Update International Grease Filter Rack, Good product, but only the filters are included

Good product, but it is only the filters, not the stand, the company was contacted and quickly issued me a refund due to the wording in the advertisement not being clear. This is only the filters, which are really good filters. I would deal with this company again.

Have used this type of filter for many years and they save lots of good oil for more use.

Key specs for Update International Grease Filter Rack with Grease Filter Cones (40/Box) – Set:

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  • Set Includes:(1) Fryer Filter Stand (GFCR-189) and (1) Box Filter Cones, 40 Pk. (GFC-109)
  • Optimum Convenient Set

Comments from buyers

“Solved a Big Problem
, Makes it go thru better.
, Work great. We fry a lot of fish and they

Product is good quality, and the correct size.

I ordered the cones to fit a filtration frame for renewing old fryer grease. Surprised me hat it worked so well. The fryer grease came out like new. Then i used the cones to drain whey from yogurt. That was better than the cloth bags i’d used. And i didn’t have to launder. Just toss the used filter out. Finally, and likely controversial. I am a legally licensed medical marijuana caregiver for 4 patients, who, thanks to the filtering cones, has the benefit of canna-butter and canna-massage-oil. After simmering finely ground marijuana in coconut oil for hours, it is now simple to strain out the spent sludge.

Need to use with a large funnel since the oil drips from many locations as it flows through the filter, but works good for filtering my oil after deep frying a turkey, etc.

Purchased to filter mineral oil used in african small hive beetle traps, under honeybee hives, works great. As the oil is cool or cold it is slow to fillter but stills does the job.

Very good buy, tight weave cloth filters grease very well :).

Wonderful addition to the kitchen.

We fry a lot of fish and they work great. For the price you cannot beat them. Even cheaper than the 1 gallon paint filters in the hardware store.

Ok,so i was unsure about this filter. I purchased it exclusively to remove solids after frying french fries. I was unsure what to expect, did not even buy the filter stand (unitasker). I had an large empty tin can of pineapple juice, cut a 1′ hole on the bottom with a bi-metal hole saw, put the filter in it, poured the oil in the can and it worked like a charm. I had another person hold the can over the vessel which would house the used oil, but it was super quick, clean, efficient. The filter is great and it captured everything from the canola oil. Oh, the oil was room temperature, as well. Will buy again when i run out.

My husband complained about filtering grease after cooking fish. I found this one on amazon, read all the reviews and ordered it. My husband used this morning and loves it. I had a large pot to set the filters system in, used clothes pins to keep the filter in place, heated the grease a little and after filtering the grease is clear and ready for our next use. This is an inexpensive way to keep our grease clean. I recommend this filtering system. The chrome basket is made well and my husband was impressed with the filters.

Filters all the little stuff out so you can use grease over and over again. Suggest heating it up before pouring thru the filters.

Works better than trying to use coffee filters.

I got these with the 10′ filter stand. They were a perfect fit and they worked better than i expected.

While i don’t have the stand(s), i just cut the in half and use a simple strainer to filter the oil.

Works great for reusing fish oil.

Great filters, don’t have frame yet.

Will catch all the excess crap within your grease. If you fry foods you should obtain.

Cuisinart CPK-17 Programmable Kettle : Highly recommend.

Works great love the programmable temp.

I am a tea lover and thought this would be too much trouble choosing what type of tea, but this is the most simple electric kettle i have ever used.

Not bad , does what it should, i only heat with full pot use what i need and pore out the rest out while still hot leaving top open so it drys fast with no wiping. No complaints so far, owned about a month.

I actually really love this kettle. However less then a month after i received it, it started leaking excessively. I would come back after using it and turning it off and my counter and floor would be covered in water from the kettle. Because it’s exactly past one month after the purchase date – not when i received it, i am unable to return it. I bought a square trade extended warrantee which is basically a joke. I don’t think i’m going to see any help in getting a replacement or refund. I should have just bought this from a regular store where they would have replaced it.

  • Loved it but it started leaking only one month after I bought it. Can’t return it, warranty from “Square Trade” useless!!
  • Highly recommend.
  • I love this unit

Cuisinart CPK-17 Programmable Kettle

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • For tea to reach its full flavour, it should be steeped at just the right temperature. Quick an…
  • Sold individually
  • Capacity: 1¾ quarts/1.7 litres
  • Colour/Pattern: Brushed stainless steel exterior
  • Dimensions: 8¾”L × 6-1/8″Dia × 9¾”H

It is good, but the button are oven pressed by mistake, it becomes very hot , and it is heavy, but it functions good.

I used an external thermometer to test the accuracy and it was dead on. The “keep warm” function is useful as i like to walk away and take my time. I also use this for my french press coffee.

My son bought one for me for my birthday. I’ve had it over a year and it still works perfectly.

Our unit looks great and is good with making hot water at a variety of temperatures, its just that the lid won’t close any time it gets even a little warm. I can close it afterwards (usually), but its rather annoying for the price we paid for it.

I’ve had two of these kettles, each purchased at bloomingdales. They do not last beyond two to three years. I like the programmable feature; however, they do not last long. Personally, i think they should last longer.

I replaced a more expensive breville product. I brew tea every day and i like the water temperature to be a specific temperature, this is good looking, easy to use, easy to keep clean.

I fought with myself over this electric verse a whistling kettle. I went with this one and i loveeeeee it.

We use this to heat the water for our french press.

I have been using this thing everyday for a couple weeks. It works very well and heats the water quickly. Common water temps are programmed for 1 button operation.

It does what it say it will.

It is as awesome at a tea pot can be.

Excellent product easy to use.

After reviewing so many tea kettles, i decided to purchase cuisinart cpk-17 programmable kettle. First of all, it’s made of stainless steel which preserves the taste of water and doesn’t give off hint of rusty taste. It looks so neat in our modern kitchen. I love having 6 temperature modes so you can choose a different setting for each kind of tea. I drink herbal teas all the time and it’s a big no-no to use boiling water as it ruins the taste and its healthy properties. My husband loves green tea which needs even lower temperature. 7-liter capacity is pleanty for a big family or having guests over. As a mom, i love having non-slip stay-cool handle and ability to use the lowest temperature for my little one. Plus, it’s bpa free and doesn’t accumulate mineral build up on the bottom.

Cuisinairre Dual 6-Liter Commercial Restaurant Grade Stainless Steel Dual Deep Fryer – My Cuisinarre Fryer

When we got the fryer the box was damaged and one of the heating elements was not working. I called customer service and they informed me that a little white button on the back had to be depressed when the element was seated properly. I bent the metal up a little cause the element would’nt go down far enough and it engaged the button. The owners manual is insufficient. But once i worked the bugs out, the unit works quite well and is worth the price.

My husband bought this for his knights of columbus councils annual fish fry after someone stole their large outdoor propane deep fryer. He was absolutely pleased with this product and it made life so much easier not having to go outside to fry fish. I would definitely suggest this product for purchase. For the most part it’s easy to clean and the handle on the basket started to slip a little, but minor adjustments fixed it all.

We have been married for 52 years and have fried a lot of fish during this time. We were so disappointed in the gas fryer we have been using because we could never get all the fish cooked without being soggy and cold. We just fried 77 pieces of crappie in less than 15 minutes in this double deep fryer and we were very pleased. The deep fryer came 2 days earlier than we expected, everything packed to perfection and easy to assemble. Just one unit for the two of us and both units when the family (15 of us) comes over. I gave this a 5 rating because we have no complaints whatsoever.

Fries well but it pulls a lot of power uses way to much electricty.

Did not want to haste returning it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great if you have an upgraded electrical system in your house
  • The Absolute Best Deep Fryer
  • Quality and Performance

I use this fryer in a small snack bar. This fryer held up very well on our first run. The heating units fired up right away and in less than 5 minutes, we were ready to fry.The recovery time is pretty quick and i love being able to alternate sides. I always have oil ready for a new batch. I hope it keeps up this momentum.

One the bracket that holds the main heating box snapped off when i touched it. There were marks / scratches on top of main heating box. N when it heated up the sticker that said cuisinairre came off. After i put screws to hold each bracket for main power worked great just don’t like the temp in celsius.

Only used it once so far but it seem to work fine.

We use it every day,works great i will buy another one when i need one thanks.

Great fryer fast turn around on heating time.

This item isn’t the best quality, but you can’t beat the price. One of the two broke after only a few weeks, but the seller very quickly sent me a new one without trouble. I’m very appreciative for their wonderful customer service. And the fryers still work great.

Excellent for the price, works like commercial fryer, i use it for funnel cakes.

They should look at how to better attach the handles>can be very dangerous>>when basket falls back in oil, it splashes the oil on you>need a better way to attach the handles>>thank you bill anderson.

I bought it because it allowed me to cook two different things at the same time. The only thing i have to get used to is the temperature is in celcius.

I received the original product and was not satisfied with the max temperature and there was a welded piece broken off so i decided to return the product. I received a call from the owner of the company who wanted to find out what was wrong with the product and he explained the temperature was in celsius and that blew my mind. I received the product back and i tell you i’m glad he called because it really does the work that i needed. Lightweight, easy to move from place to place and it really heats up very well. I absolutely love it and highly recommend for home or backyard fryer for medium size occasions.

Its a very good fryer works very very well.

Handle comes away from the basket, i just had them welded on for safety reasons.

Had problem at first and the company responded right away, i fixed it and works wonderfully.

Great price and works perfectly. I recommend you purchase this fryer if you are looking for quality, satisfaction and price.

Space saving, efficient and professional look. Performance for the price is great. I would purchase this item again when needed.

I received this item before scheduled delivery, it came packed very well, put it together which was a snap, (maybe 5 minutes) filled it with oil and tried it out. It worked perfectly, looks awesome. I read in some reviews that it took a long time to heat up, i had two separate deep fryers holding three quarts each, these deep fryers hold 6 quarts each and it heated the oil just as fast as my single fryers, so if you are worried about that don’t. The quality of the fryer is in my opinion outstanding, truly something you would find in a restaurant, very good quality and it’s a pleasure that you can fit a whole bag of fries in one basket, leaving the other basket to cook something else. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a very well built unit that enjoys deep frying and not have to do little batches at a time. Five stars for sure ten stars if possible.