Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Flip Waffle Maker : Used it for the first time this morning and I

Nothing on this earth is expected to be as one expects it to be granted. Therefore, granted, this is an excellent product for it’s price. The waffles take a little longer to get browner than when the ready light comes on, however one must consider what is ready for each of us, when we perceive what we see, as based on what we think. If one wants it to be browner when ready light comes on, than wattage should be their concern. Nothing is built to last when it comes to elements, you can ask your light bulbs on wattages, elements, and burnouts😉😎😲😜.

My rating for this would be good to okay. It does a job and i don’t feel i wasted my money on it. This would get more stars from me if the indicating light works properly and shuts/locls a little more completely. Not that difficult to clean but i wish it was easier or could be easily disassembled for cleaning.

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Flip Waffle Maker, Green (CKSTWFBF10WG-TECO)

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  • Flip waffle maker with titanium-infused DuraCeramic nonstick coating lasts 8x longer than standard nonstick coatings
  • Natural, PTFE- and PFOA-free ceramic coating won’t flake or peel and cleans easily
  • Cooks up to 30% faster, saving time and energy
  • Simple flip operation for evenly cooked waffles
  • Adjustable temperature control for light and fluffy or crispy waffles

It cooks fast +1it doesn’t take up much space +1simple to use +1it doesn’t lock very well, which keeps the waffle maker slightly open when pressing -1it is not simple to clean it -13/5 – it’s okay. Next time, i am going to buy one that locks well and easier to wash. You have to use a towel to wipe it, which takes up too much time. I’ve tried washing it with like a dish w/out getting the plug involved and it was still difficult. You can remove the screws, which removes the white colored area of the waffle maker and wash it thoroughly, but that takes up too much time out of your hands. Photo indicates that it does not lock very well*view my other reviews to see i’m real. Not just a manufacturer or employee reviewer.

Suggestion for your batter, whip egg white then fold into batter add a lil constarch for crispier waffle. Works well non stick i never use spray. Krusteaz waffle mix recipe with my addonsyield : 2-3 wafflesingredients2-3 waffles1 1/2 cups krusteaz waffle mix1 1/2 teaspoons corn starch*1/2 teaspoon sugar*1/2 teaspoon vanilla*1 egg3 tablespoons vegetable oil2/3 cup waterrecipe preparationseparate egg white and yolkmix egg yolk with all ingredientsbeat with wiskonce smooth, let sit for 2 minutes*beat egg white until fluffy with hand mixer for 60 seconds**fold in half the egg whites into mix and then the rest*pour batter into waffle maker and wait 10 seconds then flip leave in 1 min past green light for crisper waffles.

So far im happy with this waffle maker. I was a little disappointed that it had a few scuffs in the outside finish, but was glad the inside ceramic didnt, i know that stuff can chip, but mine was finealso was a little cautious about the cord not being wrapped up, but still had the twist ties on it, my first thought was it might be a refurbished unit. If it is, it didnt state so prior to buying it, and if it is, it works just fine4 stars for scuffs. Products works 5 starts though. Looking forward to making pizza pockets, hash browns, french toast, and all the fun stuff u can make in a waffle maker.

Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Flip Waffle Maker, Green (CKSTWFBF10WG-TECO) : I’ve tried three different recipes and two turned out well, the light indicator doesn’t really tell you when the waffle is done but clean up is easy. Even though it’s non stick definitely recommend spraying it before putting batter in.

Real fine maker if you like belgian style thick waffles.

I wanted to love it because there just aren’t that many options for an affordable non-toxic waffle maker. But it’s pretty bad quality. The handle is especially flimsy. The ceramic coating was scratched when i got it.

We’ve used it probably ten times and the same things are consistent. The handle is not very sturdy – it folds for easy storage which is great but it doesn’t lock when you’re cooking. The timer always shows that the waffles are ready before they actually are, even with the highest setting. Sometimes the ready light comes on just after you close it. We have to use trial and error to get to the doneness we’d prefer. If you are looking for a crispy waffle, you are not going to get it. It seems like the ceramic seals in the moisture so we can never get a crispy waffle.

My husband and i love this product and use it daily. Super quick and delicious waffles, watch out though because you may get addicted. Wonderful with blueberries and chocolate mixed in. Best purchase i’ve made on amazon in the past year.

My family is switching to wheat alternatives (oat flour, coconut flour, etc) and they tended to stick on our old teflon-coated waffle iron. We also recognize that the teflon may be harmful, especially once it gets scratched or starts to flake off. This ceramic coating is amazing, and our stickiest batters are popping right out without issues. We are having to leave the waffles in a little longer to get them ‘done’ to our liking, but once we got the timing figured out, we’ve really enjoyed cooking and eating waffles.

We have been making waffles nonstop since we got it a couple of days ago and they are delicious and perfect every time. As others have mentioned, turn the heat up to high and follow the light indicators on the waffle maker – foolproof. We do no use any oil or butter on the ceramic plates and they are naturally nonstick. Best of all no teflon to achieve this.

Works really well and it’s truly non-stick. You can get that waffle nice and crispy on high. One star off because everything around the waffle irons is made out of solo cup plastic. Just be really careful with it.

I have not had any problems whatsoever with sticking. I do not grease the iron at all and have made waffles with both regular flour and gluten free flour, all vegan. Excited to try more recipes.

I was looking for a waffle maker that was free of ptfe & pfoa chemicals. I have birds in my home and most cookware fumes can kill them. This product allowed me to safely make waffles that tasted amazing with no worry. It came well packaged, a fast wipe down and it was ready to go. Followed the basic instructions to make big golden waffles.

This is a great item for a family that makes lots of wafflesfirst, the non stick surface is great, easy to keep clean and smooth. Clean up is usually a hassle when making waffles, the surface makes cleaning it easy. I usually still wipe a little oil on it when i am finished. Second, it cooks quickly and waffles are even and look good. The only thing that i found odd about it was there were no instructions. So it took me a few tries before i figured out that you had to turn and bend the handle for it to work.

Had wanted one for a while so researched these and this one seemed to be the best fit. Very happy worth this economical purchase. Evenly cooks waffles on its nonstick surface. Could not be happier with the product. Use it weekly and no problems work consistency.

When we first got this, we were going to return it because it felt flimsy and cheap compared to our old broken one. We decided to give it a try though and glad we did. We make waffles 1-2/week and feel good that we’re not get positioned by a tephlan coating. It’s true it just wipes clean each time.

Updating to say it is holding up great to the fanatic waffling it icontinues to inspire. After nine months of battering (so to speak), the coating and everything abput it is like new. Every few days, i crank it up, stuff nearly anything in it with lots of grated chedar or parmesian, press on the top (not the handle, ignore the light, flip around a few times, poke at it with chop sticks, and it transforms blah leftovers into heavenly crisp treats. Most nonstick coatings will emit fumes that kill parrots and other pet birds, and probably are not good for pet humans. I got this for the bird-friendly ceramic coating. Given how that wears out on expensive cookware pretty fast, i was not expecting much from this inexpensive waffle iron. It’s cute and space-saving, though, and i thought i’d use it quite rarely, so i gave it a try. It turns out i was born to waffle. I’m using it way more than i ever imagined and it is holding up great. Handle, hinge, swivel, and ceramic coating are all way sturdier than i expected.

This is a very nice waffle maker. We purchased it as a health-friendly replacement for a teflon waffle maker. This one is just as easy to use as the previous waffle maker and over-all appears to be better quality. We were so happy to find an affordable one like this, made with duraceramic.

It works just like the ones i use at the hotels. My kids love it since it easy to use and make great waffles would recommend to all my family and friends. Great product for the right price.

It is frustrating to clean though. Can’t remove the waffle plates.

Whirlpool WMH31017HZ Microwave – Love the look and performance

First off, i don’t know why amazon is so expensive on this unit. I just bought one today at a big box store at their regular price of $250. I bought the prior model to this one a little less than 4 yrs ago when i bought my new construction house and upgraded to stainless appliances. One day it worked fine, the next it would act like it was working, but the food wouldn’t heat up. Microwaves are supposed to last approximately 9 yrs. I am not happy about having to spend another $250 after just barely 4 yrs. Shame on whirlpool for making disposable appliances nowadays. I will say it is a nice looking microwave, but i agree with other reviews that the fan is useless. No suction at all if you place your hand under the filter. I also don’t understand why most microwaves are rated at 1000 watts and every frozen dinner on the planet says it is tested with an 1100 watt unit.

I just purchased this whirlpool stainless steel microwave a few weeks ago when it was on sale for fathers day and today i installed it. So far it is works well and it looks really nice. So we will see how well it keeps up, compared to those counter microwaves that usually last for 10+ years. I will update my review after a few months of use. Before installing read:for those who are installing this microwave themself, make sure you remove the outer frame and modify the two bolts that bolt the microwave to the top of your cabinet. Whoever designed this microwave and decided to use clip on threaded nuts instead of welded nuts to hold the microwave in secure is a complete imbecile. After trying to install the microwave, one of the bolts pushed in the clip on nut and it took me a few minutes to figure out why it would not screw in properly. After i noticed that the nut was pushed in i removed the case and used jb weld to secure both of the nuts to the microwave frame. I included pictures so you will see what i am talking about. One star was taken away because of this issue.

Delivered on time, looks great and working well.

Very sleek and beautiful microwave. A bit heavy for the design, but it is holding up well and we’ve been using it for a few months. This microwave meets my needs in this regard. This microwave has lots of power. I think whirlpool and kitchenaid tend to be the nicest out of all the kitchen appliance products. So, far my opinion has been sustainednow the bad. This was my first microwave install and i recommend hiring someone to do yours.

Bought this to replace a builder-grade off-brand unit that came with the house. In performance and style, this whirlpool microwave is absolutely superior. A few notes:- heats faster and more evenly than i’m used to. Depth is 17 inches, which is one inch larger than my old microwave. Thus, i’m able to use my large square plates in this one. I installed in a slot previously occupied by a microwave, so i did not have to cut a vent hole or locate studs. I did have to remove the old mounting plate, which was shorter. This unit came with a cardboard template to locate the bottom line of the mounting plate on the wall. This wall template worked fine – i simply drew the line, then held up the metal plate, and drilled into the studs in the appropriate holes.

I purchased this microwave at best buy. From reading the other reviews i guess whirlpool does have a problem with the way these units are packaged. My lg microwave suddenly stopped working and i am ashamed to say that the majority of my cooking is done in the microwave – tv dinners, oatmeal, popcorn etc. So i wanted to buy and take home my purchase immediately. After shopping at home depot, lowes and costco i found that none of these retailers kept over the range microwaves in stock. The same proved to be the situation at best buy except they had this whirlpool microwave that had been returned because of shipping damage and was available for immediate sale and for $100. 99 regular price because of a large dent on the left rear that cannot be seen after installation. I had read reviews and intended to buy a samsung unit but, i did not want to wait 3 days for delivery and for $150. 00 i figured it was worth the risk.

  • Very sleek and beautiful microwave. A bit heavy for the design
  • Awesome microwave. It is has a lot of capacity
  • Easy install. Looks great. Works great.

Works great, looks good but sticks out from cabinets. I had it installed and they had no problems what so ever.

It only took an hour to replace the old ge microwave. And this new one does the job. However, it was shipped in a partial box (box on the bottom, plastic surrounding the product). After unpacking there was a dent on the side but it is hidden after installation. There was a minor dent on the front but you need to look hard to find it. It wasn’t worth the hassle of sending it back.

I moved into an apartment about 6 months ago that had this installed. It’s worked well for me, but i don’t know anything about the long term reliability. I’m posting to share something i found in the manual. Press and hold the ‘2’ key until it beeps again. This tells the microwave to never make any tones – no beeps when you input numbers, and no beeping when the time is out. All microwaves should have this feature.

This microwave is pretty good and very quite. I love the way it looks in the kitchen. However, that being said the reason i am not happy with this item completely is because of the way it was packaged when shipped. They don’t box this item right and the corners are all exposed during shipping by the time i got it it was all warped and dented. Luckily it was on the side that you cant see when installed and nothing was damaged except for the optional vent part that came with it. Also, the install directions are very confusing.

Bought this at christmas time to replace a ge conv/micro that cost $1200. This is the slickest microwave you could imagine. Works great and heats faster than the old ge; that cost 5 times more. If you want a ss microwave, to go over your stove, and dont want to break the bank, i couldnt say enough about this one. It works flawlessly, and performs with the best of them. With that said, i was very disapointed with the limited manual that comes with it, and owned it for a month, before i realized that that 99% of the info, that i was looking for, is on a label inside the door jam ??????????????????. There is no mention of that fact in the manual; and all the codes, and info, i was searching for is printed right there on the bottom of the door jam; if you know where to look for it. So in closing this is a run to buy it purchase; and you will not be disapointed in the unit in anyway. Read all the codes inside the doorjam on the bottom and life will be good for you excellent plus on this unit.

Features of Whirlpool WMH31017HZ Microwave

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  • Weight – 65

Make sure this fits
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I found it cheaper at lowe’s by $150. Too late now, it’s too cumbersome to return.

It’s beautiful and works great.

Lighter than the ge one it replaced. Easy, simple to use touchpad. Installation was easy and i am not the best when it comes to installation of appliances. I usually pay someone but the previous reviews indicated it was simple and they were right. You just need 2 people when you are ready to lift it up and hang it in place.

We ordered this microwave at lowe’s a couple weeks ago, and had it shipped to our house. On receipt, the packaging looked undamaged, but when we removed the packaging, we found major dents on two sides that could only have been inflicted before it was packaged to ship out. Even though the dents wouldn’t show once the microwave was surrounded by kitchen cabinets, they were big enough we didn’t trust the integrity of unit. So we called lowe’s, took it back and swapped it for another one in stock. Got this one home, and found it was also damaged inside the intact packaging, this time in such a way that it kept the unit from fitting properly on the wall bracket. I didn’t want to go through another return, so fixed that with some pliers and a long lever to pop out the dent. It seems amazing that whirlpool would damage its own products before packaging. The microwave does work fine, looks nice, but i shake my head every time i look at it.

It is has a lot of capacity and capability.

I have used this for about a year now and have no complains. It is very heavy and difficult to install, but worth the trouble.

Weight –

Easy to follow installation instructions and cooks great. Of course, the holes from my old ‘ewave’ did not line up with this model.

This is a beautiful microwave that happens to match all our other appliances. I bought it to replace a samsung that had burned out. It does an adequate job but the food, cooked for the same length of time is not as hot as with the samsung. Each microwave had the same power but the samsung was more powerful. I should add that it was also more expensive. The whirlpool is a good buy.

I would genuinely love to provide comments on the utility of this microwave but seeing as it just arrived at my door in pieces after 15 hours and 3 minutes being jostled around on the ups truck – albeit still neatly wrapped – i will defer judgement and comments until the replacement unit arrives in the future, or in new buzz word terms – moving forward.

Love the look and performance.

Same as it was described, best part, i did not have to go anywhere, it came to my house right on rime.

Our over the range microwave died suddenly in our new home. I was not the original purchase of this particular appliance, and it was over 10 years old. So i began looking for product replacement. I found a whirlpool model online that had some nice ratings, but when i went to my local big box store to purchase, they didn’t have the exact whirlpool model i had read about. What i found, was this model, which i assume is the newest version. The microwave has a very nice finish. The door and front feel fairly sturdy. I tend to hate overly complex controls. I want power and simple controls.

Just moved into a new condo where builder had installed this item. I am too short to use an over-the-range microwave safely for cooking, but may use it for defrosting and such. It seems to be much more powerful than my ge of similar nominal wattage; we’ve badly overheated a couple of things already. There is evidently no capability for ‘one-button’ cooking–can’t press 1 and get one minute on high. Does anyone have a clue what power setting is appropriate to use for defrosting?. Ge is 50% but that seems too high on this one. Auto defrost requires idiotic routine to use. Have to put in number code for item and its weight — seriously, to defrost an english muffin??. We won’t be tossing the ge just yet.

This is the first time i installed an over the range microwave and i find the installation process rather easy contrary to what other customer review had said. I use the over the roof vent feature but the template can be misleading as it tells you to cut a bigger hole for the the vent more than it’s needed. I replaced my old hood vent and used the old duct which is 4×10 and it fits just right. The damper also fits perfectly to the existing duct and it works flawlessly. I placed a weather strip around the vent of the microwave to create an air tight seal.

Amana 1.5 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave, AMV1150VAW, White : A bit noisy

Perfect replacement for my old one. It is deeper than my old one but not to an extreme. I can nuke larger items now.

Moved into new house–thought we could use old over the counter microwave with a good cleaning. On further inspection realized microwave was broken. Microwave was rated highly, reasonably priced, and came fast to save the day.

Amana 1.5 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave, AMV1150VAW, White

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  • Contemporary Styling with a Hidden Vent
  • Scrolling Word Prompt Display
  • Cooktop Surface Light with Timer Delay
  • Touchmatic Control System
  • Auto Cook Options

And really great size for cooking multiple items. Easy to use without a lot of fancy buttons. But be sure of the size as this is a very large over the stove microwave.

Ho-hum appliance that does what it is supposed to do, without getting in the way. Price is in line with the competition. Altogether this is better than many: amana managed to keep the bells and whistles under check, and the control panel is simple and functional. There are no buttons eliciting the ‘hmm, wonder what this is for’ state-of-mind. Wish it was a bit more heavily built: been looking wide and hard for reliability, even at a significant premium, in consumer appliances but all i found was more (imho useless) functions, more (imho confusing) buttons, same flimsy magnetrons. Packaging was minimalistic, styrfoam tops and bottoms with shrink-wrap to protect the middle (yes, not a full cardboard box around the appliance). It worked, as there was no damage in transit. Microwave is easy enough to move and carry for one average person alone, allowing for bulk. Assembly and installation are same-o same-o, need some tools, tape measure, patience, modest skills, and proper mindset to get right. In my case it replaced a comparable ge microwave that went bust 2 months after installation, and neither the backplates nor the suspending holes match.

Highly recommend mine as a store demo unit to show others what to expectbought one of these amv1150vaw-4 amana’s made by whirlpool on september 27, 2013 for $199. Unit was used lightly and worked great until august 25, 2018 when trying to thaw some frozen fish. It caught fire and house smelled like burnt wire insulation. Fan and lights still function but microwave portion just won’t quit smoking and fails to heat. Will probably buy another one on sale listed under a different model name. Can’t beat the price and it should be easy to install using the same mounting bracket and cabinet holes. Lets just hope whirlpool fixed the wiring problem. If not, next time i’ll try to attach a video clip.

Amana 1.5 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave, AMV1150VAW, White : Fast delivery, great microwave.

Nothing extraordinary here, just a run of the mill microwave.

Great product at a good price and easy to install.

My old one died and we decided to get a different style. This one was a little difficult to hang only because we had previous microwave there. The paper diagram was a little difficult to read as well being it had lots of numbers that really didn’t mean anything to this microwave. The whole process took about 3 hours from removal to installation. Packaging was not the best we ended up with a dent not sureif it happened in shipment or in house but it hides well under the cabinet 🙂 i like that i can use both the cook option and the timer together. So far it heats nicely and the deepest works better than the last.

Better than the previous samsung microwave oven which only lasted me two years. The functions and ergonomics are much better on this compared to the old crappy samsung. For the most part, it does not require you to push in a series of buttons multiple times just to heat up a meal. This amana has simple layout functions which, is as simple as 1-2-3.Shortcuts like ‘add a minute’ can heat on-the-fly without even needing to press ‘start’, or just simply add another minute while cooking. What i like:- altering cook time: while cooking, you can add or reduce cooking times. Let’s say you need to add 35 seconds, or reduce 20 seconds, all you have to do is punch in the figure and press ‘start’ again and it will revise the cooking time. – add a minute: one button quick start for heating up water, or soup, or whatever. – sufficient 1000w cooking power. – multiple power settings: ranges from 10% – 100% and fully functional while cooking.

I ordered this microwave to replace my 15 year old ge microwave/vent hood which had finally given up the ghost (after multiple repairs). I was pleased that i could install it myself using the templates and instructions included. It has fewer features than the expensive model it replaced but it works quite well and includes all the important features including the ability to use the existing vent or to vent into the room.

I don’t find this microwave any noisier than others i’ve owned. I also find it very easy to use even without reading the instructions. So far it heats food evenly and is pretty powerful. Great basic, affordable microwave.

Thought it was a great price but ended up costing me $200. 00 to have it installed over my convection oven because instructions were not clear. Delivery time was outstanding – arrived the day after ordering.

Nice large size, installed easily and runs very quietly. I was amazed at how fast it shipped and was received.

I did not care for the way the bottom of the microwave was not finished. I need a better finished bottom. The filter on the bottom does not fit in tightly enough.

Nice machine, however controls for an older person are almost impossible to read, i’ll have to memorize them. Instructions are not good compaired to my recent amana, no cooking instructions. Altogether paper work is pretty bad. I do rate it high as the machine itself is very nice.

This microwave came with our new home. It can be vented outside or inside- ours is vented inside and there is always grime on cupboards above our range where the outlet is, and we really don’t fry that much. So plan to vent this outside or do a lot of scrubbing. The fan is very loud, so if you like to have a conversation anywhere in the house while cooking, this may not be the product for you. Again, this might be better if vented outside. Microwave itself works good, defrost function is handy.

Replaced a ge profile which stopped working after 2 and half years. Selected this one because it had a touch opening instead of a handle and no frills which we never used. And it had a black window to coordinate with the kitchen. Turns out is the size was somewhat bigger than the opening and because there is wall tile, the installer had to put in plywood to build up the back wall. Also the venting was different and had to cut a bigger hole in the cabinet and buy new venting. It looks fine and really like the easy touch to open. My only concern is the noise the fan makes when the microwave is in use. If anyone else knows more about this, could you please post it.

My old ge died over the holidays so i researched a replacement and decided on this amana unit. It was easy to install and i found that the fan was not noisier than others i have had (like i read in another review). Mine is vented out the top to the roof which may make it quieter that recirculation. The controls are very user friendly and this microwave works great.

Everything so far seems to be working great. We’ve only owned it for a few weeks but other than it being just a bit noisier than the old one we replaced, we are very happy with it. Also the power is the same as the one we replaced it for but it seems to take about 15-20% longer cooking time than the old one. The size of the microwave is larger than the old one, so maybe that is the reason it takes longer to cook. Other than that i would still buy the same microwave over again if i had to do it all over again.

There is no brand name of the front of this appliance, which is nice because you can then pair it with your other appliances that may be a different brand. Which in my case was whirlpool. Just a note: whirpool and amana are one in the same. I had it installed by a professional. I do not know if it was difficult to install. This is not a direct wire appliance, you will need an outlet in the cupboard above in order to plug it in. I have not had much time to use it.