the outdoor deep fryer which we used once and loved the deep fried turkey. This year i wanted to deep fry but not outside so i saw the butterball indoor electric turkey fryer xl. We had a 16lb bird so i just cleaned the bird and let it sit. I started the oil (peanut oil) and when the unit was ready my husband slowly lowered the bird in. I did not season the bird or inject it with anything. I just let that baby fry naked. About 62 minutes later we tested the temp and that baby was ready to be taken out. The bird was a beautiful golden color and smelled amazing. We let the turkey sit untouched while i finished all the other thanksgiving staples.

I bought this to fry a turkey for our holiday potluck on the job. I followed the instructions. The turkey was literally destroyed by my co-workers and two of my bosses can’t stop talking about it. It cleaned up like a breeze. This was a very good investment. Do yourself a favor if you are on the fence, get it.

Igloo Vertical Freezer : Five Stars

It makes a little noise but you should get acclimated to it within a few hours the first night. Great for freezing ice blocks to put in my coolers for work.

We love this freezer we are full time rv’ers and we have a small refrigerator and freezer we was having to shop 3and4 times a month now we shop once a month don’t know how we made it without this the last 3 years.

Vertical Freezer, 1.1 cu. ft, White

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    by entering your model number.
  • 1.1 Cu Ft Vertical Freezer – Perfect for Small Spaces
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Leveling Legs
  • Reversible Door
  • Full Width Shelves

I live in a studio apartment and my fridge is a small version but i like to cook a lot and freeze leftovers so i bought this for a little extra space. Plugged it in, working just fine, pretty quiet. We’ll see how much my electricity bill goes up.

This came with a very dented front corner and dent in back. I decided to see if it still sealed door shut before going through the trouble of returning it. Since it works, i am keeping it. But for next big purchase like this, i will go somewhere myself.

Just big enough to hold the extra’s that cram up the regular freezer.

Vertical Freezer, 1.1 cu. ft, White : This is a great little freezer. I have used it almost constantly since purchase and it works perfectly. It is not very noisy, easy to defrost and clean. Update: i have owned it now for nearly two years and it is still working perfectly. It freezes ice cubes quickly and keeps everything i put in perfectly frozen. I only have defrosted it twice in that time and as soon as the defrosting is finished — not long — it purrs right back on, i keep it on our second floor along with a small fridge and microwave and together they save me many trips up and down the stairs. I can’t recommend this little freezer highly enough.

I got it to store extra breast milk.

Perfect for just a little more space to carry more frozen food in our motor home.

Holds a fair amount of small boxes of food.

I used this freezer for my work to keep a few frozen snacks for kids. It kept temperature but it had ice build up as soon as i started it. I open it only once a the day if i need to pull a snack. Ice build up was in the middle of freezer’s celling. It tells me that insulation job was poorly done in that area and it allowed warm air leak inside. I do not know long compressor it will last with constant heat influx. If it would be for my home use i would return it.

This freezer is a huge help for me. In caring for an elderly person, the ice cream must be hidden or it all disappears in one sitting. This freezer will fit 7 half gallons of ice cream.

With fearful so far, came on time and was in perfect condition. I’m a truck driver and even in my truck it freezes solid. It fits enough food for me to eat for almost a month.

Works well and is very quiet.

I use it to store my e3live supplies, it’s just what i needed, not to big, not to small. There’s plenty of space even if you choose to use it for meats.

A little noisier than i hoped but nothing crazy. Has a little whirring sound every 30-45 mins that lasts about 2-5 mins.

Lightweight, simple freezer that does the job. Best deal for a small freezer. Only note is that i thought it was going to be roomier inside, however it does fit quite a bit.

Used for outdoor events, ice cream social.

Holds a temperature right on the mark.

Works perfectly, great product, and handy size.

So far so good, the item did arrive half out of box , did not have any dents, just a small ding, but do not know whether that was the manufacturer or ups. Freezer runs well and keeps everything very cold and frozen. Bought for my husband for his bait for fishing.

Perfect little freezer for the price. Quickly freezes items rock – hard, and it’s very quiet. Decent – enough storage space for plenty of ice and other items.

Fits perfectly under my kitchen table.