Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok – Awesome!!

Bought as a gift but we opened it and it’s very very well made.

Wished the plug-in would come off to wash.

The best wok or cooking ware i had ever own. Easy to carry outside and cook outdoor, especially when i fry something. I wouldn’t want the fry smell to stay in my house.

With this wok, i tend to be creative. The food looks good and taste great. Now i eat more vegetables and less meat. This wok won’t last forever. But when the time comes, i’ll purchase a new one.

What can i say about this wok?. Its huge so i have a lot of room to stir fry my foods, it heats up to a nice hot temp to make sure my veggies cook quickly and stay crisp. I have been wanting a good wok for a long time, and i have found it.

Would prefer a removable electric unit, didn’t realize that it was part of the wok, so makes it more difficult to clean.

  • Missed opportunities
  • Very happy with this purchase
  • Love this wok!

I’m still learning how to adjust the temperature to what food i’m cooking. Only downside is you can’t detach the power cord to wash this wok. It’s not the most durable but gets the job done.

I like that the wok is easy to clean as it has a non-stick surface. I like that it heated up quickly. Its easy to use and i may find myself using most days.

Heats up super fast and very easy to clean.

Bought this as a gift for an ungrateful friend but they love it. They wouldn’t tell me they love it but they told everyone and it got back to me. Still going strong for years. Highly recommended piece of cookware.

I have an electric range that was never going to get hot enough for asian inspired cooking. This is now my go to tool in the kitchen. I use it 4-5 times a week since receipt and it works like a charm.

Features of Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok, Black

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  • A classic must-have – the classic Dome-shape lid is perfect for any type of stir-fry, saute or simmer! The wide, Convex curve allows for excellent heat circulation for any dish you throw its way.
  • Nonstick coating – the smooth, nonstick coating allows for an effortless cooking experience Every time! No mess, no fuss. Just delicious food.
  • Spacious capacity – with two different size options (aew-305 at 7Q and AEW-306 at 5Q) you are sure to always have enough space for your creative cooking endeavors.
  • Large 7 quart capacity with high domed lid
  • Rapid heat-up with consistent heat retention
  • Full-range temperature control
  • Durable nonstick coating
  • Cool-touch base and handles

From the manufacturer

Our Mission:

Striving to design and distribute a line of products that enhance and enrich lives.

Electric Wok

This sleek metal wok from Aroma is designed to heat up quickly and retain its extreme heat as you cook; sealing in the flavor of your foods for professional results, every time. Full range temperature controls give great versatility. To make clean-up as easy as operation, the inside of the wok and domed lid are nonstick coated. Not just for stir-fry, it’s also great for braising, steaming, and tempura. It’s everything you need to make all your favorite modern and traditional Asian foods.

A Classic Must-Have

The classic dome-shape design is perfect for any type of stir-fry, saute or simmer! The wide, convex curve allows for excellent heat circulation for any dish you throw its way.

Nonstick Coating

The smooth, nonstick coating allows for an effortless cooking experience every time! No mess, no fuss. Just delicious food.

Spacious Capacity

With two different size options (AEW-305 at 7Q and AEW-306 at 5Q) you are sure to always have enough space for your creative cooking endeavors.

AEW-305 AEW-305 ASP-137
Capacity 7 Quart 5 Quart 3 Quart
Functions Temperature dial control (low – high) Temperature dial control (1-10) Precise temperature control (300/350/400/450F)
Cooking Pot Shape Inverted dome shape Inverted dome shape Flat round with raised ridges
Accessories N/A Long wooden chopsticks (for deep fry), tempura rack, steam rack N/A

Our Vision and Values

How do we design products that enhance, enrich and make life easier for others? Simple. We listen to the ones that matter most — our customers. That’s how we’re able to provide products that are convenient, unique, innovative, and valuable. Ultimately, it’s how we provide products that offer life enriching experiences for our customers and their families-fostering greater harmony in the world we all share. Aroma’s core values stem from an unrelenting desire to create products that make your life easier, a whole-hearted dedication to the community and a focus on fostering meaningful and lasting relationships with others.

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The wok was nice, but the handle for the lid was very cheap and broke extremely easily, had to figure out a way to make my own handle.

I loved be cooking in this wok. It’s a great product, has held up to repeated use, and makes for great dinners with friends while you cook at the table instead of over at the stove.

Had it for 5 years and still works great. We don’t use it that often but it has held up well and cooks well.

Just what i ordered and it arrived on time an in excellent packing and condition. Super easy to use and it works great. Since it is not submersible, it is a bit cumbersome to clean.

Left it outside in the rein, fallen, burnt stuff to it and it’s still working.

I’ve only used this item once. I’m not really very fond of it, i think i’m just very used to the ‘old’ wok, the electric wok is not as easy to control at the old wok on the gas stove is. . Not sure what i’m going to do with it, if im gonna keep it or.

A classic must-have – the classic Dome-shape lid is perfect for any type of stir-fry, saute or simmer!

Since you can’t immerse it in water, it makes it very difficult to clean, and the immovable cord makes it even more awkward. It would it have made it easier to have a removable cord. Even though you still couldn’t immerse it, at least you wouldn’t have to worry about the cord accidentally getting in the sink. This will certaingly not get used as often as i had planned to.

I received this as a christmas present. This is my second electric wok. I am still learning how to use the various levels of heat.

Easy to use works great and i strongly recommend it.

It works very well and is easy to use and clean. Just remember to unplug it before you try to move it to the sink. Especially when it still has food in it. Also, would love to see a 15′ tempura rack to fit this model. A 14′ will not work and very slightly scratched the non-stick coating when i tried to use it. Other than that, i am very pleased with the product.

Heats up quickly and i love the non-stick surface. Very pleased with this product.

The wok was delivered on time, but the base was bent so lid didn’t fit correctly. The good news was that the metal it is made with is thin and bendable, so we could reshape it. This was a gift for my mother and she didn’t want me to return it. I think if it had been for myself, i would have returned it for a different product.

Nonstick coating – the smooth, nonstick coating allows for an effortless cooking experience Every time! No mess, no fuss.

This thing is great for cooking in. I’ve cooked shrimp, chicken and pork in it. Use it about 3 times a month. Makes enough left overs for almost a week.

Love this wok, it gets hot really fast, and cleans up easy, and your food won’t stick.

This wok is a great size and it really heats up fast. I love the non-stick surface, just make sure you don’t use metal utensils. It really gets the job done.

This electric wok was everything i had hoped for and more. It now has a permanent place on top of my stove and i use it almost every day. It was the crowning glory at my recent chinese new year party. The 6 quart capacity easily held 2 pounds of yakitori noodles. With a bit of sesame oil it sauteéd the chicken pieces beautifully. I chose this electric style because i cannot use a traditional wok on a glasstop stove. I was so thrilled with the way the non-stick coating prepared a variety of recipes that i ordered another one to give to my son for his birthday. Finally, cleanup is a total breeze. Aroma housewares electric wok is a pleasure to cook with and a must have for the serious cook.

Bday gift for my sister she uses it all the time.

This is a great addition to our cookware. We have had for a while now and not one problem has arose.

Nice looking appliance, but i miss the temperature settings on the dial, like my old one had. I want to know if i’m cooking at 350 or 400, not just ‘low, medium, or high. ‘ also, my old one had a red light that glowed when it was on.

Spacious capacity – with two different size options (aew-305 at 7Q and AEW-306 at 5Q) you are sure to always have enough space for your creative cooking endeavors.

First off i was shocked at the price of this product. Now remember though its not going to be thick and heavy. Usually when you are purchasing pans/woks/pots for a cheap price its usually thinner then the other products for a higher price. They need to cut corners somewhere to give you the cheap price. However, with that said the wok is huge and a plus side is that it has a max fill line. I just received it at the door and took it out right away. It is non stick so you dont need to worry about using excessive oil. I plugged it in and turned it to max heat and let me tell you this thing got hot very quickly.

The wok works well for small batches. A few improvements would have made it much better:1. It is hard to stir and toss foods such as rice without spilling them out of the wok. Although the handles stay cool, the screws that hold them to the hot brackets are not recessed enough to keep them away from your fingers. The temperature dial is too close to the hot bowl, so it is difficult to turn it without singeing a finger on the bowl. The dial is hidden under the edge of the bowl, so it is hard to see what setting you have chosen. For experienced cooks, having temp settings on the dial and an up-to-temp light would be very much appreciated. The fact that the cord cannot be detached may have safety advantages, but it is an inconvenience for cleaning.

Has thicker metal, than ones i have had before, owned two other electric woks. Definitively gives you control of the temperature.

This wok is the most used appliance in my kitchen. Its big enough for family dinners and nice enough to use as a serving dish and keeps food warm as well. A great price point for a good quality product. The non-stick coating keeps food from sticking (even burnt on food ).

Got this for the gf’s grandma to replace the one she had before. Works wellthe shipping got delayed due to the holidays but it came in time.

My electric stove never got hot enough to heat a wok properly. This wok does the job wonderfully. Clean up is easy, i am a happy consumer.

Large 7 quart capacity with high domed lid

Sunbeam 7545 Rocket Grill Parchment Pouches, Love these!

The parchment bags make simple to prepare a well cooked low fat mealfrom start to finish, frozen or thawed meats cook in just minutesthe parchment pouches allow grease and fats to drain away from food,without messy cleanups.

The pouches were well priced here. They can be used more than once for like food types that are not messy. Great for frozen breakfast sandwiches, paninis and grilled foods. Mine works best on fresh foods. Great for small families or those that have schedules requiring a variety of meal times. I no longer have reason to go through drive throughs of fast food restaurants or order takeout. Food is as stated: fresh, quick and easy. The rocket grill will save so much time and money. I always buy two packs of replacement bags at a time.

Glad to find them still available and at a reasonable price. I love being able to make grilled cheese sandwiches without the need for buttering the outside. And cleanup is a cinch with these pouches.

Key specs for Sunbeam 7545 Rocket Grill Parchment Pouches, 36 Pack:

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  • 36-pack of parchment pouches seals in juices for better-tasting grilling results
  • Designed for use with the Sunbeam 7530 Rocket Grill
  • Channels fat and grease away from food to a reservoir at the bottom of the pouch
  • Silicone-coated nonstick surface; no cleanup required–just toss away the mess
  • Measures 9-1/4 inches wide by 9-3/4 inches tall

Comments from buyers

“Handy to have when you want a homemade burger
, Back for more!!!!!!!!
, Sunbeam Grill Parchment bags

I purchased the sunbeam rocket grill about 5 years ago. I thought that i would have a difficult time finding the right bags. To my amazement, i found them at amazon. They shipped them immediately. The bags were correct, just like the ones that came withthe grill.

I enjoy the convenience of rocket grill cooking. The pouches make cleanup a lot easier than using direct-contact appliances, oils, and/or sprays. Unfortunately, convenience comes with having to purchase refills, but the amount of pouches in this pack should last at least a month or more, depending of course on how often you grill and for how many items. I mostly grill one or two hamburgers at a time, though i might try the occasional sandwich. The only pouches i haven’t had good results with were due to my overcooking and not due to product defects. You have to be careful not to tear through the paper where it hangs inside the grill, but that’s just part of getting used to using the appliance itself. As long as you follow the grilling suggestions that came with the rocket grill, you should have no problems with these pouches.

Works great and the bags are as good as the original ones that came with my rocket grill.

Shipping was fast and the price was pretty good. I find it odd that it is cheaper to buy multiple 36 count packs than it is to buy the 72 count.

She uses them to do the inside grilling.

Just a re-order, needed for the grill.

I love them as they don’t leak and there is little to no clean up take out your meat toss the pouch that’s it. I use my rocket grill all the time and always purchase a good supply of them, when i open my last box i order more.

They work just as advertised and if you are careful, you can reuse a pouch several times the same day. Whatever you are cooking, the grease drops to the bottom and for instance, hamburgers, they don’t turn out greasy and sloppy but still moist and delicious.

I really like my rocket grill and these are the pouches needed to use it. There is nothing to clean up and the meat grills perfectly.

This is the cheapest place to buy these pouches. The rocket grill is just the neatest thing ever invented and works like a charm. So glad to find a place i can get replacement pouches without feeling i am being gouged.

These are great and i enjoy this grill so much more than my previous grill. The grill pouches capture all the grease and leave the grill free of grease or drippings. Very convenient and easy to use.

. Just put the meat in pouch and set timer and finished. Good product for single people but you need the rocket grill to go with the pouches.

These work great with the rocket grill, no problems w/them at all. The best price is at amazon i have looked other places.

Sad to hear that sunbeam has discontinued the product. So, get your supplies while they last. These parchment pouches are factory original.

I like them very much it makes cooking very simple and fast. The one complained i have is the holes on top edge are very week and often tear and should be reinforced to be stronger.

These are a very healthy way to cook your meats. The parchment bag has a compartment at the bottom that the grease and drippings collect in. I love my sunbeam rocket grill.

This is a strange invention. It is as good as the forman but without the messy cleanup. I bought a pile of extra pouches in case this unusual machine is discontinued.

Great product, too bad my rocket grill died after only a couple of months. I have given these bags, and other rocket grills as presents, and everyone who has them really seems to enjoy the products.

Works as i expected will order again when needed how many fore words can you use to appreciate a product?.

It does the job it was designed to do and it wasn’t very hard to find on the internet.

The fat runs off into the bottom of the packets and then you can toss it into the trash. Grill and packets are so easy to use.