Koolatron 45-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cellar, nice wine cellar

I am pretty disappointed in this product. First, when i unboxed it the package had already been cut around the bottom (as if it was a return that was re-shipped. I decided that if the factory checked it out, it must be ok and put it into service. Well it works as a cooler just fine but it is annoyingly noisy every time the unit ‘runs’. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Looks great and is super quiet. Keeps nice consistent cool temperature.

Have not had any problems with this wine fridge in over 4 months. Led lights are bright and very blue. Instant topic of conversation when guests are over.

Key specs for Koolatron 45-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cellar:

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  • 45-bottle capacity. Cooling chambers can be set at different temperatures. Dark interior.
  • Soft interior light. Removable wine racks. Electronic temperature control.
  • Model: WC45. Imported.

Comments from buyers

“Very satisfied with this product
, I love this wine cellar
, holds everything pretty well. fatter bottles (syrah or prosecco) are limited

We love that there is separate temperature controls for the white and the red wine.

This is a very nice looking cooler, and it cools the wine bottles. However, neither section of mine achieves a temperature any lower than 54 degrees. Also, it does not hold 45 bottles unless all of them are the slim round-shouldered type such as bordeaux or sauvignon blanc. Since most of us keep a variety of wines on hand that come in bottles of different sizes, describing it as a 45 bottle cooler is misleading.

This is a very beautiful and quiet wine cooler. However it’s disappointing that it doesn’t fit all the bottles it says it would. We have normal cab bottles and they don’t all fit.

Had smaller one that coat more and could it keep the white wines cold enough. This one works great and the dual zone works as advertised.Our last one died after 2 year and we need it fast. Regular shipping had it here in 5 days and we got it in 3 days which rocked. My wife was stoked how fast it came in to save our wines. I was a hero for buying this one.

Easily set up and working well.

Able to fit bottles as i wanted.

Very nice appealing look besides great storage capacity.

Not as pretty or as spacious in the interior as my old vinotemp, but seems to be humming along very nicely. Quiet, well lit and the separate temp sections for reds and whites are an added plus.

Great price great product delivered right away.

Pulling shelf out kind of clunky and not very stable. Its compressor is noticeable when on. Temperature are accurately maintain in both compartment.

Very satisfied with this product. Both chambers work well and cool to their respective target temperatures. The only aspects holding back from a five star review:- the wire wine racks are a bit narrow, designed for classic wine bottle shape. Thicker bottles (think your bell shaped pinot noir and chardonnay bottles, or expensive cabernets bottled in thick glass) are tougher to fit five (5) bottles per row. – wine fridge isn’t entirely quiet. It puts off some white noise, but nothing overly bothersome or noticeable. Excellent product for the price. Won’t fit under a counter top, but fits well into narrow spaces, has good capacity for a dual-zone wine fridge and performs as advertised.

Just wish i could make it a little colder.

First, i have never seen anything so well packed. The actual carton that contained the wine cellar was packed inside another very sturdy carton and all four corners were cushioned by heavy foam packing, as well as both the top and bottom. Inside the actual product container, there was styrofoam packing around the wine cellar itself. The shelves/racks were taped into place so they couldn’t shift around, the aluminum trim was protected by plastic film, the doors were taped shut, and there were styrofoam blocks keeping the doors from shifting any. I plugged the cooler in and placed a refrigerator thermometer inside, checked it 12 hours later and the top portion (set at 62 degrees) was spot on. Placed the thermometer inside the bottom portion (set at 52 degrees) and the thermometer registered 52 degrees. (note: give or take a degree on way or the other in case my eye sight was a little off. )have had the wine cellar for 5 days now and have found it to be quiet in operation as well. I will post again in a month or two with an update but so far i am very pleased and i’m a grumpy old curmudgeon.

Holds everything pretty well. Fatter bottles (syrah or prosecco) are limited to 4 shelf, but that’s no surprise.

Took a little effort to get it level but very happy with purchase. Like most units it only hold 45 bottles of all bottles are standard cabernet bottles. I can fit mid-30s for total bottles having a few syrah, pinot noir and other wines in the mix.

It is a bit louder than i would like but no worse that any decent refrigerator.

So far it’s worked perfectly. I have it actually in my living room currently, and i can’t hear it.

My girlfriend was very happy with the wine cellar.

Been working beautifully since we got it a couple months ago. Very happy with the purchase.

Consider this a quick pre-review. My wife got one of these, she was specifically looking for a thermoelectric wine fridge. While the unit seems ok it is not thermoelectric (or at least not only thermoelectric). It has a normal compressor and makes about as much noise as a small (dorm-room type) refrigerator — i can hear it in the next room (but that room is all tile and this one is hardwood). No where in the documentation does it claim to be thermoelectric, i suppose it’s possible they use a mix of conventional and thermoelectric cooling and just don’t mention it, but that seems unlikely. I think it’s much more likely that this was a typo on the part of whoever listed the item. (the same company makes a smaller wine fridge that is thermoelectric, maybe they started by copying & editing that listing, etc. ) but if you’re specifically looking for a thermoelectric (completely silent, highly efficient, vibration free) wine refrigerator, this unit is not one of those. (i work with thermoelectric coolers on stuff i build at work, so i have some idea what i’m saying. ) that’s not to say it’s a bad unit, larger wine refrigerators like this usually aren’t thermoelectric, it’s difficult to get enough cooling power from them for a fridge this size.

It replaces a magic chef 44 bottle dual zone wine fridge that developed compressor issues following other problems, so it was time for a new one. I wanted a dual zone model as i store white wines and craft beer bottles. I also wanted a moderately large one as there are a couple of wines and beers not available where i live so i tend to stock up. This koolatron seemed to fit the bill after a lot of research. Pluses:i like the tall, narrow size. It’s perfect for where i wanted it. The black glass and brushed metal look is attractive. It arrived much quicker than promised. It does hold my taller bottles (gewurztraminers, reislings, etc. The interior lights (one each for top and bottom sections) are effective and easy to control. The controls are handy, intuitive, and activated through a touch panel on the top front of the unit.