FoodSaver FSFSSL2222-P15 Vacuum Food Sealer & Starter Kit : Four Stars

I was surprised how much we use it. We reseal snack bags, frozen veg bags, all sorts of things. Also purchased the lid sealer for balltype jar lids, handy for storage of dry foods. Have has over 2 years and no problem.

Purchased to replace another brand and primarily used by my wife – outstanding. She absolutely fell in love with this the first time she used it, and the love affair has not cooled since that first date. This foodsaver vacuum food sealer works very well, is much quicker and somewhat quieter than our other/former brand, and purchased as part of a kit it included some sample bags and attachments for using alternative foodsaver vacuum storage products. Based on our experience this foodsaver product is a real winner and is highly recommended.

FoodSaver FSFSSL2222-P15 Vacuum Food Sealer & Starter Kit

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  • CrushFree Instant Seal helps protect delicate foods during sealing process
  • Extra Wide Sealing Strip seals rolls for custom sized bags
  • Starter Kit Contains (1) 11″ x 10′ FoodSaver® Roll, (3) Quart Size, (2) Gallon Size FoodSaver® Bags, & (1) Accessory Hose
  • Accessory port and hose (included) vacuum seals canisters and marinates food in minutes
  • 1-year limited warranty

I’ve had this for 2 years now and absolutely love it. I have had no issues with it and everything stays sealed tight. This foodsaver has been a great investment and has saved me lots of money. I love buying meat on sale and vacuum sealing it for a later date. The food always tastes just as fresh as the day i bought it and there is no freezer burn.

Takes a little practice but really works. My husband it a fisherman and hunter so we use this a lot.

I don’t know how i ever lived without this vacuum sealer. We travel a lot and have a rustic cabin. Having this to seal the food in before packing will make it so much easier and i don’t have to worry about ziplock bags unsealing. My girls are also vegetarian and this helps me to prep fruits and veggies for single serve meals in the freezer for them.

FoodSaver FSFSSL2222-P15 Vacuum Food Sealer & Starter Kit : The attachment for the containers did not originally come with them as stated but did arrive after i called. The same attachment is difficult to get the hang of but once you do it works well.

Works well and arrived on time.

Love,love this its helping me with my preps.

This is the only one to buy.

I have wanted one of these since they came to market. I am so satisfied with it because of the money we are saving. I now love to see meat or fruits and veggies go on sale.

Excellent way to save foods for longer periods of time.

Food does freeze a lot better.

Works great to keep your foods fresher just a bit longer. Easy to use, but i remember my parents older model one doing better when vacuuming items with some liquids in it. Not bad for the price, though.

A wonderful tool for the kitchen especially if you shop at costco.

This even seals those metallic patatoe chip bags.

The vacum sealing part takes a bit of getting used to. Comes with test bags and a free roll. If you are into the sous-vide cooking pretty cool.

Does’nt seem to vacuum as hard as it should.

It vacuum packs amd keeps your foods fresh longer, quickly and easily. It seems to be just what we needed. It’s especially nice when we buy meats at sams club, bjs wholesale or costco, less waste from spoiled or freezer burned food helps us to realise the savings from buying in quantity.

Makes buying meat in bulk easy to store.

Opened it and got started it is great.

There is a learning curve to deal with.

We use this at least on a weekly basis, sometimes everyday. Hubby goes fishing and brings home the catch and promptly vacuum seals it and in the freezer it goes. Aunt gifts #50 bags of dried pintos, we divide up the bag into more reasonable portions. I know this way however long it takes up to consume them, they should be good. I highly recommend this for the prepper and the household that likes to freeze or store anything.

Flexzion Commercial Ice Shaver Machine 143 lbs 180W Sno Snow Cone Maker Shaved Electric Stainless Steel Blade Icee Crusher Hand Push Slice Fruit Vegetable : Five Stars

Very nice machine, had sno-cone shaved ice in seconds, very happy with purchase.

We use when its super backed up from other slower shave ice machine, this is more of a snow cone constancy we use for slushies, get product and has hold up really well, only thing that the hopper doesnt close all the way so ice melts and doesnt get caught in the bowl it just runs down the side of the machine, so it puddles under the machine after awhile.

I’ve used this shaver several times this summer serving hundreds of snow cones. Item is exactly as pictured and shaves ice really well. The hopper could be a few inches taller so you could get more ice in at one time so you wouldn’t have to stop and load it as often but it’s not that big of a deal. If your hoping you can take the bowl off and just shave ice straight into a cup or cooler you won’t have much luck. Their isn’t enough clearance from the ice chute and the bottom of the machine for a cup to fit and the hole isn’t large enough for the ice to fall straight through into a cooler. I just used the bowl to shave the ice into then dumped it into a larger container for scooping into cups. I have really enjoyed this machine so far and everything on it has held up great. If anything changes or breaks i will be sure to update my review.

We ordered the same model off of ebay for about $20 less but it arrived with bad packaging and basically destroyed. Paid the extra money on amazon and got a well packaged and fully functioning device.

  • Just What I Needed!
  • I’d buy another one!!
  • It makes finer shavings of ice if you can use a block

Flexzion Commercial Ice Shaver Machine 143 lbs 180W Sno Snow Cone Maker Shaved Electric Stainless Steel Blade Icee Crusher Hand Push Slice Fruit Vegetable for Party Restaurant Home Use

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Highly efficient motor can produce 143 lbs of shaved ice per hour to meet demands of large amount of ice in a relatively short time
  • Stainless steel shaving blade for higher shaving speed
  • The power cuts off automatically when the hopper is opened
  • Stable and heavy base; Sleek eye-catching shape is perfect to keep on a tabletop
  • Low maintenance very simple and convenient to operate

I love my shaved ice machine. It’s fast and not to big but works great.

This is a great product for making sno-cones. I thought by using the word shaver machine that it was a shaved ice machine. But my family and i have enjoyed so many sno-cones. I found a metal shaving inside one of my ice cups and haven’t had any issues since. For fast sno-cones at home this item is good. When you start the process it is necessary to move the bowl in a circular motion so the ice does not clump up in one area.

First of all, i didn’t get the model i ordered. I ordered flexzion commercial ice shaver machine 143 lbs 180w ( $99. 59) but what i received was 200w 1450r/min 143 lbs ($64. I reported amazon and got my refund on the difference. If you order one, pay attention on which model you receive. In the term of the machine itself, it work fine so far. We use cube ice for crushing and we get fine shaving ice. We were happy and don’t feel sorry that we ordered we make.

Just love it, however, the price is higher than what my friend paid for hers.

I like it we’re enjoying some milk shakes esp this summer 😊.

Fast, super easy, almost nothing to clean up.

Using this to make sno-cones to sell at school events. It’s pretty noisy, so we keep it in another room and shave ice as we need it. But it’s fast, and the ice it makes is nice and snowy.

My coworkers and i all chipped in to get this. We work outside in extreme heat and needed something nice to help cool off. It is used every day and so far has payed itself off.

It makes finer shavings of ice if you can use a block of ice shaped like the tube. We have small bowls that work. Any ice left in the machine melts and doesn’t go into the bowl.

Comes out like “snow” not slush and i use my ice straight from my freezer. We use this multiple times a day. The only complaint i would have is the left over ice in the machine melts and ends up all over but i just add a towel underneath the machine or sometimes clean out the ice and problem solved. But it is nothing that would stop me from purchasing again. I actually plan on buying another one for my parents for a bday present :-).

Easy to use, turn on power, put ice in and pull handle down. Easy to clean, just wipe down and store. I got this at a discount for an honest review.

Definitely a good product, completely fill my expectations, i will recommend.

I absolutely love my new ice shaver. It works perfectly, even adults go crazy for it.

This shaves ice perfectly and quick.

This has been our favorite ‘toy’ of the year. I bought this back in may for my son’s birthday party. It was snoopy themed and we had a snoopy snow cone shaver that is really more for the novelty than a practical snow cone maker, but he insisted it wouldn’t be a snoopy party without a snow cone. I couldn’t image spending an hour shaving one piece of ice to get a thimble full of snow cone. That and the fact that my son spends the price of a small island each summer making us take him to the little snow cone trucks in town got me to look into a legitimate snow cone machine. I got this one after reading reviews on about 10 and bit the bullet as i was running out of time to get it in before the party. It is fast, super easy to use and truly makes ‘snow’. Not crushed ice but soft snow like you would find outside in the middle of winter. It is loud, but it literally takes about 5 seconds to crush a large cup of ice into snow cones (for one large cup of ice we can get 3 small cups of snow cone, and by small i mean the average size cup we use to drink oj out of in the morning).

Crushes ice easily and very fine.

Pretty much in love with this, aside from the fact that there’s always a little bit of ice that remains in the bottom and if you’re in a rush or you forget to scoop it out it leaks out the bottom all over the counter. I also wish it was raised a little bit to be able to put a different bowl underneath or a cup even. I knew it was low though so that’s not why i gave it four stars four stars is only because of the fact that it leaks.

Butterfly Desire 4-Jar Mixer Grinder : working great as advertised and received a day earlier than expected

I was not able to get the mixer grinder from india, hence i started researching for indian ones online. My mom has been using this model in india, so i purchased the same. It grinds all the masala’s well. I read reviews here where people were not happy with the sound it makes. But for the motor of high power, sound is obvious.

The product was working fine. But within a year the lid of the chutney jar became very loose hence the lid of the jar was not closing properly.

Was very scared to order a mixer grinder online after reading the horror stories of people purchasing it from great elect and gandhi elect. This one is sold by amazon and therefore i was very happy to give it a shot. However the date of manufacturing on the product is march 2013. I am not sure if this is really new or an used one. Items looked ok, have to run them to a thorough test still.

Grinds for vada in a couple of minutes, you have to use the small jar. Very good to prepare dough for dosa.

  • a year and half old product ?
  • The product is awesome but need more care while packaging and distributing.
  • Working absolutely fine

Butterfly Desire 4-Jar Mixer Grinder, 110-volt

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Juice Extractor with Pusher Included
  • 1 HP Motor; 110 Volts at 60hz
  • Safety cap for protection against dust
  • Warranty Details Included inside package
  • Comes with 4 Jars: 1.75L, 1.5L, 1.25L and 0.4L

Only 4 stars because, even though it comes with 3 jars, only 2 can be used.

This product was as expected and is working absolutely fine for more than 10 months now. I waited to write the review after checking its performance, we make batter for idlies, dosa and variety of chutnys and all are absolutely smooth and soft, not to forget to mention the juicer. One suggestion for folks who would buy this product is you actually don’t need all the 4 jars, there was an option to pay little less and reduce one jar.

We purchased this mixer grinder a month ago and has been using this mixer since then, this mixer is definitely stylish on screen as well as in my kitchen. I tested this mixer with both dry (like rice flour, idly powder etc) and wet loads (like idly/dosa batter, chutney etc) and also measured the actual wattage of the motor using a watt meter. The maximum it went was up to 650 watts and which point i reduced the load since i don’t want to run the mixer at its peak load for any amount of time. At least it confirms to me that this mixer is designed to run at 650 watts or above(i didn’t test it more than 650 watts and i trust the mixer can handle 750 watts as advertised). Most general loads runs at approximately 450 watts). Pros:1) i like the design and aesthetics of the mixer and jar. This jars looks beautiful and at the same time they are strong. In fact the jar are made with steel and then wrapped with plastic layer for beauty,. The jar lids are heavy plastic which i think wont break easily.

When i received, the packaging was damaged. Inside the base there were some moving parts and the screws are applied with some glue. And one of the jar war like used. I am sure its not the way butterfly manufacture products. I tried to return it but, we didn’t have any choice but use as our old one is completely out. And in spite of these comments, the mixer grinder is fully functioning and no issues so far. I would like the distributors to take care in future.

I had been using this product for about a year. Its great for indian cooking style and not so great (good) for others. I have both positive and negative reviews. Big jar is great to make dosa batter for one time use. It is very handy to store in fridge if i had some left overs. Its great even for making powdered sugar and idly podi. I even use the big jar for making smoothies with frozen/fresh fruits and veggies. Am happy with it and don’t need a separate smoothie maker.

Good looking and i have excellent power grinding capacity but it is noisy. I can recommend for specially who are looking for soft idly and dosa.

Best ever, i dont know why the largest jar is used, but the mixi and jars are very good quality, juicer also amazing.

Very nice and working very well.

We were looking for a heavy duty indian mixer grinder and we preferred this to preethi and other indian brands.

The mixer is very vast in grinding everything. It takes no time to grind even idli batter. So far (1 month) , no issues at all.

I would actually rate it as 3. The look of the product is great. But the juicer is already leaking at the bottom and body of the mixer jars is not very sturdy. Apart from this, the product is good.

The product is as advertised, the outer material for jars i hope is durable. The blades are all the same unlike the asia kitchen machine i used in the past from summit. The quality otherwise appears to be good.

Working great as advertised and received a day earlier than expected. Will definitely recommend this product to all my friends.

It’s pretty beautiful in both look n performance.

Excellent mixer for preparing any kiind of desi food like dosa, idli, vada etc etc. Its real heavy duty mixer, this mixer rocks.

Makes annoyingly loud noise. The small jar can not grind small quantities.

I had the older version of the same mixer, lasted me 15 years. I got the new one a month back. The motor is quite powerful. I make smoothies with frozen fruit and it blends very well. Also good for grinding for chutneys and dosa and idli. I was able to use the containers of the previous one which is added bonus. Have not tried the juicer feature. The part of the mixie that sticks out takes up a lot of space. The only issue is the guarantee form which requires that it be sent to india??.I have not sent it, keeping my fingers crossed that it will last a long time.