West Bend 6130 Raclette – Five Stars

I bought this to use with my husband for our in home date nights. We love to try different cheeses and make our own charcuterie plates. I am so glad we bought this grill.

It was the most inexpensive product we found and had good reviews. We have only used it once, but were happy with it. Took a little while to heat up and you will probably need an extension cord, but our company loved it and we had a great dinner.

Once we had the thing going, we had a wonderful party and all our friends liked the food very much. But it is a little on the flimsy saide as we were able to compare. We already had one that was a different brand, though.

Love it have had many a great evening around my raclette.

Being new to the raclette scene, my husband and i bought this to see what all the fuss was about. Needless to say, we use it at least twice a week now, usually more. The granite top is the only one we’ve used as we like the idea of being ‘cave people’ and cooking on a rock. It works great, though it takes a while to pre-heat. Instructions included advise that you rub oil on it before heating so as to ensure non-stickage. For the most part the stone is easily clean-able, though food does get cooked on. Soap and water and a little elbow grease does the trick. We love the stone so much we haven’t even touched the grill part as i read some other reviews about it getting warped. The non-stick pans and spatulas are also really great. They can be easily wiped clean with a paper towel while ‘raclette-ing’ for quick replacement of cheese or veggies. The heating element is solid, and for the price, i can’t imagine why anyone would need to buy a more ‘high-end’ one. Definitely going to buy one of these as wedding presents for everyone i know and then some. If you’ve never used a raclette and are nervous about shelling out $100 bucks or more for a high-end one, try this one first.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Amazing for Beginners
  • Very happy find
  • love it and the bonus granite top!

Great for dinner with family and friends. Efficient and warms up quickly.

It’s slow melting the cheese. Also the shape of the mini pans is triangular which does not fit the size of the cheese slices well. Minor detail but coming from a swiss national, trust me it will get to you. Lastly, the scrapers are plastic. Not sure i don’t prefer wooden ones.

We first saw a raclette grill while visiting family in germany. Good ideas and recipes online.

Lived in france the last 3 years, before that in germany and hungary. I had quality european raclette grills. This one doesnt really make the top 10 for me. The real problem is the heating element that is much to weak. It takes a looong time to heat up and to get any color on your cheese is very very time consuming. Aside of this, good price, the stone is a nice extraall in all a little bit more power would have made this a good product. Like this, i would call it not the best buy i did this year.

We bought this product to use it for a christmas eve dinner (raclette) with friends and liked it a lot. The raclette party grill is easy to use and to clean. Only thing i noticed was that it seemed to heat slowly. Thus, it took a while until the cheese melted. But everything else was perfect and we enjoyed it. I would recommend this raclette party grill without hesitation to family and friends.

If you really like to do raclette, kick in some more money. Pans just do not get as hot as some of the nice ones i have used. The grill top with granite stone however works perfectly. For the occational use, it works.

We have always loved doing raclette and this set is great. The food cooks up great and fast when hot, and melting cheese below is the bestclean up is pretty easy, and i have thrown the shovels and scrapers in the dishwasher with no problem. The top has gotten scratched already and is somewhat flimsy, but for the price, i think we will get many good uses out of it before its done.

I bought this after getting back from france where we enjoyed a raclette party with a similar grill. We’ve used it twice in less than a month, and it’s been great fun for us and our guests. This is perfect for a small party as there are 8 little pans. Everyone liked making their own combinations of cheese, meats, & vegetables, and then cooking them on the grill. Large eggs take a while to cook, but i couldn’t find any small eggs, so i separated most of the white and just cooked the yolk, it was much faster.

Not sure how it could be better, or why you would need to spend more than this. The stone is very nice and heated up very well. We cooked all kinds of meas and cheeses on this with no issues. The plated underneath are non st ik so the cheese just slide right out with out using the scrapers. My family loved this for our christmas eve dinner and may become a holiday tradition.

I am overall very satisfied with the raclette grill. I haven’t tried the grantite stone top yet but was happy about the other top. I haven’t noticed any warping of the top like others mentioned but i noticed that the temperature went down drastically but that was most likely due to us adjusting the temperature. I haven’t quite figured out yet at what temperature i have to set it to get the best results but the more i use it the better it will work. Will buy a few more for family. I am highly recommending buying this grill. It is much cheaper than most other raclette grills. Well worth every penny spent.

It was over 16 years since we first experienced raclette in germany. I was very excited to find that i could purchase one that is fitted for 110 (us electric). Raclette is a very communal way to have a meal. Everyone has their own skillet where they grill their ingredients which are mixed with cheese. It takes time and lots of conversation to do it properly, which makes it a great party meal. It’s a great way to spend a winter’s evening. This raclette grill comes with two tops, one is metal and the other stone. We have not used the metal yet because the stone works great for our purposes. The only problem i have is the length of the cord–it’s too short. You will have to use an extension cord, so order a heavy duty one made for heating appliances.

Great way to entertain a group of up to eight folks for hours. We do anything from meats and vegetables to pancakes and omelettes.

Definitely a very cool machine. Great customer service from the manufacturer. Lost a raclette dish and the people at westbend sent us another, at no charge. The granite slab is an added bonus. Can be used to grill food on top, (which is it’s purpose but i never do, i’m in it solely for the cheese. ) or i use it as a cheese board. Just like the ones i had in europe but it plugs into an american wall socket. Just what i was looking for. Consider going to a real cheese store and buy some good raclette and have them cut it for you or be sure to cut good thick enough slices of whatever raclette or other (not recommended) cheese you use.

4 diners is the most you could possibly do as the top cannot accommodate any more than that. I would have thought the grill top would have charred the food more than it did, so that is my only disappointment. Does not come with tongs, so need to order those separately as they are definitely needed. Slice the meats thin and it works fine. I tried lamb chops once and it took forever to cook.

The stone top sees much more use than the grill top which is a bit thin but functional.

Raclette is a variety of cheese. It’s a very earthy, very intensely flavored swiss-style cheese from france that is so favored for its depth that it inspired a whole style of food preparation and service, and lent its name to the device used for such. In a nutshell, raclette (and any other varieties of cheese you favor) is shredded and served with vegetables, meats, fruits, breads, and other dip-able, top-able, bite-sized foods. We also make buttered noodles, seasoned rice, and raw pizza or biscuit dough because that’s the way we roll here. And all these things — raw, and par-cooked alike — are served as one would serve fondue: in great abundance and ready for customizing. Thinking ‘fondue’ is a good idea as raclette is rather like deconstructed fondue. The process is simple: guests take the accouterments, grill and sauce and season them atop the griddle, and on personal handled pans, melt their choice or mix of cheeses under the broiler beneath the grilling surface. So what you wind up with is savory tidbits you then top with melted cheese, and enjoy as-is or atop fresh bread or some other starchy staple. We generally serve three or four cheeses (and if you have dairy-avoidance issues to consider, since the pans and prep are all ‘every man for himself’ you can also offer vegan and lactose-free cheeses that won’t be interfered with by other offerings) which we shred for quicker melting.

All-Clad 2100046968 99010GT Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker : Finally Deep pocket waffles

This is my first waffle maker and i am very pleased with the waffles it produces. Very easy to use, very good quality. A bit heavy so its tricky to clean out but i figured it out.

Very heavy unit, but i love the overflow cup in the back. This keeps the iron clean, and the cup is easy to clean and replace.

All-Clad 2100046968 99010GT Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker with 7 Browning Settings, 4-Square, Silver

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Shade/browning selection dial with 7 different settings to accommodate every taste
  • Steam-release system for crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside waffles
  • Ready to cook and ready to eat LED indicator lights to let you know when to pour your batter in and when your waffles are ready to eat
  • Nonstick cooking surface and removable drip tray provide effortless release and quick, easy cleanup
  • Easy-to-cut sections and Extra-Deep pockets to enjoy your waffles with any type of topping

I make waffles for my wife every weekday morning and we often eat sourdough waffles for weekend lunch. As result i regularly kill cheap iron every two years or so. When my last one died i decided to splurge and buy this rolls-royce of waffle makers. After a couple month of intensive use my impression is positive. The waffles are now much crispier and even. The iron feels very sturdy and well build. The only disappointment is the overflow container. It feels cheap and does not stay on place when i move the iron even slightly. Cannot say anything about durability yet, but based on price it must last at least 10 years.

This waffle maker performs as advertised. It is sturdy, well thought out and makes perfect waffles every time. There might be a less expensive one out there, but it couldn’t be any better. If you can afford it, buy it.

This is the waffle maker of my dreams. I’ve aspired to afford this for a few years and finally ordered one for my family for christmas and i’m so happy that i did. I’ve tried some bargain waffle makers since my last good one broke and they were all disappointing. This waffle maker makes crisp, fluffy, golden waffles that are just the best. I butter all the waffles that come out while they’re hot so they have a little softness when served.

All-Clad 2100046968 99010GT Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker with 7 Browning Settings, 4-Square, Silver : We make waffles, waffle pancakes, grilled cheeses, egg sandwiches (the little waffle-shaped eggs, uhg), more waffles, etc. So easy to clean (do yourself a favor and learn how to portion the batter so it doesn’t go flooding over the sides – that’s just for any waffle maker, though). If stuff is stuck on, just turn the waffle maker up for 5 minutes, let the stuff crisp up, and brush it out with a paintbrush (bbq brush, whatever) as you have it turned on its side. It gets very hot on the outside as it’s cooking, so be wary of this if you have kids. For myself and my husband, we’ve never burned ourselves’, but i can see it being an issue for unsuspecting helpers. Also, my sole complaint about this maker, is the locks. Hotter than the outside of the maker.

Good waffle maker for the price, but seriously confusing ‘simplicity’. The twin lights on the front and a family who didn’t read the instructions made for an entertaining sight, but even after they figured out how it worked they were having troubles interpreting the lights and how they worked along with the buzzer. Super steep learning curve for using it, but it makes great waffles.

This is everything it’s cracked up to be. Perfect waffles first time out. About 1/3 cup of batter per side works just right.

Got it yest’d, used this am. Started on #6 setting, pleasant aroma-brown-crisp edges-cooked airy inner; second set done on #5 setting, golden brown, perfect to pop in toaster tomorrow. So impressed that clumsy me was able to do this successfully 1st try.

Quite heavy due to the high quality. It’s relatively easy to clean just by adding hot water and scooping away particles, but has to be well balanced when emptying the water due to the weight of it. It browns the waffle very well and even on the highest setting it does not burn. I’m happy with my purchase :-).

Originally sent me the wrong maker (single) but returned w/o issue so don’t feel should penalize this product. Only thing that can say negative is that it does take some time to heat up but all good things come to those who wait as these thick waffles deliver. Pay the premium price and you will realize you made a wise purchase.

The best waffle maker i have owned. Perfect waffles each time i used it. Tips: do not use any spray coatings or any type of grease on the iron it is not necessary. Some have complained about overflow. The recommended amount of batter is 1/3 cup. Don’t be tempted to add more it will spread when you close the iron. There is a cup to catch the overflow. If attached properly it will do it’s job. If you’re indecisive about buying don’t be.

The design of this is just the best. Easy to use but most importantly easy to clean. On my first attempt, i accidently overfilled the trough and it oozed out everywhere. The messy was super easy to clean up and there is a catch basin in the back. The waffles came out perfect. With the 4 slots, it makes for quicker serving for a large family.

Beautiful kitchen appliance. However, i would look for one that could turn over so the waffle could be cooked (browned) evenly.

But, it’s still doesn’t do the job my 50 year old cast waffle iron did. I’ll probably keep it, but ‘m not in love. The waffles were light and crisp, but they are just not the same. I have to make gluten free and egg free waffles. So,the waffle iron has to get hot or you end up with a gooey center. That did not happen with this waffle iron. The first batch i made i used setting 6 and they came out mostly correct. They weren’t that golden and didn’t seem completely done. The next batch i used setting 7.

We tried other waffle makers from family members that worked, but went with the all clad. I love their cookware and haven’t been disappointed with this waffle maker. The catch-cup in the back catches any run-off if i overfill the tray. Love the audible alarm that tells me the waffles are done. It makes wonderful belgian waffles and requires very little storage space. I test waffle makers that flip over – while they are easier to get the waffle out, they require a lot of storage space and they cooked so fast that my yeast-based waffles weren’t completely done in the middle.

I make waffles weekly and even take my waffle maker on family vacations to the beach. I need a new one every few years and hesitated spending so much for this one. The waffles are thick and fluffy inside. I also have used brownie mix and regular cake mix in this waffle maker, both turned out amazing. The unit is pretty enough that it stays on my counter top, something no other waffle maker was allowed to do. It had a great looking​ feature that allows me to stand it up right for space savings and still show off an well made routine kitchen appliance. I am glad i took the plunge and bought this one and believe i might never need another.

I had done a lot of research on waffle irons and found this to be pretty universally loved by everyone that had bought it. I entertained the idea of cheaper waffle makers, because quite a few had pretty decent reviews, but went with this because it seemed really durable (many people left follow up reviews) and made high quality waffles. I have definitely found the latter to be true. I don’t use any nonstick spray and have only had to wipe the iron down with a towel when i’m done cooking. All excess batter goes out the back. I have made a wide variety of waffles and all have turned out great regardless of whether there is fruit in them, or they’re made with whole wheat flour–all have been perfect. The handle stays nice and cool while you’re cooking, but do beware that the rest of the waffle iron gets very hot–so watch out for little kids. I am ridiculously happy i bought this waffle maker and would recommend it to anyone.

Batter wipes off easily, but there’s no easy way to get crumbs out from the deep waffle iron grid (it’s too heavy to lift, tilt, and wipe). Still, makes beautiful waffles and looks lovely while doing it.

We ordered this after searching for the best waffle makers on youtube. This is a sturdy, well made product and it turns out perfect waffles every time. The norpro 1975 grip-ez grab and life silicone tong is a must to pull the waffles out. We are using the waffle recipe in the all-clad booklet, minus most of the sugar, and the waffles are so, so good. It’s a little more work because you have to whip the egg whites. If you don’t have time for that, you can just use pioneer baking mix to create a decent facsimile.

I love it so much that i will take it with me when i move out of the countryit cooks evenly and i don’t just make waffles in this waffle maker. It’s heavy duty yet stylish. All-clad, you truly know your stuff.

Yes, i spent this much on a waffle iron. The timing feature works absolutely perfectly. The heat control is a fantastic feature. The past two years i’ve been taking pinterest suggestions to use a waffle iron for more than just waffles. My old iron didn’t have heat setting, so some of those pinterest trials were errors. Not anymore– cinnamon rolls ✅ brownies ✅ hash browns ✅ eggs ✅ nice deep waffles ✅✅.

Hamilton Beach Power Deluxe Mixer 64699, Everything is great about this for the money except one thing

Its ok for the price, but not made very well.

Everything is great about this for the money except one thing. The beaters don’t really mix anything on the bottom of bowl. Seems like i have to scrap it up all the time to get everything mixed well.

This is 2nd mixer i’ve ordered. 1st one was gift to daughter & she loved it. Now other daughter needed one.

Key specs for Hamilton Beach Power Deluxe Mixer 64699 (1, Red):

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    by entering your model number.
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Comments from buyers

“Much better than our old handheld for about $5 more
, Must have for a kitchen
, Everything is great about this for the money except one thing

Not as great as i thought it would be but it works and looks great.

Makes great pizza dough that’s what i mainly use it for.

Is a very sturdy product big bowl and can even make bread dough, well worth the price comes with attachments.

Only lasted 6 month, though.

Im a very satisfied customer. Now it’s easier to make my cheese cakes.

This mixer is fully functional. My first impression was that it appears to be mish and all break easily, but after using it for several months, i have become quite happy with it. The bowl is easy to turn and manipulate. We and is very easy to clean.

Bought as christmas gift for my wife.

Was a great help making christmas cookies.

I was impressed with looks of this mixer,bought as christmas gift.

Wonderful mixer, works great, powerful too .

I gave this as a christmas gift to a friend who wanted to replace his heavy kitchen aid mixer. This was a good choice because it is lighter, but had the whisk, dough-hooks and regular beaters as attachments which are also included with the kitchen aid. I’m pleased with this purchase and i hope to hear good comments from my friend as well.

The price was great, the shipping speed was great & it looks nice enough to keep out on the counter.

It works well for new comers who is starting to bake.

Just exactly what i was looking for. . Made someone very happy, of decent quality.

My mother says it works well – was a christmas gift.

It is amazing the colour is also lovely.

I bought this a couple of years ago when i realized i was never going to be able to afford a kitchen aid, lol. And i have never been disappointed. I bake a lot, especially through the holidays, a dozen loaves of bread and 15 dozen cookies each christmas for my gift trays is par for the course. Those are baked over a period of 3 days and this handy mixer has never let me down. The bowl is heavy as has been mentioned in other reviews and is sometimes difficult for my old hands but that is not a bad trade off for security, i have dropped it several times and it is really really sturdy, i don’t fear it breaking as i would a flimsier bowl, metal might be nice, but i rather like the clear glass as i can see when all the flour is incorporated better.

I bought this mixer on another site 2 years ago. I used it to make mashed potatoes for thanksgiving giving both years. The potatoes were too much for it and this year it stopped working. But i loved it for everything else. Cake batter, bread & pretzel dough. Especially loved the clear glass bowl. Just stay away from overloading it. 20 lbs of potatoes each year was too much.

Easy to handle and did what i expected and wanted.

It works just as i would expect a good mixer to function. The only negative is you have to use your other hand to press the button on the side of the base in order to tilt up the mixer and beaters. I think it would be handier if the button for that was within reach of the index finger or thumb of the hand that holds the mixer. It makes for a little bit of awkward handling. Other than that, it works well. It looks nice on the counter top, too.

This is a great and handy mixer. Useful and very adaptable for any type of job.

Melitta MEX1B Espresso/Cappuccino Machine : Best deal

Love this cappuccino machine. I will admit that i don’t use it to froth milk. The whole process of frothing milk on an amateur machine is too much work and clean-up for me — i simply use a dedicated milk frother in the microwave. But for brewing a cup of espresso that tastes right, uses your own ground coffee beans and allows for a very generous amount of beans used, is fairly fast and steams the grounds, this is the best machine i have used. Also have had to work with the company with a couple small defects on the product and they were apologetic and fast with the fix. The unit is also easy on the hands — the lid, which must screw on tightly, is ribbed and an easy shape to grip, unlike other machines with smooth cone-shaped caps. The splatter factor as the espresso comes out is minimal compared to other machines. I am fully satisfied with this machine. I did not expect high-line high-priced machine performance from this low-cost machine, and i got more than i expected.

I’m on my second one in 4 years. And i only bought the second one because i dropped the carafe on the floor and broke it. I make two double cappuccinos with it every morning. There’s virtually nothing to break on this thing so it basically boils down to price and ergonomics. It’s cheap and the valve and cap are easier to turn then the equally cheap mr coffee version. Dump all the water out every so often before you fill it. Otherwise, flakes of mineral deposits will make the valve hard to turn and clog the steamer. Throw away the rubber thing on the steamer. It just messes up the frothing.

I had this for 2 weeks before the “pressure relief valve” broke. Once that happenned it leaked steam all the time and no longer brewed properly. When it worked the coffee was very good. I suppose with a more expensive machine you would get a metal pressure valve that wouldn’t break.

It’s very basic, easy to use and makes delicious esspresso. It’s actually quite a bargain. I have personally never made my own cappicino or espresso and even the first batch i attempted was perfect and delicious. I’m not sure why i’ve never heard of this brand before but i plan on looking to see if they make a regular coffee pot to replace my old one with.

  • Good value, great espresso!
  • Melitta Espresso Cappuccino Machine
  • Cape May expresso/cappuchino maker

Melitta MEX1B Espresso/Cappuccino Machine ( MEX-1B )

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • “Froth Only” feature makes thick, creamy froth for cappuccinos and lattes
  • Adjustable espresso/cappuccino stop knob
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Easy to use

I live in nyc where cappuccinos and lattes run close to $4. In the interest of saving money i wanted to buy a machine that was small enough to fit in my small kitchen, but sturdy enough to make my favorite coffee drinks on a daily basis and quick and easy to use. This machine features it all. After 10 cups i recouped the cost of my machine and a small nissan thermos to carry my lattes in to work. I bought it 6 months ago and i now can’t live without it. And have not encountered any problems whatsoever. My brother in law has had the same machine at the hospital where he works for a year now, providing espresso to the er staff 24/7. They’re only problems with the machine has been caused by staff (one person broke the glass carafe, another clogged the frother by not cleaning it).

I’ve had many latte machines. This melitta mex18 is just a great machine, simple to use, good product results. I saw the reviews a year ago and thought no way for so little money and bought an expensive briel. No comparison, i sold the briel and bought this one. Superior machine and i could have saved lots of money by believing the reviews i read on the melitta originally, but no i had to learn the hard, and expensive way. Don’t do what i did – buy this one and be happy, flush with cash, and enjoying easy, superb lattes.

This little machine is the bomb. It works amazingly well, takes up little space and is one of the few espresso machines that actually comes with a pot to collect the good stuff. I’m through chucking out cash at [local coffee store]. There’s also no need to spend more on a machine when you can get one that works this well for this price.

A few years ago, my wife and i spent our honeymoon in italy. Everyday i would grab a cappuccino in the morning and one in the afternoon. I was telling my wife that i missed the afternoon cappuccinos in italy, and she purchased this maker for me as a gift. At first i was intimidated by making my own cappuccino. So i watched the video that came with this maker, and in a few minutes i was on my way to making a quality cup of cappuccino. I used starbuck’s ground espresso. Comprehensive video (less than 5 minutes long) will have you on your way to making quick, easy, and enjoyable cappuccino/espresso.

I’ve had my machine for so long i can’t remember when i purchased it. I would estimate it to be somewhere around 9-10 years old. It was in storage for 2 of those years (moved a couple times). I used it at first, maybe, once a week. Now 9 years later i use it almost every day. It’s not too loud (though, being an espresso maker, it of course makes some noise), it’s quick, and the coffee tastes good. The only reason i didn’t give it five stars is that the steaming arm doesn’t fit mugs. You either have to lift the machine off of the counter, angle the mug (and spill the milk), put the arm over the edge of the counter, or use a shorter steaming vessel. For the price i paid and how long this has lasted it’s not a big deal.

This item is an affordable all in one cappucino maker. The water you put in makes your cup of coffee and also provides the steam for your milk. Read the directions carefully as you need to turn the dial at a specific time to correctly steam your milk and this keep your coffee hot. Once you get it down, you can make a very nice cup of coffee. Be aware, don’t use this for groups or parties as it will only do one cup at a time. Another thing to be aware of is that you need to clean the steam wand after each cup so it doesn’t clog. I felt i definitely got my money’s worth, but you need to have an element of patience to use this item. Also, make sure you use skim milk; foams so much better.

I got this about 3 years ago from a friend who was moving and didn’t want to take it with her. I don’t use it every day, and have only used the frother a couple of times (i would rather not have to clean it then have frothy milk). I love how fast it is, and it’s not super loud. My only problem with it is my lattes have been tasting bitter recently. Looking around online (i didn’t get a manual since it was used) it seems i should have been taking apart the part where the water comes out and cleaning that as well. I took it apart and found that it smelled of old coffee (ew) so i soaked it all in vinegar. Now the metal parts smell good, but the gasket still stinks. I have no idea how to clean it or where to get a new one. 🙁 but i am happy that this has been my only issue with it.

I received this cappuccino maker second hand from a neighbor in germany, and i used it quite frequently for two years (with very hard water containing limestone, which killed two other regular coffee makers in that time), and had no problems with my melitta. It was very simple to use and the cappuccino/espresso that it produced tasted great. Unfortunately i had to leave it over there with all of our other electrical appliances (i hope the friends that we passed it down too get as much use from it as we did), but i am going to re-order the same one now for u.

The first one lasted more than eleven years using it daily and sometimes more than once a day. This new one, same model than the former one, is going beyond all my expectations.

I have used this machine daily for over a year now and am now giving or recommending it to friends and family. Its very easy to use and produces a good 4 oz of espresso in about 5 to 10 minutes. You need to use finely ground coffee for best results (but that is generally true for nearly all espresso machines. ) i must admit i rarely use the frothing tool so can’t give an opinion on its durability but it does provide adequate steam when needed. But if you want espresso without spending hundreds of dollars, this is a great machine to start with. And at this price, if it lasts only a year or two, you can replace several times before you equal a typical and expensive model.

I’m surprised at some of the negative reviews of this machine. It doesn’t take too long to brew, the frother works great (it took some practice to get the frothing down, but now i can do it flawlessly without having to heat the milk first) and the cappuchinos/espressos are tasty. My only complaint was that the melitta beans it came with were too bitter for my taste, so i picked up a can of illy espresso and now i am in complete bliss. Tip on frothing – wait until near the end to attempt frothing the milk, not when it starts brewing like the instructions say. The steam needs to be super-hot for it to work well.

I’ve used for a month and learned the trick to some great lattes. I have a cheapo burr grinder, cause i want a fresh grind right?. But the fine grind is still chunky and with course grinds it’s basically a tiny drip maker. So i ground some to flour-like powder at the store, like espresso should be. Problem is that it turns to concrete and this thing will over pressurize and blow steam everywhere. So i mixed a home ‘fine’ grind with the powder grind 50/50 and it brews with the perfect max pressure for this system. So use a grinds mix, heat up your milk (i use 1 to 1 w/espresso), add sugar and/or syrup to milk, heat in nuker until hot. Add just a little more water than the 4 cup line on the caraffe and brew with grinds basket filled just under the top and not packed down.

You know sometimes ok and some not ,of course we talking about $ 26.

Before i decided to buy myself an espresso machine, i didn’t even know what ‘crema’ was. I’m not versed in espresso lingo, and i don’t know the pros and cons of all the various types of machines and what they can do. I just wanted to be able to make myself a good cup of cappuccino in the comfort of my own kitchen. And this little espresso machine handles that job superbly. In the year i’ve owned it, i’ve made cappuccinos on an almost-daily basis, and haven’t had a single problem. Friends have commented that the quality of cappuccino it makes is comparable to what you can get at an actual coffeehouse (or, in the case of starbucks, even better). I would recommend this espresso machine to anyone. You can’t go wrong for the price.

99 you’re not getting the best espresso machine out there, are you?. But that said, you’re getting an espresso machine for $19. 99i used this machine every day for months and was quite satisfied. ) i use fine ground coffee i get at the local supermarket. This machine is easy to use and quickly pumps out the mud i want. I use it to make my ‘cappuccino’. The machine is well built and has never leaked.

I came across this machine recently at a mission thrift store. No box but looked new or hardly used. Boy was this a treasure to find. I have studied about espresso machines online for years always wanting one. Tried a mr coffee and took it back. Just did not taste like espresso, lattes or cappuccinos. They gave me three days grace to try it to see if it worked. It did, was simple to use and directions were not difficult to understand. The coffee, espresso, lattes and cappuccinos are great. Of course not a seattle’s best espresso coffee bar cup of coffee but will do. You just have to have the right coffee beans to make a tasty cup. Seattle’s post alley, henry’s, or bistro (unfortunately no longer exists) but better than starbucks (which is easy to beat) i prefer jamaican blue mountain, seattle’s best: henry’s, twilight decaf, post alley, 5th avenue bistro, tj roasters [. raven’s brew brand coffee: raven’s brew, wicked wolf, deadmans reach and santa caws. ]

Salton and melitta seems to be linked, and the lower end products are both made in china and branded separately. Here is a little espresso 101 advice for novices. A true espresso machine produces a quality ‘shot’ by heating water to a specific non boiling temperature and forcing it via a pump through the coffee grounds. Machines such as the one listed here are sometimes derisively referred to as ‘steam toys. Recently i acquired a brand new salton ex-80 the steam unit that had an 800 watt boiler. Essentially, what this and other a similar steam power units do is to force the water throughout the grounds via steam pressure. This is not unlike the small italian stovetop ‘moka’ pots. The resulting brew does not really resemble true espresso. But it does make strong coffeehowever, having tried this inexpensive ex-80 unit i was pleasantly surprised to find that it brewed four espresso cups faster than any other steam powered unit i had ever seen. The resulting coffee was again a very similar to the italian metal stovetop pots ,but it went through so quickly that much less of the bitterness often associated with steam espresso machines was simply not there. Keep in mind there won’t be any crema and none of the more delicate or subtle flavors found in a true pump espresso maker. While i cannot vouch for this particular model, i would assume it is made in a similar fashion and should do the job in a similar way. I would avoid larger capacity machines, as you want the process done fast. If you’re planning on adding cream and sugar to your beverage, much of the benefit of the true pump machine will be lost.

Works great as long as you heat the milk up in the microwave first, and don’t froth till coffee is done. Great shipping arrived in just a couple of days in excellent condition.