Capresso 119.05 Stainless Steel Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine, Not so long lasting

We love the sleek look of this unit.

Had to return it as it was larger than the space i had for it.

Key specs for Capresso 119.05 Stainless Steel Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine:

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  • Advanced boiler maintains a reservoir of hot water at the perfect temperature for faster and more consistent results
  • State-of-the-art boiler increases brewing pressure and temperature stability
  • 15 bar pump provides optimal pressure for rich cream, the thin layer of foam that is the mark of a perfectly brewed espresso
  • High pressure frothing for thick, rich cappuccinos and other coffee specialties
  • 40-oz; removable water tank, kindly refer the user manual given below for troubleshooting steps

Comments from buyers

“Works well, easy to clean, but will get higher end model next time.
, Barista-quality espresso with minimum effort and no leak or pump failure
, Pretty good shot for the price. It will probably start leaking on your countertop.

I received the capresso model 119 as a gift at xmas 2014 and have used it daily for about 8 months now. This my first espresso machine and here are my impressions so far:pros:- it didn’t take long to figure out how to use the machine by reading the manual and just making several espressos / lattes / cappucinos. – it seems to make a pretty good espresso with a good crema. – the frothing wand seems to work well. I can make pretty nice tasting lattes / cappucinos. It even froths 2% milk fairly well. – i use a thermometer to steam the milk to between 140 – 160 degrees. – cleaning is easy, the drip tray pops out easily in two pieces, and is easy to rinse and dry and put back into place. – the frothing wand you should clean after every use by steaming in a glass of water for 5-10 seconds, then wiping the metal tip. Otherwise, it will get clogged and you will not get any steam out of it and you may think your machine is malfunctioning.

Love the capresso espresso machine. Machine is much quicker and easier to use compared to the delonghi machine that it replaced. Steaming wand output could be better but it is adequate for my needs and i have found that after working with it during the first week i have been able to froth the milk to my satisfaction. Shipped on time–arrived on time–packaging was good and protective of the machine. A good purchase and good value for the price.

Took a bit to get the routine down. The machine is sturdy and well put together. And with practice foams milk (2%) well.

Quality product, makes good coffee.

Makes a pretty good cup of espresso. I use the pressurized portafilter basket. I get a better double shot if i tamp the grounds even though it’s a pressurized portafilter screen. I use a grinder and always look for the oiliest coffee beans. Some of the starbucks and peets darker roasts are good. Sometimes lighter roasts get a good crema too. So why does this picture have 3 portafilters in it?. Because i really like this capresso but it breaks. The first one sprang a big leak in the bottom.

It is a little tricky sometimes to get the grounds holder in.

*** i’ve noticed many users have complained about water leak or short lifetime, but mine hasn’t shown any problem over the past 1. 5 years that i’ve owned it and still works like the day i received it. ***i’ve been a espresso enthusiast for over a decade, but this is the first pump-driven espresso machine i’ve owned and i just love it. Prior to this, i owned a steam-driven ‘espresso’ machine (which was mediocre) and have also owned a stove-top moka pot (very nice but hard to clean and not quite a espresso maker), but this capresso machine single-handedly beats them all, and gives you a barista quality crema-top espresso with minimum effort. It takes only couple minutes to make one/two cup of espresso and is super simple to use: 1) turn the machine on to heat up the water, 2) fill the basket with ground coffee, tamp it and lock the portafilter in place, and 3) when the green light is on, toggle the coffee/pump switch (to brew espresso) or the steam switch (for milk frothing). Besides the nice, sleek, and modern design, there are several nice features, such as the 1 liter water reservoir, folding milk frother, two (small and large) baskets, the top heated metal for warming up cups, and bottom container to collect excessive dripping coffee or water that you run in the system for cleaning. The pump is a bit loud, but i’m ok with it. My only complain is that the plastic parts in the portafilter change color overtime, and also the plastic tamper/scoop is very weak and flimsy (i just stick to my old metal tamper – you may get yours for less than 10 bucks). I also only use the large basket that has a very fine single hole and hence extracts more crema and flavor, while the small one results in watery (by my standards) espresso, although some might like it. I only drink triple-shots, so don’t use the milk frother and can’t comment on it confidently, although once i used it and it worked just fine.

Froths the heck out of the milk. Make sue to unclog the spout often.

Good product for this price.

I read lots of reviews before i choose this machine.

Better espresso machine than my cuisinart and delingai i’ve owned in the passed.

We use this almost daily and have no complaints with this machine. It is like having a professional make our lattes right in our own kitchen. We bought a stainless steel carafe to use with frothing arm and it works perfectly.

This is a really great product for the price. It pulls great e espresso shots and froths the milk perfectly. The only issue i had was that it didn’t come with shot glasses for your espresso and doesn’t come with a frothing pitcher. If it had included those items i would have given it 5 stars. And you have top buy a coffee grinder because the machine doesn’t do it for you like most espresso machines do.

Excellent espresso maker for the price. Bought mine used from amazon, it was missing parts. Contacted capresso and purchased the parts trouble free.Excellent customer service and a wonderful machine.

Great little machine for the price. Makes excellent coffee quickly. Steaming is fine up to 140 degrees but slow to get from there to 160. Metal steamer wand is hard to clean. Minor issues in getting a wonderful espresso or latte.

This machine is way beyond what i expected, especially for the price. The coffee i make with it is excellent. Didn’t take very long at all to learn how to use it.

Very good but not sure about durability, only used it a few times. My last espresso maker was good but when ring went out, i could not find replacement piece. I sure hope that is not the case with this brand.

Its ok for my rv but not everyday use in the house,had it 3 days and the plastic piece for the frother wont stay on so i had to rig one from a machine that i wore out.

Great first time espresso machine. The milk steamer could be a little stronger but it takes some time to figure out how to use it. I highly recommend it for someone first starting out at making espresso at home. It’s simple features and great look make it perfect for the coffee enthusiast.

It’s pretty and does what it’s supposed to do with little reading or understanding about the product.

Pros – actual stainless steel housing, not plastic covered with steel. – nice large cup warming area on top of machine. – portafilter does a great job of even pressure, even espresso flow through both external holes – one pressurized sieve and one non-pressurized sieve, the non-pressurized sieve allows for more advanced techniques while the pressurized allows for quick espresso making without needing to worry about perfect tamping pressure and bean grind size. – green ready light, sounds silly but i find it more intuitive than the other options out there such as the common red light goes out when ready. – easy single turn knob for brewing and separate single turn knob for steam, many machines require certain combinations of multiple dials to switch between the espresso shot and the steam wand, not this one, just pick which one you want and turn it on. – all steel steam wand, with plastic frothing attachment (cover); again allowing for more advanced techniques if wanted by removing the plastic cover. A lot of machines in this price category allow for only one option here. Cons – portafilter is a very tight fit; but that might be a common experience among espresso machines?. This is my first one so i have nothing to compare against. A quick user error warning:when i first purchased the machine naturally i was excited so i plugged it in without realizing the brew knob was turned on and i of course didn’t have any water in the tank yet.

KitchenAid KP26M1PSL Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer – FIXED: Can’t adjust bowl height!

I did purchase this mixer from amazon and when i received it the serial number started with 14 which indicates that it one with the plastic housing. I have only used it once, but worked fine. It does not seem to turn on and off every time. Sometimes i need to push up on the button while sliding it to make it turn on. Not sure if that has to do with the plastic housing or not. I am going to call them first thing monday morning and see what they say. Is it even possible that these defective ones that were produced in 2007 are still in circulation at nearly 2012 and are still being sold?. It would seem to me that they would have been long gone by now, but going to call ka customer service just to voice concerns and see what happens. There was no way that i know of to check the serial number and purchase from amazon. It was a good cyber monday deal ($185.

This is my second kp26 kitchenaid that i have purchased. My previous one stripped a gear, which we replaced because it was past warranty and then, a little over a year after that, stopped working all together. I think that one had issues from the beginning. I have had kitchenaids for almost twenty years. I have almost all of the accessories, from the pasta maker to the meat grinder. That is one of the reasons i would always buy a kitchen aid. I can’t go for more than a couple of weeks without getting a new one. It makes making cakes, cookies, bread and any number of other things so fast and easy to make. I use it to grate my romano cheese, make bread crumbs, and roll pasta. Having an extra bowl is a must for those cakes and other recipes where you need to whip the egg whites separately and then mix the other ingredients.

My first kitchenaid mixer first belonged to my aunt. She was a chef for sunset magazine. She passed it on to my mother who in turn gave it to me when i got married. It was about 25 years old when it finally went to kitchen heaven. My next one lasted 21 years. I just wanted the bigger mixer. I believe this one will last just as long. I am hoping that i still have at least two more kitchenaids in my future. I can make double batches of everything without loosing power. My only sadness is that i could never get information from amazon or kitchenaid for the promised $50. Still, this mixer for only $250.

**update: the wire whip attachment works great to cut shortening or butter into flour for pastry or pie crusts. I’ve been baking since my new mixer arrived two days agoordered the cinnamon gloss color on cyber monday with free shipping ($209 after rebate). This morning i made my first 2-loaf batch of bread. It kneaded the dough in less than one-third the time of my sunbeam heritage. I didn’t have to scrape the bowl at all – that planetary action really works to get everything off the sides and bottom. None of the ‘walking’ or ‘bouncing’ problems that others have reported.

I have been using the smaller 5 qt mixer for the past 5 years, but decided i needed something larger for large batches of cookies. This mixer does that job very well. The major problem i have found is that you still need another smaller mixer for things such as a single cake. Making 6-8 cakes is fine, but making one cake becomes a problem- the bowl is too large and the blades don’t do a good job. So i need to keep my other kitchenaid mixer for small batches, or a single cake. The other minor problem i have found is that i don’t like the way the bowl raises and lowers to engage the mixing blades. Overall i think this is a great mixer, but don’t think this will be the only mixer you’ll need, unless you don’t make small batches of dough.

I was super worried about motor issues when i ordered this but after 2 years. & a normal amount of use i’m still in love with this product & have had no issues. I’m 100% satisfied with my purchase. I do wish accessories were readily available for this model but i bought an older model so that’s to be expected.

  • Love, love, love it!
  • Amazing KitchenAid Appliance!
  • Powewrful, Noisy and bowl designed terrible – but it churns the dough!

We’ve only had this a month so it’s impossible to comment on how long it will last. For now, though, it’s doing an excellent job of mixing whatever we’ve put in it. In particular, we’ve used it for kneading bread dough. Note that amazon carries this mixer in a number of model numbers. This particular one, model kp26m1psl, only comes in 2 colors and lacks the plastic pouring lid. It sells for about $80 less than the others. Apparently amazon has some kind of exclusive on this model. The only difference is the lid and the limited color selection. Otherwise, it’s the same machine as the more expensive ones and has the same warranty.

I bought this 5 years ago for my wife. She uses it 3 to 4 times per week mixing 10 cups size batches of dough. It is still working well, not quiet, but not too loud. My wife makes pastries nearly everyday for her customers. Very happy with the quality and performance.

Have owned and used three (3) different kitchenaid mixers over the years. The first saw a lot of heavy use for nearly 20 years. Only serious complaint was that the shaft on the grater attachment had been incorrectly machined such that it could not be locked in place. Fortunately, a friend with a lathe was able to re-turn the locking slot for us. Some plastic attachment parts developed cracks over time, but overall, a workhorse which we sold when returning from overseas. Bought a smaller tilt-head homemaker model when we got back stateside. It worked well, but we didn’t like the tilt-head after being used to a bowl-lift model. Sold again and bought the kp26m1pgc professional 600 series 6-quart cinnamon gloss stand mixer. Would like to see a little more travel in the bowl-height adjusting mechanism, but so far, so good.

Currently at a 1-star review, because the beaters are hitting the bowl and the adjustment screw is already as low as it can go. It was that way out of the box. We’ll see how kitchenaid responds. ********************kitchenaid’s response: it took two e-mails and two short conversations with customer service, who explained how to test beater clearance, and they diagnosed it as misaligned. New mixer arrived a week later, with pre-paid shipping back to the factory for the bad one.

This thing weighs almost 50 pounds when you add in the attachments, so unless you’re a good sized individual that weight trains, you’re going to want to find a place to leave this monster so you don’t have to move it twice. Having said that, this beast works like a champ. Making a jalapeno cheddar bread used to involve kneading in the cheese chunks by hand because standard household kitchen mixers just couldn’t handle it. With the 600, i didn’t have to take the speed over 2. Folded in the cheese like it wasn’t even there. If i ever decide to stop cooking, i’ll use this thing as a cement mixer. Also, there are tons of attachments for the 600 that can allow you to get rid of some of single use specific stuff. Honestly, for me the only thing this lacks is a brilliant hot rod style flame job across the top, but that might bring some celebrity chef to my door, and that’s the last thing i need.

I have an artisan, 5 qt mixer and the professional 6-qt mixer. I love them both, but the 6 qt’s motor is much more powerful than the artisan’s. I can make fondant with no trouble in the 6 qt where the 5 qt struggled and i thought it was going to burn the motor out. I use it every week and it allows me to triple a couple of my recipes because of the size of the bowl. This saves me time and clean up.

The kitchenaid professional 600 is for serious bakers. No rattling of the bowl while the mixer is working makes for a quieter mixer. I used it for a 1 1/2 cake recipe and it mixed with ease and it takes less time. Overall i was very pleased with the mixer’s performance, color and style. It also did an excellent job on aerating/fluffing my 7 minute frosting. Finally, i got a great price on the mixer via amazon and saved a couple hundred dollars. In short it is sturdy, high performance, economical and durable.

Makes baking so much easier. Its a little heavy but if you can store it on the counter and not have to lift it its perfect otherwise i would suggest a smaller version this one is pretty heavy.

I can’t believe kitchen aid puts out a mixer with beaters that can’t be washed in the dishwasher. The sticker in the box says the wire whip can’t be washed in the dishwasher, but the big, used all the time, beater was rough and discolored after one trip in the dishwasher when i washed it before using it. I hope they issue a replacement. But i do wish i had had this much power years ago, it mixes up big batches of cookies or bread dough so much faster than the artisan i’ve had for 15 years and probably hastened it’s demise by making big batches. It was still usable, but making ominous noises. If you only make small batches of dough, or mashed potatoes you may not need this larger size but i love it. The hand washed beaters are the only thing keeping me from a 5 star review,.

Aw, you can’t beat these machines. It’s amazing how much better your bread actually taste when it is mixed well.

I have never used a stand mixer before, so i was not sure how i would like one. Decided to purchase this one when the price was reduced and am glad that i did. I still have some getting used to doing things this way but definitely am finding it easier in the kitchen. This is noisy but plenty of power for bread recipes. My only complaint is it showed the mixer with a splash guard. One did not come with the mixer and after a couple recipes requiring higher speeds with liquids i purchased one. Really helped keeping the mess down, recommend getting one.

We had a 5 quart artisan model, which while it did a great job with mixing things like batters and really soft items like whipping frostings and egg whites, i decided we needed to upgrade to the 6 quart pro so we could make several large loaves of bread at one time instead of one loaf at a time. With the spiral dough hook (instead of the artisan series c hook), there is no need to let your bread knead for more than 5 or 10 minutes, unless you want to overwork the dough. We have made several batches of whole wheat, oatmeal and white bread in the month we’ve owned it, and we’ve never let it work the dough more than 2 or 3 minutes after the last of the flour is added and all the bread has turned out wonderfully. My mother had a problem with the bowl seeming to pop out when she was mixing her first batch of whole wheat bread, but she simply didn’t push the back of the bowl down into place until she heard the click. You have to make sure you hear that snap into place for the bowl to be secure. It takes more strength to do than you think it would, but you won’t break it. I made a small batch of frosting last night for 2 dozen cinnamon rolls, and other than scraping down the sides of the bowl twice, the whisk was perfect and got all the items mixed up off the bottom of the bowl. Our motor has not overheated once and hasn’t shut itself off yet. All in all, this is a great product.

I was worried it might be more than i needed, but i love it. I bake a lot at christmas time and this was great for all of the double batches of cookies and frostings i needed to make. It is a little loud, but so are the smaller machines with much less power. I am also adjusting to the lift bowl instead of the tilt back models (my mom has one of those). These are not big deals to me though. It looks great on my countertop. As mentioned in other reviews it is tall, so that is something to consider. I would have also liked to have beaters that were dishwasher safe. This is a small inconvenience and i am planning on buying additional beaters (they will be dishwasher safe).

It’s better than the artisan. I now have three kitchenaid stand mixers in my house. One classic 1958 model from my grandmother, one artisan 4 quart i purchased in 2009, and this pro 600 series. I do a lot of baking and grew up around a pastry chef. Unfortunately, the kitchenaid mixer is not what it use to be in terms of construction and durability. This particular mixer is far superb to the artisan model (which had to be replaced and fixed twice), but i dare say that i should have bought the viking or cuisinart instead. It’s loud and the whip/beater are not high quality. Does it out perform my 1958 model. Does it work better than handmixing.

Before purchasing this mixer on amazon, i read every single review. I was concerned about the negative comments but because i know from experience that kitchenaid stands behind their products, i replaced my 4 1/2 quart kitchenaid mixer (which still worked fine after 15 years of use) with the 6 1/2 quart kp26 m1psl which i call my ‘kitchen work horse’. It turned out 12 dozen christmas cookies in one batch, and that is a lot of stiff dough. And the motor never ran hot and stopped as one reviewer warned. As a matter of fact, even big batch yeast dough is no problem for this machine. I just turned out a pullman size loaf of whole wheat bread and have it on the counter rising. I bought my mixer on sale from amazon for $256 w/free shipping and used a manufacturer’s $50 rebate from kitchenaid so i paid only $206, but after using it, i would recommend it even at full price.

I really don’t know why i haven’t made this earlier, but anyway. I’ve been using this mixer for almost two years now, and i use it a lot, i have a baking business that is not huge but it’s a lot more than the average home baker, i usually bake around 150-200 cupcakes weekly. And i have not had the first inconvenience with this mixer. It’s awesome because it lets you mix a good amount of product, easy to clean and the bowl is great also. I do stop the mixer to scrape the sides, but for real, if you are not as obsessive you could just leave it and it’ll be ok. Oh, it is of course quite heavy, so be careful with that, and also when it arrived it sounded like it was broken because like for real the protection and the packaging was seriously poor, but it was alright, the sound was the utensils inside the bowl with no protection. Also, i bought this extremely cheap: 279.

I have used this mixer for almost two years and absolutely love it. Whether mixing bread dough, cookie batter, or whatever else, i rely on my kitchenaid mixer which has never let me down. The only thing i’m not crazy about is the grinder – i make sausage and the grinder just isn’t powerful enough to get the job done. I especially like how the bowl raises and lowers and not the head. One word of caution: absolutely do not put the metal mixing bowl in the dishwasher. I cannot emphasize that enough. It’s a little pricey but if you do a lot of baking, buy this mixer – you will be glad you did. Update:if you are considering purchasing the mixer, do it. I rely on this mixer in so many ways; it’s the most versatile tool in my kitchen.

I’ve always wanted one of these and am so glad that i have finally got one. At the time amazon was offering a great price on the stand mixer, right after christmas and i decided to purchase it. I haven’t had the older model mixer but this one works perfect with zero flaws. I did read a lot of reviews on the mixer before purchasing it and none of the problems in the reviews have happened with me. I have only had the stand mixer for a couple months but i have made everything from cookies to bread with it and have had no issues. I think other customers will have no complaints with the stand mixer. In fact, since i’ve had the mixer, my husband has used it more than me.

I bought this primarily to make bread. I doubled my recipe when i made my bread dough. It put a real strain on the motor. In the future, i will only make a single recipe. I am looking forward to affording the grain grinder. I like using home grown wheat berries and grinding them myself.

I bought this when i happened to find it on an amazing deal ($260) and i am very happy with it. I wanted a kitchenaid mixer for a long time and i was about to buy one of the smaller ones since i found it on sale for $190 but then i came across this one and couldn’t pass up the deal. I was worried about the reviews saying they broke because of the gear box, so the first thing i did was took off the top and sure enough it was the metal gear box. All the new ones have the metal or else they probably would keep braking, but i have made everything in this and never had a problem. I’ve made cookie dough, bread, cake, whipped cream, and a variety of other stuff, and never even thought this couldn’t handle it. I’ll admit i don’t use it every day, maybe a few times a week, usually to shred meat in it with the flat blade (which works great to do that by the way) and it works great for me.

I just recently used the spiral dough hook for the first time. I was amazed at how much better it is than the old hook i used to use. We had a little 4 1/2 qt before, so this is much better. I was worried at first because when turning it on, it seemed to hesitate through all speeds. But learning more about it, its called ‘soft start’ which eases into the speed selected. I thought it would be lame, but after using the first time, it saved me when i filled with flour and hit full speed (dont know why. . ) before it reved all the way up, i had a split second to react and turn it down before it reved full speed.

Some models doesn’t have pouring shield in the box and you have to buy it separately which is annoying. It’s 20$ additional fee and shipping hassle. Make sure it says ‘pouring shield included’ in the description. Also in my purchase the beater is hitting the side of the bowl no matter what i have done with the adjustment screw. I tried all variations of adjustment screw but it still touches the bowl. I’ll send it back and order another one.

I will first admit that i ordered this for my wife as a christmas present so i am not actually using the product. My wife has used this mixer a couple of times and i did once to mix up box brownies. The mixer worked perfectly and didn’t have any problems and did a great job with the bread, brownies and cookies she made. The only things is initially when she turned it on it was louder than i expected. I did some research and found that the mixer was made with metal parts and the sort since she has never had one before i am assuming the noise is normal as it doesn’t sound like there is anything being damaged just a bit louder than i expected.

I purchased this for christmas for my wife to upgrade her well-worn kitchenaid. So far it’s working well and really powers the beaters to make tough jobs work fast. The noise, however, is terrible. It sounds like grating sheet metal and i’m expecting a breakdown any time. My wife doesn’t seem to mind too much, but i just about have the leave the house. The bowl insertion design is terrible. A strong person can move it in with good hand strength. How many women want that hassle?.But my wife eventually got used to it and i think the 575 watt motor basically sells her on the value.

I couldn’t be happier with my new ka 600 series mixer. I am a cake decorator/ baker, and it is so great to be able to make a double batch of my butter cream – which is actually already a double batch, so i guess i can make a quadruple batch. My butter cream is what made my old ‘sunbeam’ mixer go kaput and it only made single batches. You can see why i’m so happy about the size of the bowl, it’s cutting out a lot of extra work on my partalso can make a quadruple batch of cake too.I’ve made 96 cupcakes from one bowl of batter beforei have yet to try it in making / mixing fondant, if it does that i’ll kiss it. 🙂 i’m sure that it will do it just fine though because on the specs it says that it will mix up 8 loaves of bread at once and 13 dozen cookiesmy absolute favorite feature is just how large the bowl is. 5 gallons and 575 watts of power. At first i wish that it was a tilt head, instead of the bowl lift design – but that is just because it is what i’m used to. Now i like itthe attachments are so easy to get on and off, i love that.

I begged and pleaded and finally got this beast for christmas last year. While i love the way it can handle large amounts of stiff bread dough, for smaller jobs such as cakes or cookies, not loving it so much. I find that the space between the bottom of the paddle and the bowl always has unmixed stuff in it even though i am scraping the sides while i work. I also find that having to dunk the paddle way down in to the bowl to get it off is not really a very good design. Finally, i too miss the tilt head of my old ka mixer. Luckily for me, i still have my old one in the pantry, and can get it out to tackle some of these smaller tasks. Seems a shame to have to have two mixers though.

In my haste to get the deal of the day price of 259$ plus 50$ rebate i did not notice the bowl shield was not included. I still have my trusty old k. ( which had 12 years of use) so i had a shield to use (the old mixer shield fit the new one). The shield is a 20$ plus purchase. But feel that this absence of the shield should be duly noted by future purchasers of this mixer. I am thrilled with my purchase overall. The rebate does apply to this and the cinnamon mixers purchased on nov. 28thper kitchen aid the shield does not come with this mixer.

Don’t buy this product, if you are looking for something that is poorly made. You will be disappointed because it is made really well. Don’t buy it if you are looking for something that requires lots of effort to clean because it is easy to clean. Don’t buy it if you want it to fall apart within a couple years because mine is still going strong after four years.In other words, this is the stand mixer to buy if you want to not have to buy another one for a very long timeone thing i will say is to read the directions. I abused my first stand mixer and tried to blend dough at higher speeds than the mixer can handle. I have not done that to this stand mixer and thankfully it still is blending my dough like the first day i bought it. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race and with a stiff dough, that is the case. (this is the fifth kitchen product i’ve reviewed tonight with similar amazing quality. I bought them all years ago and am reviewing all of them tonight to show their longevity.