Cuisinart DLC-2ASM Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor : Love it!

Cute and lightweight and works well.

I like this little puppy a lot. Love the shade of blue, and love that it’s perfect for making pureed foods for my husband following his gastric bypass. I’ve made creamed cauliflower and we puree his campbell’s soups in this before adding water and heating. The only issue is that it doesn’t lock in the “on” mode – you have to hold down the button. I also would not recommend this for very large jobs, such as coleslaw for a party, unless you don’t mind chopping/mixing in batches. Plusses:great colorblends wellblades nice and sharpgood motoreasy to cleanminuses:does not lock on “on” positionsome leakage noted on the blade pin when i disassembled for washing, but did not leak into motor.

Great for making baby food purees.

  • Cuisinart food processor in blue
  • Still a five-star!
  • Excellent product. Chops onions

Cuisinart DLC-2ASM Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor, Sapphire

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  • 3-Cup work bowl with handle
  • Exclusive auto-reversing Smart Power blade for two powerful processing options
  • Spatula and instruction/recipe book
  • Stainless steel blade with sharp and blunt edges
  • Dishwasher-Safe parts

I bought this cuisinart food processor mainly to chop items like onions and peppers to use in homemade salsa. I’ve had it for a few months, and it works really great. It chops food quickly and easily, as long as you don’t overfill the bowl. I recommend reading the instructions beforehand. I love the blue color; it looks so nice. My only negative with this product is that it is quite small. I do wish they had one that was sized larger than this but smaller than the heavy duty professional 12-cup cuisinart food processor. Overall, a good buy, and it does what it says it will do. I like this product and would recommend others buy it.

I bought this to replace an older cuisinart food processor. I wanted something that was smaller and had a good name. I saw all the colors and knew i wanted the sapphire but the the watermelon was close. It is just perfect for my needs. It looks great in my kitchen as i have blue glass tiles a backsplash.

Having used this for several months, i reiterate my rating as a five-star product.

Great price – packaged securely.

Just wish it was a little bigger, but that’s my own fault.

I expected too much from this mini-version of the workhorse full sized cuisinart food processor we’ve had for (yes) 30 years. I wanted a slicer that was sufficient for preparing meals for 2. It does what it’s intended to do but i wouldn’t call it a food processor if all it can do is chop.

It’s a great little processor. So much easier to get out than my big one.

Recommend to any one wanting to shred.

I received on time and it has worked perfectly.

This one is replacing one i’ve had for years. Actually, i really only needed to replace the blade as it was showing wear at the base, but for a little more money, i got the whole machine.

Chops onions, garlic, pepper, practically any veggies and saves the time of having to cut them yourself. Very happy with the product. Have used it a couple of times a week when prepping dinner.

Use it nearly every day to grind meats, chop garlic, prepare salad dressings, etc. Bought as presents for family members.

This was a wedding gift but i have always used a cuisinart mini prep food processor. It works great and forest take up a lot of counter space. Perfect for small kitchens, but perfect for anybody and any size kitchen.

No more crying chopping onions.

I am very satisfied with the cuisinart processor and would gladly recommend it.

It’s perfect for chopping nuts, making a quick salsa, or making breadcrumbs from leftover bread.

The product is great, just the color is not bright as picture.

Best price, best size, best mini chopper we have ever used,.

VACMASTER PRO350 Suction Vacuum Sealer, This is a beast of a machine. I have

This is a beast of a machine. I have vacuum sealed roughly 3000 packages with this machine and it is a boss.

Very sturdy and very easy to use. 5 secs and i haven’t had any seal failures. The machine is so fun and easy to use, i find myself looking around the house for things to bag. I’ve thought about trying one of the cats and they seem to read my thoughts. They hide when they hear the machine turn on.

Just got this vacuum sealer this week and did a bunch of sealing 20 – 30 bags. Automatic features and manual control. Even allows you to adjust the sealing time for thicker/thinner bags. It pulls a tight vacuum and creates a nice wide seal on a bag. It has a cooling fan, so maybe the vacuum pump will have a longer life?. I did a bunch of research because i didn’t want a product for $60-100 that was made of plastic that i’d have to toss after a year. I wanted something that seemed solidly constructed and built to last. The vacmaster pro 350 seemed like it fit the bill.

Key specs for VacMaster PRO350 Suction Vacuum Sealer:

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  • Extend your food freshness up to five times longer than traditional storage systems.
  • Convenient roll cutter and storage built into the machine.
  • A unique and practical transparent lid allows you to easily check bag placement on the seal bar.
  • With a new intuitive digital panel control, vacuum packaging hard cheeses, meals, veggies and even fish and game is incredibly easy.
  • An extra wide seal wire gives heavy-duty, leak-proof protection.

Comments from buyers

“Great choice for a heavy-duty suction vacuum sealer
, and we’ve not had any seals go bad in the freezer
, I love it, very easy to use and I use

All i can say is the negative feedback must be from folks who don’t know how to read the instructions and set it up properly. It’s a champ and i’ve run 150 feet of bags already. If you buy it you won’t be disappointed.

After using the vacmaster pro350 for a few months now, i love it, very easy to use and i use it almost daily for sealing bags and canisters. Takes a little more counter space than my old foodsaver, but not that bad. Like the wider seal band on the bags, also adjustable heat times to accomodate other brand bags is nice. Only thing i wish it had was a removeable tray in the vacuum chamber to make it easier to clean up when a small amount of liquid gets sucked from the bag during sealing.

Works well with their bags would not work with 4mil bulk rolls at that price it should work with any bags sent it back.

Wasn’t sure how much we would use it but it is easy to operate and works great. I can now buy in bulk and freeze without the worry of freezer burn.

After fighting with several models of foodsavers over many years, i discovered this gem. Does everything i hoped for faster and with greater reliability. Pulse seal – one of the neatest perks is the ‘pulse. ‘ i like to freeze homemade bread, cakes, and cookies. With the foodsaver it was a guess when to stop the vacuuming process and press the seal button. I invariably left in too much air or crushed what i was sealing. With the vacmaster pulse you can stop the vacuum process at the exact point you need, then press the seal button. Seal bar – wide seal bar, what more can i can?.

We have to ‘fiddle’ with it often to get it to work. I expected better quality, than the countertop models that do the same thing.

Phenomenal vacuum sealer great for sealing liquids using the purge button.

Fantastic sealer, i have had many low end sealers and finally opted to this unit and i love it, awsome.

Very nice quality, i like the pulse feature, makes it easier to seal delicate items.

This is a great sealer, if you don’t mind doing a little extra. It isn’t a fully automatic machine like a foodsaver. This machine has several manual features that make it a much more versatile sealer. The seal is much wider, the vacuum is much stronger, and the storage tray will hold bulk rolls of bag material. My biggest problem with my previous foodsaver was long wait between seals, that isn’t a problem anymore. I don’t have any issues myself, but some people may not like the large size. I must put it away between uses, so it’s not always readily available.

Hands down the best vac sealer that i have owned in my 62 plus years.

I do a ton of wild game processing and food sealing. In the neighborhood of several hundred bags per year. This machine replaced (3) food savers that were getting weak after only a few years. After one year, this machine has never failed to seal, and we’ve not had any seals go bad in the freezer. The previous sealers i had, about 25% would go bad. It has also never overheated, which is a tremendous time saver.

Quality machine, and has roll storage and cutter built in. Pulse is a nice feature to control the length of time to vacuum for moist items. It also has 3 settings for the amount of vacuum applied.

Works great super easy to use.

The vacmaster pro350 works and operates l0 times more efficient than a meal-a-seal, being a hunter and processing game during the bagging and sealing is a non stop operation, where the meal a seal product a person has to wait for the heat sores to re-heat with thevacmaster there is no waiting.

I expected this model to be more than the previous one thats discontinued. The outlook overall looked quite ‘pro’. Wasn’t expecting much at this price range vacuum sealer but this one is really average. Has the capacity to hold a 50′ roll of vacuum packing roll. But does not fully suck out the air even at max. I tried contacting vacmaster and they did not even bother to reply. Its like a glorified sealing machine sans the vacuuming function.

Three deers, 50 chickens, 10 rabbits and a goat still going strong.

Vacmaster was great about product support when i had problems with the unit.

This is a heavy, and seemingly well constructed piece of equipment. I only just received it, replacing a foodsaver that i’d had for several years, but had used only lightly and off-and-on. The vacmaster pro350 is a much more ‘serious’ machine and i’m very happy with the purchase. I also have a vacmaster chamber vacuum in shipping/storage, but i’m on a one-year job assignment and won’t see my chamber vac for about a year. I was in the middle of starting a long sous vide cook when my foodsaver died, and i can’t imagine not cooking sous vide until i’m reunited with my chamber vac. I compared the weston 2300 and i also looked at the vacmaster pro380. It seems the pro380 is identical except for the wider (16′) seal bar. I don’t need something so big, thus my choice of the pro350. The weston had more and better reviews – it seems like a great choice. However, i had good luck with my vacmaster chamber vacuum, so customer/brand loyalty figured into my decision.

Nostalgia RMO400RED Retro 0 : Adds Character and Charm to my Red Kitchen

I needed a dash of bold color, red, on my kitchen. This pairs up nicely with hamilton beach electric kettle. Shown in picture for size comparison.

I debated buying this for some time; i’m not rich, and i knew it was more practical to go for a microwave half this price. That said, i’m so glad i went for it, because the look of this microwave alone justifies the higher price. Not only that, but it works every bit as well as higher-power microwaves i’ve used; mine is the 800-watt model, but heats faster than 1100-watt ones i’ve used in the past. My only concern at this point is that once this one dies (hopefully not for well over a decade), i’ll never find another one as awesome again.

Nostalgia RMO400RED Retro 0.9 Cubic Foot 800-Watt Countertop Microwave Oven – Retro Red

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    by entering your model number.
  • 800-Watts Cooking Power : At 0.9 cubic foot, this microwave provides the cooking power needed to quickly cook and reheat foods
  • Customizable Cooking Settings : 12 pre-programmed cooking settings and delay timer provide options for the optimal heating of popular foods like popcorn, pizza, potatoes, veggies and more
  • Digital Clock : Easy-to-read LED display lights up the digital clock and highlights each cooking setting
  • Even Cooking : Rotating glass carousel helps cook food evenly
  • Retro Accents : A sleek chrome door handle, control panel and accents add fun and flair to this unique retro-styled appliance
  • Note: Kindly refere user manual before user for How To Operate, Helpful Tips and Cleaning & Maintenance

The shipping container wasn’t too solid, i did have one back corner that’s a bit bent, but it doesn’t seem to affect the unit. The directions are impossibly confusing, but the nice things is if you don’t set the clock it doesn’t flash 12:00, so your laziness isn’t on display for all to see. If you push the round dial it auto-starts to 1 minute, and then you just roll the dial back and forth to add/remove time. I haven’t needed to use any other function. I do find that i need to add a bit more time to heat things up, but for the size and the cost it’s really a solid little microwave.

First, my technical analysis: it works and it is so darn cute. When my 25 year old behemoth microwave gave up the ghost recently, i seached amazon for a replacement and once i saw this one (in red) i couldn’t find anything else i liked as much. Reading the mixed reviews, i was a little hesitant, but decided to go for it. It arrived 3 days early, packaged perfectly and i was able to carry it into the kitchen myself (unlike the old one, which i could barely lift off the counter and had to ‘walk’ out side because it was too heavy to carry). There will be a steep learing curve for me. I was so used to increasing the cooking time by at least half with the old one. But the manual is very clear and explains the settings clearly (i will, however, have to keep it handy for awhile if i venture beyondsimply reheating coffee/leftovers or preparing frozen chicken sandwiches; you can set it for multiple functions). And the seller sent an e-mail with their email and phone number to call with any questions. How often does that happen?one of the reviews mentioned it lacked power. Well my first test use was to reheat my coffee: i set it for the usual 2:22 minutes. Removed the cup from the microwave, put in a spoonful of sugar and whoosh. It foamed up and overflowed. Those molecules were thoroughly agitated.There’s my learning curve again.

I have had this microwave for a few months now and i have no complaints. I have gotten several compliments from guest about it’s attractiveness. So far so good, i would say it is worth the purchase.

Nostalgia RMO400RED Retro 0.9 Cubic Foot 800-Watt Countertop Microwave Oven – Retro Red : This isn’t one for making a thanksgiving dinner, but certainly worth the money spent. Easy controls, does its job and cooks evenly. Has a turntable inside and looks great.

Love love love this microwave. Using solidly for 3 months now. Does only go in 10-sec increments, though. Hint: don’t throw away the plate stabilizer. I did that and it still works, but i need to buy a replacement. It got tossed out w/ the box.

It started to rust on the inside and then the table turning mechanism got all chewed up and quit working. We bought it specifically for its looks. It has a working turn table. A bag of popcorn has a hard time spinning because of the inside dimensions so buy single – portion smaller bags. I have cooked several good size gords of squawsh cut in halves one half at a time. Other than that i heat soup or leftovers in it and its doing its job. It has great vintage looks and it works. Probably the smallest they make but it works for all our little jobs. We don’t need a giant microwave any more.

I read the reviews before i bought this little gem and some were very iffy, loud noise, didn’t heat etc. I almost did not buy it but i loved the style so i gave it a shot. Mine does not display any of those issues. It cooks and heats great and doesn’t make any louder of a noise than any other microwave i have had. I love the style and size 🙂 super cute and i am very happy with my purchase.

Missing the piece that makes it go around.

So cute it’s ridiculous, and i absolutely love the dial feature. Controls are so intuitive i haven’t even looked at the manual. Not as powerful as my previous ugly white microwave (which, still working after 10 years, just got demoted to my office), but working so far. If it craps out in a short amount of time, i’ll edit to say so. But i am extremely happy with it initially. I bought it for its looks, of course – microwaves in particular have been ugly design disasters ever since they’ve been in existence, and this one is a welcome exception to that unfortunate trend. The plate rattles a little as it rotates, and the electronic beep would be much better as a retro ‘ding,’ but for such a low price and fast free shipping, it’s really nicer than i had hoped.

Not sure what the wattage is — seems to take a bit longer to heat things than other microwaves, but purchased this one for my retro kitchen so i was primarily going for the look.

Beautiful machine, arrived in excellent condition, color is gorgeous deep red with a car like shine that mimics the old car styles, bottom controls are nice, smooth and easy. Like anything new it takes a bit to get used to. The space inside is deep and great, you get a glass rotating table, super efficient when heating. Controls give you multiple options and there’s also a quick start button that operates in 30 second intervals up to 12 minutes. This was a christmas gift to my fiancé, he even admitted that he loves the sleek design and the retro style with the elements that pull you back to the 60’s. Would love a matching toaster in the same color to make a matching set. The machine operates semi quiet, no louder than any other microwave on the market.

The microwave is very well made and a great size. I bought the coffee maker and toaster too.

I was a little worried after reading some reviews. We have had no issues at all. Not a professional kitchen product i’d say. It is just a basic micro that looks cool. I will update if it goes south.

It’s small, red, and vintage-like. Loud and not particularly powerful, but if you’re just using it to reheat the occasional leftover, you’ll be happy.

This is my husbands account, but i’m usually the one to use it. My husband is the one who cooks, so he got to pick it out. It’s beautiful, sleek, and looks just like the picture. Works like a dream, and really spruced up our kitchen. We love it and couldn’t be happier.

It’s a stunner, bright red and looks 👍. Hoping functionality is good, only time will tell. I actually really like the dial function. Was super easy to figure out even without looking at the instructions.

Updated***amazon sent me a replacement and did not have me try to return the original one. Thank you amazonthis one works great and just the darned cutest microwave i ever seen.Original review:i was so excited to receive this microwave. Sadly, i tried to use it last night, with a house full of people of course and although everything seemed in working order, it did not heat. I tried multiple settings and even unplugging the unit in an effort to reset it. Absolutely nothingnow i have to try to rebox this thing and return it. Should be interesting to say the least. I purchased the matching multi-function appliance as well. I guess i will be returning that as well as i will not be purchasing another microwave from nostalgia.

I was leary after reading numerous bad reviews, but i loved the look so i bought the three year extended warranty, for protection. So far it is working great does the job for me. The problem with the five star reviews is that, just like me they were written early in the use of the item. I cannot testify to the reliability of this item. Maybe i will be one of the lucky ones, maybe not. Either way i am covered with the extended warranty.

I am happy with this microwave, doesn’t get much space, looks very nice and presentable, works perfectly i always keep it clean, warm up the food perfectly. I have no complaints about this product makes look my kitchen with more style.

I love the look, and it does a good job of heating things. #1, which is my fault for not doing my research, it won’t fit oversized plates. Regular dinner plates, yes, but the slightly larger main salad or pasta plates?. #2: there’s no timer function on this microwave.